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Mark's Tale

 Rated: X  College boys find love (***)



It finally happened! About time! I wrote about it, but it sucked. I can't write! I've been a fan of Nifty since I found it when I was fourteen. And now it finally happened to me, and after reading Ray's excellent stories, I immediately thought of having him help me tell it!

He did a great job! Thank you, Ray!



I was born in Sugar Land, Texas, outside Houston, but when I was small, my family moved to a puny little town called Bastrop. I knew I was gay about thirteen. As soon as I first became interested in my dick and sex, I was interested in boys. Never girls.

There were plenty of cute boys to look at in Bastrop. From tanned farm-boys to paler book-nerds. American Indian boys to blond studly types. Tall, short, skinny, fat, weak, strong, all types. I wasn't really picky. I would have done anything with any of them. I liked the sandy-blond types, and some of the local Indian boys were really hot too. Latinos aren't bad, but not really my taste. There's just something about the local American-Indian guys. I didn't like the big, strong, buff guys so much. I could have been one of them, if I wanted. I was sturdily built, like my dad and his dad. I was six-foot-two by the time I graduated high school, and still a complete and total virgin.

The closest I came to getting any action was jerking myself off next to my friend Terry during an overnight camping outing. I had made very sure he was sound asleep first. Terry was really hot. He was asleep in his boxers on the sleeping bag. I stared at his ass as I pounded myself to a big orgasm. About five-foot-eight, he was smallish and lean, and really cute. Hardly any body hair, and a nice, small butt. I'd gotten a few glimpses of his equipment, and I knew he was well-built. You can't go camping with a guy for like ten years and not play show-and-tell at least a few times, and get peeks at other times. I knew he had big nuts, too.

Wow, did I have a crush on Billy Wilderson, too. About five-six or so. Sort of strong, but not very much so, more lean. Amer-Ind boy, with black, straight hair and dark eyes, and that awesome bronze skin. And an ass that was just perfect. Not all bubbly-butted or such, just smooth, rounded, pert, and narrow. Long, lean legs, too. And he wore the best shorts! Not a body hair on him. And he was in my gym class senior year. Wow, was he hung! Smallish balls, but that dork of his hung like seven inches just hanging there soft. Long and skinny one! Nice!

They were my big crushes in high school; my best friend, and a boy that I hardly said a word to.

I went to college this fall. Not going to say what one. Let's just say a major university. I was smart, and lonely enough that I studied a lot, so I got a partial scholarship and my folks are well-off.

I had hoped to get the guts up to check out that GLBT and maybe meet another fag. Maybe somebody to be more than just my first fuck. I really wanted someone special, but I would settle for anyone who'd bust my cherry.

But, I'm a total loser. I look the part of a nerd, down to a tee. I try to look as normal as possible, no colored hair or outrageous clothes. I'm really tall, a little on the thin side, with curly blond hair that I really can't do much with, hazel eyes, and a Texas tan. I'd say my best feature is what I'm packin'. Maybe when no one plays with it but yourself, it just keeps growing. Nine inches plus, and by plus, I mean anything from a quarter to half-an-inch. Depends on exactly how it's measured and such. Down-side is, it's skinny. But that maybe makes it look longer. And I've been beating it so much, it bends to my right a little. More than a little, but oh well. Maybe it's not from beating it? I don't know.

Anyway, I hoped I would get the guts to check out the GLBT, but I didn't. The closest I came was walking past where it was meeting a few times. Sort of slow, you know? Not slow enough that anyone might think I was checking it out. And one time I caught it breaking up for the night.

There were some dorky dudes, some butch gals, and a couple of hot guys. I would have done anything with any of the guys, even the fat, dumpy, dorky looking dude with the nerdy black glasses. I was desperate. But I was too much of a wimp to ever go to a meeting.

Then, at the semester break, I went home for a few days. I called Terry, and we hung out for a while, but he was spending a lot of time with his latest girl. Mellissa was hot. I know what a hot chick is, and she's definitely one.

On my third day home, Terry and I went to play some mini-golf. It was really chilly for Texas, and they were saying we could end up with snow next week. But the range was open, so we played. We talked about this and that for a while.

Then I asked, "So how's Mel in the sack?"

"She's hot! Man, can she give head!"

"Cool. Nothin' like a good blow-job," I said.

"You finally get laid at school?"

I almost lied. He knew I was a virgin, and never teased me about it once.


