Fred's School Days
The Gay Club

Part Two

Rated: X  teens

The next day, as gym started and we were all getting changed into our gym clothes, I looked around me at all the different bodies. It was amazing, and I was enthralled. I hoped I was called to the side with the other boys again, but we weren't. During class, I spoke a little to Jeremy, Mark, and Eric, but we didn't stick together. At one point, near the end of class, the coach pulled me aside.

"I want you to tell me what you think of what Jerry had you do yesterday. Honestly, what you think of it."

"Sir, we ran around the gyms and the school. It was fine."

"I mean what you did in my office before that."

He looked down at me and I knew he knew we hadn't been running all class, but Jerry had been very clear, and I wanted to make him happy and proud of me.

"We ran around the school, sir," I repeated, my voice just a little shaky.

I was disobeying a teacher. Lying to a teacher just wasn't done, and I didn't like doing it, but I was willing to for Jerry.

"Fred, isn't it?"

The coach looked down at me, appearing to be angry.

"Yes, sir."

"I know you weren't running. I left you in my office with Jerry and three other boys. I know what went on."

"But, sir, Jerry told us not to talk about it to anyone."

"I don't want you to tell me what happened. I only want you to tell me what you thought of it."

"I know, sir, but Jerry was pretty clear we weren't to talk about it. Not just not tell anything about it, but not to talk about it."

"I'm going to ask you one more time, what was your impression of what Jerry had you do yesterday?"

He looked mad, but not threateningly so.

"I can't talk about it, sir."

I looked down at my feet, afraid of the punishment I was going to receive.

"Get back to class."

I sighed in relief and ran back to my place.

As the class was coming to an end, Jerry walked up to me and called me to the side.

"Coach says you didn't answer his question."

"Sir, he asked what I thought about what we did."

"So why didn't you answer him?"

I felt very confused.

"You said not to talk about it to anyone, sir."

"And that's right. Coach knows what we did. If he ever asks again, you tell him whatever he wants to know, and answer his questions. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"How would you feel about it if he wanted you to repeat what we did, but with only him?"



His blue eyes locked on mine, and he waited.

"I guess, it'd be okay."

"Would you?"

"Yes, sir."

I would, but I would much rather that Jerry asked me to again.

"Sir? Will you? Will we ever, again?"

"Are you sure that you want to, again?"

I kept staring into his big, blue eyes and nodded.

"You ride the bus?"

"Yes, sir."

"Is someone at home when you get there?"

"Yes, sir, my mom."

"What time do you get home?"

"About four-thirty, sir."

"Good. Today I want you to come to the parking lot as soon as school ends. Bring your books and everything as if you were going home on the bus. Mine is the blue Roadmaster with yellow striping. It's parked way at the far end along the bushes. You will make sure no one is looking, then get in my car and lay down in the back under the blanket. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"Stay there, with whomever else is there or joins you. Do not speak, do not touch each other, do not play with yourself. Do nothing but remain quiet and under the blanket. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. I'll see you then."

He smiled and nodded, then walked off. I felt wonderful! I was hard and excited, and I hoped that his instructions meant that we were going to, again. I hoped it was the same boys who joined us. New ones would be neat, but I wasn't sure how comfortable I would be if it were someone new.

I watched him walk away and couldn't stop looking. The way his gym shorts hugged and showed off his butt was incredible. I could not believe I was watching a boy walk away and enjoying it. I knew what was behind those shorts, and I couldn't wait to see it out of them again. I was so hard it was throbbing. That was a big problem as I entered the locker room, as I had to undress and shower.

I sat on the bench and pretended that I was having trouble untying my shoes. I got so worried that it got soft again and I finally got into the showers as most of the other boys were leaving them.

I looked around at the few other boys still in the showers, and I really liked it. I started getting hard so I stopped and thought about math problems. I worried about about how I liked looking at boys. I didn't want to grow up to hurt kids. I didn't want to be a sick pervert. But I liked what we had done yesterday, and I was very much hoping that I got to do that again today.

I worried about that the rest of the day, but that didn't ruin the anticipation and excitement of the possibility of doing those things again.

As the last bell rang, I got hard. It was like that experiment that Russian guy did, where he rang a bell and fed the dog, and after some time, every time the dog heard a bell, it salivated and expected to be fed. I held my books in front of me all the way to my locker, and again all the way to the student parking lot. I found his car and my heart was pounding solidly as I looked around to make sure no one was looking my way.

I opened the rear door and climbed in. There was a light blanket on the back seat, and I pulled the blanket over myself as I lay on the floor. I laid there and almost shivered and shook with both anticipation and fear. It was a powerful mixture. I was completely hard and it tingled like mad. I heard the door open, and I felt like I had when I was a kid and playing hide and seek. Then the blanket was lifted, and Jeremy climbed in under it with me. We smiled at each other and giggled, cutting them off instantly.

It was so difficult to keep my hands to myself. I didn't fondle myself, as Jerry had made it clear not to do that either, but, oh, how I wanted to play with Jeremy. I could tell that he wanted to, too. The blanket was thin, the car was hot in the summer sun, and we started sweating instantly. We grinned insanely and giggled silently. We were blushing brightly, and I was sure it wasn't the heat.

The car door opened again, and the car moved a tiny amount, then the door closed.

"Jeremy?" Jerry's voice asked.

"Yes, sir?"


"Yes, sir?"

"Stay still and silent. Are you touching each other or yourselves?"

"No, sir," we replied together.

"Except where we're lying together," Jeremy added.

"But your hands aren't?"

"No, sir," we said together.

"Good. Still and silent. I know it's hot, bear it. It won't be long."

The car started, then moved. It was only a couple of minutes, and judging by the stops and starts, we were still in town when it got very dark and then the engine stopped. He opened his door, got out, then closed it. Then there was the sound of a garage door closing, and it got even darker. I was sort of worried, and a little scared, and still very excited. The back door opened and the blanket was taken off of us.

"Climb out. Leave your books and such. No talking."

