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General Audience Stories - G/PG    Mature Audience Stories - rated R     Adult Audience Stories - rated X




General Audience Stories - rated G/PG


Very short stories from a few hundred words up to approximately five-thousand words.


  • A Waiting - A wandering wondering of waiting.

  • Adonis In The Hall - What if you ran into the guy you've been infatuated with after a party? What if he wanted to go hang out? What if he...Rated-X   Teens 

  • For Benjamin - Prejudice in any form is ugly, and leads to horrific ends.

  • What Hadn't Happened. - Alex's first kiss. Not all stories have a happy ending Teen Two-part story with two different sides of the same story.

  • Being The Wrong Color - Racism is ugly, no matter which side you're on. 3K words

  • Desert Choices - A short about decisions 2K words

  • COMMERCIAL - An idea for a commercial 100 words

  • Looking Back - A look back 3K words

  • A Waiting - Short story on abandonment

Short Stories

Five-thousand word and longer short stories.

  • Freshman Luck Sometimes you're just meant to meet someone. Rated-X  Teens 

  • Derrin - A contemporary science-fiction based murder mystery 7.8K words Rated-R Science-Fiction Teen

  • Woke - A short about waking without your memories 13K words Rated-R Drama Teen

Mature Audience Stories - rated R