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The Brookfield Pool

Rated: X

This is a true story. It really happened. Thanks Ray for writing it for me.

I hope you enjoy it.

I had lived in downtown Chicago since I was born. When I was six, we moved out in the suburbs. Tom saw us moving in across the street and came over, and we were instant friends. Tom was a year older than me, a grade ahead of me, and we became best friends. Jason was a year or so older than Tom and lived a couple houses away, but he was such a prick! Tom and I hated his guts. He thought he was all special and shit, and was just plain a bully. Jason only got worse as we all got older.

The only thing to do in the summer when school was out was to go swimming at the community pool, go to a movie, or the arcade. The pool was free if you had a school I.D. card, so that was where Tom and I went almost every day, either before or after the arcade. Sometimes both before and after. We rarely had the money to go to a movie.

When I was thirteen and Tom was fourteen, I was starting to notice that I had weird and tingly feelings when I thought about what I saw when Tom was in his swimming trunks at the pool.

We had changed into pajamas in front of each other at home for years, and even took baths together sometimes when we stayed over at each other's houses when we were younger. We'd seen each other's stuff plenty of times, touched each other's a few times, and bent over and showed our butt holes to each other. We were pretty typical boys I think.

That kind of stuff was when we were kids. Done once or twice, then pretty much forgotten about. Now that we were teenagers, and our bodies were changing, we didn't do those kinds of things. Now those kinds of things were faggy, and we didn't do faggy things. Now the only time I ever saw Tom out of his pants was in his swimming trunks at the pool.

I guess that was why I liked to go there so much.

By this summer, between seventh and eighth grades, I was getting worried about myself. I knew it wasn't really normal to be all tingly around a boy in swimming trunks. I was supposed to be like that around the girls. Tom was. He would look around at the girls at the pool, and he'd get a boner, and I would, because he did, but I pretended it was over the girls.

During that summer, every day we would go to the pool, and every day he would get all excited about the girls. I would pretend that I was, and we'd go home late and sometimes split up to have dinner and sometimes eat over at the other's house. I'd beat off when I was alone, then we'd get together again later and talk about the girls. And he'd get a boner and I'd get a boner and we watch television and listen to music and stay up late. We'd talk about girls and get boners, and now that I was thirteen, I'd go use the bathroom before I fell asleep so I could beat off again.

Then came a weird night. He had gone to the Riverside Summer Camp, as he usually did every summer. It was the only time we spent apart, really. I went one year, but I hated it. I didn't see why he liked it. So he kept going, and I stayed home and moped around for a month.

I was staying over at his house right after he had come back from camp, after a usual day at the pool, a usual day of boners and talk about girls, and a usual beat off alone after dinner, then back to his house. Then more talk about girls and more boners while we watched television.

But that night, something really different happened.

We were in his bed, in the dark. We always shared our bed, even at thirteen and fourteen. We used to wear pajamas, but then we just stopped wearing them and went to bed shirtless in our jeans. We were talking about this one girl we saw at the pool that day, and how we would fuck her all night long. Usual lies between boys, right?

"You don't even know how," he said.

"Sure I do. You don't," I said.

Or something like that.

"So what do you do?" he asked me.

"You get her pussy all wet with your fingers, or eat it first, then you stick your dick in her and fuck her. Dumb ass. Oh, and when you shoot your stuff out, you pull out so you don't get her pregnant."

I knew all that because he had told me, and I'd heard some stuff from the other guys at school. I knew he knew the same things.

"How do you fuck her, then?"

"You stick it in and pull it out and keep going," I answered.

He rolled on his side to face me.

"You know how to practice?"


"I learned how to practice at camp."


"Yeah. So when you have a girl to fuck, you know how."

That sounded like a great idea. I wondered if I would ever have a girlfriend. I was starting to think that I wouldn't, that I was going to like boys and be a homo. But those worries were small and far off yet, even though the feelings were staring in more and more often.

But practicing with Tom sure seemed like an inviting idea.


