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David's Tale

 Rated: X   Youth/Teen, discovery, exploration, babysitter (**)


Yet another reader liked what I did for others, telling their stories of their first times, and presented his. It's not so much a real first-time story, more a first-experience story.

When I was younger, I was baby-sat by my mom's friend's son Brandon when Mom went out with her and their friends on Saturdays. I liked Brandon a lot. He was almost four years older than me, and smart, and treated me more like a friend than a kid he had to babysit with. His parents were rich enough that they had a butler and a maid, and they were actually watching me, so to speak.

He had neat video games, and movies on tapes, and we ran around and had some fun. He had a couple of friends who sometimes came over, and they would play Dungeons and Dragons, and I was taught how to play, and I really liked it. I was playing a game for older kids with older kids. It was the coolest!

And Brandon was the coolest guy as far as I was concerned. Now, years later, I know he was a dork, a nerd, and had only a couple of friends, but when I was ten, eleven, and twelve, he was the coolest guy I knew.

It was getting close to Christmas one winter, and I was almost thirteen. I didn't mind being baby-sat, not when it was Brandon. And Brandon didn't seem to mind doing it at all. Mom said I was going to spend the night again. I packed up some clothes and got my D 'n D stuff in case his friends came over and we played. Sometimes he and I played alone, which wasn't as much fun.

Mom stayed out late sometimes, and by thirteen, I was beginning to know she was actually taking some guy home and having sex with him. My staying over at Brandon's meant she was on the hunt, so to speak, and expected to get laid. Or, she expected to get smashed and didn't want to have to drive me home from Brandon's. Either way, I got to stay over at Brandon's, and that was cool with me.

Mom worked with Brandon's mom, and she had a lot of money. His dad was a corporate big-wig or something like that, and was gone a lot. I only met him a couple of times.

We drove to Brandon's house and went inside. Our moms went upstairs to get ready, whatever that meant, and Brandon was in his room way down the hall. His house was fucking huge! So I walked in and said hi. He always smiled really big when I got there.

"Hey, Dee! Wanna see something awesome? Close the door."

He grinned even wider than usual and put a tape in his VCR. He had his own tape player in his room, on a huge television. Like I said, he was pretty rich.

"Sure," I said, closed his door, tossed my pack on his floor, and sat down on the end of his bed with him.

He used the remote to start the tape. A girl with long, blond hair was sucking a guy's dick! I'd never seen anything like it! I'd never felt anything like what started happening in my pants, either!

Now, I was almost thirteen, and I knew what a boner was, but I'd never had one before. I knew it was for having sex with girls when I got older. I knew I was getting close to having hair growing down there, and all those parts getting bigger, and was sort of looking forward to that. And I knew about jerking off, or, I knew guys did it. Brandon and his friends talked about it, and even answered questions I asked a couple of times. My friends and I talked about it, too, and I seemed to know more than they did, thanks to Brandon and his friends, so I was sort of looked up to for that among my friends.

But now, I was sitting there, watching a girl give head to this guy, and my own dork was swelling up and tingling. It was hugely embarrassing! I didn't know why it was so embarrassing, or anything, but it sure was!

I remember going, "Wow!"

"Pretty neat, huh?"


I was amazed. I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen. These weird, funny tingles were moving around inside me. My dick tingled like mad! They were the weirdest and most fun feelings ever!

I probably sat there with my mouth hanging open the whole time that girl sucked him, until he said he was cumming, and she stroked him off and he shot his wad all over her face. I think my dick tried to do that, too! I mean, it tickled and tingled so bad I couldn't sit still! I fucking loved it!

He shut off the tape and I stared at the screen, like I was still watching the movie. I just couldn't look away, as if I kept staring, the show would come back on or something. I finally noticed my hands were holding my groin and I was squeezing it and it felt so great!

"Pretty neat, huh?" Brandon asked me.

"Oh, wow!"

I looked over and up at him then. He was smiling at me, almost laughing.

"Wanna see another one?"


