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Brady's Tale

 Rated: X  ages 14 and 16 - incest - brothers (*)


True story - Brady



My older brother and I had a pretty good relationship. Pretty normal. He bossed me around sometimes, but wouldn't let anyone else.

I was a pretty normal kid. Had friends, did stuff with them, got okay grades. Nothing special.

Until I turned thirteen, and all I could think about was boys.

When I was twelve, my older brother showed me how to find pictures of naked girls on the internet. Back then videos were rare and behind pay walls. How far we've come. I was jerking off to porn pics by thirteen. I also had a few pubes around the base by thirteen. Nothing much. I came by then, too. Also, not much, but it was awesome as far as I was concerned. I'd seen the big messes of white stuff in the porn pics, but I made a much smaller mess of mostly clear stuff. It felt good enough, that's for sure!

When I was about thirteen, I found some pictures on a couple sites that didn't have any girls in them. Just guys. I was hooked, and I knew it. I liked dicks and balls.

Pretty soon I slid a finger in my ass. Experimentally. It made for a really great orgasm! Then it became two fingers. Then three. Eventually, all four. I'd pretend it was some hot dude's big dick, and finger-fuck myself as I beat off. I loved it!

Just after my brother turned sixteen, and I was fourteen, our folks got him an old car. He also had to get a part-time job to pay for gas and insurance and repairs. He was hardly ever home after that. I got to use the computer a lot. I was putting about anything up my ass that would fit. And bigger and bigger things fit. I needed bigger and bigger things. At first it was the old bathroom plunger's handle. Then a rake handle. By the time my bro came home drunk one night, I was using the fat end of a half-size souvenir baseball bat that was thicker than my dick and probably thicker than most older guys' dicks.

He was almost seventeen, I was almost fifteen, when he came home one weekend night totally fucked up. He was supposed to be out with his friends and their dates, and then stay over at one their places for the night. Without the girls, of course.

He had secretly told me they were actually going to drink beers and then do it. Him and his girlfriend. The other guys and their girls, too. Supposedly.

Anyway, instead of staying over at his friend's house, he came home. Drunk. Really drunk. Really late. He managed to sneak in and upstairs and past our sleeping folks' room, but I saw him go past my door. I decided to go tease him about being home and probably not getting any pussy. Hey, we're brothers, it's what we do.

He was so sloshed that he just waved me off and stumbled to his bedside.

"How drunk are you?" I asked.

"Totally!" he laughed quietly. "Like, totally smashed!'

He was! He slurred and even had trouble getting his jacket off. Then he fell on his bed.

"So, how was the big date? Get any?"

He laughed into the bed, then said, "Fuck no! Prick tease!"

"Ha-ha! You got blue balls!" I laughed as I sat down on the bed next to him. This was going to be fun!

He grabbed me by the shirt and pushed me onto the bed. He got on top of me, then stayed there. I wondered if he was going throw up on me! He sure looked like it!

But he just looked at me, all kind of funny.

"Go close my door, then come back here," he said, and pushed me off his bed.


I figured I was gonna get a sexy story about touching boobs or something. I closed his door and sat on his bed. He pushed me onto my back again. Then he got on top of me. He pulled my shirt off.

"What the hell?" I asked, grabbing at it.

"Shut up. You're gonna like this," he told me.

"Like what?"

"What you do with that little baseball bat," he told me.

Did he know? No way!

Then he started pulling my sweatpants down.

"What the fuck?" I asked, grabbing at my sweats.

He put one hand over my mouth, told me to be quiet, then let go of my mouth, rolled me onto my front, then yanked my sweats all the way off.

For real!

I tried to look over my shoulder to see what he was doing, to be sure, but he pushed my head back around and my face into the bed.

Okay, to be totally honest, I'm pretty sure I wasn't trying to look to make sure he was actually going to do what I thought he was going to, it was more to see his cock.

He moved around some more, and then got on top of me again. He spread my butt cheeks with his hand, and then spit in between my cheeks.

"No way!" I said, trying to get out from under him.

He was way stronger than me and it was easy for him to keep me down on the bed.

And, to be totally honest again, I wasn't really trying too hard to get away. I was more just surprised this was really happening. And I didn't want to seem like I wanted it to.

