Daryl's Tale

 Rated: X  ages 14 + 18 (*)


It was my first time, it was with my cousin, and it was the time of my life.



I lived in a small town in Illinois, just outside Peoria, southwest of Chicago. I was about to enter high school. Seeing the boys in the showers in seventh and eighth grade made me pretty sure I was a homo. Back then there weren't any LGBTQ+ clubs or support. There wasn't even any GLAD or PFLAG or anything. Being gay was as bad a thing as there was. So it was horrendous to deal with. You felt alone and like a sick freak.

It was such a very different time.

Also, there was no cable and no internet. You watched the three or four stations you could get - if you were lucky. And if you were really lucky, a friend would get a porno mag from his older brother or someone, and that was all the porn you'd ever see. Even then, it was almost totally all women. Seeing a guy in a magazine was pretty rare. When I finally did see one, I'd already seen naked guys in the gym showers, but seeing a hard dick in that magazine, being sucked, stroked, being stuck into that pussy, and shooting all that jizz, I actually shot off in my shorts. Dave, Mitch, Kyle, Randall, and Vince had no idea, I hoped. They didn't seem to notice, anyway. I kept pretending I was still interested in the magazine, but all I was really interested in was getting out of there and cleaning up. And, of course, hiding how much of a fag I was.

It was hard.

I couldn't talk to my friends about it at all. We sometimes talked sex stuff, but it was mostly lies and bragging about things. Usual stuff, I guess.

The summer of 1980 I was almost fifteen and about to start high school.

Aunt Barb was mom's sister. Her and Uncle Tony had a daughter, Tara, who was nine, and a son, Brent, who was eighteen. Brent had just graduated high school and was about to go off to college. My parents were all hyped up that I should spend some time with him before he left, saying how I might not get to see him again for a very long time.

I had grown up with Brent as my only older cousin. We saw each other several times a year: over summer vacation, for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas, over Easter break, those kinds of times when family gets together. Some summers he had come spent a couple weeks at my place, some summers I had gone and spent a couple weeks at his place. Both his and my family lived outside the small towns where we lived. Our parents were all very into country and rural living, and not living in cities. We had small gardens, and us kids were taught to handle and shoot guns, use bows, and hunting and fishing. Not to mention camping and hiking. We weren't raised to be particularly shy with each other, so we went to bed in our underwear. We always saw each other undressing and in just our tighty-whities at night. If it was warm or hot, we'd often play video games late at night in just our underwear. I saw his boner in his underwear before I had pubes, and he'd seen my boner as well once I started getting them.

Over last Easter break, Brent and his family had come to stay at my place for the weekend. It was usual for us to talk sex stuff. Brent had told me about his first time a couple years ago, and about some of the times since. And he'd told me about what he knew about girls, and doing it. That Easter break, we actually compared dicks! He asked if mine was 'getting full sized yet,' and I said it was, and he asked to see. I said I would if he showed his. So we stood up, unzipped, and whipped them out. We got them hard and compared. His was way longer and thicker than mine, just about the size of that guy in that magazine. It was the hottest, sexiest thing I had ever done so far! I wanted to do way more, but I had no idea how to make anything happen, and way to shy about it to even seriously think about it. So we compared, then put them away, and kept talking about sex stuff until we fell asleep. I woke up having to use the john, with a major, throbbing, aching boner, and had to whack one out before I could even go pee. It was the best orgasm ever, and I made the most cum I had ever before. I almost groaned out loud and my knees almost folded up as I came all over the underside of the toilet lid. It was fucking awesome!

So this summer, we went to stay a couple weeks as our vacation this year. I was looking forward to it a lot.

The first few days were mostly hanging out with Brent and his buddies through the week when they weren't working of their family farms or at their jobs. I didn't see any drugs or beer, and they only rarely talked about either one, and only about how they would get stoned and buzzed on the weekends. They were mostly clean-cut country kids like Brent. There were stoner kids and punk kids and preppy kids around the small town too, but they weren't hang-out friends with Brent and his country/farmer friends.