"When our moms leave, okay?"


Oh, man! I could not wait!

"You got a stiffy?"

I felt so embarrassed. I didn't know if I should admit it or not. I didn't know what to say. He moved my hands and felt it out. Nobody had ever touched me like that before, not there when it was hard. I'd never even been hard before! Sometimes me or my friends wrestled, and sometimes we grabbed there to win a match or something, but it wasn't anything nearly the same as it seemed right then as Brandon felt me up.

"Sure do, dude," he said, grinning.

"Stop. It tickles!" I said, squirming and laughing, and feeling embarrassed and... weird!

He laughed and tickled it a little more while I tried to pry his hand off it and squirmed around, laughing. I really liked it! I mean, it felt great! But it was bad, too. I was sure it was something we shouldn't be doing. It was faggy. I wasn't a fag!


I could barely say it around the laughter. It just tickled so much! How could something that's supposed to be such a bad thing to do, tickle so much and feel so fun? It seemed so weird. And that I liked it, made me wonder if there was something wrong with me. I wanted him to stop, but I wanted him to keep doing it, too.

He stopped, though, and I could start breathing enough to get my wind back. I mean, I'd squirmed and wiggled and struggled as if I were being tickled more than ever before in my life.

I missed it the second he stopped it. I wanted him to do it more. On a sudden impulse, without even thinking it, I reached out and tried tickling his. I was shocked! It felt massive! Bigger than a hotdog! I wondered if it was bigger than the guy on the movie. But I was doing something wrong. He wasn't breaking down into giggles and laughter. He was smiling, but he was just sitting there, grinning, as I tickled and felt it. I knew it was hard, no doubt, and I was squishing and massaging his just like I was sure he did to mine, but he wasn't laughing and struggling and didn't seem to enjoy it like I did. I stopped, wondering what I had done wrong. I asked.

"Wrong? I don't think you did anything wrong to it. What do you mean?"

"It didn't tickle you."

"No. It... I guess it don't when you get older. It feels better, though, just don't tickle."


What could feel better than the tickling I felt when he tickled it? Nothing possibly could. He had to be lying.

I remember how he looked at the closed door, then back at me.

"Look. I'll show you later. Okay?"


I couldn't wait to see what could possibly feel better than the tickling had. I had to find out.

We played video games until our moms left. Then he said he had to take care of something and he would be right back. I played the game alone until he came back a little bit later. The whole time, my peter still tingled a little, and I couldn't stop thinking about how great it had felt when I was watching that tape, or when Brandon had touched it. I even thought about playing the tape and watching before he got back, but I didn't want caught.

He came back, we played some more, then we had dinner. Our moms were already gone, and the butler and maid served us like usual. I always felt weird being served food like that. It was sort of like a restaurant, but they weren't a waiter or waitress. We finished dinner and went back upstairs.

We played some more video games, then he left and was gone a few minutes, then came back, grinning. He locked his door, then asked if I wanted to see more of the tape. Oh, hell yes! I nodded wildly. He laughed and played it from the start of the tape. It took a couple of minutes for the sex to start, and then the guy and girl did it. They had real sex. My dong was going nuts!

He slid to the floor with his back against the foot of the bed and waved me down there. I slid down and he put his arm around my shoulder. I kind of liked that, but it was weird, too.

"See what they're doing? That's called doggie-style."

I nodded, entranced.

"That's the cowgirl," he said when they changed to her sitting on him while he was on his back.

"Doggie-walk," he said to the next position.

"Blow-job," he laughed when she finished him off with her mouth, his cum splashing across her face.

He hit stop.


It really was all I could think to say. And the incredible tingling in my groin seemed even stronger now.

He took his arm from around my shoulder, and I watched, my guts sort of dropping inside of me, as he unzipped and opened his jeans, slid them down, and then pulled his hard-on out of his shorts. A sort of wave ran up through me from my dick. Even my balls sort of tingled and sent really neat feelings up through me. He pushed his shorts down and I saw everything.

