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Mike's Tale
Mike and the Wrestling Coach

 Rated: X  Teen/Adult (**)


I woke up not having a clue. It was just another day in the middle of nowhere.

I got dressed, did the morning chores, and then showered. I was starved and breakfast was good.

It was the third day of my first year in high school. The day went slowly. In gym, I changed, not looking around or thinking about what was going on around me. I wanted to look around, but kept myself from doing so. It was still so new to be changing clothes with all the other boys. I got hard but hid it I hoped.

We had a choice of basketball, tag football, or wrestling today. I hated basketball and football. I wasn't even sure what the rules were. I wasn't all that sure about wrestling, but at least I kind of liked it and knew something about it.

I was matched up with Dale Howard, who was about the same size and weight as me, but he was a city boy, and I was a farm kid. Most of his weight was softness, where most of mine was muscle. I won easily. And it was really fun. I mean, grabbing him and being grabbed, and all that. I got hard, but I didn't think he noticed. I wasn't all that big down there and our gym shorts didn't exactly accent that area. And my shorts were large, on purpose. Plus the jock strap kept it from being noticeable.

Then I was up against James Wilson. Same thing again, a city boy who played video games against a farmer's kid. I wasted his ass. And I really liked doing it. It was really hot.

I went through all the guys the same weight as me, so next was Kevin Masters. He weighed eleven pounds more than me, and it wasn't all softness, either. We wrestled around for ten full rounds, neither of us really getting ahead of the other. And eventually, my hand went there on him, totally by accident. I didn't want to do that, it was too risky. But it happened. He wasn't hard, and I really liked what I did get a feel of. I got so hard it was embarrassing, I was sure he could tell even if his hand only brushed past there a couple times by accident.

"You could make the wrestling team," Coach Smith said to me after ten rounds. "I'll put you up against a team member next."

Oliver West was a sophomore, and kind of skinny, but was on the team. That was a real challenge. He knew the moves and all, but I was able to overpower him a lot and get out of his holds. His hand went there almost right off, in the first round. It happened in wrestling, I'd seen it happen a lot. I knew he knew I was hard. His hand went there a lot. By accident, mine went there on him. He was so hard. It was insane. I kept wondering if he was hard for the same reason I was. Health class said it was pretty normal for it to get hard at weird times, even embarrassing times, even times we didn't think it should. But we both stayed hard the whole match.

Coach watched and gave me advice. In round six, I pinned him and won. When I stood up, I was totally embarrassed. It was so obvious. I glanced and saw that his was, too. We were both red-faced from wrestling anyway, so I didn't know if he was as embarrassed as me or not. No one was watching us, they were all doing their own matches, only coach and Oliver saw.

"Not bad, dude," Oliver said to me as he shook my hand. "You really should think about the team."

"Uh, thanks."

I noticed he glanced down at me when he shook my hand. I sort of held my hands in front of me to hopefully hide it as much as possible.

"He's right, too. What do you think?" coach asked me.

"The team? Me?"

"You're in good shape already. The weight training would put you in even better shape. And you've got a sort of talent for it. Oliver is good, one of the best in his class, and you out wrestled him. I really think you'd be a good wrestler."


"Yes, you. Why don't you come to my office after classes and we can talk about it."

"Uh, me?"

He laughed and patted my shoulder.

"Yes, you. Think about it. I'll be in my office after last bell if you want to talk about it. I hope to see you there. Meanwhile, keep practicing with Oliver. Pick his brain and see what you can learn. Don't hurt him, Ollie."

"I won't, coach!" Oliver said with a laugh.

Coach walked toward the other guys. I was really excited. I wasn't sure I was really team material, but I sure liked wrestling. It meant being all twisted up with other boys. In a cup, I wouldn't show so bad. Now I was sure why some boys seemed to have bigger packages after the match than before.

Gay guys? I thought. On the wrestling team? Maybe. I mean, it appeals to me, and I'm gay.

