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Thomas' First Time Tale

 Rated: X  ages 13+ (*)


The True First Time Tale of Thomas, 13. Part One

When I was 13, I went away to summer camp.  It was in a time when kids did not have phones and most people had not heard of the internet. You had to make your own fun. The camp was on a lake.  There were trails through woods, rocky cliffs along the lake, a beach and farther down the lake another camp full of girls that we shared some activities with.  I was in a cabin with three other boys about my age. 

Steve was the oldest and had been a regular at the camp for years.  He was a little bossy at first, always telling us that we would find out the rules the ‘hard way’.  He had memorized a ton of jokes, most of them dirty and was kind of a pain in the ass.  Kevin was new to the camp like me and about my age.  He was a little chubby and we found out the first night that he snored.  Roy was the youngest.  He was not happy to be at the camp and would go off and stay at a cabin with his relatives most weekends.

Each day we had morning and afternoon activities.  We had an hour off before lunch and two hours before dinner. The activities weren’t like school.  They were fun.  Learning swimming, playing baseball, making things.  Weekend activities included girls from the other camp and on any day that it did not rain you could always see them down at the main beach if you were willing to walk a few miles.

The very first day we learned a rule the ‘hard way’.  At lunch Kevin and I sat down together near the windows.  Steve didn’t join us.  After a few bites a large senior boy stood over us.  There were boys as old as 16 at the camp and he was the biggest.

“Beat it.  Worms.  You don’t sit at this table.”

Without a word Kevin and I walked away, and the large kid sat down with a few other big kids.  We sat down at an empty table, and I saw Steve across the room with a big smile on his face.  One of the other older boys left his table and came over to talk to us.

“Hey.  My name is Pete.  Sorry about that.  That table is for seniors.  That other guy is Karl.  You don’t have to worry about him, or anyone else.  Was Karl rude to you?”

Kevin sat there quietly.  I answered.  “Not really.”

Pete looked back to his table.  I looked as well.  Karl did not seem concerned.  “He is going to come here and apologize.”

Kevin found his voice.  “He doesn’t have to!”

I watched Pete walk back.  He talked into Karl’s ear.  Karl got a funny look on his face and got up and came over to us.  Kevin sank into the table.

Karl stood above us looking down.  “Sorry, if I was rude guys.  Just a tradition.”  He then crouched down and talked to us for a while, mostly about baseball.  There was going to be a game later and the two teams split every age group up equally.  He sized me up and told me I looked athletic.

Kevin and I were amazed that Karl apologized.

That first day I spent time at the beach.  Already there were a few girls there, mostly the older ones.  Those were the ones I liked to look at the most.  The shared beach was a far walk away but we had a smaller one at the boy’s camp.

A few days later I was at the boy’s beach when I had my second encounter with Pete.  It was hot, but the lake was always a little cool.  Some seniors arrived and all jumped into the lake.  Some of them were practicing for track and would do a long run as an activity.  I was by myself at the edge of the wet sand when Pete came out of the water and stood in front of me.  His bathing suit clung to him when he first came out of the water, and I got an eyeful.  As he talked, he looked around and never met my eye.  He was looking away as I stared right at his ass and crotch.  You could see the shape clearly.  He sat down facing me.  I was talking directly to him, but I couldn’t help noticing the swell.  He was either very large or semi-erect.  I could see the shape of the head of his penis. I started to get an erection as well and I positioned myself so that he wouldn’t notice.

I have to say that I would get excited whenever I saw a girl’s breast, or a nice bum of either a boy or girl and sometimes a large or erect penis would give me a sympathetic erection.  Physical contact became a problem, and I lost the ability to rough house with my school friends without consequence.

He asked me how I was doing.   His sudden attention had gotten me flustered. I asked him why he wasn’t in the water with his friends. He told me that he spent too much time with them. We talked about his interests and mine. It seemed we had a lot of common interests.  He asked me if I wanted to hang out on the weekend. I told him I would.  I even told him that my cabinmates were boring. He laughed and admitted that he was boring three years ago as well. 

