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Simon's First Time Tale

 Rated: X  ages 13


I had no idea how lucky I was until years later. - Simon



I was thirteen when I got to do something with a guy the first time. I sort of knew I was going to be gay about eleven. I remember swimming at the community pool and being really interested and tingly when I looked at some of the older boys in their swimming trunks. I was so curious about what they had in those trunks. Not to mention that their butts seemed so... sexy, I guessed. I didn't know what it was about boys, but my eyes were always drawn to scantily clad boys. In the summer after sixth grade, I remember spending all the time I could at that pool, my dick hard, looking at boys swimming. The girls were sort of interesting, but not much, and definitely not as interesting as the boys. I was especially drawn to boys with sandy-blond hair and blue or green eyes. But, hell, any boy would do to get me hard by then. I barely had my first pubes and no idea what was going on yet.

I learned to jack off that summer. I caught a boy jerking it off in the showers at that pool. There were stalls with plastic curtains you could shower in, and I was watching a really cute boy walk ahead of me. His butt was making me really hard and it was starting to show in my trunks, so I ducked into a shower stall when he did. There was a guy in there, about sixteen or so, standing sideways, bent over a bit and looking down at the floor, jerking it off. I saw him doing it for a few seconds before I let go of the curtain and ducked into the next open stall. I copied what I'd seen, and was immediately hooked. I must have jerked off for an hour in that shower stall, until my dick got red and puffy and I absolutely had to stop because it was getting more sore and painful than pleasurable. I didn't cum. Not at all. Not that I remember. No big rise in pleasure level, no pulsations, nothing like that. Just a constant enjoyable tingling as I played with it.

But that night, in bed, as I played with it for the second time, I had my first dry orgasm. I remember my body wracked with torturous pleasure, my back arched so that my butt came up off the bed, and the pulsing and throbbing intensity of my first orgasm as it twisted through me.

I guess jacking it off every day, sometimes three or four times, started my puberty development, because during that summer my dick grew a lot, and my balls dropped and grew way bigger. By the time I started seventh grade and changing in the showers, I was one of the biggest boys in my gym class, and had almost the most pubes of anyone in my year. I was just over average in height and build, but I had one of the longest dicks and the most hanging balls in the showers. A couple of boys had some hair above their dicks, but I didn't yet. But still, my dick and balls were as big or even longer than most of the other boys in my year. There were other boys with bigger ones, for sure, just most of them were a year older. Except for one.

I had four good friends in my gym class, and they were mostly still bald down there and were still really small overall. Peter, so ironic a name, had brown hair and eyes, and was pretty good looking, but had such a small dick and balls he was teased about being a girl in disguise. David was part Latino had a few wispy hairs around the base of his dick, which were easy to see because they were black, like his eyes. His body and dick and balls were growing fast too, but still not as nice as mine. Carl had sandy-blond hair like I loved, and green eyes like I loved too, and was so cute to me recently. His dick was growing, but still hairless, and his balls were dropped and looked really nice. And he had the cutest butt in there. Steve had reddish-blond hair, freckles, and brown eyes, and was super-skinny. His dick wasn't very long, but it was nice and fat with a fat head on it, but his balls were still hidden in a round, featureless sack. Marcus was mostly African-American, a dark caramel color, and had a nice long one even though it was still hairless. HIs sack was all wrinkly and his balls were hard to see, and he had one of the nicest butts in the showers. They were my closest friends in gym class, and we chose lockers next to each other. I loved watching them change into our gym clothes, seeing them in those short shorts during class, getting naked after class, showering, and standing around until everyone was out of the showers before the coaches let us go to our lockers.

One boy in gym class really stood out to me. He didn't have many friends, just two, and they were always together and rarely talked to anyone else. They were gaming dorks, brains, or just nerds. One of the three was kind of cute, one was a total dork, and one really didn't seem to be a dork at all as far as his looks. He had sandy-blond hair that was slightly wavy and curly, green eyes, braces, nice red lips, a nice jawline and a round face. He had these awesome pink nipples - big but not huge. No hair on his body except the pubes starting to grow around the base of his huge dick. He was on the skinny side of average, pretty tall, with a sot of flat butt. But his dick was one of the longest one there. It had foreskin, was really long and hung way down, and his balls were big and looked heavy, and they swung around as he walked in a way that made it almost impossible not to blow a big boner. Just the very tip of his head peeked out of his foreskin. That dick was always so plump and full and hanging down, like it was mostly hard, or getting hard, or was going down from being hard. His foreskin was thin enough that it revealed the long, sleek shape and contours of his head clearly through it. He had to have the longest head in class, except Meyer, who was black and had this incredibly long head on his dick. He was in eighth grade, and had tons of pubes and big balls. But most noticeable was how long and oval his big head was. It wasn't all that much wider than his shaft, but it was so long. It was sort of pinkish beneath his dark skin tone. His dick was usually all soft and floppy, but that head hung off the end of it so temptingly. But, still that nerdy guy's mostly hidden and obviously long and sleek head mostly hidden by his foreskin was the best one in the showers.