"Oh. Too bad. I'd figure you'd met some dude by now."

"Dude? Ha-ha. Funny."

He was getting ready to hit the ball, but stopped and looked up at me, then around, then back at me. There wasn't anyone nearby.

"You're gay, right?"

He asked it as if I'd told him or something. My jaw dropped. I mean, hit the ground.

"What makes you think that?" I asked, almost as if I were pissed.

He shrugged, then said, "Just... you never chased a girl, even once. Hardly ever talked about chicks. And, well, you're not all girly or anything, but, man, don't get mad, but, well, you just... seem gay."

I was so surprised that I couldn't even think of anything to say to that.

"You are, right?"

I had never felt so nervous before. Not even the first time I had walked by the GLBT meeting on campus. Never. I couldn't talk. I felt so scared, too.


He hit the ball, and it went right through the obstacle, and ended up just an inch or so from the hole. We walked down to where my ball was, about three feet from the hole. I lined up my shot. I was shaking, though. I hit the ball and it missed by a foot and hit the bumper almost a foot on the other side of the hole. I was way better than that.

"You know I don't care, right?"

He lined up his shot and the ball went right in. He picked it out and looked right at me.

"Mark. You know I don't care, right?"

I swallowed. It was really hard to do. I felt like I was going to cry. I sighed, one of those shaky ones. I lined up my shot.

"I just don't want you to think it matters to me any. We've been best friends too long for that to make a difference."

I hit the ball and it missed by almost a foot and rolled even further away.

"I don't want to talk about this."

"Okay. How about how bad the ball team is at your school. Man, they suck."

We talked about other stuff. We finished the round and I had the worst score I can ever remember having. We returned the putters and balls and headed for his car. When we got in, and he'd started it, he looked over at me. I knew what topic he was going to bring up.

"I just want to make sure we're the same as always."

"Okay. So we're the same."

"Missed you while you were gone."

"Missed you, too, Terror."

He laughed. We went to Jack-in-the-Box, then parked at the high school and ate.

I was dying to ask how long he had suspected, and exactly what had clued him in. I had to work up the guts. By the time we had ate, I was barely able to.

"Uh, so, when did you figure it out?"

I  realized that I had just came out to him. The first person ever. I was shaking like mad!

"Remember that camping trip? When we snuck the beers and then it stormed so bad the tent ripped and almost blew away? The last time, not the one when we were kids."

"Two years ago?"

"Yeah. That one. When I caught poison ivy the next month."


"Well, when we were asleep, I woke up. I heard the thunder, I guess. It wasn't raining yet. I went out to see the lightning, have a piss, and then came back in. You had rolled onto your back, and..."

I waited.

"You had this massive boner."

He snickered.

"I laid down. Between the thunder, you sort of mumbled. I guess it was the beers. But you talked. You said something about, like, I think it was, I want you to fuck me. Or something like that."

I started sweating.

"You said my name a couple times."

He snickered. I started sweating bullets.

"You kept saying my name, then David, and Ryan, and fuck me."

I swallowed. I felt sweat running down my forehead and temples. My stomach rolled over.

"So, I sort of thought maybe you were just having a weird dream. I laid down, and, well, I heard you grunt, say, love you, dude, then snort and sort of go deeper asleep."

We weren't looking at each other. I was staring at my hands in my lap. I couldn't swallow and could barely breathe.

"Two years?" I asked.

"Yeah. After that, I saw stuff. Just, how you, I don't know, just, seem, gay."

I had to wipe at my eyes. I didn't want to cry in front of him. Or anyone. I was eighteen, too old to cry. Especially in front of my best friend, even if he did know I was gay.

"You stayed friends," I said, amazed at the idea. "Why didn't you..."

I didn't know how to phrase it.

"What? Not be friends? Just because I thought you were probably a homo?"

I nodded, still looking at my lap. I felt like two people at the same time. One was this kid from Bastrop, Texas, who had a really good friend and a good life, and one was a total faggot who was a friendless, worthless dork.

He made a dismissive sound, a sort of "Phffft."

I looked at him.

"You're my best bud. I really don't care if you're a cock-gobbler."

I sort of laughed.

"We've been friends for so long, dude. If you're a knob-slobberer, well, big deal."

He shrugged and grinned. I sort of laughed again. That friendless, worthless dork faded a bit.

