Stosh's Tale

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It was a complete surprise.



I had this friend named Berry. We grew up living next door to each other in a old motel turned into apartments. Yeah, we were poor. Anyway, we were the same age, so we were best friends. There were some younger kids and some older kids, but you know how kids the same ages end up being closer than kids older and younger, mostly because of the year you were in school.

Berry lived with his dad, as his mom died right after he was born. My dad took off before I was born. So we both grew up with one parent. Most of the kids in that place only had one parent. Berry had an older sister and she was our babysitter when we were younger. I had a younger brother who was three years younger than me, a different dad of course.

We were pretty normal kids. The apartments weren't bad and were kept up, and tenants who got into trouble were encouraged to leave, so the place wasn't crime riddled or anything. So us kids stayed out of trouble for the most part.

Barry and I didn't do much of the stuff I've read other boys do. We showed each other our dicks when we were little, but that was about it.

We both hit puberty in seventh grade. It was a different time. There weren't computers everywhere, no internet to speak of, and porn was limited to late-night HBO and Cinemax or the rare magazine we'd somehow get our hands on. The only real boobs we'd ever seen were Barry's sisters a couple of times when we peeked as she changed or showered. Man, we got bitched at for doing that! But that was before we hit puberty.

So we talked about sex and girls a lot with all our friends. We had plenty of friends from school and the neighborhood around us, but Barry and I stayed best friends. We were on the little league baseball team together, and made some friends on the team too. Then we got on the team at our junior high together. We both loved baseball. Still do. I loved seeing the naked guys in the showers in gym class in both seventh and eighth grades. Those sights fueled my masturbation sessions and provided the sense that I liked guys way more than girls. I was sure by the end of eighth grade that I wanted guys, not girls.

It was the summer before high school, we were both fourteen. Barry had just had his birthday, I was nearing fifteen. By now I was babysitting my little brother and Barry was staying over when Mom worked late on the weekends, which was most weekends.

Having Barry stay over was a blessing and a curse. I like having my best friend around all the time, but it was hard because, well, I was hard. All the time. Barry was a hot looking dude. You know, all fit from baseball and working out, and tanned, since we lived in Florida and went swimming in the ocean or a pool almost daily. And he was just dreamy cute. Nice face, nice bod, nice hair, great smile, and such a sweetheart. Gentle and kind and caring. He didn't bully, he hated bullies, and he stuck up for guys that got treated rough by the jerks. Just a great dude. And we weren't shy around each other. We'd had gym together in seventh grade, and sleeping over with each other so often, we'd seen each other naked quite often. In our tighty-whities a lot, too. And, being jocks, we wrestled around a lot too. Man, those wresting sessions in our underwear... oh man! We'd get boned and no big deal about it. But to me, it was masturbatory material!

Anyway, it was late in the summer, hot as fuck, and the air conditioning unit in the bedroom I shared with my little bro wasn't working for shit. Our apartment used to be two motel units, and one was turned into two bedrooms and a bathroom, the other into a front room and a kitchen, with a doorway between the front room that was a short hall leading to the two bedrooms and the bathroom between. So as it got later, and once my little bro was passed out, we went to watch the TV in the front room where the AC was working. We were still in our underwear, and Mom wasn't due home until almost morning.

We watched an old monster movie or something, then turned to the infamously scrambled HBO late-night porn. Sometimes it came in kind of less scrambled, and that night it was pretty clear. From time to time it rolled and got bad, but for the most part it was stable and steady, just not very colorful. But the colors didn't matter! We watched soft-core porn and got boners big time. I remember the girl had dark hair, all curly, and big tits. But the guy I could draw to this day. Blond, chiseled features, strong body, round ass, thick, beefy cock with big, low hanging balls. Nice thick patch of pubes, too. And that round, hard ass as he pounded her pussy hard was amazing!

We laughed at the wet spots in our underwear. I started looking more often down at Barry's big boner in his white briefs than at the TV. He was hung. I'd seen it in seventh grade and it was big back then. But now it looked at least as long as the guy's cock on the TV. Man, was Barry's dick long. Especially compared to my shorter one.

