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Spig's First Time Tale

 Rated: X  ages 16 20 (**)


This one was not turned in nearly as is. It was a very long and rambling story that jumped around a lot. I had to do a lot of editing for grammar and usage, run-ons, and all the typical things we do when we throw the words on the page, then I used the good old thesaurus and some creativity. 



They called me Spig. Short for my last name, which was Italian, and very long. So was my... oh, never mind for now. And I hated my first name, which was worse than Spig. So go figure. The ironic thing was, while my name was eminently Italian, I was pale-blond with strong blue eyes, a pale complexion, and even at sixteen, not much body hair - all of which was pale and fine. And no facial hair. Same for my dad. Go figure.

I had just turned sixteen, gotten my license, and my folks had gotten me an old car. Two cute girls at school were paying me tons of attention, and my friends were asking which one would be the first in the back of my love machine. Life was great. Mostly. It was made a little harder by having to hide how gay I was from everyone. I was doing a great job of it, too.

I'd been working at the restaurant a few blocks from house since I was fourteen. Most of my friends were at work. I had a couple friends at school, but me and my friends weren't very popular. There were a couple of  high-school guys and just a bit older guys working at the restaurant too, and one of them was Brian. He was the cool one, as far as I was concerned. The other guys, and the girls, were mostly stuck-ups or jocks.

Brian was a stoner. Not totally, but he wore the hair and clothes, and we all knew he partied. But he treated me and my friend Tim like we were normal dudes. He was almost twenty, and just gorgeous. Shaggy brown hair, brown eyes, nice lips, strong nose and chin, and a tight, lean bod. Oh, man, how those uniform pants made his crotch so bulgy and hot. They also hugged his fine ass. Geeze. He also had another job, so he worked at the restaurant less than I or Tim did.

By the time I got my license, Brian was inviting us to come party at his place once in a while. Tim and I, I mean. We were both goody-goodies, and politely declined. But the time came, shortly after we'd gotten our licenses, that we decided to take Brian up on his offer. He had an apartment in one of the tiny, cheap, crappy apartment rows down by the railroad. He promised no one would bug us, and he wouldn't make us drink or smoke if we didn't want to. And if we got a little too drunk or stoned, we could sleep it off on his couch.

Tim and I were both pretty nervous about it. We decided we would try some beer, and maybe a hit from a joint, and probably go home early. We decided to drive our own cars, of course.

Well, the party wasn't bad at all. We played CDs and watched MTV, drank beers, and smoked some pot. We also played some poker.

Tim and I were getting teased about being lightweights. Of course. Tim took it different than I did. He just said he wasn't going to get drunk and wreck his car. Brian told him it was okay if he got too drunk and slept it off on the couch. He still stayed to sipping his beer and only hit the joint a couple times over the course of the night.

I took it differently. I drank my beer quicker, and I hit the joint more often. I wasn't stupid, though. When I'd go to the john, I'd pour out the beer and replace it with water. When I toked the joint, I actually only took a tiny bit of smoke. Still, I was feeling the beer and the pot.

Pretty soon I was acting like I was far drunker and higher than I really was. I'd laugh harder, and I'd make stupid jokes, and I often pretended to stumble around on my way to the john and back and to get a fresh beer. I was still having a great time. Brian thought I was keeping up with him, and I wasn't any lightweight after all. Tim took more teasing and grief about being a lightweight, and wasn't having all that great a time.

When it got late, Brian reminded Tim and I we could use his couch if we wanted. Tim said he hadn't drank much, and didn't smoke much at all, and was just fine.

Me, though, I was stuck pretending I was drunk and stoned. I said I might take him up on his offer. We'd see.

Well, it got later, and Tim left, after making sure I wasn't going to drive home.

Brian and I sat down and watched a movie and drank and smoked some more. I drank just a bit of the beer, having poured most of it down the toilet. I seemed to puff on the joint, but I actually was blowing through it gently.

Brian said he was impressed at my partying abilities. I felt proud of myself.

Pretty soon he was daring me to down a beer with him. Slam one. Man, I tried, but I couldn't do it. I had some of it down, but it was too nasty to get the rest down. I panicked and pretended I was going to throw up. I ran to the bathroom and pretended to yak. When I came back out, I did my best stagger and bumble, and told Brian I was so wasted I couldn't drink any more.

He said that was cool. He told me to take a couple aspirin so i wouldn't have a headache and hangover in the morning. He got a couple from the bathroom and handed them to me. They didn't look like aspirin. I was really suspicious. They were little blue pills.

"Just fancy aspirin," he said.

I doubted it, though.