We went for a hike on Saturday morning.  He told me he usually hiked alone, but he was glad for the company. It was a challenge for me, but we climbed a rocky summit and he showed me the area from above.  We always found something to talk about and even when we sat silently it was a great view.

After the hike he wanted to bring me back to his cabin, but I was intimidated by his friends.  He assured me it would be fun. 

Three of the other seniors were there, two were playing chess.  There were two 10-dollar bills by the board.  What was the money for?  It was a bet.  They bet on everything.  They had cigarettes, posters of girls on the wall and dirty magazines (I was told).  They swore a lot and talked about drinking and girls. Of course, they asked me about my experience with girls.  I refused to tell them about my lame experiences.  To my embarrassment one of them said the girls would find me cute.  And then another said I was a ‘real catch’.  And a third called me a ‘prized fish’.  The other two laughed at that. They made jokes about masturbation and wet dreams. They warned me to not sit on one of the bunks, because of all the stains. Pete sat silently.  He seemed embarrassed.

After we left it was obvious that Pete was upset. I found myself having to console someone who was older than me.  He was the one they were teasing about wet dreams. He didn’t expect his friends to embarrass him in front of a new friend. He said I was lucky to be so young and not have wet dreams. 

“Pete, I’ve been having wet dreams since the winter.  It’s not easy for me to sleep in a cabin with other boys.”

He smiled. He wanted to hang out with someone like me who would understand him. He wanted to be my best friend.  His real name was Peter and he wanted me to call him that.  I told him to call me Thomas.  He said we would use our real names when we were alone and that it was just for the two of us. We spent most of our free time together after that.

I was away from the other boys my age for most of my free time and Steve asked me where I was.  I told him I was hanging around Pete and his friend.  He seemed instantly upset.  “You shouldn’t”

“What?  Why does it matter to you?  Just because you have been here for years and never made any cool friends.”

He just silently looked at me. I said with contempt “Are you going to tell me I will find out the hard way?”

“No Tom.  You are right.  I should not have said anything.”

One hot sunny day Pete told me to come see him at sunset.  When I did, he told me I was going to see a secret place and that he could trust me not to tell anyone about it.  He was carrying a little bag and I asked him what was inside.  He told me I would have to wait and see.  We walked along the lake into the woods and out again.  As we came out of the woods, we walked into a rocky area close to the water. The view was blocked in every direction except towards the lake.   There was a flat stony area with one of Pete’s friends tending a fire.  There were three people in the water playing monkey in the middle.  The lake was mostly in shadow, but this little cove was still in light.

“Isn’t the lake too cold to swim in?” I asked.

“That’s the secret.  The sun hits this cove late in the day and this whole shallow area is warmer than the rest of the lake.”

He opened the bag and showed me two towels, a bathing suit and some drinks. I walked to the water while he changed into his bathing suit.  He went in the water.

“Feel the heat of the rocks?  Come in, the water is warm.”

“I don’t have a bathing suit Peter.”

“Well, you can skinny dip or swim in your underwear.”

“What about swimming in my shorts?”

“You can’t.  If you return to camp with wet shorts, then someone will know you went swimming.”

Since no one was close, I stripped down to my underwear and went in the water.  Pete led me to a shallow area.  He wanted to show me the ‘salt-water’ float. You could float in heavy salt water, and he said you could do the same in a lake with a little help.  He told me to support him with the palms of my hands on his top and lower back as he stretched out over the water. I was very close, and I could see and sense his whole body as his bathing suit clung to him.  I got a little erect, so I focused on the distance and tried to ignore his body.

Of course, he wanted to switch, so I adjusted my underwear and tucked myself in as best as I could.  It was hopeless.  After only a few minutes, the swelling was enough to lift my underwear. I deliberately went off balance and told him I didn’t want to float anymore.

He asked if I wanted to join the other guys throwing around the ball.  The game involved fighting over the ball and I didn’t want to do that in my underwear. We went into deeper water.  Soon the water was up to my chin, and I jumped the waves on my tippy toes. He was taller than me so I could go farther with his help.  It was fun jumping the waves.  Our bodies brushed against each other.  I was enjoying myself and the water was deep enough that he couldn’t see that I had an erection. I could feel his hardness when I brushed up against it.  He went to lift me higher, and his hand felt my hardness.  He let me go and stood back.