His name was Jeff.  God, how often I jacked it off thinking about jacking him off, or sucking that huge dick, or anything. I wondered what it would be like to have that big thing pushing up into my ass.

It was so hard not to stare at him in the showers. Him and his friends changed in a different row of lockers, and I almost ached to watch him undress and see that big dick fall out of his underwear, or to see him bend over and get a peek at his hole. So, yeah, Jeff was my first major crush, and I had it bad.

Being gay back then was nothing like it is now. Now you can come out and say so even in junior high, but back then, even being suspected as gay meant you'd lose friends and be made fun of endlessly. Even if you weren't. Plenty of guys got tons of shit about being gay, and I was sure then as I am now that almost none of them ever were. So I hid it as well as I could from everyone.

But I took every chance I could to get an eyeful in the gym class showers without being caught.

The problem was that Jeff drew my eyes so compellingly. It wasn't just that his dick was almost always so long and pump, or that his balls were so big and pendulous, or that he had the hair I loved, or eyes like I liked, or even that he had a pretty nice body in total - it was probably all those things together. I didn't even care he wore braces on his teeth. In fact, they seemed to add something to his overall attractiveness to me. He was not homely at all, not to me anyway. His face was soft and gentle, mostly round, with a long nose and juicy, red lips, and a good jaw. I loved his pink nipples. Steve had the same pink nipples, and I loved them too. There was just something so hot about pink nipples to me. Steven's dick was mostly pink, and I loved that a lot. Jeff's big dick was pretty average in color, but that very tip of his head peeking through his foreskin was nicely pink and made me want to drop to my knees in the showers and roll that foreskin back and see if the rest of his plump-looking head was just as pink.

More and more often, I would look up from glancing at Jeff's body or dick in the showers or while we waited to be released to our lockers, and I'd see him looking back at me. Many times I stopped looking at him for a while, afraid he would figure out I was looking at him so much, but I would end up looking at him again after a day or two. And he'd be looking back.

One day we were in the showers, and I looked over to see him bending down washing his lower legs. Man! I could see his hole! It was staring back at me from between his spread cheeks, and I could see his balls hanging down through his legs, and I blew a boner in an instant. I turned back to the wall and forced myself to think about everything else until my dick stopped trying to humiliate me. That was too close. So I stopped looking. For a couple of days.

It seemed like he was teasing me now. You know how you mostly shower at the same place? Your friends next to  you? Well, this one day, he was closer than ever before, just three shower-heads away, two unused showers on the other side of my friend Steve. It was about as close as I'd ever been to him in the showers, and it was really awesome. I could see smaller details than ever before. I saw that his pubes were thicker than I thought, but were a bit hard to see because they were so light a shade. I could see there were a few wrinkles in the very end of his foreskin, and I could see the ones on his sack. I could see the way each of his nuts moved around in his sack, too, mostly hidden by that long, plump dick hanging down in front of them.

When I looked up, he was looking at me, kind of smiling.

I looked away and didn't look back again.

Then, the very next day, he was even closer in the showers. Right on the other side of Steve. His friends were on the other side of him, moving along with him. I guess they didn't think anything about moving a couple showers along the wall. But I sure thought a lot about it!

That day I could almost see individual pubes and hairs on his sack. I could see how the foreskin wrinkled around the end of his head, and how smooth it was where it clung to the contours of his long, oval, sleek head. I could just make out where the ridges were at the back of the head, and how the shaft was slightly thinner just behind that point. I could even see that the hole in the end was more a slit than an actual hole, and that there was a cleft there as well. His dick was mostly smooth and perfectly shaped after that point, right up to where it entered his body beneath his sparse, light-blond pubes. It seemed almost exactly the same diameter the entire length, except a slight narrowing just behind his head.

It had to be seven inches hard. Had to be. It was at least five inches hanging there in the showers.

When I glanced up as I turned, pretending to be innocently just turning and not looking at anything, like you do in the showers, he was looking at me as he turned.

Then he was facing away, and bent over to wash his legs.

There was his hole again! Tan and pink inside his pale cheeks. And his balls hanging down the other side.

And then I saw him looking at me through his legs.

I turned away, hiding my growing boner by facing the wall and showered and thought about homework.

I saw him glancing at me several times, and again as we waited to be released to our lockers.