We were in a garage in someone's house. It was a large garage, big enough for two cars, easily, and had two overhead doors. He led us through the one door, which opened into a kitchen. It was large, shiny, and nice, and had all new appliances. He led us through it into a hall, then down that hall to a bedroom.

I watched his butt almost every step, other than to take in what I could of the house. His jeans weren't very tight, but his buttocks were outlined and quite apparent. I was still hard, and it was tingling crazily. Even my stomach and chest now tingled. Jeremy smiled widely, and I knew that I was as well. We snickered silently together as we walked behind Jerry, pointing at his butt and nodding.

Jerry took us upstairs and to a room, then closed the door, put his books on a small desk in the corner, and pointed us toward the bed. I was sure it was his bedroom, and that made me even more excited. There were posters on the walls of shining fighters in blue skies, and one of Alan Ladd in a western that was unusual in that his private area in the doe-hide pants was bulging and inviting. I had never seen a movie poster where the man was so obviously manly there. Even the girl in his arm had breasts! They were slightly hidden by her vest, but still, they were evident, as were her hips. It was erotic without any nudity, and I wondered how the movie company got away with it.

Jerry silently sat at the desk and kicked off his shoes. He opened a box he pulled from a drawer and rolled a cigarette. I hadn't known that he was such a bad boy! He lit it and came and scooted us apart so that he could sit between us and started smoking. It didn't smell like my grandpa's tobacco at all.

"We have less than an hour before I have to start taking you guys home. So, listen closely, and if you have a question, ask it by upping your hand."

He inhaled from the cigarette and waited for us. We replied with a unified, "Yes, sir."

"Firstly, yes, what we did yesterday was homosexual conduct. Do you understand that?'

"Yes, sir," we answered, glancing at each other with worried expressions.

I felt my heart stutter in my chest. I suspected, but knowing it for sure made me feel strange and scared. I felt my erection droop rapidly, and those exciting and thrilling tingles ended.

"You probably were shown a movie in school called Boys Beware. Right?"

We nodded, now looking very differently than just moments ago as he smoked.

"That was malarkey. Total lies. It's called propaganda. Do you understand that word?"

"Like wartime stuff?" Jeremy asked.

"Yes. It was made to scare people. Make them think something that isn't true. I am a homosexual."

He looked back and forth at the both of us.

"I prefer to have sex with other boys."

He smoked, watching us.

"I am homosexual. Do you understand?"

We nodded, looking scared.

"I will not hurt you. You will not disappear. Your folks will not have to call the police to report you missing. So long as you don't tell anyone about what we do, it stays our private business and you have nothing to worry about. Do you understand?"

I nodded, then Jeremy said, "Yes, sir," so I said it too.

"I am homosexual. I will not force you to do anything with me. Or with anyone else. If you do not want to do something, you say so, and you will not have to do it. I will not get mad at you at all. You do not have to do anything. Only what you want to do. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," together.

"You both liked what we did yesterday, right?"

"Yes, sir," together.

"What we did was considered homosexual conduct, and would get us all into a heap of trouble. You understand?"

"Yes, sir," together.

"I would go to jail, the two of you would go to juvenile hall, and you would probably not see your parents except on visiting days. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," together.

"Jeremy? Do you want to do something today, right here and now, like we did yesterday?"

"Yes, sir," he said, nodding.

"Fred, do you want to do something today, right here and now, like we did yesterday?"

"Yes, sir," I said firmly and with a strong nod.

Oh, how I wanted to!

"This does not mean that you are homosexual. Do you understand?"

Jeremy and I looked at each other questioningly. I surely didn't. If what we did was homosexual, and we liked it, and we wanted to again, didn't that make us homosexual? I raised my hand, and when Jerry nodded at me and smoked, I asked him that very question.


He waited, smiling a little.

"Just because you did it, and liked it, doesn't make you homosexual. It means you did it, and that you liked it. Many boys do it, and like it, but go on to date girls, get married, have kids, and may or may not ever do something with another man ever again."

Jeremy looked as confused as I felt.

"If you find yourself doing these kinds of things with other boys, but you never want to with girls, then you are homosexual. And that is your own private business. But only if you never want to do it with girls. You can still do it with girls if you like, and you would not be homosexual. You just did some things and had some fun, and that was all.

"A homosexual does not have sex with women. He is not interested in girls. Some boys and some men do it with both boys and girls. That is not homosexual. Homo means one, or solo, or alone, or same. It means you only wish to perform sexual acts with others of the same sex. Homo, sex, ual. One sex.

"Now, if you want sex with girls, how can you be homosexual? You can't be. You just did some things for the fun of it. Understand?"

I did.

Jeremy and I said, "Yes, sir," together.

"Now, that movie, Boys Beware, lied about that and nearly everything. It was made to scare. It was made to make you too scared to be who and what you are. If you are homosexual. That is not my business, but if you want to talk about it, we can. But not today. Think about it, and if you wish to, we will. With others, or alone. I will answer all your questions that I can, and if I can't, I will find someone who will. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," together.

I felt a little better, but still rather scared and worried. I didn't want to hurt kids when I grew up, but why would the movie lie? I had to ask, so I raised my hand, and asked.

"I think that it was made to scare boys into not being who and what they are and want to be, by people who hate homosexuals. To make you afraid of yourself, and keep you from being free. It was made by people who hate homosexuals, and want fewer, or none, to exist. If they can make a boy feel that he is sick if he feels that way, he might deny it and himself. Understand?"

I thought I did, so I joined Jeremy in a, "Yes, sir."

"What we did was homosexual, and I liked it. A lot. I liked what you did to me, and I liked doing what I did to you. Did you?"

Jeremy and I said, "Yes, sir," together, smiling this time.

"I, am homosexual. That does not mean that you are. Either of you. You may find a cute girl that you are attracted to, and want to do things with her. That's just fine! Do so. Ask her out on a date, hold hands, make out, have sex when it's right to, but never force her to, or expect her to, or trick her to. Be polite, nice, and let her feel safe and happy with you, and if things are right between you, it will happen. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," together.

