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Scott's First Time

 Rated: X  teens (*)

We want to share our first time together. This is our real story.

During the summer before high school, I moved to a massive trailer court a couple of miles outside of Lansing, Michigan, where I had grown up. It was just outside town, trees on three sides, and two interstate highways right nearby. There were a bunch of factories and a truckstop, and some small stores, but not much else. The trailer park was so big it had three septic ponds! Man, they stunk something awful in the summer heat! The high school was well down a country road, also just outside of town. We were so out in the middle of nowhere. It sucked.

I'd known I was gay since the showers in seventh grade, just about the time puberty started. My friends were good guys, mostly brains and gaming dorks, and you would think that at least a couple of them were possibly gay - but just as I was about to get the guts to try to find out, I moved.

I can't tell you how lonely I felt in that trailer. We'd lived in a small apartment in the city. The trailer was bigger and nicer, and it felt more free, but very lonely. I spent the rest of the summer hiding inside. I saw a few guys around my age roaming the park, not many. Mostly it was younger kids and adults. I wanted to make friends and such, but I was so tied up in dealing with being gay and hiding that.

On the first day of high school, there were so many hot guys. Especially in the gym showers. Over the first few weeks I made a couple friends, but there was this one... his name was Eric. He was in my Algebra and Physical Sciences classes, and he lived in the trailer park, across the main road, almost next door, kind of.

Damn, was he cute! He was sturdy but lean, with mostly straight strawberry-blond hair, big blue eyes, peach-colored lips, and an adorable smile. His complexion was light with a tan. His face was oval with a narrow chin that was rounded and slightly cleft.  He was smart, of course. And he played the same fantasy games I and most of my friends back in the city had. It was like we were meant to become friends. So we did.

He was hot, nice, and lived close by. It was torture becoming friends with him. I was so worried he would figure me out and then stop being friends. But we got along so great.

Yeah, it was love at first sight, and it only became deeper over the following year.

By the end of ninth grade we were best friends and spent most of our time together. I hardly looked at other guys. Well, I did, I just always compared them to Eric, and they always came up short.  

Tenth grade was so hard. The feelings for Eric got worse as he only got hotter, and I only got more desperate and more lonely. During tenth grade, a couple guys had been caught making out after a party, so the rumor went. They didn't deny it, and it sort of died down after a couple months. I would have talked to them and asked them if the rumors were true, but they were preppies and rich, so they were my 'betters' and higher up the social ladder, and made it even more difficult.

Some of our friends made fun of them while the rumors were going around, and since more than one of them were guys I suspected might be gay, I sort of gave up on anyone I knew being like me. Or ever liking me in that way.

Another thing that made tenth grade worse than ninth grade was that I now had Eric in my gym class. Wow! His naked body was everything I had imagined. He was lean and fit. Not skinny and bony, no extra weight anywhere, smooth, strong legs, arms, and chest. His ass was kind of flat, but not bad at all, just not as round and moon-perfect as some guys. We both were about the same depth into puberty and development - which was further than most guys our ages. He had had a nice patch of pubes, all light-blond. The hair on top of his head was strawberry-blond, with shades of honey and gold weaving through it.

He wasn't particularly hung, nothing exceptionally long or fat, but it was really nicely shaped and sized. It had this cute pinkish head, nice and plump and perfectly shaped, just a bit fatter than the straight shaft that was slightly reddish near the head, pale along the rest of its length. I loved the way his balls hung down and swayed when he walked and when he moved under the shower. They were nicely big and juicy and perfect. They made mine seem small in comparison.

Damn, he was not only hot, he was a great guy - smart, funny, honest, caring, giving, forgiving, just about every good 'ing' there was.

Another thing that made us even closer was that we both turned sixteen in November - him before Thanksgiving, me right after. It seemed like fate.