As he laughed with his friends, I was sure he was making fun of the fag looking at him. I was sure I was going to be discovered any day. It became horrifying.

I didn't dare look at him for days. And then when I did, it was very quick glances and then away. I often saw him looking my way when I did. I looked at him during class more often than in the showers now. He wasn't bad looking at all. Not to me. I knew most people would consider him dorky, mostly because of his braces and his awkward ways, but I was so hooked.

There was one day we were playing hockey in gym, and we were both on the bench at the same time. I was on the front row, and he and his friend were up about four rows. I saw up the leg of his shorts. I saw a nut hanging a bit out of the side of his briefs, but that was so hot! It was better than the full view of his naked body in the showers in a way. I couldn't stop looking. Over and over again. He saw me looking up once. He was smiling a bit, like he was hiding the grin. When I glanced back, he had leaned forward a bit, and had his forearms on his thighs, and one hand was slightly holding out the leg of his shorts, and he was spreading his leg out wider, giving me an even better view. And then he was looking right at me, with that secret grin.

Then he bounced his eyebrows at me!

I didn't look back again. Not once. I didn't even look at him in the showers. It was a couple of days before I even dared to let my eyes glance over him in the showers again. He was still on the other side of Steve. We saw each other looking at each other, and he turned to face me full on, and washed his hair, then his chest, then turned away and bent over, and washed his feet and shins, looking at me through his legs. I started boning up, so I turned away.

As we waited in the front of the showers until the last guys were out, I turned to say something to one of my friends, and there was Jeff, almost next to me, arms crossed, glancing at me out of the corner of his eye. Grinning.

I got the same show in the showers the next day. And after showers, he was standing next to me, his friends close to him. Guys always kept a foot between us as we stood there, and he was, but barely. And once he reached down to scratch at his knee, and his butt touched the side of my hip. So warm, soft, and... I started getting hard. I stepped to the side as casually as i could and pretended I hadn't noticed.

Day after day, I got that show, and he stood next to me in the waiting area, and sometimes he 'accidentally' bumped into me. Sometimes that happened, sure, but it became an almost every day thing. And I was always looking forward to it. It became a forbidden, taboo dance. One or the other of us would reach down to scratch a knee or rub a shin, and our butt would just touch the other guy's hip or leg or butt.

We started meeting eyes. Grinning secretly. Glancing down as we did.

I knew. I knew he knew. We both knew.

I decided to talk to him after school. Soon. If I could work up the guts.

The biggest problem was that we were in different cliques. I was part of the 'normal' crowd, and he was one of the dorks. Being seen talking to each other would raise questions and concerns.

Then I heard about how he was a math or physics tutor through the after-school programs. It was extra credit for him, and help for guys or girls who needed the help. I was pretty average in math, and doing okay in physics, but I knew asking for extra tutoring wouldn't raise any questions. So I blew a couple physics exams, and asked my teacher if there was some way I could get some extra help with the lessons. He told me about the turoring program, of course, so I went to the offices after classes that day and asked about it. It was possible to ask for a certain tutor if you wanted, so I asked if Jeff could be my tutor. The teacher said he probably had a day free and he'd let me know.

The next day, Jeff had a really big grin during gym class whenever I glanced his way, and he did the usual show in the showers, and bumped into me really slowly as we waited after the showers. It wasn't as much a bump as a slow, soft grind of his hip against mine. Almost too much to get away with!

Then, as I was walking out of gym class, he walked up to me.

"So, Mr. Swanson says you need some help with physics?" he asked, glancing at me and away, over and over.

"Oh, uh, yeah," I stammered.

I wondered if he really knew, and if he knew why I had asked if he could be my tutor.

I noticed he was blushing. His cheeks were rosy and patchy, and his grin was so cute.

"I have Tuesdays and Thursdays free," he said, then bit his lower lip.

Gosh, that was so cute! He had dimples! Little, tiny, almost non-existent dimples when he was grinning really widely and biting his lower lip.

"Can I have both days?" I asked, surprised at myself.

"Sure!" he said happily, then laughed a little bit.

So damned cute! This was as close as I'd ever been to him, and he was just absolutely adorable up close!

We were almost exactly the same height, so we looked right at each other levelly. That wasn't frequent, as some of us were still short, some barely in puberty, and some growing really fast already.

"We can meet in the library after school," he said, "Or, if you want, you can come over to my house. It's more private, and no one will know you're getting tutored."

"Ummm, where do you live?" I asked, immediately interested in the private lessons, of course.

His house was a long way from mine. Too far to walk, for sure. When I said so, he said, "You can take the city bus. The tutor program gives free bus passes."

There was a city bus stop one the same block where the school bus dropped me off. That would work great.