Then Barry said, "What? You wanna check it out?"

I looked up and Barry was looking right at me, smiling. He wasn't pissed, at least.

"What? You like showing it off?" I asked with a laugh.

"Hell yeah. When you got it, flaunt it."

And then he whipped the front of his briefs down and his monster popped up all hard and red-helmeted.

Fuck! The tense thrill that exploded through me was the most intense thing I'd ever felt in my life up to that instant! I think my dick grew an inch longer!

"Who else can I show it off to?" he asked. "I'm gonna get me some pussy in high school, for sure, with this thing on offer!"

"I bet!" I agreed with a nervous laugh.

"The first girl I fuck with this," and he grabbed it and slapped the head of it against his stomach a couple times, "Is gonna tell all her friends about it, and then they're gonna be lining up for the biggest cock in ninth grade."

When he'd slapped it on his stomach, he'd left a few drops of pre-jizz on his skin. Oh, man! I so badly wanted to lean down and lick that up! My dick twisted and bent and got my undies wetter for sure! My balls were tingling!

"How long is it?" I asked.

"Seven inches now, and I bet it gets even longer."

"I bet," I repeated.

"What's yours?" he asked.

I wasn't going to tell him it wasn't even six inches yet, so I said, "I don't know. Never measured it."

"Liar," he laughed. Then said, "Get a ruler."

We both had one from school, so I couldn't say I didn't, so I sighed, got up, and went to my room. I made sure my little bro was still asleep, got the ruler, wiped some of the pre-jizz off my cock, licked it from my fingers, wishing it was Barry's, tried to make the wet spot look smaller, gave up, and went back.

He took the ruler and measured his. Just over seven inches. Man. I'd have given anything to hold his dick and measure it myself! It was bent to his right a bit about in the middle. Nice, big, fat, juicy head, all red. Big, wide oval slit on the topside of the tip, just about oozing pearly-white pre-jizz. He wiped it off after measuring and wiped his fingers on the carpet. What a waste. Then he handed me the ruler.

My guts churned. I slid the front of my briefs down and my boner popped out and pointed up at the ceiling. I tried to make it seem six inches, but he laughed and said, "It'll be six inches after you turn fifteen, for sure."

I hope!

I said, "Yeah, for sure."

Then a huge blob of pre-jizz chose right then to ooze out of my slit. So embarrassing. I wiped it up and wiped it off on the carpet, like he had, as casual as I could.

"Can I tell you a big secret?" he asked.


"Gotta promise to keep it secret."


"I can suck mine."


"I can give myself a blow-job."

"No way!"

"Sure. Wanna see?"

Oh, hell yeah!

But would that seem faggy?

"I bet you can't," I argued.

"What you wanna bet?" he asked, grinning in a way that told me he would win.

"When did you figure it out?" I asked, instead of begging him to do it.

"Way back. Like, before I had hairs."



"What's it feel like?"

"So good! Like, the best!"

He was all grin. So cute! And so hot! And the thought of his nice, red, juicy lips wrapped around his nice, red, juicy head... just, WOW! I could have came if I wanted to! Right then! I'm sure, even to this day. My dick was dancing up and down and my balls were tight and hot and tingling. Yeah, if I'd wanted to, and without touching it, I could have let myself blow a huge load! But I did my best to calm down and prevent it. I mean, how embarrassing would that have been?

"Yeah, but what's it feel like?" I asked, almost frustrated. I had to know. I think every boy wants to know what a blow-job feels like. You hear how great it's supposed to feel all the time, ya know?

"Kind of like warm ocean waves inside your dick. Coming up from you balls. And how soft and awesome your lips feel on it is so great too."

"It must be awesome to give yourself a beej anytime you want," I said with awe.

I mean, right?

"Yeah. I just can't do it right. You know, all the way."

"What do ya mean?"

"I can only get the head in. I can't do more. And it feels great the more I get in. Used to just barely get the tip in, and that felt good. But when I could get the whole head in, it feels so much better. I just wish I could suck the whole thing."

I laughed, then said, "I bet no one could suck that whole thing! It's way too big!"

