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Frankie's Tale

 Rated: X  Teens, friends exploring, love (**)




I was a teenage freak. Honestly. I was normal when I was younger, but when I was a teen, I became a freak.

I grew up just outside of Bloomington. I had friends, and we hung out, messed around, played games, and were totally normal kids. We were all pretty normal. When we pissed in the woods one day when I was eight or nine, we compared dicks. We were all pretty much the same, though Pete had a lot of foreskin that hung over the tip of his, and Mike's was pretty thick, like a thumb or something. Mine was easily the biggest though. Longest and thickest. Easy. But we were pretty normal. We did dares and played games that included showing our dicks or asses, and sometimes touching each others' dicks or asses.

By the time I was nine, we were getting boners when we did such things, and Paul showed us how to jerk off. He'd been shown by his older brother, so he showed us. It was fun. We didn't do that to each other. And it was pretty rare to do it in front of each other, but we sometimes did. I think we were pretty normal, really.

One time, Mike dared Kyle to put his dick in his mouth. Mike said he would give Kyle his He-Man action figure if he did it for ten seconds. Kyle did. Mike's dick was all hard and straight, and Kyle put it in his mouth while we all counted to ten.

Other dares followed that one. By the time I was ten, we'd all had each other's dicks in our mouths at least once. We never sucked. Ever. That was faggy.

When I was twelve, my dick started growing. It was already the biggest of my friends', easy, but now it went haywire. I started measuring it when I was ten, because it was the biggest, and I wanted to know how big it was. Three inches soft, just under four all hard. Not kidding.

But when I was thirteen, and I still didn't have any but a couple of wild hairs around my dick and on my sack, I was over four inches soft, and almost six hard.

My friends and me didn't do those penis games anymore. We'd sort of slowed down at eleven, and by twelve we just didn't. So I didn't know that I was a freak. Not yet.

When I went to high school, and was almost fourteen on the first day of school, I was sort of looking forward to seeing a bunch of naked boys. I wanted to see if I was still the biggest boy. I had a few hairs around the base of it, and some on my sack. It was seven and a half inches hard now, and it never got very small. It was over six inches even soft and just hanging.

So, on that first day in gym, as we changed, I tried to look around a bit to see if anyone was anything like me in size. Most guys my age didn't even have any hairs around it yet. A few did, but their dicks were really short compared to mine. The oldest guys, the seniors, had lots of hair and big dicks, but I was sort of surprised, and pleased, to see that no one had anything like I did between my legs. A few were thicker looking than mine, but none were as long, except a few that were almost hard, and they still weren't as long as mine when it was as soft and as small as it pretty much ever got.

As we headed to the showers, my friend Paul beside me, he sort of cleared his throat and said, "Dude, Frankie, what the fuck?"

I asked, "What?"

"What's with that thing?"

"What thing?"

"Your fucking dick!"

"What? It's big. So?"

"It's not just big, it's fucking huge!"

It was nearly hard from seeing the dorks hanging in there, and I was worried it go full blown hard.

We were mostly whispering, and I heard someone say, "Holy shit, kid! What a freak of a dick!"

One of the seniors, maybe a junior, was actually pointing at me. Some others stopped and looked. I covered it with my hands and frowned at them. It was embarrassing!

"Jeff! Man! Get over here and check this freshman's python out!" one of the other older guys said as he walked toward me and waved someone else over. When the other guy arrived, the first said, "Hey, kid, show Jeff that thing."

How humiliating! I wasn't going to.

"Come on! Be proud of that python, kid!" the first guy said. "Show Jeff here."

I saw Jeff had a nice big one, but not like I had. I suddenly felt less embarrassed and sort of proud. I moved my hands.

"Holy fucking shit. Wow! Guys! Check this out!"

Before long, there were a dozen older guys standing in front of me, checking out my schlong.

"Dude! How long is it when it's hard?"

"Seven and half," I said.


"Seven and a half," I said louder.

"Fucking hell! How old are you?"

"Almost fourteen."

"Jesus Christ!"

"You lucky son of a bitch!" the guy named Jeff said, then slapped my shoulder and walked away with all the others. I was so relieved to be out from under their stares. But I noticed that nearly everyone else was looking at me. Or, it. I put my head down and walked to the showers.

"Frankie, it was always big, but when did it get so huge?" Paul asked as we showered.

"When I started getting pubes, I guess," I said, wishing I didn't have it.