In those days homosexuality was talked about in hushed, secretive conversations among adults, and hidden from children. It was illegal, as well. The fact that I was attracted to the other boys was horrifying. I struggled with it every day, afraid I was going to be discovered and put into an institution. It was entirely impossible to tell anyone. You kept it secret, hid it, and tried to deny it to yourself. The idea that other boys were as well was incredibly appealing.

It seemed absurd, though. But I thought about it as Oliver showed me some moves and how to get out of them. I kept noticing that he stayed hard. So did I. We kept grabbing each other there, when we had to for moves, you understand. Feeling his body was... incredibly fun! The end of gym sucked for the first time ever.

As the day went past, and it got closer to the last bell, my guts twisted up. I was really nervous. I was so nervous. I hoped the coach was as nice as he seemed. When the last bell rang, I was sweating. I hurried to get the right books from my locker and dashed to the gym.

I knocked on the door marked "Coach Smith."

"Come in."

I opened the door and walked in, sweaty and almost shaking.

"Hello, Mike. Have a seat."

I nodded, said, "Yes, sir," and sat in the chair facing his desk.

"Well, have you thought about the team?"

"I'd like to try it, sir."

I was so nervous.

"Good! Have you ever studied the moves? Do you know any of them?"

"Yes, sort of. I've always kind of liked wrestling. Not the Hollywood stuff, real wrestling."

He laughed. He wasn't bad looking at all. I guessed he was almost thirty. He had dark brown hair, a round face, clean-shaven, and was trim and fit. His arms had nice muscles, and his chest muscles made his nipples push out on his shirt. He was nicely tan, like he spent a lot of time outside.

"I hate that crap too. I don't put up with that showy shit. On my team, it's the basics. You'll use the weight room several times a week, and swim at least twice. And practice is every day. Weekends are not time off. Practices and workouts. It's a commitment. Full time. Do you have that kind of time?"

I didn't, but I could make the time. I could do chores in the morning, and at night. Move things around to make sure I could get to practices and such. I nodded.

"Good. I'd like to talk more about it. Do you have the time this afternoon? I'd like to head home, you can come over and we can talk more."

I nodded.

I rode my bike to where he parked and I put my bike in the bed of his pickup. We talked about wrestling and weight lifting as he drove us out of town in the same direction I lived. When he turned onto Indian Trail road, I was surprised.

"You live in Moore's Hill?"

"Almost. Why?"

"I do too."

We laughed.

"You ride your bike every day?"

"Not every day. Only when the weather is going to be nice enough."

"That's impressive. No wonder you're in such great shape. Especially your legs and butt."

I blushed and went quiet. I wasn't used to anyone noticing.

Inside, his house wasn't anything like I had imagined it all the times I had ridden past it. It was all wood panel and tans and browns. There were sports things everywhere, which was the only thing I had guessed right. He opened the refrigerator and asked if I'd like a juice. I nodded. He handed me a bottle and then we sat down on the couch in the front room.

"So, Mike, I have a few questions. Will you answer them? If you'd rather not answer with the truth, just say you'd rather not answer instead of lying to me. Okay?"

"Okay, sir."

He laughed a little.

"It's easy to agree until you hear the questions. But, anyway. Here goes. When you were wrestling today, and on other days, I've noticed something. Don't be embarrassed. I've been a coach for a while now, and I've seen it enough. I'd just like to know. It won't matter as far as joining the team, or anything else. And I will not tell anyone your answer. Are you attracted to other boys?"

He was staring right at me, holding me with his eyes. I was stunned at the question. I couldn't answer and sat there totally silent.

"Like I said, I've seen it before. And I will not tell anyone your answer. But, I'd like to know the truth. We should start out with the truth between us, right?"

I nodded.

"If it matters, there are several other students in the school who are also attracted to other boys. If you'd like introduced to them, I can arrange that. If not, then I won't."


"You're not alone, Mike. Far from it."


He laughed, kind of nicely.

"Up to you."

I swallowed.

"You mean, you know... others?"


He held me with his eyes.

I swallowed again. I knew I was blushing like mad.

