Tracy N's First Time

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I love reading the First Time Tales that Ray writes for people and want to tell about my first time.



I grew up in a small Illinois city on the Illinois River, about a hundred miles southwest of Chicago. It wasn't very big, but it was big enough to take up land on both sides of the river. It had a couple of state highways, and the interstate went past on the very north end of town. At least it was big enough to have a public high school, a Catholic high school, and a Wal-Mart.

I had pubes before my friends. I was twelve when my crotch started itching in class, and during the school year I started getting hairs around the base of my dick. By summer I had a little crescent of hair above my dick, and my dick was getting bigger and longer, and my balls were getting bigger and hanging down and getting caught in my underwear sometimes. That smarts. So I started wearing briefs under my boxers.

I think I started to figure out that I was gay in eighth grade. We had started showering for gym in seventh grade, and that was kind of both interesting and a drag. I mean, seeing naked guys was interesting, having them see me naked was kind of a drag – mostly because they thought I was turned on. I had the biggest dick in the seventh grade. They thought it was because I was getting hard, but it wasn't. It was just long and hung down a ways. Only a few of us had pubes, and I had the most. I had black hair, so they really showed up, too.

In eighth grade, seeing the other guys naked was getting really interesting. I did sort of get hard sometimes. But since it was still the biggest in my grade, everyone thought I was turned on anyway. And that was the year I started beating off and thinking about playing with the other boys dicks.

The summer after eighth grade, we moved. So suck. The new town was smaller, not very far from the one I had grown up in. I'd have to ride the bus back to my old town. How stupid is that? And the town was fucking tiny. In had nothing on the south side of the river at all, and what was on the north side was like a neighborhood in my old town, and that was it. And we moved into a trailer park, way up on the north side. Geeze. But at least it was a nice one. No rentals, so people took care of their shit. It wasn't very big, either. Just a couple of streets. There wasn't a lot of kids, and I didn't see anyone my age at all. A couple of kids younger, and a couple older, and it was soon obvious that the new guy wasn't welcome. I ended up staying inside a lot. Thankfully we had central air.

I hadn't had a lot of friends before, but now I had none. I hoped that when school started I could make some new ones. But I was going to be pretty lonely at home all summer.

Behind my trailer was one that had the back bedroom at that end, so my window looked out at the window of that bedroom. It had a huge window, and I could tell it was the master bedroom and had its own bathroom in it. My parents' bedroom had its own bathroom, too, but it was in the front of our trailer. The other trailer window had curtains hanging at it, parted in the middle and held back.

So I put my desk so I could look out the window, and I spent a lot of time at my computer and looking out the window at the boys playing at the basketball half-court I could just see part of between the trailer behind mine and the trailer next to it with the old couple in it. Looking at the boys playing was about my only entertainment as far as looking at boys. The internet wasn't as big as now, and porn was hard to find and was mostly pictures of men and women together, and none my age. So I soon got to like looking at men.

I had seen the guy living in the trailer behind ours a few times. He was gone at night, so I figured he worked nights. He was about twenty-five or older. He was handsome, and in good shape, with blond hair and a nice face. The porn on the computer had pretty much gotten me used to thinking of adults when I thought of sex, so I thought about what he would look like naked and often beat one off thinking about him.

It was about two weeks after moving in that I first saw the guy in his bedroom. He had the window up, and must have turned off the central air. It was a kind of cool night. Usually I didn't see him during the night, but this was a weekend, so I guess he wasn't working tonight. He was wearing jogging shorts and no shirt, and cleaning his room. Then he used he vacuum cleaner. It was easy to see him in the lights of his room, since it was dark outside. I only had my computer on, so my room was mostly dark. I turned the screen off to make sure he couldn't see me and watched him. It was kind of exciting. I could see his chest and legs, and his shorts were a little tight, so I could make out his tight butt and even that he had wasn't wearing any underwear by the shapes in front. I got pretty turned on, and shoved a hand in my pants.

I was playing with my dick, and imaging him naked, when I heard my parents laugh at something on tv in the living room, so I pulled my hand out of my pants. He finished cleaning his room and turned off the lights and walked down his hallway and disappeared in the front room. I watched and waited, but he didn't come back for a long time.

I waited for my parents to go to bed so I could close my bedroom door and look at porn and whack off.

He came back to his room a few times, and once I was playing a game on my computer, and when I looked, he was looking at me. When he saw me look up, he smiled and waved. I waved out of natural response before I even thought. He got something, then went back to the front of his trailer.

Later, my folks came to say goodnight, and then went to bed. It was almost midnight. I waited a while, watched a little tv, and then closed my door. I turned on the computer and started looking at porn with the sound way down on the tv in case my parents came to my room for something. They sometimes did if they saw my light on, but rarely did if only my tv was on and they could hear it.

While I was looking at porn, with my pants open and my dick out, the guy came into his room. His light came on, and I almost jumped out of my chair. I knew he couldn't see where my hands were, so that was fine, but it was still a huge turn-on. With my tv and computer screen on, he saw me, and waved. I waved back.

He couldn't see my screen, because it was facing me, away from the window, but he could probably see my face pretty good. He messed around with something, then walked into the bathroom in his room. He didn't close the door, but I couldn't see anything but a little of the bathroom wall. I think he took a shower, but I'm not sure. It was about twenty minutes. I was afraid to beat one off. I had curtains, but they were tied back, like his, and closing them and opening them was a pain because they were behind the desk and the computer screen, so I never closed them. I liked watching what little I could see of the boys playing basketball across the way.

