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Randall's Tale

 Rated: X  Teens, threesome, twins (**)



After reading Ray's excellent story The Circle I saw he was writing first time stories for some of his readers. I wanted to share my own story about my first sex which was with the twins who lived next door to me. I wrote Ray and asked if he would write my story if I told it to him. He agreed, and it took a long time but I'm really happy with it. So here's my first time story.



When I was seventeen I lived next door to twin boys. They weren't identical at all, but you could tell they were brothers. They had sandy-blond hair, blue-gray eyes, and were slim and athletic. Randy was slightly taller, maybe an inch or so, with a longer face and nose, and had lusher lips that were pretty red. Brian had thinner lips that were sort of pinkish, and a shorter, rounder face. They were fourteen.

They were good guys, and we'd grown up living next to each other, so we were all good friends. I was three years older, and that really didn't matter much until I went to high school. Once I got to the tenth grade, they started seventh grade, and we had different friends and circles we hung out in.

They were pretty athletic and were on sports teams. They both played baseball, while Brian was on the wrestling team and Randy was on the swim team. I was no jock at all. Stoner. So we didn't have any of the same friends, but we'd grown up together and stayed somewhat friends.

They were fourteen now, barely, and showing puberty. They had small acne breakouts, were sprouting up like crazy, and filling out. Their asses were getting full and juicy, and their packages were showing real development. They weren't shy about wearing tight pants, and I'd seen them in swimming trunks a lot over the years, but this summer I couldn't go swimming with them because they'd give me major erections when I saw them in their tight speedos. I used to watch them swim from my old upstairs bedroom window, and I sometimes saw them changing in and out of their swimsuits through their bedroom windows. I used to see them changing clothes a lot before I moved downstairs. I still went up there and did so when I thought I could get away with it.

I was at home, like usual, one weekend over the summer after ninth grade. I didn't do much with my friends because I was dealing with being gay and afraid of being outted if I went out and hung around with the guys. I had gotten a big bag of weed and some beers from my older cousin. I was going to get really wasted Saturday night while my folks were out of state at a wedding of some cousin of dad's I had never met.

I had begged out of weekend parties and such, as usual, and was sitting in the basement Saturday night, which was my room, smoking weed in a bowl made out of a beer can I had just emptied. It had been beer number one, and I was now working on beer number four. I was buzzed good and having an okay time. I was watching the Creature Feature show and zoning out when someone knocked on the basement window.

I got up, hid the beer cans and beer-bowl, and pushed the curtain aside.

Brian was looking in at me with a huge grin.

"What's up?"

"We can smell the grass, dude. We wanna come down and get high."

"Yeah, dude. Don't bogart!" Randy yelled with a laugh from behind him.

"You guys don't smoke," I laughed back.

Brian looked behind himself, then back at me.

"We wanna check it out," he said with a shrug.

"You sure?"

I mean, they're jocks. They never even accepted a beer when I'd offered them.

They both said, "Hell yeah," at the same time.

"Okay. Meet me at the back door."

I pulled on sweatpants over my boxers and went up and let them in. They were both wearing khaki shorts and collared short-sleeve shirts, Randy's was red, Brian's blue. And they both had on white tennies with low socks. As we headed downstairs, I could smell their cologne.

"You guys ever get high before?" I asked as we hit the basement.

"Nope," they said in unison.

They did that a lot. I sometimes wondered if there was any truth to the thing about twins knowing each other's thoughts and such. They used to try to make me believe they could, but I never did.

"Hope you ain't got any plans for later tonight," I warned them.

"We were gonna go to Jessie's party, but Angelo Barducci is going to be there, so we're not going," Randy explained.

"Who's Angelo Barducci?" I asked.

"The biggest dick in school," Brian said.

"He's such a massive jerk. Don't know why Jessie asked him."

"And we kinda miss hanging out with ya, man," Brian said.

"Yeah, been a long time since we did stuff together," Randy added.

I'd missed them, too. We'd been good friends, and done a lot together. That had been a lot of fun. I felt great that they'd missed me.

"I missed you guys, too," I said, grinning and feeling embarrassed.

I pulled the beer-bowl out as well as my beer.

"Got another one?" Brian asked.

"Beer?" I asked, shocked.

"Yeah. We wanna get toasted tonight. Fuck it," Randy said.