"I am homosexual, and I have never forced anyone to do anything. I have never hurt someone like that horrible film said I would. I will not grow up and hurt boys, or kill them, or make them do things. There are men who do things like that, but they are not normal or sane. They are monsters, and they do it to boys and girls, just like murderers and rapists do such horrible things to adults. Like thieves steal. Like arsonists burn. Like politicians lie."

He grinned, and I let the laugh out along with Jeremy.

"There are such perverts as that film described, but not all homosexuals are like that. Only a very, very few. Just like not all heterosexuals rape women, or are murderers, or thieves. Just a very, very few. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," together.

"I, am homosexual, and I am happy with that. And with me. I like boys. I don't have a boyfriend, so I am what we call a group leader. If I find someone I care enough about to only be with him, I will let someone else be group leader and will only do stuff with my boyfriend. But for now, I am your group leader. Our group is the three of us, Eric, and Mark. There are other groups, and if you stay in our club, you will meet the boys in the other groups, one group at a time. There are groups in all four years in our school, and in almost every physical education class. Some groups are only a leader and one boy, and some groups are larger. For now, you only are concerned with the five of us. Eric and Mark will join us at times, and other times it will only be Mark and Eric, and maybe one of you. Not all of us will be able to be together every time. That is just the way it is. Some of you will have clubs and sports, and will be busy on certain days. Maybe sooner or later, one or more of you will want to stop, and that is perfectly fine. If you do not want to on a certain day, then say so. You never have to. Ever. If you want to stop altogether, and not do it anymore at all, you only have to say so, and you don't have to ever again. None of us will treat you any different. We will still like you, if we are friends, I will still want to be your friend. I hope both of you will still want to be the friend of anyone who wants to stop. But you will never speak of this to anyone. Ever. Do you understand?"

Jeremy and I said, "Yes, sir."

"You can leave the club anytime, and we can stay friends. But if you tell anyone about the club, or what we do, or other members, if you say anything to anyone, you will have to find another school to go to, because you will be miserable at ours. Plain and simple. We can't stay friends, and you will soon have no friends. Another thing to always remember is that you will never ask anyone else to join. No matter if you have been doing these kinds of things together for years, and you know he will love to join, do not mention this to him at all. Ever. If you are sure he would like to join, you talk to me, and I will take it from there, and you will not talk to him of it, or me, or coach, or any of it. I will look into it and make the decision, and you will know what happens. Understand?"

Jeremy and I said, "Yes, sir," very seriously.

"You will never tell anyone who any member of the group is. No matter what. Not our group, not any other group. If anyone asks you if you think someone in our group or another group is homosexual, you will say, I don't know. How do you tell? What makes you think so? Understand?"

Jeremy and I said, "Yes, sir," together.

"Fred, what will you say if someone asks you if you think Mark is homosexual?"

"I don't know. How do you tell? What makes you think so?"

"Good. Jeremy, what if someone asks you if you think that Eric is homosexual?"

"I don't know. How do you tell? What makes you think so?"

"Good. You do not have to say those three things exactly that way, but say at least two of them, in any order, and not always at the same time. Mix it up, change it. I don't know. Why do you think that? Or maybe, how do you tell? I don't think so. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," together.

"Then you will tell me or coach as soon as possible. Absolutely as soon as possible, but don't go wild about it. Be calm, it's nothing, but we want to know so we can let that person know, and help them out. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," together.

"If you're being called homosexual, or just being threatened in a normal fight about something else, or think you are about to be, think of a compliment that isn't obviously one. Talk him up without seeming to. If you can. Make it look like he'd be better off working things out. Give him an out. Don't threaten back. That will only make things get hotter. Instead, stay cool, and cool things off. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," together.

"If someone says to you that he thinks you're homosexual, say something like, I'm glad you're nice enough to worry about me like that, but you don't need to worry. Or, thanks for being concerned, that's nice of you. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," together.

"Then tell me or coach as soon as you see us next. If you follow these rules, you will find The Circle Club to be probably the most fun you'll ever have. You think so?"

Jeremy and I said, "Yes, sir," together with full enthusiasm.

"You boys seem smart and quick, and I think you will do just fine. There are some other things to talk about, too. Like, do not look at a cute guy. Very fast look, then away, and don't stare. Ever. If you see a boy looking at you, and you think he's looking at you, tell me or coach. Do not assume he is like us. He can be someone looking for a homosexual to tease and humiliate. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," together.

His cigarette was very small now, and he went back to his desk and put it out and into a part of the little box.

"The Circle Club is so totally secret for many very good reasons. You know what happens when boys think another boy is homosexual, don't you?" he said as he came back and sat between us.

"Yes, sir," together.

He put his arms around our shoulders. I got a big thrill from that, and I liked being under his arm. I felt suddenly so safe and secure. And there was something more, too. It was a warm and fuzzy feeling that was like hugs and kisses from Mom, or grandma, but even better.

"We protect each other by being totally secret. That secrecy is our first line of defense, and our very best. We absolutely must maintain it. Failing to maintain that will mean jail and juvenile hall. And taunting and teasing, and fear and horror, and just absolute hell. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," together.

"By protecting each other, we help each other. Even once you decide to leave the club, you must maintain the secrecy so that others can enjoy it. So that others can be part of it, and won't live in fear. So others can find out if they are happy with other boys or not. So other boys can learn about themselves. That is a big bonus to being in the Circle Club, learning about yourselves, how to get along with others, and how to help out others. And learning that homosexuals aren't evil or dangerous, and that doing homosexual things doesn't mean you are homosexual. Learning and growing as a young man is part of life, and this can help you learn about yourself. You can find out if you like just boys, or if you just like doing it with boys because it feels so good, but you like girls. You will learn things in the club that will make you better at having sex with girls. How to last longer during it and really impress the girls. So take this time to learn that about yourself. And about your body and your mind.

"Also, if anyone in our group, if I do, if coach does, or someone from another group, ever, ever, even tries to make you do something you don't want to do or don't like to do, you tell me, or coach, or both of us. Immediately. Understood?"

