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Sean's Tale

 Rated: X  Teens (**)



Growing up in and around Vancouver, I knew what gays were. Even back then I thought that Vancouver was some kind of gay Mecca. I knew I was gay at about twelve or so. I wasn't really curious about girls at all. I was interested in seeing what boobs looked like, and what a pussy looked like, but, man, even thinking about boy parts made me hard.

By the time I was in seventh grade and changing and taking showers in gym class, I was certain that I was gay. It was almost impossible not to have an erection in the showers! I would go home and I'd have to beat-off as soon as I could. Sometimes more than once. I'd always think about the boys in the showers. Even at night in bed, I'd think of the boys in the showers, and in their tight gym shorts, and never girls.

And I started having really strong, deep emotions for Barry. And some other boys, too. But because Barry was my best friend, it felt weird to feel them about him. But, wow, he was so cute! We've known each other for as far back as we can remember. And Barry and me are both geeks. Dorks. Nerds. We like video games, and books, and playing role-playing games, aren't in any of the popular cliques, and we don't play team sports. And we get good grades. So we gravitated toward each other.

Barry is sort of plump. Not fat at all, not even close. Just... juicy. He has soft arms and legs, but you can see the muscles, too. His sides don't narrow down to a tight "V" like the jocks, but they don't widen out like the actually heavy guys. He's just so... in the middle! Gawd! He's average height in our class. And because he's so plump, his ass is so... just... it just sticks out! All round and soft and just begging to be rubbed and kissed. He has sandy-blond hair that's usually shaggy and a little short. He sometimes combs it, but it really don't behave right for that. A round head and face with soft features. Soft, gentle nose, soft cheekbones, faint eyebrows, and a gentle, rounded chin. And the most amazing blue eyes. Really awesome ones! And heavy, thick, light lashes. Wow. Plus, his lips, oh man, perfectly plump and red. Wide, too. When he smiles, it's like a magazine photo of a happy guy.

Me, I'm so boring. Brown hair that I part down the middle, brown eyes, kind of a long face, sort of oval I guess. Pretty thin lips, but at least they're nice and red. I'm not skinny, but I'm thinner than Barry. You can see my ribs most of the time, and my hip bones sort of stick out a bit. I'm tall. Taller than almost anyone else in my class. The only thing that stands out about me is maybe my butt. Because I'm skinny, and I ride my bike a lot, I have a butt that shows all that riding. It's nothing special, Barry's is way better, so are other guys', but at least mine is better than most.

So, anyway, I was waiting for Barry to come over to play some video games one afternoon late in the summer before going to high school in the fall. We were both barely fourteen.

Anyway, he rode his bike over to my place. And it was pretty hot, especially for Vancouver. So he gets to my place and I open the door and he limps in, holding his right leg and grimacing pretty bad.

"What's wrong?" I asked him.

"Fucking cramp!"

He hobbled down the hall to my room and even had a really hard time sitting down on the floor in front of the tee-vee. He groaned in pain at every movement.

I hated that. Barry was my best friend, since we were too small to remember anything, and any time he was hurt it really bothered me. And seeing him having such a bad time was horrible.

He finally got sat down and was still grimacing. He was wearing a light blue t-shirt, yellow jogging shorts, short, white socks, and his favorite sneakers. He was so hot!

He rubbed his leg above the knee. I watched, getting a hard-on. I mean, he has great legs! And those yellow shorts weren't hiding anything. I could see that he was starting to get bigger, too. I was. By now I'd gotten some hair around the base of my dick, and it was growing, and my balls were growing and had dropped down some. And I just knew Barry's had too, even though we didn't have gym together in junior high.

I sat there, my dick hard, watching him rub his leg, wishing I had the guts to reach over and do it for him.

"Ah! Shit!" he grunted, then leaned down over his leg.

"What?" I asked.

He made a long groaning sound, then straightened up some.

"Fuck! I think it's just getting worse! Shit! Fucking hurts!"

He started rocking. He rolled his leg to the side and bent the knee, and gasped a little.

"You dehydrated?"

I knew that could cause muscle cramps.

