Gordon's Tale

 Rated: X  ages 14 (**)


It happened during the summer between eighth and ninth grade. His name was Mark.



Let me start with a few basics. I was born in Missouri. My folks had six kids – three boys, three girls. I was the youngest boy and one sister was five years younger than me.

I discovered early on that I really liked looking at boys with no shirt on. Even when I was too young to understand why. A bare boy’s chest just was so.. my older self wants to say; beautiful, sexy, hot. But at that young age I didn’t know what any of those things were. I just knew I liked boys’ chests. Don’t get me wrong, when I got older I liked girls too, just not as much. If I’d ever had to choose between one or the other, boys would have won hands down.

I had started playing with myself around ten. Sliding down poles on swing sets, hovering over the water jet in pools, and eventually rubbing the front of my pants like crazy was just freaking amazing.

Why was I the only boy who knew about this? I wondered. Am I weird?

My brother, who caught me more than once, finally told me I wasn’t a freak. He said I was a little young, but all boys figure out different ways to do ‘it’ in different ways and at different ages. What a relief!

My family moved around a lot when I was a kid. I remember living in five different houses before we moved to Florida when I was eight. Moving so much made it hard to make friends. I’d always try to pick one to be best friends with, but to the rest I was more like an outsider. 

When I was eight, my father had gone to visit my oldest sister in Florida, found a great job there, and we packed up. All of us, except my oldest brother. He was old enough to live on his own and he wanted to stay. We moved to a central Florida town a few hours from Orlando. It was a great place to be a boy. You could wear just shorts and no shirt most of the year. There were times I played outside dressed that way on Christmas day. Funny thing about Florida – almost nobody who lives there is really from there.

We lived in five more houses in Florida before I met Mark on the first day of eighth grade.

I was off in a corner by myself waiting for the bell and our teacher, when this guy just walked right up to me, arm stretched out, and said. “Hi, I’m Mark.”

I didn’t really feel like being bothered, but he seemed friendly, and he was totally cute. He had a huge smile. Clean face. Small kind of rounded nose. Light-red, thin lips. A hint of dimples as he smiled. He was pale for Florida, only a slight tan. Brown hair, kinda wavy and just a little curly, parted on the left, neat and tidy, cut shortish just above his ears. About 5’2″, so a good four inches shorter than my 5’6″. Not much muscle, but more than bony, lanky me. His eyes were the most beautiful light brown. Like cocoa. Ya know, he looked a lot like Albert from Little House on the Prairie, except his face was a little rounder.

He was wearing slightly tight jeans that showed he wasn’t small and bald down there. No way! His button-front shirt had the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Tennis shoes and low-top white socks. He mostly looked like your average guy, but he made my heart beat faster, my palms sweat, and my pants get tight in front.

He was hot! So I shook his hand before it got really sweaty, and said “Hi, I’m Gordon.”

He looked at me with a puzzled grin, and said, “You don’t have any accent at all. You sound like you’re from here.”

I probably had a ‘what the fuck’ look on my face as I asked, “Accent? What were you expecting?”

He blushed! Oh so fucking cute. 

He said “Um, you’re American.” Not a question, more an admission he had made a mistake. 

He blushed even more! He was so cute! I thought I was going to bone up. 

“What did you think I was?”

“I thought you were Mexican.”

I looked him right in those gorgeous eyes, and asked, “Why?” 

He said, “You look like one. I mean, you’re so dark.”

He was so red I almost made a joke about instant sunburn, but he actually looked terrified. 

I was totally confused.

He said, “Can we start over?” He smiled real big, those small dimples showing, held out his hand again, and said, “Hi, I’m Mark.”

Cripes! He was so cute puppies would be jealous!

I shook his hand and said, “Hi, I’m Jose.”

We both laughed. Okay. I had a new friend. At school anyway. His family had just moved from Michigan. Nobody in Florida is from Florida. He lived in pretty much the opposite direction from the school that I did, so no way we could be more than at-school friends.