"Dude, it's fucking amazing!"

"Yeah," I said, but not sounding like I thought so.

I didn't like being paid any attention. I liked being invisible. I didn't want to be noticed or bothered. I liked being left alone.

I was gay, and I didn't want anyone to find out.

So gym class became hell. Everyone always looked. Sometimes someone would talk to me about it. Asking how I got it so big, when it got so big, if it ever got fully hard or not. It was just that size naturally, it got bigger when I got pubes, and yes, it did get fully hard.

It got fully hard, but not all the time. I had to be really horny or it would just be sort of stiff. But it still felt great to jerk it off, fully hard or not. And shooting a wad was always great fun.

In time, guys stopped staring at it. I got less uncomfortable in the locker room and the showers. I tried to stay to the shadows and go ignored.

My friends were still my friends, and I even made a few new ones at the bigger high school.

The first month of school was over, and things were getting into a kind of groove. Same thing, different day.

Danny wanted to hang out at his place one day after school. Danny was good in English and history, but bad at math. I was good at math and science, but sucked at English and history. He was tall, almost the tallest in our class, and he had lots of slightly curly brown hair. Huge brown eyes, and big lips. Not fat lips, but large, rounded, firm, red ones. When we had been younger and played penis games, he'd had a pretty big one, maybe the biggest besides mine. It was hard to know exactly how long everyone was without measuring, but Danny's was always one of the big ones.

I wasn't particularly attracted to him, but he wasn't bad at all. I'd fantasized about everyone, though, including Danny more than a couple of times. Danny had a sort of soft, gentle, almost girly quality lately. I knew some guys like that were probably gay, but I knew that I was gay but wasn't anything like that. So, just being a bit swishy didn't mean he was. He was just a little feminine. Very little, actually. Hardly at all. But it was there all the same, when you looked for it, anyway.

We rarely went to his house when we were kids. He didn't like being at home. I never asked why. I don't think anyone ever asked why. He always hung out with us doing stuff, and went to our houses, but we almost never went to his. But we rarely went to my house, either. Mine was small, and my folks didn't like having my friends over. Terry's parents were the same way, but his dad was drunk most of the time and we didn't like being yelled at by him, so we rarely went to Terry's either.

Danny's place was pretty nice. It was big, and his room was bigger than the living room at my house. He had some cool stuff, too. Including the newest gaming system at the time, an Atari 5200.

We did some homework, getting the lessons done with each other's help, then played the Atari. I was kicking his ass. Playing games is about all I did. The games for the 5200 were the same as the 2600, which I had. They just looked and sounded better.

"You're fucking good," Danny said, trying to keep up with me.

"Got to be good at something, I guess."

"You're good at math. And science."

"Big deal."

"Hey, I'm glad you are."

I slaughtered his last tank.

"Okay, you're too good at this one, too. I've got a couple of racing games. Suppose you'll kick my ass in them, too."

I grinned. He grinned back. And then he turned red. Then he put in a racing game, and as soon as I caught onto how to play it on the 5200 system, I passed him and pretty much stayed in front of him to the end. The next racing game I took longer to catch on, but won too.

"Cripes. Okay. Missile Command. I'm the king. I'm going to kick your ass."

"No way."

I loved Missile Command, and I was really good at it.

"Wanna bet," he said, switching on the game.

"Bet what?"

He thought for a bit, getting redder and grinning weirdly.

"You really think you're that good?" he asked.

"I know."

He waited, probably thinking. Then got even redder. I could tell he had some kind of wild idea, so I asked, "What?"

"Winner gets a hand-job?"

Now, like I said, I was gay. And Danny was in on those penis games with the rest of the guys. I didn't know I was gay back then, but now I knew it.

I remembered all the games we'd played. Danny had been there the day Paul had Kyle put his dick in his mouth. I'd put Danny's in mine twice, and Danny put mine in his at least four or five times. Lost bets, dares, those kinds of things. One of the last things like that I'd done with the guys had been all of us jerking off together in Paul's garage one summer day when his parents were at work. We'd talked about girls and tits and pussy, and we'd already jerked off in front of each other before, so we did again, showing how we would fuck a girl. We used our fists and pumped our hips. We were eleven, most of us, Kyle and Robbie were ten, and Paul was twelve.

