Tanner's First Time Tale

 Rated: X  ages 14 (**)




I was a pretty average kid, mostly, at first. I played ball with the other boys who lived nearby, and video games and online games with friends from school. Some came over or I went over to their places on weekend sleepovers. As I got a bit older, I stopped playing sports as much and got more into science, science-fiction, and fantasy. Some of us got into online Dungeons And Dragons and some other role-playing online games, so we became closer. I had less sports oriented friends and more dork friends the older I got.

Kyler and Scott lived a few blocks away, and almost next to each other, and were in the same grade as me. They had been best friends for as long as I knew them, and we all become close friends as we got older. Yeah, they were a bit dorky and nerdy too. When we were twelve, Kyler and I showed each other our dicks. He was bragging about how big his was now, and since mine was growing I was willing to show off mine. Pretty much the next weekend, Scott was over, and he wanted to show his off, so we showed each other too. It was kind of strange that they both wanted to show off their dicks at almost the same time, but I figured it was the fact that we were all getting so close to puberty and such. They both always asked I never let on to anyone else, and keep it totally secret. Well, duh. It was more a scientific exploration than anything else -  boys who liked science and were curious.

Well, after that, we sort of kept showing each other every once in a while, making measurements and comparisons, just the one of them at a time. A little while later, Kyle claimed he could squirt some sperm. I was almost desperate to see that, but I couldn't work up the guts to ask. After he turned thirteen, Kyle proudly showed off his first pubes. Neat. I got mine a few months later, and then Scott. And then I began squirting too. Scott told me he started squirting maybe a month after I told him I was. I couldn't work up the guts to ask him either. Man, I so badly wanted to see them both beat off in front of me! My fantasies were filled with that idea.

Kyle turned fourteen, and just after his birthday, he was staying over one Saturday night. It was really late, and he wanted to compare dicks. So I got the ruler and we dropped our pants.

Kyle was the oldest, and the most developed, so it was no surprise he was the biggest. It was just over five inches now, and had this really plump kind of head on it. Mine was more like the average kind, with a kind of cone head with turned up edges - barely four inches. His was more blunt, rounded off on the end, with smoothly rounded edges and a big slit in the end that was almost all on top instead of on the very end. He had more loose skin that almost hid the tip when it wasn't hard, almost as if it wasn't circumcised, while mine had no extra skin at all if it was even a little hard. HIs was bent a little upward toward the end, and fairly slim. Brown skinned, slightly pinkish hue mixed into that lighter brown shade on the head.  Mine was pretty straight and fairly average thickness. My balls were slightly bigger than his and hung down some in a nicely textured sack, while his were smaller and his sack was slightly brown, smoother and tighter. He had more hair, which was black, while mine was a boring medium brown. He wasn't skinny, not exactly, but he had not an ounce of softness anywhere. Okay, he was sorta skinny. His ribs showed a little, but not as much as some guys' did. He wasn't bony and wiry, just lean and trim. But he had black hair that was slightly wavy, warm brown eyes, and his face was well made, with a slightly darkened complexion from his Hispanic grandparents. His lips were very red and slightly thin, and he had a nice firm jaw and nice cheekbones. His smile was wide and cute, with one slightly crooked front incisor.

So we went to my bathroom and dropped our pants. We were both already hard. Kyle always shoved his pants and underwear down just enough to get his balls in the clear. I always followed his lead and did the same. We stood facing each other and measured our dicks and balls. I had a straight ruler for our dick lengths, and a pair of micrometers for measuring the thickness of our dicks for their circumference and for measuring our nuts. HIs was 5.2 inches long, 4.1 inches around. Mine was 5 inches long and 4.3 inches around. Usually we put our stuff away after that, but today, Kyle said, "So, you wanna try something more?"

"More?" I asked, not having a clue what more we could try. Well, other than the things I imagined sometimes. I thought what we were doing was hugely fun, and I was getting a little worried about how much I liked doing it with them. I had started fantasizing about doing other things with them. A lot.

"You can really squirt some?" he asked.

"Sure." And I got a bit brave, and decided to go for it. "I know I can, but can you?"

He laughed at me, and said, "Let's see who cums the most."

He started jerking it off. Man, my stomach rolled over and my dick jerked in my hand.


I knew I sounded way to happy about the idea, but I couldn't take it back now.

"Get two Petri dishes," he told me.

I said I was a bit of a science dork, right? So, yeah, I had some Petri dishes.

So we stood at the sink in the bathroom, jerking ourselves off, holding petri dishes in our other hands, giggling. It was so erotic! This was way more than mere curiosity as far as I was concerned. I wondered if it was to Kyle as well. I spent far more time watching the fat, bulgy head of Kyle's dick popping into and out of view in his fist than anything else. It was fascinating and a huge turn-on. I was starting to get embarrassed that I was going to shoot off so quickly, but I couldn't help it. It was the most sexually exciting thing I'd experienced, and my dick was going to off very soon.

This was fucking hot! Seeing his hand stroking his dick was a fantasy come true! And I loved how his balls bounced in their tight sack every time his fist came back and hit them. Even seeing his belly seemed extra hot now, though I'd seen it hundreds of times.

To my surprise, Kyle grunted, "Here it goes," and held the little dish beneath his dick, and slowly and carefully stroked it until a fat blob of splooge oozed out of that big slit and began to hang down. Man, that thing almost got as long as his dick before he squirted again, and this time several big drops shot out and into the dish, taking that long goober with it. Then he squirted again, fewer drops, and thinner. Then again, just a few drops, and then some more oozed out of that fat slit.

It was so cool! I could feel my balls tugging and my dick swelling, and knew I was going off big time.

"Okay," I grunted, my legs locking, "Here goes!"