Every night, when we'd get ready for bed, we'd take off everything but our tighty-whities and lay down. We'd talk and laugh and even play the Atari in our underwear. I have to admit, I loved that. I loved seeing his body. He was lean and strong and tanned from helping around the house and tending the garden and stuff. And he really filled out those white briefs very well. I'd get like half-hard every time we got out of our jeans.

Every night when I'd wake up and go use the john, I'd whack one out while imagining him naked and hard and doing stuff. Every night.  

 All week long, Brent made a point with his buds that he couldn't have any company over the weekend. So they had plans for the next week set, and plans among themselves for the weekend to camp at the lake with some beers. A couple were going to smoke some weed too, but a couple didn't smoke it, but were okay with the ones that did. I always thought if someone didn't smoke pot they didn't hang out with people who did. I learned a lot that summer, I can tell you.

On Friday night, our parents went into the city for the weekend, leaving me with Brent and Tara. My mom and dad had grown up in that county and still knew a lot of folks there, and a bunch of them were meeting up for the weekend in the city, as it was twenty years since they had graduated high school together. They were going to stay at a hotel and come home sometime Sunday.

Now I knew Brent was a bit different the last couple of years. He'd told me a year or more ago how he smoked some pot with some friends sometimes, and got drunk sometimes, and messed around like that. He was still pretty clean-cut, though. No big stoner dude, or a big partier, he just messed around with some pot and beer. He said he'd tried coke, but it made him too jittery, and none of his friends were into it. The one who did get into coke also changed to hanging out with the stoner/partier kids instead.

So, that Friday night, Brent and I were playing his Atari, and it was late enough that his sister had passed out, when he got a joint from his dresser. He sat down next to me on the floor at the foot of his bed and looked at me.

"You won't tell, will  you?"

"Duh, no."

"Cool. You wanna smoke some with me?"

My stomach flipped over. I liked Brent a lot, even looked up to him a lot, too. But I was the totally clean-cut type. But I shrugged. So he took that as a 'yes' and lit it. He showed me how to smoke it, and I gave it a try. I came close to coughing up a lung!

But after a few minutes, with his coaching, I was hitting it and holding it, and feeling it.

We were giggling a lot. Everything seemed funny. Especially to me. It was a really good time. Pretty soon, we passed out. I woke up with a rager! I took care of it in the bathroom. I didn't usually get boned during the night, but then I usually beat one out before going to sleep, but hadn't since I was sleeping on Brent's floor in his sleeping bag.

Saturday was a lot of fun. We spent most of it outside with his little sister in tow, and Brent drove us into town to mess around a while.

 In the afternoon, his buddy Mike came over, which he wasn't supposed to do. But he brought a present. He pulled a magazine out from under his shirt and handed it to Brent.

"Phil got it in town the other day. We've took turns with it, and it's your turn. Give it to Todd next, okay?"


Tara came running up to tell us she'd tell their parents that Brent had company.

"He's just giving me a magazine about college, Terror," Brent told her, using his nickname for her.

Mike laughed and told her, "You don't want to get me in trouble, do ya, Tair? I might not marry you when you're old enough."

"Oh, I'm over you," she huffed, then turned on her heel and stalked off.

"Damn," Mike laughed. "Used to work."

We cooked ribs and potatoes on the grill for dinner, watched some goofy but okay movie on television, and then hit the video games. After his sister had gone to bed, we stripped down to get cool. No air conditioning at his house, but then it wasn't usually very hot where he lived anyway. Though it was that summer. We played Atari in our underwear for a while, and I kept fighting off a boner seeing him like that. After a couple games, Brent broke out a joint and we got stoned again. Then he broke out the magazine.

Damn, it even had two sets with a guy in them! One set had a blond guy with a blond chick, the other a dark-haired, olive-skinned guy with a really long-legged brunette. The blond guy was so hung it was almost impossible to believe! But the Greek-looking guy shot so much cum it had to be faked! Brent and I both agreed on that.

