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True First Time Tales

Conrad's Tale

 Rated: X  11 14  incest (*)


My first time was with my uncle Roy. It's not like you might think. Or maybe it was.
There's a lot of things in my life I would want to change, or would let be changed, but not my Uncle Roy or our times together. Not a second.



My dad was the oldest of seven siblings. Just after my dad graduated high school, his little brother Roy was born. My dad got married a year or so later, and I came along two years later. That made my Uncle Roy three years older than me - almost four. I grew up living not far from my grandparents and Uncle Roy. Some of my earliest memories are of Uncle Roy and his big backyard. My mom and dad worked, so when I started school I went to my grandparents' house every day and did homework with Uncle Roy as we had sandwiches and juice. Roy was super smart, and he taught me more about my schoolwork than any of my teachers ever did. Then we would play or watch television until my mom picked me up just after six.

Roy was way more like an older brother than an uncle. In some ways he was even more like a best friend. His friends sometimes didn't like me tagging along, but I remember tons of times that he stood up for me and said I was coming along, or playing too, or he'd stay home or go home.

Sometimes my parents would go out on Friday or Saturdays, and I would get to stay over with Uncle Roy and my grandparents. I loved doing that. Roy and his friends would play Dungeons And Dragons. I usually played the monsters fighting the players, but when I was about ten, I got to play my first character, and after that I usually played characters with the other guys.

Sleepovers were totally cool. I would sometimes get picked on, but it wasn't bad, and Uncle Roy wouldn't let the guys do anything really bad to me. I had more fun with him and his friends than with my own friends. When he had one or more friends stay overnight, they slept on the floor and I slept in the bed with Roy, up against the wall. When it was just Roy and me, I got the sleeping bag on the floor. Sometimes I'd say there was a bug or something in order to get to sleep in the bed.

When I was younger, I slept in the bed with him all the time. I liked that a lot. It was way nicer to be in the bed, not only because it was softer and more comfortable, but I just liked being in the bed with him. Sometimes I thought about why, but I never really knew. It was just way better being in the bed with him, all curled up next to him. It felt safer I guess.

When I was eleven, and Roy was fourteen andabout to start high school, it happened. Since there was no school, someone was slaying over at his house or he was stating at theirs a lot, and I was pretty much staying over every day. One night, Roy was going to meet his friends early the next morning to bike to the arcade downtown. I couldn't go with them. My mom was picking me up around noon and we were going shopping for some new school clothes and things. I was kind of pissed. I wanted to go with Roy and his friends. I was eleven now, and I thought I was old enough to go downtown with Roy and his friends, but my folks and even my grandparents said I was too young to go.

So, that night, no one was staying over. It was just Roy and me. We watched some movies and played around until it got pretty late. He wanted to go to sleep so he could get up in the morning and go with his friends. But I was kind of jealous and didn't want him to go. I figured that if I kept him up late, he would oversleep, or maybe be too tired to go. So I kept begging him to stay up and play video games with me. Then, when he tried to go to sleep, I would make enough noise playing the video game to keep him from falling asleep.

He got a little mad at me, and told me to turn off the video game and go to sleep. I did. Well, I turned off the video game, took off my jeans, and got into the sleeping bag. I kept thinking of how I could keep him awake so he'd be too tired to go with his friends in the morning.

"Can I come sleep in the bed? I just felt something crawl on me," I asked.


I crawled into his bed and under the blankets. I had heard my mom and dad talking about how dad sometimes moved a lot in the bed and woke up my mom, or kept her from falling asleep. So, I decided to try doing that. I forced myself to stay awake, even though I was getting pretty tired. I'd roll over or kick my legs, or something to make sure Roy didn't fall asleep yet.

"Lay still, dude. I gotta get up in the morning ya know."


Then I'd roll over, cough, kick, pretend to sneeze, whatever.


I could tell he was getting mad, so I waited longer, but I'd still move or something to keep him awake.

I rolled over again, making sure I moved the bed, and Roy rolled over and slammed his hand on my chest. Not very hard, but his hand slapped my chest pretty good.

"Stop moving around and making noise, or I'll nurple your nipple so bad it'll still be purple in the morning."

He kept his hand on my chest and was quiet. I waited a long time, then kicked my legs some.

He tweaked my nipple pretty good. I guess I was sort of used to that. It was his way of torturing me when I was being a pain or we were wrestling around or something.