I felt like I was the one to blame. “Sorry Peter.”

“Thomas, we don’t have to be embarrassed. It’s just what happens.  It doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.  There is no reason to feel bad. Are we going to pretend that we don’t get hard-ons?  You are my best friend. We can tell each other anything and not be embarrassed. Let’s just go sit and wait for things to return to normal”

“It might take a while.”

Pete laughed.  “Yeah, for me too.”

We were the last two in the lake and as the water cooled the fire looked more inviting.  I told him I wanted to get out of the water.

“Hand me your underwear.”


“I will put them on the rocks to dry.  I will come back with a towel.”

When he came back, he was dressed. For me he had just the towel and the shirt.  I asked about my shorts, but he said I couldn’t get them wet.  I was getting cold, and he helped me get my shirt on quickly and wrap myself with the towel. 

When we got to the fire, I noticed two pairs of underwear were laid out on a rock close to the fire.  One was mine and the other belonged to a young boy who was also wrapped in a towel. I asked Pete why they were there, and he told me I had to be completely dry when I returned to camp.

That next hour was a lot of fun.  These guys had energy and they were funny.  Another two showed up with a cooler full of beer.  They let me have one.  Everyone from Pete’s cabin was there, as well as a couple of younger boys.  I was the youngest and the other boy in a towel was a year older than me.

They called their secret place Fish Cove.  Someone asked if anyone saw any fish.  One of the older boys said, “I saw two tonight.”  That got a big laugh, but again their humor left me confused.

Pete and I were the first to leave and when he left me back at the camp he asked if I had a good time.  I had a great time, I told him.  I thanked him for trusting me and letting me hang out with his cool friends.  He reminded me I was his best friend, and I had a happy glow when I left him.

Back at the cabin Steve commented on my happy mood.  He asked what I was up to.  I made up some lies, but from his look I don’t think he believed me. He let the matter drop.

Two days later Pete told me I was ready for another secret. After dinner we went for a walk.

He led me along a trail that took us to the far side of the lake.  We came to a secluded spot.  There was a low flat rock in a ravine that we walked down into.

“Is this a secret spot?” I asked.

“Take a seat.” He told me.

I sat down on the smooth rock.  He stood in front of me.  He turned away from me for a minute.  He looked around and listened.  I looked around and wondered what we were doing there. 

He turned towards me. “Do you want to have some fun?”

I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.  “Sure.”

He took off his shoes and socks.  That puzzled me.

Then he looked at me in a funny way and then he pulled down his shorts and underwear and stepped out of them leaving them on the ground.

He was semi-erect, and I stared.  He didn’t say anything. He kept looking at me. Maybe it was only 10 seconds, but it seemed like forever.  I took in the shape of his dick.  It was circumcised, (everyone was back then I thought) larger than mine but proportional to his size, mostly hairless balls, and sandy fine hair around the base.  He stepped closer to me.  He was a little more erect now and he adjusted it with his hand.


“What?” I asked.

Then he stepped right up to me and pushed the head of his penis against my lips and, as I parted them, into my mouth.  He half-filled my mouth and held it there.  Even before I moved, I felt him getting harder.

“Well?  Are you going to?” He asked.

Without much thought I started licking his dick and moving my mouth back and forth over it. I did not know what I was doing.  Soon I had my hands on the back of his hamstrings and I was gyrating forward and backward.  His dick got harder, but the head was soft at the same time, his skin felt like a sheet of thin dough over an iron bar.  I took in the details with my tongue.  The shape of the head, the feel of his shaft.  Soon I was holding still as it moved it in and out.  He never shoved it all the way in, but I was able to roll my tongue over about half of it.  After only a short time his pace became very fast then stopped.  He grunted and came in my mouth.  The warmth and wetness filled my mouth.  I pulled back and turned my head and spit it out.

He stood in front of me as his penis pointed further and further down. Then he stepped back and walked back to his underwear and shorts.  I watched his naked ass as he bent over and slipped into his underwear and shorts.  He picked up his socks and shoes and walked over and sat next to me.  It took him some time to put them back on.  I sat there in shock trying to say something. 