I wasn't particularly shy, just reserved, mostly because I didn't want others to know I was gay. When I was younger, before my sexuality awoke, I was outgoing and rambunctious. I was the kid that made the daring dares, the kid that talked the others into doing things, the guy that showed off his dick and got the other guys to show off theirs. Hell, I'd gotten my buddy Mike to get a boner and jack off with me a few times. That was when we were twelve, and I was just beginning to have sexual thoughts and desires. When I began to understand that I was too interested in my friends' dicks and balls, and not interested in girls' pussies or tits, I backed down, backed off, and shrank back into myself quite a bit.

Now, at sixteen, knowing what I was, and having once been daring and outgoing and bold, I managed to force myself to take steps toward revealing myself to my best friend. Eric was a great guy, and he never made fun of queers or homos. He didn't bring it up, but he went along when it was brought up. I saw that, and I noticed it, and I had real hopes that he knew someone who was, so that he wouldn't hate me for it. I needed his acceptance, or at least his knowledge of it. And he was surely the one I could trust with it.

So, a month after Eric and I had turned sixteen, on the last day of school before the start of Christmas break, as we left the lunch line together, I asked him if he wanted to stay over at my place over the break. That was nothing new. We'd been staying over at each other's places already. Quite a bit. We even talked sex stuff sometimes when it was just the two of us. That was one of the many reasons I felt safe telling him about myself. I just knew he'd be okay with it, would stay friends, and wouldn't tell it to anyone else. I didn't 'know', not really, but I sure hoped, and it sure seemed likely. He was a really decent guy.

Some of our friends were doing sleepovers for the weekend, and we'd both been invited to more than one. The big gaming sessions would be during the week, though, after the weekend. Me and a couple of others who were going out of town for the week were going to miss out on those gaming sessions. But I needed Eric to know about me before I left, so that he could have a few days to think about it while I was gone, and so I wouldn't be a risk or anything in those first few days after I told him. Sort of give him some space. See how he was about it all when I got back.

"My folks and I are going to visit relatives in Florida for a week on Sunday. Want to come over on Saturday and stay the night? You can stay until about noon on Sunday."

 He asked, "Anyone else?"

I remember him looking at him, to judge his reaction, and saying, "No. Just you and me."

I remember feeling like I was about to sigh out loud as he said, "Okay, cool," as cool as ever.

"Great. Come over as early as you can on Saturday."

"Okay. See ya then."


I was so relieved. I maybe knew he didn't suspect anything, I was just asking him over for a stay-over, no big deal. But it was a huge deal to me. I had plans to tell him I was gay. More like, I had plans to reveal to him I was gay.

He asked, "You going to Mark's Friday night for the adventure?"

"Yeah. It should be an awesome little adventure. We could go straight from his place over to mine," I pointed out.

"Sure," he agreed.

So, the Friday night short adventure was awesome. It went for four hours and a half, and nearly all of us nearly died at least once. But we all gained levels and treasure and items. Then we redid our character sheets as we listened to music, then messed around on the video game system, and then eventually hit the rack.

We had breakfast, messed around with things our characters needed to do for levels and other things in-game, and played some video games and listened to some music. We watched "Brazil" for the thousandth time, and then some of us had other things to do, some went to stay over at other's houses, and some stayed there for the next night as well.

Eric and I left to go to my place just after two. I knew my folks had left by then. He drove us in his beater. The trailer was quiet.

"Folks not home?" he asked as we got drinks from the fridge.

"No. They went to see my uncle and his new wife downstate for the day," I told him, handing him my bottle of juice. With my plan running through my head, I felt myself blushing and sweating. "They won't be back until just before we leave for Indiana tomorrow."

"You can sleep in the extra room, as usual," I said as we got halfway down the hallway to my room. "Or not."

There was the first step. I intended he stay in my room, all night. Before we fell asleep, I intended to tell him I was gay. In fact, I had plans to demonstrate that fact. Lots of plans. I was always good at plans. I knew to ask myself things like, "What if this happens," or "What if this doesn't happen," and "What possible ways could it go at this point." So I had multiple paths planned, around multiple outcomes of multiple variations.

When we got to my room, we tossed our packs on my bed, as usual.

"I need to change clothes and take a shower," I said, opening a drawer in my dresser.

Step Two.