"Have anything to drink today?"

"No. Skipped breakfast. Had to mow the lawn, and then came right here."

"Stupid fuck," I said, shaking my head.

I got up and went to the kitchen. I got a big glass of orange juice and another of apple juice and took them back to him.

"Here. Both of 'em. And not fast. Some then the other."

He got through about half of them, and I was still taking glances down at his lap and his legs. He had juicy, smooth legs, and those shorts didn't hide anything. I was so fucking hard. He kept grimacing and rubbing his leg.

"You want to play, yet?"

"Naw. Lemme get my leg comfortable first, man. Can't play with my leg trying to curl up."

"Is it still cramped?"

"Feels like the muscle is trying to tighten up too far or something."

"What one?"

"Thigh. In back. Fuckin' hurts. I think it's spreading to my calf, too."

"Man, it might get worse. You shouldn't of skipped breakfast. At least had some water."

"Whatever, doc."

I knew a massage would help, and the idea was so tempting.

"You know, other than fluids, massage is the only way to improve it. Get the blood moving and the fluids into the muscle tissue."

"Yeah, we both took Biology," he said, then almost finished the orange juice.

I was looking at his leg when it spasmed. He dropped the glass, thankfully it was almost empty, then grabbed his leg.

"Fuck!" he groaned, and bent down with his face almost against the leg.

"Man! I saw that one!" I said, amazed.

I picked up the dropped glass and put it on the table.

"Fucking killer!" he groaned, really in pain.

That was enough. I really wanted to touch and rub him, for other reasons, but that he was in so much pain was intolerable.

"Down the apple juice, now."

I picked it up and handed it to him, and he guzzled it down. I took the glass and put it on the table with the other.

"Come on."

I put both hands under his pits and helped him onto my bed. He couldn't get his leg to bend. It trembled as he held it and groaned.

I got on the floor and put his ankle on my shoulder and then moved his hands and started rubbing from near the end of his shorts-legs to his lower calf, sort of squeezing his leg like a huge tube of toothpaste. I put both hands on his thigh, right where the material of his shorts ended, thumbs touching and fingers touching, and squeezed as I drew my hands toward myself.

"Oh, gawd, man," he groaned softly after several passes. "Dude, yeah."

I could feel his thigh muscles trembling. And it was too hot, too. The skin felt like the muscles below were on fire. And the muscles in back were so hard. It was like he was pushing himself up with a car on his back.

The best thing, other than it felt good to him, was that I could just see up the leg of his yellow shorts. The yellow shorts were thin, so they let the light pass through, and it wasn't dark under them. I could see that he had on white briefs.

After a couple more passes, he sighed really nicely and his head went back on his neck. Now I didn't have to hide where I was looking, so I looked even closer. I could tell that he wasn't small anymore. I was sure I could make out the bulge of a nut, or maybe his head. Something round and about the size of a small walnut. I got so hard it tingled, and I was sure it got wet at the tip, too. Man, how it tingled! Even my guts.

I kept stroking my hands from his shorts to his ankle. Pretty soon, the muscles felt softer and more pliable. And the trembling stopped. He kept sighing and moaning, and saying it was getting better, and it felt good.

"Dude, you should, like, do sports medicine or something. You got the touch," he tells me.

He looked down at me now, his head no longer thrown back. His smile was good to see after the grimaces of pain. I shrugged, trying not to smile too much or give away that I really liked what I was doing.

I changed from squeezing his leg, to actually sort of massaging it. I even dared to get my fingers up under the legs of his shorts. I found out that I could sort of push the shorts up a bit, too, so I did. I had them up all the way soon. I could see his white briefs now, clearly. Gawd, that was hot!

I pushed my hands all the way up there, wondering how much he would let me get away with. The back of my fingers actually touched his briefs. I felt his sack behind the material. My dick bounced in my shorts. I was so turned on!

He moved his other leg away, sort of opening his legs some. I kept rubbing, touching his sack through his briefs each time my hand went up there again. He didn't seem to mind.