A few little drops spit out, mostly hitting the dish, but a couple went over it. God, it felt good! Really strong! I felt my dick swell up more than usual. I held it still and pointed it down at the dish more, and a nice big squirt shot out and hit the bottom of the dish. It was almost side-to-side in the bottom, and nice and big! And it felt fucking great! I squirted a little more, then I squeezed a little bit more out.

It was really hard to tell who had made more. I got an a couple pipettes and a couple 10mL cylinders from my chemistry kit. Yup - total science dork. We both giggled tons as we sucked up our cum from the petri dishes and deposited it into the cylinders. Jokes were made about not sucking too hard. Damn, seeing his lips on that pipette, and his semen climbing into the tube, yeah, I didn't get a bit soft. I was wishing I'd had the guts to offer to do his too. Turns out Kyle made 1.8mL and I had made 1.5mL -  which was almost thirty percent more than average for me. Yeah, I had measured my ejaculate quite a few times by then.

"You did shoot further," he conceded, as we washed out the glassware.

As we cleaned the equipment, I wished I could drink his cum right out of that graduated cylinder, and suck on that pipette until I was certain it was clean. If only I could have thought of a way to do it.

I was still hard as we sat down and started playing a game. I couldn't get the sight of his dick in his fist and his balls out of my head. I went to the bathroom a little while later and beat off another good one. It might even have  been as good as the one with Kyle standing there next to me earlier. It sure felt that good. I was even sure I'd shot off a bit more.

At school on Monday, Scott asked to stay over on Saturday. I said sure. I would have asked Kyle if he wanted to, but if I was alone with Scott, then we could compare dicks and balls. Of course I worked hard on trying to scheme Scott into beating off together. I memorized everything Kyle had said to get me to, which hadn't been much. I planned on what to say if Scott said this, or if he said that, and so on and so on. I was desperate to get Scott to do it too. I was even pretty sure I could. He was as willing as Kyle to compare and measure, and talk about sex and jerking off and all that. I was confident he'd go for it if I led into the idea the right way.

I liked comparing and measuring with Kyle plenty, but I really liked doing it with Scott even more. Kyle was kind of cute, but Scott was totally hot. For a dork, anyway. Fuck that, he was totally hot! While Kyle was kind of skinny, Scott was kind of plump. Not fat at all, not even a little, just built more solid and sturdy. His dad's folks were from Sweden, and he took after that side of his family a hell of a lot - which should tell you quite a bit. His mom's heritage was mostly from Germany and Slovakia, which didn't water down his hunkiness at all. Kyle had almost no butt, but Scott had this amazing one! It was plump and round and full, and the few times I'd seen it bare in profile when we were comparing junk had made my heart race. It was probably the best butt in school. As far as I was concerned, it was the best ass anywhere.

Another reason I liked doing this with Scott more than with Kyle was that Scott dropped his pants all the way to his ankles, along with his underwear. That gave me a really good chance to see his luscious ass, not to mention those awesome legs.

So, Saturday night. The usual - games, a movie, some music, snacks, etcetera. I planned on bringing up the comparison and measurements right after the Rodan movie, about midnight. My folks went to bed about ten, and by eleven, when I went to the john, their lights were off. I sat down, hard as hell, and almost too impatient to wait to ask.

So, the movie ends, and just as I look over at Scott to ask if he wants to compare and measure, he says, "So, you wanna get the ruler?"

Damn! It was awesome he broached the subject, which he usually did anyway, but I had been ready to do it this time. Oh well, I thought, I still get to ask if he wants to try to see who cums the most and farthest.

Boy was I boned! It'd been hard far a while, and it was so ready now it tingled as I stood up. It was easy to see Scott was boned too. He had a nice package anyway. He usually wore pants that fit his crotch like a glove, and his ass like they were painted on. He was the hottest dork in school.

Like with Kyle, we went into the bathroom with the ruler. As I got the ruler from my desk, I glanced a the chemistry set, which I'd set out before he came over. It wasn't too unusual for it to be out anyway. My dick did a dance in my pants.

We stood in front of the sink, facing each other, and dropped our pants. The sight always took away my breath. Scott didn't have a long one, but he did have a beautifully perfect one. Today it looked like it was in rapid growth and about the same size as mine. It was so straight it could set a plane. Smooth shaft, all pale tan and cylindrically perfect. Well, not really, but still, yeah. And that head was a work of art. He had enough loose skin that there was always a slight bundle behind the edges, all pink and wrinkly. The tip was very slightly blunt, but then became a nice conical shape, flaring wider to the most delicate and subtle ridges possible. His head was ever so slightly narrower than his perfect shaft. The edges almost didn't exist they were so sublime and delicate. And they were always such a pretty shade of pink. At the very tip, a perfect little oval ridge around a small, tight hole, slightly pinker than the pinkish head. Below, a lined tab of skin connected the very tip of the bottom of his head to the shaft, hiding the urethra below it for nearly two centimeters. His awesome blond hair was just as blond down there, even a bit lighter. So pale a blond that it was hard to see even in the bright lights of my bathroom. And below that slowly bobbing perfection of a penis hung the most awesome balls. They were bigger than either mine or Kyle's as of two weeks ago, and they looked even bigger now. They hung down more as well, the sack was pinkish and almost smooth. Pale blond hairs spaced far apart, long and crooked. Then those most awesome thighs. Smooth, creamy, firm, plump, and glazed with his fine, pale, blond fuzz. Then there was the piece-de-resistance - his ass. From the side, those pale fuzzy hairs seemed to glow on the graceful arc. So smooth, so juicy, so round. It was impossibly perfect. I had to remember to breathe, and to look away before he saw me staring... sigh.

His eyes were blue, of course. Not watery or pale, but sharply, intensely, powerfully blue. Pale lashes, pale brows, creamy complexion, light-peach lips that were as luscious and juicy as his ass. His smile was warm and adorable. His laugh was infectious. His sense of humor was boundless. And he had the cutest way of lifting one side of his mouth in a faux grimace that made me grin in appreciation.