"Yes, sir," together.

"This is also why we use those three phrases. And why we watch out for each other. If you see one of us being hassled, you don't have to stand up for him right then and there, unless he's in real danger. If he's being given the treatment, like normal and all, you tell me and you tell coach. Either one of us or both of us. You don't tell the other guys, you don't do anything yourself. We will take care of it. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," together.

"We will go over this and over this. It will get boring and even tiring, but we will still go over it again. Okay?"

"Yes, sir," together.

"Trying to make you do something you don't want to or don't like, includes anything not with your privates. Almost anything. If you are in doubt, tell us anyway. If it's me, tell coach, if it's coach, tell me. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," together.

"Good. After you've met other group leaders, you can tell them, instead. Okay?"

"Yes, sir," together.

"I think you guys will do fine. If someone is being given a tough time, don't try to be a hero, tell me or coach, and we'll take care of it. Watch out for each other, and don't be mean to each other. And don't suddenly look like friends at school. No giggling at each other. No secret smiles. No trying to be slick. The secret is only a secret if you keep it a secret. And if it isn't a secret anymore, it's all over. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," together.

He brought the arm around me up, which meant that he sort of hugged my neck now, and looked at his watch.

"We have a half an hour. So, what say we get those clothes off and have some fun?"

He grinned at both of us as Jeremy and I laughed and turned red, nodding.

"Okay, shirts off and put them behind you," he said, placing his arms in his lap now.

We did so. He watched us and looked at us as we sat there. I was getting hard fast, and those delicious tingles were starting up again. Jeremy giggled as much as I did.

"Look at each other's chests. Notice that you have different nipples? Jeremy's are larger and darker, almost brown, and Fred's are smaller and pretty much pink. You're different, but that's great."

He pulled off his shirt.

"Mine are even larger, and even darker, and brown. I want you to reach out and touch and feel mine."

We giggled and did. It got hard as I touched it and looked at it closely. There were brown hairs around it, and little bumps that looked like pimples but weren't.

"Have you ever played with your own?"

We shook our heads.

"Reach across me and touch each other's."

More giggles, then we were.

"Do you like how it feels when he's touching yours?"

We both nodded. It felt kind of nice, sort of tickly, and very erotic. I was fully hard now, and those tingles were building up.

"Lay down on my bed."

He moved us so that we were upside-down to each other and on our sides facing each other, our chests in front of each other's faces.

"Now, use your mouth on his nipple. Pick one and kiss it. Lick it. Tickle it with your tongue."

It was incredible! I didn't know having my nipples kissed and licked could feel so good! I wondered if girls enjoyed it that much. I knew guys did that to girls' tits, so I figured it had to.

"Girls like it a lot. They are even more sensitive there. Doing this to a girl is almost like what it's like when I put my mouth on your rods."

No wonder guys did it to girls! I loved what Jeremy was doing to mine! It made big tingles run through me, all through me. It made my dick move and my balls tingle madly. Even my back and tummy muscles reacted pleasantly.

"Now, use a hand to play with the other nipple at the same time."

Oh, wow! It made me feel warm and squirmy all over! I loved it!

He sat down on the bed and told us to sit up, then he lay back and told us to do it to him, each one of us on one of his nipples. At first, I thought that the hairs there would make it seem gross, but they didn't. It was so much fun! I loved that I was making Jerry feel the way I had just felt. I was willing to do that for as long as he wanted.

Jeremy and I glanced at each other several times, and smiled around Jerry's nipples. It was so much fun!

Jerry's hand rubbed my back, and that was so nice. I saw he was doing the same thing to Jeremy. I was starting to breathe fast, and those tingles were running from toes to scalp again. Jerry started making small moaning sounds. That really seemed to add something to what was going on. I got even more excited. I wanted to curl up and play with Jerry's nipple all night.

"You guys, that feels great! Now, I want you to move a hand down my front, down to my stomach. Touch my skin really lightly, almost tickling. You'll find that you want to touch me in certain ways while doing that. It's almost an instinct. Follow it."

I did. And I found that I did have some kind of instinct to lightly run my fingertips over his skin in a way that I could feel the warmth and smoothness of him. I liked swirling my finger in his short hairs around and below his navel. It seemed natural and simple to, and I liked doing it. Jeremy and I bumped hands and fingers sometimes, but we giggled and shared the territory.

"Jeremy, unfasten my button, and Fred, unzip my zipper."

Once Jeremy was done, I moved his zipper down and felt the heat rising up from inside his jeans. That made me want to make sounds and move my body all around. I didn't know what to do with my hand next, so I went back to tickling his hair below his navel. So did Jeremy. We both kept licking Jerry's nipples.

Jerry made soft moans that made me feel as if he were doing something to me.

"Both of you suck now sometimes."

I groaned by accident and cut it short right away.

"Fred, I don't want you doing that."

I had stopped it as soon as I could. I hoped that I wasn't in trouble.

"When you feel like making a noise, I want you to let it out. Don't hold it back. If you feel like moaning or groaning, do it. It feels better for you, and makes me feel better, too. Hearing someone do that means that you're doing something right, and they're enjoying what you're doing. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," I said, then went right back to his nipple.


"Yes, sir," and he was back on Jerry's other nipple.

Now when Jerry's hand tracked down my spine and then back up, fingertips lightly brushing my skin, I shuddered and let the sound out around Jerry's nipple. It was really just a heavy breath, but it did feel so good to let it out. After a few seconds, Jeremy made a soft grunting sound, and my dick bounced in my shorts. I was sure I had just gotten them damp.

My heavy breaths whooshed out around Jerry's nipple, and sometimes they were actual sounds. An almost whinny, but it was the sound my body wanted to make, so I let it. Jeremy's sounded more like a little squeak. Jerry's were low, full groans, and they were a pleasure to hear!

"You guys are doing really well!" he said, then pushed our heads downward.

Soon we were face to face at Jerry's open zipper. The heat and smell coming up from his open fly made me want to tear his clothes off and put my mouth over his hard penis and suck and lick until he filled my mouth with his warm, thick semen.

