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HELLO! and welcome to Ray's Stories!

I'd like to announce the first audio book! "Thomas' Tale" a True First Time Tale read by yours truly.  $.99 and 30-minutes long. You can find out more here.

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I've written a lot, and you'll find much of it here. Poems, short stories, series, as well as new stories every week. Most have a gay theme, but not all of them. Some are emotional, some are exploratory, some are funny, some are scary and some are gory. Some stories have varying degrees of sexual content between males, while some have nothing to do with sex. Some deal with death and loss, others joy and hope. Some might not seem to deal with anything at all. Anything rated-X is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age. If you're under eighteen, go find some videos or something elsewhere, or stick to the material not rated-X.

Some were written while I was in high school and college from notes and even my personal journal. Some were written within the last few years, others are fairly new. True First Time Tales are a collection of stories that readers, friends, and acquaintances have told me that are the true tales of their first gay sexual encounters.

There's also the books I've written. The Circulatim Trilogy has a pretty good fanbase. It's not for everyone, being over a million words (thousands of pages) long. It's full of emotions and conflicts, and quite a few sexual situations. It comes in a gay-youth oriented version and an adult-oriented version. There are a couple spin-offs to Alex's story, as well as a small selection of varying content, from the sweetly sublime to the truly horrible. And one that even mixes them both.  You can see these and others just a bit further down this page, or you can go here.

I have found solace and release in writing throughout my life, and was most prolific when I was a teen and young adult. Once work arrived, and survival on one's own, writing became a scarce outlet. From time to time I've found myself with some free time over a span, and spent it doing some writing. Now I manage a bit more since it is so fast and easy on computers.

I hope you find something here to enjoy! I welcome tips, thoughts, ideas, and critiques, or just a hello. Click the EMAIL icons in the top of the page or along the right side.

So have a look around and find what you want, or if not, good journey, be nice, and have fun!

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Some popular areas

bullet Contents - lists everything here, making it easy to find what you'd like, listed by content type, including what's new. Three categories of ratings: Everyone, Mature/Adult, X.

bullet First Time Tales - I've been surprised by the popularity of this branch. Real first time tales told to me by readers and real-world friends and acquaintances.

bullet Short Stories - individual stories less than 5,000 words, varying widely in theme, rating, and content.

bullet Series - stories which have several chapters or parts, also of varying themes, ratings, and content.

bullet Novels - Currently available novels . The Circle, The Circle Squared, The Circle Cubed, Jeremy's Swimming Lessons, Camp Howit, The Project.

bullet Poems - will list them for you, with brief descriptions.

bullet Contact/Feedback - if you'd like to leave a note. Your email is not needed, though you may leave it and I will reply.

bullet Male Beauty! My idea of hot guys!

Novels and EBooks

Looking for something more than short stories or quick tales? I've written a few longer works. From a million-word trilogy to short novellas
If you like the short stories and First Time Tales that I put an hour or two into, you should try one of the books I've put days, weeks, months, or years into.
If you found something you like on the site, by getting one of my books, you might find something you'll love!
Read some things that have been said about the Alex Raymond/Circulatim series.


The Circulatim series

Arcs One: Wooden Nickels  |  Arcs Two: A Grand Illusion  |  Arcs Three: Camp Howitt Happened The Circle  |  The Circle2 Squared  |   The Circle3 Cubed

Other Stories

Jeremy's Swimming Lessons  | Confession Of A Chicken Rancher  |  Jay Gets Schooled  |  All Hollow's Eve  |  The Project


True First Time and First Love Stories
Camden's Tale



Circulatim: Arcs

The early stories of Alex Raymond.