"Well, guess we can arrange that," I said with a laugh, then told them the beer was in the fridge upstairs. "And get my screens. They're in my bottom desk drawer in the wood box. Just bring the box."

They both went upstairs, and I watched their cute asses in those slightly tight khakis until they were up the stairs. Those hot little asses waggled nicely all the way up the stairs. And they both had great legs; long, slightly muscly, lean and smooth. I cleaned a good pile of weed while I waited and hoped my erection went down. They were gone for a long time. I was about to go upstairs and see if they left or something when I heard them coming down the stairs.

They were both grinning and red-faced. I knew something was up. And I was taking as long and lingering a look at them as I could. I liked guys, a lot, and the twins were damned cute. Their khakis hugged their legs, and made nice bulges in front. And I was almost sure they both had boners or were a little hard. Or I was just being hopeful. I mean, those packages were juicy and full anyway, but I was pretty sure there was a sort of secondary bulge on the left side of Randy's package.

"What?" I asked, smiling.

They looked at each other then shrugged at me. Randy opened a beer and handed it to me, Brian handed me the box, and they sat down.

I should mention that since I don't have a lot of visitors, I use the old couch downstairs, and don't have anywhere else to sit. So I was in the middle of the couch as usual, and they were on the ends. As Brian walked in front of me, he sort of held his beer can just so that I couldn't get a good look at his package up close.

They both took a swig of their beers, and then grimaced.

"That's pretty gross," Brian said.

"Tastes like piss," Randy said.

"You'll get used to it. Or not."

We laughed. I made more holes in the beer can, then put a screen over them. Then I put a nice pile of weed on the screen. They watched pretty close, not having seen that done before. Then they watched as I lit and inhaled.

I held the hit, and explained, "Take a soft hit, don't suck hard."

They looked at each other and laughed.

"What?" I asked.

They both shrugged and kept smiling.

"Just inhale a little. Try to hold it in as long as you can," I continued explaining, smoke coming out with each word. "You're gonna cough, but go ahead, don't try not to."

I handed the beer can to Randy. He put his finger over the carb hole like I showed them, and then inhaled carefully. He coughed like crazy. Then Brian tried. He coughed badly too.

We passed the can around, until it was burned out. They got to the point they could inhale and not cough it out, and could hold it a while. Then we drank our beers and laughed for no good reasons. The movie was goofy, some old monster flick, and we made fun of it.

"I feel like I'm floating," Brian said.

"Like I'm not really sitting on the couch," Randy agreed.

When we'd finished the beers, I sent them upstairs for another, and filled the bowl with fresh weed. They were upstairs a long time again. I figured they were using the john, and I needed to, so I went up. My bedroom light was on, the bathroom door was open and dark. I walked toward my room and they came out laughing.

"What's so funny?" I asked, feeling suspicious.

They looked so guilty. We'd all known each other for years, so I knew what their guilty looks were.

"Nothing!" they said together.

"What the hell were you guys doing in my room?"

"Nothing!" they said together.

"Come on," Brian said. "We've got the beers, let's go downstairs and drink ᾽em and smoke some more."

They walked to the kitchen, where the stairs to the basement are, and I followed them, wondering what they had been doing in my room. I wondered if they had found the magazines I had hidden in the bottom desk drawer under the "Modern Hi-Fi" mags. I doubted it, because if they had, they would have probably confronted me about them and made jokes about them. Well, the top three were regular Hustlers and a Penthouse. The bottom two were gay mags I'd swiped from the drug store.

So, I followed them downstairs and to the couch. We opened our beers and I lit the bowl. It went around until it was smoked out, and then we finished our beers. Weed gives you dry-mouth, if you don't know that, so Brian and Randy went upstairs for more beers. It would be the last three I had.

They came back down pretty quick this time, but it was still way longer than they needed to get beers from the fridge near the top of the stairs. And they were red-faced and grinning again.

"What the hell are you guys up to?" I asked.

Randy handed me my beer, and this time he stood there for a bit, and I noticed what had to be an erection in his khakis. I mean, it pretty much had to be. They were both fourteen, and showing puberty was in full swing. They weren't as tall as some kids their age, but they weren't as small as some, either.

I looked up and saw him looking at me, probably noticing that I was looking at his crotch. I got really embarrassed and hoped he hadn't noticed, but was just grinning like an idiot because of the beer and weed.

