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The Brookfield Pool: Another Tale

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When I read The Brookfield Pool story, it really freaked me out. I lived there too, and swam at that pool, and had my first gay encounter with a friend I swam there with. Like others, I want to thank Ray for helping me write this. He did most of it, I just wrote the facts, and he wrote back with questions, then after a few emails back and forth, working on details and such, he sent this awesome story. He had to make up some things, like the conversation and such, but what he writes about what happened is very accurate, and I really appreciate how well he did. I wish I could pay him, but he didn't want me to, so I bought his books. I bet I got the best end of the deal, and I can't wait to read the stories anyway.
Thanks Ray.



I had lived in Brookfield since I was born. 

I'd figured out how to masturbate by watching a VHS  porno tape a friend shared with us one night. We all ended up with our hands in our pants and giggling. It felt great! We laughed and played with ourselves in our pants for the rest of the night. After that, we'd watch it every time we went over to his house. As soon as I got home, or if I was staying over I'd wait until we were all in bed, probably not sleeping, and do it to myself until it tickled so much I had to stop. Now, I'm sure the other guys were doing the same thing. Then, I wasn't so sure. I wish I'd had the guts to find out. We watched that thing until the tape broke. We had VHS tapes then, before DVDs and computers. We were all really bummed when it broke. We tried to tape it, but it ended up wrapping around the spinning head and it only got messed up worse. We sure enjoyed it while it lasted though.

So, I learned how to at eight. I kept doing it, and when I was about ten, I had my first wetness. Not real semen I'm sure, just lubrication. It almost scared me a little. Okay, it did sort of scare me that first few times. I was worried I'd broken something. Or maybe I couldn't keep from peeing on myself from then on. After a while, I got over that.

I started having weird feelings and thoughts about my friends, boys, when I was twelve or thirteen. I don't remember exactly when. But I know by the summer between seventh and eighth grades, I was looking at my friends, who were boys, with different eyes than before. We had to change into PE shorts and shirts, and take showers, starting in seventh grade, and I found out just how much I liked seeing other boys in underwear, gym shorts, and especially in the showers.

It was hard to be black, anyway, but to be black and gay was the worst. Black families looked down on homosexuals even more than whites did, I think. Back then, everyone thought all gays were white, like it was some kind of whites-only mental illness. Like a lot of black families, mine was very religious. I had been dragged to church every Sunday morning and night since I was born. And our preacher was very outspoken about homosexuality and the evil it was.

I began feeling like I was a horrible, sick, pervert. I was doomed to hell. No doubts. That bothered me so much. But I tried to forget it all week, and only had to bear it on Sundays.

I was starting to grow faster, and certain parts were growing even faster. I wasn't as tall as most of my friends as a kid, or as strong as some, but I was growing fast now. I was taller than most, but still rather skinny.

Then I had my first wet orgasm after a long day at the Brookfield pool with the guys when I was almost fourteen.

It was one of those really hot days, when the sun felt like it was roasting your skin and the air felt like soup. We stayed there almost all day. Seeing them and the other boys, and especially the older boys, in swim-trunks all day, I was really horny by the time we left.

Laurence wanted me to stay at his place, like normal, but I was so horny, I had to go home first. Shawn and Will were going to stay over too, and went to his house with him. I said I would be there later. I walked home really fast, looking forward to getting it off, then going over to Laurence's for the night with Shawn and Will.

Anyway, I went home after a long day of looking at boys at the Brookfield pool, and when I got home, I went to my room after telling my folks I was going over to Laurence's for the night. I pretended to leave, making noises and saying bye and goodnight, then sneaked back to my room and got busy in the dark. It felt really good, and I had a great time at it, and then it felt a little different, better, and then really wet and slippery. I turned on the light and saw some creamy white stuff on the end of my dick and my fingers. I was so excited!

I sniffed at it, rubbed it between my fingers, then tasted it. I'd been tasting my salty pre-cum for a long time by then, always making sure I got it all. This time, I wiped off every last bit, squeezed out the rest, and licked it off my fingers. I couldn't wait to do it again!