As the day went on I met more new people. It seemed that there had been an invasion of Yankees into our school. I also found out I had three classes with Mark: General math, Science, and – OH HELL YEAH! – gym, sixth-period, last of the day. We didn’t dress our first day, so no changing and no showers. Damn. But Mark and me picked lockers together. I was more than just looking forward to tomorrow! I couldn’t wait to see more of him!

Day two of eighth grade. So by last period, gym, I had built up a lot of, ummm… hopes? So Mark and I get to our lockers and start undressing. First thing I noticed was that not everyone was wearing white underwear. There were colors; red, blue, and something new, briefs that were longer but tighter – boxer briefs, but I didn’t know what they were called. Man there were bulges everywhere! No boners, but some looked, ummm fuller? More than soft, anyway. Like mine! It was so difficult to keep it from it boning!

He took off his shirt, and I was like, wow! He was beautiful. His chest was perfect. Not bulgy or all muscle, just perfectly shaped pecs. Small pink nipples with unusually small brown rings around them. A fucking six-pack! Dude had abs! Smooth skin all the way down. Then he dropped his pants! He wore tighty-whites, like me. I tried not to look, I didn’t want caught looking, but I took a quick peek out of the corner of my eye, and saw a nice, big, full bulge! Yes! No baldy little peenie down there! He had almost no body hair. His legs and body were smooth, and looked oh so fucking soft.

I was shocked that I didn’t blow a full woody! Must have been nerves.

We finished getting into our gym clothes and went out to the gymnasium. Shirts vs. skins touch football.

I thought, no way! I’m dead! How can I possibly not get hard?

Mark was on my team. We were shirts. Both good and bad. Good, I wouldn’t totally bone up seeing him shirtless the entire class, but bad, because I wouldn’t get to see him shirtless the entire class. Then shower time. I tried not to look as he took off his shorts, but for the second time in a day I was checking out his package. But this time, it got even better. Totally naked!

Okay this year it was going to be hard to not be hard.

His skin looked soft and smooth. His legs and body had almost no visible hair. His pubes were dark brown but not a full bush, thin and just at the base of his dick. It was about three inches, not thick, about average. His head stood out – nice edges. Both balls hung a little but not far down. They were well defined. Like pecans. Definitely two of them there in that smooth sack with no visible hair at that distance. His legs were smooth and slightly tan. Nice calves. His thighs showed a little muscle but fit his body. His upper body was barely darker than his lily-white perfectly shaped buns. His ass was fucking perfect. 

Everyone looked in the showers, but I noticed he looked a lot, and was pretty sure he checked me out more than a few times. He didn’t hide at all. He faced front and didn’t try to hide his dick. He did not seem shy at all. He was confident. Not at all ashamed. Hell he looked great, why be shy?

Time went on, and I got better at looking without looking. I actually noticed everybody looked. I mean not stares or like they wanted to more than look, but at one point or another everyone looked at everyone else.

Mark looked. He looked a lot. He looked at me. A lot. I was starting to think… maybe?

Whether he was or he wasn’t, he was becoming the best friend I had at school. We really synced. And I really liked him. You know what I mean. He was hot, fun, and everything. I liked everything about him. His hair, his body, his smile, his laugh, his personality, and mostly his incredible eyes. Such cocoa eyes are so rare and so beautiful.

Everything about him screamed sex and sexy. I must have been in love. In lust at the very least. I was jerking off thinking about him pretty much every day. I nearly forgot about other guys.

Where we lived was a lot of orange groves, corn fields, and small hidden lakes great for skinny dipping. I had fallen in love with being naked outside. Yep I was hooked. I loved being in the sun. I loved being naked in the sun even more. I loved beating it off in the sun the most. So where we lived was perfect for getting off in the great outdoors.

Things were going great.

Then, right before first quarter ended, my mom and dad said we were moving. That week.

My heart sank.

Then they said it was closer to Dad’s work, and to our schools.

The same school?


My heart beat again. 