That had been over two years ago. I hadn't so much as seen one of their dicks since. Except Danny. We had been riding our bikes later that summer, just before seventh grade, and stopped at my place. My folks were at work, and we had sodas and chips, and watched a tape of the movie Stripes. We played my Atari 2600, and were about the same skill. We started making bets. At first it was kid things, like loser eats a bug or winner gets to chose a comic book from the other's collection. But then he made the bet that he would win at bowling, or he would jack me off. If he won, I agreed to jack him off. We were eleven, and we agreed that we would do it for a minute, that was all.

I won. He jerked me off for a minute. I timed it. It had been great. I'd tried to get that to happen again, but school started the next week, and we didn't have much time together alone in the next few days, spending most of it with all the guys. And after that, I started feeling weird about boys and doing stuff, and started being afraid I was going to be a homo. So I stayed away from anything like that, hoping I would end up normal.

That had been the last time I'd done something like that. I'd really, really liked it. And now, over two years later, and knowing that I was going to be gay, the idea of making that bet was way too attractive to pass up.

"If you're serious," I said.


"Fine. Winner gets a hand-job."

"All the way."

I swallowed. My guts churned. I was suddenly so nervous that I could have pissed myself. This was insane!

We both knew we both could cum, we'd told each other about it more than once, even talked about how great it was, how much we made, that kind of stuff. I'd always wanted to do stuff with someone again, and Danny had been the last one I had, so I often thought he might be the most likely. Especially since he had started getting a little girly. Sissy, sort of. Gentle and soft. It really didn't fit his tall frame, and made it that much more noticeable, at least to me. The other guys never said anything about it, or called him feminine, or queer, or anything, so I didn't think they noticed it.

As I looked at him, wondering just how serious he was, he was so red-faced. He looked really nervous, too. For the first time ever, I wondered if he was actually a fag, like me. I suddenly really hoped so. And there was only one way to find out.

"All the way," I said, feeling my face go red and hot.

And my dick started stiffening up.

He kept looking at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Can I ask something?"

I suddenly got worried that he was about to ask me if I was a fag, and tell me that he was joking about the hand-job, and now that he knew I was probably a fag, to get out of his house and stop being his friend.

I didn't dare say okay. I just stayed quiet.

"Some of the guys say your dick got huge. Say they saw it in the showers. Did it? It was always the biggest, I remember."

His face was dark red. So dark red! And he looked scared or something.

I swallowed and nodded.

"If I win, and get the hand-job, can I still see yours?"

I swallowed and nodded.

Then I thought how I wouldn't even get to see his if I won. I wanted to at least get to jerk him off. He would see mine if I won or not, but if I won, I wouldn't get to see his or anything.

"Okay. But, if I win, I get to see yours."

He sort of smiled and looked relieved. He nodded and started the game. I played for all I was worth. I wanted that hand-job. I wanted to give him one, too, but I mostly wanted him to give me one.

But as we went through rounds, his score was always just a bit higher than mine. He was really good.

"Is this your favorite game or something?" I asked.

"You know it."

I wish I had known. We hadn't played much video games together. Usually we were out riding bikes or hanging out with the guys playing baseball or hockey.

We played until I finally ran low on lives, down to one, and he had two. I was doomed. I finally lost that last life. He turned to me and smirked. It was really cute, actually. He bit his lower lip and grinned, and blushed, and could barely look at me. Gosh, it was so cute.

"Okay, fine. I owe you a hand-job. Guess I'll pay you when we can."

"Huh?" he asked, looking let down.

"It's almost six. Your folks'll be home any minute."

"It's Wednesday. They go to church right after work. Only here a few minutes to change and get ready. Then they won't be home until after nine."

My guts flipped over and flopped around inside me.


He nodded. He bit his lip again, and got all shy looking. It was so fucking cute.

"So we can later, if, you want to," he said.

I swallowed, and just barely. I was so nervous! I sure as hell did want to!


He laughed and got even redder.

It seemed to be forever before his folks got home. I was so nervous as they said bye from the hallway, and told us to behave. Then they were gone.

He put down the controller and sat back. He unfastened his jeans, unzipped them, looked at me for a split second, laughed, then pushed his jeans down. His dick was completely hard, and pushing his white briefs up in a tent. His legs were so nice, by the way. Smooth and slim and slender. I really did like his legs a lot! But my eyes went right back to his tented briefs.