But I'd sure love to try! I thought as I looked at it. I mean, seven inches? Could anyone suck all seven inches of a dick? I sure wanted to find out!

Then I wondered about something.

"Do you ever shoot in your mouth?"

He got beet-red! I mean, it was obvious what the answer was already! And that made my dick dance again! Wow, what a thought!

"When I first started, I did my accident a couple times. Then I got better at it and could stop before I came. But, um, to be honest, bud, it's less of a mess if I just swallow it."

Oh, wow!

"So I just do that now," he finished, more red-faced than I'd ever seen him before.

I was so turned on! I mean it! My whole body felt like it was tingling. My dick was dancing up and down, my balls were vibrating, and that tugging pressure behind my nuts was building and throbbing. I was gonna blow one off! It took everything I could do to prevent it.

"You gonna barf?" he asked me.


"You look like it!"

I couldn't stop my feet from stretching out straight and my legs from locking. I was just about to explode! I flipped my briefs up to cover it, then leaned over to stop it from happening. I actually groaned out loud!

"Dude!" Barry gasped loudly, kind of laughing."You're gonna shoot one!"

"No I'm not!" I lied.

"Yes you are!" he laughed. "You're about to drop a load of baby juice! Right now!"

Somehow, I don't know how, I didn't. But it was so fucking close!

"Dude. You gotta jack it off more often!" he laughed.

"I got a little bro who sleeps in the same room, in case you didn't notice," I pointed out. "It's not that easy. At least you got your own room."

"Do it in the shower," he advised me.

"Yeah, and have Mom asking me why I take such long showers?"

"Take one when she's at work."

"You're always here, duh!"

"Geeze. When's the last time you got one off?"

"Wednesday. When Mom took bro over to his friend's place for his birthday party."

It was rare for me, but sometimes it happened. Living in a small apartment with a little brother made it hard to do it. I didn't dare with him in the same room. I didn't have the guts. And the long showers would raise a question I didn't want my mom even thinking. Ya know? Just a matter of timing that I'd done a three-day dry spell right then. I would have wanked one out the next afternoon in the shower after Barry had gone home and Mom was asleep and my little bro was watching TV in the front room.

"Three days?" he asked, sounding shocked.

"Yeah. So?"

"I'd die!" he laughed.

"I'm about to!" I laughed.

"Dude, you gotta go take care of it. Your bro's asleep. Got whack one out."

"With you here? No way!"

"So? I'll beat one out while you're in the john. Or I'll go to the john and you can sit here."

"No way!"

It was way too embarrassing to even think about! I mean, I'd be thinking about his huge dick, and his sucking it himself, while he was there in the apartment. I could probably think of some other guy, but I'd still be thinking of a guy, while he was beating off there too... just no way. I wasn't that bold or anything.

"Dude, we both know we do it. Every guy does it. No big deal."

"Yeah, right. No big deal. Would you?"

"Yeah. I'll do it right now."

He wrapped his hand around his dick and started stroking it! I mean, right there next to me, sitting on the couch, with my little bro asleep in the next room! Fuck!

Not that I minded. It was fucking hot to see him jacking off! His hand sliding up and down that long dick of his...

Oh, man, I was gonna shoot again!

"Go for it," he said, looking at me, smiling. "I swear I won't tell anyone. You won't, will you?"


He slid down a bit in the couch, almost laying out flat, and started beating it off seriously.

If he was this daring, and he was, no big surprise, then I wondered if he would be daring enough...

"Hey, can I ask you something?" I gasped out, trying to stay relaxed and not build up to an orgasm.

I was holding my dick through my briefs with one hand and my balls with the other.

"What?" he asked, still looking down at his hand stoking his long, red-headed cock.

"Will you show me how you suck it?"

"Wanna see if you can?" he asked, looking up at me now.

"Yeah. Think you can show me how?"



He sat up straight on the couch and took his underwear off, and told me to too. So I did. Then he lifted one leg with one arm, had me do that, then showed me how he twisted his back and leaned forward and pulled himself downward with that lifted leg. I tried, but I wasn't as limber as he was. And my dick wasn't seven inches long, either. He lowered his leg and pushed on my back some, trying to get me lower. I was maybe four or five inches from even getting my tongue to touch the tip of my dick.