I thought about closing my curtains. I mean, he could see in. But he couldn't see what I was doing. All he could see was the back of my computer screen, and my face above it. So it was really exciting to beat off with porn on the computer and know he could see my face, but not what I was doing.

When he came out, he was naked. I was like, oh my fucking god! He has to know I can see him!

He was nicely built, just like the guys in the porno pictures on my computer screen. He walked out of view, and then back, and then turned off the lights in his room and then walked down his hallway. I could see him all the way, until he got into his front room, then he was gone. He had a nice ass!

I beat one off like I was desperate for time. Probably one of the best ones yet. I even kind of squirted a little. Usually it just pumped out and didn't fly out, but this time it squirted out and landed on my lower belly. Really good one!

I sat at my computer for hours, waiting for him to come back, naked, and see him again, but he didn't. I got so tired I went to bed and beat one off again thinking about his naked body.

So the next night, I saw his lights come at at the same time again, and then he walked in front of the window, we waved. He was wearing short shorts and no shirt. He had a nice body. I got a good view of his ass from the side as he leaned over something, moving slightly. I couldn't figure out what he was doing, but I liked the view. Later, he took a shower. Same times as last night.. I sat there and ignored my computer, and played with my dick while he was in the shower. He came out naked again, and actually dried himself off right where I could see him doing it. Man, he had to know I could see him. No doubt. So he wasn't shy and was letting me. I was okay with that. Man, I beat it off and came while he was still drying himself. Another squirting cum. Good stuff!

He went to the front of his trailer, naked, and disappeared. I waited and waited, playing games, and later he came back, still naked, and this time getting hard. I swear! He didn't look at the window at all, but he walked right to his bed which was to the right of the window, and I saw his dick sticking out as he stood sideways just before he laid down, and then his lights went off.

Man, I beat another one out in record time! Didn't squirt, but it was a good one anyway,.

All week long, he got up at the same time, around nine at night, naked or just in jockeys, and did whatever he did to whatever it was to the right of the window, giving me that nice sideways view of his ass. Then he'd take a shower. Then he would dry off where I could see him, then get dressed and go to work. Sometimes I got up just before he got home, and he'd come into his room, get undressed, and I'd see him naked again while he put on a pair of jockeys.

So, the next weekend, this all happened again. I swear. He would wake up, wave if he saw me early in the night when I had my computer screen on and my lights off. But later, he would act like he couldn't see me. I knew he had to be able to. So I knew he was doing it on purpose.

Both nights he did the same thing. He would wake up, wave at me in just his underwear or naked, then do whatever so I got that good view of the side of his ass, use the bathroom, then go in front. Later, he'd clean or something in his room early on, just in jogging shorts or jockeys or naked, and then later he'd take a shower, come out naked, and dry himself off, and I'd whack one out really quick. Then he'd go to the front of his trailer and be gone for a couple of hours, then come back, still naked, do things in his room, and then turn off his lights. And I'd whack another one out.

Then another week of his pretending I wasn't even there, being naked or in jockeys or short shorts as did whatever it was to give me that view of the side of his ass, take a shower, dry off where I could see him, get dressed, then go to work. And at night, he come home, change out of his work clothes, put on just jockeys, and clean or do things from time to time in his room, and then take off his jockeys in front of the window and go to bed.

Then the third weekend, he cleaned his room naked. Wow. Then later a shower, towel off in his room, and then he went in front. And then later he came back, boned up, and messed around a bit in his room, then he went to bed.

I was getting pretty worn out, staying up until about six in the morning and sleeping all day. My parents complained that I needed to go outside and do things instead of playing video games all night. No way was I going to miss out on the show.

The fourth weekend, he woke up, we waved, him in just his jockeys, and he made his bed. I was now sure that was what he was doing. Such a great view of his ass as he bent over. Then he went up front a while, and later he came to clean his room, still only wearing jockeys. He took down the curtains and put them in the washer. He wiped down the window sills and sides, and cleaned the glass. In just his jockeys.

Now I had no doubts he was putting on a show for me. Right? I was into it. I played with my dick, keeping it hard, and waiting for the toweling off scene.

Later, he took his shower, right on time, and this time, he came out with a boner. He dried off, and dried it and his balls like three or four times. I knew this was a total show. And I was liking it. I sat there and whacked it right off as I watched him.

This time, he started beating it off. He stood there by his bathroom door, sort of leaning back against the door frame, and just jacked it off.

Oh, man!

I was so shocked I forgot to beat my meat! I just watched. And when he came, he held one hand under it and caught his splooge in it, and then, well, he licked it up out of his palm!

Man! Then he went into the bathroom again and I beat my dick like it was my step-son who had stolen a car. I shot this time, not just squirted. It shot out and went splat on my chest. Wow! The first squirt did, anyway. The rest sort of oozed out like normal, but wow, it felt fucking fantastic!

I was sitting there, almost breathless, when he came back out of the bathroom. He walked down the hall and into the front room.

Man, I wasn't going to bed before he did in the morning even if my parents came in and tried to make me!

And it was worth it! He came back a few times, always naked. And about six, he came into his room, turned on the lights, and was hard and ready to go. So was I.

He stood by his door to the hallway this time, and jerked it off. And I jerked it off sitting in my chair at the same time. I came way first, and pretty damned hard, too. I watched as he jerked it until he came in his hand again, and licked it up again.

