Grant's Tale

 Rated: X  ages 14  incest-brothers (**)


I've been wanting to tell someone for years! Bro finally said it was fine, so long as we didn't use real names or give anything away that might identify us.



I was born with a twin brother, and a brother almost four years older than us. We were really very normal. Our house had three bedrooms, so my twin and I shared a room until our older brother moved out when we were sixteen and he was about twenty. Growing up with a twin was normal to us, so were a lot of things I later found out were really strange to other boys our age. For one thing, my twin and I told almost everything to each other. We didn't have a single secret from each other. If one of us did something when the other wasn't around, we always told the other.

We didn't look like twins, in that we passed for brothers, but we looked quite different. We had the same sandy-blond hair and gray eyes, were about the same height and weight, but we looked different in many ways. For one thing, I had a longer face with a longer nose, he had a round face with a button nose. I also had to wear glasses because I was very near-sighted. Those differences continued under our clothes. We knew ever since we were kids that I had a much longer dick. It was at least twice as long as his, even before we found out about boners. Our personalities had similarities and differences as well. He was more outgoing and outrageous - I was more laid back and quiet.

We took baths together until we were about ten. We shared clothes to the point that even our underwear was both of ours. That didn't change until we were about twelve or so. We slept in the same room, in separate beds, but we were used to seeing each other naked as we got into bed. Our family wasn't well off, so we didn't have pajamas. We didn't sleep in our underwear because we'd slept naked since we were kids. Like all our friends, if we slept over, we slept in our pants.

We had the same friends for the most part. I mean, we grew up together, playing with the same kids, doing the same things. We were more alike than different - until puberty, anyway. And that came very late to the both of us. When we were freshmen in high school we still looked like we were twelve. Neither of us had even one pube. Then it was quite a while before we really got anything other than those random ones that were spaced out far apart above our dicks. Our balls dropped early though. I can remember back in seventh grade, taking showers for the first times. Our balls weren't like most boys sacks. Ours hung down some, and you could tell we had balls in there. Most boys had these round, tight pouches, and you couldn't tell if they had balls or not.

I'm guessing our balls were dropped so early because we were actually beating off by seventh grade. We'd caught our older brother doing it back when we were about ten or eleven. He was about fourteen or so, and, well, you know. We went back to our room and gave it a try. We were both hooked, and started doing it when we went to bed at night. Even seeing each other's morning boners weren't all that big a deal. Not even jacking them off in the mornings on weekends, in our beds, pretty much in view of each other.

Over the summer between freshman and sophomore years our dicks started growing, our balls got bigger, and we started getting hair around our dicks. Right around the base of it. And we both started getting drops of stuff out of it when we did it long enough. That new awesome feeling when we squirted was fantastic! We were beating off in our beds just a couple of feet away from each other, sighing and groaning and giggling.. and cumming.

We were having dreams about sex too. About girls, of course. I said mine were too, but, honestly, mine were more about dicks. Boys.

I was more than worried. My twin kept asking me why I was acting so weird. I wasn't hanging out with him and our friends as much. How could I? I was dreaming about sucking dicks and fucking boys. Not to mention that whenever I was around other boys, my thoughts were about what was under their clothes.

It was almost time to go back to school. I had spent so much time alone, that one night my twin just had enough. We were in our room, late at night, and everyone was probably asleep. Our parents sure were by then. Our older brother had probably beat one out and gone to sleep hours ago.

We were playing the old video game that was hooked up to our little t.v. in our room. It was hot, we didn't have air conditioning, so we were only in our underwear, the fan aimed at us. He asked me about going to do something with the guys tomorrow. I said I didn't want to.

He said, "So what's the fucking deal with you lately?"

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"You're acting like you're a loner or something. Stop it."

"I can't help it!"

"Why not!"

We didn't keep secrets from each other, but this was sort of different. I couldn't just say that I was having dreams about sucking dicks and fucking boys and it was too weird to be around the guys now.

He pushed me onto my back and sat on my chest, holding my arms down. I just wasn't up for wrestling, so I didn't fight back hard at all. It was like I was just weak and tired.