I was afraid to look up at his face. I was afraid I would see him looking at me in shock or something. I kept my eyes on his leg, trying not to stare at his crotch. My eyes followed my hands. My hands went as far up as they could get without being really obvious. I could feel little hairs way up there, next to his briefs. I wondered when he was going to say enough and have me stop. I dreaded that moment.

"Got any baby oil?" he asked.

"Um, yeah. Mom has some, I'm sure."

"Would you mind using some?"

"Sure. Is it getting better?"

"Hell yeah. If you don't mind doing it, keep going. Okay?"

"Sure. If it's making the cramp go away, I'll keep going. Be right back."

I almost ran. I didn't want to seem that into it, so I made myself walk. I was so... high. I felt like I could have flown to the bathroom and back with the baby oil. I came back with it and he was sitting there still. I saw a real blush on his face. He hardly ever blushed, but I saw one. I wondered how embarrassed he was, but how much it must feel better for him to put up with it. He smiled really nicely at me as I put his leg back on my shoulder. I squeezed out some out onto the top of his leg and then started rubbing it in. It helped a lot, and soon I was able to feel his muscles go limp and soft.

He was sighing a lot now, and managed to lay on his back. Which I fucking loved! I could see his package so perfectly! It bulged up like a little mountain, and I got his shorts leg to show me more of his white briefs. And for the first time, I saw something I had always wanted to see.

I'd seen it before, we spent a lot of time with each other, but this time it was different. This time I had his leg in my hands, and he was laying on his back. And I was touching him.

He had an erection.

It wasn't poking up all obvious or anything, but there was no way to miss it. It was lying against him, pointed to my right, the leg I was rubbing. And that made me think of my own. For the first time I looked down at my lap, and I saw that mine was so obvious it was ridiculous. I hadn't thought about it once. I was wearing my blue trunks, and they were thin, and my Fruit-of-the-Looms weren't hiding it all! He had to have seen it! If not before I stood up, then when I went to get the baby oil, and when I came back.

He had to have seen it!

And now he had one!

And he was still letting me rub his leg. I had to swallow, but it was hard to do. I was sort of shaking all over, too.

I could have filled my shorts with cum! I mean it! I don't know why it didn't shoot off right then. It tingled and jumped and went crazy! I was sure it was going to! I know for sure it got wet with pre-cum, no doubts!

He sat up, looking right at me. I knew I was blushing. I knew he knew I had a boner. I knew. He knew. I didn't know what to say.

"Wanna stop?" he asked.

"Uh, no. Not until the cramp is gone. Is it?"

He shrugged. He was so red-faced! He was grinning so weirdly, too. I didn't know what to make of it. Or what to think.


"Huh?" I asked.

"You can rub it as much as you want. It feels great."

"It does?"

"Yeah," he said, laughing.

He was so cute right then! So embarrassed and... just so fucking cute! He bit his lower lip with all of his upper teeth. It was so cute! He only did that when we were up to no-good. It was so totally adorable! I felt the most incredible tingles all through me! From scalp to toes! I was sure I was shaking all over, too!

I don't know where the guts came from that allowed me to do what I did next. I ran my hands up his leg, up his thigh, and right inside his shorts leg. My fingers went right between his leg and the bulge in his underwear, and I felt his nut move a little against my fingers.

He laughed kind of embarrassed like, and got even redder. Then he sort of pulled that leg of his shorts over, revealing his white briefs, and the hard end of his dick poking at the material. I inhaled, but almost didn't exhale. And I just stared at it, amazed.

"Remember the gun?" he asked.

We had sworn to never tell anyone about that, ever, for any reason. We never would. And whenever we mentioned it, that meant that what we were talking about or what we were doing at the time was a complete secret. It was rarely used, and always honored.

I nodded, trying to not to smile too much, and hoping he meant what I hoped he meant.

"This is sort of like that, but way bigger. Okay?" he said, his eyes locked on mine.

I nodded solemnly, hardly able to breathe, then said, "Even more than that."

He smiled even wider, then pulled his leg off my shoulder and stood up. Then he dropped his shorts and underwear to his feet and steeped out of them, and then sat down.