Then he turned off the lights and went to bed.

The next night, he woke up at the usual time, stood by his bed, and looked right at me. He was naked. He smiled. He waved. I waved.

I had thought about it, but I didn't have the guts. I was going to stand up, naked, and see what he did. Instead, I sat there in my clothes, and acted like I hadn't seen what he was doing every day.

He went to the bathroom. Naked. Nice ass! He came out, still naked, and hard!. He stood right where I could see him, naked, and played with it, and then jerked it off. Right where I could see him, near his bedroom door to the hallway.


So I pulled mine out and got to it. I came first. This time, I dared myself, and I did it. I brought my hand up to my mouth, and licked it clean. And he looked right at me.

It was right then I realized he was watching me out of the corner of his eyes while he was doing it. Probably every time, too.

Man, what a turn-on!

He kept looking right at me, and jerking it off, and then he came in his hand, and still looking at me, he licked his cum out of the palm of his hand. Then he smiled at me, then gave me a thumbs-up.

Like a retard, I gave him one right back. Then I was humiliated!

Now he knew I knew, and he knew I watched, and... shit!

He went to the side of his room, and came back, and then walked down the hall to the front of his trailer.

I was still breathing hard. I couldn't wait to see what he did later, when he took his shower!

I hardly moved, afraid he would shower earlier for some reason. He didn't. Right on time, he came into his room and turned on the lights. He was hard again. And he looked right at me and smiled. Then he waved.

Like the complete retard I am, I waved back.

Naked, with a rager, he leaned against the door frame, and started going to town. My folks were awake, but my door was shut, so I pulled mine out and went at it. I came first. I licked my hand and fingers, making a show out of it. Why not?

He came in his hand, licked his palm clean, then gave me a thumbs-up. I gave him one back. We waved and then took his shower. He came out, dried off so I could watch, then pulled on a pair of jockeys. He waved and then went up front.

I watched him hang up the curtains later, naked, and then he jacked off again, leaning against the bathroom door frame. I got hard again, and did it again at the same time he did. And I came first, but it took a longer time. I cleaned my hand and watched him. He came, cleaned his hand, and we gave each other thumbs-up.

He went to the front of his trailer, I played video games.

And about six, he came into his room, turned on the lights, and gave me the usual show, but looking at me while he did it. I almost stood up this time, but just didn't have the guts. I cleaned up my hand, watched him finish and clean his hand, then we swapped thumbs-up, and he went to bed.

I watched the show all week. He woke up, showed me his body, and this week he stood in the bathroom door and beat it off every day. I dared to jack off with him even while my parents were in the living room watching tv. I could hear the floor squeak if they came toward my room anyway.

Then he'd shower, get dressed where I could watch, wave, and go to work. And I'd be sitting there, waiting, when he got home. He'd turn on the lights, get naked, and beat off, and I'd do it with him. We'd clean our hands, give thumbs-up, and he'd go watch tv or go to bed, and I'd crawl into my bed and go to sleep until just before my parents came home from work.

Then, on Saturday night, he woke up, came to the window, waved, and then held up a piece of paper. He was naked and hard.

Come over?

My guts went crazy, turning over inside me. Come over? Was he serious?

He stood there, holding the paper, waiting, smiling, and even waved at me to come over.

I shook my head. He put on an exaggerated sad face, shrugged, and started jerking it off. I did it with him. I cleaned my cum off my hand, he came and cleaned his hand, and then he took a shower. I watched him get dressed. He waved. I waved.

Later, he came into his room, looked right at me, and held up a sheet of paper.

I'm Steve.

I waved, got some paper, wrote my name on it, and held it up. He smiled and waved.

He wrote something, then held it up.

Want me to?

I nodded.

He started jerking it off. This time, I made sure I couldn't see anyone's windows from my window, and I stood up, undid my pants, and moved my computer screen to the side. He gave me a thumbs-up and smiled. We jerked off in front of each other. It was fucking wild! I came a lot! I held my hand under it and caught it, and licked it clean. He did too when he came. We smiled, waved, and he put on his jockeys and went up front.

Later, he came to shower. I watched him drop his jockeys, he was hard, and did it. I stood up and did it too. Fucking wild! Then he went in his bathroom. When he came out, he dried off so I could watch, put on jockeys, waved, and went to bed.

The whole next week, he put on a daily show, and I stood there and did it with him. This was so cool.

The next weekend, when he woke up, he held up another sign.

Please come over?

I wanted to. Bad. But...

I shook my head. He looked sad again, and then held up another sheet of paper.

Want to together again?

I nodded. We stood up and did it.

Again, later. And a third time when he showered before he went to bed. But that time, he had a surprise. He had a dildo. A real-looking one. Flesh-colored, actual size, maybe a little bigger than actual. He held up a sheet of paper.

Want to see me use it?

I nodded!

He brought over a chair, put one leg on it, facing away from me, and I watched him lube it and stick it in. Shit! He fucked himself with it while looking over his shoulder at me. I beat one off. When I came, and licked my fingers, he took out the dildo and wrote another note and held it up along with the dildo.

I wish it was yours.


Then he stuck it in, facing me this time, and beat himself off with it in his butt. Man, I saw him shoot this time! Lots of it. He cleaned his hand, smiled, waved, and we did thumbs-up. He went to bed. So did I.

I thought and thought as I lay in my bed. I wanted to go over. I mean, have real sex. Or at least do something with him. It was so tempting. I fell asleep thinking about it. And I woke up from dreams about it.