"So tell me what the fuck is wrong with you!" he said.

"You really wanna know?" I asked, really angry.

"If I didn't I would ask, stupid!"

I was just mad enough, or tired of hiding it enough, that I was able to just say it.

"I think I'm a fucking fag, okay?"

"What?" he asked, looking at me like he didn't know me.

"I said, I think I'm a fag."

"What? Why?"

It was hard to tell him any more, but he was my twin bro. We shared everything.

"I like guys, okay?"

"Yeah, right, like you even know!"

"You like girls, right?" I reasoned.

"Yeah, duh!"

"How do you know you like girls?"

He thought for a minute, then said, "Because I do!"

"Well, I know I like guys. Because I do."

He thought for a minute again, sitting on me, holding down my arms.

Then he leaned down and kissed me. Kind of quick. Just touching lips for a second.

I was kind of shocked!

We'd kind of kissed before. I mean, just brothers trying kissing. You know? Just to see what it was like. Sort of practice?

"Turned on?" he asked, kind of laughing a little.


"See, you're not a homo!" he argued, smiling at me.

"That don't prove anything," I argued back.

He let go of my hands then, and sat up a bit. He looked down at me, obviously thinking, his arms crossed over his chest.

I was fucking scared! I mean, I'd told him! What was he going to do? Tell our folks? Our friends? Did I fuck up by telling him?

"You saying, if a girl told us she wanted to fuck both of us, you wouldn't?"

"Maybe," I told him.

Maybe I would have. I wasn't sure. I mean, I was fourteen, and puberty was finally kicking in, and I likely would have fucked anyone and anything if given the chance.

He finally said, "Okay. Christine Smith. She's naked on your bed. She says,  'Come fuck me.'  What'd'ya do?"

I thought, then said, "I'd probably fuck her."

"See?" he said, as if he'd won the argument. "You're not a fag!"

I didn't have to think very hard, before I said, "If a guy was on my bed, too, at the same time, and said the same thing, I'd rather fuck him."

It took him a couple seconds, then he said, "Are you fucking serious?"

I nodded.

"You'd rather suck a hairy dick than eat a pussy?"

"A pussy is hairy too!" I pointed out. Then added, "And it's pretty gross, too!"


"Pussy is gross. It smells bad. It has blood come out of it. And girls get yeast infections. Gross."

"A guy's dick has piss come out of it!"

"Girls pee from the front of their pussy!"

"Girls have tits!'

"Guys have balls!"

"Balls are gross!"

"Balls are awesome!"

He couldn't think of anything else.

"So you like guys' balls?" he asked.


He grinned, sat up, yanked down his underwear, leaned forward, and said, "Then suck my balls!"

I couldn't move.

His pubes were growing in. There was a ring of them around the base of his dick now, kind of like long beard stubble. Like mine. And his dick was hanging down that little bit it did. It wasn't even two inches long, and it was obviously not totally soft. I knew his was smaller than mine, but it seemed so small right then, so up close and all. Especially compared to the guys in the showers at school. His balls hung down, though. So inviting.

"Suck 'em!  If you're a fag, suck 'em!"

I knew he was just trying to make a point. He knew I wouldn't do it.

It was dare of monumental proportions.

I was up to it.

I opened my mouth, and sucked in his balls. Both of them.

He tried to pull away, but I closed my lips enough that it would've probably hurt to pull them hard enough to get them back.

I sucked them. And I licked them with my tongue.

I felt a few hairs, the wrinkles on the skin, and his balls. They were sort of hard, sort of soft. It was salty.

"Dude!" he complained. "Stop!"

I didn't. I had balls in my mouth! I was going to do this as long as I could. I probably wouldn't have balls in my mouth again.

"Dude!" he hissed, trying to pull his nuts out of my mouth.

But my lips were almost clamped down behind them, holding them tight.

He kind of laughed, which was kind of strange to hear.

Then he stopped trying to pull them out of my mouth. He just stayed still.