So I laid there with his fingers pinching my nipple sort of softly for a while. I remember it felt sort of different than before. It was more tingly than pinchy. I guess because it was a gentle pinch that lasted a long time instead of the usual hard pinch that only lasted a few seconds. I was sort of liking it, so I moved a bit.

He pinched it harder for a second then only held it again.

I guess being mischievous to Roy and having my nipple pinched and held onto sort of excited me in a new way. I sure felt all excited and giggly. When I giggled out loud, he told me to be quiet and pinched my nipple some more. It actually felt pretty good. So I giggled some more.

"Would you shut up and lay still!" he said, and pinched my nipple pretty hard.

That didn't feel all that great, but after the pinch it felt pretty good again.

After a while, I was sort of drifting to sleep, and realized it, and sort of jerked all over and then coughed to make sure he wasn't going to sleep.

"Okay, if this won't make you stay quiet," he said, giving my nipple another pinch - a hard one this time, "Maybe this will."

He let go of my nipple and his hand moved down my chest and over my stomach, and he grabbed my junk through my underwear. He gave it a tight squeeze - all of it, dick and balls. My underwear was thin tighty-whities, so I felt it.

"Now, go to sleep, or I'll pinch your dick hard enough to make it be purple in the morning too."

Then he grabbed just the tip of my dick and held it that way. The thin material of my tighty-whities didn't cushion his pinch any.

Now, I was eleven, and hadn't done anything to my dick except wash it, and hold it when I pissed. Having Roy's warm hand holding it through my underwear was... it flipped on a switch. I got tingles in my stomach and chest, and my dick. This was super exciting.

So, I waited, and waited, and waited, and then coughed and moved a bit.

He pinched the end of my dick. The thin material didn't cushion his pinch any this time either. Still, he didn't pinch it all that hard, just enough to remind me of his threat. I knew, sort of, that he wouldn't hurt it.

"Go to sleep," he said, sounding sleepy.

I laid still for a while. His finger softly pinching my dick was incredibly exciting. Swirly tingles were moving around my guts and chest, and the tingle in my dick was awesome. I giggled. I didn't try to, I didn't have to try.

He sort of pinched my dick again. This time it was more a kind of rolling it between his fingers and thumb. Man, this was not going to make me go to sleep at all. I was wide awake now, and I really liked the tingly feelings I was having inside me and in my dick.

I moved my legs and giggled.

He sort of wiggled his fingers and thumb on my dick. It tickled and tingled like crazy. I giggled more. He wiggled it more.

"Dude, you're gettin' a boner," he said.

"I am?"

I felt his fingers moving around over my dick. It felt really nice. Tickly and tingly and exciting. Things I'd never felt before. I liked it a lot.

I reached down and moved his hand away and felt my first real boner. My dick felt really big, and sensitive, and tickly, and I was amazed at it.

His hand came back and moved mine away, and he grabbed my hard dick and pinched it a little.

"Now go to sleep."

How the hell was I going to go to sleep now? I was so wide awake. And the neat feelings in my dick and guts were too nice.

This was so weird, and so totally awesome. I giggled at it. He moved his hand on my dick. I giggled some more. He moved his hand, sort of moving my underwear up and down on my dick. It felt amazing. I giggled even more.

He let go of my dick. In that second, I felt let down and sad. I didn't want him to stop.

Then his hand went inside the waistband of my underwear, and his warm fingers grabbed my dick directly. I gasped. I remember how shocked I was. Him touching my dick through my underwear was one thing, but now he was actually holding it. I reached to grab his hand, just as he started moving it. I had a hold of his hand through my underwear, and was trying to stop him, but what he was doing felt so good that I just sort of held his hand as it moved up and down.

My legs twisted, it felt so good.

I remember asking him, "What are you doing?"

He said, "I'm going to do something that will make you sleepy so you'll go to sleep."

He rolled on his side and used his other hand to play with my balls through my underwear. By now, the intense tingling was so good that I wouldn't have let him stop if he had. I was sort of scared, but it felt awesome. I kind of wanted to stop him, but most of me was enjoying it so much that I had no choice. I laid there with my hands at my sides and let him jack me off. I knew that was what he was doing. I kept thinking how my uncle was jacking me off. I worried what my friends would think. I wondered what his friends would think. What about my parents? His parents, who were my grands - and were in their room down the hall. What if they came to check on us? Or what if they heard us?

