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I Needed A Jump

Rated: X



The show at the student union was great. That Alex Raymond could really play, and sing. They ended with him doing three Thorogood songs in a row. Fantastic! His voice was so strong and so low! And he could put so much emotion into it! It made me want to be with him so badly.

Everyone knew he was gay. He'd told Charlie Derek one day after school when Charlie and two of his friends had tried to pick a fight with him and his buddy Tom. I had to admire how Tom stood up there with his friend, even after he said he was gay in front of everyone.

That was the day I knew that I wasn't all alone.

I'd known I was gay since seventh grade, when I first had to take showers in gym with the other guys. Man, I got so hard it was pathetic. And I got so much crap for it. But others got hard too, like it was spreading. I wished I had the guts to talk to the other guys who got hard, and see if they got hard for the same reason I did. But I was too chicken.

Instead, I cowered and had to fight for weeks. I never admitted it once. That was why I admired Alex so much. And maybe why I wanted him so much. He was such a nerd, though. Glasses, freckles, brainy, just a nerd. Not bad looking, really, at all. I would have jumped into the sack with him at any hint he would.

So I ended up going to the student union every weekend, and working my way up to be close to the stage so I could see him in the corner, playing and singing. And I watched him in school. Always careful that no one saw me doing that. I don't think I could have held up if everyone knew about me. Not like Alex seemed to. He even seemed to grow more popular and more sure of himself after everyone knew.

Not everyone liked him, though. Not before, and not after he admitted he was gay. But I sure liked him.

So, after another show at the student union, I watched from the seats as the band tore down their equipment and talked together. Alex laughed so nicely. I loved it when someone made him laugh. But eventually they were done, and they were packed up, and the lights started going out and the few of us still hanging out were all hustled out of the union, sometimes by Alex's friend, Tom.

I watched as Alex walked to his van and started it. I got in my own car and wished I had the guts to go talk to him. To kiss him, to crawl in the back of that cool van and do everything with him.

But I wasn't that type. I watched and waited, and when he left, I sighed and started my car. Or, tried to. The battery was dead. It was cold as hell for spring, and I was stuck in the parking lot. There might be someone inside the union who would let me use the phone, I hoped. I knocked on the back door for a long time. There were still cars there, so I hoped someone would hear and open the damned door.

Finally, it opened, and I could have hugged whoever it was.

"We're closed up, if you don't know it," the guy said.

There was just enough light to tell who it was. That was awkward.

"I know. My battery is dead and the car won't start. Can you, or someone, give me a jump?"

He stood there silent for like a minute before he nodded and opened the door further.

"I can in a bit. Helping close up the canteen, then I can. You mind waiting?"

"No. Better than walking home."

"No shit!" he said with a laugh.

Inside, there were only a couple of people still working, and two were teachers that I guessed were like the managers or something. I knew that students ran things, but teachers had to sign stuff and all those such things.

"Look, if you help out, it'll be no time. Okay?"


There was only the floors needing mopped left, he said, so we got to it. In just a few minutes, that was done, and Tom was putting on his coat.

"Let's go," he said, waving me to follow him.

The whole time we were mopping up, I wanted to talk to him, and ask him about Alex. I knew he and Alex were like best friends. I could still remember seeing Alex tell Charlie Derek that Tom was his best friend, and was straight. And I'd seen Tom making moves on Helen at school. I thought it was great that Tom didn't care if he was seen around school with Alex. Not at all, it seemed.

This opportunity to talk with Alex's best friend was too good to pass up. I worked on ways to talk to him about Alex that wouldn't make it obvious that I was more interested than a straight guy should be. I worked and worked on it. I wanted to know a lot about Alex, but not if it gave any hint that I was too interested.

As we headed outside, I started working on the guts to talk to Tom about Alex.

"How long have you known him?"

"Since right before high school. We moved in almost next door to each other. He came out one day while I was moving in. He'd moved in about a month before. Came out with a cold soda and said hi. We started talking, and I stayed over at his house that night. Pretty much all summer until school started."

"Sounds like you guys hit it right off."

I wondered if they had done stuff together right away.

"Yeah, we did. And no, we didn't."


"We hit it right off, but we didn't, well, do anything together."

"You knew he was, gay? Then?"

"Not sure. I can't say why, or I'd be saying things I shouldn't, okay?"

I nodded.

"Which car is yours?"

"The old Buick Regal, over there," I pointed.

"Go get the hood up. I'll be right over."

By the time I had the hood up, he was pulling his old station wagon up to the front of it. He got out, pulled jumper cables from the back, and hooked them up.

"See if it's got any juice."

I didn't think it would, but I tried. It barely clicked.

"Really dead. Gonna take a while. Let's get in the green monster where it's warm."

We got into his car and he turned up the heat. We talked as we watched people leaving. I managed to ask quite a few questions about Alex without seeming too interested, I hoped. It was nice. Tom was nice. He had a great sense of humor.

"I bet you and Alex had some good times together."

"Sure. Lots. How much do you like him?"


