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Nathan's Tale

 Rated: X  Teens, threesome, Incest-cousins (**)


How I found out that I liked doing things with other guys. I'm not gay. I've never been in love with a guy, only chicks, but I have no problem doing things with a guy if I like him enough. I guess I'm bi, mostly straight. I usually don't look at gay porn, but sometimes it's fun for a lark and something different. A guy I messed around with showed me Nifty, and I read it sometimes, and I found some stories where the guy wrote them for some guys who can't write very well. They were really good, and I wanted to write about my first times but am not a good writer. So I emailed Smokr and said I had a story I wanted to know if he would work on for me. It was easier than I thought it would be. We sent some emails back and forth and after a week or so he sent this story to me. It's way better than I could ever have done. If you have a story you want to tell but aren't good at doing it, email him and ask him to help tell yours. It was easy and fun and I'm glad I did it. I hope you like this story.

Yes, this is real. No fantasy or fiction. It really happened. Names are changed.

Thanks to Ray for working on this with me.


It happened while I was on vacation with my family in Canada. My mom's brother, my Uncle Steve, moved there to work. His kids, my cousins, were fifteen and seventeen, and I was thirteen. Caleb was the older one, and Declan was the younger. I hadn't seen them since I was about ten, when they had moved. We had gotten along, but hadn't seen each other since.

Just before they had moved, something weird had happened. Caleb was thirteen then, almost fourteen, Declan was twelve, and I was ten. Caleb liked tickling and wrestling. A lot. I was ten, so it was fun. At first. But then, it got weird.

One night, just before they were going to move, and we all knew about it, the three of us were wrestling around like normal in my room, ready for bed, when Caleb put his hand on my wiener. At first, it was just weird, and tickled a lot, and it was no big deal. But he kept his hand down there, and kept playing around with my wiener.

It tickled, felt weird, and I wanted to tell him to stop it, but I didn't. I laughed and said, "Oh, my God! Fag!"

Then Declan was telling me to be quiet. Things felt weird. I got scared. Then Caleb was taking my pajamas down.

I started to sit up and try to get away, but Declan held me down, saying it was fun, that I'd like it, to let Caleb show me how much fun it was.

Then I felt something really strange on my dick. It was wet and warm. I tried to sit up to see what he was doing to it, but Declan kept me on my back. It tickled and tingled weirdly, and felt kind of nice, but it was so scary. It just felt like we were doing something wrong.

But I ended up lying there, and letting Caleb do whatever he was doing. It was scary, but felt really great. Then Caleb moved and held me down while Declan did it to me. And Caleb tried to kiss me. I wouldn't let him, and said I wanted them to stop or I'd scream for my dad.

Caleb pulled my pajamas up and they let go of me. I sat up against the foot of the bed and almost wanted to cry. I didn't know what to do or say, or how to feel.

It had felt good, but wrong. Scary.

They said it was just good fun, and nothing to be so scared about. They even did it to each other right there on the floor in front of me. They pushed their pajama bottoms down and laid down next to each other on their sides, faced each other, and put their dicks in each other's mouths.

I could tell they really liked doing it. No doubt. But it was so weird! Gross! Sick-o!

My wiener was all hard and tingly. I kept touching it. It felt neat to touch it.

Then Caleb told his brother, "Jerk it off," then Declan used his hand on his brother's dick until it shot semen out.

I could tell Caleb loved it, and Declan thought it was fun, too. But it was too weird!

They stayed over at my place another couple of nights, then moved. They did the same thing every night. I watched. It made my dick tingle, and I felt weird in my stomach. It was so... scary. Weird. Bizarre.

They moved. Not long after, just a couple of days, I tried it. I did what I saw Declan doing to his own dick. Caleb had a really big one, and used his whole fist on it, but Declan's was about the same size as mine, just a little bigger, and had used a couple of fingers and his thumb on it. I did that, just a finger and my thumb. It felt great. I never stopped.