I kept sucking them, and running my tongue over the warm, wrinkled skin. His balls felt so neat through that pliable layer of soft skin.

Then I felt his dick moving against my forehead. I could tell it was growing hard. That really turned me on. A lot!

It had to be at least a minute before he said, "Man, that feels pretty good."

He let his body drop lower, letting me get to all of his sack. God damn! I had a mouth full of my bro's nuts! I was getting so hard! And he was, too! His boner was laying right alongside my nose, hot and hard and getting harder.

I suddenly grabbed his ass, pulled him closer, and really sucked and licked his sack and nuts.

He sighed and I felt his butt shiver in my hands. I knew then that he liked it. I knew I did for sure!

The skin of his lower body was pressed against my forehead and cheeks and nose. His hard little dick was crushed between, beside my nose. I could feel his heart beating in it.

I pushed his balls out of my mouth, scooted up, and sucked his dick into my mouth. He not only let me, he pushed it in.

So fucking awesome! The feeling of having a cock in my mouth was better than I could have ever thought! It felt so neat! It was so hard, but the head was so soft and spongy.

I licked it and sucked it, holding his butt with both hands.

He sighed, "Oh, God!" in a way that sounded just plain sexy! Then he sighed, "Don't stop, bro!"

I didn't! I just got more into it! So did he!

I got his balls into my mouth too, at the same time. I could even get my tongue up behind his sack, where it was so warm and salty. He shivered and sighed. I wondered if it felt as good as it felt to do it. I almost doubted it.

When I had just his little cock in my mouth, he started shoving his cock in and out, like he was fucking my mouth. I could feel the muscles of his ass working in my hands.

"Shit! Suck it, bro!"

He didn't have to tell me to!

It was fucking amazing!

I even liked how it felt when his balls slapped my chin!

"You're gonna make me cum!" he hissed.

Cool! I wanted him to. Right in my mouth!

"Are you gonna swallow it?" he asked.

I couldn't answer, so I just kept sucking and licking and holding his ass as he pumped faster and harder, harder and faster. He was almost crushing my nose now, but I didn't care.

Then he shoved so hard that I couldn't breathe through my nose, and his pubes were crushed up against the skin beneath my nose, and he grunted.

Then his dick moved around in my mouth. That felt amazing!

And then I felt his slimy, hot jizz squirting into my mouth. It was so easy to swallow it! He pushed even harder, like he was trying to crush my skull. I didn't care.

"Fu-u-u-u-ck!" he grunted, all distorted and low and slow and long, his body shaking and his ass hard in my hands.

Then he sort of jumped up off of my face and rolled off me. I stared at his cock, wet with my spit. It was red and shiny and bouncing a little.

I was suddenly ashamed and embarrassed.

He sighed, "Holy fuck!" and laughed.

I couldn't say anything. What could I possibly say? I wanted to slink away and hide.

He pulled his underwear up and just laid there. I noticed he was smiling, sort of, and didn't look mad or grossed out.

"You okay?" he asked. "You look like you're gonna cry or something."

I thought that maybe I was going to!

"What's wrong?" he asked, rolling to face me. "I thought you wanted to suck dick."

"I did," I said slowly.

"Don't want to anymore?" he asked, smiling like he'd won an argument.

I remember looking down at his groin, where his dick was still hard enough to make a dick-shaped bulge as it hung down to the side toward the floor.

Oh, yeah, I still wanted to. I looked down and saw my boner pushing out a tent in my underwear. I was horny as fuck, but I was so embarrassed, too. I was also so worried he'd tell someone.

I thought, then said, "Yeah. I do. I liked it. A lot."

It was very hard to admit it. If it was anyone else, I couldn't have. But it was my bro. My twin. My best friend. Even more than just all those, too, really.

"Tell ya the truth, I really liked it, too. I mean, it felt fucking amazing!" he admitted.

He laughed in the way he did that told me he was embarrassed too.

When he reached down and grabbed his groin, and especially his dickhead, I felt my dick twitch.

Obviously he saw it, and laughed again a bit. Then he said, "Boned up?"