I nodded.

"Good. Honesty is a fine quality. I admire that."

"I don't believe I..."

"Admitted it?" he asked.


It felt... nice. Freeing.

"I am, too."

My jaw dropped.

"So, you talk to your parents tonight about joining the team."

He got up and got something from a desk in the other room, then came back and handed it to me. It was several pages of paper, one with a list of things I'd need for the team, another a page for my parents to read and sign.

"The team goes out of town quite often. When we do, some of the team stays together, if you know what I mean."

No way!

He nodded, smiling.


"Some of the guys are together exclusively, and stay in a room together. Most just sort of bunk up together. It's all private, your own business, and the rest of the guys don't care. They know."

That seemed impossible.

"So long as you put your effort into matches, nobody cares."




He laughed.

"Sound good?"

I nodded.

"There is one thing, though. Nothing you have to do at all. But, to be honest, I'd like to be the first with you."

I gulped. The coach? With me? He wasn't bad looking at all, nice looking, really.

"It's up to you. It won't matter if you don't. I won't hold it against you at all. It's just, well, you're a good looking guy. You're in great shape, and tanned, and, well, I'd love to see what makes that lump in your gym shorts."

"But... you've seen it in the showers."

"I've seen everybody in the showers, yeah. But, well, come on. Not all nice and hard. And I don't get to see it up close, or, uh, get to touch it or play with it. And I'd really like to play with yours. And that great butt of yours."

It was incredibly embarrassing. I thought of seeing what made his huge package in his shorts. I wanted to see that. And the rest of his body, too.

I swallowed a bunch of times, trying to just say, sure, let's go. That was impossible, though.

"You're sweating like crazy. It's not that hot in here. Nervous?"

I nodded vigorously.

"Well, come on. How about a swim? You can have a look, and I can have a look, and if you want, you can go home. I'll see you in gym tomorrow, and for practice, and we don't have to say anything about this again. Okay?"

I nodded.

I followed him outside.

"You got neighbors?" I asked.

"Not any close by. If you don't mind, we can skinny-dip. If that's okay."

I couldn't believe he had offered. It would have been normal with friends, but this was coach. And with what I expected to happen, I saw what the words meant.

I laughed and probably got darkly red. I nodded.

He sat down on the edge of the pool and started taking off his shoes, then socks, then his shirt. I sat down and did the same thing, afraid I would get hard and get embarrassed. It didn't though, which shocked me. I was too nervous. Way too nervous. He stood up and dropped his pants, then pulled down his briefs. It was huge. I knew mine would get larger, but I'd never seen one that big in person. I'd only seen my friends when we skinny-dipped at the lake, and the guys in gym class. Some of the seniors had big ones, but I hadn't seen them so up close.

He dove in. I stood up and dropped my pants, then my shorts, and dove in.

He swam from end to end, then back again. I followed. Soon we were side by side, doing laps. After what seemed like a dozen laps, he stopped at the end.

"You swim well."

"Thanks. Swim a lot."

"How long have you known?"

I swallowed.

"I think I always did. Far back as I can remember thinking about... that stuff. I always liked, uh, just wasn't all that into girls."

He nodded.


"Kind of the same. My friends got interested in girls, I just never did. I got interested in my friends. It was hard. I had to hide it all the time. Pretend I liked girls. I'd look at my friends and try not to get caught."

"I know!"

He reached out and put his hand on my shoulder, almost behind my neck.

"I know. But it doesn't have to be that way. You're not alone. There are others at school, even a couple in your grade. I know of more in upper classes. You can meet them."

"I really want to!"

"You will. If you leave here a virgin, or, well, we do stuff, it won't matter either way. You can stay, or you can go. Up to you."

It seemed the weirdest thing ever. He floated closer to me.

"I promise we won't do anything you don't want to do."

"I know, sir."

"You don't even have to do anything. You can get out of the pool, get dressed, and we can do something else. Or you can go home."

We kind of looked at each other for a bit.

"Will you swim into my arms?"