Yeah, I was so in love with Scott.  

We took turns with the ruler, then the micrometer. I always let him go first so that I could place the warm ruler against my dick, knowing where it had just been and what it had been warmed by. Same with the micrometer. By going second, I could watch his agile hands and fingers work around his dick and balls. Such a sight! It was so hot that I always leaked a little before it was my turn. He'd once commented on the drop of pre-jizz sitting at the end of my dick, and I told him I always leaked when I was hard. Partially true, but it happened far faster when I was watching him measure his perfect dick and handle his awesome nuts.

I knew it had grown! It was now exactly 5 inches long, the same as mine, but it was even thicker than my 4.3 inches! It was 4.4 inches around. I made him measure it again, and not just because I loved seeing him do it. Then his nuts turned out to be even bigger too. They were over a two-tenths of an inch bigger than the last time we'd measured weeks ago. They sure looked it, too. So nice and big and heavy.

"In a big growth spurt," I said, almost in awe.

"Sure enough," he agreed, showing that awesome smile.

My turn. I had grown one-tenth of an inch in both length and girth since I had measured it against him last, but my balls were as good as identical.

Okay, time to ask, I thought.

"Wanna try something new?" he asked.

Damn it! He beat me to it!

I think, I thought. He might mean something else, though. But what? Blow-jobs? I so wish! Ha!

"Uh, what?" I asked, almost stunned.

"How about we see who cums the most?"

Holy shit! This was so wild my dick bounced several times. So did his, too!

"How do we measure the quantity?" he asked.

"Be right back."

I hiked up my underwear and jeans enough to hobble into my room and get the petri dishes, pipettes and the graduated cylinders.

"Good idea," he said with another nice grin as I got back.

So, my stomach turning over inside me, we both began jerking off in front of each other.

His big hand sliding up and down his thick dick, dragging his loose skin along its length, that sweetly sculpted head poking out of his fist every second or so, his big, low-hanging balls slapping his thighs almost every time he struck them on the backstroke... how fucking hot! And the sounds... God, damn!

I'd barely started! My balls tugged, my dick flexed from base to head, and I shot what felt like half-set gelatin through my throbbing dick. No drops this time, but a hard shot of splooge that splashed into the petri dish so loudly that we both heard it over our heavy breathing and the sound of fists sliding over dicks and his balls slapping against his thighs.

I almost grunted out loud, but barely held it back, and then I was shooting off number two. Another thick glob of cum that splashed into the dish. Fuck! Then the third felt as if it was coming up from both balls at once, and it splashed into the dish even louder, making a long stringy blob from nearly one side of the dish to the other! Fuck! And I still shot another one! Four! Rarity of rarities! But I wasn't done! A fifth! Not so much, but it felt like the biggest one yet! I was up on my toes, my back arched, my breath caught in my chest, and I shot one more! A spray of droplets that fanned out into the dish and onto my thumb. Then I gasped and fell onto the flats of my feet.

Oh, shit! That was the best one ever!

"No way I'm shooting that much, but here goes," he said.

I looked over, not wanting to miss a second of this, and watched his fist tug his dick several times, then he held the skin back all the way, pulling it tight, and stayed there for what seemed ten seconds. Then his dick jumped and jerked, then a slow surge of semen, like the leading wave of a flood, oozed out of that tiny hole and began to drip downward. It was a huge, thick, gooey wave of thick, white splooge. Fucking nice! It looked like almost enough to equal what I'd just shot all together. He held his dick still, and then it jerked again, and a spray of droplets exploded out of that tight little hole and all over the bottom of the petri dish! It must have been as much as I usually shot all together, in that one blast. Those first two were easily more than I had made already. Then his dick jerked again, and the head seemed far darker, and a nice stringer shot out, swirling and twisting to land in a long, curved sting in the dish. I was awestruck! I looked at that mess, and saw his dick move again, and another stringer shot out and into the dish. Not nearly as much, but still a really nice one for me, anyway. Then a small goober shot into the dish, mixing in with the others, and then he sighed really hotly and shivered a bit.

"Done?" I asked.

But as I asked, he squeezed his dick and another wave of pearly splooge washed out of that small hole and began hanging down. Then it fell off as another oozing goober pushed it away and then hung. It swayed as his dick flexed and jumped, and then it fell, a bit more having been added to it. The he squeezed his dick, pushing out just a bit more that he had to wipe off with the edge of the petri dish.

His head was so red now, it looked edible. All shiny on the end, and almost purple at the hole. HIs balls were drawn up nearly to the very base of his dick.

"Whew!" he sighed, then laughed.

"That looked like a really good one!" I said in pure admiration. "We don't even have to measure it. You win."

Oh, but was I going to measure it anyway! Hell yes!

I would have sucked that splooge up and deposited it into the cylinder for him, but he was as big a science geek as I was, so he did his and I did mine. Not even close! While I'd made a personal record I didn't think I was going to best for a while at 1.9mL, Scott had blown 4.1mL!

I almost slipped and said it was more than twice what Kyle had shot. Instead, I admitted that it was over twice what I had just shot.

"I think if you don't do it for a day you make more," he said. "I didn't jerk it yesterday at all."

"Really? Why not?"

He shrugged and had that adorable grin.

"Holding it still just before you start shooting makes it shoot more, too," he said, his face going red and even more adorable. "And it feels better," he added with an embarrassed laugh.

God damn, I wanted to kiss him so bad right then. He was fucking amazingly hot looking! All embarrassed, sexed off, blushed, grinning so cutely, holding his fat cock all shiny with his splooge, and smelling of his cum... sigh!

We cleaned up, and I dreaded seeing that huge wad get washed down the drain. What I wouldn't have given or done to be able to drink that down! But at least the aroma was heavy in the air, and I got to enjoy that sensation. It was so pleasurable a smell that I took the automatic air freshener to my room with us so that it wouldn't pollute his lingering odor. You know I went back to that bathroom a few minutes later and took my time as I jerked off on the toilet. I tried his thing, holding it still just before it shot off, and sure enough, it made it squirt and feel so much better!