He put his arm around me and asked, “Are you ok?”

“Fine.” I answered.

“This is just for the two of us. No one can know. I will leave first, just wait a few minutes before you leave.”

I sat there. Wondering about what just happened. What did it mean? Until 20 minutes ago I had never even thought about doing what I did.  Now I was sitting here dazed and excited with his taste still in my mouth.  Was I gay because I let him do that to me?  It wasn’t my idea, but I did it and I enjoyed it.  It seemed to happen so fast.  It was my fault somehow. He was my friend and maybe he thought that was what friendship meant.

I heard a sound that I thought was squirrels running on rocks, but it was someone walking down into the clearing.  It was Steve.

“What are you doing buddy?”, he asked.


“Nice private place. You look a little red in the face, are you sure you weren’t misbehaving?  You know, giving the knob a polish?”

“Shut up you little pervert”. I started to walk away.

“You are calling me a pervert?”  He waited until I responded, but I didn’t.  I was beginning to panic.  “I saw what you were doing with Pete’s wiener.  Did you like it?”

My heart rate doubled. I tried to sound calm, but I failed.  “What are you talking about, I wasn’t doing anything.”

“I was right up there.” He pointed to a location that was behind the spot I was sitting.  “Had a real clear view.”

I could hardly think. I managed a feeble “You can’t”.

“I can’t what? Tell people.  I can if I want to. Unless you convince me not to.”

“Sure.  I will convince you.  What do you want to hear?”

“Not with words”.  He sized me up.  He pointed to the rock I was sitting on before.  “Go sit over there.” 


“Ok then.  See you later”.  He began to walk away.

 “Wait”.  I went and sat down.

He walked in front of me and dropped his shorts and underwear.  He was hard.  It pointed straight at me.  I was not as long as Pete’s or mine, but it looked wide for its size.  It came straight out.  It looked like you could place a ruler flat along the top.  Even though he was younger than Pete he was hairier.  He had hair on his balls, even some on his shaft and thick, dark curly pubes.  The head of his penis was slightly wide like his shaft. He stepped right up to me.  I put my hand out to stop him.  “You take it easy, or I will stop”

He stood there waiting.  I put my hand on his shaft covering more than half of its length.  That first touch made him shudder.  I moved forward and placed the rest of his penis in my mouth.  He sighed.  I could feel his excitement.  His dick throbbed in my mouth.  I thought to myself that this would be easy for him to finish.  I started pulling him in and out of my mouth, with my hand around his shaft firmly pulling him forward and pushing him back. The head of his dick was running over the length of my tongue.  I didn’t let it go as deep as Pete’s but the girth of it felt different sliding over my lips.

After a minute he pulled back.  “Wait.  You are pulling too hard.  Just hold still.”

He adjusted his position and started pushing himself in and out of my mouth.  I couldn’t really control it, so I let him.  It was like before, but now he was in control.  Only my hand over his shaft prevented him from pressing too far into my mouth.  His hands gripped my shoulders and he leaned forward.  His pubes pushed against my nose over and over.  I felt his stomach rubbing against my forehead.  He was thrusting as deep as he could, and my hand was banging my face with every thrust.  He penetrated me all the way to the back of my mouth, and I struggled to breath. I was a little off balance, but he controlled his movement with his whole body. He kept slamming it into me and as the pace picked up, I was gasping for air.  I breathed through my nose, but it was often buried in his pubes.

It was too much.  I pushed him back.  “I told you to take it easy.”

He let go of my shoulders and positioned himself a little closer to me so that I could take him in while he stood straight up.  We started again.  This time he was gentler going in and out of my mouth.  He controlled the pace, but I helped with the movement. We got into a rhythm, and I could hear my lips and mouth make a slight slapping noise.  He began to grunt.  It sounded like ‘unnngg’ over and over.  I could feel the excitement of his body.  Compared to him, Pete had felt relaxed.  Steve was so tense and hard and concentrated.  As the rhythm picked up the wet slapping noise became more prominent.  His grunts became louder. He cradled my head with his hands.  We were completely connected. The excitement he was feeling was mine as well.  When he finally came it was as if half a glass of hot eggnog was poured into my mouth.  I was determined not to swallow, or have it spill on me, so I had to keep my lips tightly wrapped around his shaft as he finished pumping.  His dick finally stopped thrashing and it softened. He withdrew himself with a plop and I turned my head and let my mouth empty onto the forest ground. He stood over me unmoving.  For the first time I saw his dick not rock hard. I scrambled off the stone and around him to stand up and wipe my mouth. I stood for a bit, catching my breath.