"Totally," I laughed.

"Jack ya off? If ya want."

Oh, fuck!

Then he said, "I ain't gonna suck on it, though!"

Good enough! I nodded.

He scooted closer, reached out, and put his hand inside my underwear. The instant his fingers touched my dick it almost shot!

God, damn!

He started jacking me off! It felt so good I was going to blow off any second!

Then he stopped, took his hand out of my underwear, and then shoved them down.

"Man, bro, your dick is getting really big!" he said.

It was maybe four inches, at most. Getting bigger, for sure, but still nothing like our friends' dicks were. We were just such late bloomers.

Then he really grabbed my dick and started jacking me off for real, using his whole fist.

I hissed through my teeth at how good it felt! I was wet instantly. He was kind of grossed out by that and wiped his fingers on the carpet and then grabbed my dick again.

"You better not cum on my hand," he warned me. "Tell me before you squirt."

I nodded, too amazed at the sensation to say anything.

I rolled onto my back, he scooted closer, and he started jacking me even better.

"Oh! I'm gonna!" I grunted, almost too late.

It was happening so fast! Almost no warning at all! He pointed my dick up toward my belly, used just his finger and thumb, being really careful, and I shot the biggest bunch of drops I ever shot!

It seemed to go on for so long! I was almost bent over double and my feet were all twisted and contorted.

It was fucking amazing! Maybe enough jizz to fill up one of those caps for those little bottles of paint for models. I'd never shot so far either. There was drops of jizz from my pubes up to almost my ribs.

God damn it was fucking awesome! My dick had never thrashed around so much before either!

He'd got some of it on his finger and thumb, and wiped it onto the carpet.

"That was tons!" he said, laughing. "Like it?"

"Fuck yeah!" I said.

"Still a fag?" he asked, as if anything had changed.

I was almost kind of mad. He really seemed to think that now he had, like, cured me or something.

I was mad enough that I yanked my underwear up, got up, and threw myself onto my bed.

"What's wrong with you now?" he asked from the floor.

"Shut the fuck up and got to bed," I growled.

He didn't say anything, just turned off the lights, the television, and then got into his bed.

I didn't fall asleep for a long time. I was mad. And hurt. And confused. And more.

I'd like it, for sure. I was kind of glad it had happened. I was kind of pissed it had happened. I was worried that everything would be weird now. That he'd tell. Or make fun of me in front of the guys and they'd figure it out.

Somehow I fell asleep.

I woke up when I heard someone leaving the house the next morning. I was sort of still pissed and scared, so I just stayed in bed and went back to sleep.

The next time I woke up, he was sitting on the side of my bed. I guess I felt him sit down. I was laying on my side, facing away from him toward the wall.

"Know you're awake," he said softly. "Everyone went to work a long time ago."

"So the fuck what?" I asked, still kind of angry at something.

I didn't know what I was so mad at. Not four sure. Maybe at him for thinking what we'd did would make me all straight.

"I had breakfast already. It's almost noon."

"So the fuck what?"

I was so... mad? Embarrassed? Horrified? All and more?

"Are you mad at me or something?"


Not really. I was more mad at myself for letting it happen and making everything change.

"Then what's up?"

He snickered at the old joke.

That old joke wasn't funny. Not now. Not after...

I was still in my underwear. We usually slept naked, so it was kind of weird to be wearing them when I woke up. I hadn't gotten under the covers either. But it was summer, and hot, so that was pretty normal.

But feeling his hand suddenly running from my hip and down to my front was totally new and totally shocking.

"What the fuck?" I snapped, and rolled onto my back and grabbed his hand.

"I didn't jack it off this morning. Wanted to wait for you to wake up."

"What the fuck for?"

Before he even answered - and without any hesitation to answer, I might add - I caught on.

"I'm horny," he said simply.

"Are you fucking serious?" I asked, shocked as hell.

He pulled his hand away from mine, and then put it right back on my groin. He was rubbing my dick as he said, "Yeah. That was great, last night. I want to again. Please?"


