Cade's First Time Tale

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I knew I was gay at fourteen, just after puberty really kicked in. Girls became less interesting as guys became more and more interesting. By fifteen I knew, and went through the usual roller coaster of discovery.

I was pretty average. I had average grades, about the same number of friends as my friends had, I looked pretty average. Some of my friends were taller than me, some were shorter. Some were better looking, some weren't. Judging by what I saw in the showers in gym class, I was pretty average down there too.

There was nothing special or different about me, except that I liked guys.

None of my friends seemed to, and most made it clear they liked girls.

Just after turning sixteen, one of my friends, Jason, was over for the weekend.

Jason wasn't my best friend, but he was a sort of special friend. He was the only one of my friends that wasn't hung-up about his body or boners or sex stuff. He'd talk sex with me, and we told each other about everything in that regard. We'd showed each other our dicks when we were about eight or so. We'd showed each other our bungholes. We'd told each other when we got our first random boners, and even showed each other and compared boner sizes. We'd told each other when we got our first pubes, when we first began jerking off, and when we first started squirting. We changed out of swimming trunks in front of each other.

Just after we turned fourteen, we'd jerked off together. Just that once. I had always wanted to do it again, but I just couldn't get myself to try to make it happen again. We'd seen a guy and girl making out in the park one day. We watched through the bushes as they got naked and had sex. We rushed to my house and talked about it, groping ourselves, until we couldn't stand it any longer and I said I had to jack off. He said he had to too, so we pulled down our pants and did it on opposite sides of my bed, back to each other. How I wanted to turn around and do it for him as he did it for me!

So we were good friends, and we'd broken a few sexual taboos together by the time he slept over one Friday night just after we'd turned sixteen. Some of our friends were out with girlfriends. We did all the usual stuff, and hung out with the other guys most of Saturday. On Saturday night, as some of our friends were again out with their girlfriends, we were up late, watching the late-night monster movie. It was a really old one, black and white, about a magician who hypnotized and killed women. He had a magic act that he used to meet women. That got us talking about magic.

We talked about hypnotizing girls into having sex. I was more thinking about doing that to guys. We wondered if it was real or not, and what it could do.

Jason said, "I don't think magic is real, but I do know one magic trick."

"What's that?"

"Well," he said, turning red-faced. "It's kind of... uh... pervy."


"I'd rather not tell you."

"Then why'd you even mention it?"

"We were talking about magic."

"So tell me."

He got all embarrassed. It was funny. And, well, eh was cute when he was embarrassed, so I liked making him embarrassed.

"Come on, what is it?"

"Let's just say, I know a way to cum without ever touching your dick."

"Huh? What?"

I wasn't sure I heard him right.

"There's a way to make you cum without using your dick," he said.

"No way."

I was already intensely interested. Anything to do with dicks, you know? Plus a good friend bringing it up.

"Yeah. There's a way to make you cum without jacking it off."

"What?" I asked.

He got so red-faced! And so cute! I was so into this already. I was already trying to think of a way to get him to show me. You know?

"Come on, what?" I asked again.

"I don't want to talk about it," he said, all cute and blushed.

Oh, I had to know more. I had to keep this topic going. It was exciting as hell. I hoped it might lead to something. I mean, you know, show me.

"You brought it up. And now I'm all curious. You have to."

"It's really embarrassing," he said, unable to even look at me. "It probably even feels better than jerking off."

I had to get him to show me. Or at least tell me.

"Oh, I get it. You made something up, and now you can't get out of it."

"No," he said firmly. "There really is."

"How do you know about it?" I asked.

He laughed, then said, "I sort of found out about it by accident."


He was so embarrassed now! And just so fucking cute. I had to keep this going, even if I couldn't get him to tell me or show me. But I really wanted him to show me. I mean... come on, right?

"Come on, dude. Tell me," I begged. I wasn't above begging, especially if it had anything to do with sex. Sixteen, right?

"It's so embarrassing!"

"Hey, we're good friends, man. I've seen you naked tons of times. We've talked about jacking it off. We told each other when we got pubes, and when we started squirting."

"Yeah," he sighed.

"We showed each other our dicks and balls," I pointed out.

I'd wanted to do more than show for a while, but I'd never had the balls to try to get it to go further than that.

"You slapped my naked ass once," I added.

We'd changed out of swimming trunks at his place, and he'd slapped my bare ass when I said his was getting to look nice. That was a few months back.

Yeah, but I was sixteen, barely, and just didn't know what that could mean. I had hoped so, but was too shy to try to find out.

I was getting more bold now. Or more desperate. Or both. I wasn't going to let this go easily.

"Now you think telling me this way to shoot off without touching your dick is like, what? Too far or something?"

"No, it's just..."

"Embarrassing. Why?"

He looked at me for a second, then said, "It has to do with your bunghole."