"I would like to see the two of you kiss each other. But only if you want to try it. Is that okay?'

I looked at Jeremy and he looked at me. We turned so red it was funny. I shrugged at him, actually hoping for it to happen. He shrugged, too, smiling.

"Face to face, and put your lips together."

We leaned closer. It was very weird and very erotic. Jeremy was a nice looking guy, and I didn't mind trying to kiss him at all. I just hoped he didn't mind trying to kiss me. He didn't seem to because he moved toward me, too. We closed our eyes just before our lips met. Then it was like electricity shot between us. Nothing like static shock, but some real electric current or something. His lips were soft and warm, and his breath blew warm over them from his nose. We held together for several seconds, then we moved apart. I opened my eyes, knowing that I was grinning like crazy, to see him grinning at least as widely.

"What did you think?" Jerry asked.

"Fine!" Jeremy said, still smiling nicely.

"Yeah, just fine!" I agreed.

"Again. Move your lips together, find a way you both feel is comfortable. Try stuff."

It was very embarrassing, but I would do anything Jerry asked, and I wanted to again anyway. We closed together, touched our lips together, and proceeded to mash them up together, wiggle them, and get each other's mouths soaking wet.

"Break it up," Jerry said with a laugh. "You're making each other a mess. Don't drool."

He pulled us up to him, lying on opposite sides of him, and then kissed me. I was soon following the motions of his lips. It was so nice and so erotic that my dick started dancing and that tingle below warned me that I was going to be very close to an orgasm very soon. Thankfully, he stopped. But then he moved to Jeremy, and my dick threatened me with an orgasm even more surely. Watching them kiss was so incredible!

Jerry stopped kissing him, then said to both of us, "Together again. Use what I just showed you."

We giggled, closed, and started kissing. It was far better! His warm, soft, moist lips felt great on mine! It was purely wonderful! My heart raced!

"Stand up at the side of the bed now." Once we were, he said, "Reach out and undo each other's jeans." We did. "Lower the zippers." We did. We giggled. "Push the jeans down." We giggled. I saw his erection pushing out his white briefs, and my own doing the same thing to mine. Both of us had large wet spots. We laughed. Jerry reached out and pulled our shorts down at the same time from the back first, then the front, a few inches at a time. When he popped out of his underwear, it was aimed more or less right at me. I sighed involuntarily. I felt a little silly, but Jerry had said not to hold back such things. Next, I popped out of my shorts and pointed right at Jeremy. Jerry slid our briefs down our legs until they were at our feet and we stepped out of them.

We were very much alike. His hair was darker than mine, mine being almost sandy-blond, his a chestnut. I was just a bit broader and stronger, but not as tall. He might have had a little less hair, but his darker color made us look very much alike. We both bounced a little with our rapid heartbeats. Our balls hung almost the exact same amount, which was nothing compared to Mark or Jerry yesterday. Our balls were pretty much the same size, and again, nothing like Mark's or Jerry's. Especially not Jerry's. Neither of us had any hair outside the small patch above our dicks.

Jerry looked us over up close.

"You're both very good looking guys," he said, smiling. "I think you're both going to become very handsome men."

We snickered and got redder.

"I'm going to do the exact same thing to both of you. One of you will spill his stuff first. Even if everything were identical, no two guys react the same. I have no idea who will be first. The one who does first will get dressed and sit down. No shame or anything. Everyone is just different. The one who hasn't yet will do me, and then I will do him. Fair?"

We nodded, grinning like lunatics. He put us side by side, arms over each other's shoulders, touching from arm pits to ankles. Then he turned us to almost face each other until the tips of our dicks could touch. Then he leaned forward, and to the shock of us both, put his mouth over both of us.

He sucked and licked, and it was incredible! That unique sensation of something being pulled through me overpowered my senses and had my heart and lungs doubling their efforts. He sucked in air between our pricks almost all of the time, so it was noisy, but it felt so great! That vibration from the air or the sound was something! I was sure I was going to be the first!

He used his hands on our balls, then slid it under them and pressed up behind them and moved his fingers around there. That was bizarre and so good! It made me shudder all over, and that heavy, deep pressure started rising up rapidly. Jerry's tongue worked both of us at the same time, then one, then back to the other. I was sure he was sharing and being fair. It was the best when it went between us and that air he sucked in made Jeremy and I vibrate against each other! Wow!

My body went into that stage where I felt every little thing, and muscles and nerves rippled. Jerry's hand played with the area behind my balls, making them tingle and almost feel a kind of numb. It tickled extremely.

I heard Jeremy gasping, then groaning, and then his voice went shaky and rough as he said, "Oh, God! Jerry! God! OH!" His body trembled against mine, as if he were standing on a vibrating, rough-running car that I was only standing next to. Then I felt his dick moving against mine. I felt more warmth of a different kind against my head. It was smooth and silky and creamy. Jerry's tongue lapped between our dicks and then left mine. His mouth made loud slurping noises on Jeremy's dick, and I watched as Jerry swallowed. It was so much fun to see!

Jerry slid his mouth off of Jeremy, and then Jeremy inhaled deeply and loudly, and said, "Oh, God! Jerry! Wow!"

Jerry grinned up at him, slapped his ass, then said, "It don't mean anything that you did first. Nothing except I really liked doing it to you and you really liked it. So sit down and cool off."

"Thanks!" Jeremy said as he turned to sit on the bed.

He watched as Jerry leaned back and pointed at his trousers. I knelt down and pulled them to his feet, taking his shorts with them. Jerry's big, thick, proud erection popped up and bobbed a bit. The head of it was darker than yesterday, and I barely noticed before I put my mouth over it. It tasted salty and sweet, and I loved it! I sucked and licked. He put his hands on both sides of my head and moved me up and down himself. I caught on and soon was doing it on my own.

When I went down as far as I could, wanting as much of it in my mouth as I could get, it sort of bent and warped, and I tasted a lot of saltiness. I knew he had produced pre-cum. I sucked harder, wanting it all.