I did. His big, strong arms went around me. His big, brown eyes seemed all warm. My hands felt the muscles on his back working as he kicked to keep us afloat. His hands rubbed up and down my back. It felt really good in the warm water. I started getting hard.

"You are in such good shape, Mike. You have such nice muscle tone!"

I felt myself blushing and grinning. I felt his skin against my growing erection. I wondered why I didn't feel his.

"And you're really handsome when you're embarrassed."

I laughed and looked around, anywhere but at him. I was so embarrassed.

"Wrap your legs around me."

I did. Then I felt his erection behind my balls. It felt so weird and so erotic. I laughed. He grinned widely. We were so close we could have kissed. I noticed that he looked at my mouth a lot. I wondered.

"Do you want to kiss me?"

"Yes, Mike, I do. You have very nice lips. I'd really like to. Is that okay?"

"Yes, sir."

It was really nice. I was all wrapped up in his arms, I had my arms around his broad shoulders, my legs wrapped around his waist, my hard dick up against the muscles of his stomach, his pecker pushing up under my balls.

I shivered all over suddenly, and my breath started getting fast.

He kissed nicely. His lips moved nicely, and he kind of sucked on mine. I tried to him. It was exciting. I hugged him really tight and shivered again.

"Can we go inside?" I asked.

"If you want, or we can do something right here in the pool."


He swam us over to the shallow side, then leaned against the side. We kept kissing. It was really nice. His hands moved lower on my back, then were on my butt. It made me shiver more. We kept kissing, and soon he was playing with my hole. His finger circled it and pushed against it, and slipped in really easy.

I had to gasp out loud. It felt really neat. It made my dick leap and tingle, and made more tingles fire up all over me. I loved fingering myself when I jerked it, but having someone else do it was much better.

"Is that okay?"

"Oh, yes, sir!"

We kept kissing. I really liked that. And I really liked how his finger poked in and pulled out of me. When he took it out, I wondered why. He moved his arm around me and then between us, then down and between my legs after moving my balls. His finger found my hole again and slipped in. I gasped a little again.

Then he wiggled his finger all the way inside, and pushed against a spot inside that had never been touched before. My dick got so hard it stretched the skin over it and made me jerk and shiver.

"Oh, gosh!"

"Nice, isn't it?"

"Yes, sir! Very!"

We kissed more as his finger did real magic. It made me shiver like mad! It tickled, tingled, and throbbed.

"My gosh!"

He laughed a little.

"Can I try two fingers?'

I nodded a lot. I felt another finger push against my hole.

"Push a little, like you do on the toilet. If you have to use the bathroom, say so, okay?"

I nodded, almost not able to talk. When I pushed a little, his finger went inside with the first one. It felt a little prickly, but it didn't hurt. It felt like taking a big dump, but kind of better. My dick was going crazy. I held onto his big shoulders and kissed him and shivered. Both of his fingers pushed that place and rubbed it, tapped it, tickled it. It felt so nice!

He moved his fingers inside me and against that place for a long time. It was really great! I loved it!

"Do you think I can try three now?" he asked.

I nodded. It was fantastic! It hurt some, but it was so much fun! And what he was doing inside was awesome!


He pushed me away far enough that we could talk.

"Yes, sir?"

"Is it okay if I try with my penis?"

"Yes, please, sir!"

Boy, was it okay! I really, really wanted him to. I wanted to feel what it was like.

"It might not go, and we'll try with fingers some more if not. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"You tell me how much it hurts, and if it hurts enough, tell me, and I'll stop and we'll try fingers more. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"Promise me you'll tell me if it hurts too much."

"I promise, sir."

"It will probably hurt some at first. Let it, bear it, be a man about it, but if it hurts too much, you say so right away, understand?"

He nodded as he asked if I understood, and I nodded back.

"You're so handsome, Mike."

I laughed.

"You're very handsome, too, coach."

"Thanks. Now, hold onto my shoulders and neck with your arms, and I'm going to let go because I need my hands."


We kissed some more. He moved me around a little, and I felt his prick or his fingertip at my hole.