Saturday nights, one or the other would stay over. I made sure my other friends stayed over, or I stayed over at their places, on Friday nights, so that Saturdays were free for the new regular measuring/comparing/jerking-off sessions with either Kyle or Scott. It was pure awesomeness! I lost in everything, except my dick was fatter than Kyle's, and I shot farther than Kyle, but I loved losing to them. Especially to Scott.

I grew more and more attracted to Scott. Everything about him made me feel hot and bothered. One night, I placed the hand soap on the bathtub, so that he would turn that way and reach for it. What a view of his ass! His soft but firm cheeks spread just enough to hint at the hidden treasure between them as he stretched over the bathtub on one leg SIGH! And seeing his nice balls hanging from behind was fucking sweet! I placed the hand soap there every Saturday before he came over.

This went on for over a month. Sometimes it seemed like they suspected that I was doing the same thing with the other one of them. They'd ask about what we did, and ask about jerking off and stuff. Kyle would ask what I thought Scott had between his legs, and Scott would ask what I thought Kyle might have down there. I'd tell them both that I didn't know, because I didn't have him in my gym class. They both asked me more than once if I thought the other might be gay, or maybe bi. They asked what I would think about that. I always said about the same thing I'd always said, since that topic had started rearing its head over a year before: I don't know, I don't  think I'd care, he's a good friend, and if he is, it's his business, and it won't change that he's my friend - what would you do if he was?

Then, one Saturday, Kyle was staying over, as usual, and we were just getting started on measuring and comparing before we jerked off and compared quantities. We had just dropped our pants and underwear and were facing each other in front of my bathroom sink, both of us hard and ready.

"You know what?" he asked.

"No, what?"

"It would be a lot easier if we measured each other's."

Holy shit! Okay!

I fought the grin my face wanted to wear, and tried to maintain an even facade. I shrugged, then said, "Yeah, it might be."

I had already given him the ruler, so he stepped up closer, grabbed my dick, and put the ruler up against it in the usual way. Man! My dick was jerking around like a cat trying to worm its way out of someone's arms it didn't want to be in! It had already leaked a bit, and as he bent down to read the ruler, it pulsed and a big drop of white and clear stuff welled up and began to drip downward. I think he laughed a bit, judging by the way his back moved right then. But he kept looking up close at the ruler. He seemed to take a really long time to read the ruler, as if he was laughing so much he couldn't focus on the small numbers. HIs face was so close to my dick that I could feel his breath on the head!

"Five point two inches," he eventually said. "It grew since last time."

It felt like it was growing right then and there! It was so hard it seemed to be stretching the skin tight enough to split it.

He put the ruler down and grabbed the micrometer. It was so cold! And it felt really good as his fingers gently held my dick and he closed the jaws down on the sides of it. He seemed to take a long time to read it. Much longer than when he did it to himself. But I didn't mind. It was so neat to feel someone else holding my dick, and feeling that cool metal against it.

"Times three point one, is... four point five. Yup, it grew!" he said, then gave me a nice smile.

Then he measured my balls! It was fucking awesome to feel someone else juggling my jigglies! It didn't feel the same at all! Way better! Good enough that I leaked some more, and it began to drip down toward the floor.

"They're about the same," he said. Then snickered, and added, "You sure make a lot of pre-cum."

When he straightened up, he was blushing pretty darkly, which on his slightly Hispanic complexion was rather remarkable. It was one of the very first of very few blushes I'd ever seen on Kyle.

"Now you measure me," he said. "But I'll get rid of this first."

Then he swiped up that dangling string of pre-cum with a finger. My dick jerked several times in reaction to being touched so suddenly. He rubbed my stuff between his finger and thumb, then flicked fingers over the sink.

He touched my jizz! I was breathless in surprise.

"Just salt water, some proteins, some enzymes, and maybe a few sperm cells. No biggie. Same as what I make, right down to the molecules, except the DNA, and I touch mine all the time," he said after a big shrug, and wearing a big smile. "Not grossed out, are ya?"

I shook my head slowly, then snapped my gaping mouth shut. My dick bobbed a couple of times. He looked down, then back up at me, and laughed.

I looked down. There was another string dangling from the tip of my dick.

He reached down, swiped it up, and said, "Yup, you make a lot of that," as he rolled it between his finger and thumb. Then he flicked his fingers over the sink again. "Now, you measure me."

"Uh..." I blinked, then said, "Yeah, okay."

I took the micrometer from him, and leaned down. There was a drop of pre-jizz in that big slit of his, glistening like a light on the tree on Christmas day.

"Look who's takling," I said nervously, and then swiped it off his dick, making it jump in reaction.

I rubbed it between my finger and thumb. It was slippery and slick and slightly sticky. It could have been my own. The urge to suck it off my finger was really strong! But I managed to flick my fingers over the sink, which, I realized, didn't actually get any of it off. Fine with me. I could sniff and suck that finger sooner or later.

I reached out and placed a shaking hand on his dick. Just the fingertips and the thumb at first, and then I wrapped my fingers around it. How my guts swirled! I was even breathing faster. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. This was the hottest thing yet!

Up close, I could see all the little cracks and lines in the bulbous, pinkish-brown head, and the ones that traced over the plump, purple-tinted brown edges, the dark-blue veins beneath the brown skin of the shaft, and the individual black hairs that made up the growing patch of pubes above the base. The wrinkles in his brownish sack were clear and vivid, and the shapes of his balls hanging in there were obvious. I could smell him, too! So earthy and musky.

I placed the micrometer around his shaft, read it, did some math, and said, "Grew on tenth of an inch." Then I measured his nuts, which were the same size, but seemed so huge up this close. I loved how the felt inside the velvety sack. He handed me the ruler, and I held it on top of his dick, and slowly read it. "Grew one tenth," I said.