Sitting there in our underwear, we both tried using our side of the magazine to hide our hard-ons. So we were up as close to each other as we could get, using the magazine to try to hide them at the same time. I knew he had one, I could see it once in a while when we flipped pages. I was pretty sure he knew I had one too. Man, that was so exciting, knowing he was all boned up right there next to me, our thighs touching, our sides and arms touching. Damn!

We went through the magazine several times, both of us afraid to put it away and expose our erections. I was, anyway. I assume he was too. But we did finally put it aside, and we both saw wet spots on our tighty-whities, and each other's erections, and we laughed and got red-faced.

That got us talking about how much we liked beating off, how much we shot when we came, that kind of stuff. We'd talked about that kind of stuff before, plenty of times. He was the only guy I knew who I had ever talked to about such things in such ways. My friends and I talked a little about it, but not very much. Mostly bragging lies. But Brent and I pretty much only told the truth to each other.

So when Brent said, "I got something I have to tell you. But you got to promise not to just get mad. Okay?"

I said, "Sure, okay. What?"

He took a long time to think about it, I guess, never looking at me at all, before he said, "Remember over Easter break? We, um, showed each other our dicks?"


It was pretty embarrassing to remember that, but kind of hot and sexy too. I mean, I'd been thinking about it ever since, and especially since getting to his house a week ago. And every time I saw him get undressed for bed, most especially.

"Um, well, when you went to sleep, I snuck out and smoked a doob. And when I came back, you were, you know, laying on the bed, and, you know, was wearing just your underwear. Remember?"


"Well, promise you won't get mad?"

"Sure. Promise. What?"

"Well, I sort of, just for a bit, kind of, well, played around, some."

I wasn't sure what he meant. At all. So I asked, "What'd'ya mean?"

He sighed, then looked at me for the first time since saying he had something to tell me, then said, "I been feeling really guilty about it. So I decided I'd tell ya, even if ya got mad. I won't blame ya if ya do."

"Mad about what?"

He sighed again, then looked right in my face, and said, "I played with your... with you... when you were asleep."

HIs face was really red, and he looked almost sad, mostly scared.

I was so mad for a second. Then I was sort of... relieved? Not really, but I wasn't mad any longer. Sort of still mad, a little. I don't know how to describe it, really.

"What did you do?" I asked, my voice sort of squeaking.

"All I did was... you know... just sort of..."


He looked away and shook his head, then said, "I'm sorry I did it. I was just... it was just messing around. I didn't mean to. I should'a beat off before I came back from getting stoned, I guess."

"Did you take my underwear off?"

"No! All I did was... sort of... just..." He looked back at me, "I just toyed with it a little, to get it hard. I guess I just wanted to see how big it was. Compared to mine. By... you know... actually touching it."

I felt really nervous. I felt myself shaking some. All over. I mean, it was sort of scary. But it was also sort of... hot.

"How long for?" I asked.

He shrugged, then said, "At least, like, ten minutes. Maybe more."

I didn't know what to say. I mean, would you? I just sort of sat there for a while, until he said, "You mad?"

"No," I said without even hesitating. "I'm not mad. Honest."

He sighed really loudly then, and even smiled a little. I smiled too. I mean, I didn't like him feeling bad, and I didn't want to be the reason he felt bad either. The only thing I could think of to say was, "It's okay."

"No it's not. I shouldn't have done that. Especially not to my favorite cousin. Man, I've been feeling so guilty about it ever since."

I blame the pot for what happened next. I couldn't have even seriously considered it if I hadn't been so high. But the thought came, and it made me snicker at it. He noticed, and asked, "What's funny about it?"

"Want to not feel guilty about it anymore?" I asked.

"Yes. Duh. Why?"

"Let me feel you back."

His eyes got really big and his mouth hung open. Like a comicbook image. Then he asked, really slowly, "Are you even trying to be funny or something?"

"No. Payback is fair."

"So you wanna play with my boner?" he asked me, as if he was surprised.

"You played with mine."

I had him there, and he knew it. He'd admitted to it. So, so had I.

He coughed, then nodded, then sat up straighter, straightened his legs, and said, "You're right. Go ahead. As long as you want. Fair is far."

He was serious. Stone-dead serious.