"You just interested because he's gay? Or, well, you fall for him?"

"Fall for him?"

"Yeah. In love? Or just in lust?"

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about how much you're into Alex. I can tell."

"I'm not!"

He laughed. Then he looked at me. Through me. It was so weird. I felt like he was unraveling me, piece by piece, examining each one. I got the willies, big time.

"You so are."

I swallowed.

"Don't worry. I won't let on to anyone. At all."

I believed him, mostly because of the way he had protected and stayed friends with Alex, even after the whole school knew about him, and thought the two of them were boyfriends for a while. Some still did. I wasn't sure.

"Are you?" I asked.

"Me? No. I don't care Alex is. Never did, never will. Don't care you are. Never will. Not so long as you don't cause Alex any trouble, anyway."


"Do something, say something."

"Like what?"

"Don't know. Just don't care if you are, won't say anything that you are, not even to Alex. Not unless you want me to tell him you are."


Why not? I can't tell him, and I'd like him to know. So we could talk about it. So I could get to know him. Why not?

"I mean, just don't."

"Okay, won't. How long have you known you are?"

I sighed. I knew he knew. I knew I could lie, but I didn't want to. I felt like I could trust Tom. He was Alex's best friend, and knew he was gay, so he had to be trustworthy on that at least.

"A couple of years, I guess," I said softly, unable to look at him.

"Don't avoid me. I'm sitting right here. I know. Your secret is safe with me. I won't even let on if Alex quizzes me on you. Promise."

"Why would he?"

"You never know," he said with a shrug and a grin.

His grin made me want to grin, too. I started to like Tom a lot. Not that way, but like a good friend I've already known for a while. Though Tom was pretty cute, in a small-guy, kinda-dorky, a little-nerdy way. Like me. I sure was no stud or popular kind of guy myself.

The last car left, honking. It was the lady teacher. The lot was empty except for our cars parked together, linked by the jumper cables. Tom waved, so I did, too.

"You should talk to your friends about it."

"I can't tell them!" I said, shocked.

"You don't have to. I mean, talk to your friends about Alex. See what they say. See if they bitch about him, or if they support him. That will tell you something right there."

No shit, I thought, amazed I hadn't thought of it myself.

"You've really never done anything with anyone?" he asked.

"No," I said, a little short-tempered.

He acted like everyone messed around with everyone or something. I wondered if he had with Alex. He had to have.

"Have you and Alex?"

His face went mostly blank, but he looked a little ticked.

"What? Like, nobody's ever asked you that before?" I asked him.

"Everyone does," he said a little angrily.

"Tired of it?"

He nodded.

"If I say no, never, no one believes it. And if I say it's none of their business, they think we do. And when I say, sure, all the time, they think I'm lying and we do it sometimes. No matter what answer I give, they think we have, or did, or do."

"Must suck," I thought aloud.

He nodded.

"We used to. Not anymore."

I was shocked, and it showed.

"Before he told everyone he was gay. We messed around sometimes. It was... man, I got to admit, I really liked it."

I felt a huge thrill at his words. It was like I had found out all over again that I wasn't all alone. I was sitting with the best friend of a gay guy, who had done stuff with him. And for some reason, I got hard.

"I like girls, not guys, but it was really fun to mess around with Alex."

He looked at me and smiled.

"What?" I asked.

"You look like you discovered gold in your back yard."

I laughed, because that was how I felt.

"I kinda do, I guess," I admitted.

"You're not the freak you thought you were, huh?"

I laughed some more. I felt really good for a change. I really wasn't such a freak.

"So, anyway, talk to your friends about Alex. See if anyone says a lot of good things, and such. And with them, maybe talk like you admire him, or something. See what comes up."

I laughed like a dumb kid.

"Geeze," Tom groaned.

He knew why I had laughed, I guess. I was really surprised at myself for what I said next.

"Already got up anyway."

He laughed. He actually reached down and adjusted himself in his jeans. I got even harder. Knowing he was hard right next to me was insanely hot.

"Yeah, talking about it always makes me remember it. Makes it hard."

He laughed and finished making it more comfortable. I got even harder. These wild thrills started up in my gut. I started sweating. It was so strange sitting next to a guy who I knew was hard, who'd done stuff with a guy, and I was hard, too. Really weird. A nice kind of weird.

Out of nowhere, an idea formed. It was insane. But he was so forthright and open, and it seemed less than absurd. I don't know how I said the words.

"I can take care of it for ya. For giving me a jump."

He looked at me evenly. I was shaking madly. I cursed myself for even thinking it.

"You really would?" he asked, still looking at me evenly.

I nodded, which surprised me even more. I was shaking crazily now, and sweating as badly. I almost couldn't breathe.

"That'd be cool," he said smoothly, as if I had offered to pay him a few bucks instead.

"Really?" I almost yelled.

I sounded way too enthusiastic, but it was already said, there was nothing I could to about it.

"Sure. You're not going to say anything to anyone, are ya?"