"They'll give you the pass at the tutor's office. Just ask for it."

"I will."

"Okay. You know how to get to my house?"

"Should be easy to find," I said. I knew enough about the bus system, having ridden it to get around since I was about ten or so.

"Cool. So see you tomorrow?"


"Great. Bye!"

He nodded then turned to head down the west wing. I liked the way he walked. It was smooth and almost graceful. His butt was smallish and kind of flat, but it was still nice the way it moved as he walked. He looked back and saw I was watching him walk away. He smiled.

The next day, I was so nervous as we showered. I was sure somehow everyone knew I was suddenly friends with a brainy-nerd and was going to his house later. I barely looked at him, and only once did I see him looking at me. He smiled at me, so I smiled back for the first time.

Then, the bus ride to his place was nerve wracking too. It seemed like everyone knew I was heading to a guy's house. I didn't know what to expect, but just the fact that I was attracted to him, and he seemed to be interested in me, made the entire escapade seem so obvious and strange. I was sure nothing was going to happen, I mean, it was just a stupid pipe-dream, right? I was misreading it all. He was just kind of flattered that one of the 'normal' guys was being friendly, that was all. But I hoped it was more than that.

My guts were twisting around inside me as I walked the couple of blocks from the bus stop to his house. It was as easy to find as I thought. The addresses were orderly and predictable, and then there was the house number on a typical two-story shingled house sitting among a dozen others just like it except colors and small details. They were older houses, some run down a bit but still taken care of for the most part. I was used to manicured lawns and landscaping, brand new cars in long driveways. These lawns were mostly neat and tidy, but plain and without fancy landscaping or lighting. The cars parked on the street were older, some rusty, some not, but no new ones to be seen.

I walked up the front walk, up the five steps, and was about to knock when the door opened.

He'd changed clothes. Now he was wearing new-looking jogging shorts that were just a bit baggy, and a tight, red t-shirt. I could smell cologne. Nothing expensive, but kind of nice. He was smiling really cutely as he stepped back and waved me inside.

The front room was nicer than the outside let on, and there was newer furniture, along with newer carpet and drapes and paint. We talked about what topics we were studying in physics as we walked down the hallway to his room. I was surprised at how nice his room was. So tidy it looked like an expensive hotel room. Blues and creams mixed nicely, and two big windows on one wall made the room open and sunny. Almost as big as my room, and just as nice. He had lots of awards for science projects and academic pursuits on a shelf above a nice wide desk with two swivel office chairs at it. He sat down in one and waved me into the other one.

The first thing I noticed as we got out our books was that he wasn't wearing any underwear. He couldn't be. I could see the round, long shape of his dick along his left thigh, and the bulge of his balls on the other side of the seam of his shorts. The end of his long dick was less than an inch from poking out of the leg of those tight shorts. Then I noticed how creamy and soft and smooth his thighs looked.

It was when he leaned back that I noticed where I was looking, and for how long. I was shocked at myself. I looked up to see him smiling at me, blushing darkly. Man, the way his cheeks blotched and burned was really neat. And then I noticed his red lips framing his smile, and how his nice green eyes sparkled.

I actually mumbled, "Sorry," and went back to taking my books out of my pack.

"For what?" he asked, still looking right at me.

Well, for what? I asked myself. Stupid asshole. That was as good as admitting you were looking at his junk! Idiot!

"Nothing," I forced myself to say, then concentrated on getting my physics book and notebook ready.

"Can I ask you something?" he said, getting his things ready as well.

"Sure, I guess. What?"

I got my pen and opened my notebook, and then my physics book to the latest chapter. He still hadn't asked anything, so I looked at him.

Damn it. So cute! I was starting to really sweat under my arms, on my back, along my neck, and on my face. I was sweating, but he looked like he was about to burst into flames. His face was so red now that a lobster could have mistaken him for a relative.

"Do you like looking at me in the showers as much as I like looking at you?"

I clearly remember his words, like they are carved in my brain. And I remember exactly what I thought.

Did he just ask me that?

Then he said, "I see how you look at me almost all the time."

He said it softly, without any recrimination or accusation. It was a gently delivered fact as he looked studiously at his desk or something on it.

Then he said, "I like it," cleared his throat softly, and added, "And I really like looking at you."

I felt my body shaking. Every muscle was quivering. I don't think I took a single breath.

We was still looking down at his desk, when he said, "If you don't want to talk about it, that's okay. Maybe I'm being stupid. I just thought..."

I felt his discomfort, and his embarrassment, and his tortured concern. And I hated it. I wanted to make him feel better. I wanted to reassure him.