It was back to our old neighborhood, where we’d lived when we first moved to Florida.

We were kept out of school on that Friday to move. My other brother had graduated and joined the Marines at the end of that summer before eighth grade. I missed him. But because I was the only boy still at home, I had my own room for the first time in my life. In the new house, I would have my very own room that I had never had to share!

We got up early on Friday after being up late Thursday packing, then moved in several trips. Man I wished my brother had been there. I didn’t even get my bed set up until like ten that night. I was beat. So I skipped my usual… okay, I hadn’t beaten off.

Then, Saturday, I woke up hard as hell. But I had to pee, so I went, then everyone was up. Damn it. I missed my chance.

By noon I was done helping unpack, and Dad said I could take some time to learn my way around again. I wanted to set up my first room of my own the way I wanted, but the need to take care of a certain business was too strong to wait. So when Dad said go, I went. I was hard the second my foot hit the pedal. I took off on my bike pedaling as fast as I could. By the end of our street my shirt was off and over the seat. I remembered some small woods, and I wanted to whack off in the sun, so I made a left and took off, getting harder just thinking about it.

I had been only nine when we’d moved away from that neighborhood. Now I was back, and I was fourteen. I was old enough now that I was free to ride my bike wherever I wanted as long as I made it home on time. Now I stood about 5’6" and I was skinny, and I don’t mean thin, I was skinny. No chest, noodle arms, and stick legs. If my shirt was tight enough or I was shirtless you could count my ribs from a block away. But I was tan as hell. I had sandy-brown hair that was really wavy, almost curly, especially when it got a little long before I was made to cut it, which parted on the left and swept across my forehead. If you saw me on the street back then you’d think I was maybe a surfer dude. I wore a lot of cut-off jeans. Really short cut-off cut-offs. I liked showing what I had, you know? And I liked not having pale upper legs. I didn’t look like the semi-brain I was.

So now we were mostly moved in and I’d been given the green light to take off. So take off I did. I found those woods I remembered, got in a good hidden spot, and took off everything. Well, I kept my shoes on. If you’ve never lived in Florida, there are sand spurs and stinger needles. Shoes are highly recommended when off the beaten path.  

It was fantastic. I walked around naked and took my time. I stroked then stopped, and dared myself to go further from my clothes. The sun felt so good on my bare skin. When I finally shot it was powerful. I pointed it at myself. I wanted it all over me. I wish I could say I thought about Mark, but I only thought about how the sun felt on my naked body. How good my dick felt in my hand. I shot all over my chest and stomach. I so wanted to leave it there, but… well I had to clean up. I was going looking for old friends, I didn’t want to smell like dried splooge. I only had one option. I had never done that before. I only sort of tried at first, but then I wanted it all. I discovered I really liked my cum.

Okay, I’d taken care of one task, now I needed to find some kids my age to hang out with. My two friends from back then were out of the question. I still wasn’t allowed to hang out with them. Long story made short, the law was involved and I’d rather not get into details. Wasn’t my fault, and my parents were right to do it. Let’s just leave it at that. So first I went to the bowling alley. Bunch of little kids and dads. So I headed back the other way, passed by our new street, and kept going. Past the old field. Nobody my age, so nobody to recognize from when I had lived there five years ago. I was getting discouraged, and hungry, so I turned my bike around and started home. I was halfway back when I saw a boy riding toward me. I sped up a little. We got closer. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. It was Mark!

We talked, and he took me to meet some of his friends. All younger than us. His little brother was there. Man they looked like different aged versions of each other. It was like a time mirror or something.

Now that we lived close to each other, we became inseparable. If I was there, he was. If he was there, I’d be there soon.

I couldn’t have been happier.

A few weeks into the second quarter, Mark got grounded. His grades were bad. I knew he was struggling with science, but he had Ds in English and Civics. I had both of those classes too, just not the same period. I needed to do something, so I headed over to his place and knocked on the door. He answered and told he couldn’t have company. I told him I was there to talk to his mom or dad.