"Put a hand on it and rub it up and down as your mouth goes up and down," Jerry said.

I did, and doing so seemed to make me want it even more. I groaned a bit, and Jerry's legs came together a bit as he groaned.

"Oh, hell, yes, do that more," he said softly.

I moved faster and gripped him tighter.

"No, I meant the sound. Hum on it while you do it nice and slow like you were."

I did, and soon he had me humming, his body twisting and his hips thrusting.

"Fred! My gosh! So good at it! Wow! I hope you're ready for it to shoot!"

He was nearly panting, and I was so ready! So very ready! Oh, how ready I was! I had to taste it! I felt such wonderful things happening inside of my body! I was sure I was going to do what Eric had yesterday and have an orgasm without touching it! The tingles and shivers in my manhood were like nothing I had felt before! They reached up into my guts and down to my toes, and they were spreading upward rapidly. I hummed on Jerry's hard, thick, long dick like I was performing a solo on a woodwind at Carnegie Hall. My hand followed my lips, and with a sudden thought, my other reached under his big, heavy balls, and I found the most interesting and exciting landscape there. I could feel the tube of his urethra as it passed behind his scrotum, and when I followed it inside of him, he grunted a loud, "Oh, hell!" and I felt things moving down there.

Then I tasted it. That warm, almost hot, thick, creamy, nutty, earthy, salty, sweet, wonderful flavor! It shot out under pressure. It filled my mouth and I forgot to swallow. It overflowed between my lips before I remembered, and it kept coming. I wondered how much he squirted, because it seemed like I was swallowing enough to fill up a soda bottle!

Jerry grunted, "God!" again and again, his hands on the back of my head, his hips shuddering, his body shaking.

And he kept filling my mouth and I kept swallowing, sucking, licking, and humming, and playing with the functioning flesh behind his scrotum. It was warm and moist down there, and felt incredible!

Then I did it. That pressure reached the tipping point, and suddenly and with a force I had never felt before, I was squirting. It almost hurt! It was like hot lava boiling up out of me! I grunted in full voice, no words, just a long, low growl of sorts that stopped and started several times around the heavy heat of Jerry's pulsating cock in my mouth. It seemed to make things even more exciting! This orgasm was even better than the one yesterday! It was insane! Absolutely incredible!

It must have been a minute long! I forgot that Jeremy was next to us. It was just me and Jerry and our orgasms. And, God, it was terrific!

"Oh, God! Stop!" he groaned and pulled my head off of his pulsing prick.

He was panting and sweating. His smile was more than a reward for a job well done, it was a blessing and a sight that made me grin.

"Did I do that right?"

He laughed and pulled me by my upper arms until I lay on top of him. He hugged me with his big, strong arms, and the he kissed me on the mouth. He licked my lips with his tongue. He breathed his breath into my mouth. His wet, sticky, slippery cock prodded me just behind my sack, making me shudder.

"Right is not the word for it, Fred," he almost whispered into my ear. "Incredibly right. Unbelievably right. Perfectly right."

I could have cried I was so happy.

"You, my friend, are a natural."

I wormed my arms around his broad shoulders and tried my best not to cry. I laughed instead. I felt another hand brushing up and down my back. I looked over to see Jeremy smiling at us, stretched out alongside of us.

"Oh, my God," Jerry sighed deeply. "My turn to finish you. Roll over."

I felt like a baby sort of, as I mumbled, "Too late," into his chest.

"Too late?" Jerry asked.

"He squirted all over the side of the bed," Jeremy said. "I saw it. It looked like a fountain! It was so neat!"

I snickered in embarrassment. Jerry pulled my head up off his chest. His big blue eyes held mine.

"It's okay. It happened to Eric yesterday. I think I'm going to try to get it to happen to Jeremy here the next time. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. Okay?"

I nodded, feeling how hotly I was blushing, and still so very embarrassed.

"Did it feel good?" Jerry asked.

I rolled my eyes and ducked my head against his chest again. So embarrassed! I nodded.

"How good? Just average good? A little less than average?"

"Way, way better!" I said into his chest, feeling so embarrassed, but so good.

"Great!" Jerry said, and then kissed my hair, his arms still around me, and Jeremy's hand still stroking my back.

I shivered, powerful tingles exploding and then fading all over my body. I sighed heavily, and I let the groan free.

One of Jerry's arms left me, and I felt him pulling Jeremy against us, and Jeremy's arm going around me. I could feel the sticky dampness of Jeremy's dick on my buttock, and the warmer, slipperier wetness of Jerry's dick between my thighs and under my balls. And my own sticky wetness between myself and Jerry's lower belly.

We giggled and sighed, and were soon kissing all together at the same time. We smelled like semen and sweat, which I liked a lot.

Jerry must have looked at his watch. He sat up, taking us with him in his powerful arms. He wiped up the mess I had made on the side of his bed with his shorts. It looked as if I had produced quite the quantity. I was almost proud, but very embarrassed.

"Looks like a horny senior who's had a dry week exploded," he said with a laugh. "We have to get moving. Into the shower as fast you can. Then into your clothes. Hop to it!"

The three of us showered together, soaping and shampooing rapidly. We snickered and giggled. We got hard. Then I watched Jerry and Jeremy dress as I did, their dicks bouncing and swaying. I was hard too, though it was almost a kind of painful hard. We laughed and snickered.

"You both might still be hard when I get you home. Don't act like it. Don't let on. Don't worry about it. It's normal to have an erection for no good reason. You've both had that happen, right?"

"Yes, sir," together.

"So pretend it's that if you're caught with it. Otherwise, act calm and collected and like nothing is... up."

We laughed, finished dressing, and then he waved us over to him. He hugged us to him, and we all wrapped arms around each other. It was a nice few seconds. Wonderful! Perfect!

Jerry pushed us back a step, smoothed out our hair, our shirts, our jeans, and then nodded at us, smiling.