By then, my dick usually went soft after that big tingle and dry orgasm. Used to be, it'd stay hard until I stopped, but not for a few months now. I missed that ability. I tried, I remember how I tried to make it shoot again, but it just got softer and I lost the desire.

So, I cleaned up and headed over to Laurence's and had a good time. I wanted to brag about it, but I didn't want to admit I did that. We all knew we all did, but we didn't talk about it.

It was a couple of weeks later that Shawn and me decided to go swimming. It was really hot again, and on the way, we decided to stop and see if Will wanted to go. He said he would be gone until the afternoon. He lived at the end of our block, so we knocked and waited. He opened the door.

"Hi, guys. What's up?"

He was in good clothes, like he had gone somewhere with his parents or something.

"What's with the duds?" Shawn asked before I did.

"Went to do a family picture."

"Oh. Well, wanna go swim?" Shawn asked.

"Can't. Goin' to see my aunt in a bit. She's in the hospital with pneumonia."

"Oh. Too bad. Well, see ya later," Shawn said.

"Hope she gets better," I said.


We heard his mom say something. Will turned and said, "Hang on," then turned back to us and asked, "You guys wanna go?"

Who'd want to go see someone else's aunt in the hospital? We shook our heads.

"No," Will shouted over his shoulder.

She yelled again, and was closer, so I heard her this time.

"Be sure you change clothes. I want you to wear those clothes she got for you when we go see her."

"Can I go swimming when we get back?"

"Sure. We'll stop for lunch on the way to see her, then you can go swimming when we get back. Hi, boys." We waved at her. "Gosh, Elmer, you're growing faster than a weed! You'll be taller than Will soon!"

I felt myself blush. Yes, blacks do blush. And I was getting an idea. If Will had to change clothes, I could watch. We all changed clothes in front of each other. Hell, we did in gym class, and showered. Will and I had the same gym class and had lockers next to each other. I knew exactly what he looked like naked, even wet. So, I figured I get to see him change, go spend an hour or so at the hospital, then see him change into his swim trunks. It would be worth it.

"Well, you boys say bye to Will. He has to change, and now, so we can stop for lunch, get to the hospital, and get back. I have to be at work at three."

"I'll stay and hang out, if it's okay," I said. "I'll catch up to you at the pool," I added to Shawn.

Sean said. "See you there later."

He waved and took off, and I followed Will inside.

"Hurry up and change!" his mom said.

We double-timed it to his room. He started undressing. I started getting hard. I sat on the end of his bed with my towel in my lap to hide my erection. We talked as he got nearly naked. He wore white Fruit-of-the-Looms, and they clung to him nicely. He turned and got the ugly pants and dress shirt out of his closet. Lime green polyester. I won't apologize, it was the fashion then according to our parents, but us kids didn't like it. He grimaced all cute when he threw them on the bed, facing me.

We laughed at it. I tried not to stare at his package, but hanging there in those tight briefs, he was so sexy. I could tell that his dick wasn't all soft, it was almost hard. That made me get harder.

There was just something so hot and attractive about Will. And being in his room instead of at school, made it even more hot. I hadn't seen him totally naked since gym last year. It was another month before we went back to school, and we didn't know if we would have gym together again or not. We didn't have hair there yet, but I had a few long ones that just sort of grew out all alone, no other ones near them.

He was growing, too. Still taller than me, and more muscles rippling under his caramel skin. He wasn't muscular, just lean and strong. Big, pinkish nipples. Cute innie bellybutton, smooth skin, big, full package. I knew he was as long as me. I was pretty long, one of the biggest in our class. I guess masturbating since I was eight made me start puberty early. Him too. Really, all of us were ahead of the majority of our classmates. Except Byron. He was small and behind.

I tried not to stare as he put on a clean t-shirt, then the dress shirt, then the pants, all facing me. I was getting so hard! Watching his hot body moving like that as he got dressed, his parts dangling in his shorts. Wow.

