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Zack P's First Time Tale

 Rated: X  ages (*)


It was a lot of fun to relive this while telling it to Ray and helping him fill in the details. This is real.



I was thirteen, almost fourteen, and it was with one of my best friends, Paul, who had just turned fourteen. I already knew I was gay, sort of. I knew I liked guys more than girls, for sure. Seeing the guys in those short shorts during gym class, and changing in the locker room, and in the showers... yeah, I knew.

Paul was probably my hottest friend. He had such a cute face, and a really nice bod. He was going to be on the swim team in high school, he swore. He could hold his breath for the longest time, and he was a good swimmer. I loved swimming with him at the community pool for more than one reason. He had hit puberty just before me, and was longer limbed and taller than me. I hit puberty before most of our friends, so I wasn't far behind him. He'd started getting pubes when he was twelve, and he'd shown me. Man, how I loved seeing that. I made him show me every couple of weeks, just to see how they were growing, I said. When I got mine I was glad to show him. We compared almost every week after that, and it wasn't long before we compared our dicks. Like I expected, his was longer. We worked up boners and held them next to each other. We even checked out each other's balls by hefting them and rolling them around - just to see who's was bigger, I said. When we were both thirteen, we jacked off together a couple times a month. We always went at it after doing the comparison and seeing how much longer our dicks and how much bigger our balls were, as well as how much our hair had grown. We always compared how much we squirted, too. The rule was we laid down and jacked off, and got our cum in one puddle so that we could compare the size of the puddles. Zack always had the bigger dick, bigger balls, more hair, and always made more cum. But it was fun to lose to him.

I was over at his place after school one day. This was before computers were connected on the internet and well before online porn. We were bored, so we decided to ride our bikes over to the video store and rent a movie. We were standing around the new movies next to the register when an old guy brought back a bunch of movies. He put them on the counter and left. The guy working the register put them to the side a bit while he rang up another customer. I noticed that two of them had black cases, which meant they were porno videos from the adult room behind the counter. The place was pretty busy, so the guy running the register ended up putting a huge stack of movies there. Then, when he went to put out a bunch of movie tags for movies he had already put away, he left that big stack of movies to do after. As fast as I could, I checked that no one was looking, and I snagged one of the black-case videos and shoved it inside my jacket. Paul saw me and looked at me like I was crazy. We left in a hurry.

Outside, as we got on our bikes, he said, "You're crazy, dude!"

"I know!"

We rode back to his house as fast as we could, and rushed to the den to play the video. Oh, man. It was so hot! We'd only seen a Hustler or a Playboy before. This was the first time we were going to see real action. The video played and we just silently stared. It started with a guy walking into an apartment building, and into an apartment, and hearing moaning coming from one of the bedrooms. He snuck up to the door, slowly opened it, and two guys were doing a sixty-nine on the bed!

"Oh, man! It's a fag flick!" Paul moaned.

I was ecstatic! Gay sex! Right there on the television!

"You wanna watch this?" he groaned.

"Well, I'm not going back and taking it back," I told him.

"No way," he agreed.

"And I'm not wasting the effort. What the fuck. Let's just check it out. Maybe some girls come and there's an orgy."

"Yeah, right," he griped.

But he didn't get up to shut it off. So we kept watching it.

 Man, my dick was so hard it almost hurt. We both held onto our laps. Seeing hard dicks in mouths was fucking awesome. So was seeing how much grown men could squirt. When one of the guys fucked the other one, I said, "Just pretend it's a chick."


But I was more than happy it was a guy. The view of that hole stretched out by that big, fat dick made my dick twitch in my shorts. The guy getting fucked jacked himself off. Nice. Then the other guy shot a big wad all over the guy's ass. Hot! Then the guy watching jacked off and shot all over the doorknob.

The next scene was even hotter. Two guys by the pool, and one sucked the other one off all the way, getting cum all over his face. Then he stood up and straddled the lounge chair and got sucked off by the other guy, until he spewed in his face. Hot!

Next was a younger guy, like probably a teenager, and so blond it was crazy. He was sitting in front of a window, watching hot guys, and started playing with himself. He was jacking off, then got on his bed and started using a dildo up his ass. Hot! He put his legs way up over his head, that dildo in his nice ass, and jacked off. His dick was almost in his face. He pulled his dick like he was trying to get it to go into his own mouth. He got it close, like close enough he could just touch his lips to the very tip. Hot, hot, hot!

"What a dumb-ass," I said.