I knew I was good and buzzed, and I knew they had to be. They way they giggled and snickered and kind of fidgeted, made me sure they were.

I lit the bowl and passed it around, and we drank the last beers. When the weed and beers were gone, we were so stoned we barely talked. The show on television now was some old Sherlock Holmes movie, and I asked if they wanted to put in a movie.

They looked at each other around me, then at me, and then they both laughed.

They were obviously having a great time, but the laughter was kind of odd.

"You ask," Brian told Randy.

"You," he said back.

"Ask what?" I asked.

They got so red-faced it was amazing.

"What?" I asked louder.

"You," Brian said to Randy.

"Chicken shit," Randy said to him.

"You said you would."

Randy sighed, then rolled his eyes, and then looked at me.

"What?" I asked again.

Randy looked at the floor, then back at me.

"Go ahead," Brian coaxed him.

Randy looked at him, then me, then at the floor. Then he asked, "Are you gay?"

"What?" I asked, all shocked and shit.

"We saw the magazines in your desk," he said.

I didn't know what to say. I tried to think of something about how they were just laying around somewhere and I picked them up for some reason.

"And you don't have a girlfriend," Brian said.

I looked at him and said, "Neither do you, both of you."

"You're seventeen. We're fourteen," Brian answered.

"I've had girls," I lied.

"Liar," they said together.

I knew they'd know if I had, so they both knew I hadn't.

I felt trapped. And I felt my face going red and hot.

"And we've seen you watching us in the pool," Brian added.

"Sometimes we go out there just to see if you'll watch," Randy said.

I was fucked. I didn't know what to say or anything.

"Are you?" Brian asked.

"We won't tell anyone or anything. Or care if you are," Randy added.

"We won't act any different or anything."

I'd been wanting to tell someone, and I believed they wouldn't tell anyone. They'd been great at keeping secrets when we were younger and hung around each other a lot.

"Okay," I said, looking at the floor, then took a deep breath. 'Yeah. I... I think I'm gay."

"Kinda thought so," Brian said. "No big deal, man. We really won't tell anyone."

"Yeah. Not gonna hint or joke about it or anything, man," Randy said.

Randy even put his hand on my shoulder. I really appreciated that. And I was really glad they were there, and I'd told them.

"You kinda thought so?" I asked, then looked at Brian.

"Yeah. You watched us change clothes from your bedroom window, and watched us swimming, and the last few times you swam with us you had boners all the time."

"Is that why you don't hang around with us anymore?" Brian asked.

"Sorta. I mean... it's sorta hard to be around you guys now. You're both really..."

I'd almost called them cute! How embarrassing!

"What?" Randy asked, snickering.

"Yeah, what?" Brian asked, also laughing.

I knew they knew.

"Cute. Okay? You're both too cute to hang around anymore."

They laughed, and Randy's hand on my shoulder squeezed it as he said, "That's okay, man."

"Now that we know, can we all hang out again?" Brian asked.


"Awww, come on. If you spring wood in the pool, we won't care," Randy said. "Honest."

He squeezed my shoulder again.

"Jerks," I groaned.

"Can we come over again? Maybe spend a couple nights a week hanging out again? Now you've got the basement, it's kinda cool," Brian said.

"I guess. So long as you don't... you know... mind."

"Mind what?" Randy asked, now rubbing my shoulder.

᾽That I'll be... you know... looking, and stuff."

"Checking us out?" Brian asked.

"Yeah. I mean, you guys are getting really hot."

I felt so weird telling them that.

Brian bumped shoulders with me, grinning.

"We know we're hot," he said. "How can you not look at something this hot?"

Then he stood up and posed. I laughed, but looked, too. He was hot. Especially now that he knew about me and still didn't care, and even didn't care if I looked.

He waggled his hips, making his package jiggle a little. Then Randy stood up, but kept his hand on my shoulder, and wiggled his hips.

"You guys are gonna give me wood, stop it and sit down."

They laughed, and sat.

"I think it's kind of cool," Brian said.

"What is?" I asked.

"That you... like us, that way."

"I didn't say I liked you... that way," I said, shaking my head at the floor, too embarrassed to look at them.

"Do you?" Randy asked.

I sighed, then nodded.