He tried twisting me, pushing down, even tried using the other leg and then both legs. Then he said, "Try this way."

He had me sit on the floor facing the couch, between his legs as he sat on it. I was facing his dick and balls, just inches away! Then he lifted my legs and put my butt up against the couch, then he lifted my legs over my head and then had me pull down with both arms. I got closer! But still a good three inches or so away. And it was hard to breathe all tucked up like that.

He was sitting on the couch with both legs on either side of me. I felt his dick touch the back of my butt, at my lower back. Oh, man! It had to be his dick! HIs hands were pushing down on the back of my thighs.

And I wondered just what kind of view he had! I'd have done anything to have that view of him! So I said, "You get down here like this and show me."


So I sat on the couch, he got between me legs, lifted his legs over his head, and I got the view of a lifetime! Wow! I'd never seen a guy's hole before! Seeing Barry's like that was making me leak pre-jizz like a garden hose! I leaned forward, over his ass, so that I could see his cock going in and out of his lips! Oh, fuck yeah! We met eyes! Oh, man!

He humped his own mouth as I leaned above him and watched! I purposely got the tip of my dick as close to his brown pucker as I dared! God, damn, I was gonna shoot if I so much as touched it!

HIs butt was rising and dropping, moving his long cock in and out of his red, wet lips!

Oh, God! I was about to drip pre-jizz on his hole!

I leaned back and wiped it off quickly, and since he couldn't see, I licked it off my fingers, thinking about what he was doing right there in front of me! Wow!

My entire body shivered! My dick went into a jumping fit. My balls were so tight they almost hurt! God, I could cum so easily! I wanted to, too. All over his creamy ass cheeks and all between them and all over that brown circle. So bad!

I leaned back up and over, and watched him suck himself again. He was really into it, eyes closed. He could barely get the entire head in. Wow, that had to feel so good! I liked how his big balls hung over the base of his cock, too. And that smooth taint. But that brown pucker was just fantastic! I could smell his spicy odor. You know, that smell guys have between their legs around their balls and such. Oh, so nice! He smelled so good!

Then he raised his legs and lower back and rolled to the side.

"Done already?" I asked.

"Nope. Just... I don't wanna, you know, in front of you."

"But, you just did," I pointed out.

"I mean... you know... do it all the way."

"Oh. Swallow it, ya mean."

"Yeah. I'll jerk it off in front of you, but... yeah, I dont' think I wanna swallow it where someone sees me do it. Ya know?"

I wanted to see that!

"Too gay?" I laughed. "Like sucking your own dick isn't?"

"Not gay," he said, sitting down on the couch next to me, holding his long dick with one hand. "Gay is liking guys. Sucking your own dick isn't gay."

"Yeah, guess you're right."

How daring could I be? Could I? It's Barry. He's cool. Go for it.

"So, would sucking your best friend's dick be gay?"

He shrugged and said, "Depends."

"On what?"

"I guess on why you're doing it."

"How about because he can't suck all of his own dick and is only getting a partial blow-job and you want him to feel what a real blow-job feels like?"

He laughed, then said, "What about if your best friend can't even suck his own, and hasn't ever felt even what a partial blow-job is like?"

That was the most awkward I'd ever felt with Barry. Ever. Sitting there in silence after those words, wondering what to say next, wondering what he was thinking, wondering if I could somehow make it happen, and wondering a million other worries at the same time.

We kept glancing at each other for what seemed like several long minutes. Awkward and embarrassed, and actually shy. I'd never felt so shy before. I wondered if shy guys felt that way all the time. How awful!

He asked, "Your mom won't be home until after six, right?"

Oh, man!

"Yeah. A little after."

"Her bedroom door locks, right?"

Oh, man!


Another long, awkward silence. I kind of understood what he was hinting at. I just wasn't sure I should go for it. I felt like it might be some kind of trap or something. I worried he was just trying to find out if I was a homo.