I felt like my guts were going to churn up a frothy mess. My heart began hammering in my chest. I felt prickly-sweat on my back and neck. I was shaking.

I swallowed, then looked down at his lap. He was getting hard again. The wet spot was still there, but his boner had faded and dropped, so now it was rising again and poking out at a lower place on his briefs. Poking, pushing, throbbing upward. I could see the shadow of his pubes, too. It was almost like watching a movie as I reached down.

So warm! I could feel his body heat rising up from his groin. Then I could feel the soft, checkered pattern of the white cotton briefs between his very hard, very warm erection and my hand. It felt like the neck of a baseball bat. I moved up and down over it, feeling the edges of the head and the smooth shaft. It moved inside his briefs so that it was now pointed upward. I grasped it, almost fully around it, and felt the firmness, the heat, the pulse of his heartbeats.

A new wet spot grew. I wondered something.

"Did I make a wet spot when you were, you know, doing that?"

"It was too dark to see." Then after a moment, he added, "Yeah, ya did. After a bit. I could feel it."

I wondered about something else, so I asked.

"Did you do it until I squirted?"

"No. But I think you were about to, because you sort of moaned and I stopped and laid down real fast. Then you rolled over for a minute, then got up and went to the bathroom. For a minute I thought you knew I was doing that. That you caught me at it. But when you came back and didn't say anything and just went back to sleep, I was pretty sure you didn't notice. Then the next day you were all cool and shit, and I stopped worrying about it so much."

So now I knew why I was so fucking hard and horny when I woke up that night, and probably why when I jerked it off I had the best orgasm I'd ever had. I had shot so hard and so much my knees almost folded up!

Remembering that, and now probably knowing why, I sort of snickered.

Brent asked, "What's so funny? Think my dork is small or something?"

"No!" I said quickly. "Um, that night you felt me up? When I went to the john, I beat it off, and, uh, man, Brent, I shot the most I ever had. It was like, the best one ever. I guess you feeling me up is why."

He sort of snickered too then.

"Wanna know something I haven't told you before?" he asked.

"Sure. What?"

"Well, one way to make it feel better when you cum, is to make it last a long time. So, I guess, that like ten minutes I felt you up, was probably the longest time you went hard before shooting off."

I thought about it, and nodded. It probably was the longest I'd ever been hard before cumming.

I blame the pot for the next thing, too.

I snickered, Brent asked, "What now?"

I said, "Wanna stay hard for a long time, then beat it off?"

"How long?"

"How long have you before?"

"Dude, I've kept it hard for over an hour before. Lots of times."



I thought about it. That seemed like an awful long time to stay hard, especially stay hard and not get off. But I was willing to give it a try.

"So, you wanna?" I asked.

He got this grin he would get when he had an idea, then said, "How about this? We've been hard looking at the mag, for at least half-an-hour already. So, how about we sort of sit here and feel each other up for thirty minutes or so..."

I could tell he had more to say, so I waited to hear it.

"Then we, uh, beat each other off?" he finished.

I just about to ask, 'Are you serious?' when he headed me off with, "If you think if feels good to jerk off, you should see what it's like when someone else gets you off."

He'd said that exact same thing many times. Usually when telling me about sex with a girl. When he'd gotten his first blow-job, he'd told me that it felt like nothing else, better than pussy or a hand-job, by far.

He'd once told me how to jerk off real slow, that it felt better than going super fast. I'd tried it, of course. Now I loved going slow, even when I shot off. Slow and steady and even and... oh, fuck, yeah!

He had also told me about doing it loose and dry. Fuck yeah. And about soap in the shower. Fuck yeah. And about just using a circle of finger and thumb on the head as it squirts, rubbing the cum around as lube, all slow and tight and... Damn!

So, all the great advice he'd given me was good cause to believe anything else he told me about masturbation. So, the idea of  him jerking me off was more than just a little attractive. And, of course, I was gay... so...

"Okay," I answered.

So he reached over and started rubbing and groping my boner as I kept playing with his, and we talked about jerking off, and cumming, and sex with girls, and blow-jobs, and we kept each other hard and kept playing with each other the entire time!

