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Freshman To Freshman

 Rated: X  Incest - brothers  teens 



I was about to leave home for my first year at college. I had an academic scholarship that was going to cover my tuition and expenses, for the most part, and I had a job lined up that would let me make enough to cover the rest of my expenses. My car was used and paid for, and I knew ways to save money. I would be almost totally self sufficient, and it was an awesome feeling!

My folks had wanted to pay for my schooling, but when I had been offered the scholarship, it was not only a relief, it was a God-send. Leaving for college was the highlight of my life. Both of my parents were strict and cold, and kept to themselves. My little brother and I had gotten very close, I supposed to compensate for our distant parents.

At eighteen, I was six feet tall and weighed 170 pounds, give or take. I was mostly a bookworm. Not skinny, but far from being fat or even chunky. Built big, like a jock, but I didn't work out enough to have the muscles, so I was a little soft in a few places. I have thick blond hair which I tended to ignore, keep short, and allow to just get wavy as long as it stayed out of my brown eyes. My best facial feature is probably my mouth and lips, so the girls all said. Big, red, plump ones. And white teeth when I smiled, which is, I have to admit, a big, wide smile. And I had a few freckles, mostly just on my cheeks when I get a lot of sun.

Anyway, tonight would be my last night at home, and in the morning I would leave for college. Classes didn't start for nearly two months yet, but the room I had found opened up, and I was anxious to get away from home. I had spent the day hanging out with my friends, and now that I was at home, I intended to hang out with my little brother some, and stay out of my parents' way as much as possible. That should be easy, as their rooms were on the other side of the house.

I had gotten drunk and stoned with my friends. I had almost never gotten stoned before, and rarely drank. But tonight I had pulled out the stops and partied like I had never before. As I walked up the stairs to my room, I was weaving on my feet.

"Chuckie!" my little brother called from the top of the stairs, looking down at me with a huge smile. "Somebody got lit up, big time!"

"Heya, bro. How's it hangin'?" I asked as he started down the stairs.

He got under one arm and helped me the rest of the way up.

As we grew up together, I'd noticed that he was very cute. I was no slouch, and I'd had no problems getting dates. But I had always noticed that my little brother was a little cutie. All of my girlfriends had squealed and went all giggly over him. He usually soaked it up and blushed, which only made him that much more adorable. Now he was fourteen, and he looked a lot like me, but he was clearly more athletic. He was about five feet and six inches tall, but was obviously developing differently than I had. He was wearing just basketball shorts, so his chest and arms were on display. His pecs were showing development, and his arms proved he was active. He looked stronger than me already. He had let his hair get longer than I ever let mine, and it was much lighter than mine, too. It was also far more wavy, almost totally out of control. And he was nicely tanned. While I had dad's brown eyes, he had mom's blue ones, and they were the same bright blue, too. They had always looked like they glowed against his tanned face.

We had always been openly affectionate with each other. We rarely got such attention from our parents, so we were the only source of that kind of contact for each other until I had started dating girls. Even then, my little brother was all the familial affection I had, and as he hadn't started dating yet, I was the sum total of all his affections.

As he helped me up the stairs, I noticed that his body was hard and tight.

I had gone through a phase when I found my male friends sexy. During my freshman year of high school, changing in the locker room, showering, I had troubles with erections and such from seeing those naked bodies. And out of gym class, and at home and out with my friends, I had been intrigued and aroused by them.

I had spent most of that year masturbating furiously, and most often to thoughts of my male friends. I liked girls, but for some reason, I liked boys, too. I had never done anything about it, had pushed it down, and ignored it. Eventually, near the end of the year, I went out on my first date with a girl, and later, got my first pussy, and soon, thoughts of boys and dicks and those gay feelings were forgotten for the most part.

As he helped me up the stairs, I wondered if my little brother was going to go through the same thing as he started his freshman year.

Once he dropped me on my bed, he pulled sweatpants and a t-shirt out my dresser and dropped them onto my lap.

"You smell pretty gross, bro. You barf or what?"

"Chris blew chunks at the party. We got thrown out so we headed home. Guess that smell just gets in everything."

I would have stayed even longer if Chris hadn't overflowed and gotten us tossed out. I was really high, and drunk, and shouldn't have driven home, I was sure, now that I was home and almost weaving on the bed.

I groaned as I leaned down to remove my shoes. He pulled me up by the shoulders, and laughing, got down on his knees and pulled my shoes and socks off my feet. I pulled my shirt off, and then stood up. I dropped my jeans and my brother passed me my sweatpants, then once I had leaned on his shoulder and gotten them on and up, he handed me my shirt and helped me into it.

