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FFT - Chase's Tale


Chase's Tale

 Rated: X 
teens, infatuation, love (**)




I had lived in Las Vegas my whole life. It was a pretty good place to live. I actually lived in the Whitney Ranch area, which was one of the really nice neighborhoods. Most of the houses are newer and most have pools and big backyards.

I knew I was gay when I started taking showers in seventh grade. I hadn't seen a naked guy before that - well, not really - and seeing them pretty much proved I was going to be gay.

I hid that really well from my friends. Being gay wasn't so easy then. In junior high it was pretty much a social death sentence, so there was no way to find out if anyone else was without taking a huge risk. I knew none of my few friends were, or they were hiding it as well as I was.

When I started high school, I really hoped that there being a lot more students would mean I could find someone else who was gay.

I tried to make lots of friends, but I was so shy that it was really hard to do. After a couple of weeks I had made a few, and I had hopes that this one guy was gay. His name was Aiden, and he was in my American Studies class. He sat next to me, and we talked and got to be friendly almost from the first day.

He wasn't the hottest guy, but he was plenty hot enough. About an inch taller than me, lean like me, and not skinny either. Really green eyes, and really blond hair, and really red lips. He kept his hair sort of short and really neat, parted on his left, with bangs swept over to his right. His nose was a bit long, and it looked like it had been broken at least once. Thin, blond eyebrows, and long, almost thick lashes of almost white. He had this little mole beneath his right eye, and a sprinkling of freckles across his nose and cheeks. Really clear complexion, too. He wasn't tan at all, and I tended to like tanned guys, but he broke that mold for me. He wore jeans all the time, with a un-tucked, patterned dress shirt over a white t-shirt. Always dressed like that. With white tennis shoes and short white socks.

He was a really nice guy, and I sort of got a vibe, if you know what I mean. Not at first. But after a few weeks, maybe a month, sometimes, as we walked down the hallway after class, it just seemed like he was checking me out. Sometimes I was almost sure he was looking at my crotch when I walked into class. I started turning at my desk as I sat down so that I sometimes faced him, and sometimes not, and I watched as sneakily as I could to see where he looked.

I was more sure as time went by that he was looking there, no matter which way I turned. So one day I wore these one jeans, that were pretty tight, and that really showed off my crotch and butt. And when I walked in, and got to my desk, I was positive he was checking it out. And he seemed to be in a really good mood, or he smiled a lot for some reason. And he turned red, too. Not only that, but I saw him adjust his boner a couple of minutes after class started. And he looked over at me a lot, sort of slyly, and looking down, where those jeans made my crotch bulge up a lot. On the way down the hallway after class, he kept glancing down there, too.

I was really sure he was checking me out.

So the next day, I wore a pair of cargo shorts, that also were tight in the crotch, and showed off that and my butt. He looked, for sure. I adjusted myself a few times, and after a couple of times, he did too. I even kept a hand there, and sort of plucked at it. His hand went to his lap and did the same thing.

I was sure he was looking and I was getting him hard. I was almost positive he was gay, too.

That was Friday. On Monday, I wore the tight jeans again, and I was absolutely positive he looked. And I toyed with it, and he did too.

And on the way down the hallway after class, he asked me if I had any plans for the weekend.

"I usually just hang out with my friends, and see if anything happens," I told him.

"Does it?"

"Not usually."

We laughed. Yeah, I really liked his laugh. Almost musical. Nice low tones, sweet and rounded.

"You want to come over on Sunday? My folks will be gone all day for a church group outing. They won't be back until like, eight or nine."

"Sounds cool. What do you want to do?"

He sort of laughed, and smiled, and his face got so red!

He said, "I've got a lot of movies. I'm sort of a movie buff. We could watch flicks and have pizza or something."

"Cool. Like, what time should I come over?"

"As early as you want. They leave about ten."

"I can be over about noon. That okay?"

"Yeah, great."

"So, what kind of movies do you have?"