It wasn't as big as they guy on the tape, but it seemed so because it was right there. The guy's had a sort of mushroom-shaped head, but Brandon's had a kind of sleeve of skin that he pulled back over the head. And his head had softer edges and a blunter tip. And it was darker, almost red. He didn't have anything like the hair the guy on the tape had. His hair was blond, and there was just a little bit around the bottom of his dick, about two or three inches wide, about an inch high, and it was pretty short and thin. His balls were way smaller than that guy's, and pink. And they didn't hang down as much, but did far more than mine did, and were way bigger than mine.

"You ever do it?" he asked.

I looked up away from his dick for the first time since he pulled it out. I really couldn't believe he had it out like that!


"No, huh? Believe me, you will. Soon. Wanna learn how?"


I sort of did, but it seemed like something really wrong. Boys didn't do that kind of stuff in front of other boys. And sure didn't do it at the same time. Not unless they were fags. I didn't want to be a fag.

"Everybody does it. You're almost old enough to start figuring it out on your own. Let me teach you what I know, so you know how and don't waste time."


I really wanted to! My dick felt like it was moving around in my pants. And the tingles! Wow!

"Take it out."


"Just take it out. Like this."

I had to swallow a few times. I wanted to. But...

I remember thinking, Oh, hell, fuck it! Then I was opening my pants, pushing them and my shorts down, and looking down at my first hard-on. It was way bigger than normal! It suck up straight in the air, sort of moving a little every second or so. The loose skin was behind the head of it, and the head was darker than normal. I guessed it was the blood that filled it that made it look so dark.

"Put your finger and thumb on it, like this."

He showed me, and I copied it. His finger and thumb made his look huge! Mine looked like a tootsie-roll by comparison.

"Now, slide the skin, like this."

He showed me, and I copied it. At first, it felt a little neat, and I kind of liked it. I didn't know mine could get so hard. As I kept moving the skin up and down on it, it started tingling even more. It made my breath go faster. Then it started feeling really, really good!

I went, "Wow!"

"I know, right? Feels amazing."

He wrapped his fingers around his and started doing it like the girl had to the guy in the tape. I tried that, but mine was too small and it didn't feel nearly as good. I went back to using my finger and thumb. Wow, that really felt great!

Little waves were rushing up through it, like warm currents in a sea. I was breathing really deep and really fast. My whole body felt electrified. And the tingles in my wiener were fucking amazing!

"Go a little faster," Brandon said.

I did. Oh, wow!

I remember making little whiny noises. I couldn't help it! It felt so... awesome!

There was nothing else that existed then. It was just my hand and my peter, and those incredible feelings! I don't have any idea how long I watched my finger and thumb rubbing my dick. Minutes? An hour? All night?

I knew it got darker on the head. I knew it tingled and tickled, and it felt great! I never wanted to stop doing it!

"Can I show you something even better?"

What could be better?

I nodded, eager to see what could possibly be even better.

He licked the palm of his hand several times, then reached over and pushed my hand away, then started slipping his wet hand up and down on my dick.

Well, let's just say it was better. It was so awesome, that I only remember how the tingles filled me up so much, that I felt my shoulders shaking and my legs quivering, and in seconds, I couldn't stand it! I curled up tight and pulled his hand away. It was just way too much! I was laughing and squirming again. 

"Neat, huh?"

"Oh, wow!"

"Take the rest of your clothes off. I wanna show you something else."

He stood up and his dick pointed right at me as he took of his shirt, then kicked off his shorts and jeans. I couldn't stop looking at it. Then he got on the bed.

"Come on. Get naked, dude. You're gonna love this!"

I couldn't stop looking at his naked body. I never knew it was so fun to look at a naked guy! And the desire to touch and play with his dick was really strong!

I got naked, then laid down on the bed with him, on my side, facing him.

"Don't be scared. And if it tickles, sort of just go with it. Okay? Don't make me stop. Okay?"

I nodded. I didn't think I could help it if it tickled like that again. But I wanted to try.