"Relax it, and push when you need to. And tell me if it hurts too much."

"Yes, sir," I breathed into his mouth.

We kissed, and one of his hands played with my dick. It felt really good in the water like that. His hand held on to my dick really loosely and slid over it from top to bottom with the water making it slippery. Wow, did it feel so good.

There was some pressure at my hole, but nothing painful. His other hand was back there, and I could feel it moving sometimes. I wasn't sure if it was his finger or his penis pushing against my hole.

His hand was doing really nice things to my dick. It felt really good. I loved how he played with just the head of it. It tickled and made tingles rush up from down there right to my head. I kept kissing him and shivering like crazy.

There was more pressure behind me, and it kind of pinched and hurt a little, but it was a nice kind of hurt. We kept kissing and his hand kept playing with my dick, and I just really liked it all. I loved being up against his big, strong body. I liked how he kissed. I liked how he played with my dick. I liked how my body shivered and how I felt inside. I just liked it all!

"Relax it back there. Kind of give it a push sometimes when it gets painful. Let me know if it hurts too much. Just let it in. You feel very good. Is it okay?"

I nodded and gasped, and held on. There was more pressure behind me, at my hole, and some pain. He always asked if it hurt too much. It never did, just a little at times. I could tell the way we fit together that he was going inside of me. But when he said what he did next, I almost didn't believe him.

"I'm all in. How is it?"

"You are?"

"Yup. As far as I can like this. Is it okay?"

"Oh, yes!"

It wasn't anything like as bad as I had worried. It had pinched and hurt a little, but never very much, and felt so weirdly good so much more than it had ever hurt.

He grinned and we kissed, and he started lifting me and letting me drop by using his hands on my buttocks. I felt him sliding through my hole. It was amazing. It hurt just a little, but it was a kind of neat, deep, fun pain. And the other feeling of it was way better! He started breathing really fast as we kissed. He groaned really deeply. I liked how he sounded, like he was really enjoying it. I let myself groan the way I wanted to, too.

I loved it.

After a while, he moved us to the side where I could lay on my back on an air mattress on the stairs, and not have my face in the water. He pulled my legs up, then I felt him going inside of me, even deeper than before. It was great! It prickled a bit, stung a little, but I didn't care. It felt so good in a weird, new way.

His arms went under me and his hands held the back of my shoulders. We kissed and he fucked me. He rocked in and out of me, making waves in the water. He held my head up above the water and kept kissing me.

"Take it out and then put it back in," I said when we took a pause from kissing each other.

He did. It felt so great! I gasped and let myself grunt really loudly.

"You like that?" he asked softly.

"Yes, sir!"


"Yes, sir!"

He did it again and again. It made me want to scream, it felt so good!

He went all the way in and stayed there a second, then started doing it like before, not pulling all the way out.

"Mike, you feel so good!"

He started kissing the side of my neck. I liked that a lot. He groaned a lot, so I did. It was fantastic! He started going faster.

I was being fucked! And I loved it! It felt so good. All of it. It wasn't bad at all!

"I'm going to come in you, Mike. Is that okay with you?" he said into the side of my neck.

"Yes, sir!"

He went faster. It hurt a little, but it felt great a lot. The water was splashing like crazy. His dick pushed inside of me, making me feel like never before. I loved it.

"Oh, shit, Mike! I'm going to shoot so hard! Oh, awwww!"

Then he sort of locked in place, his dick moving in my hole, but the rest of his body barely shivering.

"Awwww!" a bunch of times against my neck.

Then his body went limp and his cock slipped out of me. He was breathing really fast and kept kissing me as much as he could. He moved me up the mattress until I was on the warm concrete at the edge of the pool. He kissed down my neck, which I really liked, then did my nipples, which I really liked, then down my chest, which I liked, then my navel, which tickled a lot, then lower, which tickled even more, then his mouth went over my dick. I don't even know how to describe what that was like! I started shaking all over and couldn't believe what it felt like.

"Oh, wow, coach!"