"I'm kinda weird that way. I like these old monster movies. I've got all kinds of them."

"Oh yeah? How about Gamera?"

His face lit up! I mean, it was like I had just offered to blow him or something.

"You even know the right way to say his name!"

"Yeah, duh. I like Godzilla, too, but Gamera is cooler."

"So true! How about other ones? Like The Blob, or..."

"Tell me you have The Thing!"


"Oh, man, we're set!"


It was the start of what seemed to be a very promising friendship. My friends sort of put up with my old monster movie hobby, but none of them were very into them anymore. So it was totally cool to find someone else who was. And someone who I was getting pretty sure was gay, too.

So we talked all week about old monster movies and some other things we found out we both liked. We both had some things the other wasn't in to, but we found a lot of things we both liked.

By Friday I was really looking forward to Sunday. And we were both taking longer and longer looks at each other. I mean, one day he wore these jeans that hugged his crotch like the one pair I had did, but they were obviously brand new. And I felt daring that day, so I looked directly at his package as he stood up. Long enough that he had to notice. The next day, I wore my tight-crotch jeans, and I noticed he noticed, and that he looked without looking away.

We were giving each other signs, I was sure.

Saturday I spent with my friends, and we ended up sleeping over at one guys' house. So Sunday morning I said I had to do some things with my folks. I went home and got really cleaned up, and put on those jeans that showed off my butt and junk, and a blue shirt with short sleeves that hugged my chest a little. And my favorite blue jockey shorts - the ones with the white piping on the seams. Put on my favorite cologne, and made sure I didn't have any zits. I was good that way most of the time anyway.

I headed to his place, which was next to the Verona Apartments. Nice houses, just a little smaller than where I lived, and probably without pools. When I got there, he had told me to come on in, so I did. The front hall was pretty nice, and I called out, "Hey, Aiden."

"Come on back," he called. "Please kick your shoes off at the door."

I did, then followed his voice to the back, where the room was a sort of theater. There were three couches, two short ones, one long one, and one of the short ones was in front of the big screen. He was sitting on it, and waved me over to sit down next to him. The first thing I noticed was the indents in the carpet where the long couch used to sit where the short one was now, in front of the big screen. I could also tell the tables used to sit further apart, because I could see the indents of their feet where they used to sit.

I wasn't sure, but it really seemed like he had moved the big couch along the wall in back, and moved the smaller one up front for us to sit in. I took that as a really good sign. I wondered, though, if he knew I would see those marks in the carpet, or not.

When I got to the couch and saw him, he was dressed in those tight jeans that showed off his stuff, the same way I was. I took that as a good sign too. And man, did he look great. He was wearing just a t-shirt, a blue one, and no dress shirt. No socks, either.

"So, what one do you want to see first? I brought down all the ones we talked about."

They were on the coffee table. I would have rather just looked at him, in those awesome jeans, and that t-shirt, and... well, you know.

I noticed his cologne - same as mine.

"How about we do The Thing fifty-one and then eighty-two?"

He smiled really nice, and said, "Perfect! Put the first one in."

I got up and found the DVD player, and put the disc in. I turned around and he was smiling at my ass, so to speak. I knew he'd been looking. Man, I blushed! He did too!

This was so cool!

I sat down, and he asked if I wanted anything to drink.

"Yeah. What you got?"

"Name the juice, and my folks have it. I have ginger ale, too, because I really like it."

"Man, perfect! Ginger ale!"

He smiled, and got up, and walked past me, facing me. I made sure I looked, if you know where I mean. He didn't hurry past, either. What a great view!

He came back with two little bottles of ginger ale, a brand I had never heard of.

"We get it from this organic place online. Real sugar, real ginger, all that. My folks are pretty insane about health stuff, and this is about the only thing they'll let me drink unless I buy it myself."

I tried it, and man...

"This is the best ginger ale I've ever tasted!"

"Glad you like it!"

Oh, man, his smile... it was like a thousand watt bulb. He wasn't the hottest guy, but, man, was he ever hot anyway.