Now I was thirteen, and getting the first hairs down there, and my dick and balls were starting to grow. Now, when I played with it for a while, it leaked a clear, sticky, slippery fluid. And when I played with it for a little while more, it tingled and tickled so much I had to stop; it felt like I was going to piss everywhere!

And now, I was heading up to see them for the first time since they had moved.

On the long, three-day drive, I kept wondering if Declan and Caleb still did that together. I knew it was faggy, and them being brothers, it was even more weird. But I kept finding myself hoping that they still did, and that they would want to show me more. Or at least do the same thing again. I hoped they wanted to do that to me again, and this time, I wanted to.

I still thought about how great it had felt, what they had done to me. I suspected that they had sucked on it, but I wasn't sure. I knew they had each other. I'd watched. And I'd seen Caleb's cum. I wondered again and again if he made more now, and if Declan made any now. I also wondered why I didn't. I thought by now I should be. I was well past my thirteenth birthday, and had a few hairs there now, and it was longer and thicker. And my balls were bigger, and even had a few hairs on the sack.

It was a long drive from Kentucky to where they lived now in Canada, so we stayed at hotels. I slept on a cot in the room with my parents on the bed. I'd do it really slow and quiet. It was great. All sneaky and such.

So, the end of the fourth day of driving, we get to their house, just outside Thunder Bay, Ontario. It was a big house in the country, made of logs. It was really nice.

They all came outside as we pulled up the long drive. Uncle Steve and Aunt Shelly looked the same, but Caleb and Declan were so different. They were both so pale, for one thing.

Caleb almost looked like an adult. He had to be six-feet tall now. He still had that bright, blond hair, and his bright gray-blue eyes, though. He had almost no tan now, and his freckles were more obvious.

Declan was so tall, too. Almost as tall as Caleb. His hair was still bright blond, too, and his pale-blue eyes hadn't changed. His freckles were even more obvious than Caleb's.

They were both tall and lean, almost skinny. Big smiles, and they turned red as we all came together in front of the house. I could tell they were embarrassed or something. It was kind of awkward, hugs from my aunt and uncle, and waves from Declan and Caleb.

We went inside, and the parents went to the living room, while Declan and Caleb led me upstairs. We went to Declan's room. It was neat. He had some of the same things I did, and it turns out, we both liked the same music and stuff.

The three of us talked and watched television until dinner. Then we went back upstairs after eating and messed around some more.

A couple of hours later, my mom came up and asked if I wanted to sleep upstairs or on the couch downstairs. I hadn't once thought about where I was going to sleep.

"He can sleep with me, if he wants," Declan said. "I got a big bed."

He did, too.

"That okay with you?" Mom asked.

I shrugged.

"Well, go down to the car and get your suitcase."

I did. I kept thinking about... that. You know. If Declan would want to. If he and Caleb still did it. If they would want to with me. I wanted to. I even had a major erection going before I got to the car. I carried my suitcase up in front of me to hide it.

When I got back to Declan's room, he and Caleb looked like they were making jokes about me or something. I felt embarrassed and worried. I didn't know what to do now. Or say. I stood there in the door.

"Put your suitcase over here," Declan said, pointing to the floor next to the bed.

I walked in and put it down, as my erection had gone down when I had walked in and seen how they looked. I was so sure they had been making fun of me or something. I started thinking of something to get out of sleeping in his room, so I could go sleep on the couch.

"Ummm," Declan said, red-faced, giggling and trying not to. That made me even more uncomfortable. I was ready to pick up my suitcase and go downstairs. "You still sleep in pajamas?"

"Oh, uh, no."

I slept in my underwear at home. I didn't even have pajamas now.

"Me either. Just my underpants. That okay?"

It was, and it wasn't.

We heard the adults saying goodnight to each other, then my mom was at the door.

"You behave, hear me?" she asked.


"Good. See you in the morning."

She left, and I felt sort of alone and scared.

I heard doors closing.