"Hell no! I can't even tell anyone I'm..."

"You told me."

"Because you're Alex's best bud!"

A horrible thought occurred.

"You won't, will you?" I asked.

"Hell no. It's our business, no one else's," he said evenly. "I only told you about me and Alex because I know you won't tell anyone what I said, or even that we ever talked."

"Got that right!" I agreed.

We were so quiet for a bit. I was so hugely embarrassed. I felt like crawling under the car or something. But I was so charged up that maybe I was going to do something with a guy at last. What, I didn't know.

"Try it," he said.

"What?" I asked, stunned.

I didn't even know what I was going to try, and wasn't even sure how to get started.

"The car," he said, laughing.

I cracked up so bad!

I got out of his wagon, still laughing. I got in my car. The lights were bright. I turned the key and it fired right up.

"Awesome!" I declared loudly.

He hopped out and disconnected the cables, closed his hood, and pulled in next to me, driver's side doors together so that we could talk through them.

"Were you serious?" he asked.

I swallowed. I had been, and was, but I didn't know what to say.

"You don't have to. But... well, what the hell? I miss it with Alex. I'll do it again with you. And you won't have to keep wondering what it's like."

Holy fuck! I thought. I want to so bad! Yes! But how do I answer?

I nodded, hardly able to look at him.

"If you really want to," I choked out.

"Sure do. Got the time? Or have to be home soon?"

"My folks are in bed by now. Why?"

"I know a place. Come on."

I followed him, tingling and excited the entire way. I could not believe that I was heading somewhere to hook up with a dude! And not just any dude, but Alex's best friend. A guy I knew would be serious about doing it. And someone I knew probably knew what he was doing, too. I wondered why I wasn't worried, but I wasn't. Not even when he pulled into the Lake Ida preserves, then down a barely paved road, and parked in the old parking lot. The chains were down again. He came over to my car window.

"Make sure stuff is off this time!" he laughed through the window.

I laughed, and did.

"Come on."

He waved me into his wagon. He took the rutted dirt road. His wagon bounced and bobbed like crazy on it. I got pretty damned worried that we would get stuck when he drove right through the tall grasses on the side of the trail, into a clearing, and then behind some trees.

"We won't be seen or bothered here," he said as he turned off the lights and the engine. "Come on."

We got out and went behind his wagon. He opened the back and we crawled in. There was a sleeping bag, blankets, and an ice chest back there. He spread the sleeping bag out and we laid down on it. He threw one of the two blankets over the two of us. He laid out on his side, facing me.

"No, Alex and I never did this, before you even ask."

I nodded. I was so nervous that I couldn't talk. I didn't know what to expect. Tom was one surprising dude.

"You get high?"

"Uh, no," I answered.


"Uh... okay, fine."

What the hell? I thought. If I'm gonna try doing something with a guy in the back of a wagon out in the forest preserves, I might as well try pot, too.

I was even more nervous now than just minutes before. I was shaking and sweating like crazy. I wondered what kind of weird turn I had taken. I was so scared, too. What if I freaked out?

He pulled out a joint and lit it, hit it, then he handed it to me.

"Don't take a big inhale or anything. Just suck a little out of it, hold it in your mouth a few seconds to let it cool, then inhale real slow, nice and deep, and hold it."

I did, and the smoke tasted pretty gross. When I inhaled, I coughed like crazy.

"Newbies always do that," he said nicely. "Don't bug it. Just do the same thing again."

He hit it again, then passed it to me. I didn't cough so badly that second time.

"And don't worry. You won't have some kind of bad trip. Weed isn't like acid or heroin or something. Worse thing that'll happen is you can't stop laughing and get so hungry you'll eat anything you can get your hands on."

We laughed together, which actually made me feel a little better.

I didn't cough so badly the third time, or the fourth. By the time he put it away, I had hit it several times without coughing.

The fear was gone. Totally. I was laughing and having a great time! I felt free. Light. Great!

We talked about Alex for a long time. Tom obviously liked him a lot, and would do anything for him. It was like they were brothers, or more. He told me how Alex was the best friend he had ever had, even before he suspected he was gay.

"What tipped you off?" I had to ask him.

"Just little stuff. He liked talking about this study thing, how some guys did something with a guy friend before high school, more did something with a guy during high school, and almost all guys did something during college. How most every guy did something with a guy by graduating college. And he never made fun of guy stuff, or guys, or such. And lots more little things like that. Things you should watch for in your friends, and maybe get to figuring out who is gay or not."

I locked those things into my memory, so that I could watch for them. He went down a list of things I should watch for.

It was cold, so we ended up right next to each other. Naturally, and without a thought. It was only when I felt his hand on my thigh, right next to my lap, that I realized. And I got so hard so quick! And I got so quiet. I listened to that list, and I felt his hand on my package. I felt my breath getting faster and faster. And when my dick jumped in my pants, he noticed and smiled.

"Finally noticed?" He asked.

"I, uh... I... uh, I noticed, uh... before," I stammered.