That night, he woke up, and held up a sheet of paper.

Please come over.

And under that...

I promise I'm nice.

Man, how I wanted to. I had been thinking about it since I woke up hours ago. I wrote out my answer and held it up.

Later. When folks asleep.

He wrote a note and held it up.

When? Time?

I wrote...


He wrote another note.


I nodded. He smiled, nodded, and made a 'please' gesture, hands to his chin. Pleading. I smiled and nodded.

He came back in his room a lot that night, and always made the pleading gesture. I always nodded. It was kind of funny.

My folks went to bed around midnight, like usual. I took a long, hot shower and used extra shampoo. Cleaned everywhere really good - just in case. Brushed my teeth twice and used mouth wash. I combed my hair a dozen different ways. I picked out clothes, picked out other ones, finally decided on normal stuff he'd seen me in anyway. I was so nervous as time ticked away so slowly. Then, about ten minutes to 2, he came into his room, turned on the lights, and waved. I waved back.

He held up a note.

Are you really coming over?

I nodded. He looked really happy. He pointed to the door on the back of his trailer, on the opposite side of the front door. I nodded.

He was just in his jockeys, and he hadn't put on a show at all tonight. I wondered if he had beat off at all. I almost wrote a note to ask. Almost.

He looked at his wrist, like it had a watch, which it didn't. I looked at the clock and held up five fingers. He sort of hugged himself and smiled. I could see he was hard in his jockeys. I was, and had been for a long time, off and on. I was so turned on.

I mean, I was going over to this guy's place! I knew we were going to do it. I hoped, anyway. What, exactly, I had no idea. But... you know. Man.

I thought, what am I waiting for?

I stood up, turned off the computer screen, and held up one finger. He smiled and nodded. I checked myself in the bathroom mirror, again, and used some mouthwash, again, and put on deodorant again, then just a little more of my favorite cologne again. So fucking nervous!

Would we do it? What would we do? Would it be like I imagined? Would I get to suck it? Would he suck mine? Would we do butt sex? Did I really want a dick in my butt? I was sure I would do it to him. Did he have any VDs? What if I caught one from him? How would I explain that to my folks? A million more questions and concerns ran through my mind. But they were all wiped away by one thought - I'm going to get laid!

At least, I hoped I was. If he only wanted to talk, that was okay, but I was pretty sure he meant to come over and... do something.

I snuck out of the trailer as best as I could. My parents' room was on the other end, so it wasn't too hard to get out. I almost literally tip-toed over to his trailer. He was standing in the open back door, no lights on. There was just enough light that I could barely see the stairs.

I walked in, right past him, so nervous I could die. He was wearing sweatpants and a shirt now. I could smell his cologne. He shut the door.

I followed him to the front room, where a couple of lights were on. He had nice furniture and stuff. Up close, he looked pretty hot. Trim and fit, and a nice face that was all smiles. Nice hair, sort of sand-colored, nice green eyes, and really nice lips. He was almost exactly my height, which wasn't a surprise, because I was so tall. I barely looked up at his eyes. I could probably wear his clothes, too, but some of my tighter clothes probably wouldn't fit him.

“Hi, Tracy,” he said, holding out his hand.

“Hi, Steve,” I said, shaking it. “Trace. Only my folks call me Tracy.”

God, this was so weird!

He waved at the small couch, and I sat down on one end, he on the other one. It wasn't a very big couch, so were were pretty close. I was scared and nervous.

I can't remember what all we talked about at first, but he didn't believe me when he asked how old I was.

“You look at least sixteen,” he said, which made me feel good. “When you stood up and showed off, I mean, I didn't know a thirteen-year-old could have a dick that big.”

Talk about feeling embarrassed!

Then we talked mostly about what classes I liked in junior high, was I looking forward to in high school, if I had any girlfriends, stuff like that. I asked some questions about him, but I didn't know what all to ask, other than the burning question I didn't dare ask – but he asked it first. Before then, I found out he was twenty-two, had just graduated college, had a degree in computer networking, was from way upstate, and moved here to take his first job doing networking for the only big factory in town. He was going to make more than both of my parents did together. He was going to stay in the trailer for a year, probably, and then buy a house. He was gay, but had a couple of girlfriends in high school and college, mostly to hide that he was gay. And he liked guys with dark hair, especially guys his age and younger.

"I guess you can guess I like younger guys," he told me. "I'm not into little boys or anything. You being thirteen is kind of... strange. I usually like guys sixteen or seventeen or older. Maybe a few older than me. And guys my age. But... thirteen?"

I was sort of feeling let down. What if he didn't want to, now that he knew how young I was?

"But, man, you sure don't look thirteen."

"I'll be fourteen in a couple of months," I offered, hoping that would make a difference. "I stated getting hair and puberty and stuff when I was barely twelve," I added, hoping that might make a difference too. I would have said anything if I thought it would make that difference.

He kind of laughed, then said, "It's not you're thirteen, really. I mean, you're plenty hot and everything."

I laughed. It was weird being told I was hot. I wasn't. I was a dork. I knew it.

"I mean, I'm not into boys with no pubes, or something. I like guys who have something to play with, not a little dick the size of a roll of dimes and no balls."

I laughed again. At least I wasn't like that.

"I haven't been like that for like two years," I said.

If that would make the difference, I hoped.