"Come on, let's go to my room," Caleb said, and walked out, followed by Declan. They closed the door to Declan's room behind us.

I followed, not sure how I felt. We got to Caleb's room. It was the furthest down the hall. He closed the door behind us. I stood by the door, they sat down on the bed after Caleb turned on the television.

"So, ummm, you gonna sit, or what?" Caleb asked.

I sat down in the chair at his desk. They looked at each other, grinning. I felt like a third wheel on a bicycle.

"Uh, can I ask you something?" Caleb asked me.

I nodded.

"You remember what we used to do?"

I nodded.

"You do it now?"

I nodded.

I had been hoping they would want to the entire drive up there, but now, with the topic raised, I was scared shitless.

"So, you wanna?"

I swallowed.

"We sorta hoped you'd be doing it by now, and would want to with us," Declan said.

I was excited, but scared. I didn't know what to say.

"You don't have to," Caleb said. "You can go lay down in Dec's room. Watch tee-vee and shit."

"You guys still do?" I barely managed to ask them.

They grinned and nodded.

"You're going to? Here?"

"Yeah. Far enough they can't hear us. Dec's room is between here and the guest room, and our parents' room is way at the end and down the hall."

I swallowed again. I was so nervous. My stomach turned over. I got hard. Really, really hard.

"You sorta got really cute," Caleb said. "Got a girlfriend yet?"

I snickered, then shook my head.

"Like girls?" he asked next.

I shrugged.

"Don't know? Or... do you like guys?"

I shrugged again. I knew about fags. I hadn't really thought about it. Girls were really interesting. I wanted to see boobs, and pussy. I thought fags wanted to see dicks. I didn't.

But I was really interested in doing things with Caleb and Declan. I felt confused.

"Wanna see a porno?" Caleb asked, grinning.

A real porno? Hell yeah!


He put a tape in the VCR and I moved to the bed so I could see the television.

It was amazing! I was breathless. I could feel my heart pounding. I got so hard it almost hurt.

Two guys were doing it to a dark-haired girl. She had small tits, but a nice body and face. One fucked her and the other fucked her face. They switched. Then they both fucked her at the same time, dicks touching. Then one came and it ran down their dicks. Then the other pulled it out and came.

I was shaking. Sweating. So hard, it bounced in my underwear. I was sure it was leaking all by itself.

I noticed that Declan scooted up behind me as the next couple started. It was one guy and one girl. As they got naked and she sucked on his huge dick, Declan put his hands on my shoulders. I jumped in surprise.

Declan moved his hands down my sides. That made me shiver. Then Declan started lifting my shirt up and took it off over my head. Then his hands slid down my sides, then in front of me, over my stomach, up over my chest, tickling my nipples.

I felt like I was both on fire, because I felt so hot and was sweating, and as if I were freezing to death, because I was shivering all over.

Caleb scooted over to sit right next to me. He smiled at me and put his arm over my shoulders. His other hand stroked over my belly and chest, along with Declan's hands.

Declan put his chin on Caleb's arm that was across my shoulders, next to my ear, and whispered, "Does this feel good?"

I nodded.

"Like the movie?" Caleb asked.

I nodded.

We watched until the guy came all over the girl's face, then the tape ended. Caleb got up and hit rewind. On his way back to the bed, I saw his huge dick making a big bulge in his jeans. He sat down next to me and put his arm over my shoulders again, and smiled at me.

"You wanna?"

My guts fell and my breath caught. I nodded.

"Stand up and take down your pants and underwear," he said.

I did. I was embarrassed. I started to sit down.

"Stay standing," Caleb said. "Now, turn around."

It was so embarrassing! But I turned to face them. They looked right at it and smiled.

"Nice," Caleb said, grinning at me, finally looking up at my face. "Wanted to see yours for a long time."

I snickered in embarrassment.

"Me, too," Declan said, also grinning at me now.

They both stood up and dropped their pants. They both had on colored briefs. Declan's looked longer than mine, and he had a wet spot where the tip was. Caleb's looked as big as the guys on the tape. It made a huge bulge, and almost pushed up out the top of his underwear.

