Two years of friendship,
Flushed down the tubes,
Just for ignoring me,
There is no excuse,

Two years of email,
Text, chat and Skype,
Spending long hours,
Too tired to type,

Sharing old secrets,
Watching dumb vids,
Listening to music,
All this we did,

But then for two weeks,
Not a single reply,
To my many emails,
What else can I try?

He said he was unable,
To often be online,
But everyone's seen him,
Just about all the time,

I ask him some questions,
As somebody else,
And his simple answers,
Couldn't have made me feel worse.

He said a friend who don't reply,
After so long a time,
Isn't a real friend,
And his friendship a lie.

So I learned the final truth,
That I had no such friend,
That what I thought was so permanent,
Had never existed And so couldn't end.

I have always wondered,
What he thought he was doing,
Telling me his lies,
And leaving me a ruin.

But does it even matter,
In the cold bitter end?
What's left of those two years,
I spent with my good friend?

Poems - "Friend"