I remember how shaky I felt, wondering what he was talking about, and if it was anything like my imagination was imagining.

"Lay on your stomach and I'll show you."

I did. I felt him lay on top of me. I felt him wiggling around, and then I felt something kind of hard on my butt. I knew instantly what it was, even though I found it almost impossible to believe.

"Is that... your... "

"You have to put it right between her cheeks. Is it?"

I was pretty sure it wasn't, I mean, I could feel it hitting my left one.

"I think it's too far left, Tom."

He moved around a little, and then it was hard to tell where it was.

"Better?" he asked.

"Uh, I can't tell where it is."

"Take your jeans down. Just far enough."

He rolled off of me, and I felt the bed moving a little, and heard his jeans unsnap and his zipper. So I quickly lifted my hips and took my jeans down to about mid-thigh then rolled back onto my belly. My erection was tingling and as hard as it had ever been as he climbed back on top of me and I felt his dick sort of go between my butt cheeks.

"Am I hitting it?" he asked in a whisper.

"Uh-huh," I mumbled.

He pushed it against me a few times. I thought that maybe I was going to have an orgasm right then. I had never felt anything like how I felt with Tom's dick between my cheeks. My dick felt so hard it was amazing! And the tingling! Wow!

Then I felt his breath against the side of my neck! And I realized that his arms were almost around me, and most of his body was against mine. And his hard dick was between my ass cheeks, just the thin material of our Fruit-Of-The-Looms between the skin of his dick and the skin of my ass.

It tingled madly, swelled and throbbed.

Then he started moving as if he were fucking a girl.

Each time he pushed up against my butt he pushed my hips into the bed, squeezing my erection into the bed as well.

"See. Practice," he said softly into my ear.

"Uh-huh," I said, in a daze.

I was nearly out of my body. I could barely swallow. Or breathe. My whole body was shivering as he softly pushed his hips against my buttocks, his dick pushing between my cheeks. I felt moisture there. I was sure of it.

I hadn't seen him naked in a long time. Not even in his underwear. Since before I started getting interested in seeing it. Two years or a little less. He had gotten shy sooner than I had, but now we were both a little shy about being naked with each other. This was the first time our bodies had touched with so little clothes on in a very long time.

He started breathing fast and hard against my neck. His body was damp against my back and legs. It was awesome!

He humped me for a while. I wasn't going to stop him for any reason at all. I was enjoying it, and how my erection was being manipulated between my body and the mattress. I was sure that in a little while I would finish off. I was beginning to wonder what I would do about hiding that fact when it happened.

"You want to try?" he asked.

"Yeah, let me," I said before I gave it a single second of thought.

As he rolled off and lay on his belly, I wondered how I was going to hide the fact that my underwear was wet when I pushed my dick against his butt. But I wanted to so badly that I didn't worry about it more than a little.

I crawled on top of him and pushed my hips forward and nestled my erection between his cheeks. Then I laid down on him like he had me, and then I started humping his butt, only our underwear between our bodies.

"Am I hitting it?" I asked in a whisper.

"Yeah," he whispered back.

I started humping him, tingling all over, unable to believe what I was doing. My dick had never felt so hard, and so tingly. My whole body was tingling! I pushed my hips forward even harder, like he had, and I felt his warm, soft butt around the end of my dick. It tingled madly, and I felt that churning feeling build up and knew I was about to make his underwear all wet and sticky. I popped up and off of him and onto my belly next to him, panting.

"What's wrong?" he asked. "Done?"

"Almost!" I said, laughing suddenly.

"Me too! I had to stop so I didn't!"

We laughed and giggled for a little.

"I gotta go jerk it off!" he said quickly.

It wasn't the first time he had said that to me. More than once after talking girls for a while, he had gone to the bathroom to jerk off. I was always sure that he knew what I was doing while he was in the bathroom doing it.

As he rolled to sit up and get off the bed, he said, "I could show you something this time."


"This time, let me show you something."