I mean, we weren't rude little bastards or anything, but using 'please' wasn't something we did with each other.

I felt my dick grow totally boned in just a couple heartbeats. I was turned on just as quickly.

I noticed then that he was naked. And hard. And rolling his balls around in his other hand. His short little dick was red. I knew that meant it had been hard for a while.

"You been boned all morning?" I asked.

He smiled, laughed a little, then said, "Yeah. I been hard since I got up this morning. Mostly."

"You didn't beat it off?"

"Nope. I wanted it to be hard when you woke up."

"You're really serious!" I gasped.

"Fuck yeah!"

He stopped rubbing my now-hard dick, moved his hand and slid my underwear down. Then he grabbed my dick and started jacking me off.

I was just so fucking stunned that I just laid there and watched his fist pump my dick.

Oh, God, it felt fucking great!

I reached over and grabbed his little dick and started returning the favor. I had to use a finger and thumb, like I used to use on my own before it got big enough to use a fist on it instead. It was so hard!

It was so weird! We were jacking each other off!

After a few seconds, he asked, "Will you suck it again?"

I almost said, 'Sure!' but an idea came instantly.

"No. Not unless you do it too."

He looked like he was going to say no, but instead said, "Do I have to?"

"If you want me to suck yours," I said.

I knew I would anyway, even if he didn't suck mine, but the bluff was worth trying.

He seemed to think about it for a second. He stopped jacking me. I stopped jacking him, figuring he was about to get up and say, 'Forget it then.'

"No squirting in my mouth! You do, and I'll bite it."

"I'll tell you before I squirt," I told him.

"You better," he said, using his 'you better' voice.

"I promise."

"Okay. But I might not be as good as you are at it," he said with a laugh.

"I don't care," I said, meaning it.

His eyebrows went up. I knew he'd gotten an idea.

"Wanna do a sixty-nine?"


He almost jumped over me and got both legs on either side of my head, then yanked down my underwear even further. I kicked them off as I took his little cock in between my lips and began sucking it.

I was enjoying the feeling of having his dick in my mouth again a great deal! Then I felt his mouth on my dick! Holy shit! Incredibly warm and wet and soft! And it only got better when the suction kicked in.

It felt so good that I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him tight against my face and sucked and licked his dick as best as I could. I don't know how hard he tried as he sucked my dick, but it sure felt fucking amazing!

The feeling of his hard dick in my mouth was pure pleasure! Nothing could feel so good, I was sure. Except the feeling of being sucked on! I loved sucking cock almost as much as I loved being sucked!

Cripes! I was going to lose my fucking mind!

We started humping each other's mouths about as hard and fast as we could. His balls were in my eyes when I wasn't sucking them too. They smelled so good!

We both moaned and groaned and squirmed! It was the best thing I'd ever done! Nothing came even close!

Suddenly I was about to cum! I pushed his hips up so that I could get his cock out of my mouth and say, "I'm going to!"

He stopped sucking me and jerked me off the rest of the way as I sucked him as best as I could. Every muscle in my body was twisting and flexing and tensing! It was so good and so powerful and so overwhelming as I felt my cock pulsing and squirting, over and over.

"Dude!" he laughed, "How do you squirt so much stuff? It's going everywhere!"

I laughed, even with his cock in my mouth. Such a strange sensation among the amazingly powerful ones wracking my entire body!

To my shock, he rubbed my jizz all around on my dick, making me jerk around on the bed like there was an earthquake. My legs were kicking around and hitting the wall next to my bed. I had to reach down and pull his hands away as best as I could. He fought me, and kept touching it, making me almost laugh around his dick.

I needed to fight back, but couldn't with his hips pushing my head into the bed as he shoved his dick as deep into my mouth as possible.

The idea came, full-formed.

I reached up and grabbed both of his ass cheeks, and then pushed a finger between the cheeks, found his hole, and pushed a finger in.

He arched upward and hissed, "Oh, shit! Bro! Don't do that!"

But I got my finger all the way in him.