"You got an extra blanket?"

I said, "Yeah. Why?"

"Go get it, and we can put it on your mom's bed."

Oh, man!

But on my mom's bed? Ewww.

"On the floor," I offered.

"Okay. Go get it."

Oh man! Was this really happening?

He stood up, his big boner pointed almost directly at me, bouncing up and down. Wow! I got up and got a spare blanket from the closet and met him in my mom's room. He closed and locked the door as I spread out the blanket.

"Wanna just do a sixty-nine? That way we can do it at the same time," he said as he got down on the blanket.


I seconds, we were lying on our sides, giggling a little, I guess the both of us afraid to be the first to touch the other's dick. I was going to go for it. This was like a dream come true, and I wanted this so badly. So I reached out and wrapped my fingers around his dick. So long! It felt like a wooden bat handle! Then I felt his hand go around mine. I could see into that deep slit of his, and how pinkish-red it was in there, and as I pulled his skin upward that first time, a big goober of pre-jizz oozed out of it. Oh, man!

 Hoping he didn't know about it, I leaned forward and opened my mouth, then closed my lips around his warm cock head. I sucked, and tasted his prep-jizz instantly. Salty and sweet at the same time. I licked that hole on purpose, to get all that yummy stuff.

And then I felt his warm, soft, silky mouth on my dick! Oh, man! It felt amazing! And then I felt the suction!

Oh, God!

I was gonna cum! Right now!

Not wanting to miss out on sucking a dick, I went to town on that long, hard dick of his. I sucked and licked and took every last centimeter I could get in without choking on it. I sucked as hard as I could, and I felt it bend and flex in my mouth. And then I was unleashing the load of a lifetime!

Three days dry... almost an hour of 'foreplay' as we watched that soft-core porn, as I watched him stroke it, as I watched him suck his own, and saw his hole and taint and his balls hanging, and then trying to suck my own...

It was like the first orgasm ever! Hard, deep, powerful, explosive. I pumped so hard that it almost hurt! It felt so good to be sucked and licked, and to cum in a warm, wet, soft, silky mouth...

He was swallowing my wad! He was still sucking and licking and going up and down as I came in his mouth!

That made me cum even harder and ever more! I was twisted up and stretching out and bending and warping and cumming and...


And I was sucking his dick the entire time!

I had to pull my hips back to get out of his mouth because it was so intense after I'd cum. But he'd kept sucking the entire time! Wow!

I'd blown the best wad of my life in his mouth, and was still sucking his long dick!

He was used to being sucked off, his head anyway, so he lasted quite a few minutes more. Several minutes of pure bliss for me!

The way his head felt, all soft and satiny, was just awesome. How smooth and hard his shaft was! And so long! I could just get to where some of his pubes tickled my nose without choking on it. He liked it a lot! He moaned and said, "That is so good, Stoshie! Oh, yeah!"

I remembered to play with his balls after a minute or so. They felt great. I loved the feeling of his head on my tongue and between my lips. I really liked how hard his cock was, and how long it was. But the best was how he moaned.

"Oh, Stoshie! So good! Man!"

It gave me hope that he'd want to do this again. And again! So I did my best to make it as good as possible, hoping he'd prefer it to doing it himself and want to do it all the time.

Oh, how I loved sucking that cock!

I got more of his pre-jizz! So good. Salty and sweet. Gooey, but in a great way. Yum!

He started breathing faster and harder, and thrusting his hips. Moaning, "Stoshie! That's fucking awesome, man!"

He loved it when I took as much as I could, so I tended to stay there. But he'd shiver and jerk all over when I suddenly slid up and tickled his head with my lips and tongue, too, so I did that from time to time too.

Then he groaned, "I'm gonna soon!"

I was more than okay with swallowing it! So I worked it good. Doing anything I thought would feel good, but making sure to take it all as often as I could, and to tackle his head alone at times too. I wanted him to want this often!

"Ah! Stoshie! Gonna cum! Gonna!"

He shook all over, shoved his hips forward, almost choking me on that seven-inch monster, then held there, and groaned, "Cumming!"