I was done, and could straighten up, but I didn't want to. I was so close to his dick and balls. It would just take a split second to lunge forward and gulp that cock into my mouth and suck it. I was so sure in that moment that once I had it in my mouth, and he felt the suction, that he'd let me keep doing it. My chest and belly wobbled at the thought. So close!

"I got an idea," he said from above me.

I snapped out of the daydream and stood up.

"What's that?" I asked, realizing I had just leaked some more pre-cum.

"How about when we see how much we shoot, this time, we do it to each other?"

I had to have heard him wrong! I stared at him in shock.

"You mean, jerk each other's?" I squeaked.

Yeah, my voice actually squeaked.

"If you want to," he said cautiously. "It should probably feel better when someone else does it, ya know?"

If I want to? Hmmm, do I want to? Let me thi... OF COURSE I WANT TO!

Play it cool. Be kind of unsure.

"Ummm, yeah, I guess it might feel better," I said slowly.

I almost mentioned how nice it felt when he'd moved my balls around to measure them, and how that probably meant that being jerked off would feel a lot better too. Almost, but not.

"Cool. You use your right hand?" he asked.

"Uh, yeah."

"I can use my left one," he said, the turned and stood next to me on my right side.

Holy shit! We were really going to do this!

He reached down, and as natural as shaking hands, grabbed my dick and started moving the skin up and down it.

Oh, yes! It felt tons better already! I wasn't going to last long at all! The tingling pressure was already growing, and growing fast!

I snapped my hand down and out, and wrapped my fist around his long, skinny, brown dick, and started jerking it like I was pumping a water-well handle and was about to die of dehydration. I watched my hand as it shot end to base along that long, narrow, hard dick.

His dick felt really strange! It was noticeably longer, noticeably thinner, and noticeably harder than mine. So hard! Almost like a wooden rod. But that head was so bulbous and fat that it felt like that wooden rod had a big ol' knob on the end. Well, it did! A nice, big, plump, fat, juicy knob! The only soft part of the entire thing. And it was very soft and pliable, and it felt fucking great. Kyle's long, strong, hard, lean cock in my hand! And I was stroking that bad boy off!

I didn't even have time to tell him I was about to shoot! I felt it building up, so fast and strong that I was surprised, and then my dick was jerking in his warm, soft hand, and I was squirting cum across the floor. Nice, big, gooey squirts of cum flew out of my dick, and landed about three feet away, almost against the wall. Two, three, four, then five barely squirted out, and six mostly dribbled out all over his fist, and seven and eight got his fist and my dick all slimy and gooey and made an awesome squishy sound as his fist smeared it all over my super-sensitive head and I jerked all over and begged him to stop. He did, but he kept his hand tightly closed around my wet, pulsing dick.

I was breathing fast and hard, and shaking a little. I grabbed my balls with my free hand, and watched my other hand move faster and faster along his brown, lean, long dick, almost in a blur.

He leaked enough pre-cum to lubricate his head and my fist a bit, so I worked it all around his bulbous, plump, hot, velvety, soft head. I loved how it felt! My dick jerked in his fist.

"Damn it, Tan, that's really good!" he groaned, and then went up on his toes. "I'm gonna soon!"

He looked down at my fist pistoning up and down his dick with such a cute smile and grimace.

"Going!" he grunted, then swung his head back and looked up at the ceiling, eyes shut, and I saw his throat swell as his muscles tensed.

Then I looked down to watch his orgasm.

I knew he liked it being held back and still as he came, so I did that. I held his cock tight, pulling his skin back tight, and just watched.

His whole body tensed and tightened up. I felt his dick twitch, then again, then again, and then it really jerked hard and a big goober shot out and landed just inches short of where my first one had. He groaned, "Oooo!" deep in his chest. So sexy! Then his dick twitched and he shot another nice goober. It twirled and twisted in the air, then smacked loudly on the floor a couple of inches closer than any of mine. It stretched out at least six inches though! It was probably too heavy to be shot far. The third one came out like a dumbbell, all spinning wildly, and landed less than halfway to his others. The fourth was a super-thick, super-gooey, super-goober! It only went out about six or seven inches from his feet, but it was a huge thing that broke as it fell and ended up as several big blobs on the floor. He gasped hard! Then his dick jerked and jerked and jerked in my hand, but only oozing drops came out of that big slit, but they kept coming! So much! It must have been twice what he had ever shot before - that we'd measured anyway. That thick, gooey jizz got all over my fingers and his head, so I smeared it all over his fat, juicy head. He jerked all over for a few seconds, groaning, then grabbed my hand and looked at me with a really cute smile, and told me, "Don't. Stop." Then he hissed in a huge breath through his teeth and lips in a grimace as I squished that jizz around his head again.

"Don't stop?" I joked, trying to squish and massage his head more.

We both laughed, but he held my hand still, and even managed to get it away from his dick by letting go of my dick and using both of his hands to do so.

We were both still laughing. He shivered once. After a bit, he said, "Well, you got distance, but I got quantity."

"No argument here," I agreed. "You were right," I added. "It's way better when someone else does it."

I was already thinking about Scott.

We cleaned up. What a waste. He'd shot a nice wad, and it was all over the floor. I was almost willing to lick it up.

So, the next weekend. Scott was staying over. So, of course, I had big plans on getting him to measure each other this time. I was going to make sure that when I measured his nice, big balls, that I took my time and made it feel really good. And I planned to slightly jack his dick as I measured it, to get him really horny and willing to jerk each other off. I had all kinds of arguments ready: It'll probably feel better if someone else does it. Like how it felt better when you were measuring my balls and my dick. Did it feel better when I was measuring your dick like it felt better when you were measuring mine?

Oh, yeah. I was ready. And I was not going to let him be the one to get the ball rolling, either. Not this time.