I liked sticking things in my ass. Markers, brush handles, other things in the past. Now I had a plastic toilet plunger in my bathroom with four round knobs forming a kind of handle on the end. I found out it fit well in my ass and felt great. And it washed clean easily.

He was so red now. And now I had to know more.

"Yeah," he laughed.

"I don't believe you now," I told him.

"Why not?"

"Because we've talked about more embarrassing stuff before. We told each other we tasted our cum. That's way more embarrassing."

He laughed a little, then nodded a bit, then looked at me and said, "I'm serious."

"How can you cum without jerking it off? No way. Everyone would know about it."

"You would think so, huh?" he said. "I don't know why."

We were quiet for a minute as I tried to figure out a way to keep the topic alive.

"When we were kids, we showed each other our bungholes," I reminded him.

"Yeah," he said, nodding a bit.

We were quiet again. I grew desperate, and could only think of one way.

"So show me."

His eyes got so wide!

"You serious?" he said.

"Yeah. So show me."

"Dude," he sort of whispered.

"Either show me how you can cum without jacking it off, or admit you made it up."

"You want me to just... do it? In front of you?"

"Yeah. We've seen each other boned up before. A lot of times. We even jerked off together that time. So big deal if you get off this way showing me how to do it."

He seemed to be thinking about it, but wasn't sure.

"Come on, dude. Especially if it feels better than jerking off does. You got to show me that."

I could almost hear him saying 'maybe' inside his head.

"There's one thing," he said slowly.


"To show you, I sort of have to do it to you."

Oooo! Wow! Okay!

Play it cool.

"I can't just tell you about it."

I gave a kind of resigned sigh, and said, "Fine."

"Really? You're really okay with that?"

"Sure. If it's better than jerking it off, I got to learn it."

"Well, it might not be. Maybe it's just me," he said, turning redder again.

"So, okay, tell me. Show me, I mean. And I'll tell you if it's as good or better or not."

He smiled, and asked, "Are you really sure? I mean, I have to stick my finger in your bunghole."

I gave a fake grimace, and said, "I just don't believe it. I mean, how can a finger in your butt make you cum?"

I'd put plenty of other things up there and hadn't cum. I'd gotten close a few times, but not all that close, and surely never so close I thought I might actually cum just form that. Leak, sure. I usually leaked when I used the toilet plunger handle for more than a little.

"So long as you're okay putting your finger in my ass," I said.

"To show you this, yeah," he said, nodding. "It's fucking amazing."

"It has to be, to make you cum."

"It is!"

"No jerking it off?"

"No. No touching your dick. Not once. Just that finger in your bung."



"Okay. Show me."

I dare you.

He chewed his lip, then asked, "You won't tell anyone, right?"

"Hey, have I ever told anyone about you slapping my bare ass? Or jacking off on my bed together? Or showing our dicks to each other?"

"No, but this is kind of different. This is doing something to you."

"Yeah, even less likely to say anything. Right?"

"Yeah," he agreed, and nodded. "So, yeah. Okay. I'll show you."

"Cool. What do I do?"

"Get some lube."

I walked casually out of my room, and got some Vaseline from the bathroom cabinet. I was shaking! Hard as hell already. I wondered what he would think of my being boned up before he even did anything. I figured I'd tell him I was horny from thinking about cumming.

I got back, and he was sitting on my bed, cross-legged, grinning and red-faced. I handed him the Vaseline.

"Okay, so, take off your pants," he said with a laugh.

He was clearly as embarrasses as I was. I took off my pants, my boner showing already. He laughed and made a joke about it.

"Hey, I'm expecting an orgasm, what do you expect?" I said.

"Yeah. To be honest, I'm hard too."



He leaned back and tugged up his jeans tight. I could see his boner. He sat back up, and picked up the Vaseline.

"So, off with the underwear, and then on your back on the bed."

"This is weird," I said, so embarrassed it was almost unbelievable as I stepped out of my underwear.

"Pretty nice dick," he laughed, looking right at it.

"Yeah, I might have to see yours to make it fair," I laughed.

"I will if you want to," he laughed.

"Be fair," I said.


He stood up, put down the Vaseline, and took off his pants and underwear.

"Not bad either," I said, laughing.

He had a bigger one than I did. His was fully six inches, with a bold head, and a slight curve to his left. Mine was just less than six inches, had a head narrower than the shaft, and was pretty straight. He had less pubes than I did, but bigger, lower hanging balls.

He picked up the Vaseline, and said, "On your back."

I got on the bed on my back.

"Lift your legs up."

I did.

He looked at my hole, grinning and red-faced.

"Might be better if you hold them."

I did.

He opened the Vaseline, got some on one finger, and put the jar down. He laughed as he looked at my hole again, and put his finger up against it. I laughed too. My dick was so hard! This was really exciting.