I plopped down on the bed with a grunting groan.

"You're in bad shape, bro. Good thing the folks never come check on us in our rooms or such. Not like my friends' folks at all."

"Yeah. You've spent a few nights at other friends' houses now. You see how real parents are, huh?"

He hadn't been allowed to stay away overnight until this summer. I hadn't either until the summer before high school.

"Yeah. But they aren't anywhere near as close with their brothers or sisters as we are. So we got that instead."

He hugged me from the side, and I threw an arm over him. We did have that. Unlike any of my friends, and seemingly his, we were very close siblings.

"I'm glad you came home early, bro."

I laughed a bit and realized that maybe I was, too. It meant that my last night at home was full of partying and friends, but would end with a few hours with my little brother.

"Sammy Terry is on in a bit. You want to watch? Be our last time for a long time. Maybe ever."

"Hell yeah, bro."

He popped popcorn, and we watched the horror movie in his room. It wasn't too bad a flick. There was a television downstairs in the den, but it was a small one and far from the chairs and couches. We both had televisions in our rooms, larger than that one. His television wasn't far from the end of his bed, so we were sitting on beanbags on the floor with our backs against his bed, watching the television.

During the first commercial break, he grinned at me in that way that usually meant he had an idea that our parents wouldn't like, so I grinned back and asked, "What?"

"I got some weed, if you wanna."

He stood up, dug in his dresser, pulled out a baggie, then sat down next to me again with that huge grin.

"So, you're turning into a pot-head, huh?" I asked.

"Hell no! No way am I gonna. I just thought we'd get high before you go to college. You can take it with you. I didn't know you'd come home smelling like it."

While he talked, I watched his hands clean a bud and roll a joint. He used a book that he laid across his thighs as a surface to clean on. I had seen a few joints rolled before, and it was obvious he was no professional or anything of the sort, but it was just as obvious that he knew what he was doing. In no time he held up a nearly perfectly uniform joint.

"What if the folks smell it?" I asked.

"I don't think they'd know what it was even if they caught us smoking it. Plus they never come close enough."

They used the intercom, that was true. I couldn't remember ever having been tucked in by them, or hugged or kissed goodnight. We grew up thinking those were things that people on television and the movies did, not something that happened in real life.

We smoked and talked while the movie played. We munched popcorn and sipped soda.

"Yeah. We have some cold folks. I hope you do okay while I'm gone."

"You survived," he said with a grin.

"I did," I said as I looked at him. "But I had you. You won't have anyone here at home."

I felt guilty about leaving then. I had before, but now it was pretty heavy.

"I wish I knew what our folks' problem is," he said, looking a little sad.

"Me too. It's like they had their hearts surgically removed."

"I don't think they wanted us. But they couldn't have an abortion or something."

"They needed kids to show off. And now to brag about."

"Yeah, the big college brain, a full scholarship and all," he said, elbowing me.

"Yeah, the high school sports star," I said, returning his elbow.

He shot another elbow in, scoring against my ribs. I grunted and threw an arm behind him and started tickling his sides. He nearly collapsed into giggles. He was so very ticklish. He threw a few wild punches, trying to hit me in the gut hard enough to disrupt my attack against his ribs. When that wasn't working as well as he hoped, he fell to his usual backup plan and tried tickling my sides. I was doing his sides well enough that he couldn't get me going, even if I was still that ticklish, which I wasn't.

"Oh, God, stop! I'll piss myself!" he finally complained.

It was his usual cop-out, though sometimes it was true. I relented, and he started panting to regain his breath. He was red-faced and slightly sweaty, and startlingly cute as he lay on his back, draped over my legs.

I felt my guts shift as I saw how adorable my little brother was becoming. His cute little kid looks were fading into really handsome adolescence.

I started getting hard. I was sure he noticed. His eyes suddenly got bigger and he sort of gasped.

"Shit! Sorry!" I said quickly. "I just, pot makes me, you know, horny and shit."

He laughed. He didn't move. It was horribly embarrassing. He blushed darker.


"What?" I asked, hoping he wasn't too horrified.

He sat up and looked down at my lap. He looked back up at me. He was so red-faced it was amazing. I couldn't remember ever seeing him so embarrassed looking.

"Bro? Can I see it?"


I probably blinked so hard that he could hear it. He kept looking at my lap.

"My... you wanna see my..."

"Yeah. Please?"

I sort of gasped. I watched him looking at my lap. I felt my dick fully harden and push my sweats up further.