"Would you do it with us?" Brian asked.

I looked up at him out of shock.


He looked right at me and asked, "Do you want to do it with us?"

"Do what with you?"

"Mess around with us," he said, all seriously.

My mouth went dry and I started shaking. Talking to them like that was just plain shocking.

"We jerk each other off some times," Randy said, putting his hand in my lap.

I looked over at him now, shocked out of my head.

"It's way better than doing it yourself," he said, grinning at me.

He couldn't be serious!

Then Brian's hand went to my lap, too, and they both groped around, finding me getting harder by the second. I was way more nervous and shocked than turned on, but my dick was reacting to being touched.

Brian's hand moved and found my nuts. Randy began rubbing the length of my dick. I couldn't breath or swallow, or even think.

"I'm dying to see how big it is," Randy said.

"These feel massive," Brian said, massaging my nuts.

I couldn't even think, let alone say anything.

Then Brian started tugging down my sweats. Then Randy slipped his hand into my boxers and grabbed my nuts. Then Brian slid his hand into the fly of my boxers and grabbed my dick.

"They feel huge," Randy said, grinning at me and his twin.

"His dick is like seven inches!" Brian said, almost sighing, his hand running up and down, moving the skin along it.

I finally had a thought...

Holy shit!

Then I had another thought.

"Are you guys... gay?"

"No. Don't think so. We want pussy," Brian said.

"But the chicks don't put out in junior high, so we've been taking care of each other for a while," Randy said.

"But if we've got a gay friend who's willing, why not?" Brian said, giving my dick a squeeze.

"Yeah, how about it? You willing?" Randy asked, jiggling my nuts.

"Hell yeah!"

How could I not be? They're both so cute, and hot, and willing. And I'd wanted to with them for a while. Especially since they started developing and getting all sexy.

"So, get busy," Randy said, leaning back a bit, making room for me to reach his lap.

I didn't waste a second. I reached over and unfastened his khakis, unzipped them, and pushed them down to his knees. He was wearing red briefs, and his boner was pushing up a nice tent. I lifted the waistband and pushed them down, and revealed a pink prick a little over four inches long, thin, straight, and with a little tiny hole in the tip. It looked like it was going to be a long mother-fucking dick. His head was long and aerodynamic. His balls were hanging a bit, but not much yet. There was a little patch of pubes, sandy-blond, above his dick. It still had a ways to go before it was all filled in. He had a few hairs on his sack, but they were short and few and far between.

I grabbed his dick with one hand, wrapping the entire thing in my fist, and grabbed his nuts with my other hand. They were about the size of Jolly Rancher candies, and they felt amazing. All warm and firm, but squishy, too. And his dick was amazingly hard. I rubbed it up once, then down, and he sighed and shivered.

They both kept playing with my dick and balls. They were experienced, no doubts. Brian moved my skin up and down smoothly, and used his thumb to rub the tip. Randy was rolling my nuts like a pro, and tugging and squeezing them nicely.

I turned to Brian and undid his khakis and pushed them and his underwear down to his knees. Unlike his brother, he looked to have about three or so inches, and it was sort of plump and thick. It looked like it was going to be a bit short, but nicely wide. It was all pink, too, with a rounded, bulbous, short head. He had an identical patch of sandy-blond hair above his dick, and a few hairs on his sack. His balls were pretty much identical to Randy's.

They both had such smooth, lean, firm thighs, tanned up to their groins from wearing speedos in the pool.

They switched, Brain now playing with my nuts, Randy jerking me off nice and slow and tight.

I kept looking at them, one then the other, amazed at what was going on. I was heading toward shooting a big load.

That raised a question.

"You guys cum yet?"

"Sure," they said together.

"Getting close?"

They smiled and blushed darker, and nodded.

Brian said, "Not long. This is hot."

"Yeah. Won't last very long now," Randy said.

"You?" Brian asked.

"I'm gonna before long!"

Just then, Randy's thumb flicked over my hole and smeared the newly arrived pre-cum around it. Then he smeared it all around my head. That drove me crazy! I was closing in on a big orgasm.

I was sitting between two boys, jerking them off. Cute ones, too. One was about as long as my fist was wide, and the other was shorter but fatter. And they were both playing with my parts, taking turns.

"Ever use lube, or spit on it?" I asked.