So I said I needed some water to swallow them with, and went to the kitchen. I tossed the pills down the sink. When I got back, he said I should lay down on the couch and get comfortable, because as much as I drank and smoked, I was going to pass out pretty soon.

It was late, and I did have some beer and some pot, and so, yeah, I did get really sleepy. I did get comfy on the couch, and I did pass out. I tossed an arm over my eyes to block the light from the television and the table lamp, and fell asleep.

I was woken up by Brian saying, "Hey, you awake?"

I thought, no, I'm passed out, dummy. I knew not to react or anything. I just laid there.

"Can you wake up?" he asked, gently shaking me.

Nope. Apparently.

He started untying my shoes, then took them off. Okay. Then he lifted the bottom of my shirt up to my neck. Well, okay, I guess. Then I felt him touching my chest. Then my stomach. And then my nipples.

I was so shocked I almost forgot to be passed out.

Then he lifted both my arms and let them drop. Then my legs. Then he rolled me over onto my side, and then back onto my back.

"You're really passed out, huh?" he asked.

He tweaked my left nipple pretty damned hard. I almost grimaced. I almost pretended to wake up.

But, well, you know. I wanted to see where this was going. I already had hopes. If you know what I mean.

Then his hand went right to my groin and started groping it. All around. He was feeling my dick and both my balls. I was getting hard. Fast.

And scared. And horny.

I wasn't sure if I should 'wake up' or just see what happened. I wanted him to do more. For sure. But it was so weird.

His hand was sure not shy! It was feeling out my semi-stiffie and my balls. Good. All over.

I got worried he might see me shaking.

But then he started unfastening my jeans!

Oh my gawd!

My semi-boner exploded to full mast.

He slowly pulled my jeans down until I felt the cool air on my thighs.

"Nice," he whispered.

Then his hand grabbed my dick through my tighty-whities and started really feeling it out. I mean, he was all but jacking me off! And it was turning me on!

I don't know how long he groped me through my briefs, but it wasn't very long. Then he was pulling my underwear down.

Holy shit!

I was so surprised I almost sat up to stop him. But I was about to get a hand-job, or something, so I did my best to remain 'passed out' and not moving.

His hand felt so good on my hard dick! I mean, jerking off was great, but just being touched like that by someone else was way better!

Then he started jacking me off.

Oh, shit!

I did my best not to move or make a sound as his warm, soft hand moved up and down my dick in a steady rhythm.

Oh, holy shit, was this hot!

My dick was throbbing and jerking in his hand, and when I got wet, he actually smeared it around and make it feel even better!

Then there was something new happening to my raging dick. Something warm. Something soft. Something that felt absolutely fucking awesome!

It was all I could do to contain the groan, to keep from squirming around, to keep from moving my arm and seeing what he was doing.

But I knew.

My dick was inside his mouth, and his hand was gently rolling and playing with my balls.

I felt that great tingle as I leaked pre-jizz. I wondered if he could tell I had. He moaned. His tongue, I guess, seemed to lick every inch of my head.

He liked it!

Oh, God, I was gonna cum! Hard! In Brian's mouth!

Fucking awesome!

But he stopped.

He licked my dick, all over, then my balls. Then he lifted one of my legs, and licked behind my balls, further and further. Until his tongue was actually running circles around my twitching hole. It was fucking intense! I'd never thought of that feeling so good!

Then, the finger. Yeah. Slow and careful, but he wiggled a finger inside me. Oh, shit!

He went right to some place up there that made me almost cry out loud! It tingled and tickled and pulsed, deep behind my nuts. I'd never felt anything like that either!

This was beyond awesome!

Then it got even better!

As his finger wiggled inside my butt, his mouth closed over my aching cock and he sucked and licked it again.

Oh, God!

How could anything feel like that? So intense and so awesome! I'd never suspected my body could create such awesome sensations!

I knew Ii was about to cum just before it happened. Almost no warning at all! Suddenly, all those awesome feelings and sensations paled by comparison as my body prepared to ejaculate like never before.

I did my best not to let my back arch, or to groan, or anything, but I know I groaned and shivered and moved as I unleashed an orgasm like none before. It was like I was shooting every sperm I'd ever made all at once!

I felt my legs moving, and I raised up off the couch a bit, but I did my best not to. I was grunting, though. I couldn't stop that. Not until my wad was blown and he stopped sucking me and pulled his finger out of my ass.

I was shaking all over. I knew he had to be able to see that, but I kept up the fakery of being passed out. Or on whatever pills he'd tried to get me to take.

