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Jason's Tale

 Rated: X  Teens, friends find each other (*)

This is the story of the first time I had sex with a guy when I was in eighth grade.

It was late in eighth grade. I had this friend who was pretty girly. We had been friends since I moved into the apartment building in Lisle when I was seven. We became friends, and stayed friends when school started. I was never one of the popular kids either, so we got along great. We made other friends at school and even in the apartment building. I had closer friends, but he didn't seem to.

He lived with his grandmother, because his parents had died in a car accident when he was four. She was pretty sick and weak, and almost deaf. She could hardly get out of the apartment. Hell, she could hardly get around the apartment. She had to use a walker to get to the bathroom or kitchen. So he did almost all the shopping, cooking, and cleaning. We both became nerdy students and got great grades. We helped each other with studies and homework and all that. We liked mostly the same movies and music and books our friends did.

He was always a little taller than me, and when puberty hit, he was first and stayed a little taller. We were both lean and trim, certainly not the jock types. As we hit puberty, and our friends got interested in girls, I know I faked that interest. Sometimes it seemed Jacob did too. My other friends said Jacob was queer, and he acted girly enough that it was hard to defend him. I started getting crap for even being his friend from some of my other friends. But I like Jacob, and I didn't avoid hanging out with him at school. Sometimes I picked hanging out with him at his apartment with his grandma over going out and hanging out with my other friends because I really liked him. Especially when puberty hit in seventh grade and I started to really be attracted to him.

He had curly blond hair, deep blue eyes, and a long, smooth face and body. His smile was nice, with nice lips and little dimples. Puberty made his ass fill out some, but it was never really round or anything. It also made his package fill out quite a bit. I had never had gym with him, so I had no idea what he looked like naked. I sure imagined it a lot though after I started getting horny at thirteen.

So during eighth grade I spent more and more time hanging out at his apartment. I even stayed to help cook and then had dinner with them several times a week. I started staying over on weekends more than with my other friends. They started saying we were being queer together. So I stopped being friends with some of them. I liked Jacob for a lot of reasons, not just that I was attracted to him. He was smart, and kind, and caring, and gentle, and didn't act high-and-mighty or superior. And he was pretty brave, too, in his way.

Sometimes after school, I would go to his apartment instead of to mine, so we could work on homework. He always changed out of his school clothes first thing. It was no big deal at first, but then puberty hit, and it got more interesting to me. He started puberty first, in seventh grade, and was bragging about pubes and his growing dick and squirting off when he jerked it. I finally could too over the summer after seventh grade. He never took off his underwear. In those days we all wore white Fruit-of-the-Looms, so I got a good view. In eighth grade, I pretty much went over to his place after school every day.

Late in eighth grade, I was staying over on a Saturday night. We cooked meatloaf and mashed potatoes and green beans with garlic bread. We watched a movie with his grandma, and she went to bed about nine. We watched the Saturday Night Chiller Feature at ten-thirty, then played some video games in his room. He always slept in his underwear, and I usually slept in my tighty-whities at home, but in sweatpants over at his place. I slept on the sleeping bag on the floor at his place, he used it at my place. I always beat it off after we turned off the lights, usually pretending we were beating each other off in the dark. Sometimes I swear I could hear him doing it. I promised myself that someday I would talk to him about it, and see if I could get him to with me. I was sure we both knew the other was doing it. I just wasn't sure if he was interested, even if he did seem kind of girly, or maybe gay. It was just too scary and too risky.

So that night, after the monster movie, we got ready for bed, and I decided to only wear my underwear. Then we played video games on his bed in just our underwear. His grandma never came to check on us after the first few times I stayed over. Besides, it was hard for her to get around, and her room was right across the hall from the bathroom, so we weren't worried she would come in and see us sitting in our underwear.

It wasn't a big deal if one of us boned up. It happened all the time anyway. We'd sometimes joke about it, but that was about it. But the last couple of times, he'd kind of looked longer than before. And I had noticed. And I had always looked as often as I could. So I wore just my tighty-whities this night. There was no mistaking he had a nice big one. Not very thick, but pretty long. And his balls looked pretty hefty, too.

He won the game we were playing, when I noticed he was boned up. I was getting desperate to find out if he was gay, or at least interested in doing something together. I'd heard about guys doing jerk-offs together, and I was trying hard to think of a way to get him to. So I was boning up too.

It was really awkward and weird, us sitting there, boned up, the game over, and us looking at each other like idiots. We were both laughing stupidly.

Then Jacob asks, "You ever thought about beating it off together?"

I was so shocked that I totally froze up. I was about to ask something like, 'What do you mean?' when he said, "I mean, you know, at the same time? Because I know you do after we turn out the lights. I do too."

I was pretty sure he knew I did. I sometimes thought I heard him doing it. That was something I had thought about saying to him anyway, in hopes something might happen if I did.

So I screwed up the courage, and said, "Yeah, I hear you beating off, too."

After a few seconds or so, he said, "So let's stop pretending we don't."