"Oh, yeah. I can see that!" he said, smiling really wide. "I mean, when you stood up that first time, I was sure you were at least sixteen. You're so tall, and you have a really big dick, and nice balls, and hair."

Man, I could feel my face going hot and red!

"Do you have hair under your arms?" he asked.

Why was that question so embarrassing? It wasn't as bad what he'd already asked. Why?

I could barely shake my head, then added, "But I have to use deodorant. Have for over a year."

Would that make a difference?

"Would you take off your shirt?" he asked.

Wow, the butterflies in my stomach went rabid! I barely hesitated.

He stared at my chest, smiling.

"Not much hair, but I see some starting, I think."

I pulled on a few of the ones on my nipple, saying, "Yeah, they're starting to."

"I don't like hairy chests anyway," he said. Then he laughed, then said, "Just hairy dicks." We laughed, then he added, "And balls. Not really hairy ones, just, I like a guy who's not a little kid."

Did he want me to show him my balls? I would, if he asked. I wasn't going to stand up and drop my pants, but I thought about it. Anything, if it meant I could do something.

"Do you want me to show you?" I asked, my stomach turning over, and I could feel the sweat under my arms.

He laughed, then said, "Later. Not like I want you to strip right now. We can go slower than that."

So long as we went, I thought.

“So, are you gay, Trace?”

There was the big question. I didn't want to lie. I mean, he knew I was watching, and I'd jerked it off at the same time with him. So I screwed up the courage, and nodded.

“When did you know?”

“Last year in school, for sure. Sort of knew the year before.”

We talked more. He knew when he was about my age. He didn't have a boyfriend until college.

“I was so lonely,” he told me. “I would have given anything to have someone to be with, even if it was just for sex. So, if I can help you that way, I'd really like to.”

Man, talk about feeling your face burning!

“Would you like to?” he asked.

Oh, hell yeah! But it was so embarrassing. I wanted to say yes, and get busy, but I wasn't sure what to say. I ended up just nodding.

“Can I ask, if you'd like to just do it, or would you like to, you know, make out, too?”

“I don't know.”

“Well, how about you come over here?”

He patted the couch next to him. I scooted over. God, I was so fucking nervous!

He put his arm around my shoulders, and pulled me to lean against him.

“Don't be scared or nervous. If I go too fast, you just say so, and I'll slow down. Okay?”

We were looking at each other, and I nodded. He smiled. He had a nice smile. Nice lips. Nice eyes. He was pretty good looking. And he smelled great. I could feel his body heat. I think my favorite thing about him was his nice, deep, green eyes.

He used his other hand to brush back my hair, then dragged his finger down the side of my face. It tickled. I laughed a little.

He leaned toward me, and I knew he was going to kiss me. Man, I was shaking!

Then his lips were on mine. Warm and soft. I'd never kissed someone before, so I just copied what I felt him doing. Pretty soon we were going at it pretty hot and heavy. I could smell and taste his mouthwash. Not very minty, more like hot peppermint. When I felt his tongue against my lips, I started trying that to him, too. Pretty soon we were licking each other's tongues and lips.

His hand started rubbing my chest, so I started rubbing his through his shirt. I had to drop my shirt that I was still holding onto the floor. Man, his chest was firm and warm, and his nipples were hard. That made me realize mine were too. I liked playing with them sometimes, so I knew the tingling feeling in them.

I took a breath and asked if I could take off his shirt. He said yes, so I did. Man. Up close, his body was so nice. Smooth, but with sandy hairs between his brown nipples and around them. Not very much, either. I didn't like really hairy guys at all. He was great. Strong but not all bulgy, just really firm and buffed. He almost had a six-pack. I mean, there was a hint of the muscles there, but nothing like a muscle-builder or something. And his treasure trail was so nice, too. Fuzzy and defined, but not all hairy and gross.

I felt his chest for a while, then we kissed some more, and then we took another break. God, damn! I was panting! And my dick was so hard it was throbbing and tingling.

"Anybody ever tell you you have really awesome, intense eyes?" he asked.

I laughed again. Of course not.

"They're so blue. Like True Blue in the computer color spectrum. I've never seen such blue eyes before in my life."

Geeze! I was not used to being complemented like that. Not physically. I was smart as hell, so being told that was nothing new, but being complemented on my looks was something really new and embarrassing.

I really liked his green eyes. They were like grass green. Like a living plant. Trees. Real green. Not sort of, not kind of. Green. With little flecks of gold. Tiny, tiny, irregular flecks, like shredded gold foil.

"I'm a dork," I told him again.

"Such a hot dork," he said. "Really great hair, too. Glossy black. Pure black. And so smooth and straight."

He brushed his fingers through it. It actually tickled. And I really liked it. I could have sort of purred. It was a weird desire, one I hadn't really felt before. Not like that.

His hands held the sides of my face, and a thumb brushed over my lips.

"Really nice lips, too," he said. "Nice and soft, and red, and full."

Damn it. He was making me fucking melt! I'd never felt so... adored? Liked? Whatever. I wanted to curl up in his lap and purr like a contented kitten. Totally new sensation that was amazingly nice.

He had nice lips. Mine were kind of curvy, like a girl's. His were softer edged, more gently arched. Red, but softly so. Mine always looked like I had on lipstick.

He held the side of my face and we kissed hard. I held his sides, and could feel his heavy breathing. Then I played with his nipples. I liked playing with my own, so I really liked playing with his. They weren't big and ugly, but about the size of pennies, and brown, with almost pink tips. Some hair, all sandy and soft. Nice pecs. He must work out some, at least.