"Yeah, I could use a shower, too," he said.

Good. Step Three.

I pulled clean underwear out of the dresser, then turned to look at him while still holding them. I saw his eyes on them in my hand. He didn't look weirded out or anything. Not yet, anyway.

"I have an idea," I said, looking at his face to judge his reaction.

There was a water shortage at the time. Nothing major, no big drought, just a dry spell. Water rates were way up, and requests to conserve water were on the news, in the papers, at school.

"What's that?" he asked, not looking suspicious or anything, just curious.

"Well, I don't want to waste any water so how about we take a shower together?"

He gasped out, "Are you serious?" in a way that had me step back in my head a bit and rethink this. He wasn't freaking out or anything, but he was clearly kind of surprised.

Take this plan path instead of this one, I thought, adjusting my aims.

"Sure. We shower at school every day. No big deal. We can save time and water and have more time to work on the characters and do other things," I pointed out.

I'd be boned, and I knew it. For a moment, I thought that might be a good thing. It would make the topic of sex be an almost certainty. It might lead to his getting boned, too. It could lead to...

If nothing else, we'd laugh, joke about it, and then finish showering and get out and dry off and get dressed.

Or, it could lead to more talking, about sex and stuff, and then to the next step of the plan.

After a pause, he said, "Sure. We'll have more time for games and stuff."

"Great," I said, grinning a bit wider out of pure relief. I nodded at his pack, and said, "Get your stuff out."

I laughed at the stupid joke, as planned, then he laughed, and blushed too, and added, "Perv."

Cool, he was in a good mood. He wasn't freaked out or paranoid or scared.

I grinned and put my underwear down and started getting undressed.

I'd seen him undress quite a few times over the past three or four months at school, and a few times at his trailer or mine, but this time it was far more intense. I knew we were going to shower together. Fuck!

So did he. Now, I was smart, no total brain or anything, but I was smart enough to know that I could judge his sexual state in this situation by the fullness or lack thereof of his dick. He knew he was about to shower with me, alone, in my shower, together. If he was totally worried about 'gay stuff' his dick would be very small and soft. If it wasn't on his mind at all, it would look just like it usually did in the showers at school. If it was on his mind, and he wasn't turned off by the thought, it would be more than just hanging there soft and flaccid.

As for mine, and for my plan, I let mine get more than just soft, but I did my best to keep it from going full boner. I knew he was as smart as me, and he might even know as much about how a guy reacts to sexual situations as I did from my studying it. He might well know about the flaccidity or turgidity, and what it meant. Especially in this particular situation.

As I got undressed, and as he began to, I made sure to give him a full view show. Front, side, back. If I wanted an accurate reading, I needed a full reaction. I got it.

In just my tighty-whities now, I turned around kind of quickly. He was down to just his, too, and was filling them out really nicely. Stuff hung and dangled admirably. I could make out the bulge of his head, and the swell of his balls below. He wasn't flaccid, but he wasn't erect, either. But he sure wasn't scared or worried at the situation.

I dropped my briefs, stepped out of them, and put them into the hamper, giving him a full view, front, side, and back.

When I turned around, he was standing there with clean clothes in his hands, blocking the front of himself. Red-faced, trying not to laugh-grin, so hot it made me want to jump him right then and there.

But, no. The plan. Next step.

Mine was hanging long and low, threatening to begin sticking outward, filling up, going full boner.

He didn't look away. He looked.

Great indicator. Awesome. He might even be interested in this more than I ever thought!

For the first time ever, I began to think that maybe Eric was... maybe a bit bi. Maybe even...

But no. I am not that lucky. Not nearly. I was sure.

He was just a really cool guy, and wasn't hung up on sexuality and being super-macho and super-straight and all that crap.

"Are you ready?" I asked, slightly laughing out of nervousness.

 "Uh..." he drawled, getting redder in his cute face.

"What? We've seen each other naked dozens of times," I said, looking right at him. "More than dozens. September to December... five days a week, that's about eighty days."

"Uh... but..."