"You really don't care?" I asked, barely keeping my voice from cracking.

"Dude, no. I don't. Just don't go molesting me, is all."

"You'd love it."

He laughed.

"Maybe. But I'd rather not find out."

We laughed.

"Besides, Mel's good enough for me. I don't even want to fuck her in the butt, so why would I want to you?"

I laughed. I wished he would, though.

"You didn't find anyone at college?"


"You even trying?"

"Who'd want to fuck me? I'm a total dork."

"Not a total dork," he said with a laugh.

"Yeah, total dork," I said.

"Nah. If you wanted, you'd get some."


"You would."

"Maybe if he was blind."



"I bet I can get you laid before you go back Sunday."

"Three days? Sure. Right."

"I bet."

"Bet what?"

"A hundred bucks."

"What? You serious?"

"Yeah. Got a bill?"

"Uh, yeah. Guess."

"I do. Bet?"

"If you get me laid, I'll give you a hundred bucks, no problem. You don't, I want you to."

"I've got a bill. Bet?"

"No, if you can't get me laid, I want you to."

I was stunned at myself.

"You mean, me? Lay you?"




We laughed. He said, "No."


"Dude. I'm not gonna give you a hand-job if I can't get you laid."

"Because you know you can't. How can you even know anyone who would? Come on."

"If I can't get you some action, I'll jerk you off."

I blinked repeatedly.

"Serious?" I asked.

"Yeah. I'm sure I can get you some action. So sure, if I can't, I'll give you the best hand-job of your life."

"Any hand-job would be the best one!"

We laughed.

"How sure are you?"

"I'm sure I won't be jerking you off Sunday. You'll be too busy fucking and getting fucked with someone else."


"You'll see. Probably tonight."

"Sure. Whatever."

"Come on. I've got a call to make."


"Maybe more. We'll see."

He pulled out and dropped me at home.

"I'll go get some lube for that hand-job you'll be giving me Sunday."

"Get some lube, but I won't be using it."


I got out and flipped him off. He honked his horn and drove off quickly. I said hi to my folks, talked a while, and then went to my room.

I felt weird. I'd told my best friend that I was gay. Well, he'd told me he knew already. It was a huge relief. I thought about telling my folks, but that seemed totally impossible. I figured I might be able to after college was over and when I was living on my own. Maybe not even then.

But I was in a great mood. I wondered what he had on his mind. He'd seemed so sure he could get me laid. I hoped he did, and I hoped he didn't. I hoped that if he didn't, that he would pay up. I was looking forward to him giving me a hand-job. I doubted he would, even if I tried to make him. But I pretended he would, and jerked off, daydreaming about that.

After dinner, my phone rang. It was Terry. I wondered what excuse he was going to come up with to get out of the bet.


"Hey. So, can you get over to Cedar's?"

"Cedar's? Why?"

"Just dress nice, and get there at seven?"

"Seven," I repeated, not asking, just stating.

"Yeah, seven. Dress nice."

"Okay. Why?"

"Oh, and be ready to pick up the tab."


"Just do. And say you have a reservation for two under the name, Aston."


He snickered. I saw the joke.

"Ha-ha. So, what? I get hazed when I get there?"

"No. I asked, and he's totally up for it. He said he'd meet you tonight."


"Just someone I know is gay. I said I knew someone who was gay, never been with anyone, and needed to meet someone. He asked who, I said you, and he didn't believe me. I had to convince him. He knows we're best friends since forever, and I told him how you're the shy type. He said he knew that, but not that you were gay, too. So I had him then. So then he agreed to talk to you."


"Be there, and see."

I thought about it. It seemed impossible. How could he know someone who was gay in Bastrop, but I didn't? I asked.

"He sort of stopped even hiding it after school, but you went off to college. You don't know."


I knew he wouldn't tell me, but the question was automatic.

"Just be there and see. He says you're cute. He can't believe you're gay, too. And he's never been with a guy either."


"Dude, if you ask again, I'll call him and tell him you said no."

I almost said it again, but I cut it off in time. I was shaking now, believing him.

"Okay. I'll go."

"Cool! Good luck!"

He hung up. I stood there holding the phone for a few seconds. It was stunning. Someone else in Bastrop was gay? And Terry knew? Someone from school?

I ran through the faces of everyone I knew in school. I tried to remember anyone giving off any kind of vibe. There was no one.