I was dying to get him naked. I couldn't wait. He said he was going to go slow, and if he went too fast to tell him, but he was going too slow!

I slid my hands down his chest to his flat stomach, and then pulled his sweatpants away and felt down in them. Really hot and humid in there. He had jockeys on, and I could feel his hard dick through them.

His arms went around me, pulled me closer, and slid down the back of my jeans. They were too tight to let his hands in very far. I let go of his dick, reluctantly, to unfasten my jeans. Then I unzipped them. His hands slid in and cupped my butt cheeks and squeezed them.

God! Someone was feeling my ass! Wow! Nice warm hands, rubbing and squeezing.

I shoved my hands down the back of his sweats, and actually into his briefs as well, by accident. Smooth, warm, soft, firm butt. Silky hairs. Warmth between them.

I was groping a hot guy's butt! Man!

The raging tingles and shivers filled my body, making many of my muscles quiver and vibrate. I was panting into his mouth.

His hands pulled my cheeks apart until the skin between stretched. A little squeaky moan come out of nowhere. I felt embarrassed, but he moaned softly into my mouth. After that, we both started making noises. Oh, man! I was always so careful to be so quiet when I jerked off, but now I sort of just let go, and made noises, and he made noises, and it felt freeing! Liberating and exciting!

He kissed my neck, both sides several times, and moved down, until he was sucking and licking my nipples. Oh, yes. I loved that. It made me shiver and want to curl up tight or stretch out straight - or both at the same time. I gasped when he sucked and pulled on one until it wouldn't go out any further. Then he sort of nibbled the other one. I made that squeaky moan again. I'd been softly moaning, sort of like him, but that other one came back again.

"Sensitive nipples," he sighed, his hot breath making my wet nipples feel as if they were both burning hot and freezing cold.

Oh, fuck. The feelings as he sucked, licked, nibbled, tugged, and twisted my nipples were pure, white, blinding pleasure. He used his fingers on one, his mouth on the other, and switched back and forth. Geeze! My dick was dancing in my shorts! Even my balls were tugging and tingling. I wondered if I was going to cum before he even got my pants down.

I don't know when or how, but I was on my back, on the couch, and he was on top of me, between my legs, and kissing down over my stomach. Even my navel was ticklish now. His hands rubbed my sides, and I barely held back the urge to laugh and squirm. I was ticklish on my sides, usually, and with his mouth kissing and licking my stomach as his hands stroked up and down my sides, it was almost too much to hold back.

Then he was taking my jeans off. My boxers were next, and then he held both of my legs up and apart, and started kissing them in turns, from ankles to shins to calves to thighs, and then his face was between my legs and he was nuzzling my dick and balls through my briefs.

I could hear him inhaling deeply sometimes. I guess he liked how I smelled. I know I liked how his nose and mouth felt as it followed my dick and jostled my balls through my briefs. He got my dick to point straight up toward my stomach, and it was just barely hidden by the waistband of my briefs. His tongue was able to lick the tip of it.

Then he pulled my briefs off.

"Trace, man, you are amazingly hung!" he said, and then grabbed it with one hand, and my balls with the other. "Is it seven inches already?"

I nodded. Just a bit more, actually, but it was already pretty embarrassing.

I didn't even think it, I just said it.

"I want to see yours."

He smiled, and then looked back at my lap. He brushed a finger through my pubes, and rolled my nuts between the fingers of his other hand.

"I'm kind of embarrassed," he said.

"What? Why?"

"It'll look like a little kid's next to this monster."

I laughed, and covered my eyes with my arm. His hands slid up my sides and into my pits.

"Man, I guess smooth pits aren't bad after all."

It tickled, a lot, and I laughed and squirmed, and made him stop.

"Oh, ticklish, huh?" he asked, grinning.

"Yes," I said. "So don't."

"Oh, now I have to," and he attacked my pits.

I had to literally beg him to stop. Then, my sides were super-ticklish, and he noticed as his hands slid down them. So then I had to fight him off again.

"I'll have to pee if you don't stop!" I yelled.

"Shhh! I don't want the neighbors to ask why I was tickling the neighbor," he said, laughing.

I didn't either!

"Then stop tickling me!"

He laid down on top of me. I could feel his erection against the front of my hip. If he wasn't so good a kisser, I would have stopped him to get his clothes off too. But he was a good kisser, and I enjoyed it a lot. But I wanted in his pants. Now.

"Get these off," I said, tugging his sweatpants down.

He wormed out of them, then I got a glimpse of it before he pressed it between us and kissed me again. I wanted to see it! To hold it. Damn it! I wanted to suck on it! But the kissing was hot, too. Especially the way he held my head and cradled it as we kissed. And having his hard dick pressed up against my hip like that wasn't bad at all. We sort of ground our hips together, grinding our dicks at the same time against each other's hips. So hot! But not enough!

I wiggled my way down, beneath him, kissing all the way - such a nice bod - until my knees were over the arm of the couch, and his cock was in my face. Man!

It was nice! At least a good six inches, and nice and hard, and hot, and wet from leaking pre-cum. Nice firm head, with nice protruding edges, and a nice slit on the very tip. And nice big balls! They hung down a long way, and were really big and heavy. And his smell. Clean, soapy, with a manly smell that made me feel hungry.

I opened my mouth and swallowed as much of it as I could. When it hit the back of my throat I gagged.