"Come on, I'll go get the water ready," I said, walking past him, carrying clean underwear and nothing else, letting my slightly full dick dangle and swing.

Either he'd join me, or he wouldn't. If he didn't, I still had routed plans around such an occurrence that would lead me to telling him. I was going to tell him. If he wanted to go home after I told him, he could. I'd let him. But not without telling him how much I wanted to be friends even if he didn't like the fact I was gay. I was confident he'd be okay with it enough that he'd stay - and keep my secret.

He looked at me every step as I walked past him and out the door. Smiling a little, red-faced, and looking curious and about to laugh. Not grossed out, not afraid. Maybe a little scared, but I could see why. I sure was.

When I got to the bathroom, he wasn't behind me. I was so fucking nervous! But I'd set my mind to doing this. I was going to do this. Unless he freaked, then I'd back off. I wanted him as my friend more than I wanted to tell him I was gay. If he had to stay ignorant of that fact to stay friends, then I would deal with it. Somehow.

I turned on the shower, set it nice and warm, and waited at least a minute. He still hadn't come.

Now I was getting worried. Had he already left?

Shaking, scared, and worried, I steeled myself the way I used to before I went into my shell, then walked back to my room. He was still standing exactly where he was when I'd left. Even facing toward where I'd stripped across the room. His butt looked pretty nice. I wondered what he was thinking. He hadn't moved.

I wasn't sure what he was thinking. I knew he hadn't left. He was still standing there, though. So, I was sure he knew I wasn't aiming for a platonic shower. If he was, he'd already followed me. So, I was pretty sure he was at the very least suspicious. And at the very least, he was curious enough to still be in my bedroom, and still naked.

There was a real possibility I had already told him I was gay, in a way. It was likely he suspected already. And he hadn't left.


I tried to stay real calm. I let myself imagine he was going to join me, and we were going to go through with my most optimistic hopes. It wasn't easy, but I let myself get hard. Not fully, it wouldn't, but it got nice and stiff, enough that it was sticking out a bit horizontally.

I told you I was a daring kid. Now I was doing something so very important to me. Even if he wanted nothing to do with what I wanted, I had to let him know. 

"You're still standing there?" I asked softly.

He whipped around. He looked really surprised. He definitely looked down, saw it, and knew. He didn't look more scared or more worried. If anything, he looked more interested. He even smiled a little. So cool.

When he didn't say anything, I went on with, "You sure don't have to, but, if you want to, come on. I'm going to take a nice long shower. Either come or don't. Just, don't say anything to anybody. Promise?"

"Uh, yeah, I promise," he said, his voice shaky.

"You're not going to leave, are you?" I asked.




"You won't tell anyone, will you? Even if you don't?"

I was as scared and worried as I'd ever felt before. But I wanted him to know, at the least.

"I promise," he said seriously.

"Really promise?" I asked, holding my gaze on him this time.

He nodded, holding his gaze too, and said, "I promise I won't leave, and I promise I won't tell."

I was so relieved! I nodded and said, "Thanks." And I gave him my best friendly smile.

Then I turned and walked toward the bathroom down the hall. I was almost shaking visibly! I mean, my hands were, for sure, as I slid the shower door open and stepped inside. He still hadn't come when I slid the door closed. So, I tried to relax, and began getting wet under the shower.

I figured I'd shower, and if I finished and he still hadn't come, I'd play it as cool as I could, just as I planned, and go back to my room and tell him it was his turn. Then I'd go ahead with the alternate plans toward telling him I was gay, feeling my way as I went.

I was just starting to rinse the shampoo out of my hair, keeping my dick as hard as I could, when the shower door slid open. Yes!

I must have grinned like a Cheshire cat!

He was naked. Totally naked. And hard! I mean, fully hard. Well, not fully. But it wasn't pointing down at the floor! And it was a sight to behold! Those reddish-blond pubes were awesome! And that fat head was all bulgy and plump and looked almost like a mushroom top on that long, lean, straight, almost reddish shaft. But the way those big balls hung! Wow! What a sight!

