Josh D's Tale

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During the summer before ninth grade, high school in America, I was starting to be more and more sure I was going to be gay. We had changed clothes and showered in gym class in seventh and eighth grades, and seeing the other guys naked was really interesting. Sometimes I had thought that seeing naked guys was why I was thinking sex things about guys, and I would like girls more in time. But that was a hope that was fading quickly. Especially when my family went to stay with my mom's sister and her family that summer.

Beth and her husband and three kids lived in the country outside a small rural town. Their house was an old farmhouse, and the fields were now worked by a big company. They had bought the house a few years ago, and I liked visiting them for summer and holiday vacations. Their oldest was Jimmy, who was almost exactly six months older than me; then was Brady, who was nine; then Cassie, three. Jim and I got along great. We were almost like brothers. When we were small we had taken baths together the whole time I stayed there. We had stopped a couple of years ago. His was the first boy's dick I'd ever seen other than my own. We'd done the comparing thing a few times, and I'd had my first boner doing that with him when we were a lot younger.

The last summer we had compared again, and we both had got boners and jerked off together. We'd done that a few times. I was really looking forward to doing that again this summer. A lot.

So we arrived and got settled in, and Jim and Brady and I went out and ran around and had a good time. Jim, like me, was taller and deeper-voiced, and had a few pimples. His dark-blond hair was longer now, and his big, brown eyes were deeper. His face was round with a prominent nose and strong chin, and large, red lips. He was even a little taller than me, and surely stronger. I really liked how his pants showed off his big bulge, and his nice butt. He was looking really good.

I was such a dork by comparison. Skinnier, with reddish-blond hair, gray-blue eyes, narrow, pale lips, and a narrow face.

When we were alone that first day for a few minutes, we talked about having pubes now, and squirting when we beat off.

I asked, "So, you wanna do it again this summer?"

"Sure," he said with a big smile. "Been thinking about it a lot."

"Me too," I said with a nervous snicker.

I wondered if he liked it as much as I did, and if he maybe thought about guys as much as I did. I figured I could ask him sometime: We were really close, and I thought he was about the only person I could talk to about it. My friends were sure not open to talking about anything even slightly gayish. I was even sure I could tell Jim and he'd shrug it off, even though he wasn't, and we'd still do it.

So, we tried to get alone long enough to do it, but Brady was getting really clingy at nine, so we didn't have the chance. And they shared a bedroom, so it wasn't going to be easy. We stayed up late that night, playing video games, and when we were sure his little brother was asleep, we turned everything off then sneaked outside to the old woodshed in the back of the house. Jim's dad had fixed it up as a kind of man cave, with a pool table and big TV and a couch and stuff. It even had actual walls, a real ceiling, and carpet. One door, no windows.

"Dad keeps pornos in here," Jim said, picking the old-fashioned lock in the old wooden cabinet. "He probably thinks I don't have a clue."

There were three video tapes, and he put one in the VCR. We sat down on the couch and watched as girls and guys had sex. Man, it was hot. I'd never seen a porno before, so I was hard as iron.

"Pretty cool, huh?" Jim said.

"Totally," I agreed.

We both hand our hands in our pants by then.

"Wanna do something different this summer?" he asked, giving me that let's-do-something-bad grin.

Different? I thought, and asked, "Like what?"

He reached over and started unfastening my jeans. Talk about getting totally turned on. I mean, watching my first porno was hot, but watching Jim's hands opening my pants was making me shiver and breathe faster.

When he pulled my pants down, I lifted my butt. Then he pulled my underwear down, too. Wow! But then, as I got ready to do that to him, he reached for my dick and grabbed it! Fuck! I bet my chin hit my chest as he started jerking me off.

It was the best feeling ever! His hand felt so smooth and soft and warm. And he knew how to do it. It felt amazing.

He asked, "Want to do it to me, too?"

I didn't hesitate a second. I reached over, and with huge butterflies swirling in my stomach, opened his jeans, pulled them down, and then pulled down his underwear. Man, was it a huge thrill! And was his dick huge! It was almost six inches, easy. Big and round, and all red on the head. His balls were way bigger, too. And he had a lot more pubes - lots of light-brown hairs all around the base of his dick. I grabbed his dick. It was so hard, and so hot. I stroked it, up and down, and he went back to jerking mine. I didn't look at the movie again, instead preferring to watch his hand jerk me off, and my hand jerk him off.

We both laid back in the couch, and when I looked at him, he was either looking at his hand on my dick or my hand on his dick.

Some pre-jizz oozed out of his hole, so I smeared it around. He liked it as much as I did, judging by his hisses and his big grin, and the way he squirmed. It felt amazing when he did that to me when I leaked, too.

This was fucking awesome! I was jerking off a guy while he was jerking me off! Wow!

I wish I had lasted a lot longer, but it was the first time someone else had done it to me, so after just a couple of minutes I felt my balls shrinking, and that deep pressure building up, and I said, "I'm gonna shoot soon."

"Me too," Jim said with a snicker.

