Piss Off

I try not to mind,
I try not to care,
About the lies or the troubles,
Or the secrets laid bare,

But all of the time,
And again and again,
It's shoved in my face,
Just like it began,

We did nothing wrong,
It was all no big deal,
But to you it meant everything,
Horrible was real,

Your own deep dark secrets,
You overlaid upon me,
There was nothing of the kind,
You saw what you wanted to see,

You pecked and you clawed,
And on my bones you would chew,
Soon names dropped like rain,
And none of them seemed true,

Months of insanity,
A year of pure hell,
It came and it went,
On my corpse you still fell,

Every day and each day,
More lies and fake trails,
More names dropped around me,
More deceptions and hate-mail,

You can have the emails,
And the messengers too,
I've got my own ones,
To which there's nothing you can do,

Let your games continue,
And let the idiot drool,
You can run in your circles,
And prove yourself the fool,

I'm busy writing,
And have a life too,
I won't bother wasting more time,
Than it took to write this for you.

Piss off.

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