"Come on in. The water's perfect," I said, rinsing the last of the shampoo out of my hair and giving him my best happy grin.

I felt like this was going great! He not only came to shower with me, he did it with a semi-boner. And he wasn't trying to hide it. He sure as hell noticed my rager!

He stepped in then turned to close the door. That butt. Nice. I knew mine was even nicer, and there were plenty of other butts that were nicer, but I sure liked his. Not all hairy and gross, but smooth and soft looking.

He stood there and didn't turn around or move. Like he was stuck.

As if I was some kind of psychic, I knew he was interested, but too shy. He wanted to, but he didn't dare.

And I knew what to do.

I reached out and put my hands on his sides, just above his hips, then guided him backward, until he was under the water, facing the controls, his back to me.

He let me, not saying a word. I could actually feel his muscles trembling. I knew he was scared. And I knew he wanted this.

I slid my hands up his slick sides, over his shoulder blades, and up into his now wet hair. I started working my fingers through his nice strawberry-blond hair. It wasn't long, but it wasn't short. It darkened as it got wetter. He leaned his head back a bit, and then I knew he was okay with what I was doing.

I was so careful not to let my boner poke his butt, but I sure let it get close as I imagined it sliding between those soft buns. I think it got harder than it ever had been before.

His hair was fully wet, so I asked, "Pass the shampoo?"

When he did, I saw his hand shaking. I noticed how fast he was breathing. I wondered if he was fully hard now or not. I almost thought about reaching around to find out. Or turning him around.

But not yet. Slow. Don't freak him out. Take it easy. 

"I've always liked your hair, Scott," I said softly. "Strawberry-blond is my favorite hair color."

"I've always liked yours," he said, sounding embarrassed.

"It's boring blond," I said.

"No, it's sort of a light sandy, with streaks of honey and gold."

I laughed. I mean, that was almost what I was thinking of his hair. I guess we did have almost the same kind of hair, just mine didn't have that awesome coppery-red tint to it like his did.

"And it's got the perfect amount of curly to it, too," he added.

"Bleh. I like your straight hair. It goes where you want it to, and it shines in the sunlight, like gold and fire. You've got the rarest blond hair of all," I said. "Real strawberry-blond. It's awesome. Mine is boring blond."

"No, yours is awesome! All those streaks of light and dark, and enough curls to make it interesting. Nothing boring about it. Boring is my blue eyes. Yours are so deep a green it's amazing."

I laughed again, knowing he wasn't scared of what was going on, but scared of what it might mean. Maybe. Or something. But he sure wasn't afraid of what I was doing, or being naked with each other. I had real hopes suddenly. So I said, "No, your blue eyes are amazing. Like the sky on a cold day."

"No," he said quickly. "Amazing is... amazing is your lips."

Oh, wow! No straight guy would say that! I was sure of it!

"What?" I asked, laughing a bit, not only because I was sort of embarrassed, but to keep things light. "Why my lips?" I asked next.

"They're so red! And perfect. The way the upper one arches like a painting by a master artist. And the way the lower one is so plump and..."

I didn't know what else he almost said, but I loved what he had said. I was emboldened. I leaned in closer, my mouth next to his ear, and said softly, "I always liked your lips, Scott. They look so soft and plump. And the color, like peaches that're almost ripe, but just not quite."

He didn't say anything, just stood there shaking and almost panting, looking straight ahead at the shower wall. I finished shampooing his hair, rinsed it well, and when he still hadn't said anything else, I said, "Your hair's done. Want to turn around?"

He swallowed. I saw his neck working from the side. I felt his body trembling beneath my hands on his shoulders. He didn't move to turn around.

I slowly and softly kissed his back, square in the center, then to one side, then the other. I moved my hands from his shoulders to the sides of his neck. Then I kissed his back, all over, and moved my hands along his sides, then around the front, and over his nipples. They were hard!

He suddenly shouted, "Stop!"


He slid the shower door open and stepped out. He almost fell on the slick floor.

Before I even thought, I pleaded, "Please don't leave!"

He paused.

"Please don't leave," I begged again.