I could not believe that I was actually considering showing another guy my junk. Or that a guy had asked to see it. Especially that the other guy was my little brother. It was insane. We'd seen each other's junk enough, changing clothes and swimming in the pool, but never so intentionally, and never when I was hard, or him. That was so weird.


He looked at me with those big blue eyes, and it was just like when he was asking a favor when we were younger. If he wanted something from me, all he had to do was give me those eyes.

I nodded. I pushed my thumbs into the waistband of my sweats and pushed them down. I had to lift them over my erection while lifting my ass off the floor.

It was an incredibly sexual moment. My chest was filled with those wild tingles. My dick was almost jumping as I slid my hand into my boxers and pulled it out of the fly.

"Holy hell!" he almost gasped. "Fucking huge!"

I felt myself blush even more. I knew it wasn't all that big. I had started measuring it in ninth grade, and hadn't stopped. At last measure it was just a tad over seven inches. As much as he looked like me, other than growing better muscles and having mom's eyes, I expected he would be about the same size at my age. I said so.

"I fucking hope so!"

I thought about what I had seen of his nakedness over the years. In the past couple of years he had gotten very shy about his body, and I had seen less and less of it. I didn't mind, or even think about it. Four years ago I had been interested, going through that phase and all, but since, I simply hadn't thought much about his developing body. Sometimes I wondered, and sometimes I got glimpses of an erection in his trunks in the pool, but it was just happenstance and wasn't erotic. Almost exactly a year ago he had asked me about sex and masturbation. He had heard his friends talking about it, and gone along as if he knew what they were talking about. So I gave him the brotherly version of the birds and the bees. It had been easy to tell that he was hard during most of the talk. Later on he had asked more questions, and I always answered as well as I could, as exactly as I could, and as detailed as I could. Once, just months ago, he had asked if it was normal to dream about sex with everyone, even boys. I had told him that I had when I was his age, so I guessed so. I had answered any question from him on those topics. Those remembrances brought a huge thrill racing through me. I could see that he was pushing up a tent in his sweatpants. I had to know.

"So, fair is fair," I said.

He looked away from my hand holding my dick for the first time since he had given me those puppy-dog eyes. He suddenly grinned really widely, then nodded. He sat back on his butt, leaned back against the bed, and pulled down his sports shorts in one movement.

He was no longer than five inches, at the most. And it looked very, very familiar. It was shaped exactly like mine. We could have been twins, not just brothers. His pubic hair was still only an irregular circle of fuzz at the base, and it was slightly darker than mine, but otherwise, other than size, it looked just like mine.

We shared the same long, lean, bullet-shaped head. Almost pointed, almost rounded off. Small, tight slit at the end. Smooth, almost rounded off edges, nothing like most penises with their curved, prominent coronal edges. Just a little loose skin gathered behind those subtle edges, darker than the rest of the shaft. Straight, almost narrow shaft, with a prominent urethral passage below.

His scrotum and balls were markedly smaller than mine.

"You really think I'll get that long?" he asked, looking at mine.

"Well, look at it! Anything different about it at all?"

He leaned over a little, getting a closer look.

"Guess we're about the same, huh?"

"Except you're four years younger, yeah. To be honest, bro, yours looks a lot like I remember mine looked at your age. Like, almost exactly."


He looked up at me, obviously pleased with the idea. I nodded. I leaned down to get a closer look. As far as I could remember, I was looking at an exact reproduction of my own at fourteen. I even remembered how my first pubic hairs had been darker, but they seemed to be replaced by lighter ones as they filled it.

"It's amazing," I said. "I'm sure."

He looked really happy. And really cute. He looked a lot like I remembered myself in my freshman picture, only more tanned and more athletic. Maybe just a little more rounded a head and face, and a smaller and cuter nose. And Mom's piercing blue eyes instead of mine and Dad's brown ones. But we shared the same lips and mouth, and almost the same hair, except his hair was sun-bleached lighter.

I couldn't help but see how he was the cuter, healthier, more athletic me.


"Yeah?" I replied, wondering if I should pull my sweats back up about then.

"What's it like?"


I thought I knew what he was asking. I knew what I would be asking about if we were switched.

"Doing it."

"It's really great, bro. Honest. Like you probably hear."

"What's better?"


"Well, what's better? Sex or head?"

"Both. Depends. Some girls give better head, some have better pussies. Depends."

He nodded, still looking at my erection. I wondered again if I should put it away. I couldn't stop looking at his. I was amazed at the thoughts that went through my head, and the things I wanted to do to him.


"Would... um... what if I said I... well..."