"Oh yeah," Brian said.

"Go ahead, spit on it," I said.

They both leaned over themselves and spit onto my fist and their dicks. I slid my wet fists up and down on them both at the same slow rate. This was so hot!

"You guys ever blown each other?" I asked.

They both shook their heads.

"Never had head?"

They both shook their heads.

"Gotta fix that!" I said enthusiastically.

"Really?" Brian asked, grinning widely.

"Hell yeah!" I said.

I let go of both of them, and slid to my knees on the floor. I got my jeans comfortable under my knees, then had them scoot next to each other. I'd dreamed of doing this so many times that I knew exactly what I wanted. When they were sitting next to each other, thighs together, I slid their khakis and underwear off of them, put them on the ends of the couch, and then spread their outer legs apart.

That view was worth anything. Those long, lean, smooth legs, tanned all the way up. Little balls hanging in the slightly loose sacks, just a few sandy-blond hairs on them. Throbbing boners, the heads turning dark pink. Little patches of sandy-blond hair above them, then smooth, tanned skin up to their matching innie belly-buttons. They leaned back and lifted their shirt tails up to their chests, grinning down at me so cutely.

It was fucking amazingly awesome!

My dick was throbbing and leaking like crazy. It'd take about two strokes and I'd blow a major wad all over the place.

I leaned forward over their knees that were touching, and grabbed their balls. I played with them for a while, enjoying the feeling of their balls moving around in their small sacks. Then I played with their dicks, comparing.

Randy was going to be a stud. The length compared to the width just screamed ᾽Going to be a long one!'. Brian's was much shorter, but a lot thicker. It was going to be a jaw-breaker. Randy's smooth, aerodynamic head was really attractive, but there was nothing wrong with Brian's plump, mushroom head either.

And they were both getting dark-pink, almost red.

And they were both grinning down at me so cutely.

This was the best moment of my life. Then it got better. I leaned over Randy and put my tongue on the top of his head, then slid my lips over it. He sighed and shivered, and then I sucked.

"Oh, fuck!" he groaned.

After a few seconds, I stopped, then leaned over Brian. He shivered in anticipation. I touched the hot tip of his plump head with my tongue, then slid my lips over it. He groaned a bit. Then I sucked.

"Oh, fuck yeah!"

After a few seconds, I stopped.

I looked up at two really happy guys. They were sitting next to each other, legs and sides touching, arms around each other. They were so adorably cute. Fucking hot. Randy's lips were dark red, and Brian's were even red instead of softly pink. And they were both blushing darkly. And grinning wider than I'd ever seen them.

I was happier than I'd ever been. And more turned on than ever before.

I was gently stroking both of them, and they both leaked at about the exact same moment. I smeared it around their heads with my thumb, making them sigh and shudder. And grin even wider.

"More head," Brian begged.

"Yeah!" Randy agreed.

I leaned over Brian and slowly took his short dick into my mouth, sucking and licking. He groaned a short gasp. I went all the way down his short dick and pushed my nose into his sparse bush. I sucked hard. His dick throbbed and he gasped. His legs shook and slammed together and apart, over and over.

"Oh... fuck!"

His free hand pushed the back of my head, shoving my face into his smooth, hot skin. I licked his head as I sucked, and he leaned over my head, then grunted, "Oh, God! Gonna! Oh, shit!"

Then I got to taste his hot semen right from the tap. It gushed out, all thin and hot and slimy as his little dick bounced around in my mouth. It was so sweet compared to my own. And there seemed to be more than I thought he would shoot. I had to swallow twice, then a third time just as he pushed me away. His head was deeply purple now, especially the mushroomy edges.

"Fucking!" he gasped, then panted, then groaned, "Oh, fuck!" Then said, "That was fucking amazing!"

He looked so happy! And satisfied. I loved it.

"My turn!" Randy insisted.

So, I scooted over and got between his legs, and grabbed his balls with the hand I'd used on his brother, and his hip with the other hand, and slid my lips over his hot, long head. When my face was buried in his hot skin, my nose tickled by his short pubes, I wrapped my tongue around his little dick, wiggled it, then sucked.

"Awww... so good," he sighed.

His hands went to the back of my head, too, and he shoved me against himself.

His dick was just long enough to lay across most of my tongue as I sucked and licked it. My hand massaged his little nuts, the other rubbing his hip.

