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Derrick's Tale

 Rated: X  Teens, friends exploring (**)


Yet another reader liked what I did for others, telling their stories of their first times, and presented his.

It might be true or not. I worked with him to help him tell his story.

I live in a small town with nothing to do. I was born in the house I grew up in and with the same friends. There were few guys my age, and one lived close by and we became best friends.

Dan and I were pretty normal, looked pretty average, and did all the usual things. When his brother went to college, he left his weight set behind, and we got to use it. His brother hated it when we did, so of course, as soon as he left, we did.

We were a little skinny, and we wanted to change that. We both wanted girls to notice us. Sort of. Not important to the story, but I really wanted Scott from school to notice me. Anyway, my best friend was Dan, and we started using his brother's weights as soon as he left for college. Pretty much all the time.

We were both almost sixteen, and really looking forward to getting cars and going on dates. So we started using the weights all the time. It was late summer, and it's always hot and humid, and the garage is even more hot than outside. So, we'd take off our shirts and wear short shorts and put towels on the weight bench. We'd bring the hose in from outside and spray off from time to time to help keep cool.

One Friday night I stayed over, and didn't get to take care of personal business, if you know what I mean. We stayed up late and passed out. We were woken up by his parents and had to help do some stuff around his place, like clean gutters and mow the lawn. Spent most of the day doing that. We were wore out, so we showered, played some video games, and passed out watching TV. Second night in a row I didn't get to take care of that personal business. So, Sunday, I went home to get clean clothes, so I said, and meant to take care of that, but my folks had me do some things, and go out to lunch with them, and I got home and hurried back so Dan and I could watch the game. Didn't take care of that business.

The game ends, his parents are visiting his uncle and aunt two towns over, so we go use the weights. No shirts, our school gym shorts from last year, and they're getting small and tight. And I haven't taken care of business since Friday morning. This is Sunday afternoon. So, I'm getting really horny and having to hide that I'm hard as a rock spotting him. Not easy. Impossible.

He notices. He laughs. We've both gotten hard doing weights before, not very unusual. Our gym shorts are small, like I said, but the thing is, neither of us are. We're both pretty well built down there. He's got this amazing dick, and I've got balls that would make an old man jealous. We've both seen each other naked plenty of times. In school showers, changing at home, stuff like that. So I know what he's got, he knows what I've got. But we've never done anything together. He's always liked the girls, and I've always hidden that I don't.

So I'm standing over him, looking down at his nice body, hard as hell, and just about poking out the leg of my small, tight gym shorts. And he's grinning and trying not to laugh and work out. I see he keeps looking at it. That just makes me harder. I look down at his lap and I can easily tell he's getting hard. I mean, he's big. I'll tell you how big really soon.

"Dude, if you're gonna shoot off or something, you better turn away," he says.

I laugh and say, "If I do, it'll be your fault for making me work all day yesterday and not giving me time to take care of it."

"I know! I have to soon or I'll go fuckin' ape-shit."

"You didn't either?"

"Not since Friday morning. Almost did in the shower while you were home, but mom knocked and asked if I wanted to go with them, then tells me this and that, and I just lost the boner and gave up and got out."

"Fuck. We're both dyin' of blue-balls."

"I know you could! The size of your balls, it'd be fatal for sure! And your dong is almost out of your shorts!"

I looked, and his is getting close to poking out the leg of his shorts.

"You're going to yourself."

Now he can't press again, he's laughing too much, so I help him get the weights on the hooks. He shakes his hands and gets up, and I lay down. I tuck it up so it don't hang out. My balls would have if my dick wasn't pushing the leg tight itself. Like I said, I've got huge ones. So I lay back and he spots me, and I of course see his big dong almost hanging out his shorts leg. I know he saw me looking, but I was so horny I didn't care.

"Take a pic. Your phone's on the bench. Want it?"

We laugh. I grab the bar. I see his dick pretty much fall out the leg of his shorts. He tucks it up, but it starts poking out again right away. Like I said, he's huge. He tugs at the shorts, but they're small.

"Dude, would you freak if I took these fuckin' shorts off?" he asks, trying to get comfortable in them.

"Yeah, I would," I said.

And I meant it. I was afraid I'd jump him.

"Dude, I'm gonna go cut off some sweats and wear them. Be right back."

"Fuck that. Go ahead."



And I give him the 'come off it' look. He shrugs and drops his shorts. I feel my dick do a dance. Then he stands over me with his almost totally hard dick. And he's got some nice balls. And mine goes full-on erect.

I start pressing, and don't get very far. I mean, it's like I'm weak. And I can't keep my eyes off his dick and balls. And he can tell that. If you don't spot and do weights, you don't know how easy it is to tell where the guy laying on the bench is looking. It's obvious. He notices. I try not to look, but, well... hell.

"Dude, you're lookin' at my shit a lot. You that horny, or what?"

We laughed.

"Dude, it's like a fucking beacon. What the hell? That thing eight inches or something?"

"Nine, dude. I told you."