The Saturday Night Monster Movie was a sucky vampire flick, so we agreed to skip it. I'd checked ahead of time in preparation, so I was ready. I want to mention that he was wearing these super-hot tan cargo shorts. They hugged his ass and package something fierce! The blue pocket-tee clung to his chest so well that I could see his nipples, abs, and his innie navel. Cripes! He was killing me via throbbing erectus from the moment he'd arrived.

My folks were in bed, as usual. It was kind of too early to get busy with measuring and stuff, so we played some video games. At eleven, I lost my last life in the game we were playing, on purpose, and headed to the bathroom. I checked that the folks' lights were out. When I got back, I sat down next to him on the end of the bed as he played the last guy he had. Those awesome legs were on display from upper thigh on down. So firm, creamy, smooth, meaty... sighus maximus!

When he died, he looked over at me and asked, "Another round?"

"Nah. How about we do the measure and compare, get it done, and then we can game the rest of the night?"

He smiled really big, so cute, and said, "Okay. Sure."

I could almost put an exclamation mark on both of those words, he'd said them so happily and enthusiastically. And that big grin...

We picked up the ruler and micrometer, the petri dishes and pipettes, and headed into my bathroom. Damn was my dick hard and throbbing! And was his ass was so hot in those tan shorts!

We stood in front of the sink and dropped trou. He shoved everything all the way down, so I did too. That big dick stuck out, aimed almost right directly at my face. As if it knew. I was looking pretty much straight down at the rosy tip as it slowly and gently bobbed. Yum! Those big balls hung down, all soft and velvety looking. Those pubes, all angelicly blond and fluffy.

"Um, how about if this time, we measure each other?" I asked.  "It might be easier."

His huge smile was so hot! He nodded.

I grabbed the mic, and instead of leaning down like Kyle and I had, I got down on my knees in front of Scott. I could smell his spicy aroma down there. It made my guts twist. That view was worth anything! Scott's was pretty much the opposite of Kyle's, with a fat, juicy shaft and a lean, narrow head. Up close, I could see how his head was almost perfectly smooth by comparison to Kyle's, and so pink and pretty. There were lines and marks, but they were so fine and delicate. The subtle, almost flat ridges along the edge of his long, almost oval head were so smooth and velvety and almost non-existent. Where Kyle's ridges were mostly even and level from top to bottom, Scott's were swept back on the top, making his head seem oblong and sleek and slanted. And it was just so smooth and pink and yummy looking. The very widest part of the head - the edges or ridges, whatever you want to call the corona - was nearly the same width as the rest of the glans, and barely smaller in diameter than the fat, sturdy shaft. Kyle's tube on the underside was thick enough, but Scott's was much thicker and more pronounced. The veins beneath the pale skin of the shaft were less apparent and smaller and finer, except the big, thick one along the top side that ran from just behind the head ridge into the base and his blond pubes. And his pubes were heart-shaped. Really. Thicker to either side, a kind of widow's peak in the center, and narrower as it went down around the base of his dick. It was almost thick enough to hide his skin, but it was so blond that it looked like skin. And then there were his big, heavy, pendulous balls hanging down in that pink sack.

 I lifted up one of those awesome nuts. It was so firm and hefty as I rolled it around, pretending that it was hard to grab and hold onto. Damn, it felt nice! I took my time getting the measurement, and then took my time measuring the other one. I fumbled around quite a bit.

I knew he was enjoying it, because his dick jerked and bobbed around like mad, and it leaked a nice big globe out of that tiny little hole. It began to drip right away.

Here was the big test. My hand shook as I swiped it up. I rubbed it between my fingertip and thumb. So smooth, so greasy, so sticky. And the aroma! My stomach actually growled. I looked up at him. He was wide-eyed and grinning.

"Not grossed out, are ya?" I asked, rubbing my thumb and finger together. "Just salt water, some proteins, some enzymes, and maybe a few sperm cells. No biggie. Same as what I make, right down to the molecules, except the DNA, and I touch mine all the time."

"Yeah, I know," he said, smiling really nicely, and blushing really cutely.

I so badly wanted to suck that finger clean! It was Scott's pre-cum! On my finger! So close! My mouth watered.

But I couldn't do it.

I flicked my fingers over the sink, then went back to fondling - I mean, measuring - his second nut. This was the most fun I'd ever had!

I finally finished with his balls, and used the mic on his dick. Man, that thing was nicely fat and juicy. I held onto the base of it, and used the mic on the widest area at the mid-shaft. It'd grown a tenth of an inch wider. Yes, I took my time. Then he handed me the ruler and took the mic. And, yes, I took my time measuring the length. It had grown a tenth of an inch longer, too. And it was so amazingly hard, but so soft on the outside. I made sure that I slid the loose skin up and down a couple of times. Nice! And then I dared to let my lightly closed fist slide off the end of it, so that I could get a feel of his head. Damn, it was so soft and velvety.

He sucked air in through his teeth when my hand slid over his head. HIs dick jerked, and it leaked immediately.

"You make a lot of that stuff," I said, and swiped it up with a finger.

I rubbed it a bit, then flicked my fingers over the sink after I stood up.

HIs face was blushed, and his grin was big, and he looked so cute.

"My turn," he said, then took the ruler from me and went down on his knees.

It was obvious that he was taking his time. He held my dick with one hand, and moved the ruler a bit, a bit more, a bit again, fussed and fumbled, and finally said I might have grown a tenth of an inch. I handed him the mic and took the ruler from him. Then I watched as he fumbled and bobbled my nuts. Man, he barely even tried to measure them for a long time. I leaked, and he swiped it up, and grinned up at me.

Then he did something I wasn't even slightly expecting.

With that big grin on his face, he put that finger into his mouth, and sucked on it. Grinning up at me the whole time.

I knew my mouth was hanging open and my eyes were wide enough for a bird to fly through. I wasn't breathing, because I suddenly had to suck in air.