"You feel like you've got a massive one. Feels like, what? Seven inches?"

I swallowed hard. I was suddenly really nervous. I didn't know how to answer. His guess was almost dead-on.

"Don't get all nervous now. You were doing really good," he said softly. "Don't let yourself worry about it."

"How?" I asked, squeaking like a kid.

He let go and fished out that joint.

"Forget it for now. Just have a good time, okay?"

He lit it, and we got higher.

We laughed and joked. I started enjoying myself again. Tom was funny, and witty, and had tons of funny stories about Alex and other guys that weren't about sex or being gay, just funny. Wild times he'd had with Alex and their friends, indeed.

He laid out on his back and kept talking, and I looked at him in the dark. There was a big moon out, and it gave enough light that I could see his pale face. He looked happy and comfortable.

After a little while, the joint was too small to hold onto, and he put it away. We both laid back and talked and laughed. It was warm under the blanket, but chilly outside it. He pulled the other one over us and hooked it under the headrests on the back of the seats so that it didn't lie on our faces. It was almost like a blanket tent from when I was a kid. I was comfortable and at ease, and having a great time.

When I noticed his hand on my package again, as if it were some kind of reflex, I reached out and put mine on his. I could feel a hardness there that made the tingles start up again.

I can't believe I'm doing this! I thought. It feels so hot! I'm touching a guy! He's touching me! We're both hard! Fucking-A!

He kept talking about Alex, and I was still interested even though I was feeling him up while he felt me up.

"So we sort of just started doing it together. Hand-jobs feel so good when someone else is doing it!"

"Show me?" I asked suddenly.

"Sure. Going to. Relax."

He kept rubbing my hard-on, and I kept rubbing his, and he kept telling me how what two guys wanted to do together was their business, and no one else's. I agreed, heartily.

"Which is why I'm willing to do something with you. I don't think you'd ever tell, and I know I won't. And I miss doing stuff with Alex. Guys just know what feels good to a guy. Girls can try all they want, and even the ones who listen and learn from guys, can't understand exactly what feels good when."

"How many girls you been with?" I asked him.

"Two. But my brother's been with a few. He even said Alex does better than any of them did."

"Alex did stuff with your brother?"

"Yeah. Shouldn't of said that. But, I trust you. I don't know why. I just know people, and I can tell who's an asshole, or average, or really trustworthy. I get a real good vibe from you. Like you'd keep a secret really good. Like you care what people think of you. I bet you don't even get mad at your friends, even when you should."

He was dead-on right about that. I had thought the same thing a hundred times. I wasn't the type to get mad at someone I liked, and I didn't have a big desire to get even, even when it was deserved. And I had never told a single secret that I knew to anyone. Ever.

"You won't even tell a friend something you should if you know it'll hurt his feelings."

He was like a mind-reader!

"And you think of Alex a lot."

I swallowed. It was too weird.

"But you're afraid to talk to him. You think he'll think you're weird."

"How do you know?"

"It's the way you say his name, the way you look when you say it, when we talk about him. How you act. Lots of stuff."


"Don't worry. I bet no one who knows you has a clue."

"Then how do you?"

"I just do."


He shrugged.

"I can just tell that you like Alex. Mostly because he's openly gay. Some that he's cute."

I laughed out of nervousness, and being so exposed. He laughed in a great way. We were really rubbing and fondling each other by then. We hadn't stopped the entire time we had been talking. I was so hard it hurt. And I was sure I had stained my shorts by then, and it would only get bigger even if Tom and I didn't do anything else.

His hand was suddenly unzipping my jeans. Those thrills magnified a thousand times over and filled me up entirely. It was insanely hot. I started undoing his zipper. It was awkward and weird, and so hot. So hot!

We reached inside and grabbed each other. God! I thought I was going to go off right then! My dick felt like it was too big for the skin around it! He started stroking on it and I swear, I was so close already! I started stroking his, which felt short but really neat. It was at least as wet as mine at the end.

He rubbed the very tip of mine, and I gasped out loud. It was awesome! It was already better than doing it myself ever had been! My dick jumped and moved all on its own! And my balls felt like they were vibrating. There was a really huge kind of tingle behind my balls, too. Like the first times I had ever jerked off. Every muscle felt as if it were alive for the first time.

"Man, you're fucking huge," he said softly. "Like, really long!"

"You guessed pretty good, earlier," I laughed.

"Sorry I'm so short."

"So what? It feels so neat! Rough and... just neat!"

He laughed. I felt his laughs in his prick. That was so cool! The entire situation was so cool! I couldn't believe it!

He rubbed the very tip of mine again, and it felt so very good! I did the same thing to him, and it made him gasp. I loved that. We giggled like kids doing something their parents would yell at them for. I knew mine surely would if they found out.

He let go of my dick. I suddenly felt sort of like a favorite toy had just been taken away.

"Don't move," he said.

He crawled under the blankets, and said, "Scoot down this way."