He rolled me onto my back, then I felt his hand on my erection. It felt great! Just that single touch. Just knowing that someone else's fingers and hand was touching it! Then his hand went under the waistband of my underwear and then his fingers wrapped around it, and he was jerking me off.

Oh, my, God.

I had never felt anything like it. Ever. It was so much more than how it felt on my own. It was just incredible!

I think he stroked it about five times, then I was holding my breath, afraid of squealing or screaming and bringing his parents.

It was so hard to not shout in pure pleasure! My whole body was awash in waves of intense tingling joy. Not a single muscle could remain still, and were instead shivering and convulsing rapidly.



"I'm... I'm gonna!"

He laughed softly but didn't stop.

I could not believe the pressure and pleasure in my groin as I had what had to be the largest orgasm of my life so far! It felt like my dick was swelling up and deflating in rapid time. And the sensation as so much semen shot through it was so intense! I wondered if maybe my balls were pushing out everything they had!

It was so great! It went on for longer than any of the ones I got doing it myself. And it was way more powerful. I even seemed to black out for a while. Then I felt a huge amount of warm fluid covering my groin as Tom's hand still played with my throbbing, tingling, ticklish dick. He laughed softly as I tried to pull his hand away.

Finally I fought myself free of his hand, was curled up around my groin, on my side, giggling and panting.

"Feels excellent, huh?" Tom asked. "Did that all month long at camp this year."

"Dude! You did that at camp? No way!"

"Yeah I fucking did."

"Dude! I wish I'd gone this year!"

We laughed.

I felt the bed moving in a regular rhythm. I knew what he was doing. I wanted to do it for him, but I was also drained and not interested. I heard his breathing getting faster, and the motion got faster, then I heard his breath catch and felt the motions stop. Then he sighed really hard several times.

Then I could smell it. I knew that smell from my own room, and now I knew his smell. It was very much like my own, but slightly stronger and more earthy.

He pulled his briefs off and used them to wipe his cock and hand, then tossed them toward the clothes hamper.

I wanted to touch him so badly, but I didn't know how to ask. Or what he would think.

"Fun, huh?" he asked.

"Yeah!" I agreed. "Can we do it again?"

"Tomorrow. I'm tired."

He wouldn't talk about it all the next day. Then that night, we did the exact same thing again. We never talked about it, but we kept doing it every night. Sometimes he came as he lay on top of me, and I could feel his dick jumping and my butt getting warm and wet. Sometimes I came first while on top of him, my dick jumping between his cheeks and getting sticky. Then we started lasting long enough we could take our turns then lay next to each other and jack each other off.

After a few weeks, I asked him if what we were doing was gay. He said what we did was for fun, not gay. I was scared and worried, and I told him that I was sure I was gay. He asked if I was kidding. I said that I wasn't kidding, that I really liked what we did, the practice for fucking a girl, and that I wanted to do it with him without any underwear on. And actually do it. Fuck each other in the ass.

He said I was a fag alright, and he wasn't happy. Through tears, I made him promise to never tell anyone, or I would tell everyone what we had done, and that he was, too. I knew where the mole was, and that would prove I knew way too much.

He asked why I had even told him. I said I had to tell someone, and I thought he was my best friend, and that he would understand, and maybe not hate me for it.

I was wrong. He told me to leave and not came back over.

He never came to visit me. My parents thought we had had a fight and would make up sooner or later. I waved sometimes when I saw him on our bikes or at the pool, but he always ignored me.

We saw each other at the pool almost every day for the rest of the summer, but he didn't talk to me, and he stayed well away from me.

The hurt faded over the remainder of the summer, but not much. School started. He was a grade ahead of me, so we didn't have any classes together. We saw each other on the way to school every morning, and on the way home every afternoon. And outside almost everyday. And at the pool almost all the time.

Then, as the weather was starting to cool, and the pool was closing at the end of the week for the season, there weren't many people there. Tom could hardly ignore me totally, but he did anyway. I always watched him. It still hurt a lot. I watched other boys, too.