So, he's finally dressed. He looks pathetic. That lime green really don't look good at all. He grimaces and shrugs. So cute. He puts on different socks and then the same shoes.

"Well, all dudded up for the aunt and uncle. Look like a retard."

He sort of did. I laughed. He pushed me onto my back and then sat on me. I knew he knew in an instant. I didn't bother to try getting away. I swallowed in horror. His face went slack. He looked down where his butt was on my boner. He looked back at my face.

"Dude. Did you blow a boner, watching me?"

I swallowed again. What could I say?


I sounded like a wimp. It wasn't convincing at all. I saw he could tell.

"Dude," he said, still holding my arms down on the bed.

He wiggled. It not only felt good on my hard-on, it felt awesome. And embarrassing. Mortifying.

His face got really red. He sort of smiled. Laughed a little, kind of. He bit his lip. I couldn't breathe.

He just sat there, his butt cheeks framing my erection. He wiggled a little. He bit his lip even more, and blushed even darker.

"You have neat eyes," he said.

I wanted to swallow, but couldn't. I felt tingly all over, not the same as when I jerked-off, but even more so. Stronger and all over. It was weird.

My eyes were hazel, not the usual dark brown or black most blacks have. My mom's eyes. I really liked his.

"So do you," I heard myself say.

We just stayed there, him sitting on my boner, blushing, grinning, biting his lower lip. Me hardly able to breathe, tingling all over, stiff as an iron rod. I felt my dick throbbing really hard, and tingling like mad, almost like it was going to shoot.

He wiggled down on it even more. I blinked like crazy. My heart started hammering. This was the weirdest moment of my entire life. I wanted to kiss him more than ever before. I couldn't believe he hadn't jumped off of me and gotten grossed out.

I started to think that maybe he liked it. But that was impossible, wasn't it?

"So, why you hard?" he asked, staring at me, still grinning.

I wanted to tell him, just in case it was possible. But I couldn't.

"Did you like seeing me almost naked?" he asked.

I felt myself nodding, as if someone else was in control of me. He laughed. Not in a bad way at all. He leaned down closer. I thought he was going to kiss me or something. He stayed there, almost touching noses together. I felt his breath on my lips and cheeks. It was so intense!

I was almost panting. Mostly out of fear. I could feel him shaking.

Then, fast as lighting, he kissed me. It was over before it registered. He looked scared now.

"Sorry," he said, then jumped off of me.

I sat up. I was stunned. Shocked. Speechless. My heart was pounding. I couldn't breathe.

He walked to the door, opened it, then walked out of his room. I didn't know what to do. I was scared and worried. Embarrassed. Hot and sweaty, and so horny it kind of hurt.

I sat there for a minute. Then I got up, and holding my towel over my groin, I almost ran out of his house. I didn't know what to do. I saw that I was walking toward home. I was supposed to meet Sean at the pool. I stopped, not knowing which way to go. I thought about going home and beating-off. It wasn't hard now, and I didn't want to. I turned and walked slowly to the pool.

I passed Will's house as they came out and got in their car. He stopped and looked at me, sort of waved, and got in his car. I wanted to talk to him really badly, but I didn't know what to say. I watched them pull out, and he was watching me through the window. I waved. He waved back. I watched the car drive down the street.

I walked really slowly to the pool. I swam with my friends. I didn't look at the other boys. I didn't even really have much of a good time. I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. We left to go home for dinner. I had to walk past Will's house. Their car was back. I stopped, looking at his house, wondering if I should go there or not.

I didn't know what to say to him. Or even if he'd talk to me. One part of me wanted to push him on the bed and kiss him until we had sex. Another part of me was afraid to ever talk to him again. Another part was so ashamed of being a homosexual. Another part wanted to do anything it took to stay friends with him.

He opened his bedroom window and waved at me. Then he waved me over. I stood there, unsure if I should. I did.

"You hate me now?" he asked.