"Can I touch it?"

I couldn't believe he had asked that. Or that I wanted him to. And that I wanted to touch his.

"Fair is fair," I said.

He laughed and nodded.

My hand was shaking as I reached out, and my guts were shivering as he reached out. That first touch of his hand on my dick made me gasp, and the first touch of his dick was awesome!

It was about the most exciting sexual moment of my life, since I had lost my virginity to Vanessa Miller in the ninth grade.

"God! It's so big. And thick. And heavy!"

I couldn't say the same about his, but it did feel so very warm, and hard, and smooth, and velvety. And, wow! Before I knew what I was doing, I was stroking it. I felt his pulse in it as my hand slid up and down on it, moving the skin over the hard core. My heart hammered as he began doing the same thing to me.

It was beyond intense! I'd never touched another guy before, though I had such thoughts when I was fourteen and fifteen. I'd fantasized about many of my friends, and had masturbated to such thoughts numerous times. But never had I touched another boy, or been touched by one. Now I was, and it was my little brother.

I watched my hand jerking off my little brother. It was amazing. Not only did his dick feel good in my hand, his hand felt good on mine. He knew what he was doing, even though there was a considerable size difference. When his other hand started playing with my balls, I followed suit and played with his. They were so small compared to my own, but they felt so neat. It was almost like playing with a younger version of myself. It was so erotic.

When a drop of fluid appeared at the tip of his penis, it was so exciting that I formed my own. He wiped it away almost instantly, smearing it around my head with his fingers and then sliding his fingers and thumb over my head with an incredibly awesome sensation.

"Oh, shit, bro!" I sighed.

"Like it?"

"Hell yeah."

I did the same thing to his pre-cum. He gasped loudly and shivered a bit.

"Bro, please!"


"Stop! I'm gonna!"

I immediately stopped. His dick bent several times in my fist, but remained dry. I waited as he shivered a little and held his breath.

"I almost got off," he said softly.

"I thought that was the idea," I laughed.

It was so stunning to be sitting there holding my little brother's dick as he returned from near-orgasm, while his hands held my cock and balls, slowly playing with them both.

"I wanna ask a favor, first, bro."

He gave me his best puppy-dog eyes. I knew exactly what he was going to ask. I glanced at the bed, then let go of his dick and balls. I slid up and onto the bed, pulling my sweats off. He laughed and stood up, removed his shorts, and joined me on the bed. I turned him head-over-heels, and rolled him onto his side. I inched up to him, took hold of his cock and his little balls, and guided the head against my lips.

I had often wondered what giving head was like, and had spent a year of my life earnestly wishing that I could find out. I finally found out. On my little brother. And it was as much fun as I had thought it would be.

His head was amazingly smooth on my lips and tongue. I didn't mind the salty taste at all. In fact, it tasted just like my own, and far better than a woman. In no time at all, I was bobbing and sucking and licking my brother's almost five inch dick. And he was sucking mine. He wasn't doing as well as most girls I had been with, but he was doing well enough.

"What do I do when I get close?" he asked.

"You just hold on and let it," I told him.

And all too soon, my little brother gaspeded and squirmed, and shot his first orgasm caused by someone else into my mouth. And I tasted the first cum that wasn't my own, though it tasted much like my own. It was my little brother's. It was awesome! His dick warped and swelled up, and shot and shot. I had no idea how much semen he produced, but it seemed like a lot. I swallowed at least four times, and another last time as he pulled himself out of my mouth with another gasping groan.

To my surprise, he not only didn't stop sucking me, he went right back to it and gave it even more energy and effort. He did really well from that point on, as if he had been holding back until his own orgasm, or had been afraid to give it all his attention. I watched my little brother's plump, red lips slide up and down my dick, his cheeks popping out and sucking inward as he bobbed. He looked like he was having the time of his life! My balls fell over my thigh as I leaned a little more toward him, my orgasm coming closer.

He couldn't take more than three-quarters of my dick, but he worked what he could get into his mouth with real energy and vigor. I had been given a blow-job from every girl I had gone out with, all six, and two more from girls I hadn't gone out with, just had screwed around with. My little brother was doing almost as well as any of them now, but as it was my little brother, and the first guy ever, it was incredible!

I was rocketing toward orgasm. And a huge one!

"Bro! Going to fire a massive wad!"

He actually dove further down on my cock, and sucked even harder, and stroked it with his hand as his other played with my balls.

"God! Bro! Get fuckin' ready!"

The entire phrase was more grunts than articulated words. The delicious tingle behind my balls and around my thighs was growing exponentially. It was going to be a huge one!