Jason. I saw him come out of the locker and showers building. He was fifteen or sixteen, in high school, and liked causing trouble for us younger guys in the neighborhood. Real jerk. When Tom and I were there together, he mostly left us alone. But if he caught one of us alone going to the bathroom or something, or out in the neighborhood, we got it. He hadn't been at the pool at the same time as us for a long time. I hadn't missed him at all, not one bit. I didn't think that Tom had, either.

But today, there he was. And as he came into the pool area, I was on the other side of the pool, sitting on the edge with my legs in the water, wishing I had never told Tom what I had, like usual. Tom was swimming across the pool from me, and climbed out, almost right in front of him.

I swallowed. I hoped he didn't bother him. Tom didn't notice him as he headed into the lockers and shower building. Jason smiled and followed him. Jason hadn't even looked my way, so I was sure he hadn't noticed me. I was really glad of that. I sort of hoped Jason got him good. I knew he wouldn't hurt Tom, not much, not badly, just embarrass him and tease him and maybe slap him around a little. I thought he deserved it. I sort of grinned.

I wanted to watch. So I hopped up and headed to the building as fast as I could, my feet slipping on the concrete. I got whistled at and told not to run. I walked as fast as I could though.

Inside, as the pool wasn't very busy, it was easy to hear Jason cracking jokes at Tom. I snuck a peek around the corner of the doorway to the bathroom just in time to see Jason get Tom by both arms and spin him toward the toilet. He was going to shove his head in there. Most of the time there was shit stains in those toilets, and usually yellow water. So gross.

"Come on, get it over with. You can go shower and swim it off after!" Jason laughed.

Jason was way bigger than Tom. It wasn't fair. I wasn't mad at Tom anymore, more just mad at myself for opening my big mouth and telling him. I really didn't want to let Jason give Tom a nasty swirly. There was only one thing to do. The pool used floating bobbers for the locker keys, and you pinned it to your swimsuit with a diaper-style safety pin. A big one. A really big one.

I took it off, bent the pin out straighter, and while Jason was fighting to get Tom bent over and his head into the toilet, I sneaked up behind him, holding the safety pin out like a sword. Then, when Jason was just bending Tom over, his ass presented toward me, tightly outlined in his trunks, I noticed how nice an ass it was as I stabbed it.

I had never heard anyone yell so loudly before. Maybe it was the echo in the concrete and brick bathroom, but it was an ear-splitting, "AHHH!"

He let go of Tom and turned around, looking like he was out for a kill. I hadn't even though of what I would do next. I knew I was dead.

His face suddenly went slack and then he screamed again. Then he curled forward, grabbing at his crotch. I saw Tom's hand between his legs, gripping his junk. Jason screamed again and doubled over, turning to face Tom behind him. But Tom was already past him and grinning at me. Jason was still turning, but now he was facing directly away from me, and I couldn't help myself. I shoved that pin into his ass again, but this time, between his cheeks. He shouted even louder and fell against the side of the stall, holding his ass and his groin. Tom held up a hand for a high-five. I slapped his hand and we barreled to our lockers. We heard the lifeguard's flip-flops come slapping into the little building at a run, asking if anyone was hurt.

Jason groaned and someone laughed and explained that the kid in the toilet had tried to give a younger kid a swirly, but some other younger kid had helped his friend out and gotten away. By then, we had our stuff out of the lockers and tore out past the counter, leaving the keys in the bin, laughing our asses off.

We ran until we got to the arcade, where Jason was already persona-non-grata and never allowed inside, and we knew we were safe. We bought ginger ales and sat down at the Centipede table. We put our quarters in and played.

"You know if he catches one of us alone we're dead."

"So we can't let him catch us alone."

"Guess we better stick together."

"Guess so."

"Wanna stay over tonight?"

"What's your mom making for dinner?"



We didn't. We never did again. There were jokes about it, but we never really talked about it. When one of us slept over, we stayed mostly dressed. But we were best friends again. Still are.

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