Hate him? Why would I hate him. What the hell was he talking about.

"No. Why?"

"For... what I did."


"I'm really sorry."

"For what?"

"What I did."

I wanted to ask him to do it again. I wanted to climb through his window and do it again, on his bed, and take off our clothes and do the things we had seen in that porn tape years ago.

I just stood there.

"Why didn't you come swimming?" I finally managed to ask.

He shrugged, then said, "Didn't think you'd want to swim with a homo."

I blinked in shock. I remember making a stupid noise, part whine, part squeak.

"Please, don't tell. Okay?"

He looked so worried, and scared. Like he was going to cry or something. It really bothered me to see him like that.

 "I won't. Promise."


"Swear. I won't. Ever. Honest."

"Still friends?"

"Yes," and I nodded repeatedly. "Sure. Of course."


"Yes! Damn it."

"I am sorry. I just..."

"Can I come in?"

"You really want to?'

I nodded. He closed his window and I met him at the front door. He was still in that ugly, lime-green outfit. We went to his room. His mom was at work now. It was weird to be there for the first time. I was uncomfortable.

We sat on his bed, not saying anything for a long time. He finally turned to face me.

"I'm really sorry, El."

"I'm not."

It had been too easy to say. I was surprised how easy.

"What? What do you mean?"

"I liked it. A lot."


"Can we? Again?"

"What? You serious?"

I looked into his eyes and nodded.

"You really want to?"

I nodded again.


"Stop fucking asking me if I want to!" I said, almost as if I was angry.

I wasn't mad at all. Just... something.

We were quiet for a long time. I needed to say something.

"You got to get those ugly clothes off. You look bad in them."

He laughed. That made me laugh.

"You just want to see me in my underwear again."

We looked at each other then.

"Yeah, I do," I said.

It was so embarrassing! But I really did.

He stood up and faced me, and took the shirt off. I got hard in one, single heartbeat. He kicked his shoes off. He started undoing his pants. He was just one step away. When he bent down to take them off, his hair was almost in my face. I wanted to reach out and grab it and touch him all over, pull him onto the bed and kiss and hug and get naked.

He straightened up. He was hard. Really hard. It was pushing his white briefs out, right at me. My breath stopped. I stared at it. I could see the pinkish color of it through the material. I saw his thumbs hook into the waistband, and then he slid them down his legs, his head blocking my view for a moment. Then he stood up.

There was like a five-o'clock-shadow at the base of it, and it stood out, pointed at me. Right at me. I was looking straight down it. It was almost perfectly straight. His head was smoother and rounder than mine, with soft, subtle edges around it that didn't stick out any at all, and were almost not even edges. There wasn't any foreskin on it, the skin was smooth and straight behind his head. The skin on it was pinkish-red behind his head for a couple of inches. It looked like it was going to be pretty thick, thicker than mine, anyway. The slit in the end was aimed at me. His balls were dangling below. I could see each one in the skin of his sack. I swallowed really hard. I felt my dick move and wiggle. I felt like I was being electrocuted or something.

He just stood there. I just sat there and stared at his dick and balls.

"Now you?" he said, sort of asked.

I looked up at his face. He was so red! And grinning in a funny way. I knew he was so embarrassed.

Taking my swim-trunks down in front of him like that seemed so embarrassing, but I would, so he wouldn't have to be so embarrassed all alone.

I stood up, afraid my boner was showing already. I put the towel on the bed. It was.

I couldn't believe what was happening. I had no idea what was going to happen next. Or why we were actually showing our junk to each other. But sure liked looking at his, and I hoped he really wanted to see mine. He'd kissed me! He might actually be gay. I had to find out. If there was any chance at all.

I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my trunks, then my underwear, then slid them down my hips, then my legs, and then I stepped out of them. He was grinning at me, then he looked down. I did, too.