He took every last inch that he could, and seemed to suck as hard as he could. I felt his tongue undulating beneath my dick. One hand stroked the bottom half of my dick while the other played with my balls.

His big, red, lush lips were wrapped around me, his cheeks moved as he moved his head, his eyes were open and almost staring at what was in front of him. He sort of groaned and took another fraction of an inch of my cock. I felt his throat. I exploded.

He coughed and gagged, but that didn't stop my dick from expelling hot semen all over his face. He didn't seem to mind at all, especially once he stopped coughing and put his mouth back over me. I was still pumping. He sucked and swallowed the last of my orgasm. It was hugely thrilling!

He sucked until I pulled away and rolled onto my back.

"Did I do it right?"

I laughed.

"No wrong way to do it, I don't think. But, yeah, you did right, bro. Did you like it?"

"Fucking loved it!" he said happily.

"What I did, or doing it to me?"

He sat up on an elbow, looked at me, squirts of my wad on his cheeks and forehead, and said, "Both. I think I'm gay, bro."

He suddenly looked like he was going to pout, maybe cry. He wiped at his forehead and realized what he was wiping. He looked surprised, then at me. I knew what he wanted to do, and why he wasn't already doing it.

I dropped my head and looked at the ceiling. I heard him sniffling.

"Bro?" I asked. "You sure?"

"Yeah," he said, the fact that he was near tears painfully obvious in his voice.

I switched ends and looked at him as he fought not to cry. Large drops of my cum were still on his cheeks where he hadn't wiped his face. I saw that his forehead had been wiped clear, and I suspected what he had done with it.

He was staring at the ceiling, beginning to cry and trying so hard not to. He wrapped his arms around himself. He was shaking a little.

"Bro?" I asked.

He looked at me, his eyes already getting red, tears welling up and running out of the corners of his eyes.

"Bro, don't let it bother you. You know I don't care. You know our folks will probably never find out. And if any of your friends care, then they aren't friends."


He started crying really hard, and shaking.

"I'm scared!"

"So? I would be, too. Hell, I am!"


"I'm scared for you. And me. I mean, I just messed around with my little brother and I loved it."

He snickered. I hugged him really tight, not caring that I was getting my own cum on my face, or that we were naked.

He's my little brother, and I love him.

I held him while he cried, and I sort of joined him. I rocked him and just waited.

"I kinda thought I was since seventh grade. When I started taking showers in gym. I... guess seeing all the guys changing clothes... and taking showers..."

He snickered. I knew what he meant. I had many the same kind of thoughts back then, and right up to ninth grade, until I started dating girls and forgot those feelings for boys.

"I think I... I figured it out, that I really was. when the folks went to Bermuda at the beginning of summer. I, we went swimming, and we were changing, and I already was thinking stuff. I sort of knew. But, I sort of looked when you took a shower in the cabana. It was so weird! I'm sorry I peeked!"

"It's okay, bro. Don't worry about it."

He smiled up at me.

"And for the first real time, I think, I looked at you in there. Naked. And, I knew I looked a lot like you. That we looked a lot like each other. And I knew you were..."

"A hot stud?"

He laughed and ducked his head against my bare chest, then nodded.

"So, anyway. I sort of thought how, if you're that... cute, then..."

"Then so are you."

He laughed again, still against my chest.

"And... I just... sorta right there, sorta, just... accepted that I liked guys."

"That's why you got so quiet. I remember that. I asked, a lot, but you said it was nothing."

"What was I gonna say? I just figured out that I'm really a homo?"

He looked up at me. He wasn't smiling now, but looked more than a little sad.

"You could have."

"No way I could have," he said firmly.

"Yeah, guess not, huh?"

"No way."

He ducked against my chest again.

"Bro?" I asked. I waited until he lifted his head to look up at me again. "Bro, just, I want you to know, I love you. I don't care if you're gay or not. Or whatever. I love you no matter what. I know our parents probably do, in their own weird way, and I hope you know that, too. Okay?"

He started pouting, but nodded.

"What do I do now?"

"Like I know?" I asked with a laugh.

He smiled, but still didn't look that happy. His bright blue eyes were a little damped, and red and puffy. But still, and even, he was pretty cute.

"We got the rest of the summer to figure it out, okay?"


"Yeah, we."

"I thought you were going in the morning?"

"Not anymore. I'm staying until I have to get to school."

He finally looked happy. He hugged me tightly and sighed really deeply against my chest.

"I love you, bro," he said against me.

"That's because I'm the best brother ever."

