Ray's Stories - Sweetest Thing


The Sweetest Thing


The sweetest thing that ever lived,
Through my life he briefly sped,
Tearing down the wall I built,
Building it anew with deep-felt guilt,
A brief-lived spot of light in dark,
Tearing the veil of black apart,
It shined upon me bright and clear,
Then he fled and left me in fear,
Growls in the blackness began,
In fear and horror I swiftly ran,
Stumbling over shapes unseen,
I crawled along on bloodied knees,
Yet none of these could hurt so much,
As the knife he twisted in my gut,
And the smirk he wore on his sweet face,
Filled me with a horrible disgrace,
I bled out dry from numerous wounds,
Surely I knew I must weaken soon,
But stumble on I did in the black,
I knew I had lost the direction back,
No sight, no light, nor vision be,
Only the blackness, the howls and me,
Exhausted I fell upon the ground,
No respite or peace could be found,
Those fearsome snarls grew louder now,
I had to fight but did not know how,
What can I do against painful words,
That speed so swift like hunting birds,
I curled up tight and held onto myself,
Praying there would come a hero to help,
In the darkness, the cold and gloom,
I knew I would perish so very soon,
The beasts come nearer and the gnashing began,
I screamed out loud and stood and ran,
My breath came short, fast and deep,
I prayed to God my soul to keep,
As I ran I heard a voice,
Giving me a second choice,
Run and die at the hands of fear,
Or speak up now, loud and clear,
I slowed my pace and pondered there,
I don't want to die, not now nor here,
I turned in the blackness to face the howls,
I heard faint words then buried in growls,
Molester, rapist, stalker, pervert,
Give us your hand and we'll help you convert,
With our help you can save your soul,
Your sins have taken a heavy toll,
Deep within me anger began to grow,
Who are they to supposedly know,
What sins I may or not have done,
Are my concern if I lost or won,
If now a fight was forced upon me,
It'd be on my feet and not on my knee,
I stood and made my heart's pain known,
That its love's light had up and flown,
That my disgrace was not a sin,
Even though I could not win,
I screamed my pain into the black,
Not standing down or stepping back,
I will hold my ground and proudly stand,
For love's warm light is truly grand,
If it shines it's light only on me,
That is enough by which to see,
The truth of my heart is mine to know,
To those I trust I will gladly show,
The bellowing quieted and the taunting dimmed,
In the distance a faint light skimmed,
It grew and brightened and shone down now,
Illuminating the path and showing me how,
With strength and peace there is a way,
To make it to happiness and another day,
I wrapped myself in love's warm light,
And turned myself from the pointless fight,
Let the wolves tear each other apart,
I need not give them my soul or my heart,
I walked away from the gibbering crowd,
My laughter ringing clear and loud,
The darkness behind grew faint and far,
I no longer cared who the wolves are,
Their lies cannot reach me, nor their hate,
I leave them to their own dark fate,
Let them hate me and doom themselves,
Let them partake of their evil revels,
Love is mine to grasp and hold,
Sheltering me from dark and cold,
If the one I love cares not for me,
Then alone I leave him and alone I'll be,
Perhaps one day I will know another,
And love again I will discover,
Until then I will hold him dear,
Tight and close and forever near,
Despite the distance between our lives,
My love for him will always survive,
If God can hate me for loving a man,
The he can forget me and he be damned,
I know the joy of love's true light,
And for that I will forever fight,
As the warm gold light proceeded me,
I walked alone and found my peace,
No more wolves, howls nor fear,
Peace and joy now grow near,
I set my foot upon the path,
I smelled the flowers and the grass,
The sun shone down, the birds sang sweet,
The animals came and played at my feet,
I smiled with joy and tears ran free,
I laughed and sang and played with glee,
That voice that came and guided me,
Now came closer and I could see,
That voice that helped me to see,
That voice was His, it was He.


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