He got really red-faced, and smiled, and said, "I got something."


He reached under his mattress, and pulled out a porno magazine. I was shocked.

"How'd you get that? And when?"

I was pissed he hadn't shown it to me before. I thought we shared everything, sort of.

"Lifted it from behind the counter at the drug store," he said, laughing. "When I knew you were staying over this weekend."

He opened it up, and we started looking through it. It was the first pornography I'd ever seen. Back then, cable was for the rich folks who owned a house, not everyone. And computers were clunky and had green text and no images.

We sat right next to each other, our arms touching, our thighs touching with just the thin material of our briefs between our warm hips, both of us holding open the magazine between us. Our arms closest to each other were on our own thighs. I thought of how close my hand was to his boner, and my own bounced and twitched.

We went all the way through it, giggling and pointing, and adjusting our pricks. Then we started through it again. The naked women were okay, but pictures with naked, hard guys were amazing. This time through the magazine, I noticed that he paused on the pictures with the guys longer than the ones with just the women. That really made me courageous and hopeful when I noticed.

"You like the pictures with the guys?" I asked, my face burning and my guts churning.

He laughed, got more red-faced, and nodded, then said, "It's sexier when there's action."

I agreed with him, and wondered if that was really the reason. A lot of my friends said he was queer, and he was kind of girly, especially when we were alone and he dropped his guard, I guess. Where the courage to say what I did next came from I don't know.

"I like the action, too, but I like seeing the guys, too."

I could barely look at him, but when I did, he was smiling his big smile, the one with the dimples.

Then he asked, "So, you wanna?"

"Jerk-off together?"


I could barely swallow, and couldn't talk, but I nodded.

We were both still holding the magazine, and he reached into his tighty-whities and grabbed his dick. So I did too. Man, that was one exciting moment! He was touching his boner, sitting right next to me, our hips touching, our arms touching. I could feel his body heat. I reached into my briefs and grabbed mine. It was so hard and hot, and tingly. I knew I was going to get off really soon, so I barely did anything to it, just held onto it.

I saw he wasn't exactly beating his off, either. He was sort of slowly playing with it, but not jacking it. I was dying to get him to take it out. I wondered if he was dying for me to take mine out. But I wasn't going to be the first.

We flipped through the pages slowly. Soon we were talking about the guys' dicks, and wondering if ours were going to be that big in a few years.

"Can I see what size yours is?" he asked, seemingly out of nowhere.

Man, how my guts flipped over inside me!

"If I can see yours."


He pulled the magazine away and put it on the bed behind us, and grinned really big, and then pulled his briefs down to his knees. Man! That first sight of his stuff was so exciting! His was definitely bigger than mine! And I had never seen pubes that light and see-through. They were almost as blond as the hair on his head. Most blond guys in the showers in gym had darker pubes, only a couple had nearly matching blond pubes. Jacob's were almost invisible against his skin. And he had nice big balls, too. About the size of grapes or olives, just a little bigger than mine. And he had foreskin. I had no clue. His head was hidden by thin skin, just the very tip and the little hole visible. And there was a lot of wetness there. So cool!

I sat up off my butt a little, and without looking away from his lap, pulled my briefs down to my knees. My dick was just a little shorter than his, but a little thicker, and without foreskin, my head was all visible, and slightly red.

He grabbed his and played with it a little, not really jerking it off, so I did too. it was so awkward and so exciting! We laughed guiltily and snickered at each other.

Then his free hand, the one next to me, reached over and slowly took over from my own. I let it. I watched it's fingers wrap around my dick, and felt how strange and thrilling it was to have someone else touching it. He stroked it. His hand felt so soft and warm. Man!

I was like, why ain't I doing that to him? So I reached out and grabbed his dick. It was so hot and soft, but so hard, too. I pulled his skin back until his shiny head was revealed. Man, that was so cool to see it appear like that. And his head was so long compared to mine or even the guys in the magazine. It was also smoother and less bulgy. Kind of streamlined. And the wet sound it made when I began stroking it was so hot!

"Feels good," he said.

I nodded, wishing I knew something cool to say.

Then his other hand gently grabbed my balls. So I reached over and cupped his. Man, slightly heavier and bigger than mine, and so warm and jostly. I instantly loved playing with his balls.

It was kind of awkward with us both reaching across each other like that, but he didn't seem to care, and I wasn't going to want to stop for any reason.

He said, "Wait a minute," and let go of my dick and balls.

I let go of his, though I really didn't want to. Now I was worried that was all we were going to do.

He moved the magazine to the bedside table, and said, "Lay back."

We did, next to each other, our legs dangling off the side of the bed. and he grabbed my dick again. I grabbed his. I wanted to play with his balls, too, but...

Then we were jacking each other off for real, sort of. I used my right hand on myself when I jerked off, but I was using my left on him. He was using his right hand on me. It was really awkward, and I knew he was left-handed.

"You want to switch sides?" I asked.