Circulatim Arcs 1

(rated PG) 552 printed pages/292,000 words
We follow Alex through his earliest memories of growing up in several places and going to several schools, learning what made him the exceptional young boy he would become, and the tortured and repressed teen as well.
We meet his first friends, and see why he became so suspicious of others.
He undertakes the most adventurous summer of his young life - a vacation with a friend and his family.
We follow him until the fateful move during seventh grade on his 12th birthday.
Available as a Kindle or a hardcopy printed book at Amazon or as a PDF or EPUB or text document at PayHip

Circulatim Arcs 2

(rated R)    348 printed pages/153K words
Alex begins another chapter of his peculiar life - early adolescence. Now living in a tiny house instead of a two-story home with a full basement - which he'd considered his private domain - Alex feels claustrophobic. And after the wonders of Canada being stained by the betrayal of his first best friend, Thom, he feels isolated and alone. Many of the common articles of his life are gone now: From furnishings to people. Even free space itself. A new school, a new bunch of potential victimizers, new scents, sights, sounds - many of which keep him awake at night. And he has to start at his new junior high while using crutches. What a dork. His building sense of sexuality provides a new source of both wonder and worry. It also changes everything.  Not wanting friends, or the eventual betrayal they seem to inevitably bring, he shies away from making any. For as long as he can, anyway. But he finds himself falling into that trap again. And worse, his burgeoning sexuality bubbling to the surface seems to stain every aspect of his life, including his budding friendships. Which, inescapably, leads to the predictable confusion and destruction he knew would come. Life is change, and Alex doesn't like change.  If he thought the ordeal with Thom was rough... now he is going to experience things on an entirely new and unimaginable level of intensity.
Available as a Kindle or softcover printed book at Amazon or as a Word doc, PDF, EPub, or OpenOffice/LIbreOffice document at PayHip

Circulatim Arcs 3

(rated X - R-rated version upcoming) 142 printed pages/68,000 words
We follow Alex during another adventure - summer camp for exceptional incoming high school students. The camp offers many activities and opportunities, but the one he ends up taking advantage of isn't listed in the pamphlet and changes his life forever.
We see his personality again reshaped by events out of his control as well as ones he can control - if he can only learn that lesson.
He has his first liaisons, and comes to grips with what he is - sort of.
Available as a Kindle and softcover print at AmazonEPUB, and as PDF or Word at PayHip


The Circulatim Trilogy

Circulatim Book One The Circle
333,000 words / 450 pages
Two weeks in the life of Alex as he turns sixteen, discovering life, love, loss, death, and recovery.
Alex is turning sixteen, and going to high school is difficult enough without it being one of Chicago's most affluent and prestigious schools. And being one of the 'lessers' only makes it harder. So do the facts that he's a brainy dork and he's gay.
After losing Toby to illness and death over the previous summer, Alex is unsure and afraid - what's the point of falling in love if it's only going to be taken away by an uncaring God?
His best friend knows that Alex is gay, but none of his other friends do, especially not the one that has now stolen Alex's heart.
And now Toby returns, in a way. Alex isn't sure if he's going insane, or if there is more to life and death than he ever suspected.
A very special gift on his birthday leads him to discover just how much more there really is. That gift leads to events that will change the lives of Alex, his family, and his friends.
They will all learn that death is always near, and that those who have passed on aren't always far away.
R-Rated version is available as a Kindle at Amazon Kindle Store and as EPUB/EBook at here and for a limited time at Smashwords
R-Rated versions at PayHip: EPUB/EBOOK | Kindle/Mobi | PDF | Word DOC
X-Rated versions at PayHip: EPUB/EBOOK | Kindle/MOBI | PDF | Word DOC
R-Rated  EPUB at Selz

Circulatim: Arcs Book Two
380,000 words / 500 pages
The next month passes, and it changes Alex's life forever. Things aren't always simple or easy.
Alex recuperates and returns to school. A school that knows that he is gay, and that he had "almost" died in a fire. His very best friend is acting strangely, and keeping secrets from him for the first time. His other best friend is now his lover, but it doesn't fit either of them well. Alex's circle of friends seems to be shrinking, and even his favorite teacher now treats him differently.
Everything was different.
And the nightmares...
Surprising acquaintances vie for his time and lead him into a strange circle of friends, and back into a hobby he had given up. A hobby that raises a ghost from the past only recently laid to rest.
The week of final exams arrives and Alex finds himself barely keeping up with current lessons. Distractions like Erich, and other old friends as well, take up his time, as well as new ones, like Kevin and the gang, and David. And Alex wasn't sure he could do what they expected him to do.
Torn apart from the familiar support of the Circle, moving in a strange circle of new friends, he is stunned to come face to face with an even older ghost than Toby.
How much more could he handle?
R-Rated version is available as a Kindle at Amazon Kindle Store and EPUB at selz here.
R-Rated versions at PayHip: EPUB/EBOOK | Kindle/Mobi | PDF | Word DOC
X-Rated versions at PayHip: EPUB/EBOOK | Kindle/MOBI | PDF | Word DOC