"Good lookin' guys. Bring a spare kit to school as soon as you can arrange it. Deodorant, shampoo, soap, maybe toothbrush and paste. Get a little men's travel bag, or a even a paper sack. Or you can carry your usual gym supplies home and back every day instead of getting extra. Okay? I'll be out in a second. Get under the blanket. No sounds, no touching, no giggling."

He looked serious.

"Yes, sir," together, rather seriously.

We walked out and got into the car, under the blanket, and in a few seconds, the garage door was opened, the car door opened, closed, the engine roared to life, and the Roadmaster was rolling.

Jeremy and I stayed quiet and kept our hands to ourselves. I felt like laughing and singing. Or dancing. Or something. I just felt wonderful!

After a few minutes, we heard gravel below the tires.

"Okay, guys, out from under the blanket and sit up."

We breathed a sigh of relief, mostly at being out from under the blanket in the summer heat. We were both sweaty again, and red-faced.

"You had to run on the track after school today as punishment. You were blamed for something you didn't do in gym class, and still don't know what. I came over while you were running on the track after school and explained that we found out that neither of you had done it. I still didn't say what, and you didn't ask. You were just glad you weren't in trouble. I had to give you a ride home since you missed the bus. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," together.

"Sit quietly and look a little worried."

We pulled into a house just off the gravel road. Obviously it was Jeremy's house.

"Fred, you can watch us go up to the front door, but look worried a little, nothing big, but then sit there and look down at your lap when I come out. Don't look up until I get to the car, then listen to what I tell you and just do it. Don't say anything. Understand?"

He smiled and nodded at me. He was so handsome!

"Yes, sir," I said firmly.

"Come on Jer," Jerry said as he got out of the car. "Don't forget your books."

"See you tomorrow, Freddie."

"Tomorrow, Jer," I said, forgetting to look worried for a second.

They walked to the front door, talking. Jeremy looked a little worried, then Jerry said something else, and Jeremy nodded, replied, and smiled. They got to the front door, Jeremy opened it, and Jerry followed him in. After a few minutes, during which I imagined all kinds of things going wrong and the police pulling up at any second, Jerry came out, followed by a smiling lady and Jeremy looking happy. I ducked my head and waited.

As he sat down inside the car, he said, "You can wave back if you want. Smile some, just don't overdo it or look too happy."

I waved, smiled a little, and they both waved back, smiling and looking happy.

"You can climb over the seat if you like."

I did. He grinned at me as he started the car. We didn't say a word. I was happy thinking about what had happened yesterday and just minutes ago. I got hard, but he said not to worry about it. I snuck glances at him as he drove. He was so handsome. I found it so hard to believe I had done such wonderful things with him, and that we were going to be doing so many more wonderful things together, and with others who felt like we did. I was on cloud-nine, accelerating and gaining altitude rapidly.

He pulled up in front of my house without directions.

"How'd you know where I live?" I asked suddenly. "Or Jer?"

"Part of my job as group leader. You ready?"

"Yes, sir."

"I'm going to pull a couple of surprises on you. Don't worry, nothing bad. It just works out best if you don't know everything I'm going to say before I say it. Your reactions will be better that way, okay?"

"Yes, sir," I replied, though I suddenly felt a little worried.

"Do you trust me?" he asked as we walked toward my front door, looking down at me, smiling at me, his hand on my shoulder.

"Yes, sir."

That was a no-brainer. I didn't even hesitate for a second. I thought he was a first-class guy, and I really liked him. He could have asked me to walk into my house naked and hard and I might well have done it if he had a reason.

I opened the door and Jerry followed me in. My guts were tying themselves up into knots, but I had nothing to worry about. The story worked like a charm.

"And you're who? A student?" Mom asked him.

"Yes, ma'am. Jerry Taylor. I'm a senior, and a student assistant in our physical education class to Coach Smith. I intend on taking physical education courses at college and becoming a sports coach for a high school or university."

"Oh, I see. So, Fred didn't do anything?"

"No, not at all. Just a misunderstanding, and two other boys trying to get away with something by blaming him and his friend. Fred seems to be a pretty good guy, but it's only the second day," he said with a laugh.

Mom grinned.

"Fred is thinking about taking extramural physical fitness. Would that be acceptable to you? I'd have him home before five on most days, eight or so on Fridays. He wouldn't be attending every day, just the mandatory two days a week, and any more he had time and energy for. All of them if he likes. And there'd be weekend training and events on Saturdays and Sundays. He doesn't have to go to them all, or even any, really. We even go downstate a few times a year for the entire weekend. Myself and other student assistants and the coach are always with the guys, and they don't go anywhere, just to the event, to a restaurant if the parents can afford it or we have enough donations to feed everyone, then back to the hotel room for the night. There's no costs to it at all, though some homemade cookies or such for the trip are always welcome."

"You'd like to do this?" Mom asked.

I nodded enthusiastically. I knew it was one of the surprises he had mentioned, and I saw why he didn't want to tip me off before. My reaction was probably perfect.

"What exactly is it?" Mom asked.

"Exercises, stretching routines, and weight lifting, mostly. Some wrestling, some track, some field sports like tag football, baseball, the likes. General physical fitness. It's never rough, the emphasis is on being in good physical shape, cooperation, and teamwork."

"So, it won't cost anything?"

"No. We use school equipment, the coach's car for trips, it's usually only three or four boys a trip, the coach, and me or another student assistant. And those trips are only about once a month, at most. The events are free to students, and some even get to participate, and some of the events even have awards. Fred's shown good athletic skills so far, above his peers, and this will open certain doors for his future, if he goes with anything sports- or teaching-related. Or physical, like a doctor or sports medicine. He'll even learn a few things about treating sports injuries. Not that we have any, it's just part of the curriculum and the events downstate."

It sounded so perfect. I wasn't that much of a sports lover, but the weekend trips sounded incredibly interesting!

"Well, I never though Fred would be involved in sports so heavily. You really think he's up to this?"

"We'll see how well he does the rest of the year, but so far, he's shown outstanding skills in certain categories, and he's already very physically fit. And he's already made three new friends in his class who are also interested. Four, as I hope he counts me one."