I was amazed! Stunned. And filled with the most incredible thrills and tingles I'd ever felt! Not since the first time I figured out how to jerk off! I felt like my body thought it was freezing to death! And it was hard to breathe!

It was beautiful! His balls hung just a little bit, the sack slightly wrinkled and both balls making their own bulges. A very few light-brown hairs here and there. His dick was a work of art! The shaft was the same color as his palest skin around his groin for most of it, then red near the head. And smooth! And straight! And his head was pink, so pretty a color of pink! With purple at the soft edges. Those edges weren't like some, all protruding and prominent, but were soft and subtle, almost not even there, except for the difference in color. And his head was long and smooth and rounded. From below, the edges came together gently and made a perfect little "V" there. His tube was nicely thick, and the hole in the end was small and almost tight, but purple, like the edges of his head. And there was wetness there, too. He had straggly hairs at the base, darker than anywhere else on his body. It was just a small patch just around the base, just like I had.

I'll never forget that first look. Never. Or how it felt when I reached out and wrapped my hand and fingers around it. So hard and soft and warm. I could feel his heartbeat in the solid core. I moved my hand down, then up, moving the loose skin along the shaft.

I looked up and saw him watching my hand, then he looked at my face. He smiled wider. I did too. We laughed a little, both red-faced. It was so incredible a moment!

Then I looked at his dick in my hand and stroked it. The baby oil made my hand slippery, and so I stroked it loosely, my skin sliding over his. I loved how the edges of his head felt as my hand and fingers moved over them. And how soft and supple his head felt when I massaged it. He shivered and jerked when I did that.

"Oh, shit! Sean! Man, that's excellent!"

He laughed a lot, almost not able to talk. I did too.

I got more oil and added it to my fist as I held his dick. I stroked it, making squishing noises. He jerked and hissed.

"Geeze! Fucking kick ass!" he said, so happily that just his tone of voice made me happier.

Stroking him like that was beyond incredible. It was... is there a word? I can't think of one. Heaven comes close. Nirvana? Pure bliss?

I watched my fist move up and down his cock, his skin barely moving over the hard core of it. The sound of my oily hand on his oily skin was awesome. But the feeling of stroking him off! My God! My guts were shivering and I felt like I was the king of Vancouver. It was unbelievable!

"Fuck! Stop! I'm gonna cum!"

"Isn't that the point?" I asked without slowing down.

"No," he said as he grabbed my hand and made me stop. I was so disappointed! "I want to do it to you."

I remember how I blinked a thousand times in that second. I couldn't believe it.

He sat down and patted the bed beside him.

"Serious?" I asked.

I don't know why I asked that. I really don't.

He nodded, almost laughing. I sat down next to him and he pulled my shorts down, then my underwear, then squirted some oil on the end of my dick, then started stroking me.

Yeah. Bliss, Nirvana, Heaven, all that? Not even close!

The feeling of his oil-slicked hand was awesome, but there was just something so much more going on inside of me. It was like every good feeling that ever was, all squished together, melted until warm, then poured directly into my soul.

My eyes went from watching his hand give me the most pleasure I'd ever felt, to his smiling face, and back and forth.

I'm not sure what I said, but I know I was vocal! He laughed a lot.

"Fucking kick-ass, huh?" he asked at one point.

"Best thing ever!" I replied.

I felt myself getting close and suddenly grabbed his hand.

"Going to," I said, looking into his beautiful blue eyes.

"Let's go together!" he said, smiling.

We both laid onto our backs and reached across, and awkwardly jerked each other off. It was incredible! We kept laughing and cracking up. One of us would squeeze and massage the other's head, then the other would do that. Then we'd go so fast that the squishing sounds were nearly constant. Then so slow the sounds stopped.

I was shaking madly and breathing fast and hard. And I felt so incredibly awesome! Not just the feeling of being jerked off for the first time, or the feeling of jerking someone off for the first time, but awesome all over, inside and out.

I watched our hands giving each other so much pleasure and wondered if there was anything anywhere that could ever feel so fucking awesome! I loved how it felt to stroke his dick, and knowing that I was making him feel something so good! That I was feeling it too was almost incidental and didn't matter by comparison.