I felt his balls tug up tight, felt his cock flex and swell up, and then felt his wad slam into the back of my throat! Awesome! It tasted salty and bitter, but not bad at all! A lot like my own. So hot and creamy, though, fresh from the spigot!

His cock really flexed when he came! It slammed into the roof of my mouth with every squirt. And he shot so hard! And so much! It was really a challenge to keep from gagging on all that thick, gooey, hot cum!

I sot of did gag a bit more than once, but I got all that thick stuff down my throat without losing a single drop of it!

I kept sucking on that wonder tool until he pulled his hips back and grunted, "No more!" with a laugh.

Man! The sight of his cock, up so close, all shiny with cum and spit! And so purple! It looked painful! Like it was bruised. It slapped against his thigh and left a wet patch as it rapidly deflated. HIs balls dropped a bit, too, relaxing in their cocoon of soft skin. I saw his thigh muscles twitching a bit.

"Oh, God, that was fucking awesome!" he sighed and rolled onto his back.

"Better than yourself?" I asked - hoped.

"Oh, fuck yeah!" he said happily. "Like the difference between a line drive and a homer!"


I laid out on my back, happy and content and satisfied. And hoping we would do that again, soon.

He asked, "How was what I did?"

"Awesome!" I laughed.

"Maybe next time you'll be able to last longer," he said calmly.

Next time?


"After three days dry I'd cum that fast too," he added.

"You've probably never gone three days," I pointed out.

"Probably haven't," he admitted with a laugh. "No, I'm sure I've never gone three days. What's that even like?"

"Fuck you."

Mmmm, that'd be nice! But I'd rather you fucked me.

I was a bottom already, although I didn't know it yet.

We laid there quietly until we heard the toilet flush. My brother was up. He'd probably go right back to bed. I hoped. But what would we say if he found us in Mom's bedroom together, without our underwear. Then I realized both our underwear were on the couch! Oh, fuck!

Barry sat up and looked at me with a worried face that was also part smile. You know, that worried laughing smile some guys have. So cute.

When we didn't hear him calling for us or anything, we relaxed and laughed quietly.

God, I felt so good! I looked at his soft cock and his balls, admiring them. So nice. I was almost ready to go again!

We did, too. About an hour later. After watching another soft-core porno on HBO until it got fully scrambled and too hard to make it out.

He asked, "So, you wanna do it again?"

I shrugged, to act cool, and said, "If you do."

"Come on."

So we got the blanket out again, went into Mom's room, and did it again. I lasted a lot longer that time! It was so much better, too. I wouldn't have thought it could be better after that first time, but it was! We nearly came at the same time, but I was a few seconds ahead of him. Wow, was that so good!

We didn't do it often after that, but we did at about once a week, if Mom worked the late shift and we had the apartment to ourselves after bro passed out.

And, yes, bro did catch us at it. It took him a few months, but he got up one night, didn't see us in the front room, and came knocking on Mom's closed bedroom door. We'd learned to take our clothes with us, in case, but he was eleven by then, and knew what we were doing in there with the door locked, and with both of us all breathless and red-faced and hemming and hawing as we came out.

He was surprisingly cool about it. He said something about guys doing experiments, so he learned in school, and he wouldn't tell Mom so long as he got privileges from then on. So, it was whatever he wanted to watch on TV, whatever he wanted to play on the Atari, and whatever he said goes for a long, long, long time. But he never told.

Barry and I messed around until he got a girlfriend. God, how I hated her. But I hid it as well as I could, being nice to her and acting all cool. But I could have killed her sometimes.

They broke up over the next summer, though. And Barry and I did it again. Just before sophomore year started, we'd been doing it for a few weeks, and one night, as we came down together, he was waggling one leg side to side, sort of rocking it, and looking at me looking at his junk.

"If I tell you something, you promise not to freak out?" he asked, all serious now.

"Uh, yeah. Sure."

"I think you're gay," he said solemnly.

I freaked out.

"I don't care if you are. Or if you're bi, or whatever. You're my best bud. It's just... I do it because it feels great, and I don't have a girl to fuck or suck me off, but I'm pretty sure you really like sucking me off. Like a lot. Right?"