I hadn't said that to him in a long time. He laughed, like he always did when I had said it.

I fell asleep not long after I heard his regular, deep breathing and had previously felt his body relax and go slack.


I found myself hugging my little brother when I woke up, facing each other, totally naked, and smelling like cum.

Waking up in his arms wasn't all that shocking. It had even happened before. Usually after a bad storm when he was very little, and once later after his friend Gary's funeral.

But this time was very different. Naked, smelling of sex, sticky with our cum, and after his teary realization and admission.

He was very cute, lying in my arms, eyes closed, looking so peaceful. I knew he had been so upset and scared just a couple of hours ago. He had fallen asleep in my arms, shaking and crying. He told me that he knew he was gay for three months, and had suspected before that.

I thought of how I had much the same thoughts at his age. I wondered if he was going to find the right girl and forget these feelings for boys, like I had.

I managed to extricate myself and use the bathroom, then showered. When I got back, I stopped to stare for a little while. He had a lot of growing to do yet, but he was certainly on the way. And very nice to look at. I wondered how gay I was. I felt that I still preferred girls, and sure didn't seem to feel any different about that, but I sure felt different about boys now.

Looking at my little brother lying naked in front of me, I got hard, and I wanted to touch him, and wake him, and have him touch me.

I wondered if I was bisexual. If so, I leaned more toward girls, I was sure, but that newly reawakened and realized gay side was surely powerful.

I slipped into the bed, scooted carefully up against him, and wrapped my arms gently around him. I snuggled up to him, and even with a hard-on, fell asleep.

I was woken up by him slipping out of the bed. I waited while he used the bathroom. I heard him shower. I dozed off. He came back, turned off the lights, slipped back into the bed, under my arm, and up against me. It was really nice. I got hard against his butt. Either he didn't notice, or didn't want to notice, or had already fallen asleep again. Whatever the reason, he seemed to fall asleep again, and I was soon asleep too.

I woke up again, feeling him turning in the bed. I opened my eyes to see him facing me. He was grinning. I was glad to see his smile.

"Feeling better?" I asked.

"Hell yeah. Thanks, bro."

"No problem. Your problem is my problem."

He snuggled up against me and held on tight with both arms. I did the same, and it was really nice. I liked hugging and snuggling with my girlfriends, especially after sex. But with my little brother, it was something different. It was more.. soft, and sweet, and deep. Just really nice.

In no time I felt something move between us. I knew it wasn't me or mine. He snickered.

"Sorry. It's morning and shit," he said softly. "Plus, hell, bro, this is really nice."

"It is," I agreed.

I started getting hard too. He laughed.

"Bro?" he asked, looking up at me.


"You really okay with what happened?"



"Yeah, bro. I mean, it was fun!"

"You really think so?"

I knew what he was really asking, or wanting to ask. We were brothers, and had been really close for most of our lives. I knew.

I slid my hand out from behind him, around his side, and down between us. I found his hard dick mostly by the heat it was giving off. I wrapped my fingers around it. He grinned really widely and even shivered just a little. I started stroking it. He sighed really deeply and closed his eyes. He was adorable like that. He looked so cute, and so peaceful, and so happy. His lips seemed to be darker than ever, maybe even a little plumper than usual too. And that cute little smile, like I had never seen on him before, was so... hot.

He started breathing faster and deeper. His dick twitched and I felt the tip wet with his pre-cum. I swiped it over and around his head, making him shake and gasp. A slight blush began on his cheeks, but that didn't subtract from his nearly scarlet lips. Every so often a soft whine or whimper escaped him. I couldn't look away from his face. I could have watched him as I gently stroked him the entire day.

But he opened his bright blue eyes and met mine, and smiled. He reached between us and found my erection, and began stroking me back. We started into each others eyes as we jerked each other off. It was amazing.

Then, out of nowhere, came the question.

"Bro? Will you fuck me?"

I blinked several times, not sure that I could possibly have heard him right. I was about to ask, "What?", but he cut me off.

"Please? I really want to. And who better? I know I can trust you. You won't hurt me. Please?"

"Are you kidding?"

"No. I've used fingers. I know what to do. Have you ever done a girl up her butt?"


I wasn't sure if I should admit to it. I had, the ones who would let me. I had liked it. It was tighter and hotter than pussy, and now, knowing what I knew about myself, I began to wonder why I had liked it so much.

"You used to joke about it, like you did."

"Yeah, I did, huh?"

He kept slowly jerking me off, and I kept doing him, and he kept grinning up at me. I was expecting his puppy-dog eyes at any second.