“Okay.  That’s it.  Now you keep your mouth shut.” I warned him.

“As long as you keep yours open.” He replied.

I felt so angry at him, but at the same time I felt connected. I was still buzzing from the sensation and heat of his body. 

He looked down at my shorts and smiled.  “Nice tent.  I will leave you to it.” He pulled up his shorts and walked up and away.

My shorts and underwear had shifted to accommodate the largest hard-on I could possibly have.  I hadn’t noticed it until then.  I pulled my shorts down and noticed a huge wet spot on my underwear.  I straightened my clothes and hair as best I could.  I didn’t want to stay there any longer.  I just imagined someone else walking down that rock path.  I went straight back to the cabin making sure I didn’t run into anyone. 

The next day I talked to Pete, but not alone.  He smiled at me and acted as if nothing had happened.

Steve started making comments to me when we were alone.  How I made him hard. How my lips were soft. He asked me to go for a walk with him that night, but I told him to buzz off.   

The next day when I ignored Steve. He started making suggestive comments in front of the other two guys in our cabin, passing them off as jokes.  I tried to avoid him, but that was difficult at the end of the day.

The day after was Saturday and Pete finally talked to me alone after breakfast. It was very awkward, and I waited for him to talk about what happened. He started by telling me he wanted to do it again.  With some difficulty I asked him why I was doing that to him, and he was just walking away after.  He said he couldn’t do it to me because he was older, and he knew he just liked girls.

“Are you saying I am gay?”

“No, No.” He said.  “You like girls, right?”

I nodded.

“You are too young to make up your mind, it will take a couple years and then you will probably decide to just like girls.”

If you are reading this now you would find it unbelievable, but I believed it.  It made sense.  It meant I was normal.  I did wonder why I was so turned on.  I told him about how I got ‘excited’.

That was normal, he assured me.  I should just masturbate.  He wouldn’t mind if I did it in front of him after I did him.

I asked him why he did it with me and not a girl.

He laughed at that.  There was no girl at this camp that would do that despite what everyone said.  Then he put his hands on my shoulder and looked straight into my eyes.  “I need it Thomas.  Please.  Meet me this afternoon.  We’re best friends, right?”

During the afternoon activities I kept thinking about it. It seemed so important to him. I knew I liked it enough and the idea of masturbating with him close to me got me excited.  I was his friend and that mattered more than anything to me.

I met him late in the afternoon in the sand dunes far from our campsite. 

Once we found a comfortable spot, Pete stripped off his bottom items and pulled me towards his crotch.  I told him not to be impatient.  I looked down and admired him in the grassy sand. I roamed around his legs with my hands, ran my palm across his stomach, played with his balls and enjoyed his hard-on while gently touching it with my fingertips.  He lay back relaxed, and I rested the side of my face on his stomach staring at his twitching hard-on as I gently stroked it.

“That’s good Thomas. Good.”

After a while his hand was on my shoulder, and he gently pushed me down until my face was on his crotch.  I massaged his balls as I ran my lips up and down his shaft.

He let me do this for a few minutes then he told me to put it in.

I got on my knees and put my mouth on his hard-on. I moved my mouth up and down.  I kept up a slow pace and he seemed content.  Occasionally he would push up his hips and his dick would slide far into my mouth. 

I kept this up for as long as he would take it but eventually, he told me to go faster.   I picked up the pace.  After a few minutes I could feel his penis throb.  He placed his hand on the back of my head and guided the movement of my mouth up and down.  I let him increase the pace. Finally, he placed both hands on me and violently spasmed deep into my mouth.  It seemed like so much more than the first time three days ago and from the way he writhed in the sand I knew that it was much better for him. I moved my head away from him and released a large wad of juice onto the sand. 