"Easy," he said. "Start with just the tip."

Nuh-uh. I gobbled as much of it as I could fit. The way the head was so silky-smooth was amazing. And the salty taste of his pre-cum was yummy. His balls laid on my chin as I sucked his dick, even when I went up and down on it, because they hung so nice and low.

"Oh, man, Trace. You sure you've never done that before?"

I was sure! I said so, then went right back to doing it.

"You're really good at it!"

It was weird to smile with a cock in my mouth. It sure didn't stop me from enjoying sucking dick. After a bit, I remembered that I had two hands, and they weren't doing anything, so I grabbed his balls with one and played with them, and used the other one to run it up and down his front.

"Trace, man, that's really good!"

He sighed a few times, then got up and off the couch. He turned, and got on his knees above my head, and I went back to sucking his dick while he played with my dick and balls. I was dying for him to suck me, but he didn't. He did lick it a few times, I think to get the pre-cum that I leaked. And he licked and sucked my nuts. And then he licked behind them. Nearly tickled so much I squirmed. Then I felt his hands go around my hips, and then they spread my cheeks. His mouth was working the soft place behind my sack, and trying to go further back. I moved my legs apart. Then I felt his finger checking out my hole. Then it was sliding inside it. He must have wet it first, because it went in smooth and easy. Then...

I had no idea what he was doing in there, but felt fucking fantastic! I thought for a second he was finally giving me head, so I stopped sucking his dick long enough to look down my body and see that he wasn't. He was watching his finger, or his hand, or what it was doing down there.

I had to squirm, whatever it was he was doing. It felt like he was rubbing the inside of my dick! Or inside my sack. Or something. And I loved it.

I started to ask him what he was doing, but all I got out, to my surprise, was, "Whaaaaaa," followed by, "Unnnnnnnn." Then it got all wavy, sort of. Like riding a sled down a bumpy hill while sitting on a... I don't know! But it was awesome! My body was trembling in regular waves, almost like an orgasm! "Oooooo!" came out of my mouth next, then, "Ahhhhhh! I'm gonna..." and then I was cumming. It was the strangest one ever! Instead of the regular pulsations, like waves in line, it was one, long, slightly throbbing, intense wave. And it seemed to come from somewhere behind my balls. I saw jizz oozing out of my dick in one long string. The most I had ever seen come out of it. Thicker than usual, too. It dripped out in that long string, as my dick throbbed and bounced, onto my skin. "Awwwww!" came out next, in a very long breath that shook as much as a usual orgasm felt in my balls, but my balls felt a single, long, slightly undulating sensation that was so intense and powerful I just held onto his dick and balls and shook and tried to breathe.

It finally ended in a tingly, sparkly finale, that felt so good I wanted to scream. But all I got out was another, "Unnnnnnn!"

His finger pushed a couple more times, then came out, and the relief was fantastic. My dick felt like it had run a marathon! It actually felt tired! So did the area behind my balls. He licked up the mess I made on my lower belly, and every slight touch on my dick made it twitch and made my entire body jerk.

I panted a little, to get my breath back, and he was just finishing cleaning up my cum, when I asked, "What did you do?"

"Like that?" he asked, then flipped ends to lay next to me, face to face, smiling at me.

"Oh, hell yeah! But what was it? What did you do? You didn't even touch my dong! How'd you even make me squirt?"

I had to kiss him, even before he answered. It was a must. So I did. Then he told me, "That was your prostate, Trace."

"My what?"

He explained it to me.

"That kicks ass!" I said, and kissed him some more.

"The best part, is you're probably ready to go again," he said, grinning.

I looked down, and my dick wasn't soft. It wasn't fully hard, but, yeah, it could go again. I was sure still horny as fuck!

I looked at him and said, "Yeah!"

"And you'll last longer when I give you head," he said, giving me a last kiss.

He swapped ends, and I sucked his dick again. Man, I loved sucking dick!

He kissed around down there, played around my hole, sucked on my nuts, and licked my dick. He gave me advice, like how to suck only on the head when he came so I had room in my mouth for what came out, and how to change up the suction and the speed I bobbed on it, and how tight I held my lips, all kinds of things like that. And to tell him when I was getting close by slapping the inside of his thigh. I asked him to tell me, too.

And then...

Oh, yeah. I noticed right away. His warm mouth went around my dick, and his tongue worked on it, and that suction felt fucking amazing! Blow-jobs rule! It was even better than the prostate thing! Waves of pleasure rolled all the way down the length of my dick, from deep down inside, and it was pure pleasure!

I lasted so long I thought I would go insane! He stopped more than once, saying it would make it even better. He told me when to stop and when to keep going, so he would last until I got ready too. After what seemed like an hour of heaven, I was getting really close, and I slapped his thigh near his balls, and he slapped mine too.

He must have sucked even harder than ever, or had some trick he hadn't used yet, because that blow-job got even better! I was arching my back, shoving my dick into his mouth, afraid I might make him gag, but I couldn't help it. I felt his hand holding it, the way he had shown me so that it didn't go in too far, but I was still worried for a moment as I got ready to shoot what felt like was going to be my biggest load ever.

Then he started cumming in my mouth. I barely remembered to pull it out so only the head was inside in time to keep from having it spill out past my lips. Man! It was so much! Or it seemed like it. I'd never had a cock in my mouth before, or had one cum in my mouth before, so I didn't know what to expect, but it felt like he shot off about as much as was in a carton of milk at school. It couldn't be that much, right? But it sure seemed like it! I barely swallowed most of it, and some got past my lips and ran down the side of my mouth. It was so creamy and musky and... yeah, yummy. It was so gooey it was hard to swallow, too. But I managed most of it.