He wouldn't stop squishing my splooge all around my throbbing dick, so I wiggled another finger in along with the first one. His hole was so fucking tight compared to mine, but he was probably tightening it up. I literally forced a second finger into his hole.

"Bro!" he yelled. "Shit!"

Then all of his weight fell onto my face, his feet slammed into the headboard, and I felt his cock thrashing in my mouth. His ass cheeks slammed tightly together, trapping my fingers in his hole.

I loved the feeling of his cock moving on its own inside my mouth! It was so fucking cool!

It was even better when I felt and tasted his cum flooding into my mouth too!

He groaned, "Fu-u-u-u-ck!" as his cock spewed and thrashed.

Every time his cock swelled and pumped his cum into my mouth, his hole and cheeks tightened up around my fingers, and I could feel the pumping action deep inside him. That felt so cool!

Then I wiggled my fingers inside him.

Now he groaned, "Ooo-ooo-ooo!" broken by the tremors running through his body, and shoved himself down onto my face, pushing his dick as deep into my mouth as he could.

His cum went down easy. It was so natural an action to swallow it. I'd always thought it would take work or thought, but, nope.

I felt every squirt with my mouth as well as with my fingers inside him. Even the pumps after he stopped squirting. I kept sucking even though he didn't squirt anything more.

"Jesus! Fuck! Stop!" he yelled.

The he yanked his hips upward, pulling his cock out of my mouth, then he rolled to the side, pulling my fingers out of his hot, tight hole.

"Holy fuck!" he laughed, his face almost glowing.

"Liked it?"

"It was like...that finger thing was fucking mind-blowing! It made it feel so strong when I squirted! Ya know?"

Yeah, I knew.

His little cock was so red! So was mine!

I saw some of my splooge droplets on my thighs near my knees. He must have aimed my dick downward as I came.

"Shit! Bro!" he sighed, breathing slightly fast.

For some reason, I asked, "Still think you like girls?"

He laughed, then said, "Yeah, I'm sure!" Then, after a few seconds, he added, "But, I gotta admit, it's a lot of fun with you!"

After a few seconds pause, during which I wondered if I should ask it or not, I did.

"So, um, that mean you wanna do it again? Sometime?"

"Hell yeah!" he laughed. "Like right after lunch. Breakfast for some people!"

"What if the guys come over?"

"Ken and the guys called earlier. They wanted us to come over to Mike's. I told him to tell the guys we got into trouble yesterday and got grounded and we can't have anyone over today."


"So, now you gonna stop being a hermit and get normal again?"

I shrugged.

"You better. If you don't, maybe I won't do it again."

I thought, bullshit. He was gonna do it again no matter what. He might not like it as much as I do, or maybe he does, but not the way I do. But, yeah, he's gonna want to do it again. I just knew it.

He did, too. Right after lunch. And two more times before anyone came home.

We jacked and sucked each other pretty much every day for almost two years. He didn't like sucking me, but he would if I asked for it enough. He didn't like fingering me up the butt at all, but would if I really pressed for it. But, boy, did he like it when I fingered his hole!

Around sixteen he didn't want to do it nearly as often. Just a couple times a month. At seventeen, he asked out a girl. We did it a few times after that, maybe ten times. By the time we were eighteen, we never did it again.

Senior year I started messing around with David from school. No one suspected he was gay. Somehow we figured each other out in secret. Bro figured us out pretty quick, but never let on to anyone. The sex with him was even better. You know, hugging, kissing, and anal. Everything, really. Like we were real boyfriends. Maybe we were. It was great! Maybe it was even love. Hard to really tell after all these years, but looking back, it probably really was. It sure seemed like love at the time! We went at it until we went to different colleges.

Just to answer a question you might have -  My dick got to seven inches by the time my bro and I stopped. His never got over five. It might have gotten longer after we stopped, but not by much. I really doubt it. It was done growing by sixteen or so. I know. I sucked that thing so many times. I could deep-throat it even that last time.

David, though, was a different story. We never measured it, but he said he had. He said it was just under eight inches. I believed it! Especially when he fucked me.




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