They were both pale, and almost skinny. Caleb had some hair on his chest, really light in color so it was kind of hard to see. He also had some muscles, but no big ones.

At the same time, they reached out and touched my hard-on and balls. They groped and grabbed, and felt around. It made me shiver and gasp, and made me breathe faster. It felt really good, but so weird.

I swallowed, then reached out and touched theirs. They were so warm, and their shorts were so soft, but they were so hard in them. And their balls felt nice. I could fell their dicks move sometimes. Mine was doing a dance!

Then they were helping me step out of my jeans and underwear and I was naked in front of two guys. It was so embarrassing, and so hot, too. I looked down and saw my dick bouncing up and down. The head was really dark, and shiny from having squirted that clear, sticky, slippery stuff that I wasn't sure was semen.

They pulled their underwear down at the same time, then their big dicks were springing up. Then they stood there naked in front of me.

They were amazing. So big! And so... smooth. I thought all dick heads had edges on them that stuck out, but not theirs. They were so smooth there. Like they had been ironed out or something. The edges just sort of stopped.

Declan was two years older than me, and it showed. His was almost as big as his brothers. It was bent to the side a little, and it was really red, especially on the head. His balls were smaller than the guys on the tape, but were still bigger than mine and hung down way more than mine. He had a smallish patch of pale blond hair over it.

Caleb's was even longer. About the same size as the guys on the tape, if not even longer. It was bent, too, but upward, not to the side. The head looked longer than his brother's, too. Not just because it was bigger, but it seemed to make up more of the share of the length. He had lots more hair, and it was slightly lighter than Declan's. And his sack was way bigger and looked more stretched than Declan's, and his balls were massive, like the guys on the tape.

My dick jerked like crazy. My guts tingled and felt like they were all liquid and shifting around. I'd never felt so horny, either.

Declan reached out and grabbed my dick. His hand covered it, from my pubes to my head. It vanished in his hand. Then he moved his hand up and down. Oh, man, did that feel great! I actually sighed out loud and shivered all over.

Then Caleb gently grabbed my nuts and sort of played with them.

"Oh, shit, guys!"

My dick started doing that massive tingling thing it did. I always stopped so that I wouldn't piss all over myself. It didn't look like they were going to stop in time. I tried to warn them.

"Guys! Stop! I'm gonna pee!"

"You are?" Declan asked.

I nodded.

"No he's not. He's gonna blow," Caleb said.

"Yeah, his dick is gettin' ready," Declan said, still jerking me.

That clear stuff leaked out like crazy and my dick was doing a dance in his fist.

"I'm gonna pee!" I warned them again.

It was too late anyway. That huge tingle was so powerful, I knew I was going to pee all over them even if Declan stopped. I tried to pull his hand away, but he wouldn't let me.

"Don't," he said. "Just go with it. You'll really like it. Promise."

"Yeah, dude, we do it all the time. It's the best!" Caleb said, holding my wrists to keep my hands from interfering with what Declan was doing.

I bent over and just prayed that I didn't pee on them both. Then my whole body was quivering, I couldn't breathe, and my dick felt like it was being electrocuted. I almost couldn't stay standing up because my legs wanted to fold up and were shaking so badly.

Then I felt it happen. I knew it the second it started happening. I'd always stopped when the tickling-tingle got too strong, afraid I was going to pee. I'd been wrong. I knew it then, as I had my first orgasm.

The feeling of my semen rushing up through my dick was so awesome! It was like the reason I existed. It was what it was all about.

Pulsations of pressure, tension, and pleasure. Tickling, tingling, throbbing pleasure. Gasping, groaning, moaning pleasure.

I felt his hand get slippery and wet, and my dick, too. And my dick felt like it was swelling up with each massive pulse of sensation. My whole body wanted to curl up into a tight little ball on the floor. I had to fight to keep standing and Caleb had to hold my arms to keep me from grabbing Declan's hand to stop him. I'd never felt anything like it!