It wasn't the first time I'd seen that sight. But the last time, he had been hairless and about three or so inches long. Now when he pushed his shorts down, it pointed up toward his belly and had to be about five inches long. It sort of bent upward a little, like an almost straight banana. There was some brown hair above it, just a little, like me. The head of it was red, and smooth and rounded, not like mine at all. Mine was just like the drawings in health class, sort of cone shaped with flared edges. And his balls had grown. Now they were each visible. Instead of being hidden inside his bag, they were little acorns that hung separate.

My guts flipped over again and squirmed around. My dick was caught and trapped, but I knew it would explode to full mast the second it was able to. And there were awesome tingles all around it, and all through me. This was the hottest moment of my life!

"All the way, remember?" he asked.

I looked up and saw how cute he was, biting his lip and probably trying not to grin as much as he wanted to. I was even more sure he was just like me. That was just fucking a huge thrill!

He got a shirt that was lying on the bed behind him and wadded it up and laid it next to his hip. I knew what it was for. I wanted to eat it. I really did. I wanted to let it shoot onto his belly so I could lick it up.

I took a deep breath, then reached out for his dick. It felt like velvet wrapped around a warm steel rod. Soft and hard at the same time. It even pulsed as I held onto it, his rapid, pounding heart beats throbbing through it.

I pulled up, moving his tight skin over the hardness of it until I felt resistance, then moved the skin down until the side of my fist felt his pubes. Then again, then again, then faster. My dick was dancing in my pants! I was sure it was getting pre-cum all over my shorts.

I couldn't take my eyes off his dick as my fist moved up and down on it. It felt so small compared to mine, but that didn't matter much. It was sort of strange to stroke one so short. His skin seemed to only move a couple of inches up and down.

Suddenly, his hand slammed down on mine and held it still. I looked up to see him staring at me.

"Want to see yours. Before I, uh..."

"Oh, okay."

"Um... Frankie?"


I let go of his dick, nearly having to force myself to do so.

"Um, can I take your pants down?"

He swallowed visibly. I could tell that he was so very nervous. I was too! And I was even more sure he was just like me. I nodded.

He laughed a little, looked so happy, and then reached out and unfastened my jeans, unzipped them, and I lifted my ass so he could pull them down. My dick was nearly bent in double. And there sure enough was a big wet spot at the tip. I hoped he didn't notice. Then he slipped my jeans down over my shoes, and then took my shorts off too. His were still barely down over his thighs. He was only supposed to have a look, according to our bet. But now my jeans and shorts were on the floor.

And my pecker was rising up and pointing at the ceiling, like it rarely did. But hell, I was about as turned on as I'd ever been!

I looked at him. His face was... it was like he was watching some amazing movie or something. He was smiling really widely and almost pop-eyed.

"Dude!" he said, all breathy and sexy. "It's fucking awesome!"

He looked up at my face and got shy and red again. Then he looked back down at my dork, and then said, "Can I touch it?"

It jerked all over for a second when he asked. The idea of his hand on it again was so thrilling!

I looked at him as much as I could, and tried not to grin as wide as I wanted to, and nodded. I watched his hand reach out in slow motion, his fingers wrap around it. It was so awesome! It jerked like mad! And a big blob of pre-cum bubbled up out of the hole.

I felt like a million bucks! This was so incredible! His hand squeezed it a little, and that blob of pre-cum oozed further out and started to roll down the underside of it. He let it, and let it get onto his finger. He rubbed it back up over the tip.

Oh, man! Did I ever gasp out loud! My whole body jerked! We looked at each other and grinned. This was beyond so cool!

"Can I, uh... can I give you one?"

I nodded so hard!

He looked back down at his hand and my dick, and started moving the skin over it. It was so much better than my own hand! No comparison at all! Thrills rocketed all through me! I knew I was going to blow off any second!

I grabbed his hand to stop him. He looked back up at me. It was so hard to admit it, but I had to explain.

"I'm gonna. Real soon."

He nodded, still looking into my face, and said, "So, how about we do it to each other at the same time?"

I know my eyes popped out of my head and my mouth dropped open. Then I nodded like a bobble-head doll on the dashboard of a jeep going cross country in the mountains.

I reached over and grabbed his. We started stroking each other. It was... glorious!

I watched my hand doing him, then watched his hand doing mine, and looked back and forth. It felt wonderful! His hand on mine, my hand on his. Both. Just magnificent!

And I was heading toward orgasm at light speed! I wished I wasn't, that I would last for hours, but I knew that just wasn't going to happen. I was about to fire off and there was no way to stop it.