He grabbed me and held me down against his body.  I watched his dick get smaller and a drop of cum pool on his tip.  He held me for a few minutes while he lay sprawled in the sand. Finally, he sat up and told me to sit next to him and pull down my underwear.  Then he told me to milk the last bit of cum from him with my hand and smear it on my dick.  “Use the juice from your mouth as well, there should be some left there.”

He positioned me in front of him and told me to stroke it slowly as he held me.  I did as I was told.  He gave me instructions on the speed, when to pause, when to continue. Somehow, I lasted for a much longer time than I did by myself.  In the end he repeated “faster” a few times and then told me to cum.  I did.  Hard.  I gasped and grunted then I gushed the biggest load I had ever produced onto the sand. I turned my face toward his and fought the temptation to kiss him.

He gave a little laugh after I finally calmed down.  “That was great.  Let’s see how you did.” He looked down at the spot in the sand where I came.  “Not bad.”  Then he moved me, so he was looking straight at my crotch.  He felt my balls.  “Not so big now, but they were probably as big as walnuts.” 

I felt exposed so I started putting on my underwear.  As I stood up, he slapped my ass.  “You leave first, I am weak in the knees.” 

I got the sand off my feet and put my shorts and shoes on.  I took a few steps away then he called to me.  “Thomas.”

I looked back.  He lay back still bottomless in the sand. “Did you have a good time?”

I nodded and walked away.

For the rest of the day, I would get hard every time I thought of what we did.  Especially the way he touched me after. I was dazed for minutes at a time just feeling the way I did.

Steve must have noticed.

In the middle of the night, he woke me.  He was kneeling by my bed and gently shaking me awake.

“What? What are you doing?” I asked.

He leaned very close to me.  Kevin was snoring and Roy was away for the weekend.

He whispered very quietly “You have to do me.”

“Are you crazy? We could be caught.”

“We won’t. I put some pillows on the ground.  I will be in a position to hear or see anyone coming.”

I looked down.  His and Roy’s pillow were on the ground in the space between the bunks.

“If I do this you have to agree to everything I say. First you don’t bother me again for a week.  Agreed?”


“No more dirty talk in front of anyone else for the rest of the summer. Agreed?”


“No finishing in my mouth.”

“I’ll try.”



I got off the bed.  He lay back with his head on a pillow close to the end of the beds.  I got between his legs with a pillow supporting me under my chest.  I pulled down his underwear and he sprung out.  It was dark, and I couldn’t see it clearly.  I put a hand and my mouth on it.  In just a short while I felt uncomfortable despite the pillow.  I stopped, moved to one side, and put my head on a folded pillow facing him.  I put my hand on his hip and turned him towards me.  He shifted on the floor until it was right in front of me.  I adjusted the pillow and put my mouth over it.  I gave his hip a pull to let him know to start.  He started sliding it in and out.  Not too deep at first, but I had learned to relax my mouth a bit and since he wasn’t as long as Pete, he could get most of his shaft into my mouth.  I didn’t have to move a muscle.  After a while he paused.  I decided to lick his head.  I traced the edge and slid down the bottom of his shaft.  When I did this his breathing changed.  His legs tensed.  He felt electrified.  I gave his hip a tug and he started doing all the work again.  I felt completely relaxed.  Almost like I was dreaming.  The present and my memories of the afternoon blended together.  He would stop and I would use my tongue again.  Time passed and we did this over and over.  I could have fallen asleep, but his tension and excitement kept me awake.  His pace finally quickened.  Then he held still for a long time as I flicked his tip with my tongue.  He gasped, pulled out and started cumming.  It was too dark to see but judging from the shaking of his body and his gasping for air he must have made a big mess.

I found a box of tissue and handed it to him.  I climbed in my bed and got under the covers.  It took him a while to clean up and I was getting drowsy. Suddenly, he was leaning over me again. “Tom.”


“I want to see it.”

I shifted my covers over and pulled down my underwear.

He moved closer to it.  “Wow.”

I covered it up.  “Go back to bed Steve.”


End of Part One


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