It was standing out, pointed upward a little, almost horizontal, aimed at him. The foreskin was slightly gathered up behind the head, just a little bundle of it. It rarely covered the head, and only when it was totally soft. My head was more pointed than Will's, and shorter, with more pronounced edges that stuck out. My head was a little pinkish, but dark like the rest of my skin. The skin right behind the head was dark brown, like the rest of me. I measured it, had since I was a kid and started playing with it. It was just over five inches now, and looked to be thinner than his.

It was really embarrassing to be standing there naked together. And sexy, too. I felt my dick bouncing, and I saw that his was, too. I really badly wanted to reach over that short distance between us and touch it. Now that I was standing up, I could see it from above, and I saw that it was almost as long as mine. Probably exactly five inches. It looked so aerodynamic. Smooth and rounded, like a long bullet.

We just stood there. Red-faced and grinning, almost laughing. God, he was so hot!

Then he reached out and grabbed mine. Softly, gently, and pulled the skin along it. It felt so good! I actually shivered from head to toe. We smiled at each other. This was so insane! I reached out and grabbed his. Hot, hard, smooth, velvety. Awesome! I moved his skin along it. I really couldn't believe this!

We started actually jerking each other. It was incredible! I felt like my body was fighting of arctic temperatures with heavy shivers. He gasped, then moaned a little. I felt some warm, slippery wetness. I saw it shining on his head. I smeared it over it with my fingers.

"Oh, man," he sighed, then stepped closer.

Our dicks were almost touching now. We stroked each other.

"Shit," I sighed softly as I felt my dick swell up in his hand and get wet.

We started going faster. We moved closer, and we changed how we held each other's dicks, more like I did it to myself now. I went faster. He did too. It felt so good! We leaned our heads together, grinning really widely. I felt so charged up! So horny!

"Oh, fuck," he groaned softly. "That feels so good."

"I know," I agreed.

We kept doing it. Huge, heavy, massive thrills filled my guts and made me shake all over. I panted, and I heard him panting too.

He put his other hand on my shoulder, so I put mine on his. We started roaming over each other, from shoulder to arms, to sides, to backs, to chests, tummies, hips, buttocks. It was awesome! I loved how every inch of his body felt! His nipples, his neck, everywhere.

We ended up with our lips together, kissing. Finally. It was wonderful! His lips were warm and soft, supple and strong.

When we got wet, we smeared it around our heads. His was so smooth and even. It was so amazing to feel it in my hand. I couldn't fucking believe it!

"Oh, man, I'm gonna fuckin' cum!" he groaned.

I was going to, too. Really soon. I said so. We kept going. I felt his dick sort of bend or something, then I saw his semen squirt out and cover his head and my hand. It squished as I kept going, and he groaned and sighed and shivered. I got there, too, and squirted into his hand. It was intense, and strong, and felt totally wonderful! The way his hand moved over it, squishing my cum between it and my dick was awesome! It tingled and tickled like mad! I jerked and shook as my dick squirted what felt like the most ever.

Then we were standing there, leaning against each other, breathing hard, touching each other all over with one hand, playing with each other's ticklish, sensitive dicks and balls with the other, giggling when we weren't kissing.

"Can we lay down?" he asked.

I nodded. We did, and ended up wrapped in each other's arms, kissing softly, looking into each other's eyes.

After a while, we started to do it again, side by side, then he swapped ends and we used our mouths. That was fucking wonderful! We swallowed. Then he swapped ends again and we hugged and kissed.

The phone rang. We ignored it. We sixty-nined again. We kissed and hugged, laying on his bed, naked, until I had to go home.

We did it all the time after that. He loved to fuck me. He said I had the best-looking ass in school. I fucked him a few times, but I really liked being fucked much more. Then our friends started figuring us out by the next summer. We denied it, and hid it better, but before ninth grade was over, we weren't a secret anymore. We were so hated. Two black guys, both gay, and together. We lost quite a few friends. We made others. We messed around with others, but we always went back to each other.

We stayed together until we went to college. We met other guys, moved on, all that. We call and talk sometimes, see each other every few years. He was the first, and in ways, the best. I still miss him sometimes.




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