Oh What A Fool

My days were tedious and my nights were long,
My heart had forgotten the words to the song,
Bleak birth and death and the time between,
That silver lining was rarely to be seen.

To feel all alone, year after year,
A smile and a laugh to hide the tear,
Is there any point at all in this life,
When all you are given is grief and strife.

What use at all to find a place to be,
Anything at all something like me,
When it is all taken again and again,
Brushed off and disposed of like dross in a wind.

Where are these things that I hear so much about,
The love, the friendship, the forgiving fount,
The water I've tasted is tainted and foul,
Oooooooooh how my soul craves out to howl.

They say that friends may come and go,
Who are they to supposedly know,
That the loss of one so close to me,
Is something meant to set me free.

If freedom I wanted, that I could get,
Friendship I needed, and I thought I was set,
For more than a year I had such good times,
But now that's destroyed by these despicable lies.

He told me and sold me that we were good friends,
He said nothing could cause such a friendship to end,
But then the time came when his contacts were rare,
And now I am alone with the fact he don't care.

How can anyone be so close to another,
Yet throw him away and never even utter,
A single goodbye or a reason therefore,
To smash a heart and stomp it on the floor.

In all of the time that we spent together,
My heart and soul were light as a feather,
But now his actions have changed their weight,
And now I see that our friendship was fake.

So he lives his life and may it be sweet,
I bow down before him in bitter defeat,
I wish that I could say to him that I hate you,
But I'd still say that I love you, oh what a fool.

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