He stared at me, holding my gaze, daring me to tell him he was wrong and catch me in a lie. We'd known each other since before we started kindergarten.

"There's some other things, too. And I really don't care. I'd just like it if you told me if you are. That's all."

Yeah. Big jock dude cried. It was tough, but I wiped my eyes and said, "I'm not bi. I'm just plain gay."

"Just don't tell anyone. I don't want to have to get in fights over assholes causing you grief. And the team'll freak out. So don't tell anyone. Okay?"

"That's easy to do!" I agreed. "I don't want anyone to know!"

"Okay. You know I won't tell, right?"

"Yeah. I mean, you gonna tell we sucked each other off all these times?" I laughed.

He laughed too, then said, "It's way better than Karen ever did it! And way better than doing it myself. But if I get a new girl, you're gonna have to deal. Okay?"

"Yeah. Just like with Karen. I hated her, by the way."

"Yeah, I figured you was jealous. You hid it, though. Karen thought you liked her okay but not very much."

"I'll try to do better with the next bitch."

We had a few laughs and did it again later. It was another few months of great blow-jobs before he got another girlfriend. I did like her a bit more, but I was still so jealous. I mean, she was getting what I'd had and wanted more of. But what could I do? It was Tampa in the early nineties.

What I did was hang out in the gay part of town and get some action from the older guys. I was a hot, buff, fifteen-year-old fag, and I got what I wanted when I wanted it the way I wanted it. And I often got good money for it. Never anal. AIDS was still a thing, and anal and needles were now known as the easiest way to transmit it. So I sucked a lot of cocks, and got sucked by some real pro blowers. I got seriously good at it.

Barry hated that I did it. So did I, sort of.

Hanging around with the adult gay crowd, I also got taught how to sense the vibes. You know, those short looks, those averted grins, the repeat glances, biting the lower lip, the looks up and down, all kinds of stuff. I got good at spotting fags in hiding. So when I got the vibes from Mitch at school later that year, I had a boyfriend. Secretly, of course. Barry was thrilled for me. Now, when he broke up with a girl, he was the one going dry, as I had Mitch.

Yes, I hinted at a threesome quite a few times, but Barry was not into that idea at all. He once said, "I'll do it with you, but never any other guy. Ever." So, I never asked Mitch what he'd think if I did it with an old friend. No way. So Barry just sucked himself when he was between chicks from then on. Well, we did do it sometimes when he wasn't with a girl, like on his birthdays, my birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgivings, and every Easter because Mitch's family always went up north on Easter breaks and we had the whole two weeks for Barry to get some time away from his current girl, and a very few other times when Mitch was out of town. Hey, might as well tell the truth while I'm at it. So, yeah, there were times Barry had a girl and I still got to blow him and get blown, but they were limited to holidays and such. He was more bi than he would admit to himself. And his dick never did grow that much more. Never broke eight inches. His lucky seven inches got to about seven inches and three-quarters. A really nice cock on that man.

But Mitch was no slouch. Seven inches of thick, beefy meat. Almost exactly seven inches. A much plumper head than Barry's, and thicker all around. First dick up my ass. Ouch. Yeah, that thing hurt some. But I got used to it and just loved being his bottom. He was such a total top. We were a great match.

We lasted through high school and into real life for a couple of years. People grow after high school, and Mitch and I grew apart. It was a great five years, though. I've had a few boyfriends since, seven to be exact, and I'm with that seventh one now. I've always joked that seven was my lucky number. LOL We're old enough to expect to stay together to rest of our lives. I'd be more than happy with that. Except for his habit of leaving his shoes just anywhere he takes them off. Lazy bastard.

Mom never found out. I was on my second boyfriend at 22 when she died in a car accident. Bro says she would have been fine with it. I was too worried to ever tell her. He says she knew anyway, as I'd never had a girlfriend and never so much as dated one and I was as good looking as my dad. Maybe he has a point. I mean, bro was pretty decent looking, almost as hot as me, but he'd gotten girls in junior high and all through high school. Yeah, Mom probably knew.



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