Circulatim book 3
495,000 words / 600 pages
The changes and chaos in Alex's life continue in the conclusion of the Circulatim Trilogy.

Things begin returning to normal for Alex. Or, settling into a new normal. A new normal that is unlike the old normal. It isn't as comfortable, and things keep changing, but what choice does he have?
He has come to deal with the loss of Toby, and has accepted that there is more after this life than simple death, and accepted that he is not done meeting with Toby yet, either.
The band brings music back to his life, along with both the pain of loss and the joy of playing, and bringing new friends and a measure of fame. With the twins, it's becoming comfortable and familiar, but the new element of David makes it a confusing and ever-changing thing as well, and keeps Alex off his balance and guessing at what he should do. And now the band expects Alex to step up and shine.
His circles of friends at school have changed somewhat, but are becoming a new normal, and somewhat comfortable. But the new situation with Erich keeps Alex off his balance there, as well. Throw in the situation with Trey, who dredges up one of the worst moments of his life, and Alex is at a loss, feeling worried, scared, and even more confused at school.
Now other students are coming out from the shadows, seeking advice and support from Alex. And other students are seeking out Alex, but for other reasons, though also having to do with his sexuality and his fame, but they aren't seeking advice or support.
And yet another ghost arises from his past from before Toby and Trey, increasing the chaos and uncertainty in his life. And possibly being 'the one' Toby prophesied about.
Complications arise nearly daily, in every group of friends he has. School, the band, even his home life.
To make things even more complicated, unanswered questions and concerns from over the past weeks come calling, without resolutions.
Struggling to find himself, or at least, someplace he can be himself, and someone to be that person with, Alex is left in a whirlwind of change and chaos.
How much can he possibly handle? Are there any answers? Can he help others find their own answers? Will he even be able to survive long enough to find those answers? And will any of them provide anything like what he thinks he wants, or needs?

The R-rated Kindle version is available at the Amazon Kindle Store and an EPUB at Selz.
X-Rated versions at PayHip: EPUB/EBOOK | Kindle/MOBI | PDF | Word DOC



Other Novels

Jeremy's Swimming Lessons

Rated-X Gay coming of age and heavy sexual content between teens.

It's the early 1960's, a time when being gay is not acceptable. He's managed to pretend it's 'just a phase' so far, but when he takes swimming lessons sponsored by his church group at the high school pool, he meets two older boys who induct him into a sexual experience that shatters his convictions.
Shocked and confused by the experience, he finds himself unable to deal with it. But the boys who 'found' him are everywhere, and he can't seem to get away from them, or what they awoke in him. And now he has to begin high school: The very high school where his shocking experience occurred.
And worse, he meets another boy, who tempts his budding sexuality like never before.
Contains explicit sexual content making it unavailable at the Amazon Kindle store.
PayHip Adult Version:  EPUB  | Kindle | PDF

Confession Of A Chicken Rancher
Rated-XXX - Extreme horror, gore, and sexual content.