"Yeah, I did. The ones who let me."

"So, you know how?"

I nodded. It was insane. Fuck my little brother? Really? He sure wanted me to, no doubts about that. Especially as he grinned up at me and almost visibly shivered with excitement.

"Will you? Please? Does it hurt?"

I sighed and gave in. I wanted to. I loved ass. It was tight and hot, and felt awesome. I decided to fuck my little brother.

"Yeah. But, yeah, it does hurt."

"How much? I do fingers, they don't."

"No, they don't. But they're not a dick."

"Not a nice dick like yours!" he said enthusiastically.

I grinned.

"It hurts. Some. I'll take my time, and go slow, and try to keep it from hurting much, okay?"

He nodded vigorously. To my shock, he suddenly kissed me square on the lips. To my further shock, I kissed him back. His little tongue darted in and out in a clumsy way. I soon had him doing much better with it. We were writhing against each other by then, breathing quickly, our hands roaming all over each other.

"We need lube," he said. "Got any ideas?"

"I've got some," I said.

I had used it before, mostly to masturbate with, but also when a girl would let me do her back door.

"Where?" he asked, all excited and grinning.

"In my black travel bag, by my door. Way down on the bottom. It's a bottle like shampoo or conditioner, but says personal lubricant."

He kissed me one more time, then dashed out of the bed. I sat up, amazed at what was happening. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do it. I knew it would probably hurt him some. I intended to be as slow and careful as I could with him, but I knew how he was. He was going to be rushing me every step of the way.

He came running back with the bottle and opened it, then literally started pouring it over my dick.

"Easy!" I said. "You just need a little!"

There was enough of my dick and bush to fuck a dozen girls. He laughed, then handed me the bottle with a quick, "Sorry."

"It's fine, there's plenty still. So, on your hands and knees."

I only knew one way to fuck an ass. He got into position on the bed, and I spread his buttocks. His ass was very nice, all plump and firm, hairless and pink. Especially right around his hole. I drizzled the oil over his hole. It twitched. My cock twitched in response. I suddenly couldn't wait.

I began fingering him with my middle finger. He sighed loudly, and it was obvious that he liked it. It twitched and pulsed as I touched it. In a few moments, I was slipping that finger in him. His tight, pink pucker gripped it admirably. It wasn't as tight as a girls' virgin hole, but it was nice and tight, and it was my little brother's hole.

I began fucking his pink hole with that finger. He sighed a lot. I bent my finger and found that special spot, and as soon as I touched it, he gasped and jerked and pushed his ass toward me.

"Like that?"

"Oh, God, yeah!" he said around heavy panting breaths.

After a couple of minutes, I drizzled some lube onto my first finger.

"I'm going to try two fingers now bro."

"Okay," came his response from the pillow.

The two fingers were easy to get into him compared to most girls' holes. It was obvious he had used fingers and maybe something else more than a few times. I fucked him with both fingers for just a few minutes. I watched his pink pucker grip them, moving in and out along with their movements. It was amazing.

"Three?" I asked.

"Okay," again, softly from the pillow.

They went in without too much trouble, and not a single wince of pain from my little brother.

"Okay?" I asked.

"Hell yeah. You next?"

I said, "I'm next. If you're ready."


I dribbled some oil on my hard, throbbing dick, spread it around noisily, and then put down the bottle. I had positioned myself for this with several girls, and several times with most of them. It wasn't hard to do, and soon I was pushing my hard, sensitive head inside of my brother's hole, taking his anal virginity. My long, smooth head entered him. His pink hole spread open around my head with a velvety softness and firm warmth.

"Oh, god!" he groaned.


"Go bro!"

I pushed more. My seven inches slipped into him, inch by inch. I was glad that I wasn't any thicker. I watched his reddish-pink hole take my entire length. It was amazing! I was filled up with thrilling tingles. It was even better than the first piece of ass I had ever gotten!

When my hips came up against his juicy buttocks, I groaned. My little brother's tight ass just felt so fucking awesome! And watching my dick poke it was incredible! I knew he had done a lot of something to his ass. No girl had ever been so easy to get into.

"It's all in?" he asked.

"Yeah, bro, it's all in!"

"Oh, god! Awesome!"

"You feel really nice! How do you like it?"

"It feels fantastic, bro! You going to fuck me?"

"Hell yes!"

I pulled out, all the way. I saw his dark opening slowly close up. I knew he had done plenty with his hole.

"Why'd you pull out?" he asked.

"So you can feel this," I said, then reinserted myself.

"Oh-h-h, God! Bro!"