He reached out and played with my hard-on, touching it and running his fingers over it. It tickled, but nothing like before, and I really liked it. He tickled the skin of my bag, and played with my nuts. That was cool. He used one finger and his thumb to jack it.

"Feel okay?"

I nodded hard.

He wet his finger and rubbed the very tip of my dick. My whole body jerked! It was wild! I laughed and almost pulled his hand away, but made my hand stay still and let him keep playing with my erection. It was tingling like mad, and felt so great, and I was really enjoying it.

I loved it when he got his finger wet and rubbed the end. That was so good! Every time he did that, my whole body just jerked and twitched! Wow!

"Wanna do it to me for a while?"

Oh, yeah! I nodded.

He lay on his back, and I saw that big thing throbbing there, dark-red head all shiny, and I swallowed hard. Then I reached out and wrapped my hand around it, like he had. It was so warm, and hard, and soft, and I could feel his heart beating through it.

"Move it up and down, like I showed you."

I did. My heart raced and thrilled. It was so exciting! His big dick was just so much fun to play with! It was awkward at first, but I sort of caught on after a little bit, and I was jacking him off.

Some bubbles formed at the hole, like soapy water. I wondered if he had cum.

"Is that sperm?"

"No. Just pre-cum."

I'd heard the word, and I thought I knew what it was. It was so when the sperm came out, the tube was lubricated for it so it could come out hard enough to get way up inside the girl and make her pregnant. It was sort of weird to see that bubbly stuff there and know what it was.

"Spread it around the end, like I did with spit for you since you don't make it yet."

Touch it? His pre-cum? Yuck! But it was... interesting. I let go of his dick to touch the bubbly fluid.

"No, keep doing it. Use your other hand to spread it."

I sat up so I could reach it with both hands, swallowed, started jerking him again, and used a finger on my other hand to poke into the fluid. It was warm and slippery. I smeared it around. It was really slippery! And sort of sticky. It felt... neat! The smooth skin of his head felt really neat with that stuff smeared over it.

Brandon moaned, "Oh, yeah!"

I pushed hard, sort of pushing the end of his dick down, and smeared that stuff around.

"Oh, yeah!" he said, sounding really happy.

I could tell that he really liked that.

I kept jerking it for him, and more of that stuff came out later. I smeared it around, too. He was breathing harder then.

"Davy? Wanna see me shoot?"


I didn't look away from it as I jerked it, I didn't want to miss a second of what I was doing to him.

"Keep going. I'm going to. Just go a little faster."

I went faster. I wanted to see this.


He started panting, sort of. And his dick felt like it was changing shape or something. And a big amount of his pre-cum came out of it.

He went, "Oh,"  a few times, then grunted, "Here goes!" Then he grunted a couple more times, then I felt his dick sort of bend. Then a string of white, about two inches long, came shooting out. It landed in his bush hair. Then another one. Then a couple of drops shot out and landed on my hand as I kept jerking him, then some more drops. It was really warm, and really slick, and really sticky. Gooey. Sort of gross, but sort of really neat.

Then I smelled it. I actually inhaled really deeply to get more of it. It was... like warm earth. Like camping.

He pushed my hand away. Little strings of his white stuff connected my hand and his pecker for a bit, until they broke. My hand had that stuff all over it. It was so warm, and smooth, and gooey, and slippery, and sticky. And... neat!

"Sperm," I said in awe.

"No. Well, yeah. Semen. There's sperm in it."

I looked at the blobs of it on my hand, like it was the most fascinating thing I had ever seen. Hell, it was! I was fascinated. I sniffed it. It smelled really neat.

"Taste it."


Suddenly I wanted to. But not in front of him. It seemed gross. But I sure wanted to. He got a bunch of it on his fingers, then put them in his mouth.

"Nothing to it. Just a bunch of salt water, some protein, and sperm cells. No biggie."