He picked up the remote and started the movie. I had seen it online, but not on DVD, and never so clear and detailed, and never on such a big screen. I'd watched it a few times online on my computer screen. This was great.

The couch was a double, one of those things just bigger than a love seat. It was overstuffed and really comfortable. And we had less than a foot between us. It was really easy to take glances over and down at his lap during the movie.

When they found the dead dogs in the bin, I noticed he was getting hard. It was pretty obvious. That gave me wood. Man. He sort of adjusted it, slyly, and I got so hard. I couldn't stop thinking about trying to get something to happen. I had no idea how, of course. I was fourteen and had no experience. He didn't seem to either.

So we watched the entire movie, sitting there, talking some, and both of us probably taking glances at the other's laps. I stayed hard. He probably couldn't tell in the tight jeans I was wearing.

When the movie ended, he said, "Change to the new one, and I'll go get us fresh gingers."

He got up, and walked past, facing me, and it was obvious he was hard. It was sticking upward, just pushing a lump out along its length. It looked pretty impressive. Sure more than I had. I looked, intentionally.

When he had passed, I got up and changed the discs. I did it really fast, and when I sat down, I moved my dick around so that it showed up better. It was too obvious now, but I didn't think I had time to do it better. And I didn't. I leaned back a bit, hoping to make sure he saw I was boned. He came in, walked in front of me, handed me the ginger ale, and then turned and sat down. I was almost positive - no, really positive - he had moved his hard dick to make it more visible, too. It was pointed out to the side now, and it was obviously more than I had. It looked like a full six inches already, or more.

I'd noticed he had nice long fingers, and big feet, so I was pretty sure he had a big dick, too. Now I was sure of it. And I was dying to find out for sure. But how?

He started the movie, and we watched and commented. It was great to see it on Blu-Ray on a big screen. So clear and vivid. And the surround sound was awesome. It actually kept my attention. Most of it, anyway. I had to take a lot of glances over and down. Man, he stayed hard. So did I.

As soon as it ended, he hit stop, and looked at me. I felt my guts tremble. I sensed what he wanted to talk about. I just felt it. Maybe it was the way he didn't say anything at first, just looked so embarrassed and nervous, and blushed, and cute, and... geeze.

We snickered. I was sure we were both thinking the same thing. Why is this so hard, was one thing I was thinking.

"Um, so, Chase..."

He tried to look at me, and I tried to look at him, but it was so hard to do!

"Uh, yeah?"

Tell me you're gay and you like me! I screamed in my head. Tell him you're gay and you like him! Something!

"Um, so, uh..."

He was so red-faced. There was like no way he wasn't trying to say the same things I wished I had the guts to even try to say like he was trying.

It just popped out of me...

"Do you like me?" I asked.

"Do you like me?" he asked.

"Yeah! I think you're so... sexy."

There! I'd said it! I felt so relieved, and so very, very nervous. What if I had misread him?

But he grinned this big, wide grin, and he looked so happy!

"Do you? Really?" he asked. "I mean, do you, you know, like, like, me?"

"Oh, yeah! Man, you're really... something!"

"Yeah? 'Cause, man, I like, really think you're, like, really something, too!"


"Oh, yeah!" he said, nodding.

So now what? I had no idea. We sat there and looked at each other. At least we had said it.

"So, would it be okay, if I, you know, scooted over, and... ummm..." he said.

I didn't know exactly what he, ummm, wanted to do, but I didn't care! So I nodded.

He smiled really big, and inched closer, and put his hand on my knee. He leaned closer, so I leaned toward him, and I felt my guts shifting and shaking as our faces got closer. Our eyes were open as our lips met, and he was just a fuzzy blur. But, oh, man, that kiss!

We didn't know how to kiss yet, but we soon figured it out. And how! Man, his lips felt so soft and warm and moist. And his breath smelled, or tasted, like the ginger ale and mint.

We started kissing harder and faster. Man! I felt like my heart was going to explode! Or my dick! Or both!

