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FTT-Sam's Tale

Sam's Tale

 Rated: X  Teens, incest-cousins, secret fondling (*)



This is the true story of my first gay sex, sort of.



When I was fourteen I was staying over at my cousin Paul's place for the night. We had done all the usual stuff and had a good time together. Paul had just turned fifteen.

I had found out how to beat off a few months ago, and I liked to think about guys when I did. And I liked thinking about guys all the time. And I really liked Paul. He had the coolest blue eyes, and really nice black hair. And the kind of lips you see on super-models. And I knew I liked him in that way. Cousin or not. Sometimes I felt bad about that.

Tonight we had watched a movie with a lot of nearly naked girls in it. Something about a summer camp. And he kept commenting on the girls' tits and asses. I was more interested in the guys' butts and packages.

We were in jeans and no shirts, and I knew he got a boner. And he was all blushed, and that made him so much cuter!

So it was real late when the movie ended, and we were both tired, but we didn't want to go to sleep. So we played video games until he couldn't stay awake. Then we turned off the lights and went to bed. I was on the floor on the sleeping bag I kept at his place. I couldn't sleep, I was too worked up and too horny. I wanted to beat off so bad, but not until I was sure he was asleep.

So after a long time of laying there holding onto my boner, I got up and went to the door as if I had to go to the bathroom. I turned on the light and saw that he was still asleep. And best of all, he hadn't covered up.

My stomach was all wiggly and tingly as I walked up to the bed and looked down at him. He was so cute! His straight black hair was always so neat. And his soft cheeks and nice lips were so adorable. Asleep, he looked like an angel.

He was asleep with both hands behind his head, so I saw the faint little bit of black hairs under his arms. I looked down his bare chest to his pink nipples and wanted to suck on them so bad! Just once. I knew it wouldn't wake him up. He was hard to wake up. So I leaned down really slowly until my lips were almost touching his nipple, and kept my eyes on his face. Then I put my lips against it.

I felt like I was going to blow my wad! My guts were tingling, I was shaking, and my breathing was rough. But I loved it. I poked my tongue through my lips and touched his nipple. It was so soft and warm. I licked it really gently, watching his face. I licked around it and over it, and then, my stomach boiling, I sucked it.

He sort of shivered and sighed. I jumped back and dropped to the floor and onto my sleeping bag. I didn't know what to say about the light being on and hoped I could come up with something really quick if he woke up. I heard his soft, even breathing. I sat up a bit and saw that he hadn't moved at all.

I got on my knees and went to the side of the bed. I saw his package, and saw he was hard now. It was obvious. I couldn't resist. I reached out so slowly, and so carefully touched it with a finger. I watched his face, then looked back down. I traced along it, feeling the heat coming through his jeans. I moved my finger over the end of it and it twitched a bit.

I looked at his face again. His eyes were closed and he wasn't blushing, so I was sure he was still asleep. I touched his boner with several fingers then, running up and down the length of it. It felt like an iron bar. Maybe four inches long. I could feel it sort of swelling up sometimes.

My stomach was rolling over! And I was sweating like mad. I felt a little badly about touching him while he was asleep, but I had to. And I had to do even more. I put my other hand on his flat belly and rested it there, feeling it rise and fall with his slow breaths. His skin was soft and warm, and I was tingling all over. Then I slowly used my other hand to ever so carefully try to open the snap-button on his jeans. They were an older pair and it came open easily. My stomach bounced and I sighed out loud. I locked my eyes on his face and didn't look away as I fumbled around until I got hold of the zipper-tab and began working it down. It went down easy at first, then it stopped at a bend in the zipper. I had to work it up and over and then it slid easily again. And then I had it all the way down.

I had no idea what I would say if his eyes suddenly popped open, but he just didn't wake up that way. He was hard to get awake, and he woke up slow and groggy. I was sure I would have time to get back to the floor. I intended to blame his little brother. He'd once asked us if we had pubes yet, so I intended to blame him for coming in and trying to see for himself. I unfastened my jeans and unzipped my own fly to use as proof.