"I thought you were bullshitting me."

"Does it look like I was?" he asks, and then wiggles his hips, making it swing around.

"Hell no!"

We laughed. And he's getting totally hard now. It's standing out straight and we're both red-faced and giggling and I can't do another press.

He helps me place the bar in the hooks and I sit up and my balls fall out those damned short shorts. He laughs and I laugh and I try tucking them in.

"Take the fuckin' things off. We'll cut up some sweat pants and fuck the shorts. They're too small now."


He picks up the hose and we spray off, and spraying him while he's naked is awesomely hot. I blow a full boner and no way I can hide it. Or even try to.

"Take the fuckers off," he says.

I'm too embarrassed to. But I do. I'm harder than him.

"Dude, nice nuts."

I laugh and say thanks.

"If I had your nuts or you had my dork, one of us could do porn and get rich."

"Yeah, but the other one would be average."

"Well, you're not short or anything. Six inches at least."

"Six and a half."

"Not bad. Looks more like seven, almost. Measured it?"

"Not lately. Hasn't grown much, I don't think, since I did."

He goes to the tool box and gets a tape measure. He measures his. I'm getting as hard as I can. I mean, talk about a turn-on!

"Nine... and... is it a quarter or three-eighths?" he asks.

I can't pass up the chance to get closer to it, so I go over and bend down and pretend it takes a bit to tell. I can see it's three-eighths easily, but check it out and really look more at how it's shaped and such. He has the longest head I've ever seen. The tape measure says it's three and a half inches from tip to where the edges end on top. And it's nice and straight, but curves up some. All meaty and solid. Not very thick. And it sort of bobs with his heartbeat.

It's as close to a dick as I've ever gotten, and I'm so turned on, a drop of pre-cum leaks out of mine.

And, I'm telling you, it made me leak again when I saw one show up at the slit at the end of his. I mean, guys don't leak pre-cum with a normal boner from lifting weights, right? I don't think so, anyway. But there's one right there at the slit of his nice big head. And I swear I can smell it.

"Well?" he asked.

"Nine and three-eighths, dude. Fuckin' nice."

I straighten up, and he bends down and measures mine. And that drop of pre-jizz is right there, and he gets it on his finger by accident. I don't know how he didn't notice.

"Six and almost three-quarters."

"No way."

He measures along the top, and doesn't bend the tape measure, like he did on himself.


He bends down closer and says it again, and adds, "Nice one. But those fuckin' balls, man. Nice!"

I laugh and say, "Thanks. Takes a lot of work to grow 'em."

"Beat it twice a day still?"

We told each other we did a couple years ago.

"Yeah. Morning and night in the shower. You?"

"Same. And I really need to take care of this one. If I don't shoot off this time, I might have to rape the collie next door."

"Dude!" and I laugh. "That thing would rip her open."

He laughs.

He puts the tape measure down and strokes his long dick a couple times, looking down at it. I so wish I could do that for him. I grab mine and squeeze it a little.

"Derrick? We've been friends since we were kids, right?"

"Sure. Duh."

"Can I ask you something?"

He looks at me and he's still holding his dick, and I'm holding mine, and we're both still wet from the hose and sweat. And he's pretty hot. Neither of us are studs, or dorks, but pretty average guys. And I've always had a thing for him.


Which is our usual answer when one asks the other if he can ask something.

"You ever think about jerking each other off?"

I think I nearly passed out. I remember how sort of dizzy I got for like a second or two. It was also like my vision went dark for that moment. I remember swallowing and shaking. I thought maybe he was beginning to figure me out, you know?

"It's just, we both know sometimes guys do that. It don't have to mean they're gay."

I'm not stupid. I know a chance when I see one.

"No, I know what ya mean. It's just helping out, sorta."


We both stood there like statues, looking down at our own hands on our own dicks. Then I look at his. I mean, I felt my heart racing and my body shivering. I felt something like hungry, but not actual hunger. You probably know what I mean. I wanted it.

"I'll do you if you do me," I say.

I think I'm about to throw up. It's such a huge risk. But he's been my best bud since we could walk.

He looks up and nods.

"We don't ever tell anybody," he says.

I give him the 'no shit' look. He nods again.

"Be right back," he says.

I'm standing there with my boner in my hand, watching his nice ass as he walks really fast to the door into the kitchen, wondering what the hell he's going to do. I stand there, not believing we just said that, hoping he comes back still naked and wanting to, and not with his cell phone and snapping my picture to blackmail me or something. Then he comes back with a small bottle. Of lube!

He squirts some in his hand, then holds it toward me. I hold out my hand and he squirts some into my palm. He puts it on the floor next to the weight bench and sits down. He points to the bench, so I sit down next to him. Turns out, the hand I held out was my right, but he's on my left, so we laugh. I rub it to my other hand.

My heart thumps out of my chest and into my gut when he reaches out as calm and ordinary as can be and grabs my dick. He just starts stroking it like it's normal.

"Oh, shit," I say really softly.

"Get started," he says.



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