Pulse, throb, tingle, tickle. Pulse, throb, tingle, tickle. Again and again. My whole body tensed and trying to convulse. It was pure awesomeness!

Finally, it got insanely crazy, and the pulses stopped, and Declan's hand just held my tingling prick instead of moving on it and making me jerk and shudder. I inhaled and opened my eyes. I saw my white stuff all over the end of Declan's fist. I smelled it.

I heard myself say, "Wow!"

I was laughing and panting at the same time. Caleb let go of my wrists and I moved Declan's hand away from my ticklish prick, and long strings of my white stuff stretched out between his hand and my twitching dick.

"Oh, wow," I sighed, amazed.

Little shivers were running up and down my back and through my middle. And my legs were weak. I had to sit down. I almost fell onto the bed. I was still shaking.

I looked down at my dick. It was shiny and red, and my semen coated it. I stuck my finger into the stuff. It was slippery and sticky, just like the clear stuff I was used to, but it was white and thick. Even touching it that lightly tickled so much.

Caleb touched it, and smeared the stuff around on the head. That tickled way too much! I curled up and laughed and pushed his hand away.

"You never came before, huh?" he asked.

I shook my head.

"How was it?" he asked next.


They both laughed.

I sort of shivered some more. I touched and played with my semen. Even the slightest touch on my head made me jump. My dick got softer, but it still was so touchy.

I looked up and saw Declan licking his hand.

"Gross," I said.

"What? Try it," he said back to me.

"I want some," Caleb said, then wiped his fingers across my dick.

I jerked and hissed, and then watched him lick his fingers. Gross!

"Try it," he said.

I sniffed my fingers. It smelled gross. They urged me to do it. I just barely touched the tip of my tongue with a fingertip. I didn't taste anything, and was glad of it.

"See, not so bad," Declan said.

I shrugged.

"Guess you're too tired to do it to us, huh?" he asked.

I wasn't nearly as interested in that as I had been. I nodded.

He shrugged, then smiled at Caleb, and like years ago, I watched them do it to each other, on their sides, sucking. But this time, they did it until they shot off in each other's mouths. I wished I had seen them shoot, though.

Then we got dressed, and Declan and I went to his room. We undressed to our underwear, got into bed, and talked. We talked about it. He told me how there were lots of ways to do it.

Before long, I got excited again. Tingly and horny. He did too. We pushed our underwear down, and in the dark, used our hands on each other. It felt great! His dick felt so big in my hand! I could use all my fingers on it, my whole fist. He showed me how to do it different ways, too. Loosely, tightly, with spit, and doing it to different parts, like only the edges, the end of the head, the whole thing from base to tip, how to rub the end of it, and how to play with his balls.

I liked it all!

I finished first, and it was way better that second time. Maybe it was because I was doing it to him at the same time. He played with it until I told him it tickled too much, then he licked it all off of me.

I kept doing it to him until I felt his dick move on its own and then his hot, thick stuff on my hand. I kept going until he laughed and said to stop.

Then, in the dark, I put my fingers in my mouth. It was thick and gooey, and bitter and slimy, and it wasn't that bad.

We pulled our underwear back up, laughed, talked about it, and I agreed to try blow-jobs tomorrow night.

Then he showed me how nice it was to hug together. And it was really nice. We fell asleep like that.


So I found out it was fun to play around with guys. I still do when I'm not dating a chick. It's a hell of a lot of fun! And no worries about pregnancy. Plus, guys KNOW what feels good!

Caleb is gay. Declan is straight and I'm the only guy besides his brother who he ever did stuff with.

If you liked this story, then email Ray and he will send it to me or say so on his feedback page. If you want to hear what happened the next day, and enough ask, I'll tell it to Ray and he can write it and post it for you. And if you like these stories, you should read his website. Tons of hot stories there! He's like some gay sex story master.


to be continued
edited by Bill