So we did. I loved watching his balls dangle as he moved over. And I got a good look at his smooth ass, too. I even put my hand on it as we changed positions. He laughed and slapped mine softly.

We laid down, and now we were both using our usual hands, and we got busy.

Man, jerking off is fun, but being jerked off is a hundred times better! We were sort of sitting up, sort of lying down, and we both looked at what we were doing to each other, what the other was doing to ourselves, and at each other's faces. We both kept smiling and giggling.

He got so wet! I mean, I made pre-jizz, too, but he made tons of it. It made wet sounds as I moved his foreskin up and down. It sounded so sexy and really got me hot! Hell, I was jerking someone off and being jerked off. I was so hot and horny I was going to finish really soon.

"Go faster," he told me.

I did, and told him, "You too."

We were giggling a lot, and the face he made as he got close was totally adorable. Our feet were doing that curling thing, and our legs were almost shaking. This was awesome!

"It's gonna," he said, and really went all out on my dick. "Do the tip more."

I did, and told him, "Rub the end a lot."

Man, that felt incredible!

"It's almost there," I said, more groaned.

"Mine's going!" he said, and I felt his dick move in my hand, and looked away from his awesome orgasm face to see his cum shoot out almost to his navel.

Man, three nice shots of cum, and then some more oozed out, and I felt his dick jerk in my hand every time!

His hand didn't stop massaging my head the entire time, and as his dick oozed the last of his jizz, mine shot off and went almost as far as his had. I had three nice shots, too, and then a lot of oozing waves, and he kept working it as I kept working his.

We were giggling and squirming, and making each other go crazy, squishing cum all over each other's super sensitive dickheads. Neither one of us wanted to stop, but we pretty much had to, it got so overwhelming.

We sort of played with each other's dicks for a while, looking at each other, giggling. It was awesome!

He kind of leaned closer, and I instantly knew, so I leaned closer to him, too. Our first kiss was almost perfect. Not a lot of fumbling for position or anything. It was almost like we'd kissed before. And we kept kissing and giggling until we got hard and did it again.

Neither one of us came much that second time, but it felt like tons. His orgasm face was so adorable! He looked like he was chewing his lips, and his forehead went all wrinkly, and it was so hot.

We kissed a long time after the second one, too. Then we ended up hugging on our sides, our sticky dicks squished together. I reached around and felt his butt, then he did too.

"Wanna sleep like this, together?" he asked.

"Yeah," I sighed.

So badly!

He got up, and I got a great view of his butt as he turned off the television and then the light. Just as he reached for the light switch, I said, "Wait a sec."

He paused, and looked at me, and waited, then said, "What?"

"I just want to see," I laughed.

He smiled, and turned to face me, and just stood there, his hands on his hips. Man. He was a shower, not a grower, and that thing hung there, all wet and shiny, his balls hanging nicely. He was hot. Not skinny, but not an extra ounce of fat anywhere. No body hair, except his light, almost invisible pubes.

"So stand up so I get a look," he said.

I did. He started getting harder. Mine did too.

"Turn off the light and come to bed," I said, anxious for round three.

We got into his bed, and our hands went everywhere as we kissed and hugged and giggled.

"Wanna do something else?" he asked in the dark.


He flipped around, and I gave and was given my first head. We didn't know exactly what we were doing, but it was amazing all the same. Since it was the third time in a couple of hours, it took forever! Or maybe it was at least partly because we didn't know what we were doing all that well. But it was absolutely fantastic!

I loved how a dick felt in my mouth, and how a mouth felt on my dick. And the suction was surprisingly pleasurable. And the taste of his dick and his cum were both delicious. The feeling of his dick dancing in my mouth as he came made me feel wonderful and pleased, nearly as much as when I came in his warm, wet, soft mouth. He didn't ejaculate much at all that time, but I doubt I did either.

We actually fell asleep in that position, our faces stuffed into each other's groins, and woke up that way before sunrise when he had to use the bathroom. I did too. And naturally, we did it again and went back to sleep that way again. We woke up again when we heard his grandma coughing when she woke up, and after a few quick kisses and a few caresses, I went to the sleeping bag on the floor. We weren't going to get erect again anyway.

That became our usual on the weekends when I slept over at his place- we'd jerk each other off once, then sixty-nine and fall asleep that way. On weekdays, we jerked each other off really quickly after school while his grandma was watching Match Game and thought we were doing homework. Sometimes we'd do it again before I went home. Blow-jobs were just for late at night when his grandma was asleep. For a while, anyway.

No one actually figured us out, we don't think, though we got a lot of teasing about being queer anyway. I don't know if we were boyfriends, but we made love all through high school, and not just with hands and mouths. We went to different colleges, but being gay wasn't as accepted as now, so we only had each other on breaks from college, for the most part. We 'co-habitated' after college to 'save money' and didn't come out to anyone until we were both almost thirty. Other than a dalliance here or there, we've only ever been with each other over the last forty years and are still very much in love.



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