He was totally shocked. After a bit I convinced him to call his mom to the door. I stood up straight, looked her in the eyes, and asked if I could tutor Mark. I told her what my grades were like and that I knew all Mark needed was some study tips. I even said if his grades didn’t improve she could ground me too. By the way, by now I had only met Mark’s mom twice. She asked if she could call my mom. I gave her the number. After they talked a bit, I was in his room and we hit the books.

Two tests later mark had a solid C+ and a note from one teacher saying the turn around was incredible.

Yeah, I totally impressed his mom. 

The rest of the school year we did homework together, and by finals he was a B- to B+ in everything but English. He got a C in that.

Now I was his mom’s favorite.

Mark kept sneaking looks in gym. Not just at me, which were harder for me to catch – though I sure did – but at all the guys. I was almost sure he was gay too. I just didn’t know how to find out.

I was so deep into him by the time school ended. I thought about him all the time we weren’t together. I pretty much only thought about him when I took care of business. I wanted him so badly it almost hurt.

I knew I was in love.

Summer. In Florida. Hot, humid, often stormy.

My soul was wracked with a storm of lust and love – named Mark. I ached. Yearned. My desire for him was almost my entire being.

Then Heaven opened up and shined down on my unsuspecting and undeserving soul with its light of pity.

One day his folks and little brother went to Orlando for a day-trip. As a reward for his better grades he got to stay home instead of taking a boring trip. 

We hung out all day, mostly around the neighborhood with other friends. We rode to his house to get some drinks and because the sky was getting dark really fast. A storm was coming. Common enough in Florida, especially in the summer. I didn’t want to leave, but it looked like a bad one. I finally had to head home. Only I had waited too late. I wasn’t a hundred yards from his house when they sky opened up and it fucking poured. I was instantly soaked and I could barely see. I turned around, and as fast as I could, raced back to Mark’s.

I banged on the door yelling “It’s me! Let me in!”

He opened the door and I dashed in. I was soaked to the bone and dripping like a sprinkler all over the floor. I looked up and Mark was in only his underwear. And not the usual tighty-whites, but tight blue briefs. They showed off his package really well! So hot! I stared and started sprouting wood right away.

He told me, “Strip and I’ll get you a towel,” and went to get one.

I watched that great butt walk away.

I was shocked. He was almost naked, we were alone, and he told me to strip? And I was still getting harder and harder. No way!

Okay, I could see why, I was making a pretty good mess on the floor. But seeing him in those tight blue briefs, and then walking away, I was hard as hell!

The phone rang. I could hear him talking, but not everything he said, but soon I heard him say, “Gordon’s here. He got caught in the storm. Can he stay over?”

Stay over?

He leaned around the corner of a wall and said to me, “Do you want to?”

Do I want to?

Y E S !

Be cool.

“I have to call my mom and ask,” I replied.

He told his mom that, said we would be okay, then, “Love you too,” then hung up.

He came around that corner holding the phone and he held it out to me. He was still hard in those tight blue briefs!

I was almost too stunned at the sight of him to even think. I felt like I was in a trance. Maybe all my blood was down below and my brain was on low idle.

I called home, unable to take my eyes off of him. Mom was so relieved I wasn’t out in that storm. She said yes, I could stay there, then I hung up. 

He took the phone from me, took it back around that corner, then came back with a laundry basket with a towel draped over the side of it. And still in those briefs and nothing else! He hadn’t pulled on some shorts or anything. Not that I minded one fucking bit! Damn he was hot!

He looked at me and said, “Get stripped, damn it. You’re making a mess.”

I was terrified. I was totally hard! I looked at the floor, at the mess I was making, and out of sheer shyness, then back at him. I looked down. His bulge was bigger than before. No way to miss that! I looked at the mess I was making on the floor again.

What choice did I have?

I started taking off my wet clothes.