Thankfully, he just cleaned my dick and balls a bit, probably with his tongue, then pulled my underwear up, then my jeans, and then pulled my shirt down. He fastened my jeans.

I heard him turn off the television and then the light. I heard his bedroom door close.

I laid there, almost scared, but sure satisfied. I'd never gotten off so hard. Or so good. But it was so weird.

I played with my wet, slimy dick for a while, but it wasn't going to get hard again for a while.

I eventually fell asleep, and was woken up by Brian fixing cereal.

He asked how I slept.


"How do you feel? Hungover? Headache? Sick?"

"No. Some. Not much."

"That's the aspirin. Be glad I had you take 'em."

"I sorta am," I said with a laugh.

I sorta was. I mean, it'd been awesome. Scary and weird, too, but mostly awesome.

Remembering, I got totally boned. We pretended nothing happened last night. I was so embarrassed. I was curious why he wasn't. I figured he had to be pretty good at hiding that kind of stuff. I did my best to as well.

I had some cereal with him. I wanted to sleep over again. Find some excuse to stay overnight again. I couldn't. Besides, I was busser two at work tonight, which means I got off at eight , he was working full close and wouldn't get off until after midnight. And he hadn't invited anyone over tonight.

But he did ask me if I'd come to the next party next Friday. I said I would.

I left, wishing I had the guts to tell him that I knew what he did last night, and that i wanted to do it again. But no pretending I was asleep this time.


I spent all week trying to get Tim to loosen up and come to the party Friday.. He said he wasn't interested, wished I wasn't, and wasn't going to go to it.

He agreed to come stay over at my place on Saturday night. On Friday, he agreed to come to the party.

So, it's Friday night, and we're all at Brian's again. It was still pretty much the same party. I pretended to drink beers I actually poured down the toilet, and pretended to smoke way more pot than I actually did. Tim had a better time, and got a little drunk and stoned. He ended up staying on the couch too. It was a big couch.

Brian told us to take aspirin so we wouldn't get hungover. He went and got them.

I instantly wanted to tell Tim not to take them. I just knew they weren't aspirins. I didn't get much of a chance, and the short opportunity was gone when Brian came back with four of them. He hand each of us two.

Tim popped them, then took a drink of beer. I did, too, but I put the pills in my cheek, and then in the couch cushions as soon as I got the chance.

We watched a movie. I wished there was some way I could warn Tim. There just wasn't. I felt terrible.

It wasn't long before Tim was drifting out. Then I knew they weren't aspirin. Now I was really... confused? Torn in two. I didn't know how to feel about this now at all.

I had to play. I put an arm over my eyes, but this time, I had a gap to view down my front, and thus over Tim's body lying next to me as well.

It wasn't long before Brian asked, "Hey! You guys awake?"

Tim didn't react at all. Neither did I.

"Hey, guys!' he said louder, and from far closer this time.

I heard his belt. It was one of those studded ones, all noisy when you undid them. I heard a snap, and then a zipper. All very close to the couch, but out of my limited view under my arm. The rustle of clothing.

Then I saw his hand reaching out toward my groin.

"You can do it me, but, please, don't do anything to Tim."

His hand snatched back.

I hadn't meant to say anything... no plan to say anything... didn't know I was going to until I had.

But it was out there now.

"What?" he said all innocent.

I heard his clothes and then his belt. It sounded like he was back on the other chair now.

"I was awake last weekend," I said, sitting up and dropping the pretense.

"No you wasn't," he laughed.

Then I think he caught his mistake. He looked worried now.

"I was," I said. I looked at Tim. I admitted to myself that I was curious, and almost wanted to see it. But no. "Yeah. I was. You jacked me off, then sucked me off, and put a finger up my butt."

He knew I knew. He almost tried to say something, but what could he say? There was one thing.

"Why'd you just lay there, then? Like it?" he asked, kind of spiteful.

"Yeah," I said squarely.

He looked shocked.

"I liked it. Okay? I did. I even hoped you did it again tonight. But you're not gonna do it do Tim."

He looked at Tim. He looked a little confused, or something. Then he looked back at me.

"Why not? You liked it. And he won't even know."

"I think it's because he won't like it. Trust me. He won't. He's not like me."

I looked right at him, and I knew what to say.

"I liked it, because I like guys. Tim don't. He won't like it. And you shouldn't do it to him when he don't even know it."

He waited a second, then nodded, then said, "Okay." Then he said, "So, you came back? Wanted it to happen again?"

I nodded, then managed to tell him, "I know I'm gay. I think you are, too. Right?"

He got red-faced and shy-looking, and finally nodded at me.