When his hands went to my nuts and my asshole, and he sucked and licked my dick, I started feeling that churning and pressure growing really fast.

"Coach! Wow! Ohhh!"

All of it together was way too much! The pressure and pulsing began and I twisted and wiggled. It was so much to have to feel all at once!

"God! God! God!"

The pulses began, and I started shooting into his mouth. His finger went inside and started pushing against that place while it worked. It made my prostate seem to work even harder! It was insane!

"Ugh! Coach! Oh, shit!"

It felt like I was starting another whole different orgasm! Like it was starting all over again! It hurt! My hole felt like it was being spread open and being forced shut at the same time. My balls hurt as if both of them were being squeezed really hard, and behind them almost like I had just been kicked there. And for the first time, I felt the inside of my penis. It was like my urethra was being scrubbed inside by a chimney sweep as my semen coursed through it in repeated, heavy pulses.

"Coach! God! Ohhh! God! Ow!"

I never knew my body could make so many wonderful feelings! Or that something could feel so powerful and so awesome! My whole body twisted around out of my control. I wanted to scream and groan, but I couldn't. I made a little kind of squealing grunt, but that was it.

For a long time, my dick swelled up and shot into his mouth. When he pulled his fingers out, I grunted a loud, "Awww!"

He massaged me under there behind my sack and softly tickled my dick with his tongue. God, it was incredible!

Then finally my body went limp and I could breathe. I panted for air. The heavy, wild tingles got weaker and left my muscles so that I could move them again.

I had my arms around coach and he was right over me, face to face. He was smiling really widely at me. His big, brown eyes were looking into mine.

He kissed me, I kissed back. He sort of laid on me without being heavy, and we kissed and kissed. I could taste my own semen. I didn't care. I liked it. His hands held the sides and back of my head. The warm sunshine burned the water off my body. I shivered and sighed.

"You're fantastic, Mike."

"Coach, that was so great!"

I was still breathing quickly and we kept kissing.

Finally he rolled off me and lay beside me, slipping an arm under me.

"You'll need to go use the bathroom, to get rid of what I put in there."

I nodded. I didn't want to yet. I would have to leave his arm. Not yet. I leaned to him and we kissed some more. It was just grand!

His other hand roamed over my chest and belly. It felt really good! He played with my soft dick. It tickled insanely. I loved how he rolled my balls in his big hand. Even when he slid his fingers over my thigh it felt so great.

"We should be going soon."


"I know. But we'll get together again."

"When?" I asked.

"That's sort of up to you. You're going to meet a bunch of other guys your own age, and they'll probably all be interested in taking up your time. But if you want, we will again. I sure would like to. If you do."

"Yes, sir."

"I think you could be a favorite, though."

That made me feel really great!

"You're very handsome. And you have a wonderful body."

I laughed.

"I like yours, coach."

I reached out and touched his chest, and then his nipples, then his flat, muscled stomach. His hair was dark and fine, but it was all over him. Sort of heavy between his nipples, but not thick. I saw his dick. It was soft and wet, and didn't look all that big now. His huge balls were simply amazing. He had a really nice, heavy, thick bush, and nice hair on his balls and his thighs. He was really nice to look at and touch.

"We really need to go soon."


"You need to use the bathroom. You can shower if you want."

"Yes, sir."

"Now, get moving. I'd like to lay here all day, but we couldn't explain it. So up and at it. I'll take your clothes inside."

I got to my feet. He slapped my butt. I laughed and turned around. He was standing at the side of the pool, all naked and wet. Wow, was it something to see!

"Get moving."

"Okay, coach."

I stood there a couple of seconds, looking at him all over. He was really nice to look at. I used the toilet and came out to the front room. He was dressed and had my clothes there like he said he would. He watched me get dressed. It was embarrassing.

"You really are handsome, Mike. Great body, great face, nice muscle tone, good tan, nice butt, and great privates."

I laughed in embarrassment.

"You're not so bad yourself, coach."

"You think so?"

"I do. I like your body."