He kissed me a few short times, kind of pulling back, like he didn't want to, then asked, "Can we go up to my room?"


Man, I blurted that word out like he'd asked me if I wanted a life preserver as I bobbed in the artic ocean about to drown.

He smiled and stood up, and actually held out his hand. I took it, feeling kind of stupid, and we almost ran down the hall. He stopped to lock the front door. Then we pretty much ran upstairs. I don't think I even saw his room. I only saw him as he closed the door behind us.

So now what? I had no idea again.

But did he ever look so hot!

"Can I take off your shirt?" he asked, still leaning with his back against the door.

"Yeah," I told him, almost laughing.

He pretty much jumped across the room and grabbed the tail of my shirt, and tugged it over my head. He looked at my chest as he tossed my shirt on the back of the chair in front of the desk. He smiled, so he must like what he saw. I wasn't fat at all, and not skinny. My ribs sort of showed, but not really.

"Can I take yours off?" I asked.

Man, I wanted to see his chest.


My hands were shaking like mad as I grabbed his t-shirt and lifted it off over his head. Nice! Not skinny, not fat, pretty much just like me. But he had smaller nipples that were lighter. Mine were brown, his were almost pink. I had to touch them. So I reached out and put one hand on each one. His skin was so warm and smooth. And as I touched and explored his chest, he did the same to mine. His nipples were small and hard. I felt mine were hard under his fingers.

"You've got a nice chest," he told me.

"So do you," I told him.

"Can I see more?" he laughed.

"If I can!"

We both reached out and undid the other's jeans, and then zippers, and then we shoved them downward. It was really embarrassing, but so very hot, too. He was wearing blue boxerbriefs. They hugged his legs and package really tightly. And man, he had a wet spot right where the tip of his dick pushed against the side of his underwear.

I felt his hand on my package, so I reached out and felt his dick through his boxerbriefs. Man, his hard dick felt so good through the smooth, soft material. I rubbed the tip of his dick and that wet spot. He did the same to me.

We played around like that for a long time, then I noticed how fast he was breathing, which caused me to notice how fast I was too. I looked up.

He was red-faced and smiling. And he looked up. We slammed our lips together, then our bodies, and man! We rubbed each other all over! Everywhere we could reach. I loved his body, his smooth, warm skin, the feeling of his butt through those soft boxerbriefs. And his balls! Ever felt a guys nuts through soft material, like boxerbriefs? Man, they feel fucking awsome!

"I can't wait," he said after pulling his lips from mine, and started kissing down my front, fast.

He got to his knees, and pulled my briefs down. Man, his smile when my dick popped out was something. I only had about four-and-a-half inches, but it was rock hard and bobbing up and down right then. Red on the head, too. I was busting a nut to bust a nut, so to speak. I stepped out of them and my jeans.

I felt his hot breath on it as his lips got closer, than I felt my dick dance as I knew what he was about to do. Then I watched, and felt it, as his red, plump lips closed over the entire head. Oh, shit! My first sensations were those warm, soft lips, and the next was the first time I had ever felt suction on my dick. Oh, god!

He cupped and rolled my balls around with one hand, and ran his other up and down my stomach and sides, and sucked me off. I mean, this was fucking awesome! I was surprised I hadn't already cum! But I was going to really soon.

So I reached down and pulled him up by his shoulders, and went down on my knees. I could smell him as I lowered his underwear. And then his dick popped out at me. I mean, it was like one of those corny 3D movie gags. He was hung! I knew he was fourteen too, but he had at least six inches, if not seven! Nice and long, and nice and thick, and it was curved upward and to his left, pretty noticeably. With a mushroom-shaped, full head, with big ridges on the edge, and a thick tube under it. And his balls! They were like almost full grown! Nice and big, and they hung down nice and far. I really thought that maybe he was like eighteen or something and held back the last four years. His bush put mine to shame, too. He had a nice full one, or nearly, though it was so pale blond that it looked like far less. And the smell!