"Nobody can suck their own dick."

"Don't think so?"

"No. You'd have to have a ten-inch dick, at least."

"No you don't."

"Yes you do. Look!"

The guy was cumming now, into his own mouth, which was fucking hot. I promised myself I'd try to do that tonight.

"He's almost doing it," Paul said.

"Maybe almost, but not. No one can. If it was possible, I'd never leave my bedroom."

We both laughed.

That was the end of the movie, so Paul got up and shut off the tape and rewound it. He kind of stood there, like he was going to say something. I could see his boner in his jeans. I wanted to see it again, but we'd just done the comparison thing a week ago and it was too soon to ask to again.

"You really don't think a guy can suck his own dick?" he asked, turning red.

"No. I don't."

"What do you wanna bet?"

"How can you prove someone can?" I asked.

"What do you want to bet?"

I thought about it. If he could prove someone could do that, that would be so cool. I'd love to see that. I figured he'd seen a picture in a magazine or something, and could get that magazine to show me.

I pulled out my wallet and counted out the seventeen dollars I had, held it up, and said, "Every buck I got."

"Okay, come on."

He waved at me to follow him. I put my money away as we walked toward the front of the house. I was sure he knew someone with a magazine showing that now, and we were going over to see it.

Instead, he turned and went upstairs. So, I thought, he has a magazine he hasn't shown me. With a guy sucking his own dick? Why didn't he show me before? Was he afraid I'd think he was gay for having a magazine showing a guy sucking his own dick? Was it a gay magazine? Oh, cool!

I was so hard as we went upstairs it was amazing. This was going to be so cool.

When we got to his room, he closed his door, which was unusual, even if we were going to compare and jack off. He looked right at me, and asked, "You promise never to tell anyone?"


"No, really promise."

"Best promise," I said, which meant a real promise we both knew we would keep.

"Okay. But don't freak out. Promise me that, too. Don't get all weird.'

"Okay. Best promise, too."


He took off his shirt, unbuttoned his jeans, shoved them and his underwear down, showing off that he was hard as ever. It was nice. I knew it was pretty much exactly six inches long. At least, it was almost two weeks ago. He sat on his bed, one leg hanging off the side, and leaned down.

Oh, no way! I thought.

But he did. He bent over, kind of twisted a little, opened his mouth, and got the entire head of his dick in between his lips!

Holy fuck!

My dick tried to jump out of my pants!

"Dude!" I whispered in awe.

He stopped, stood up, grabbed his underwear, and started getting dressed.

"Oh, no way. Do it again," I said, and stepped closer. "I want to see this."

He laughed, put down his underwear, sat down, and bent over again. I got down on my knees and up close, and watched him put the head of his dick into his mouth. I saw his cheeks suck in. He was doing it! He was actually sucking his own dick! Right there in front of me. He sucked it for at least a minute, probably longer, then he stopped to breathe.

"Dude! You're the luckiest guy ever!"

"I know."

"What's it feel like? Is it better than jacking it off?"

"Yeah, lots better."

"I so wish I could do that!"

"You have to stretch every day I guess."

"How long have you been able to?"

"Since a few months ago."

"Ever do it all the way?"

"I can't breathe when I do it. I can only do it for a couple of minutes at most."

"No wonder you can hold your breath so long!" I laughed.

He laughed too, which made his dick bounce up and down. I saw it up close, all wet from his mouth. Damn, my dick was trying to get out of my pants!

"Can you get more in your mouth?"

"Nope. Only the head. I wish I could. When I first could, all I could get was the very tip, which felt good, but the more I got in, the better it feels. I wish I could get the whole thing in."

"No shit. Ever shoot in your mouth?" I asked.

He turned even redder, which answered the question, but after a couple of seconds he nodded, then said, "To be honest, man, it feels the best when I cum while I'm sucking on it. Way better."

"Man, I'm gonna be doing stretches every day from now on."

"You ever tried?"

"Not really. Sorta."

"How close can you get?"

I held my hands about two feet apart, and said, "Not even close."

"Too bad. It feels really good. I wish you could see."

"So do I!"

He got an idea. I saw it on his face.

"Wanna see how it feels?" he asked.

"What? Getting it sucked?"

"Yeah. It feels the best."

"You'd really?"

"Yeah. Promise to keep it secret."


No way was I gonna pass up on that.

"But," he said, "I want you to do it to me, too. All the way, not just the head."

"Deal. You too."

"Deal. Get naked."



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