I couldn’t take my eyes off him. His dick was moving in his underwear. By the time I was naked it was just barely not poking out of the top of the waistband. He didn’t even try to hide he was getting hard! He didn’t look away from mine either. Which was out and exposed and fully hard. So embarrassing!

I was really skinny, so my six inches stuck out pretty good and looked like more. I was usually proud of that, but standing there right then, I really wished it would go down!

He took my clothes to the laundry room. I dried off. I heard the dryer come on. When he came back, he was still in those tight, revealing blue briefs, still totally boned up, but now the very tip was barely poking up out of the waistband. He hadn’t put anything on again! CHEERIST! I could see where the two coronal edges came together on the underside of the head, and the hole!

I looked away, but I couldn’t keep looking elsewhere. My eyes kept going right back to that pretty pink tip just barely poking out between that waistband and his smooth skin.

He looked at me with that big, cute smile of his, and said, “I know you’ve caught me looking in the locker room. I’ve seen you looking too. And… yes, I am. Are you?”

Then he gave me a look with a question in it.

I was sure I’d heard what he said, but I was also sure I had heard it all wrong.

I wanted him to be, but he just couldn’t be. No way I could get so lucky the cutest guy I knew, my best friend too, was gay too.

It was like I was in shock.

He stood there looking at me, that questioning look on his face, in just those awesome briefs, hard, the pink tip poking out. It wasn’t easy to keep breathing.

“You didn’t answer my question.”

I felt my chest vibrating with every beat of my heart. It throbbed through my chest and back. I was suddenly almost panting, I was breathing so hard.

I was so… I don’t know! Sort of, confused? Lost, but not really. Just… fucked up!

But I finally started thinking.

He had told me he was. I wanted him to be. He was. He had asked me if I was.

I didn’t know how to handle it. But I wasn’t going to pass this up!

All I could think of to say was, “I don’t know. Let’s go to your room and find out?”

That grin and look he gave me was like nothing I’d ever seen before. He turned and walked down the hall. I was so shocked at myself for saying that! And at that grin he gave me. And that he was going to his room! I just stood there for several seconds before I followed him. When I got to his door, he was sitting on his bed. Like a robot – one with faulty wiring, all short-circuiting and sparking inside – I walked over and sat down next to him.

I was on his bed! When I sat down I finally noticed I was naked! I had totally forgot! I was so into looking at him in those incredible briefs that I just forgot! It occurred to me that he had not once offered me a pair of shorts or a robe or anything to put on. I said so, needing something to say in that moment.

He replied “You never asked. You had a towel. Why didn’t you cover up with it?” 

I wondered where that towel was. I must have dropped it somewhere, at some time.

His grin told me he had sure noticed. And he liked seeing, because he couldn’t keep his eyes off my junk. I couldn’t believe I had simply forgot I was naked after seeing him come back still in his briefs, and still totally boned, and then peeking out of his briefs.

I wondered if he’d arranged it. You know, like lowered the waistband, or adjusted his boner, to make the very tip peek out of the waistband like that.

Whether he did or it just happened to be just that long didn’t matter. He could see mine, and was sure looking, but I couldn’t see his except for the very pink tip.

No fair!

I didn’t answer his question about why I didn’t use the towel to cover myself. Instead, I just reached down and pulled his underwear off. He let me! Then there it was. I’d seen it soft in gym class so many times, but not alone. Never hard. Not… like that!

It was even better than I had imagined all those times!

I guessed it was about five inches or a little more. The shaft was smooth, inviting. His sack was pulled up pretty tight but I could still see both balls. Like perfect pecans. The head was enormous compared to his shaft. It was leaking pre-jizz like crazy.

I was really skinny, so my six inches stuck out pretty good and looked like more. Kind of thick, not huge, but I was proud of it. I had about the same amount of pubes he did, not quite as dark brown as his. My balls hung just a little more than his, but barely, and were just barely bigger.

We sat looking at each other’s stuff. No more reason to pretend.

I looked up at his stunning eyes, he looked into mine. Those eyes! That smile!