"Okay, here goes," he said. Then, "Uh, have you ever, you know, put your finger in there before?"

Embarrassed! I figured that since he had proved he had, I laughed and nodded.

He said, "Okay," and then slid his finger inside.

It was so different than any time I had put my own finger in my ass, or any object. It was someone else's finger. It felt really good. My dick jerked like crazy. I was so glad it was tucked between my legs and not out in the open, bouncing and probably leaking all over the place.

He slid his finger inside, and then began sort of poking around up there. Then he hit something that tingled. A lot.

"I think that's it," he said. "How's that feel?"



"It feels, kinda, okay, I guess."

He sort of rubbed it harder.

"How's that? Feel good?" he asked, looking at my face.

I tried to play it cool, but, oh my god, it felt awesome!

"It's okay," I said, my voice sounding shaky.

He rubbed it more and more, soft and hard, front to back, side to side. He tapped it, bumped it, thumped it.

Holy shit, it felt really good.

How did I not ever find this out myself?

"Okay, I'm gonna put in a second finger. Okay?"


I sounded way too enthusiastic!

He pulled out his finger, got some Vaseline on his finger next to that one, and then worked both into my hole. That felt great, but what those two fingers did inside me was fucking fantastic!

His two fingers were more than twice as nice! They rubbed toward each other then away from each other. In circles. Forward and backward. Side to side. He held them up against it, steady and firm.

My balls felt like they were tingling, my dick felt like it was throbbing, and I knew for sure that I was leaking pre-jizz like crazy. That place inside my ass felt like it was vibrating and pulsing.

"Oh, shit, dude!" I hissed.

"Feels good?"

"Feels fucking awesome!" I almost groaned.

"Think it'll make you cum?"

"I don't know, but, yeah, maybe."

"It might take a while."

"Probably not!" I hissed.

It was growing more awesome and more intense almost by the second. Every time he moved his fingers across that place inside my ass I was sure I was closer to blasting off.

Pretty soon I was almost folded up over my groin, even though I was holding my legs up with both arms. My legs and ass cheeks were tingling and shivering. My dick was so hard it felt like it might explode in a shower of hot blood. I could feel the hole in the tip like I had never before. The pressure was causing new sensations in my dick, my balls, my ass - my entire body.

He pushed and held it there, and held it there, and held it there, and my dick pulsed and throbbed, harder, harder... harder...

"Oh, shit! I think I'm gonna cum!" I groaned.

My ass tightened up, my balls tightened up, my dick pulsed up harder, my stomach tensed up, my breath caught...

His fingers released the pressure for just a second, then pressed and held again.


"Going to?" he asked.

I would have said yes, but I couldn't. My balls were throbbing now, and those usual pulsing tenses of impending orgasm were hugely overwhelming and stronger than ever before, and so slow and undulating and intense and...

"Ughhhh!" as my entire body pulsed in time with my dick and balls, and the growing waves or pulses emanating from behind my balls and inside my ass, and...


My eyes crushed closed, my chin hit my chest, my knees knocked my forehead, and I felt my dick squeezing in slow pulses as what felt like liquid cement was slowly pumped out from my balls and through my dick so slowly and powerfully.

"Aw-w-w-w-w!" came out of my mouth in waves matching those incredible waves of cum washing up through my dick from my balls and ass.

His fingers pushed against that place, and I could feel them with every pulse. I felt my hole clenching down tightly around his two fingers with every pulse. I felt my cum oozing out of my dick in slow waves, unlike any usual orgasm. I usually shot in quick pulses, but this was one long undulating squirt that was stronger and more intense than anything I'd ever felt or could have believed.

It lasted so long! Instead of a ten-second period of ten or so big squirts, like the best of orgasms, this was twenty seconds of one undulating wave of the most intense pleasure ever.

It almost hurt. I was sure I had pushed every last drop of cum in my balls through my aching dick, and it was drooling out of my dick onto my lower stomach. And still my dick was throbbing and pulsing, my balls tugging and vibrating, and my ass clenching and tingling. And that new place inside was rising and falling in a cadence of pleasure like nothing before.

Then it was just far too intense, I couldn't stand it, so I let go of my legs and grabbed his arm and pulled his fingers out. I groaned as my legs went down onto the bed. I shivered from head to toes. I almost panted as I laughed in relief and release.

"Nice wad," I heard him say.

I lifted my head enough to see the mess I had pumped out onto my lower belly.

"Whoa!" I sighed.

There was a huge puddle of semen down there. Some was running down the left side, tickling as it went.

"Never shot that much before," I sighed next.

"That's a lot," he said, nodding. "See? I told you."

"Yeah you did!" I laughed.

"Believe now, don't you?"

"Hell yes!"

How could I not. He hadn't touched my dick once. Neither had I. Not even a brush across my balls. Just his fingers up my ass.