I was first. It felt like I was about to squirt my entire life's savings of sperm all over the ceiling! I tried not to make any sounds, but it was hard to keep from doing so. My whole body went tense as I shot off.

Man, I'd never squirted such a big goober before! It went all the way up to my stomach and got on my shirt! And it shot like three more times, but they came out more like usual and only made it to just below my navel. But it felt like I shot all the way across the room! Wow!

"My turn," Jim said.

I didn't even realize I was still beating his meat, but I was. So I watched as his dick got harder and thicker, felt it bend in my hand, and then fire off a nice big stringer than shot up even further than mine had. He had pulled his shirt up, I guess after seeing my cum get on mine, and his blob of cum landed almost on his chest. It stretched out, all long and crooked, thicker and gooier mine. I felt his dick bend and swell up as he shot three more times, all of it landing above his few pubes, then his dick moved but very little oozed out, and that got all caught up in my fist. It felt all slimy and warm, just like my own, but it was his, so it was so totally hot and sexy.

He made this sigh, then, all deep and long, and I saw his face. He looked so happy and pleased. That made me feel great.

We played with each other's softening dicks for a while, making each other jerk and gasp and laugh. It was really fun. The movie went on playing, so we watched it, and pretty soon we went for round two. Hey, we were fourteen, we had a lot of energy. That second time lasted a lot longer. My arm was getting tired before we even got close, but we both kept going until we squirted our second loads. Neither of us went very far that time, but we both said it felt even better than the first time. I nearly squealed it was so awesome.

I guess getting the other off got us off, because we always came almost at the same time when we did it the rest of the vacation. I always wanted to ask him if I could suck his dick, but I was worried he'd freak. I liked jerking each other off and wasn't willing to risk him not wanting to anymore if I exposed that I was gay.

The last day of our vacation, as we sat in the man cave, jerking each other off, he asked...

"Hey, you want to see what a blow-job is like?"

I almost came right then. I mean, it was such a surprise! I nodded, and he leaned down, and I felt his warm mouth engulf my head. It was fucking amazing!

For about ten seconds I felt the most awesome sensations of my life, and then I knew I was cumming. I said something like, "I'm gonna cum!" and then I was. He sat up some, jerked me like once, and then I was squirting a huge load! It even landed near my chest this time, the furthest ever! And man, did it feel like I was blowing the hugest wad of my life! He jerked my dick until I was done cumming, and then I didn't even ask, I just leaned over and put his dick in my mouth. It was so soft and smooth! It tasted like splooge and mushrooms. I liked it.

He didn't last any longer than I did. He barely warned me with something like, "Gonna shoot now!" before his cock swelled up in my mouth and shot his wad into the back of my throat. It tasted great! So salty and smooth, and slightly bitter. It seemed like there was a huge amount, but since I stayed lip-locked to his cock, I didn't see how much he shot off.

He groaned, "Oh, fuck, yes!" and held onto my head as his body jerked. "Fuck!"

I didn't stop until he pulled me off. I loved it!

"That was amazing!" he sighed. "I don't believe you swallowed my jizz!"

"It happened so fast," I said, hoping he'd buy the excuse.

"I'll do that to you the next time," he said. "It felt the best!"

We pissed around for a while, then we did it again. We didn't use our hands much at all the second time that last night, we just stretched out upside-down to each other on the big couch and did a sixty-nine. It was the best! We both took a long time, and we both came about the same time, and we both swallowed. Fucking amazing!

"Wish we hadn't waited until the last night to do that," he said afterward.

"Me too," I said.

I wondered if I should tell him I was gay or not. I didn't want to ruin it for the next vacation visit, probably over Christmas break.

"Next time?" he asked.

"Hell yeah," I said.

We sucked each other dry the next visit. We pretended to have sex by using the crack between our thighs. That was kind of great - feeling his jizz fill the gap between my balls and hole was fucking amazing. The last night that summer, I asked him if he wanted to do it for real. He was kind of surprised, to say the least, but he did. It hurt, at first, but once he got his dick and my hole wet with spit, it went in. It still hurt a little when he went too fast sometimes, but it was so great.

I told him I was gay a little over a year later, during Christmas break. He said he figured, since I seemed to really like being butt-fucked. Which I did. I became a real bottom-boy. We sucked each other and he fucked me until the summer we were almost eighteen. Then he was willing to jerk me off, but that was it. He still loved being sucked off, though. But even that stopped the next summer - he had a girlfriend by then.




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31-05-2018, 02:08

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I love a story of boys coming of age and discovering man to man sex and them selfs. I only wish I had, had that when I was growing up. But that is life. Thanks for the stories.


18-08-2020, 20:03

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Such a beautiful beginning experience


08-11-2020, 03:27

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It's a wonderful experience growing up with a special friend like that. I was very fortunate my best friend from kindergarten also turned out to be gay. Interesting even at such a young age we were pulled together whether by some attraction or just coincidense. We grew up learning everything about sex together. We started well before puberty and long before we even knew what being gay meant. I was crushed when he passed shortly after we turned 40.

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