The idea just sorta came as I watched the break during John Stewart. I thought, I could sell better than that.
Whaddya think?


The scene fades in. A shirtless college student is using his computer, his apparent dorm room and books in frame behind him. He is viewed from behind his monitor, his face and bare chest lit by the screen. The sound of WindowsXP is heard starting up.

BACKGROUND SOUNDS: 1 keyboards in use until after the WindowsXP startup then a second is heard as well.


BACKGROUND SOUND: Another male voice is heard, saying, "Damn it!"


A keyboard being struck.

PAUSE followed by a sigh then the sound of a button being pushed. (power button for reboot)

The student in view glances to his right and smiles and half-laughs, continues typing, his keyboard the only sound.


BACKGROUND SOUND: The sound of WindowsXP starting up is heard.

BACKGROUND SOUND: Another keyboard is now heard as well.

PAUSE with above continuing throughout.

BACKGROUND: "What? What?!? OH! *BEEP*!" PAUSE followed by a sigh and the single button is pushed again.
The student in view smirks and continues typing.


BACKGROUND: The sound of WindowsXP starting.
The student in view laughs while still working.

PAUSE while both keyboards continue throughout.

BACKGROUND: "OH! No way! Critical error?! Oh, this is *BEEP* critical alright!" followed by the sounds of a keyboard being pounded furiously.
The student in view laughs out loud, reacts to an off-screen event (other user's nasty glare) drops the smile, continues to work.

PAUSE with one keyboard throughout as student in view continues to work, still smiling and snickering on occasion, glancing off-frame.

BACKGROUND: The sound of WindowsXP starting.
Student in view laughs, losing it entirely.
The other student is now seen briefly as he flies across frame, tackling the first student from his chair, both vanishing from site.

PAUSE Silence throughout.

RAISE AND TILT CAMERA up and over the back of the monitor to reveal both students lying on the floor only in briefs/boxers, one above the other, kissing, legs intertwined and flexing, arms and hands roaming.

TAGLINE under LOGO: Get more done. Unless...

Would work for software, hardware or even an ad for briefs!

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