When he glanced up at me, his face heavy with his emotions, the fright and worry so evident that I could almost reach over and peel it off of him, I broke.

"I fucking love looking at you!" I said quickly, in a hurried rush to relive his pain. "You're the hottest guy in our class!"

I was stunned at myself! I hadn't even thought of the words first, they just came out on their own. And as soon as I'd said them, I knew I meant them. And I didn't regret them at all when I saw how they brought a smile to his face.

He bit his lower lip, in that cute way of his, his braces barely visible on his upper teeth. He snickered once, and blushed even darker, and sort of wiggled in his chair. It was all so adorable!

"I'm a total dork," he scoffed. "I don't even know why I thought you were looking at me, in, you know, that way. You're the good looking one!"

I wasn't deluded, I knew I wasn't a stud, but I also knew I wasn't bad looking at all. Sort of nice looking, in ways. Having Jeff tell me that he thought I was good looking was really flattering. And raised my hopes even further.

And I needed to make him feel better about himself. He seemed to have such low self esteem.

"Dude, Jeff, you're not a total dork. You've got awesome hair, fucking awesome eyes, and a really nice body! You're not fat, or skinny, and... you have just the nicest smile!"

His smile then was a perfect example, so I nodded at it and said, "See? That's so cute!"

It was the fist time I'd ever called anything cute in front of someone. It felt weird, and like I'd exposed myself somehow. But it felt so true and so right, that I had to say it again.

"Hell, Jeff, everything about you is cute!"

He laughed, chewed at his lower lip, and seemed to almost curl up in his chair a bit.

"Can I tell you something?" he asked, glancing at me a couple of times, but mostly intent now on his own hands in his lap.

"Sure. Anything."

I was hoping for his big reveal, that he was gay, that he liked me, that he wanted to... well... do it.

"I was hoping you didn't really want physics tutoring. That you came over here for... uh... some other reason."

He seemed to shrink in his chair. It was almost painful to see.

I didn't know what to say or do, but I had to say or do something. So I did what seemed the most obvious, and what I really wanted to do anyway.

I reached out and put my hand on his bare thigh, midway between his shorts and his knee, and softly squeezed it. So warm, so soft but firm, so smooth.

My guts clenched in fear of his reaction, and at exposing myself so extremely.

His head flung up and he looked at me in shock, but with a grin that proved he wasn't horrified at all. He looked down at my hand then back up at my face. His grin widened. He put his hand on top of mine.

"I really like you," he whispered, his face now softening into something so adorable I could only have one reaction to it.

I leaned forward, closed my eyes, and soon I felt his lips on mine. It was like being electrocuted! His hand pushed down on mine, and I squeezed his thigh tighter, and then I felt his hand leave mine and come to my thigh.

Our lips began moving against each other. I don't recall any conscious effort to do so, but soon we were writhing our lips together and panting in short breaks. I dared to move my hand up his thigh, and as I felt the edge of the short's leg, his hand moved up my thigh and found my lap. I moved my hand into the leg of his shorts. Almost instantly I felt the tip of his cock lying along his thigh, so I brushed my fingers up along it until I felt the hair at the base, then I moved down to find his balls on the other side of the short's seam. He moved back in the chair, loosening the grip of his shorts on his junk, giving me more room to explore and fondle him. His dick was hardening fast, and I felt the way the shorts slackened even more once it pushed its way out the end of the leg. I followed it from his body to the end of it, marveling at the length and girth and heft of it. I could feel his heart beating through it.

Then I felt him unfastening my jeans. I sat back a bit,  as much as I could without breaking the endless kissing we were experiencing, to make it easier for him to get my jeans undone. Then he pulled them open and groped my growing erection as it began pushing up against my briefs.

Shit, those first touches were so intense and electric! I shivered from toes to scalp, and could barely breathe during the short breaks we took to do so between pressing our writhing lips together.

Then he tugged my jeans down, and I followed his suit by letting go of his long dick to tug his trunks down with both hands.

"My parents won't be home for over an hour," he said breathlessly. "Let's go to the bed."

"Yes," was all I said, was all I needed to say.

We walked toward his bed, sideways, groping and helping each other out of shirts, then his trunks, then my jeans and underwear.

As we sat on his bed, naked, kissing, I almost felt as if I were outside my body, yet more fully in tune with it than ever before. I could feel the texture of the bed spread on my butt and thighs, the carpet on the soles of my feet, and the luxurious smoothness of his body as my hands roamed over every square inch of it. Best of all, I could feel the electric, tingling touch of his hands as they explored my body, and the contact of our hot lips as they experimentally clashed and entwined. My heart pounded at my ribs, my breaths were short and rapid when we weren't locked together at our lips.