I did, and in a few seconds, I felt something warm on my prick. It was soft and velvety, and felt incredible! With a sudden flash of insight, and a jolt through my entire body, I knew what he was doing.

Then there was something more! Something I'd never imagined! It was like surfing! Only it was inside me, in my dick, my balls, and down between. And it felt like nothing ever before!

"Holy shit!" shot out of me before I knew I was going to say it. "Are you doing what I think you are?"

"Um-hmm," he said without stopping.

I felt his, "Um-hmm," in my dick! It was... WOW!

I slammed my mouth over his dick and tasted his saltiness. I felt a thrill run through me like never before. Not only from what he was doing to me, but from what I was doing to him.

I was sucking a dick! And I was being sucked!


It was beyond words! Not just the feeling of it being done, or doing it, but the feeling of finally doing it! If I had time, I would have cried! But it felt too good to spare the emotion or sentiment! Oh, God! It felt so good!

It kept changing, too. Nothing like jerking myself off at all! Sometimes it felt as if he were moving on it, other times it felt as if he were stationary and pulling my insides out through my dick. Oh, man!

He pushed his hips toward me, then pulled them away, again and again. I did the same thing. It felt natural. It felt incredible! In no time at all, we were fucking each other's mouths.

The suddenness of the building tingles surprised me. I barely had time to stop what I was doing to Tom to warn him.

"Tom! I'm going to go off!"

He hummed, "Mm-hmm," and just kept going!

That sound on my dick sent me off! Oh, wow, how it sent me off! It was like liquid fire flowing through me! More! It was like nothing I had ever imagined or could have imagined! I grunted, even though I tried not to. My whole body shook and tried to curl up over his head. I fought it, but the best I could do was to end up half-bent over him as the hugest orgasm of my life drained all the energy out of me. I wasn't even able to stop the near screams as I pumped and pumped my cum into his mouth.

It went on for the longest time! I'd never cum for so long before! Or so hard. Or what felt like so much! I hoped I wasn't drowning him. Then I knew he was still sucking and had to be swallowing. I don't know why, but that thought seemed to make me cum even more!

I made the weirdest sound of my life, and could barely breathe, and was shaking all over! It wouldn't stop! It started to hurt. Not really hurt, but feel so strongly and so good that it was near pain! Oh, man!

"Please!" I begged. "Please stop! Oh my God! Tom! Stop!"

I was laughing and almost crying at the same time! It was simply so intense! So wild! So good! Every muscle twitched all over me! They all felt as if they were going into seizures!

Thankfully, he stopped. I panted like a dog in summer. I shivered a few times. I laughed again.

"Not bad, huh?" he asked.

"Oh, holy shit!" was all I think of to say. So I said it again. Then again.

He laughed. It was a nice laugh, nothing rude at all. He flipped ends and was face to face with me. He was smiling, watching me. I felt like I was on display or something. I couldn't stop giggling. Tingles and thrills kept rippling all through me. I couldn't stop the smile, either.

"Glad to show you," he said, still grinning. "Nothing is ever like that first blow-job."

"Oh, man. I couldn't go through that again!"

He laughed again, really nicely.

"There is one thing that's really nice after one," he said as if he was embarrassed.

I had to wonder what could possibly make him embarrassed after what we had just done. I had to know, so I asked.

He scooted up to me, moved the blankets away, then slid up next to me, put his arms around me, and cuddled up to me, his head on my shoulder.

Oh, my, God.

It was the most comfortable and... incredible thing I had ever felt! Aside from the sex stuff, that is. It was like... being in a warm, safe, awesome place. Like the first blanket tent I had ever made. Like the first time I had found a secret place to hide. Like making my first friend. Like all of them all together. And still more.

I felt like an idiot, but I sniffled. I was so close to really crying. I didn't know why. I wasn't sad in any way. I wasn't even close to being sad. I was probably about as happy as I had ever been! Why the hell was I crying?

Tom held me like he cared. I didn't think he really did, but he held me like he did.

"It's okay if you feel like crying. I don't know why it's like that. It just is."

Like a damn burst, I did. I was like a scared kid lost on the streets. But I didn't feel lost at all. I felt like I had found myself. Maybe that was why.

Whatever the reason, I cried. And Tom held me. And it was magnificent.

"Feel like a baby," I finally complained when I was sure I could talk without sounding like I was still crying.

"Don't. I don't get why it's like that. Not at all. But, well, it is. It's okay. I don't think any less of you. More, really. I think it means you have a big heart. You're a great guy. I'm glad I got to do that for you."

I laughed then. I felt so great! It was like I was so free then. Nothing mattered.

"You feeling okay?" he asked.

I swear, I could hear the concern and caring in his voice. I could almost touch it.

"Yeah. I don't know what happened."

"Humans. We are so weird."

I laughed even harder! I felt so great!

We held each other for a few minutes more. I didn't want it to end, but it started to feel like it should. I took back my arms, and then he took back his. We backed away from each other a little, and I could see his pale face in the moonlight again. He was smiling nicely. I wondered why Alex didn't fall in love with him. I wondered if I was going to. I wondered if he would mind if I did. Or if I would mind if I did.