He looked around, and at me, for the first time since he'd stepped into the shower with me.

He looked scared. Really scared. But not like he was grossed out. I could tell. Somehow. He was scared, but interested too. And still hard. And breathing quickly.

I was still hard, but it was fading fast out of worry and fright.

"Please?" I asked almost too softly to be heard over the shower. "Please stay?"

"I want to," he said so slowly.

"Then stay. What's wrong? Did I go too fast? Or something? Or... don't you want to?"

I almost knew he did want to. It was almost too unbelievable to believe. But I was so sure of it. If he didn't want to, he would never have agreed to shower together alone. Let alone actually come to join me. And he was hard as hell when he had. He had to want to. Maybe he didn't know for sure that I wanted to?

 "If you don't really want to, I understand. It's just..." I really wanted to. I really wanted him. At least to know I did, even if he didn't. But I was so sure he did too. Somehow. So, I steeled myself in that old way, met his icy-blue eyes, and said, "I really want you."

The grin that appeared on his face was so warm and so wonderful that I melted. I mean, it was like he'd said, 'Yes, I know, and I want you, too,' with just that expression.

He stepped back into the shower, closed the shower door, and turned to face me in one movement. He put his hands on my upper arms, then leaned forward and closed his eyes.

It was like a light broke free from darkness and illuminated just the two of us. Now I knew. He did too. We both knew.

And now it was time to take action on it.

I leaned forward, looking at his handsome face, his wet, soft, puckered lips, aimed, closed my eyes, and our lips found each other. Then in the next moment we crushed ourselves together.

Our arms were suddenly around each other. His warm, wet body against mine.

It could only have been made more glorious if angels had descended and sang a halleluiah.

The feel of his wet, warm body beneath my hands was exquisite! And feeling his hands roaming my sides and back was inspiring. Neither one of us knew how to kiss worth a damn, but we soon taught each other and were having the best time of my life! Everything about him felt wonderful, and everything his hands were doing was wonderful. And our lips... oh, the pure wonder of those kisses! Those soft, warm lips!

And the way our dicks were rising up, trapped under each other's balls, that was fucking fantastic! It was like a sign that we were exactly alike! Our motions as we kissed and rubbed with our hands made the smallest of movements across and over the surface of our erections, trapped like that beneath each other's sacks and balls was extremely exquisite. The smallest of sensations, the softest of caresses. And it was going to make me finish for sure. That tingle was growing in my balls, behind them, and inside my throbbing dick.

Soon we were subtly thrusting against each other, sliding our wet, hot cocks in and out beneath the other's balls.

Suddenly, he grunted, "I'm going to shoot," into my mouth and held on even tighter.

I held onto him even tighter, and said, "Hold on, try not to yet," around our lips, and held perfectly still, other than our lips moving together. I waited, hoping against hope that he held out and didn't cum yet. It was just too soon! I wasn't far, and could catch up quickly. I wanted it together. I knew he would likely lose interest once he shot, and I didn't want that. I wanted it together, at the same time. If he could just hold out.

Somehow, he did. I don't know how close he got, but he didn't finish. Finally, he relaxed a bit against me.

"Okay?" I asked as we continued to kiss and hug tightly under the hot water.

"Yeah. Okay," he whispered into my mouth.

"Great. I was going to in a second, too," I laughed.

"I think it's having our hard-ons trapped where they are," he said.

"Yeah, maybe. But it feels really great!" I laughed.

"Yeah, it does. It's so soft and warm and smooth."

"Probably better than a vagina," I laughed.

"Ewww, gross!" he said, laughing with me.

The movement of our laughter felt amazing as our cocks slid between each other's thighs. 

Then we started kissing again.

After a lot of kissing and stroking each other's backs and sides, I asked, "Scott?"


I pulled back so that we could look at each other, but we stayed locked in each other's' arms, our dicks between each other's thighs.

"There's something I've always wanted to do," I dared to admit.

"Me too!" he replied instantly with a massive smile. "What's yours?"