It was glorious!

After a few minutes I told him he had to stop or I'd shoot. So he did. He just held on without moving or doing anything to it for a while, then slowly went back to playing with it. Then, after another few minutes, I was getting close again, so he let go and just played with my balls. Oh, man! So I grabbed his and got a good handful of big, heavy balls. Man, they felt great!

By now I had a wet spot the size of a golf ball in the front of my briefs. Brent had a nice big one too. It was warm at first, then cooled off and got slimy and slippery. It was a lot of fun to rub with a fingertip! And of course it felt great when he tickled the tip of my dick through the wet cotton of my briefs.

I was shaking all over by the third time I told him he had to stop for a bit. My dick felt like it was overinflated and stretched. It felt so great!

He said, "Take of our underwear and we'll toy around a while that way. Okay?"


Oh, man! His dick was so awesome! It was about seven inches, mostly straight but with a little bit of bend upward. His head was smooth and gently edged, with a small slit on the top of the end that was slightly open and deeply red. He had a nice bush, and just a few hairs on his ball sack. Seeing his entire naked body was awesome. He had a bit of hair between his nipples, but very little hair anywhere else. And such nice nipples, too. Pinkish-brown and smallish, and they were hard. Mine were, too, but they were pinkish and bigger. I didn't have a hair anywhere but my bush and just a bit under my arms. My dick was almost six inches but still not quite. It was perfectly straight and round, and I had the same softly edged head as Brent. Neither of our dick-heads had those turned-up edges like the guys in the magazines did. Both of our heads were pinkish with purplish edges from all the play.

"Do what I do," he said, then softly wrapped his fingers around my shaft.

I followed suit as he slowly stroked my length, softly, just rubbing his skin along the skin of my boner, and over the sensitive edges.

"I'm not gonna last long," I grunted.

He let go of my dick and played with my balls, so I did the same.

Shit, my dick felt like it was being electrocuted! My balls, too! I'd never been so turned on before!

"Can I show you something I read about in a magazine that feels amazing?" he asked.


"I have to stick a finger up your butt, if that's okay."

I looked away from his amazing dick and his balls in my hand to his face. He looked a little worried.

Now, I was almost fifteen, in a couple weeks, and I'd known I was gay for at least a year by now, so I'd put a couple things up my butt by then. Fingers, a couple different sizes of markers, and there was a toilet brush in the guest bathroom at home with five round knobs in a row on the end of the handle that I had been using for a while. So the idea of his finger, even though his fingers were pretty big, didn't seem intimidating at all. But I knew I liked having things up my ass. But I didn't want him to know that. So I played a little hesitant.

"I don't know," I droned. "Why?"

"You know what your prostate is?"


"You know what it's for?"



"It makes and holds your semen before you ejaculate."

"Sorta. It mixes your sperm and fluids to make it into semen, and then it pumps like a little heart, and those pumps are the squirts when you cum."


"So, the feeling you get when you squirt, all those awesome good feelings down there, are from the nerves in your prostate being squeezed when it pumps."

"Uh, okay."'

"So, you use a finger to rub it, and it feels like when you're squirting off, sort of. Feels really great. Wanna see?"


He made this sound great, so I was so ready.

"Raise your knees and keep your feel flat on the floor."

I did.

"Now slide your butt down until it's against the back of your ankles."

I did.

"Now spread your knees apart."

I did, barely able to control the huge grin.

He got his middle finger wet in his mouth, then slid it between the cheeks of my butt, found my hole, and slid it in easily. I liked it a lot! But then he started poking around in there, until he found it, and I actually jumped a bit and sucked in a sharp breath.

It was like a little electric tickle behind my balls that shot up through them, through my dick, and through my already tingling head!

Then he started rubbing it.

Oh, fuck yeah!

My dick started twerking and jerking and immediately leaked a huge glob that ran down the top all the way into my bush!

"Like it?" he asked.

"Oh, shit, Brent, that's fucking amazing!" I sighed hugely, probably grinning wider than he'd ever seen me.

"Feels like you're slowly cumming, don't it?"