"Tastes salty," he said casually. "Nice, too."

Oh, wow! Now I wished I'd dared to do that!

He fished around and got my nuts measured after what seemed like an hour. Man, his hands felt so good as they pretty much played with my balls. He juggled and jiggled my balls far more than I had his. I really thought that maybe he was giving me the hint that he was gay too.

He'd sucked my pre-jizz off his finger!


Then he was done with my balls and passed the mic up to me. I took it from his hand as we looked at each other. I knew I was smiling, and he sure had a nice smile too. Fuck, he was so hot looking up at me from down there so close to my throbbing boner. Those luscious lips were so close to my dick! If he'd just...

Then he did!

Looking up at me the entire time, he opened his mouth, leaned forward, and put his lips over the very tip of my dick!

I don't think I moved a single muscle once my jaw finished dropping! Not even to breathe. I think even my heart stopped beating!

The feeling of his warm, wet, soft lips sliding over the end of my dick was like the most perfect sensation of all time in all existence.

I didn't move a muscle still as I felt his lips moving further back over my head. I saw my head vanish between his beautiful lips.

Then I felt his tongue! Wow! It felt even more soft and velvety than his lips! So perfectly satiny! It swirled across the bottom of my head, between the two lobes of my corona, and then slowly back along the urethra as he slid his mouth further down my dick.

I felt my chest grow tight and tense. My guts seemed to slowly implode inward. My asshole even seemed shocked, and was quivering madly, a sensation I'd never felt before. This was fucking intense!

Then I felt something I'd never known existed. I instinctively knew he was sucking. It swelled up from inside the base of my dick, up through it, and expanded into the head. My entire dick felt as if it were being overinflated. My balls tingled. I whimpered, and started shaking.

I reached behind me to hold onto the edge of the sink so that I didn't fall off my feet. I finally drew breath in a rushing gasp.

I got dizzy and wobbled.

More than half of my dick was in his mouth, and his beautiful lips were tightly wrapped around the shaft at the mid-point. I could feel my heart beat inside my dick inside his mouth. I could feel his soft, velvety tongue swirling around the underside of my head and shaft. I felt the roof of his mouth on the top side of my head. That awesome, unbelievable, pure bliss tingling of suction...

It was too late to warn him, but I said it anyway.

"Scott! Cumming!"

I grabbed hold of both of his shoulders, and tried to push him back and away before I filled his mouth with hot volcanic lava, but he resisted, and clamped his hands on my butt cheeks, and slid his mouth up until his lips were locked around the edges of my head. HIs tongue swished across my head, and he sucked harder.

I closed my eyes, unable not to, and saw red dots and yellow patches, and felt my body tense up from toes to scalp.

I tried to tell him again that I was cumming, but I already was, and I couldn't control my mouth or breathing anyway. I rocked on my feet, bending at the waist, grunting, all in time with the intense pulses of ejaculation that wracked me inside and out.

I felt every drop of semen being sucked from both of my balls, through the tubes, through the urethra, and out the meatus. Pulse after glorious pulse of pure bliss and pleasure and soul-twisting near agony.

No idea how many pulses, or how much cum I dumped into his warm, wet, silky mouth. Not a clue. 10? 20? More? 5mL? 10mL? 20mL? More?

Scott swallowed it all, holding my ass with both hands, and I had to pry him off my aching dick. I hated to make him stop, but I couldn't stand another millisecond!

I was panting and shaking, and laughing, and probably blushing the same shade as a pack of Pall Malls.

"Pretty good, huh?" he asked, getting to his feet.

I nodded, pretty much unable to speak. I was still shaking a little, and still breathing kind of fast and hard. My dick was still throbbing and my balls still tingled. Even my asshole still twitched from time to time.

"Now we don't know how much you shot, though," he said.

One thing filled my mind.

"So it's only fair if we don't know how much you shoot off," I said, and dropped to my knees.

I mean, I dropped! Both knees smacked the floor hard enough to hurt. I didn't care.

His pink head was inches in front of me, bobbing up and down, his balls hanging down, and there was a nice drop of pre-jizz beginning to dangle from his little hole.

No finger this time!

I leaned forward, wrapped my fingers around his fat shaft, and closed my lips over his head as my tongue flicked at that sweet drop. Salty and sweet. Not really sweet, but it seemed so. Yummy, for sure!

Then I felt how velvety and satiny his head felt to my tongue. Just the way his tongue had felt to my head. But I knew it felt better when it was your head. Sort of. It felt fucking great when it was your tongue, too! I loved it!

I sucked, took more of his cock into my mouth, and let it slide over my tongue.

It was amazingly good to feel his cock in my mouth. Just perfect. So silky, so satiny, so warm, soft. That head was so pliable. The shaft was so hard.

I felt the head hit the back of my throat, and I stopped there and sucked as hard as I could. He groaned and held onto my shoulders. I remembered doing the same, and I grabbed his ass cheeks. They were such a handful! Fucking firm, smooth, soft, satiny too. I massaged those globes of wonder as I sucked his cock for all I was worth.

He moved his hips, sliding his dick in and out of my mouth. I let him. I liked how I could feel his ass working as he moved. Plus, as he moved, I slid my fingers into his crack. I wanted to feel his pucker so bad. Just a touch.

He slowly fucked my mouth, and I slowly slid my fingers in between his ass cheeks. I felt his cock flex in my mouth, and then I tasted more of his pre-jizz. Yummy!

That tab of skin connecting the very tip of the underside of his head to the shaft felt so neat as my tongue flicked and roamed over it. It was very tight but sort of soft and pliable. And it was obviously very sensitive.

I'd managed to work my fingertips between his cheeks, and then I felt the soft, puckered hole deep between them.

He sighed, "Awww," as I worked a fingertip around that pucker. I felt it twitch and spasm. God, that turned me on something fierce!

I started bobbing on his dick like it was saving my life.