Jerry grinned down at me, patted my shoulder, and nodded.

"Yeah, I do, Jerry, thanks."

I was glowing, and I knew it. I couldn't stop grinning. It was the perfect reason to be brought home! How wonderful!

"He certainly looks excited," Mom said, grinning very nicely. "I don't see any reason why not. We'll have to talk to his father, of course. I'm sure Fred will have an answer for you by the end of the week."

"Great! Is it okay if he keeps at it until then? I'd have him home tomorrow at just about the same time. Sweaty and tired, of course."

Mom laughed along with Jerry, and I could have died! But it was so funny, too!

"Up to his father. We'll ask him tonight. I'm all for it. If it keeps him from tearing up the house, that's just fine! Or moping around. Just so long as he can still do his chores."

"I will, Mom! Promise!"

"Sound fine to me. His father will have the final say, but I don't see him not letting Fred do something related to sports and physical fitness."

"Thanks!" I declared gleefully.

"I've got to get home myself. This is my fourth year in the club, and I love it. I expect Fred will be a four-year member as well."

"Oh, gosh, yes!" I agreed.

Mom and I walked Jerry to the front door, talking and laughing. I was so glad that Mom liked him. It was hard to not stare at him. His words about the rules, not to stare, came to me, and I only took short glances, and never at places where I wished I could just stare endlessly.

"I'll have him home about the same time tomorrow. Maybe a little later. There isn't a rigid timetable, and depending on how many come on any given day, how long it takes to go through the routines can vary quite a bit."

"I understand that. Just so long as he's home before dinner. Say, six."

"Oh, I'm sure we can make sure of that. Or very close. I have to drive several boys home each day. All us student assistants have that to do. We try to arrange it so we take them home all going the same way. It might take a few days to really find the best routes and such. But I'll do my best to have him home by six or so. That's about the same time all the parents want their sons home by, you know."

He smiled nicely. He had such a warm and endearing smile. So gentle and open, and so simply handsome.

"His father can come pick him up, if that works better," Mom offered.

"No reason. Though if you prefer that, it can be arranged. I don't mind with Fred, though. He's not out of the way for myself at all. He'll just be the last one is all. And if we know we'll be late, we can call from the gym or the offices and let you know as soon as we know."

"Oh, fine," Mom said, smiling. "This sounds just wonderful."

She brushed her hand over my hair and down the back of my neck. I loved it when she did that, but in front of Jerry, it was so very different. I almost sidestepped out from under her hand. I didn't want Jerry to think I was a mama's boy or something.

He left with a wave and a smile, and I felt like I had not only made some good friends at school, but I had made a special and wonderful friend of Jerry.

That night over dinner, Dad not only agreed to let me take the extramural physical-fitness course, but said, "If you do well at this, and stick with it, and like it, I imagine I can swing a dollar or two for meals on those weekend trips."

"Oh, Dad! Thank you!" I blurted - gushed, really.

"You sure do seem interested in this," he said.

"I am!"

"So long as it doesn't interfere with you academics or your responsibilities at home, it should be fine. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

It came out in rote. Pure response. My father looked so pleased. I hadn't said that to him for a long time. Months. I'd started using, "Yes, Dad." I thought he might take it that I was growing up by not calling him sir anymore, as I sure felt that way about it. But at that moment, I saw that I was actually showing him less respect by not using it. I was almost surprised then that he hadn't insisted long ago that I return the, "sir."

"What exactly has you so fired up about this?" he asked.

I was afraid that I would end up saying something stupid and giving the whole thing away. But I remembered what Jerry had said, and it seemed perfect.

"I'm finding out a lot about myself!"

"Well good, son. That's the whole point of schooling, other than the books and facts. Smarts are one thing, but knowin' yourself is another. And building up your body has its own rewards as well."

"Jerry says I'm ahead of most of my classmates like that. I guess the farm work is why."

"So, now you see why I forced all that hard work on you?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Not only did it build your character, but you're turning out a fine-looking lad, my son,"

My dad had rarely given me a compliment, other than an occasional, 'Good job,' or such. Hearing him tell me that he approved of how I was turning out, well, I could have actually cried, sort of.

"I'm proud of you, Frederick."

I'd worked hard to get good grades over the years. My parents expected it, and pushed me to do so. They were strict and disciplined, but never mean to me. I had been whipped with Dad's belt more times than I could count, but I had deserved nearly every one, even if at the time I was adamant to myself that my father was just being mean and callous. Mom had taken a branch off the willow tree out back to my ass more than once, too. But, again, I'd deserved it. Usually. Just not to my mind at the time.

Now, with my mother smiling at me, and my father telling me that he was proud of me, and pleased with how I was turning out, and after so recently being so worried that I was going to be an evil child abductor and killer, I not only felt free of that, thanks to Jerry, but now vindicated, thanks to my parents. And it was great to have both Jerry and my father saying that I was a good-looking guy.

I was high. High.

"He looks as if he's just graduated college. Or held his own son for the first time," Mom said, really and truly beaming.

That reminder that I would likely not have children was a bit of a rub, but I wasn't totally sure that I wouldn't find girls attractive sooner or later. Jerry had said I might, that I might want to stop doing such things and find a girl. I didn't see that happening, but I wasn't willing to discount it either.

I was too high to be brought down by that at the moment, anyway. Dinner done, I executed my chores with gusto, and with a close attention to details that I had been lacking for a while. I even did things I wasn't expected to do, just to have them done so that my Dad didn't have to, or have to ask me to do them later.

I showered off the smell of animals and the chores, and played with myself. It had hardly ever felt so good! I nearly collapsed as I squirted while thinking of Jerry. Just Jerry.

Homework, then some television with the folks, then bed. And another quick session to thoughts of Jerry and Jeremy, and what we had done today. They were both good-looking to me, but Jerry was far more attractive. I thought that Jeremy may well be so handsome in time, but Jerry was now. Oh, and how.

I slept the sleep of the content. Of someone who now knew who he was, and was happy with it.

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