I was amazed. He did it again. I looked at my hand. I could still smell it. I wanted to. Badly. I put my hand up to my mouth. I could smell it really strongly now. It smelled so... neat! I just barely poked my tongue in it. I didn't taste anything. I gingerly licked at it. It was warm and thick, and sort of gooey and stringy. It tasted a lot like it smelled. I licked it again. Then I put my mouth and lips on my hand and sucked it off. I liked it! I licked it all off my hand.

"If you suck mine, I'll suck yours."

My guts went all liquid. My chest felt like it was shaking inside.

Suck his dick?

"It's the best feeling in the world," he said. "I'll show you."

"You will?"

"Lay back."

I did. I watched him put my dick in his mouth. It was warm and wet, and kind of tingled. Then it tickled. Then it both tingled and tickled. Then I sat up and grabbed his head with both hands and grunted or groaned or something. I don't know. But, oh hell!

I was squirming and wiggling and just... fuck!

I never knew anything could feel like that! I wanted him to stop so I could breathe, but I wanted him to keep doing it, too! It was fantastic! I couldn't hold still. Every muscle was twisting and moving, out of my control. The strangest and most wonderful feeling was running rampant between my legs. It felt like it was all being massaged and tickled and moved around inside me. It was... the best! Ever!

He stopped and then looked up at me.

"Wanna do a sixty-nine?"

I knew what that was. I wanted more of what he was doing anyway, and doing it to him too, at the same time? Oh, hell yeah! I nodded.

He swung his legs over my head, put his knees near my head, and his big dick hung down and slapped my face. It was sticky with his semen. It smelled like it, but stronger now. I grabbed it and put it in my mouth and tasted it. It was thick and earthy. I really liked it! A lot!

He started sucking mine again, and it was all I could do to lay there and not squirm away, and suck on his. I tasted more of his stuff, and hoped he would cum again. I wondered if I could swallow it. I decided to try. I wondered if I would cum any. I wondered if he would try to swallow it.

Then I stopped thinking. I just sucked and felt him sucking me. I found out that I could get too much of his in my mouth and gag on it. I was more careful after that.

He pushed my legs apart, then I felt his fingers around my butthole. It tickled. Then I felt him pushing against it. I was shocked! But nothing was going to keep me from sucking on him, especially so long as he kept sucking on mine. That awesome tingling-tickle was way too good to allow it to end. So, when I felt his finger wriggling into me, I put up with it. Then it sort of felt okay. And the longer it went on, and the more of his finger went inside, the more I liked it.

Then he did something inside. I didn't have a clue what, but it made my whole penis swell up and the incredible tingles and tickles got even stronger, then it felt like my dick was dancing and moving in his mouth. It was even better! It was like my whole groin was moving around inside. It felt so good! His finger was just making magic inside of me!

I couldn't breathe, or think, or do anything. I just lay there with his finger in me, his dick in my mouth, my dick in his mouth, and felt my body overloading my brain with exquisite sensations.

Then I felt his dick moving, and then I tasted his hot, thick, gooey stuff. I gagged and choked. I pulled my head to the side and coughed. When he rolled off of me, I felt wet stuff landing on my face and neck. When I stopped coughing, I saw him playing with his dick. It was softer and smaller now, and all shiny and darker.

He was smiling at me, and I couldn't help but smile back. And I felt a little bad I hadn't done it right.


"For what?"

"For... for not being able to do it the right way. I choked on it."

I coughed a couple more times.

"It's okay. Don't mind. You got it off. You okay?"


I coughed a couple more times before I didn't think I was going to again. Then I reached over and started to do it to him again.

"Uh-uh. Wiped out."


"When you're older, you'll understand. You don't wann after you get off. It sort of doesn't work for a while after you shoot off."


I was ready for more. I didn't want to stop.

"I know you probably want to keep goin', huh?"

I nodded. I sure did!

"Go ahead. Beat it 'til you wanna stop. I might be ready again before you get tired of it."

He rolled off the bed and went into his bathroom. I heard water running. I looked down and saw my dark-red headed dick bouncing. I reached down and played with it. I jerked it. It felt great!