For a while, every year, I did a Halloween story, usually pretty scary and gory. But, I was told that even my darkest stories were still full of cute and cuddly. For 2014, I went into a much darker place.
WARNING: This is an extremely graphic tale of a serial child-abductor and molester. No holds barred, no punches pulled. This novel contains extremely graphic descriptions of homosexual child-child sexual activity, child abduction, homosexual adult-child sexual exploitation, torture, and murder.
BANNED at Smashwords and the Amazon Kindle Store. It almost got all my books banned at those places. No one else will publish it. I'm not proud of that...
This is the story of a child that knows he is different, and the monster he becomes.
When a young boy, he realized his differences early. His intense intelligence allowed him to become adept at manipulating his emotionally distant parents, his naive younger brother, and the few of his peers that he allowed to be his friends - an intelligence uninhibited by guilt or empathy.
During adolescence, he accepts his homosexuality as another aspect of his superiority, like his intelligence and his ability to discern the intentions and lies of others. As intelligent as he is, he cannot control his temper or his rages.
Soon, he finds himself with blood on his hands, and no remorse. In fact, he discovers a thrill and power he hadn't expected, or even knew existed. This, and his growing sexuality, leads to more blood, and soon, his life is a series of plans and actions that would horrify his parents, his little brother, and his remaining friends.
As he moves through his teen years, he develops his skills, and feeds his growing appetite for sex, conquest, and power. His fellow students have no idea of the danger they court by teasing the small, weak boy - though some find out, but far too late.
As an adult, he finds he still prefers young boys in his bed, which leads to more plans, and more blood.
Soon, he meets others who share his taste for boys, and is forced into procuring boys for a very powerful and secretive man. The money is good, and the perks are rewarding, and with no guilt, he finds himself living the life he had always dreamed of.
But an unexpected development with a young boy leads to emotions he's never felt before. When his young friend is endangered, he finds himself on the other side of a child abduction. He must turn his intelligence and abilities to saving a boy, and exacting revenge.
Kharma is a patient creature, and in the end, it will come.
Contains explicit sexual and violent content involving minors, making it unavailable at Amazon or Smashwords.
PayHip Adult Version:  EPUB  |  Kindle  |  PDF

Jay Gets Schooled

Rated-X - Gay Novella

Jay is a geek. With his curly, sandy-blond hair, small, narrow chin, lanky frame, and large nose, he never fit in with the popular kids. He'd had few friends, and he'd drifted away from them in middle school when he began to realize that he was gay.
Now starting college, he's still shy, but is considering coming out. The best he has done so far is to walk past a LGBT meeting. There are cute guys everywhere, teasing him with their attractiveness.
And his roommate is a popular jock, just the kind of guy who made fun of him all his life.
He's expecting college to be torture.
And it's going to be! Just not the kind of  torture he's expecting!

Available as an R-rated Kindle at the Amazon Kindle store, and in an X-rated version at PayHip in EPUB/EBook, Kindle, PDF, and Word

All Hollow's Eve

Rated-R - Horror, gore, no sexual content.

Sometimes the trick IS the treat... and you don't have the choice!
They say there is a kernel of truth behind all myths... so what is the truth behind Halloween?
In this short story, follow one brave soul as he battles the forces behind All Hollow's Eve to save all of us from a fate worse than death.
One day he fell in love, and in the blink of an eye, his life changed forever. At nineteen, he left all he knew to follow a stranger and live a life his few friends and his parents could never believe.
How he lives to save lives, once a year battling evil in a form we have no idea exists.
Available as a Kindle at Amazon Kindle Store here,  or where I earn the most royalties at PayHip in a variety of digital formats - Kindle, EPub, PDF or Word document.

The Project

Rated PG - Gay short story about 100 pages.
In the future, it may be possible to create a human being... but will it be a good choice to do so? When a lonely teen discovers an unusual course available on his home tutoring terminal, it leads to that very question. Having learned not to trust others, or rely on them, he decides that creating a custom friend for himself is the only choice left. But once the deed is done, he has to contend with the consequences...
Available at PayHip as an Ebook, Kindle, PDF, and at the Amazon Kindle Store, and in print at Amazon and

Camden's Tale

Rated X - Gay short story about 50 pages 20K words..
A true tale of a teens first gay sexual experiences.

Living in a tiny Kentucky town in the 70s leaves Camden few resources or opportunities when he begins to realize he is gay. 
His only neighbors are three boys, all younger than him. Growing up together, they've all been best friends. 
As teens, the four of them begin messing around with each other, trying some things.
But now that Camden knows he is gay, things are different.
And then he falls in love with one of the brothers.
Available at PayHip as an EPUB, a PDF, a Kindle, and a Word document

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