"Feeling better?" he asked softly.

I nodded.

He started to fasten his jeans under the blanket.

Or play with himself, I suddenly thought. He didn't get off! Not fair!

"Did you? You know, go all the way?" I asked, too afraid to ask more clearly.

He shook his head.

"No problem. I will later."

"No way," I barked.

That would be incredibly unfair! I thought.

"After making me feel like that, no way am I going to let you have to do it yourself!"

He stared at me for a moment with an odd expression. I wondered what he was thinking.

"I want you to feel that! I might not do it near as good, but I'm gonna fuckin' try!"

I slid down under the blankets and followed my hands to his hard-on. I put my mouth over it again and started sucking for all I could. The taste was wild. Kind of nutty and salty, musky, too. Stronger than before. I liked it.

I heard him groan, and I remembered how it felt when he moaned while on me. I moaned. He groaned louder. I started humming. Any tune that came into my mind. I moved my mouth up and down, like I had seen girls do in porn videos. His hips moved and the rest of his body seemed to squirm all over. He groaned and gasped.

"Shit! You're catching right on!"

I stopped.

"What else can I do?"

"Just what you're doing! Suck hard sometimes, soft others, keep me guessing. And same with the moving up and down. Change it up a lot."

I followed his directions. I was having the time of my life. I guess he was less than six inches long, and it was a nice size. I could just barely get all of it in my mouth, and when I did, he squirmed and gasped loudly and said it was awesome.

I liked how the head of it felt under my tongue. It was the smoothest thing I had ever felt with it. It was so soft on the surface, and so hard inside. His edges felt great to rub the tip of my tongue along and behind, and I could tell he loved having that done to it. There was so much salty, gooey stuff coming out of it all the time. I made pre-cum when I jerked myself, but from time to time. He seemed to do it almost constantly. I wondered if all guys did when they were getting sucked. I wondered if I had. Anyway, I loved it. It tasted nice, and felt good on my tongue. Slippery, sticky, salty. Awesome!

I put my mouth all the way down his dick, and it shuddered like crazy. I tasted his pre-cum, but it was a little bitter this time.

"Oh, God, I'm going to soon!" he gasped. "You've got to be ready to move and jerk it, or get ready to swallow it!"

I knew exactly what I was going to do.

He was rocking on his butt, gasping, his whole body shaking.

"Oh, God!" he kept repeating. Then, "Here it comes!"

I felt his dick do a sort of dance, sort of bend, and sort of get harder, then my mouth was full of it. Thick, gooey, nutty, musky cum. It shot out and flowed. I swallowed. I groaned. He groaned. He shot more. And more. I kept swallowing. He kept making more. It was so wild! I kept humming "We Will Rock You" and he kept shooting. I think he finally stopped, because I caught up.

Then he pulled my head up and off him.

"Cripes! Whooo!"

"I did it okay?"

"Oh, hell yeah!" he said cheerfully. "Really good!"

I dropped down to lay next to him, smiling like crazy. I was proud of myself. And I was so hard again. I started jerking it like my life depended on cumming in the next ten seconds.

"Wait," Tom said.

He slid down and did it to me again. This time without the blanket blocking my view. I watched him in the moonlight as he slid up and down my dick. He went so slowly it was driving me mad!

"Shit! Go faster!"

He stopped to look up at me and say, "No," with a mischievous grin, then went back down on me.

It was insane! I couldn't breathe after a few more seconds! My body twisted and warped all over the back of his wagon. It felt even stronger and more intense than earlier. I squealed. I actually squealed. It was embarrassing! But, oh, God, it felt so fucking great!

He used his hand to follow his soft lips as he moved up and down. Then he'd stop and use just his hand on just the head and around the edges. I could have died, it felt so good! He stopped to tell me what he had just done, and said by stopping, it would last longer, too.

Then he went back to it. Fuck! He stopped with his mouth just on the head, and it felt like he was licking it. It tickled and felt so good at the same time! He just barely bobbed there, too. Oh, God!

Then he stopped and explained what he had just done, and that the pause was to make it last longer. Then he pulled my jeans and underwear down to my ankles. The cold air felt good, almost too good, and I felt my balls tighten up from it.

Then he went back to it. Shit! He licked down the bottom of it and ended up with one of my balls in his mouth. That felt really cool. Then he had both of them. Wow. Then he opened my legs up and then licked behind my balls, where the skin was soft and delicate, and the cold air made me tremble. He stroked me the entire time, but so very slowly. Oh, God!

Then he stopped to describe what he had just done. And to make it last longer. Then he put a finger in his mouth, grinned at me, and I knew what he was going to do. But not entirely. He slid it behind my balls, along the soft skin, then over my hole. I didn't do that to myself. I'd tried a few times, but I didn't see the big deal. He pushed against it, and I didn't tighten it up, but let his finger in instead. It felt like I thought it would. It was okay, but nothing I really liked.