"Yeah! Like a slow-motion squirt!"

A slow-motion orgasm that wasn't stopping, but was instead going on and on and on!

I closed my eyes and grabbed at the shag carpet and held on and arched my back and couldn't stop the groans that rolled out of me.

This was better than coming! It was like coming, but it didn't stop. It wasn't as strong or powerful as shooting a wad, but it was a lot like it, and it wasn't as short and over, it was constant and wonderful and amazing.

My dick was dancing up and down, drooling pre-cum almost constantly, and my balls were tingling and tightening and hot. I couldn't hold my knees apart, and they swayed wide and close - over and over.

"The magazine said it can make you cum," he said.

"I believe it!" I agreed.

In fact, I was sure of it. That tightening was there, growing, growing, growing...

"I think I'm gonna!" I gasped, amazed and thrilled.

Those tugs and those pulsations were there, getting stronger, faster, more powerful...

"I am! I'm gonna!" I grunted, lifting my head and opening my eyes, seeing my red-headed dick pulsing and drooling.

I grunted again as the tension built to the climax, as my body tensed, as my butthole tightened around Brent's finger, and as my dick went rigid and tight and hard... and then what felt like hot oatmeal coursed up through my balls, through my dick, and began oozing out of my hole like hot lava!

I was cumming, but slowly, so hard, so powerfully, but not in squirts, no explosion, just a long series of deep pulses that pushed thick, gooey, hot cum through my aching cock to run out into my bush as my dick pulsed and jerked and swayed, and as my hole clenched down on Brent's finger like a vise over and over.

I remember grunting and hissing and almost twisting side to side as I watched the thickest wad ever ooze out so slowly but yet so amazingly powerfully.

It felt like each squirt was hard enough to shoot my cum across the room, but it only oozed out, all thick and white and heavy. And there was so much of it! I already had a thick puddle of it just above my pubes, some of it already running in thick rivulets into the hair, but so much more was oozing out every other second... over and over and over and...

Suddenly it was over. My prostate gave up with a deep pulse and throb, and I grabbed at Brent's arm and pulled it upward to pull his finger out of my ass.

I was panting. Actually panting like a dog in the summer sun. "Oh God," every second or third breath.

"Pretty amazing, huh?" Brent asked with a snicker.

"Yeah! That was the most amazing thing ever!"

"The hour of foreplay helped a lot," he pointed out. "It wasn't all the prostate thing."

I collapsed against the foot of the bed and let my legs drop out horizontally. I sighed and grinned, and got my breathing under control after a couple of minutes.

I noticed Brent had his own finger in his ass and was softly stroking his cock with his other hand.

I was wiped out, but I wanted to do it to him myself, too. I hesitated, not knowing if I really wanted to or not, or even could, but with each passing second, I wanted to even more.

"Want me to?" I finally asked.

He looked at me for a second, biting his lower lip in pleasure, and said, "If you want to."

I nodded.

He pulled his finger out of himself, let go of his dick, and let me take over.

I felt my jizz rolling deeper into my bush as I sat upward. My dick was softening, but not going all soft, and in fact, began hardening as I wet my finger, grabbed his hot, hard cock, and then slipped my finger into his warm, velvety ass.

It was so easy to find it. Like a testicle inside. He coached me on how hard to rub it, what ways to rub it, how fast, all that kind of stuff. I stroked his cock at the same time.

This was beyond amazing! There isn't a word for how amazing it was to do this to him. There was only one thing I wanted to do to make it even more amazing.

Dare I?

I dared myself to do it.

I sighed, once, very deeply, then looked away from my hand stroking his nice big dick, and looked into his face until he noticed and looked back.

"Don't freak out, okay?" I asked.

"Uh, okay. Why?" he asked, now looking really curious.

I grinned, even winked, then leaned down over his lap. I held his long cock with my hand, down at the base, the head and one inch of shaft protruding from my fist, and engulfed it with my mouth.

I closed my lips around it, beside my fist, wrapped my tongue around his soft, velvety, hot head, and sucked.