I kept one hand on his belly as I slid the fingers of my other hand into his jeans and over his underwear. It was really hot down there! I found his boner right away. It kind of throbbed when I rested my fingers on it, but his belly didn't move other than with his breaths and his face didn't change at all.

I slid my hand in further and felt his balls. They were about the same size as mine and were so warm and nice feeling. I ran my hand back up over his boner and felt the tip of it. His briefs were wet there. I tickled it a bit, watching his face and paying attention to his breathing with my other hand. He made a kind of moan and I froze. Then his dick moved a bit. I waited. Nothing else happened, so I pulled my hand out and waited. He sighed a little and then moaned once. His legs moved just a tiny bit. I saw his eyes moving around under his lids and I knew that meant he was having a dream. A hot one, too, judging by his moans and how hard his dick was.

I slid my fingers to the waistband of his briefs and wiggled them under it. His skin was so smooth and warm. And it was so hot further in! I felt his pubes and then the base of his dick. I grabbed his dick really gently, wrapping my fingers around it very softly. It was so hard and so hot and... man! My guts were going crazy!

I very carefully gave it a slow stroke. Then another. He moaned. I watched his face and paid attention to his breathing with my other hand on his belly. I stroked it again. Then I let go of it and lifted his briefs up away from his body with my other hand so that I could move my hand down and feel his balls. They felt awesome! So warm and nice. I played with them for a while, then had an idea.

I pushed my jeans and underwear down and played with his balls and mine at the same time. They were really close in size. It was amazing to feel his and mine at the same time like that. My dick bounced and leaked some pre-cum. I wiped it up with a finger and sucked it clean.

Then I felt his boner again. It was so wet I thought maybe he had cum. It was still hard, so I felt it at the same time as I felt mine. His was a bit fatter and a bit longer. His head was wider, too, and it had more pronounced edges. Mine had really subtle edges and was more pointed. I wiped up his pre-cum, making his dick twitch and flex, and wiped up mine, and put both fingers in my mouth at the same time. It tasted so great!

I stroked us both off at the same time! It was amazing! I was going to shoot a huge wad any second so I stopped on myself and just did him. After a few strokes, he sucked air in and moaned, then his dick jerked like mad and I felt his wad rushing up through his urethra! It was awesome! I felt the warm, sticky stuff on my thumb when I stroked up the next time. His dick flexed and throbbed again and again as the thick stuff coursed through it. His legs sort of straightened out a bit and he groaned and sort of stretched a little. I held perfectly still, afraid he was going to wake up.

Thankfully, he relaxed and started breathing again. His dick started getting soft right away. I tried to get as much of his cum on my fingers as I could, then lifted his jeans and underwear upward with my other hand so I could pull my hand out without wiping any of it off. I brought my hand to my nose and smelled his jism. So warm and earthy. I licked it up, sucking the last of it off my thumb. I had to have more, so I carefully moved his jeans and briefs down so that I could get my mouth directly on his dick. I softly licked it clean, getting the drops on his belly near his pubes as well. It tasted great!

I took my time looking at his junk. His black pubes were a fuzzy patch at the base of his dick. His sack was all pink and wrinkled. His dick was perfect. Straight and smooth, with a slightly pointed head. I kissed the very tip. I tasted his cum. I just had to, so I put my mouth over it and sucked. I got a few drops of his cum as a reward. I kissed his nuts, then his head again, then put it all away.

I looked at him for a while, wishing he would let me do that to him when he was awake. I knew he wouldn't, though. I had to get off. I stood up and pulled out my boner and went to town as I looked at his awesome body and cute face. I blew the biggest wad I'd shot yet all over his belly, then licked it up.

I dared, so I leaned down and softly kissed his perfect lips. Then I laid down on the sleeping bag and beat off again before I fell asleep.



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