I had over an hour. I showered, picked out good clothes, then sat around, nervous and scared. The closer it got to seven, the more I sweated. When it was time to leave, I had to force myself to go. I reasoned that this was a chance I would be stupid to pass up on. It'd be insanely stupid.

I knew Terry wouldn't be setting me up for anything like a joke or prank. He just wouldn't.

I got up, checked myself, and told my folks I'd be back a little later, that I was going to dinner with a friend.

I drove to Cedar's. It was a sort of fancy, but relaxed place. They served liquor and beer, and Mediterranean foods as well as normal stuff.

I sat in my car, shaking and sweating. I looked at the cars in the lot and didn't see any that were familiar. I got out of my car, glad that it was really cool, so I could stop sweating so badly.

I walked in, as nervous as I'd ever been. I said I had a reservation under the name Aston. The guy took me to a table for two that was empty. He asked if I wanted something to drink. I wished I could order beer or something even stronger. I ordered a Coke. I wasn't there two minutes before a guy was led to my table by the waiter. I looked up and saw Conrad Walker.

He sat down, and was asked for his drink order. He ordered a Coke. We looked at each other. Conrad was half Indian. Mostly tanned, black hair, dark eyes, wide face, just a little shorter than me, and almost skinny. Cute. Really cute.

"Hi, Mark."

"Uh, hi, Conrad."

"Con. Or Walker. I hate Conrad."

Con seemed weird.

"Okay, Walker. Uh, hi."

He smiled, and I could tell that he was nervous. We were silent. Our drinks came. The waiter asked if we were ready to order.

"You?" I asked.

"Uh, sure. I know what I want, anyway."

"Okay. Menu?" I asked the waiter.

He handed me one, then said he'd be back.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Lasagna. They have good Lasagna."


I looked and didn't see anything that sounded as good.

"Guess I will too."

I put down the menu and took a drink. I tried not to look at him too much.

"Awkward," he said, grinning shyly and obviously embarrassed.

"I know."

I was still sweating. I saw that he was too. We grinned stupidly and looked around.

"Uh, I'm supposed to ask about a camping trip?" he said nervously. "Something about a thunderstorm and a dream?"

I couldn't help but snicker a little.

"What?" he asked, smiling at me.

"Terry's an asshole."

"He seems like a pretty nice guy to me. You guys have been best friends since we were kids."

"Yeah. True."

"Always sort of envied you guys."


He shrugged.

"Never really had a best friend."

"Why not?"

He shrugged again and looked uncomfortable.

"Just... hard to. Always worried someone would know."


As soon as I asked, I knew what he meant.

"What about before you knew... you were?"

He shrugged, then said, "I had one then. Howard Black."

"Oh. I forgot."

Howard had been killed when we were about twelve or so. I had forgotten he and Conrad were friends.

He shrugged and looked sad.

"So, you didn't have a close friend when you started..."

"Knowing. Yeah."

I thought how that had to have really sucked.


"Not your fault."

It was incredibly awkward then. The waiter came back. We ordered. We were quiet.

"So, when did you know?" he asked.


"Me too."

"Started noticing..." The place was pretty empty on a Thursday night, so were were almost alone. "Noticing the guys."

"Yeah. Eighth grade. Changing and showering."


We sort of laughed a little, nervously. I remembered seeing him in the showers. I sort of laughed harder.

"What?" he asked.

"I remember seeing you."

He blushed and grinned, then said, "I always kept looking at the floor. Wanted to look, but..."

"Yeah. I know what you mean."

"Did in high school. Remember you in tenth grade."

He laughed.

"What?" I asked.

He got even redder, and fought down a huge grin, then said, "You were so hung."

I laughed and went red, and said, "You're not so bad yourself."

I remembered his nice ass, his long, lean legs, his firm chest and arms, his dark nipples, and his nice, long, thick dick. Bigger balls than most Amer-Inds. But he was part white.

"I used to..."

I waited to see if he was going to finish the sentence. He toyed with his silverware.

"Used to think about you. What I saw in the showers."

I sort of squirmed in my seat. I'd jerked off thinking about him a few times. Like I said, I liked the Indian boys.

"Me too."

"Sure," he said dismissively.

"I did. I always liked you native guys."

"Sure," in the same way.

"Honest. Something about your dark eyes, and black hair, and... well, the way you guys are so lean and stuff."