The thick, musky taste of his pre-cum filled my mouth, and the aroma filled my nose. I bobbed up and down, from my fist to the tip of his head, over and over, sucking and licking. My finger gently massaged his third nut inside his hot ass.

"Oh my God!" he hissed. "That's the best fucking thing ever! Oh, fuck, yeah, Daryl"

Instantly, I knew that I loved sucking cock. It was fulfilling and satisfying and purely heavenly. The taste, the smell, the feeling of it - both the physical sensation of a velvety cockhead in my mouth and against my tongue, and the internal feelings that soared through me.

"Daryl, I'm gonna shoot! Soon! I mean it!"

Okay, so go ahead, I thought.

"Dare! Cumming!"

He pulled my head upward, but I resisted. I didn't care in that moment what he thought of me sucking his dick or swallowing his wad. I wanted it, needed it, was going to have it.

His dick pulsed and throbbed in my mouth. His prostate moved against my finger. His balls tugged upward in his sack. His body tensed, he hissed in a deep breath, he tried to pull my head upward one last time.

He groaned, "Unnnnngh!" as his cock throbbed, as his hole clenched down around my finger, as his prostate pulsed, as his legs locked...

His wad exploded into my mouth like the lava I'd slowly shot just a couple of minutes ago... but his jetted out like an erupting volcano - hot, thick, and slamming into the back of my throat.

I'd barely begun to swallow that first thick pulse when his prostate throbbed again, his cock throbbed, and another wave of thick, hot, gooey semen fired against the back of my working throat. I nearly choked on it, just barely managed to control it, and his third wave exploded, filling my mouth entirely.

I worked my tongue, swallowed, took his fourth, fifth, sixth waves, swallowed them, then his seventh, eighth, ninth, and swallowed them. Each pulse of semen was matched with a pulse of his prostate against my finger,  his anus around my finger, and a dance of his cock against my tongue.

His prostate pumped it, his cock flowed with it, my mouth and throat made it vanish.

Ten, eleven, twelve, and I swallowed again. It was entirely hypnotic, how his prostate pulsed, his cock pulsed, his anus pulsed, all in perfect timing, and then a wave of his hot, thick, gooey, yummy cum.

Now his prostate pulsed, but I felt nothing squirt into my mouth. HIs cock jerked, but nothing flowed.

"Stop, please, Dare, no more!" he begged, laughing.

I rubbed his prostate, sucked his cock, licked his head, and swallowed what remained in my mouth.

He pulled my arm until my finger slid out of his ass, then he pulled my head by my hair until his cock slid from my mouth.

His head was purple, the hole dilated and deeply purple, the soft edges of his head were bluish-purple. His cock bobbed and throbbed and began deflating rapidly. It was so shiny with my spit and the remains of his wad.

"Cripes!" he hissed, laughing.

I snickered, looking up now at his smiling face. I asked, "Did I do it right?"

He laughed for real, then said, "If that wasn't right, then I don't know what is!"

I was so hard again! He watched as I beat one off as rapidly as I ever had. To hell with slow and gentle and making it last, I needed off right now!

I lasted less than a minute, and this time I exploded so hard the first shot went somewhere over my left shoulder! I'd never shot that hard or far before! Not even close. The next splashed over my stomach, the third joined the second one. A quick thought about how I'd just sucked off Brent with a finger up his ass, made me shoot the fourth all over my face! A thick, gooey, ropey mess from forehead to lips! Five and six were barely a dribble. Seven shot out with just enough force to arc onto my chest. Eight and nine dribbled out, and then there was just pleasure and tingles and relief.

I was panting again.

"That looked intense!" Brent laughed.

"Second best one ever!" I admitted with a laugh.

Brent got up and grabbed a shirt from his pile of dirty clothes and wiped his cock with it. I admired his ass as he did, and wiped my cum from my face and ate it. Then from my stomach. Then the jizz from around my bush. Then I got up, used my dirty shirt to wipe up the rest. I kept my eyes on his body. So nice.

I wondered if I'd ever get to do that with him again. I had to. Oh, please.

I wondered how to ask if we could again. Maybe tomorrow night?