He groaned and grunted as I filled him up again, inch by inch, and his entire body shivered in a regular way, like a giant camshaft was operating inside of him. When my hips were firmly against his buttocks again, I shoved forward again, just a bit. He grunted a little. Then I pulled almost all the way out again, just my head inside his circle, and stroked there for a while. He whimpered and shook, and I grunted in ecstasy. The feeling of his tight hole stroking over my corona was awesome!

Then I slid deep back inside. It was pure bliss! He was so warm and soft inside. I gripped my little brother's hips and fucked him.

"Fucking awesome, bro!" was his most used phrase between groans and grunts.

I fucked him for a while like that, then I rolled him over and pushed his legs up so that his knees were next to his neck. He grinned so wide it was almost funny. I positioned myself, applied a little more oil, then started slipping my seven inches back inside of him. I watched it disappear into him, then watched his smiling, red face as I fucked him. I put some oil on a hand and stroked him with it. He started going wild. I put oil on my other hand and played with his balls. He bucked and nearly screamed. His hole clamped down on my dick, which felt incredible. He got even hotter inside.

I was soon fucking him hard enough that our skin made loud slapping noises. His pre-cum lubricated my hand, so I used one hand to pull the skin of his dick down tight to the base and stroked his head and shaft with the other oiled hand as I fucked him. His head turned darkly red. He squealed and bucked and went completely haywire! His eyes rolled up and his breath caught, and then I felt his cock tense up and then he was shooting semen up his belly in short, white strips in time with his loud cries.

Best of all, I held still with my corona inside of his pulsing hole as the pressure built and my own orgasm rose up through me. His hole pulsed around my corona as he had his orgasm. It was awesome! Then, at the last moment, I thrust forward once and pumped my semen deep into my little brother's ass.

As I pumped into him, I held his skin back with one hand and short-stroked his little cockhead as it fired. He groaned and twisted, his eyes clamped shut and his head thrown back deep into the pillow. His whole body was thrusting and twisting around my cock and my hand around his cock.

It was easily the hottest thing I had ever seen. Or felt. Loosing my virginity to Vanessa's pussy, my first blow-job, and my first piece of girl ass were all paled by comparison to bringing my little brother to orgasm as I pumped my wad into his no-longer virgin ass.

I kept short-stroking his little cock even after it stopped shooting semen. I kept short-stroking my head through his hole even after I stopped pumping my semen into him. We both grunted and twisted.

With a wordless grunt, he pushed against my stomach, making me withdraw from his hot, tight hole, and then he gripped and removed my hands from his red, slimy, sticky dick.

He dropped his legs with more wordless grunts, then opened his eyes. He grinned so nicely. I stretched out alongside of him, grinning back at him.

I tickled down his front with a finger. He snickered.

"Fuck, bro, that was..." he said around his heavy breathing.

"I loved it," I admitted breathless. "Your ass, bro, is... fucking awesome!"

He laughed and blushed further.

"Bro... wow!" he said, still grinning so widely.

He rolled over and hugged me, and I hugged him back. He rolled on top of me, most of his weight on his knees. He snuggled up to me, his face tucked up alongside my neck. He shivered and giggled.

I ran my hands up and down his back.

"Bro?" he asked.


"Thank you, man."

I laughed, so he had to ask me why.

"I was gonna say the same thing. I can't believe I fucked my little brother!"

"I can't believe I took the whole thing!"

"You sure did!"

We were quiet for a little while, just holding each other.

"Bro?" he asked.


"Can we do this again later?"

"Only if we do some other stuff, too."

"Like what?"

"Well, watch some movies, maybe play some ball, maybe go out and find something to do. And you spend some time with your friends."

He pulled back a bit and met my eyes.

"I don't want you spending your whole summer fucking your older brother and not doing all that normal stuff you like to do too."

He laughed.

"I want you to try to find someone," I told him firmly.


I laughed.

"You know. Someone. Someone to be with."

He got red-faced again.

"We can mess around, sure, but you have to not ignore your regular life. Your friends. Okay?"

"Yeah, I get ya."

"So go have some fun with your friends, go party, go practice, all the usual stuff. And when you're not doing your normal stuff, I'll be fucking you to death."

"You can try," he said with a laugh, then returned to our tight hug.

I was going to. But first I was going to make sure he had every chance at having a normal life, spent some time with his friends, got into a little trouble, had as much fun as he was capable of, and the summer of his life. And hopefully, find someone special - boy or girl didn't matter, just so long as he found someone.

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Hot story!


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that was so nice and loving . what,s better than brotherly love

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