He snickered and was still blushing, but he looked directly at me for the first time while I was looking at him. We sort of locked eyes. He was very cute. We smiled. I felt better. Not as nervous.

"I like your shirt," he said.

"Thanks. I like yours. Nice color."

Teal. Really looked good with his dark skin, eyes, and hair.

We were quiet again for a while.

"How's college?" he asked.

"Okay. Boring."

"Didn't meet anyone?"

"No. Too chicken to go to the, you know, GLBT thing."

"I would be, too. I'm still surprised I came tonight."

"Me too! I can't believe there's someone else in Bastrop!"

"I know! The whole time! Man. We wasted a lot of time."

"I know we could have been..."

We snickered.

"Would you? With me?" he asked, really shyly.

"Yeah. In a heartbeat."

He laughed. He was so cute.

Our salads came. We ate mostly in silence at first, but by the time our lasagna came, we were chatting and laughing. We liked the same music, movies, and books. He'd gotten good grades, and could have gone to college, but his family didn't have the money. That was so unfair. He was at least as smart as me.

By the time we ordered dessert, I was having a great time. When the bill came, he wanted to pay his half.

"Terry told me to be ready to pay the whole thing," I said. "I want to."

"I don't like you paying. Just let me cover my half."

"What if I want to pay for it?"


I swallowed. A really bold answer came to me. I didn't know if I dared. But I did.

"Because I like you. I want to."

He visibly swallowed. He sort of smiled.

"Don't mean I've got to give it up, though," he said, getting red again.

I got red, too, and couldn't stop grinning.

"Fine," I said. "But if I let you pay the whole bill, does that mean I can count on getting lucky?"

He laughed and looked so cute.

"I'll let you pay if so," I added.

I couldn't believe I was being that bold. It wasn't like me. But it felt good. I liked it.

He smiled and stared at me, almost through me.

"Let me pay and see," he said, almost laughing.

"Tempting," I said. "But... don't want to if that's why."

"Fine. You pay. But I will next time."

I hadn't thought of there being a next time. That he was made me feel really good. I put the money on the tray and we got up. We walked outside. It was cold now. We weren't dressed for it.

Now I had no idea what to say or do. Do I ask him to follow me home? Go somewhere and do something? Go talk? What?

I didn't want to 'date' to end, that was for sure!

We stood near the doors, quietly shuffling our feet. So awkward!

"So, uh, want to, uh, I don't know... go do something?"

"Sure. What?"

He looked at me, I looked at him. I wanted to find a hotel and spend the night with him. I thought even mentioning that would probably piss him off, or make him think I was some sex maniac.

He sighed really loudly, then coughed a couple of times.

"Uh, here." He handed me something. I took it. "Terry said to give it to you if I wanted." It was a coupon for ten-percent off at the hotel. "I do."

I felt dizzy and weak. And excited.

"Fucking Terry," I said softly.

"He seems like a good friend," Walker said.

"He is."

I looked at the coupon and asked, "You sure?"

"I'll pay."

I looked at him. It was too dark to see his blush, but his grin meant that he was blushing. His eyes sparkled. He bit at his lower lip.

"We can walk," he said.


It was only a little ways. I'd walked much further at college.

We walked. It was freaking cold. We didn't have any jackets. It was really dark, and I didn't think anyone would see us, so I walked up really close to him and put my arm around him. He smiled and put his around me.

As we got really close to the hotel, he said, "I'll go get the room. But, will you wait outside?"

"Yeah. Good idea."

I waited by the ice machine. He came out looking really embarrassed.

We laughed and walked to the room. He opened the door and waved me in. I turned on the lights. My guts were churning. I was sweating and shaking more than at the mini-golf course. He closed the door.

We stood there, both of us looking at the floor, glancing up at each other sometimes, snickering.



He stepped closer. He was about three or four inches shorter than me. He stretched up and we kissed really quickly. I felt like I was going to burst into confetti and flutter down to the floor. We laughed.

"Fuck. You've got the nicest eyes," he said.

"So do you."

He stretched up and we kissed again. I felt his hands on my arms. I put my hands on his sides. We were both shaking. His lips were so warm and soft. Our kisses got longer and deeper. My guts went from swirling around to quivering. Sex filled my head. I saw us on the bed, naked, kissing. Fucking. Sucking. I got fully hard.

He leaned against me. Our arms went around each other. We were pressed together tightly. It was really nice.



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