We dropped to our sides, kissing and touching, and crushed our bodies together. His enormous dick felt like a snake as it wriggled against my lower abdomen. His skin felt so soft against my throbbing erection. I'd never known such overwhelming sensations existed.

Our arms were wrapped around each other now, hands caressing backs and lower, lower, until we were cupping and massaging each other's asses in frantic fashion. His cheeks were firm and soft at the same time, and so warm. His hands worked my cheeks in equal fervor. It more an accident that I felt the warmer area between them at first, which flamed my need to explore deeper. I slid the fingers of one hand between those soft globes and into the warmth. He moaned into my mouth and did the same. I explored the area with the tips of two fingers, until I found that soft, pliable, wrinkled place, and then I massaged and worked it. He groaned deep in his chest and began wriggling a finger at my entry, and then we were both working a finger into each other at the same time.

I felt wetness between us, and knew he was leaking too. It smeared between us, feeling both cool and warm. We ground against each other in front, and wriggled deeper into each other in back. I enjoyed the warm, satiny softness inside him in a way I had never known before. It was intimate and personal and so meaningful to have part of each other inside each other. I imagined that having a more personal part of each other inside could only be just a bit better as this was just too great to be able to be surpassed by much. And I so very much wanted to find out.

I mumbled, "Jeff," against his lips.

He hummed, "Hmmm?" against mine.

"I want inside you."

The words seemed preordained. As if I were meant to say them. They needed no thought, no formulation, no consideration.

He stopped kissing me long enough to hiss, "Yesss!" and open his eyes to meet mine. So green, so deep, so wonderful. "But first I want to do something."

His huge grin was pure sweetness as he slid down my front, kissing a bit. He stopped to suck and tongue both nipples, then licked the rest of the way down until he came to my throbbing erection. It had never felt so tight and hard before, and it only seemed to grow larger and more self-constrained as his mouth closed over it.

Those plump, soft, red lips felt like purest bliss as they slid down over my sensitive head, then locked around it. But then I felt a tugging, pulsing sensation like nothing I'd ever felt before, and then I saw stars as I crushed my eyes closed and my back arched, and then, without warning, I was about to explode into his mouth.

I was concerned he would be grossed out, or gag or choke, or stop and spit and hate it, but he seemed to latch on tighter instead. He cupped my balls and squeezed them, as if he were trying to get cum out of them, and he sucked harder, deeper, and I grunted out loud and held onto his head and shoved my hips upward and my cock deeper into his mouth and just let go.

Wave after wave of the most intense orgasmic release washed through my entire body as I pumped my cum into Jeff's warm, wet, soft mouth. He moaned, a soft, gentle, yummy sort of moan, and took every last inch of my pulsing dick and worked my balls as if he meant to drain every last drop of my semen from them. He shocked me by wriggling a finger up between my cheeks and into my hole as I came, which instantly increased my pleasure and raised the intensity of it all to a point that I let go with a near scream of a gasp. He moved that finger in and out as I pumped the rest of my life into his mouth, over and over, until the last, feeble twitches of my dick faded, and then he pulled it out, sending me into a single round of thrusting pulsation that emptied me out fully.

He kept sucking me, and his tongue was licking my head clean, and I could barely tolerate it for a moment, then I couldn't take it any more. My body trembled so powerfully that I ended up curled over his head in my lap, quaking and gasping. I almost literally yanked his head away from my lap.

Panting heavily, I pulled him up so that he couldn't drive me insane with any further sensations to my aching dick.

His lips were deeply red, and moist with his spit and my cum, and that smile was so warm and wonderful... I locked my lips on them immediately. I tasted my own cum, and that only made it that much hotter. He wrapped his arms around me and lay on me, and I felt his huge hardness pressing into my lower abdomen. I felt wetness there too. I was drained, but I wanted him to feel what I'd just felt, and I was horny enough to still do it, so I slid down his body as he lay above me, until I was nearly between his legs. I rolled him onto his back, spread his legs, and saw that huge thing laying there, pulsing with his heart beat, and admired the beauty of it.

His pale skin was so smooth. Below his navel there was no hint of any kind of hair except the mustache of pale, mostly straight hair at the base of his manhood. Those hairs were as sandy-blond as the hair on his head. I knew how unusual that was. Most blond boys had darker pubes, but not Jeff. The V of muscle above his groin was just developed enough to be easily visible, and since he had no extra weight at all, it was even a bit accentuated. His dick exited his body already thick and round. It stayed thick and round all the way to the beginning of his long head hidden by his foreskin. Pale and smooth, except for that thick tube on the underside and a few hints of veins beneath the skin. The head was shrouded but the contours of it clearly visible. The foreskin covered most of it, up to the last inch of the pink, tapering tip, where the slit sat in the the cleft of the deeply pink head was slightly open and darker pink than the rest. Moisture seeped from it in a milky, bubbly froth. That thick tube ran from the base right up where it entered the underside of that oval head. There, the two globes of his head came together in a prominent way, bulging and plump, only partial disguised in the end of the foreskin. There, the end of the foreskin was taught, almost paper thin, stretched tight by the fullness of his erection. It was darker than the rest of the skin of the shaft, and small veins were visible.