"Okay. So, cool. So, now what?" I asked.

"So, you liked what I did?" he asked, finally.

"Yeah!" I laughed, so nervous it was almost unbelievable. "Why'd you do it?"

He shrugged, then said, "I wanted to with somebody. I got those pills by chance, and figured I'd use them."

"On me?"

"Why not?" he laughed. "You're about the cutest guy I could get to stay over."

"Cutest, huh?" I laughed.

"Well, I got a couple guys to take the pills, but, well, I couldn't do it. They were guys, sure, but not all that hot or anything. But then there was you at work. All cute and shit. I couldn't resist. When you finally agreed to come party, I hoped and hoped I could get you drunk and stoned enough to sleep over on the couch and slip you the pills. When you did, it was... well, too hot to pass up." Then he asked, "Hey, how come you weren't passed out? And you ain't right now?"

"I didn't take the pills, dumbass. I put them down the sink."


"I hope he didn't!"

He didn't move, so we were pretty sure he'd taken them. He'd have stopped pretending by now, you know?

He shrugged, grinned, and then said, "Wanna go to my room?"

I laughed, then nodded.

I followed him to his room. He closed the door. It was scary and awkward.

I had only one question.

"So, are you actually, you know, gay?"

He laughed, then nodded.

"Ever done it with anyone?"

"A couple guys. One at camp, another one where I used to live, about three years ago. We sorta did it a while."


"You?" he asked.

"Nah. Just got taken care of this one time at a party," I laughed.

He laughed too, then said, "So, you wanna do that again?"

"Sure. But..."

"But what?"

"I was hoping maybe I could do something this time."

"Oh, sure!" he laughed. Then he asked, "You ever kissed anyone?"


"You wanna couple lessons?"

"Uh, sure."

He stepped up close, and leaned down, and then his lips were on mine. They moved. I followed along. Damn! This was hot! I was firing up all over!

Pretty soon we were kissing hard and fast, arms around each other, and falling onto his bed. I was so hard it almost hurt!

It felt so fucking good to have his body in my arms! So strong and solid and warm. And when our boners crushed together as we rolled around! Wow!

He pulled off my shirt. I pulled his off. He attacked my nipples. I loved it. I went after his. So much fun!

He opened my pants, and pulled them and my underwear down. He tried to fall onto my dick, but I pushed him over and took his pants off. No underwear.

Oh, wow! My first sight of his naked body made me feel like I was going to pass out!

Nice body! Lean and trim. Nice big brown nipples. Firm pecs. Tight tummy. Pubes! Lots of pubes! Thick pubes. And that dick!

I was sixteen, and my seven inches was big for my age. Brian had at least seven inches, maybe almost eight. It was so thick and veiny. Solid. Big, bulbous head with prominent ridges and a big, gaping hole in the tip. And those big, hanging balls! Wow!

I lifted those huge nuts, surprised at their weight. They felt amazing as they moved around so silkily inside his warm, supple sack.

Then I grabbed his long, thick cock. So hot and hard! This was fucking awesome!

I leaned down, opened my mouth, and closed my lips over it. So warm, soft, yet hard. And salty.

I sucked.

"Oh, yeah," Brian sighed, then grabbed my head with both hands. He pushed my head down gently. I allowed him. Until I felt his head in the back of my throat. I didn't want to gag, so backed up a bit and resisted. He didn't try to force me down any further. Instead, he started humping my mouth. I was cool with it.

I mean, I was sucking a dick! A nice big one, too. Brian's nice big one! Awesome!

I loved it. It felt so good it seemed almost impossible. The feeling of his hard dick in my mouth and on my tongue was pure bliss. I couldn't get enough!

He humped my mouth for a couple of minutes, then pulled my head off. He laid out flat, side by side, and we were able to suck on each other at the same time.

I'd never had such a good time before in my entire life! I'd never felt anything so good!

It felt like he was more sucking my nuts than sucking my dick. That throbbing and pulsing so deep down was the best thing I'd ever felt!

I didn't last long at all. Maybe two or three minutes. Way too short. Suddenly I was going to cum. Hard. I barely had time to take his big dick out of my mouth and grunt," Bri, I'm gonna..." and I was.

Huge pulses of intense pleasure filled my body and mind as I ejaculated all my being into Brian's warm, wet, soft mouth. I couldn't even breathe! I just held onto his hips, with his cock in my mouth, and tried not to actually pass out! Oh, God, it was magnificent!

Then it was over, and I was coming down, and shivering, and breathing hard.