"You going to?" he asked.

I could tell from his voice that he was about to.

"Not far," I replied, my voice as shaky as my body.

"Hurry, I'm going to!"

I slowed down on him, he sped up on me. Gawd! Fucking great!

I felt his dick move in my hand, like a live snake. Then he grunted, and I saw his wad fly up and land on his belly. One huge drop abut the size of a quarter, all pearly white with clear swirls in it. Then another flew up and landed next to his few dark brown pubes. He groaned again, long and low, and then more white and clear semen spurted out and over his head and my fist. I heard his wad squishing in with the last of the baby oil, and felt it, all warm and gooey. And that got me off right away.

For the first time, I shot my wad up to my chest. It was just a single little drop out of several that made it that far, but I felt it, and that was a real landmark to me. I barely noticed it, though. My body was in rapture!

I wasn't breathing, just barely gasping. My legs were locked out straight. My back was arched. My dick was jerking in his hand. Barry's hand! And his hand was making me have the most incredible, wonderful, intense orgasm I'd ever felt! And I could feel his dick having his orgasm in my hand. I could feel his warm, thick, gooey semen with my hand and my fingers! Oh... fucking wow!

My dick kept jerking and squirting, and I felt his dick moving in my hand, his warm cum squishing between his skin and my skin. I rubbed his cum over his head and he jerked and laughed, then he did the same thing to me. Fucking intense!

Then we were both panting and laughing, playing with softening dicks that made loud squishing noises.

So great!

We held onto each other like that for a really long time, looking at the ceiling, shivering from time to time, giggling.

One of us would play with the other, making him jerk and shudder and laugh.

"Wow," he finally said.

"No shit!" I agreed.

"That was awesome."

"No shit."

Then we were quiet for a while, just holding and playing with each other. Giggling, and making each other jump by wiggling fingers on dicks. I loved how his dick felt as it got softer. The slippery cum, the soft skin.

I rubbed his balls, too. I loved how they felt. He did mine, and that felt nice, too.

He looked over at me, and I noticed the movement, so I looked over at him. His blue eyes locked on mine. We smiled, and got red-faced again. We didn't let go, though. We giggled. Then he looked a little serious.



I was so afraid he was going to regret it now.

"Will you tell me the truth about something?"


"No, honest."

Now he let go of my dick and sat up on his elbow.

I did too. I was getting worried. He looked as serious as he ever did. We kept our eyes locked together, though I had to work to.

"Yeah, honest. What?"

He took a long time to think about it, looking away and then back a few times. I started to think I knew what he was going to ask me. He finally locked eyes again.

"Truth. Like the gun, and, this. What we just did. No one will ever know. Honest."


My stomach turned over. I started shaking again. And sweating. I could barely hold my eyes on his.

"I won't be mad. And I won't like you less. Not if you tell me the truth. If you lie, then... then I think I would like you less. Trust you less. Understand?"

"Yeah." Now I knew what he was going to ask, so I answered. "Yeah, I am."

There, I'd said it before he had asked. I almost felt relieved.

"You are?"

I nodded, and the relief turned into something hard and painful and scary.

"Okay," he said, then nodded at me. "I thought so. I don't care."

"Thought so?" I asked, horrified.

"Yeah. I mean, you blew that boner rubbing my leg. Sort of, you know, scoping out my junk."

"Sorry," I said, feeling humiliated.


"Seems... I don't know. Wrong?"


"I don't know!"

"Okay, don't get peeved."

"Okay. Just... seems like you shouldn't have to put up with your friend scoping you out or something."

"It's okay with me. Sorta... flattered. I guess."

We laughed, and that broke the heavy tension that had been building suddenly.

"It didn't bother me. Or I wouldn't have let you push my shorts up so far, you know."

I laughed in embarrassment.

"You noticed, huh?" I asked.

"Well, duh. Hard not to notice when a guy is pushing your shorts up far enough to see your junk."

I laughed again.