Beneath that mammoth-seeming cock hung his sack and balls. Pale and pliable, the skin looked velvety soft, and wrapped his balls tightly even though it hung low. His left one was bigger than the right, like mine, but bigger. They had seemed about the same size as mine, maybe a bit bigger when seen in the showers, but now, up close, they seemed much larger than mine. A few pale hairs sprouted here and there, short and scraggly. The pale, smooth skin around his sack seemed as inviting as the rest of him.

But, there and then, there was something so intriguing about what lay beneath his sack, deep between his smooth, pale thighs. I'd gotten a couple glimpses of it in the showers, and I'd felt it only minutes before with my fingers, but right then, I simply had to see more.

I looked up to see his looking down at me between his legs, smiling widely, blushing, breathing hard, waiting. I saw a faint quivering in his body. He bit his lower lip.

I gave him a conspiratorial grin, then slid my hands along his hips, beneath his thighs, and lifted them. He snickered, helped raise his legs, and exposed his most secret place to me.

It was awesome! The pale, smooth skin of his thighs and groin came together behind his sack in the most fascinating way. There was a slight bulge behind his sack, pink and pale, and then more pale skin stretched back until it gave way to a tan and brown circle surrounding a pink pucker. I saw it quiver, pulse, twitch. I smelled his most personal scent. He'd showered, clearly, because there was no hint of anything unpleasant as I moved my face into that region and stuck out my tongue.

It was so soft, warm, and it gave way as my tongue probed. He gasped softly, and I felt it move. I licked into it, not wasting time by exploring around it. It gave way and my tongue entered it easily. He hissed his breath in loudly and seemed to pulls his legs tighter to his chest. My nose pressed into his sack, pushing his balls apart, my lips locked against his soft, warm skin, and my tongue probed into that tight pucker of flesh.

Jeff gasped his first words since saying yes, "Awww, yes, that feels so good!"

It felt so good to me, too. Tonguing his most private place was pure pleasure. It gave me the most intense joy to wriggle my tongue against it. My soft penis began filling again, slowly, in stages with the beat of my heart. My balls seemingly protested, almost aching, but that meant nothing. The quivering pleasure in the rest of my groin and my body were overwhelmingly ruling me.

He gasped and grunted as I explored his ass with my tongue and lips, and eventually my fingers. It was so soft there, and so pliable, and just so much fun. The way the pucker gave as I slid a wet finger into it and out of it was mesmerizing. From time to time, I'd notice a pulsing movement in the soft flesh above it, behind his sack. That was interesting, and I wondered what was going on to do that. So, as I slid my finger as deep into his warmth as I could get it, I turned it so that I could probed up around behind his sack. There were many structures and textures to be felt, but one was soon the center of my attentions. When I explored that round, firm thing, almost like a third testicle, Jeff gave a soft moan, and his dick danced and his balls tugged upward momentarily. So I began rubbing around on it, wondering what I'd found.

"Awww, man, that's fucking awesome!" he sighed, stretching to try to see what I was doing, which was of course impossible. "What the hell are you doing? It feels fucking great!"

"I don't know. It's like a little third nut or something inside. Like it?"

I rubbed and pushed against it, and he threw his head back and laughed, and finally said, "Keep doing that!"

I did, but soon he corrected me by saying, "No, just push against it constantly."

So I did. Man, did he like it! He started panting and tensing up, his face going redder than I'd ever seen it. Then I felt that little nut sort of pulse, or beat like a heart, against my finger. He gasped a bit, his dick jerked, his balls tugged, and then it all went back to normal. He directed me then, telling me to try different things.  I found out how hard was too hard to push against it and how softly was too softly, and that rubbing it in different ways felt different. What he liked the most was long periods of constant pressure against it. Every so often, it would pulse, his dick would jerk, his balls would move, and he'd gasp or groan or hiss.

About the fourth or fifth time that happened, he pushed up far enough to see me, and said, "I think that's going to make me cum soon. It's sure making a lot of pre-cum come out."

I stretched up to see over his dick and balls, and saw that he had lots of drops of pre-jizz all over his skin beneath the head of his dick, and a string of it hanging from the slit to his skin even then.