He leaned toward me. I leaned toward him. My heart tried to jump out of my chest.

We kissed.

A little awkward at first, then we found a rhythm. Our mouths opened and our tongues began to dance.

I was in heaven! This was happening!

Our arms went around each other. Our hands rubbing bare skin. I felt the first drop of pre-cum on my head. We broke the kiss. He was breathing hard. So was I.

I looked down and saw he had leaked even more! I wanted it. I wanted what it was coming out of that beautiful cock. I had to have it.

I pushed him gently onto his back, then my lips and tongue started the journey down that wonderful body, stopping for a minute or an hour on each delicious hard nipple. I could smell his musky sent. I was so turned on I thought I might blow my nut before I even got where I intended.

I licked the tip and got my first taste of another boy. I thought I was going to cry. It was amazing. So sweet. So thick. He was moaning deeply. The sound was like pure pleasure. And so was the knowledge I was causing that pleasure for him.

I felt a tear run down my cheek. 

This was so much better than I had dared dream.

I took him in my mouth and sucked like my life depended on it. He squirmed under me and grabbed my hair. He pulled me off of it.


He kept pulling until I looked up. 

“Not yet.” he said, “I’m too close. Lay down.” 

I did as I was told. He began rubbing my chest, then started kissing his way down. I felt his hand wrap around my rod.

“Your fucking huge!”

His voice was like a song. So soft. His touch sent shock waves through my entire body.

I watched his lips kiss every inch all the way down, then they opened up and closed around my dick. Then I felt the most amazing sensation of my life. Like warm velvet engulfing my dick. Nothing should even be allowed to feel so good.  He took just the head in, and was licking and sucking. I felt my toes curl. It was… I cant even describe it.

Suddenly my mouth felt so empty. I needed his dick back in it. It was like he read my mind. He moved around, never letting go of my dick, until his perfect cock was directly over my face. I grabbed his ass and pulled my mouth to it.

The pressure behind my balls felt like a damn about to break. I was going to bust a nut already!

His cock swelled in my mouth as I sucked it’s sweet, salty goodness from it.

My cock swelled in his warm, wet mouth. I started to warn him, but he clamped down on me like a vice and sucked harder. I exploded. It felt like jets of lava shooting out from my balls and erupting out of my dick.

He shoved his magnificent cock deeper into my mouth and I felt it jerk in my mouth. I tried to swallow as he began letting loose, but there was so much rushing into my mouth I couldn’t handle it all. It was so sweet. No bitterness at all. Some salty taste too. I wanted more. I got it!

I could have died happy right then and there.

After what seemed an eternity, he collapsed on top of me. We were both laughing. We laid there for a long time, then he turned around and laid his head on my chest. His soft warm breath felt like summer.

He said “That was the best thing ever.”

I agreed.

He laid there, head on my chest, breathing so softly now that the intensity of our love making had subsided. I thought he might be asleep. Then his head turned, and he looked me in the eyes. How could his eyes be even more beautiful than they had been before?

His look was serious.

He swallowed, then said “Gordon, please tell me that meant as much to you as it did to me. Please say this wasn’t just … sex.”

I didn’t say a word. I pulled his head closer and kissed him. A deep passionate kiss. Flavored with our cum.

After a long while, I said into his mouth, “I love you Mark.” 

I had tears pouring down my face.

In no time he was lying with his head buried in my chest, crying too. I held him as tight as I could. It wasn’t tight enough.

It was pure Heaven to lay there with that beautiful soul lying on me, in my arms, being there with me as I was being there with him.

It was dark when I felt his dick moving down there against my balls. Soon our dicks were pressed together and jumping like crazy again as we kissed passionately, desperately trying to become one with each other.

He sat up on me, straddling my lap, my erection tucked beneath his balls against his warm taint. He leaned onto my chest with his hands and grinned at me all cute and sexy, and moaned, “I want you inside me.”

I was in shock. It took a second for me to realize what he was asking.

“Are you sure?”

He purred, “I’m sure. Pleeaase fuck me.”