"So that... that's what made you notice I was... well..."

"Yeah. And when you got up to go get the baby oil. I mean, it was poking out your shorts like a pyramid."

Talk about feeling embarrassed!

"Sorry! Honest! I didn't even think about it!"

"No, you probably didn't! You were too busy scoping out mine!"

"I didn't even know you had one! Honest! Not until I came back with the oil and you laid on your back. Then I noticed it."

"I hoped so," he said, turning even redder.

"You did that on purpose?"

He nodded and said, "I was trying to figure out a way to bring it up. Talk about it. See if you'd want to... well... mess around. I mean, I thought, if you were so... well, excited, then maybe... you know..."

He laughed and smiled at me. And I was pretty sure that I started falling even more in love with him.

"I've always wanted to," I said, surprising myself.


"Yeah. Hell yeah. I mean, please... don't... don't like, hate me, or anything... but... ever since, well, I first kinda, figured out I... was different. I've always, well, liked you. You know?"

It was impossible to look at him as I said that. I was so worried that it would freak him out. But I had to tell him. Had to!

"You, you know... like me?"

I nodded. And I was getting really close to crying.

"Wow," he said softly. "Thanks."

I didn't know what to say or do now. Other than try not to cry.

"I don't see why, though. I'm such a dork. Why don't you like Cody Simpson, or Brad Masters? They're hot jocks. All the girls go for them."

"I don't know. They're... yeah, they're... cute, I guess. I see why. But... I don't know why I... I like you. You're just..."

I looked up at him. I saw why I liked him.

"You have the best hair, and the bluest, hottest eyes, and the cutest smiles, and the best face, and I love the way your eyelashes are so thick and so blond, and-"

"Okay! Shut up!" he said, turning red and grinning, looking down at his hands between us.


He shrugged, then looked up at me.

"You really... like me? That way?"

"Fuck, yeah. Honest. Sorry if that makes you uncomfortable or something. I just do. The way you look, the way you are. The person you are. Not just how hot your body is."

I fucking love you, I thought, afraid to actually say it.

"Not just... not just the way I look?"

"No. Not just your hot bod. Or your your cute face. Or just your looks. I mean... I love everything about you, man."

Then the tears started.

"I'm such a fag!" I whined.

"Dude! Sean. Don't be like that. You're Sean, man. So what if you like the dick. I don't care. I won't. We've been best friends since we could walk. We'll always be best friends. Okay?"

I nodded, fighting off more tears. I got them under control, but barely.

He touched my shoulder, and I looked at him. He smiled at me, making me feel really comfortable.

"You... you don't think I'm... sick? Or... twisted? Or something?"

"Fuck no! I'll never feel different about you. You're my best bud. Okay?"

"You really don't?"

He shook his head and smiled, still rubbing my shoulder.

"I won't let on, you know that, right?" he asked.

I nodded again.

"If I ever do, you can always say how we jerked each other off all the time, make it look like I was, too, or something. So don't worry about it, okay?"

I nodded again, then said, "Well, once is hardly all the time, but I know what you mean. And I don't think you'll ever tell."

Someone knows I'm gay! kept running through my head. And he don't care! He still likes me! Yes!

I felt so relieved! And happy! And light!

"Um, yeah. Once. Um, I hope you'll want to again. Right?"

"Again?" I gasped.

"If you want to."





Boy, did we ever do it again. And again. Before high school started, we had lost count of the times we'd jerked each other off. Every day while our parents were at work, we'd spend hours doing it. Usually two or three times. All kinds of ways. With baby oil, with spit, with butter, motor oil, everything we could think of. Dry, even, our hands loosely sliding over our dicks. Fast, so slow it was torture, just rubbing the heads, anything we could think of.

After school started, one weekend, I asked him if he wanted a blow-job. He said he'd been dying to ask me if I would. That became our new regular thing. I'd suck him off while he jerked me off. He even gave me one on my birthday! And Christmas. He got a girlfriend next year, and we didn't do that anymore. I understood why, but it still sucked, bad. I didn't have sex with anyone again until I went to college.




FTT - Sean's Tale