I was so embarrassed now. Partly because I'd been so worried about how this might turn out, all the while, it was so easy after all. And because now I was going to reveal my desires to him. And it was going to happen. Maybe not exactly what I dreamed of, but we were sure going to do something!

When he glanced down, so did I. We could see the bases of our dicks, and our balls beside the shafts. It was an awesome sight, and it made me feel even harder.

I reached around him and shut off the water, then said, "Come on." We pulled apart, withdrawing our cocks from the warm embrace of each others thighs and balls. I led him out of the shower.

I got a towel from the cabinet and dried his awesome hair, then his handsome face, then I turned him around to dry his back, down over his smooth butt. I lingered and dried it more than it needed to be. Then I dried his thighs, then his lower legs, and then his feet. Then I turned him to face me and I dried off his chest and stomach, all slowly and carefully. I got on my knees in front of him, and grinning up at him from time to time, but mostly watching what I was doing, and his continuing erection as it bobbed up and down with his heartbeats, I dried off his goods. Damn, that thing was beautiful! Rosy pink head, plump and rounded, pinkish-red shaft behind, then smooth and round and straight all the way back into his pale bush. If it wasn't over seven inches, I'll eat my own underwear. It was impressive! And those amazing, big, hanging balls!

 When I saw a drop of fluid ooze out of that tiny little hole in the end, I knew he was turned on for sure. Not that I had any doubts. I mean, he'd almost came in the shower a couple of minutes ago. I tossed the towel onto the hamper, looked up at his cute face, and then looked back down at that impressive dick. I wrapped my hand around it, then I leaned forward, and slid my lips over that plump, juicy head.

Oh, shit! It was like the softest, velvetiest, most wonderful thing I'd ever felt! Then I tasted that pre-cum! It was salty and earthy and delicious! I got most of that long cock in my mouth and sucked it hard. It pulsed and throbbed, then he groaned, "I'm gonna cum!" in a breathy whisper.

So was I! I mean, I wasn't whacking it or anything, but it was telling me it was about to let one loose! So I went down further on his long cock, and rubbed my tongue along beneath it, and sucked harder.

His cock jumped in my mouth and then began filling it with thick, heavy cum! It was better than I had ever imagined! I could feel his cock working as it spewed that load with every spurt of it. I swallowed as fast as I could after moving so that only his head was in my mouth so that I didn't gag. His big head swelled up and let loose with wave after wave of hot, juicy cum that was so salty and bitter and musky that I wondered why I didn't mind it. But I sure didn't! I wanted every last drop of it! So I sucked and sucked as he squirted and squirted.

He held onto my shoulders with both hands, and groaned, "Oooo!" as I swallowed and swallowed.

Sucking a cock that was cumming was absolute joy!

He begged me to stop, but I didn't. Not until he pulled his hips back and pushed my shoulders away, pulling his cock out of my mouth. It was so deeply red, and shiny with saliva and cum. It dripped off the end,  twitched and throbbed, and oozed a long string out of the hole until I leaned forward and licked it away, which made him jump and laugh.

He grabbed his dick and backed up, laughing and looking so purely happy that it was almost beatific.

I swallowed that last dribble I'd snatched from the end of his red cock and hummed, "Yum!" I wiped at my chin, smiled up at him, and said. "That was a lot!"

"It felt like a lot!" he moaned, then sat down on the edge of the tub behind me. "Holy shit, dude!" he added with a laugh.

Damn it, he looked so absolutely adorable in that moment. So happy and fulfilled and joyous! My own emotions were identical. It was the happiest moment of my life so far.

He was breathing hard. He opened his hands and looked at his dick. It wasn't soft yet, but it was going down. The head was velvety red, the shaft almost red. His big balls were up tighter than I'd ever seen them, except that time the gym showers didn't have hot water. 

"Did I do it well?" I asked, getting to my feet, wondering if I hadn't done something right or had done something wrong..

Instead of answering me, and as I stood up, he and said, "I think you did it perfect! Let's see how I do!"

He reached out, I stepped forward, and he took my aching rod into his warm, wet, sucking mouth.