Then I laid there and enjoyed the head he was giving me. Fucking fantastic! I had no idea that something could feel so good! It was only a few seconds, but what a few seconds! That tingling, growing sensation of an oncoming orgasm was the most intense I had ever felt. I slapped the inside of his thigh again just as my balls - sorry, my prostate, I now knew - was churning up and getting ready to fire.

Blow-jobs are fucking fantastic! But the ending is even more incredible!!!

The intensity of that first oral orgasm, and it being swallowed as his tongue worked my head, I mean, it was like passing out. I had feinted once, when I was little, and this was so close to that I was sure I was going to black out. But I didn't. My feet kicked from the overwhelming pleasure, and my back arched, and I squealed out loud. I banged my forehead against his balls, because I couldn't hold my head down on the couch cushion as he swallowed my wad, sucking, licking, oh... God!

I was done squirting, and was shaking, and breathing hard, and he was cleaning up my dick, but every touch sent waves of powerful sensation through my cock, through my balls, and up through my guts.

"Please, be careful," I begged. "It's like super sensitive!"

"I know," he laughed. "Enjoy it."

Shit! His tongue felt like sandpaper now, not the silky softness it just had moments ago. But I let him, for a little bit, squirming and gasping at every slightest touch. I made him stop, it was just too much.

He flipped ends and we kissed. I tasted my own cum, and his. And our mouthwash flavors. And I felt his warm body on top of mine, his arms around me.

I had never felt anything so warm and comfortable and wonderful in my life. I was so happy. I think I understood why girls cried when they lost their virginity. Some of them, anyway. My eyes even watered up some. Shivers. Giggles. Man, I was pretty girly for a few minutes. But so happy.

I wasn't a virgin anymore, and I had loved sucking cock. And getting head. And being in his arms, all spent and happy and slightly sweaty.

It was perfect.

We talked in each other's arms for a long time, kissing at times, exploring with fingers at times. I liked his body a lot. Really fit and firm. He said he liked my body. I don't see why. He said he liked how smooth and soft it was, and how lean and firm, and he loved that I didn't have a hairy chest.

"I can't wait to see how big this monster gets," he said at one point, tugging my dick.

"Does that mean you want to do it for a while? Not just this once?" I asked.

"Oh, hell yeah. If you want. I mean, if it were up to me, we'd do this every day from now on. I could get used to that."

"So could I!"

"But we should only on the weekends," he said.


"Imagine your folks finding out? And on school nights?"

He had a point. But I wanted him every day.

"I'll still put on the show for you every day, if you want."


"And you can put on a show for me, too, if you want."


"And on weekends, you can sneak over for a few hours."


I thought of something.

"Can I stay overnight?"

His nice green eyes held mine for a long time before he answered.

"What if we oversleep and your parents find out you're not in your bed?"

"I'll think of something," I told him.

He smiled, kissed me, and then said, "Once we come up with a sure plan, sure. But not until then. Okay?"

"Okay. I'll think of something!"

We got up and had some juice, and I sat next to him, leaning against his body, his arm over my shoulders. We talked and talked. And then we got horny again, and he showed me what a blow-job and a prostate massage was like together. Holy fucking shit! He stopped so that I could do it to him for a while, and then we did it together. That time, when I came, it nearly hurt. And I was able to swallow every last drop of his.

We laid around in each other's arms for a long time again, then I had to get home. It was so hard to leave. We waved to each other from our windows, and we went to bed. I was in heaven.

The whole week was torture! I was dying to go over! But I had to sit and watch, and beat it off with him instead. Not that there was anything wrong with that at all. It just wasn't being in his arms, tasting his cock, feeling his mouth on mine...

The next weekend was amazing, too. He knew a lot of things to do. Maybe the best was being fucked by him. It was like giving myself up to him. He was kind and patient, and all the fears I had about it were proved nothing. Yeah, it hurt a little, but I got used to that soon, and it was awesome. I tried to fuck him, but, well, he was usually a top, he said, explaining the whole top/bottom thing, and he wanted to, but he wasn't used to it, and I was long and thick, so... yeah, it didn't happen. But everything else was great!

And he told me he would come home from work at ten at night during the week, and would stay up until I came over, and then go to bed after I left in the morning, so we could be together every day.

We were, too, until he moved. Well, almost every day. After a few months, it was three or four times a week. After he moved, he would meet me just a few blocks away and I would leave my bike locked at the library stand downtown. I could always say I had left it there and gone to the arcade, or the stores, or anywhere downtown if my folks ever saw it there.

It was the happiest time of my life. So far, anyway. It got even better when I moved in with him after high school. My parents started figuring it out then, so I told them. I didn't tell them how long it had been going on, and they had never even met him when he lived behind us in the trailer park, so there wasn't a huge thing about it. My dad was pretty pissed off. He didn't like homos, and for a long time we were pretty far apart. We still are, but slightly better. But I'm happy with Steve, and he's happy with me, and even if we are nine years apart in age, we're totally together in other ways.

Oh, and for the hell of it... just a bit over ten inches now. Steve rarely takes it, and never all of it, but that's fine. He does such good job with it in other ways. And there's nothing I like better than to have him in me, all wrapped up together, more one than two.



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