"Even the hair?"

"I love the hair!"

He laughed. He was so good looking.

"This was very fun, Mike. I really look forward to next time. If you'd like a next time."

"Yes, sir!"

"Let's get moving or you'll be late for dinner. We can't have that."

We talked and laughed. Coach was an okay guy. He even liked good music. We pulled up in my driveway.

"I'm glad you're on board, Mike. I look forward to spending a lot of time together."

"Me too!"

"See you tomorrow. And nothing changes at school or in class. I'm your coach, you listen to me, do what I tell you, and you get no favors or special treatment. We don't talk like friends. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"Now, hop out and have a good night. And keep your hands off yourself."

"Yes, sir."

I wasn't late for dinner, but I almost was. Mom was putting plates on the table when I walked in.

"About time, young man," she said as I walked in.

I could tell that I wasn't in any kind of trouble for being so late. I didn't know where the afternoon went. It didn't seem that long at the coach's house at all, but obviously it was.

My hole felt a little weird, but it wasn't bad at all. Just kind of... numbish. I sort of liked it. It was different, and it was from being fucked by coach. It was fine.

After dinner, chores, shower, homework, some television with the folks, I went to bed early. I was tired.




From Mike,
I know a lot of people might think I was raped or molested and maybe I was, but it didn't seem like it to me then and I don't feel that way now. In ways I feel very lucky. I can see how someone else could think I am crazy for thinking that. I understand that many guys and girls are tricked or forced to do things by adults and that is wrong. But I don't feel like the coach did that to me or the other guys. I feel like the coach kind of did me a favor. I am sure if the coach did not 'molest' me I would have stayed a virgin and been very lonely all through high school and I have no idea how lonely and sad I would have been all my life. But instead I was shown that I l was like that and it was okay if I was. I wanted it and things like that even though it was against the law. In that time it was a very big deal to be homosexual and meant you were sick and some people were put in mental asylums for it. The most popular treatment was shock therapy. How insane is that?
No I don't hate the coach. That is a stupid question. I loved the coach and I am still glad to this day for what happened and the way my life was after that. I was happy and made friends and was never forced to do anything once by him or anybody. I feel very bad for kids who are molested for real. What happened to me was never like that and even so I was very scared. I can't imagine how scary and horrifying it must be to be forced to do things you don't like and don't want so I understand that being molested must be the worst thing that can happen to someone. That is not what happened to me or the other boys I met through the coach. I know many of them even today and none of us talk about it like it was bad. We all say it was fun and exciting and the best things about our high school times. Some of the guys from the coach and the things we did are married and have kids and are afraid their kids might be molested but aren't afraid if their kids have something like what happened with them and coach. All of us know the difference. Some of the guys from the coach and those things we did are gay like me but not all. It didn't make us gay and it didn't make me or the other gay guys turn gay. I know I liked guys before I went into high school anyway and the two guys who are gay say they knew before the things with the coach or knew they were different and not like the others and don't think the things with the coach is what made them gay.
I admire coach for some reasons and one of the biggest is how daring he was in a time when he probably would have been given electro-shock and kept in a mental ward for life if he was turned in. Now that he has been dead for years and we are old enough to have grandkids and many of us do I wanted to tell our story.
Many, many kids are raped or molested. This is terrible. It should be stopped. But some kids are not badly treated and are not forced or tricked and are happy with what happened. Even more kids are beaten and starved and that is terrible too. Kids are vulnerable and need protected.
Me and the other guys the coach chose or figured out or whatever he did are glad of what happened and are happy to have the experience and attention and closeness we had. I wouldn't trade it for anything even for being straight or for being rich or famous. We guys became great friends and most of us stayed friends all through our lives. Some even became lovers/boyfriends for many years. Most only did something with coach once and were not gay. Only some of us did it more and were gay. None of us hated what happened. If any did they never said anything to anybody and no one from my school ever turned into psychos or murderers or things like that I or the other guys ever heard about.

"Mike" - May 1, 2018

Thanks to Bill for editing!