"What the hell happened?" I asked. "How did you do that?"

"I think it's your prostate," he explained. "I did some research after the first few times, and the only thing there is the prostate. Since it's only job is during an orgasm, I figure it's what feels so good."

I felt so washed out. It was like I'd jerked off three or four times in a row. I was weak and tired and exhausted. I sat up and looked down at my dick. It was red. Deeply red. Especially the head. And all that cum was running down now. It must have been every drop my balls had in them. There were little clumps of denser whiter stuff in it. I'd never seen little clumps in my semen before. They were thick enough that they didn't run like the rest. There was even some runnier, almost clear spots in there too.

I shivered all over again, head to toe.

He laughed, then asked, "Liked it?"

"Hell yeah!" I said, all pretense at being cool gone.

"Bet you'll be doing that a lot from now on."

"Not taking that bet!"

"Glad I showed you?" he asked.

"Yes! Duh!"

He laughed, then I did too.

"Now you gotta show me how to do it," I said, wanting nothing more than to do that to him.

I got a dirty old shirt and wiped up the most cum I'd ever shot off my belly. Damn,  was there a lot of it!

Seeing him with his pants still down prompted me to action.

"Now let me do that to you, so you can teach me how to do it."

He laughed, got red-faced again, then nodded.

I got some Vaseline on a finger as he got into position on his back on my bed, holding his legs with both arms. Seeing his bunghole was such a huge turn-on that I got harder even though my dick was totally unable to get fully hard after that orgasm.

It was awesome to see his hole like that. And to see that secret place behind his balls. So was seeing his balls hanging like that, between his upraised thighs. I only wished I could see his dick too.

I watched as I slid my finger inside his ass. The soft skin stretched around it, slightly indenting as well. I felt the warm softness of his hole, and then the warm softness inside.

"Feel around behind my balls," he instructed me. Then, "Gently!" as I began probing.

We laughed.

I felt around and found a smallish roundish thing.

"That's it," he said. "Now rub it. Gently. Like it's a nut."

It sort of felt like a nut. Slightly firm, slightly soft, rounded but not round, and very slippery. Though it didn't move around much at all, if any.

He told me how to rub it, front to back, side to side, and push and release. Push firmly and hold, release. Tap it. Bump it. Wiggle it.

"Now use two fingers."

I pulled out the one finger, lubed up the one next to it, and slid both in. The way his hold stretched was so cool. His hole was so soft and firm at the same time. His hole was longer one way than the other with two fingers in there now.

His prostate felt like a big nut, so treating it like one was almost second-nature. I enjoyed rubbing it, tapping it, pushing against it steadily.

It was easy to tell that he liked it as much as I liked having it done to me. It was so cool to make him feel that way. I couldn't wait to see how much splooge he shot.

He warned me with, "Okay, dude, I'm getting ready. Push and hold it steady."

I did, and I could feel it slightly moving beneath my fingers. It was so fascinating to feel his body working toward orgasm.

"Shit, gonna go!" he hissed. "Hold it steady!"

I did, and felt his prostate working as he had his orgasm. I felt it pulsing and throbbing in rhythm. There was a slight vibration as well, as if I could feel his semen streaming through his urethra. Feeling that regular movement of his prostate as he came was just fucking awesome. I also noticed that his asshole clenched down in time as well. And that I could see his prostate working in that soft area right behind his balls.

I held down against his prostate as it worked, over and over, until he groaned and told me to take my fingers out. I watched his hole, and as my fingers came out, it remained open a bit, just momentarily, and that glimpse inside of him made me so horny I almost climbed on top of him and shoved my cock in there.

He lowered his legs, and I saw the mess he made. It was a lot of cum! Not as much as I had shot, but still a huge puddle of cum laid on his lower belly. Some of it began running down one side as I watched.

I handed him the same shirt I'd wiped my cum up with. He didn't seem to mind as he wiped himself clean, then handed it back to me. I intended to have that shirt handy later. I had some of his cum now!

"I guess I did it right?" I asked.

"Sure did," he laughed.

"Now you should be able to do it yourself."

Damn, his dick looked good. Mostly hard, laying across his lower belly, covering most of his pubes, the end slightly red. His balls hung down nicely. It was amazing to think I'd just seen what had been inside of them minutes before. And now I had it on a shirt for later.

I guess I lost most of my reticence.

"I'd rather you did it," I dared to say. Then even added, "And did it to you."

He laughed and got red-faced again, and said, "You really want to do it to each other again?"

"Hell yes!"

He shrugged and said, "Okay."

So we did. It became an almost daily thing. We got very good at it. And, yes, we also did other things. Blow-jobs were awesome, but they were incredible with a finger up your ass working your prostate at the same time.

Yes, we got into fucking each other too.

Kissing was about the only thing we didn't do. Well, other than a few times just to do it.

We weren't in love or anything.




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