And then I felt him pushing his dick up between my cheeks! For real! He was really going to fuck me!

I'd thought of being fucked, sure, even a couple times by my brother, but not like this. And not very much. But it was almost... interesting.

Until he got the tip of his dick in the right place and gave a shove.

It hurt! I almost screamed for Mom and Dad.

I mean, I'd never shoved anything in my ass. I'd always glided it in, with plenty of lube, slowly and such. He didn't. It was a sudden shove. It did hurt. It was almost as thick as the souvenir bat.

He pulled it out some, then shoved it back in. All the way. I felt it way up in there, pushing against my guts, and his pubes against my butt cheeks, and his balls in between the back of my thighs!

Yeah, it hurt, but... there was something about it. Something was... exciting about it. I was totally boned against his bed as he fucked me.

Part of me wanted to make it stop; part of me wanted to have it happen; and part of me was sort of outside of me, watching, wondering what I was going to do.

I remember him grunting, "Oh, yeah, that's some good, tight ass," and things like that quite a few times. I was sort of... flattered? Something.

I was sort of being raped by my older brother, and it hurt some, for sure, but I was liking it. Sort of. Enough that I laid there and let him fuck me, as my boner was pushed against the bed over and over. It felt pretty good!

His dick in my ass was feeling better and better. The pain was mostly gone, and the feeling of my bro's big dick in my ass was starting to actually feel pretty damned good. Even better than that souvenir baseball bat. It was making me get off!

"Take it. Take my dick," he grunted, his mouth next to my ear.

I even moaned back, something like, "Oh, yeah!" or something similar, as he shoved his big dick into my ass gain and again!

He was fucking me hard enough to make loud slapping noises. Loud enough I suddenly worried...

"Mom and Dad might hear!" I warned him in a loud whisper.

He slowed down, and stopped moaning out loud. Now his breath was hot and fast and right into my ear. I could smell the beer. He still mumbled stuff, like "That feels so fucking good!"

I moaned too. Just grunts and stuff, but sometimes something like words came out.

Yeah, I was liking this!

He fucked me hard again, but not fast, and kept it quieter.

I was making a wet spot on his bed under us. God my dick was tingling and surging!

After a while, maybe three or four minutes, he started going faster and harder again. Then he shoved hard, a couple times, all the way in again, and stayed there. His dick was pushing up against my insides pretty hard, and it kind of hurt, but it was so sexy and hot too. He grunted a few times. I felt his dick sort of wiggling in my hole, and inside. I was sure I felt liquid inside me. So weird!

Then he fell on me with a grunt. His dick was still in me, but I could tell it was getting softer and smaller, until it popped out. It tickled when his splooge started running down my taint and onto the back of my sack.

I was sort of in shock. And halfway to cumming. And kind of scared.

"Go to bed," he finally said, as he rolled off of me.

He just laid there, like he was going to sleep. I think he actually did.

I got up, still totally in shock. I didn't know what to think. Or do. I pulled up my sweats and walked out of his room, into mine, closed my door, turned off my light, and laid down on my bed.

My boner was forgotten. Still in shock, I laid there and thought about it for a long, long time. I knew he didn't mean to hurt me. He probably didn't even know it had hurt. I didn't tell him it hurt. I didn't even tell him no, or to stop. I didn't even really resist.

And I'd liked it. A lot.

After that long, long think, I ended up feeling it was sort of more hot and sexy than scary or anything, and I got boned up again, and thinking about it the whole time, the fingers of one hand up my slightly sore butthole, I jerked off an amazing wad. It was the most, the strongest one, the best one so far, ever. I thought I was going to lose my mind.

I think I fell asleep on top of my covers with my dick in my hand and my splooge drying on my stomach.

I woke up that way, got hard, and got off.

I was afraid to leave my room, but once bro left, I did.

When he got home later, he acted like everything was totally normal. So I did too.

That night, in my room, I almost hoped he would come and do it to me again. Maybe more gentle and more sexy. But he didn't.

It was a while before I began to realize that he really didn't remember it. Or if he did, he thought it was a dream or something.

Nothing like it ever happened again. Though he did let on that he knew about the gay pics I was looking at on the computer, and about what I did when I was looking at those pics. He showed me how to delete the browser history. Later, much later, he even told me he knew I was gay.




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