And I realized I still had his dick in my hand and mouth. I went back to work on it with a vengeance. No kidding! I attacked his cock. He laughed and moaned, and held onto my head with both hands, thrusting his hips. In no time, he grunted, "My turn to go!'

I felt his dick move in my mouth, and then I felt his cum shooting into my throat. I swallowed as best as I could, but it was my first time, so some got past my lips. Most, though, was greedily swallowed. The feeling of his cum squirting into my mouth was wonderful, as was the feeling of it going down my throat. The way his cock moved in my mouth was the best!

Then he pushed my head away and rolled onto his back.

"Damn. You can do that really good!" he said, smiling at me.

"So can you!" I laughed.

He pulled me down so my head was on his chest and his arm over my shoulders. It was nice.

We talked about being gay, liking boys instead of girls, how unfair it was everyone thought it was a bad thing, and all kinds of such things. It was nearly as nice as the sex.

Ah, the sex. It wasn't long before we were both hard and we were going at it again. This time we didn't forget the finger up the butt. As he did it to me, I followed along and did it to him at the same time. We lasted longer, and it was even more intense that second time. The second orgasm was almost so overwhelming that I nearly groaned out loud. I think we both swallowed it all that time. I know I did.

More cuddling and talking, then we went for a third round. A sixty-nine with fingers up butts again. Damn!

We cuddled again, kissed some, and ended up falling asleep together, naked, on top of the covers.

I was so happy and content!

When we woke up the next morning, late, I was in a panic. What if Tim saw us somehow?

When I worked up the guts to step outside the bedroom, Tim was gone.

"He probably left a few minutes ago. Probably what woke us up," Brian pointed out. "Don't worry about it. He don't know anything."

Good point. We had breakfast. We did it again. My dick was getting sore! So was his. It was so funny. And it was fucking fantastic.

I agreed to stay over after every Friday night party and then went home.

When I got home, I called Tim's place. He got on the phone, said, "I know about you and Brian. Don't ever talk to me again, you faggot, or I'll tell everyone!" and slammed down the phone.

I was horrified and scared. I didn't know what to do. I called Brian. He told me to come over. I did. It was horrible. But it wasn't so bad while I was in his arms.

But I had to go to work. And Tim was working too. It was going to suck. I almost called in sick, but Brian had a good point: I had to get it over with, and the sooner the better.

I got to work really early, when Tim was starting, and met him in the parking lot. He didn't want to talk. All he had to say to me was, "I don't want no fag as a friend. If you don't leave me alone, I'm going to tell!" then turned away and go to work.

How was I going to work with him? I had a couple hours before my shift started. No way.

I went back to Brian's, crying the whole way. It was okay while I was with him. He seemed to know things, and helped me figure out what to do. But the second I left, I was alone and scared and didn't know what to do. I did my best to just follow what Brian and I had figured. I went home, pretended everything was boring in front of my parents, showered, got into my uniform, and went to work.

And that was that. That shift sucked something terrible. I almost quit. But I got through it. Thankfully, I didn't have to work with Tim. He was busboy two, and I was kitchen runner. We ran past each other a lot, in passing. We ignored each other. He did it better than I did. He left before I did, and then things weren't so bad. No one seemed to notice anything.

I went to Brian's as soon as my shift was over, done crying by the time I got there. It was just him and me. We got drunk, we got stoned, and we fucked. Really fucked. It wasn't too hard for him to get his nice big dick up my ass. I'd put fingers and other things up there quite a lot. I loved it. He pretty much forced me to try fucking him, but it wasn't all that interesting to me. I didn't now why, but I just wasn't too into fucking him. I barely got it off in him. I loved everything else, and everything else he had to teach me. He'd done quite a bit with those two previous guys.

After a couple of months, maybe less, Tim told. I don't remember what triggered it, but he told at school. It got around fast, and then at work. I denied it, of course. I said Tim was just mad that I was partying now, and he wasn't cool enough to fit in. It sorta worked on some folks. I lost a couple of my few friends, though.

But, I made two more. Well, more than two, but two guys were gay, and looked me up outside school hours.

Yeah, it was a wild time after Brian's parties for the next couple of years! Until he was evicted after getting busted with grass. He ended up staying in his parents' basement for a while. The four of us met at other places after that, when we could. Usually all four of us.

By graduation, I and Jeremy and Vince were all outted and pretty much hated by all. Vince went and got totally sissy. He was happier, I guess. I had been more attracted to him before that, when he had been more masculine. We had a great last summer together, though, and then we went off to colleges or the service or jobs. We hardly ever saw each other after that.

I met a great guy at college, and others after, but Brian will always hold a special place.




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