When he turned around, his soft, dangling cock and his hanging balls were hypnotizing. I stared, not caring that he could see me doing so.

He sat down next to me as I tossed my shirt with my other dirty clothes in the suitcase. We smiled at each other for a couple seconds. Then he bounced his eyebrows, grabbed another joint from his dresser, giving me another look at his butt and his dangling parts.

He laughed a little, holding the joint and the lighter, and said, "The way ya keep looking at my junk, I'm guessin' ya wanna again . Right?"

I nodded, feeling myself turning red.

He nodded and smiled, lit the joint, and as I hit it, and after he exhaled his first hit, he said, "I'm gonna tell ya something, and yagotta agree to keep it the most secret secret ever. Okay? Will you?"

I thought for a couple of seconds, then said, "Dude, Brent, we just jacked each other off, with our fingers up each other's butts, and I sucked your dick. I think that's the most secret secret we'll ever have, huh?"

He laughed, agreed, then said, "So, so is this. Okay?"


"Uh, I've never done it with a girl."

"What? You lied all those times?"

"Sorta. I told you what my buddies told me about when they got laid."

That was sort of depressing. I thought he was some sex stud, but he wasn't.

"So, you're still a virgin?" I asked.

After he'd hit and held it, he said. "No."

I laughed, then said, "Until tonight."


"Then when, if you've never done it?"

"I've done it. Just not with a girl."

He hit the joint and finally looked at me.

I felt my jaw drop.

He handed me the joint. I took it. Before I hit it, I asked, "So who did you do it with?"

"I promised never to tell, so I won't. And don't ever ask. But I've done it with a couple. Guys."

All the excitement of the past few minutes - no, the past hour-and-a-half - were paled by those words and what they meant.

"You're gay?"

He shrugged, then as he took the joint from me, he said, "Maybe. All I know is, doing it with a buddy is fucking awesome."

I laughed, then said, "Doing it with a cousin is too."

We laughed together, smiled at each other, smoked for a few hits, then I asked, "Wanna do it again, sometime?"

He smiled wider, nodded, then said, "Wanna tomorrow? Before our folks come back? I can take Tara over to a friend's house for lunch or something."

"Sure, if she wants to and won't tell on us."

She wanted to, and she didn't tell on us. We spent a couple of hours getting high, toying around, then really doing it. We jerked, sucked, and fingered. It was... amazing and more. Blow-jobs are great, but with a finger rubbing my prostate too, it was pure awesomeness.

We kept doing it all week when everyone else was in bed, and every other chance we got.

He went to college. He told me about the guys and the girls he messed around with - every last detail - every time he came home, which was as often as he could. We both loved doing it with each other more than with others, so we did it as often as we could. It was... awesome.

I finally met up with a guy in high school, junior year, who was into messing around too. It came about in a pretty weird way, but that's another story. If you want to hear about it, say so in the comments below and maybe if there's actually any interest in the tale, Ray and I will write it up.

The last time Brent and I did it was his senior year at college, my senior year in high school, over Christmas break at my house... with Chris, the guy I met at school. My first and only threesome, though we did do it at least ten times that week. Chris's first threesomes too. Not Brent's though. Lucky bastard. But he has bigger balls than me, in both ways. We might tell that story if there's enough interest in it. Let us know.

That was the last time with Brent because there was a girl at college that was getting serious with him, and she knew about the other girls and a couple of the guys he'd been with. She knew he was sort of bi. Mostly straight, but very bi. He married her when he was twenty-six, they had four kids, and are still together. They sometimes told me about a swinging sex romp when they had one, back in those days. But they mellowed around forty and didn't do that anymore.

Brent's youngest son turned out to be gay. Hot bastard, too. If he wasn't Brent's kid...

But I'm happy with my guy. Not Chris, we only lasted through part of junior year and all of senior year. I went to college while he got a pretty good job in town, and we hardly talked much after that. A guy he worked with hooked up with him and they were a pair for a few years. I met a guy at college through a weird coincidence and we stuck together all four years and a couple years after college.

I went through a few lovers, and finally met the right guy when I was nearly forty. We're still together over fifteen years later.




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