Something about the way he said that didn’t feel right. Guys talked about fucking chicks. I didn’t want to fuck him. He was too good for that word. It was crass and mean and gross. What I wanted to do with him was… better. Somehow. Then I knew.

“No” I said, “But I will make love to you.”

He seemed really happy about that.

But there was something I wanted to do before that. Something that was embarrassing and weird, but I was dying to. After that first experience with him, and with that new-found joy of sex with him, I had the guts to tell him, “But first I want to eat you.”

I never saw him move so fast! He was over my head in a flash. He lowered himself down so I could get to his honey hole. First I sucked in his balls. They were warm and salty and earthy. I could smell a faint bit of what you would expect down there. It made me even hotter. I released his balls and began to circle that lovely hole. He moaned and ground himself down on me. I was loving it. The sounds he was making let me know he was too. For the second time in a day I was giving pleasure to the boy I cared more for than anyone I had ever known.

I worked my tongue deeper and deeper into that forbidden spot. After several minutes he spit on his hand and started rubbing on my cock. He started to scoot down. I stopped him.

“No” I said. “I want to look in your eyes.”

He grinned so hotly I almost melted!

He turned around, then backed down until his ass was over it.

I felt like I’d not only won the lottery, but had been given immortality too, as he guided my aching cock with his hand toward his most secret and personal place.

He lowered himself down and I felt the warmth and softness of him. I gasped out loud and grinned as wide as I ever had.

He lowered himself more, and more, and more. It hurt. Him and me. It was not going in. He spit on it some more, rubbed some on his hole, and tried again. He pushed down harder. Harder. He grunted in pain. So did I. But we both wanted this so badly. I know I needed it. I needed inside him like I’d never needed anything before in my life!

He lifted off, spit on my cock even more, more still. I pulled his gorgeous backside closer and spit onto his yummy circle and rubbed it around it and into it. He groaned and moaned. I did too, as he worked his spit all over my sensitive, aching head.

He’d leaked more pre-cum, lots of it, so I scooped some of it off my stomach and applied that to his hole too. All of it. I worked it onto and into his hole. It made his soft, warm circle very slick and slippery. I prayed enough.

I licked my fingers clean of his sweet, salty fluid. It tasted like purest honey and manna. God, everything about him was just the best!

He smiled so cutely as he lowered himself down again, guiding my throbbing, pulsing cock toward his warm, tight sphincter. As he lowered himself again, I held onto his hips, hoping I could help guide him, and maybe help it not hurt him. As he let more of his weight drop onto the pinnacle of my desire, I felt him give way! I felt it start to slide into him!

He gasped and smiled even wider. He looked more beautiful than ever! The thrill of entering him filled me with electricity and sparks and fire!

I felt my entire head almost pop into the tight, glorious warmth of him. I groaned so loud! It felt just… amazing! I was inside him! Just the head, but that was absolutely awesome! He felt like velvet! Tight, elastic, velvet.

Then he grimaced and stopped. It was obvious it was hurting him some, but it was just as obvious he wanted it as bad as I did. I tried to steady him with my hands on his hips, hoping with all I had that it didn’t hurt too much, that it would stop, that he would continue. But only if it didn’t hurt him.

He grinned – so it must not have hurt too much – as he slowly slid down my aching cock a little more, then he stopped, then a little more. I could feel his tight ring of muscle slowly moving down my shaft, and more and more of my pounding cock engulfed by his satiny heat.

After repeating this again and again, I was all the way in. Finally! He smiled at me like he had just done the most incredibly awesome thing ever! As far as I was concerned, he had!

Then he began to rock back and forth, so slowly. He grimaced, but grinned, too.

It was amazing! Beyond amazing! There isn’t a word for it!

I could feel his warmth, his heat. The incredible tightness of his muscular ring, and that indescribably soft warmth inside of him.

After everything I had experienced in such a short time, this was even better!