As soon as I got his legs out of his boxerbriefs I attacked his dick. I mean, I gobbled on that thing like it could save me from death. It was nice and big, and tasty, and I explored every millimeter of it with my tongue as I sucked it for all I was worth.

I forgot about his balls for a few moments, but then I remembered, and my hand was full of them. They made mine seem like a little boy's by comparison. They weren't as big as the ones on the older guys I had seen in the gym showers or anything, just more than I had ever held before.

"Oh, god, yeah, Chase," he sighed. "That feels amazing!"

I mumbled, "Um-hmmm," around his cock.

"Oh, god, that was awesome! Do that again!"

"Mmmmm-hmmmm," I hummed louder.

"That feels even better!"

"Mmmmm, good," I said, though it was more a hum than words.

"Oh, god, good!"

He hissed several breaths in through his teeth, then said, "Please stop!"

I didn't want to, but I knew what he meant, so I reluctantly did. I pulled my head back and admired his cock and balls for a moment, then got to my feet.

"Man, Aiden, you've got some serious meat down there!"

He laughed, so cutely. And got red-faced.

"I just got lucky in the old draw, I guess."

"I guess! I wish I was hung like that!"

"What you got is fucking perfect! Mine is all bent. Yours is so straight and perfect! I love it!"

We slammed our lips together again, naked this time, and our hands roamed and explored for a while. I loved feeling his big dick squeezed between us. And I loved feeling his smooth ass. Man! Making out was great!

"What do you want to do?" he asked in a break between kissing.

"Whatever you want to do," I said.

We kissed some more, then we took a break, and he said, "I want to lay down and suck each other at the same time."


We got on his bed, on our sides, and attacked each other's nads with a vengeance. I mean, we were horny fourteen year olds doing it for the first time. We weren't great at giving head, but at that age, it doesn't matter.

I sucked cock for the first time, and got sucked for the first time, and it was absolutely magnificent! I tried to take his whole dick, but I only got most of it in before it made me gag on it. He could take all of mine, but only for a second or two, but that second or two was pure bliss!

We moaned a lot, and I found out why he had liked it when I had on him earlier. It felt like little vibrations all through my head. Really awesome! We didn't stop moaning from that point on.

I loved the shape and size of his cock, and how it felt in my mouth. It was perfect. Cock was meant to be sucked. And I was meant to suck cock. And play with balls. I loved the feeling of his big nuts in my hand. So full, so solid, yet so yielding. The way the sack felt, the way they moved around in it. Yes!

And what he was doing to my dick, and my balls! Oh, yes! Blow-jobs are fucking the shit!

I think we got to do it for about three or four minutes. No longer. I wanted to stop, so we could do it for longer, but the feeling of being sucked off, and sucking one, was too good, so I kept doing it.

His hips started thrusting, and mine sure wanted to, so I let them. He moaned louder, and so did I.

We moaned louder. I was getting closer. This was extremely awesome! The best thing I had ever experienced.

His dick swelled up in my mouth, and he groaned really loudly, and I knew it was going off soon. That made me get closer even faster, so I moaned louder. This was getting better and better!

It felt like I was going to shoot a bowling ball out of my dick! I almost couldn't take it.

Then he started squirting off in my mouth! Man, the taste of fresh cum! His was so sweet compared to mine! Really and actually sweet! Waves of it flew into my mouth, and I did my best to swallow every last drop.

Him cumming in my mouth sent me way over the edge just seconds after he started squiring. I was still having waves of pressure expand my dick after he was done and pulled his hips away.

He kept sucking me until I pulled away when I couldn't stand it any more. Then he flipped ends and we kissed hard and passionately, arms around each other.

I felt like I had won the lottery. Maybe, in a way, I had.

"Chase, that was awesome!" he breathed into my face, smiling really big and cute.

"Yes it was!" I agreed, smiling so widely it almost hurt.

We couldn't get close enough together. We tried, though. It was so nice being in his arms, with mine around him, kissing and giggling.




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