Oh, holy shit! It was so much better than I ever imagined! It was like... you know. How do you describe your first blow-job? Fucking fantastic!

But then he stopped. Awwww!

He stood up, got a towel, and started with my hair, Then he turned me around and carefully and fully dried me from shoulders to toes, back first, then turned me around again and did my front, ending with balls balls, pubes, and then softly rubbing my dick dry with it, up and down, slow. Fucking nice!

Then he leaned forward, kissed the very tip, and then slid his lips over the head and then explored with his tongue. Man, it was so velvety soft and smooth and warm and awesome. He sucked again, and my body went tense and tight all over! I moaned. My hands went to his shoulders, like he'd done, without my thinking of doing it. I think I might have needed to, as my legs went all wobbly and weak as he slid his tongue along the underside of my raging boner. I felt it throbbing against his tongue and the roof of his mouth. So warm in there, so wet, so soft, so... just so perfect! And the suction! Oh, fucking, wow!

"Oh, Scott, that's awesome!" I sighed, my voice shaky from the intense pleasure..

He got more than half of my dick in his mouth, when it jerked against the roof and I let go of a load of pre-cum so hard my balls tensed and raised in my sack!

"Ohhh!" long and slow rolled out of my mouth as I closed my eyes and held onto his shoulders and forced my legs to lock.

My dick jerked in his mouth every few seconds. He grabbed my balls after maybe a minute, and played with them with one hand, and held the base of my dick with the other. It was amazing! So... velvety is the best word.


I felt the heavy pulses then, far down, and knew it was about to happen. No stopping it!

"Ohhh! I'm gonna soon!" I sighed, gripping his shoulders harder and going up on my toes. "Really soon!" I added in a higher, tighter voice. Then, after a couple of seconds, "Here it comes!" in an almost falsetto rising upward.

I felt my ankles crack as my cock flexed and throbbed and swelled in his hand and mouth. And then, "Oooo!" I felt my wad explode into his warm, wet, sucking mouth. Fucking awesome! My entire cock flexed from base to head, and swelled up, and shot so hard!

I squeaked, "Ah!" and went up even higher on my toes, and nearly crushed his shoulders with my hands. I could feel my dick jerk and flex and shoot, over and over, again and again, into his throat. It was like dying and being reborn at the same time! Almost excruciating!

The flow ebbed, slowed, and then the wonderful sensations of his soft, velvety mouth and that incredible suction was far too strong and powerful to stand another second!

"Oh, stop! Please!" I said quickly, and pulled back, pulling my throbbing dick from his warm mouth.

I finally opened my eyes as I pulled free from that overwhelming pleasure and saw some of my cum dripping down the side of his mouth, running down his chin and onto his neck. He wiped it up and licked it off his fingers. He looked up at me, all smiles. So hot!

 "Did I do it right?" he asked, mimicking my question earlier.

"I think you did it perfectly!" I answered, laughing a bit again, and smiling really widely. "It was the best thing I've ever felt!"

"Me too!"

I sighed a couple of times to get my breath back, leaning on the edge of the sink, sort of playing with my softening cock in amazement at the incredible sensations it could generate. Wow!

I got my breath back with a final sigh and shiver, then stood up and stretched. He stood up too, and gave a stretch. We laughed. I saw he was showing off his growing erection. He was ready to again. I almost was.

"I'll be ready to go again in a couple of minutes," I said, feeling embarrassed and happy and wonderful.

"Let's go to your room this time," he said with a glowing grin.

God, he was so amazingly hot! So cute. So handsome. So sexy. So sweet. So nice. So wonderful.

I do love him, I realized. I realized I had been in love with him for a long time. I hoped he was with me, too. I only knew that I felt so incredible! Better than I'd ever felt in my life!

I stepped up to him, nodding in answer to going to my room, wrapped my arms around him, and as he put his arms around me, I whispered into his ear, "I fell in love with you a long time ago. I've wanted this for so long."

His, "Me too," was wonderful beyond words.


You can read Eric's side of the story here.

A brief word from Scott and Eric.


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