I was beating it off like crazy, my legs kicking wildly, when he came back in. It was awesome! I loved doing it! It was the best feeling ever! The only thing better was having it sucked.

I pounded on it for a long time. It started getting kind of sore. He played video games for the entire time. He'd look behind him and see me going at it, grin, and go back to playing. Then he looked behind him, grinned, put down the controller, and we did that sixty-nine again.


His long dick in my mouth was so smooth and velvety! The smoothest thing I'd ever felt on my tongue. I really liked that feeling so much. And the feeling of his mouth on mine! And his finger inside me! Fucking the best! I pushed a finger inside him, and felt around until I found something, that when I pushed on it, he jerked and moaned. I played with that for a while, and loved how it felt when he did it to me.

When he got close this time, he warned me, and when he shot, I was ready. I still coughed and gagged, but only at the very end, and just a little bit, after swallowing a few times. I loved how his dick moved and bent in my mouth while he came! It was just so neat!

And then I think I did! It sure felt even stronger and more incredible suddenly, just as he pulled his dick out of my mouth. He was still sucking on mine, and then it was so much! I felt like all my parts down there were jumping for joy and dancing around! I laughed and curled up and it was just so... WOW!

It tingled and tickled so extremely! It was insane! I laughed and groaned and cried out all at the same time!

Then I forced him to stop. It was just way too much!

 I laughed, and giggled, and sighed, and just... wow.

I felt as if I'd just gotten a workout in gym class, but was happy and tired and exhausted, and more. I was panting like a dog. And even sweaty. And my privates felt like they were buzzing softly.

I could have slept for days.

He laid down next to me and smiled.

"Feels great, huh?"

"Oh, yeah!"

"Wanna again later?"

"Oh, yeah!"

He rubbed my chest. It felt so good. His hand roamed all over me, but when it touched my dick or balls, I had to make him stop. That tickled just too much! But I loved how it felt everywhere else. I felt so drowsy, and sleepy, and comfortable. And just... happy.

I fell asleep like that, naked, on his bed. He woke me up later, doing it to me. We did it again.

I woke up and used the bathroom around six, and when I went back to the bed, he was naked there, and I couldn't resist, so I woke him up the same way he had woken me up earlier. We did it again.

We were woken up the next morning when the maid knocked on the door. We said we'd be down for breakfast in a few minutes. We showered together, touching and laughing, had breakfast, and went back to his room and did it again. Then we did it again just after my mom called to say she was coming to pick me up after lunch. Then we did it again right after lunch.

My dick was sore and puffy. His was too. We agreed to do it again if my mom went out next weekend. I said I would ask to come over even if she didn't. He said that'd be great.

All week, I played with myself every second I could. When I woke up in the morning, I beat it before I took a shower and went to school. When I got home, if my friends didn't come over and I didn't go to their place, I beat it. At night, in bed, I thought about Brandon and the stuff we did, and I beat it like it was on fire.

Mom went out again the next weekend, and I asked to stay all night. It became the regular thing for Saturday nights. Sometimes his friends came over, but that became the regular Friday night thing for them, so that we were alone on Saturday nights.

I turned thirteen, got bigger, started getting hair, started having real orgasms, and grew. He turned sixteen, got bigger, had bigger orgasms, and grew.

Just before I turned fourteen, we moved. It sucked. I liked my friends, and I liked Brandon. I wrote, he wrote, and we told each other everything. Even when he started messing around with a guy from school. They got serious, and got caught. His parents didn't care. He was in love, he said, and they stayed together, and put up with hell. They graduated and went to different colleges. He's with a guy at college now, and I met him over Christmas break. Nice guy. Really hot. They're happy together.

I finally got up the guts and started messing around with a couple of friends when I turned sixteen. One liked it a lot, and we still do it. The other only did it to be different, and we only did it a few times, but stopped. He's into girls and just got a girlfriend.

I graduate this year, and I'm looking forward to college. I'm hoping to find someone special.


FTT - David's Story