I was about to tell him I wasn't crazy about that, but then he did something inside. A huge kind of twang shot up from there. I shivered and grunted. He pushed and rubbed it. It felt bizarre, and crazy! And I really liked it.

"Oh, wow!"

My dick was swelling up and getting so hard! Whatever he was doing down there was awesome! It didn't compare to being blown, but it was really nice! And it made my pre-cum come out nearly constantly.

After a little while, I was sure he was putting a second finger in with the first. It was too tight and uncomfortable.

"Don't," I told him.

He nodded and took both of them out, then slid his lips down my dick and started licking and sucking me again. That was so much better! I said so. He started humming. Wow! That made it feel even better.

"Fuck! Tom! Going to!"

That warning was building up behind my balls rapidly. It was going to be a huge one! I tried to warn him again just before I went off, but I couldn't. I couldn't control my breathing at all. I could only whine and grunt between deep, heaving breaths. The tension down there was so far above anything I had ever felt before that I couldn't take it!

I yanked him off of me suddenly, just as I started to shoot. It was just too much!

He stroked me, though, and I saw my cum firing up into the air. It splashed onto the overhead and started dripping down off of it just as I shot again. It hit the overhead, too, and the third shot joined it there. It all mixed and dropped off in a huge gob that landed on his wrist and my balls. It was insane.

I was afraid he was going to be angry that I was shooting onto the overhead of his wagon.

He laughed.

"Fucking nice!" he said as he kept stroking me off.

I kept cumming. My legs bent and kicked, and my ankles popped as my toes pointed out flat. My back popped, too, as it arched and I tried not to slam my head into the bed of the wagon.

"Oh! God! Fuck!"

The words were forced out between the heaving gasps for air. My entire body was tortured. Muscles tensed and joints stressed. He stroked me, and when his hand brushed over the edges of my head, I shouted a loud, "Ahhh!" and yanked his hands away from my cock.

I curled into a ball. I shivered and shook. I panted for air. I don't know how long it was before I noticed that his arms were around me, his body against my back. I began to straighten out, one joint at a time. It was so weird.

I shivered and shook for a while, slowly straightening out against his body. Eventually I was out straight, in his arms, and I rolled so that I faced him and could put my arms around him too.

We cuddled up. I was slowly gaining back my breath and control of my body. It was crazy. I found myself with my face buried in his chest. I backed away a little.

"Back to normal?" he asked softly.

"No way! Not yet. Getting there. Fuck!"

I shivered again. He laughed softly. He rolled away, then pulled my arms around him. It felt even better. I didn't know why, but it just did. I snuggled up to his back, my soft cock so sensitive that the first touch of his butt made it jerk and my body shudder. Soon, though, I was up tight against him, and it felt so great.


I didn't know what to say. At all.

I just sighed deeply several times, relaxing, feeling awesome.

"Just lie there and cool down. Enjoy it," he said.

He moved a little, and I reached around him to find him playing with himself. It was hard again, and I wasn't, but I began to jerk him off.

"You don't have to," he said. "I can take care of it."

"Do you mind?"

"Hell no. If you want to."

"Let me."

I did. It was so fun! I sort of got hard, but not fully, though I felt like I did when it was. It was so much fun! I jerked him like I did myself.

"Slower," he said.

Then he started giving me tips, and showing me how with his own hand over mine. I learned more ways to do it than I thought existed.

"My favorite," he said as he showed me how to concentrate just on the head end, rubbing his pre-cum all over his head.

Then he showed me how to rub the tip and under the tip with my thumb each stroke up and down the shaft. He shook quite a bit.

"Going," he said. "Slow a little."

I did, and felt his dick dance in my hand.

"Slower," he said.

His dick felt as if it were swelling up to twice its usual size, and there was a lot of wetness there at the tip now.

"Going," he grunted.

I kept the same speed. I loved how his dick felt in my hand. I loved what I was doing to him. I loved that I was making him feel so good. He trembled.

"Gone!" he grunted.

He went stiff all over, his breath stopped, and I felt his dick pulsating in my hand. It was so awesome!

"Fuck!" he grunted over and over as I felt his hot, slimy, creamy load get caught up in my fingers as I kept stroking his head so slowly.

I played with his head and made him grunt and groan, made his whole body shudder. The sound of his cum being squished between my fingers and his cock was so awesome. I kept moving my hand and making that sound until his hands gripped mine and he held them still.

He was breathing rapidly and shaking a little. I loved that I had made him feel that.

"Wow, thanks a ton!" he said.

"Fuck that. Thank you, Tom. I bet not one guy in a million would be willing like that. Not one in ten million. You're something really... special, Tom. Thank you."

I cuddled up to him again. My hand was wet with his cum. I wanted to lick it off, but I didn't want to gross him out. I was careful to keep it away from his clothes and not lose any of it. I felt and heard him fastening his pants. Mine were still open and around my ankles. I was still hanging out, almost hard. I thought of pulling up my own, but I didn't want to ruin or lose the cum on my hand. I began trying with one hand.