I held onto his hips as he picked up the pace and started moving up and down. It was the most incredible sensation! I was being ridden by the hottest boy I’d ever seen, let alone known! I was inside him!

My dick came out a few times but he got it right back in. There was no more pain in his eyes or in the sounds he made as he bounced on my lap.

I tried to keep looking into those wonderful eyes, but mine wandered when he closed his in ecstasy, or when he threw his head back and moaned loudly. I took those chances to look at the rest of him.

Those beautiful pink nipples with such small brown rings. Like no others. The curve of his neck. His defined but not muscular pecs and abs. The way his dick bounced up and down as his body moved. The nearly constant stream of silvery-clear pre-cum it dribbled onto my skin. The way his balls hung slightly then spread just a bit as they landed on my body. The movement of his strong but lean, and so smooth thighs as they worked to lift his weight along with his lean but strong arms, braced on his hands on my chest or shoulders or upper arms.

And the beautiful colors his head turned, darkening and darkening, from pink to pinkish-red, to red, to reddish-purple, to purple. By then a pool of his pre-cum was beginning to run off my side, which tickled, and added another sweet sensation to a nearly overwhelming crowd of them.

When he moaned, “Oh Gordon, this is fantastic!” I felt as if I’d made the most important person in the world happy.

He kept saying my name, louder and louder. Hearing my name in his sexy voice as he rode me was intensely, overwhelmingly intoxicating.

And his face! He looked so beautiful, so happy, so… perfectly wonderful.

He suddenly stopped with my dick buried fully in his ass, his back arched, and he pretty much screamed "Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuck!" and shot so hard it hit my neck.

(I never touched it. His hands were on my chest as far as I can remember. He even said later it was the first time he ever came without touching it.)

Stream after stream of thick cum shot out of his dick and all over my chest and stomach. It felt so hot! His dick bounced incredibly energetically as those ropes of white flew like banners. My hands remained tightly gripped onto his hips. His hands were nearly clawing into my shoulders.

The feeling as his hole clenched down again and again sent me over the top. I exploded! I was pumping the thickest, hottest, biggest load of my life! That feeling of release inside of him was beyond any orgasm I’d ever had before. More fulfilling and rewarding and intense than I would have ever believed.

Then we stopped and were perfectly still, our breathing in total sync – hard and fast, like we had just sprinted a marathon.

He smiled like he had not only won a marathon, but had in record time! That I had made him feel that way made me feel at least as wonderful.

It was another moment that I could have died happy.

My dick was going down inside of him faster than it had ever gone down before. It was drained. So was I. So was his beautiful cock. It lay on me, in that puddle of his sweet, clear fluid that was nearly pouring off my side now, still tickling. What seemed like the entire contents of his balls was splashed over me from my neck to my navel. So warm, almost hot, and just… like it belonged there! The smell of it made my stomach rumble and my mouth water.

I fell out of him, which sent shivers through my entire body as my tender, sensitive head slid through his ring.

He collapsed on top of me with a deep, loud, satisfied sigh, smearing his warm slippery, sticky mess between us. We laughed and panted and kissed tenderly and deeply, wrapped in each other’s arms.

I had never felt so close to anyone in my life as I did right then. I never knew I could feel so close to someone.

He whispered into my ear, “I love you too, Gordon.”



I told this to Ray as best as I could remember it. Trying to describe the emotions as well as the action. When all was said and done, the style, and more descriptive detail Ray used made it even closer to how I felt when it happened. More than once I had to stop to clear my eyes as I read the final draft. Thank you Ray.

There is something else I want to make clear. For over 2 years I never touched anyone but Mark. I could have. Boys and girls. I never wanted to. Later on I was pretty much a slut, boys girls, 2 boys at once. But from 14 to almost 17 I had one lover. My first, and my best. It ended with neither of us at fault. My family moved back to Missouri when my father died the day before I turned 17. It ripped the heart from my chest. First I lost my dad. Then I  lost Mark. It was, and still is the worst week of my life.

Part Two is in the works. Check back!


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