"Fuck! Suck it!" he groaned.

"Feels amazing, huh?" Brian asked him.

"Fucking amazing!"

I tried to bob up and down a bit, but he held me tight, and there wasn't much length to move up and down on anyway. His nuts were small, and I could hold them easily, rolling them around with my fingers. I could feel the warm, moist area behind his nuts with the tips of my fingers, and I could feel it pulse, then his dick, and then he groaned.

"Going off!"

His dick bounced in my mouth, and I felt the soft, warm skin behind his sack contracting, and then I tasted and felt his hot, thin semen splashing across my tongue. It was so sweet, not bitter at all, just like his brother's. And he came more than I thought boys their ages could, just like his brother.

His hips thrust a couple of times, then he yanked my head away.

"Like it?" I asked stupidly, admiring him.

"Oh, fucking... yeah!" he groaned, looking so happy.

His head was almost as purple as his brother's had been, but was a beautiful dark-rosy-pink at the hole, where a drop of his semen was oozing out.

Brian still had his hand on his dick and balls, and I could see it was hard again. Or still.

"Wanna ᾽nother?" I asked.

"Please!" he said, nodding hard.

He must have lasted half-an-hour. I worked his dick like my life depended on it, and he fucked my mouth like his depended on it. Finally, his fingers curled tightly in my hair, he thrust his hips up off the couch, and nearly screamed, "Cumming!"

There was far less cum this time, but his dick danced far more energetically, and his legs slammed open and shut with real force. He was bent over my head and grunting heavily. Then he jerked my head away and said, "Fucking wow!"

Randy was ready again, or still, so I gave him another, too. He also lasted a lot longer this time, and it was stronger and more powerful, too. He almost tore out two hands-full of hair as he exploded. His dick seemed to actually bend as it shot his wad.

When he let me go, I sat back and started beating my meat like I'd just discovered jerking off. Then, in less than ten seconds, I shot a load like I'd never before. It slammed onto the front of the couch about ten times, and another couple of shots landed on the floor in front of me, and more oozed out after that. I was staring up at the ceiling, unable to breathe, my whole body tense and rigid.

It was the best orgasm of my life.

But my next orgasm was even better, as the twins double-headed me while I sucked them in a double sixty-nine about two hours and two beer-bowls later.

My first blow job was fucking amazing. I'd never felt anything like it.

We took care of each other almost every day for months. It sort of cooled off once school started, but on weekends, at least once, we got together and got stoned and made each other cum until we couldn't get hard again. They got hotter and sexier every month. And before that school year ended, they were taking turns fucking me, usually spit-roasting me.

The next summer, we spent a lot of time in their pool and in my basement. They were studly at fifteen. Randy's dick got to almost five inches long and was thin, and Brian's got to almost four inches before school started. We cooled off again during school, but still did it almost every weekend, at least once.

We fucked like bunnies the whole next summer again. At sixteen, they were fucking amazingly hot. Randy's dick got over four inches, and was really thick. He always fucked me second. Randy's was over six inches, and lean. I discovered prostate massage, and they fucking loved having that done while I blew them. I loved fingering them up in there while I blew them both at the same time as they blew me at the same time. Then we slowed down to weekends during school again. They got their first girlfriends, but still did it with me, just not as often. Usually it was just hands from them, and oral from me while I fingered their prostates.

When I graduated high school, and got a job, we went crazy all summer again, but this time at my apartment a few blocks away. We went back to doing everything, including spit-roasting me. I loved that. At seventeen, Brain's dick made it to four-and-a-half inches and was nicely thick, with a big, bulbous head. Randy's dick made it past seven inches, all sleek and aerodynamic. They both got really big balls. Maybe it was all the sex with me, and even with each other. Their second girlfriends gave them hand-jobs, and sometimes blow-jobs, but rarely let them fuck them.

Then they went back to tenth grade, got real girlfriends, and we didn't do that stuff again. I found a guy at work and we messed around together but weren't really dating or anything. That lasted a few months. I met a great guy when I was twenty and we became boyfriends and lovers and stayed together for a few years.

Once the twins went off to college I hardly ever saw them again. They both are married and have kids now. When I do bump into them, we sometimes grin and know what we're thinking about. When we do rarely talk about it, we all agree it was awesome.



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