He rolled over, grinned at me, saw my hand in mid-air, and grinned more. He pulled my shorts up, tucked me away, then pulled my jeans the rest of the way up and then fastened my zipper and snap.

"Go ahead. I know you want to," he said, then pulled my hand down by the wrist and held it in front of my mouth.

He rolled over and fished in his pocket. He pulled out a baggie and papers.

"Go ahead!" he said, grinning. "Not like I don't know. I need to turn on the lights. I'm out of rolled ones."

He wormed over the seat backs toward the front seats. I was torn. I wanted to, but I didn't want him to know I had.

But he already knows, right? I thought.

I lifted my hand closer to my mouth and could smell it. It smelled even stronger than before. I did it. I licked it all away as Tom rolled another joint.

Then I wormed my way to the front seat. I felt awkward and embarrassed now. He lit the joint and hit it, then passed it to me. I couldn't look at him.

"Don't be like that," he said.


"Like that. Don't get all embarrassed."

I laughed, mostly out of embarrassment. I hit the joint then passed it back to him. He held his hand close to the joint but didn't take it. I looked at him out of instinct. He seemed to hold onto my eyes with his. They were so dark, like twin wells.

"Don't. It was fun. I had a great time. Did you?"

I nodded, stunned.

"Now I can brag I took a cherry."

I laughed.

"Won't say it was a guy, nobody's business but ours. Okay?"

I nodded, smiling now.

"You gonna be okay? Or gonna freak?"

"Gonna be okay, I guess."

"Hope so. You can talk to me if you want to. If it bothers you for some stupid reason. But don't let it."

"Bother me?"

"Yeah. In case. Humans are weird. We never know how we'll react to things. If you wanna talk, just find me and talk. Okay?"

I nodded, feeling warm and... strange. A nice kind of strange.

He took the joint. We smoked it without talking for a while.

"Thanks," I said again.

"No problem. Thanks, too. You did... really well!"

I laughed.


"Oh, hell yeah!" he said happily.

"You're not gay? Really?"

"Nope. Not. I just don't mind doing it with guys. I mean, pussy is nice, real nice, different than a hand-job or a blow-job. But, to be honest, nothing beats a blow-job from a guy who wants to give one. Nothing."

He shook his head and hit the joint.

"I hope you talk to Alex now."

"I do too. Maybe I will."

"Do it. He'd like you. I can tell."

"How? What makes you think so?"

"I can tell. I know him, and I kinda know you. You'd make good friends. But, you wouldn't get along together in bed for long."

"What? Why?"

"Because you're alike. At first you would. You'd get to know each other, mess around a lot, have a lot of fun, but then, you'd both see how alike you are, and it would turn sour."

"What? Why?"

"It's the way it is. You're a lot like someone else Alex and I both know. Someone he tried with. You're the same. All three of you. You all, sort of, are, kind of in charge of yourself. And want someone to be yours, to protect, to be a sort of, I don't know, protector to. You both, well, I can't say it without saying too much. You both like the same things, and don't like the same things, and you both want to do the same kind of things, but neither of you like having it done. That's all I can say."

I wondered just how much Tom could tell about me.

"You'd get tired of him wanting to do what you like to do to him but neither of you like having done to you. And he'd get tired of you wanting to do it to him. You'd both want the same thing, but not. You're too much alike. It wouldn't last a few weeks."

I stared at him, not knowing what to say next, except, "Sound so sure."

"I am. Look, I'm not trying to talk you out of talking to Alex. You should. Really. He'd love knowing there's another gay guy at school. And I bet you'd end up really good friends, sex or not. But you'd never work out for long together. It might be best if you didn't even get together that way. You'd end up making yourselves miserable for a few weeks. It'd be after a fucking great few weeks trying, though! So, get to know him. See if you guys even want to get together that way. If he's not got someone he's trying to be exclusive with. He kind of keeps that to himself nowadays. But find out for yourself. Give it a shot. See how it goes. Just, just don't be too surprised if I'm right, and it only lasts a little while. But, like I said, it'd be an awesome few weeks!"

I was stunned.

"You're something," I said earnestly. "Really something."

He laughed.

"You're not gonna fall for me or something now, are ya?" he asked, passing the joint to me.

I laughed.

"I don't think so, no. I just mean..."

I wasn't sure what I meant. But I meant it. I shrugged. He laughed.

Then I shivered. It wasn't from the cold. It was some kind of delayed reaction to the first and most awesome sex of my life.

"Fuck, that was nice!" I said, smiling really widely.

"Yeah, it was!" he agreed. "It was really, really, good. And you've got a great dick!"

"You're not gonna fall for me now, are ya?" I asked, laughing.

"Not unless you grow tits!"

We laughed.

"I had a great time. I'm really glad your car didn't start tonight."

"Maybe I'll leave the lights on next weekend or something."

He laughed.

"I'll make sure I have the jumper cables!"

Thanks to Bill for editing and CodyM for proofing.

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