"You think it's making it?" I asked.

"It has to be. I can feel your finger against it when I leak, every time it sort of pumps some out."

I stayed where I was and worked his third nut until it again pulsed against my finger, his dick throbbed, and his balls moved, and sure enough, another wave of pre-cum washed out of his slit at the same time.

"Shit, that feels so fucking good!" he sighed. "I really am gonna cum from it."

"Soon?" I asked, almost drooling at the prospect of making him cum.

"Not very long," he said, shivering a bit.

But I hadn't even sucked on his big dick yet!

"I got to do something first," I said, and went up on my knees, between his legs, and licked my way from his balls up the underside of his dick, until I had the end of it in my mouth. It was so warm and soft, but so firm at the same time! I sucked and was immediately rewarded with the heavy taste of his pre-cum. It was so salty and earthy. I liked it right away. And the way his dick felt as it sort of arched in my mouth was awesome.

I had to see it, too, so I stopped sucking it and had a good look. When I rolled his foreskin back I wasn't surprised at how long and oblong and oval his head was. It was amazing! That head reminded me of a bullet train engine. Damn, I loved that. I held his skin back and slid my lips over it. It was so smooth and velvety! It was just awesome to feel it against my lips and tongue.

He sighed, "Oh, yeah!" as I started sucking and bobbing on it.

I soon found out he loved it when I probed into his hole with my tongue. That made him wriggle and groan every time! I loved it! As I held his dick with one hand, I worked his inside nut with two fingers of my other hand. The first time it happened, it was obvious that the object inside his ass had something to do with sex. I felt it pulse, felt his dick pulse, felt his balls move against the heel of my hand, and tasted his pre-cum, all at the same time. It was amazing!

"Oh, man, shit, I'm gonna cum really soon!" he groaned. "It's getting ready!"

His inside nut seemed to pulsate very gently, almost imperceptibly, and his hole tightened around my fingers. HIs entire body tensed slightly, more and more with each passing moment. His breaths came in short gasps.

"Oooo, I'm going to!" he grunted, his body going tense all over and his head going back on his shoulders. "Here it comes!" he tightly grunted a moment later, his legs tensing out straight.

His hole clenched down, that third nut inside pulsed hard, his dick pulsed in my mouth, and then all those things started happening in tight time together, over and over. His cum spewed into my mouth. I tried swallowing it as fast as I could. It was awesome. I could feel his orgasm happening through the round mass convulsing inside his ass, through his hole clenching around my finger, and through his long, thick cock thrashing in my mouth. Not to mention the ftide of warm semen spraying into my mouth. And the entire time he made the cutest whining groans!

The amount of cum slackened with each pulse, until nothing came out, but his dick still thrashed in my mouth, his hole still clamped repeatedly on my fingers, and that sensitive thing inside his ass still pulsed. But then even those things stopped, and then he sat up, reached down and grabbed my head with one hand and my hand in between his legs with the other, pulled me up and my finger out of him, saying, "Okay, shit, stop!" while laughing.

Damn, he was so cute in that moment! More so than ever before! I had to take him in my arms and cuddle him and try to crush our bodies together into one mass. He held onto me so tightly too, shivering a couple of times, giggling a bit.

I could still taste his cum as he pressed his lips to mine, and then I could faintly taste my cum as well.

We laid there in each others arms for a long time, kissing sometimes, silent other times, commenting and complimenting each other at times. It was the most comfortable and happy I'd ever felt. And I knew he was as happy as well.

We got dressed soon after that, only a few minutes before his mom came home. It was so embarrassing meeting her for the first time after just having had sex with her son in his room. We were both trying not to explode in laughter the moment we returned to his room. He had introduced me as a new tutoring subject. I added, "Well, we're friends, too." He beamed at that. I felt fucking great seeing that.

His mom asked if I was staying for dinner. He almost begged me to. I was afraid of being in front of both of his parents at the same time, but it wasn't so bad.

After dinner, we went back to his room and actually worked on some physics. I left to catch the eight-twenty bus, after we kissed behind his door for a few minutes, and after promising to come over Sunday while his parents were out.

That Sunday was fucking fantastic!

By the mid-semester break, Jeff and I were talking in the halls, and more friends than tutor and student. I got to know some of his friends, he got to know some of mine. We still worked on physics on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but only after we'd worked on each other first. We spent a lot of weekends and school breaks with each other. More than we did with our other friends. Some suspected, some even dared to call us fags, but we denied it and hid it well, even from our closest friends and family. We kept at it until he went off to an Ivy League college and I went off to state college. We stayed in touch, but we both found other relationships while at college and never got together in that way again. We're still friends to this day, even though we live almost on the opposite sides of the continent.





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