"Slower," he told me, and held my head with both hands. "Nice and slow and deep," he said.

Whatever he wanted!

I wanted my finger in his ass, so I wormed it in there. Warm, firm yet sof, and so silky inside.

"Tan," he softly called. "Get two fingers wet and put them in there."

I obeyed. They went in without too much effort. It was such a nice feeling. His hole clung to my fingers as I moved them in and out. I used my other hand to play with those awesome butt cheeks. I could feel his ass muscles work as he moved his hips, and I could feel that movement in his pucker too.

What could beat this? Scott's fat dick in my mouth, two fingers up his hot ass, his butt in my other hand.

My dick thrilled and tingled, and threatened to shoot if I touched it. Damn was it hard again! I managed to glance down and see it leaking a long string of mostly clear pre-jizz. It swayed as I swayed as Scott slowly fucked my mouth.

"Awww, Tan, that's so goood!" he moaned.

I was so proud!

"I'm gonna real soon!" he moaned next.

So soon? Damn. I wanted it to last for hours! But I wanted him to cum! In my mouth!

Could I swallow it? How do I do that?

"Do just the head," he told me a little bit later.

I did. It was really awesome, too. I could get my tongue all around that velvety head, and now I could taste his pre-jizz much more. The feel of his head in my lips and under my tongue was purely awesome!

I felt his head expand, his shaft bend.

"Here it cums!" he sighed, and locked his hips, holding my head still with both hands. "Swallow between squirts, as fast as you can!" he hissed.

Neither of us moved, except for his dick and his hole. His dick bent and jerked and spewed, his hole twitched and clamped down on my fingers in matching rhythm. It was fascinating and awesome!

His cum slammed into my mouth in an almost overwhelming rush. So thick, so hot! I swallowed. I wasn't done swallowing when more shot into my mouth. I swallowed faster. In time this time. His hole clenched down on my two fingers in matching time with his jets of cum. I had no idea a guy's hole moved when he squirted. It felt really neat.

His cock jerked and shot again, his hole clenched again, I swallowed again.

After losing count of my shots earlier, I carefully counted his.

Eight nice shots of cum. The first four were huge, the next four were easier to handle, and then I didn't have to swallow every shot. Nine and ten were barely enough to feel or taste. Eleven and twelve were mere drops. After that I tasted it, but I didn't feel anything. HIs dick and hole jerked four more times before he pushed me away. I slid my fingers out of his hole.

I looked up and saw the most beautiful smile on his face as he looked down at me.

"That was fucking awesome!" he sighed, then shivered.

"So was the one you gave me!" I said happily.

He turned and rested his perfect ass on the edge of the sink and sighed. HIs dick was transformed. Instead of a pink head and a pale shaft, the head was deeply red, a satiny purple on the edges, deeply maroon around the little hole, and sunburn red on most of the shaft. It was all wet with my spit and his splooge. I could still taste it.

I jerked in realization.

I'd just sucked Scott's dick! And swallowed his huge wad! And he'd sucked mine and swallowed it. I'd not only fondled his balls, but his adorable ass, too! I'd finger-fucked his hole!

My dick went into spasms and nearly shot off again! It leaked a huge drop that stretched almost to the floor! I swiped it up, and looked up at him as I sucked it off my finger and then laughed.

"You're boned again," he said. "Give me a minute, and I'll take care of it again. Okay?"


It was only a couple of minutes, and then he led me to my bed, took my pants and underwear off, kicked off his, and then we had the time of my life. He taught me some things about sucking dick, and fingering ass, and they were awesome things. He didn't let me cum, though. Instead, he had me eat his ass while he mouthed my dick to get it good and wet, and then I fucked the most perfect ass in the world. Doggie-style, on his back with his legs over my shoulders, on our sides a few ways, him sitting on me as I was on my back. As he rode me, I used two very wet hands to rub his fat dick until it spewed all over my stomach. His hole clenching and undulating around my cock sent me off, and I shot my load inside that pert, round, firm, soft, smooth, perfect ass while he was riding me! It was pure bliss! 



By the time Scott left the next day, we'd sucked and fucked each other raw. And he said he had a surprise for me next weekend. I got nervous, wondering how I was going to get out of messing around with Kyle. I told Kyle I wasn't going to be home next Saturday, and we'd have to wait past the next weekend too. He didn't like that, but I couldn't tell him I was fucking his best buddy, who was as gay as me.

So, on Saturday, over comes Scott, right on time, with Kyle in tow.

Yup, Scott was gay. Kyle was bi, but only for Scott, his best friend. He was looking forward to getting some pussy. Scott and Kyle had been doing those things with each other for a long time. They'd started toying around at six or seven, and by ten they had sucked and jerked each other so often they'd long since lost count. They'd fucked each other in the ass once their dicks began growing at twelve, and by thirteen they'd been doing that pretty regularly.

By the time they'd decided to take the risk and see if I was gay or bi too, they'd taken care of each other for years, and knew things I hadn't even imagined yet. Things they taught me in the following hours and over the following weeks.

So, for a couple of years, we were the three gay stooges. Threesomes almost every weekend, and one-on-one action a few times a month. I didn't tell Scott how much I liked him until Kyle had a girlfriend and we were on our own for a couple of weeks in a row. He said he liked me a lot, but he didn't know if he loved me. I wanted him to love me too, but I was happy we were both gay, so it didn't really matter much.

Kyle joined one or the other of us from time to time when he didn't have a girl, and sometimes a threesome, until we graduated high school. Then he wasn't interested in toying around with Scott and me anymore, but we stayed really great friends. Scott and I kept at it until well after high school, when he moved to take a really good promotion at one of the company's plants in another state. We didn't try the long-distance thing. We both found others.




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Very Hot story. Brought back a lot of great memories. I also had two very "close" friends from school, but we started in middle school. We had some amazing times. I still think about them both often.

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