I jerked the tail of my shirt up, so that I wouldn't get any on it. He did the same thing. Then he groaned really low and loud, really hot, and I felt his dick move in my fist. I looked just as a white streak shot out and about a foot high, then landed right next to his pubes.

"Oh, God!" I said, amazed.

His head was back, his eyes closed, his mouth open, and he looked like he was in heaven! I looked back down and watched as two more little streaks shot out and landed next to his pubes. Then a couple of little strings ran out and down onto my fingers. It was so warm! And smooth, and slick, and sticky! And it squished between my fingers and his dick! Oh, God!

Then the tingles exploded in my dick. He hadn't stopped jerking me, and I looked down and saw my cum shoot out further than ever before, almost a foot high, and land right next to my navel. Then another, just as high, and it landed just below my navel. Another just barely shot out and got caught up in his fist and my dick, and more oozed out to mix in with it.

It was awesome! I'd never shot so high before! Or so much! I knew I would shoot more when I got older, but that was the most so far! And it had felt the best ever! It still tickled and tingled like fucking mad!

He didn't stop jerking it, either. So I started jerking on his again. We kept going, making each other laugh and squirm. God! It felt so fucking awesome!

He finally leaned forward and grabbed my hand and said, "Stop it!" between laughing. He pulled his hand off my prick, which was still pretty hard. That was amazing in itself. It usually went all soft right after I blew off. When he let go of it, it sort of slapped onto my belly and stayed mostly hard. And tingled like mad! And jerked and wiggled on its own. His was really red on the head, and wasn't going all the way down yet either.

He sighed really loudly and said, "Wow, Frankie, that was awesome!"

He looked at me, and I looked back at him. We were both smiling really wide, and nearly laughing.

I was so sure! He just had to be!



He kept looking right at me. That made it so hard to ask. I had to force it out.

"You wanna do that again?"

"Now? I can't!"

"No!" I laughed. "I mean, again, sometime."

"Oh!" He turned so red! It was almost hilarious! Then he nodded. A lot, and hard. And smiled really big.


He raised his eyebrows, but didn't say anything.

"Are... um... are you... uh... are you gay? Too?"

His eyes got so huge! I mean, I swear, I really thought they were going to fall out! And he got so pale! Just plain white! His mouth hung all the way open.

I wished I had kept mine shut.

Now I had ruined everything.

"You are?" he squeaked. "Too?"

I think my heart forgot a beat or two. Or three. But I managed to nod once.

"Serious?" he asked way too loudly.

I nodded again, just once.

"Frankie!" he shouted.

I nearly got to ask what, but he threw his arms around me and hugged me so tight that I couldn't even breathe in!

He asked right in my ear, and way too loudly, "Are you? Are you really?"

I nodded, then pushed him off me a little so that I could inhale. He let go and looked confused or something. I swallowed a couple of times, then said, "Yeah."

He smiled even wider than ever, then asked, "Do you like me?"

"Of course I like you, you idiot."

His brows furrowed, then he asked, "I mean..."


I felt like the idiot then.

"Oh. Oh, man. Danny, yeah! You're... I mean... uh... yeah! I mean, um... yeah, I, uh, like, like you. Yeah!"

"Oh, man! Frankie! I've liked you since seventh grade!"

"You have?"

"Oh, God, yeah! I mean..." he got so red-faced then, and all shy looking, and could hardly look at me. "I mean, yeah, I've, uh, I've liked you a while."

Oh, man! Someone likes me! Likes me like that! Wow!

I felt like I owned the entire world!

We sort of looked at each other for a few seconds. I saw the same guy, but he looked different somehow. He was cute, for sure, but... there was just something different now. Something strong, too. Something that made me want to kiss him, and hold him, and hug him, and never let go.

Then we were suddenly hugging really tightly, and breathing against each other, and then, suddenly, his big, soft, awesome lips were on mine.

Oh, wow!

Then the world really was mine!

I wrapped my arms around him, and felt his around me, and that was all that mattered. Except that he still had his pants around his thighs, and that wasn't right. And we both had our shirts on, and that wasn't right. And we had our shoes on, and that wasn't right. We corrected all those things in no time.

What happened next is just a fuzzy conglomeration of touching, kissing, tickling, stroking, licking, and sucking. Then sighing and hugging and kissing and touching and grinning.

And pure bliss...

FTT - Frankie's Tale