But it felt so awesome!

His other hand let go of my balls, then slid into my underwear through the leg opening. His fingers played with my balls again, but without underwear between them. He moved my balls all around, one at a time, then together, then one at a time again. And his fingers and thumb were moving the skin on my dick up and down in a rhythm that seemed hypnotic. It was like being asleep and awake at the same time.

I don't know how long that went on for. Not a clue. I sort of just lay there, dazed and amazed. My chest and guts were rolling around and tingling, but they were nothing compared to the awesome feelings in my dick and balls.

Then he let go of my balls, and then let go of my dick, and I didn't want him to stop. I was about to ask him if he'd do it some more, when I felt him taking my underwear down. I lifted up so he could, and he pushed them down to my knees. I grabbed my dick and balls, amazed at how big my dick felt. And really amazed at how it felt to touch the head of my dick. It was so hard inside, but still soft and squishy on the outside. And the way it felt when I touched it, and squeezed it. So awesome.

Then his hands moved mine aside, and I let him jack me off and play with my nuts again.

Shit! Nothing had ever felt so good before. It was the best thing I'd ever felt.

Now I understood why guys played with their dicks.

What I didn't understand was how this was supposed to make me sleepy. It wasn't. At all. I was wide awake. There was no way I was going to fall asleep now. No way at all.

He scooted over so that his chest was over my stomach and his elbow was on the other side of me now, on the bed, and bent so that he could keep jerking me off. His other hand was playing with my balls and my sack. His back was to my face. One of my arms was pinned under him, so I got it free, and since I didn't know what to do with it, I sort of laid my hand on his side. Pretty soon I got curious, and I moved my hand over his hip, and over to his front, and I felt his boner. That was really surprising. His underwear was sort of wet there. Just a little, and I knew he didn't pee, so I thought it was sweat. It didn't matter, because it was so interesting to feel how big and hard his dick was. It felt like an Italian sausage, except it had the ridge near the end. Man, was that fascinating. I was touching a guy's hard dick. But he was jacking me off, so...

I got my other hand over and pushed his underwear down. He let me by lifting his side up off the bed. When his underwear was down far enough, I reached over his hip and grabbed for his boner. I felt his pubes first. That was really interesting. I knew guys got pubes when they turned into teenagers, and I was sure Roy had pubes, but I was actually feeling them. They were stiff and wiry, all around the base of his dick. Then I felt his dick against the back of my hand. That instant is sort of burned into my mind.

I'd touched his boner through his tighty-whities, and that had been surprising. And then I'd felt his pubes. But the back of my hand was actually touching his boner. Wow! How fucking weird!

I lifted my hand and grabbed his huge dick. It felt huge, anyway. It felt thick, and long, and warm, and hard, and soft, all at the same time. It wasn't like anything I'd ever felt before. Not just the actual sensation of touching a hard boner, but the way it felt to my hand, and the way I felt inside me.

The way it moved as I waggled it. So cool. And how soft and smooth and silky the end of it felt. There was something wet around the tip that was slimy and slippery. The way it made the skin on his dick feel so smooth and incredibly soft and slick was like nothing I'd ever felt before either. I didn't even think about what that stuff was.

I tried moving my hand up and down on it, like what he was doing to me. He used his hand that was playing with my balls to show me how to jack his dick off. I got caught on right away. It was like an instinct. His hand went back to playing with my balls.

I had no idea my entire body could tingle that way. Being jacked off was fucking awesome! I didn't mind doing it to him at all. In fact, it was kind of exciting too. His big dick felt really neat. It was so soft but so hard. Nice and thick and meaty. It was cool to jack him off.

Then I wanted to check out his nuts. I knew they were way bigger than mine. I'd seen him in his underwear a lot, and I'd seen how much stuff was down there. I wanted to see how big his were. I wished I could get my right hand over his body and use it, but I couldn't. So I let go of his big dick and found his balls. Man! The way they felt was so cool! They were nice and big, and felt heavy. It was the way they moved around in the skin of his sack that was the most interesting. It was like they were greased up in there. They slid around so smoothly and easily. I could feel some hairs on his sack, but it was mostly soft and smooth. I got hold of one of his nuts and felt how oval and soft it was.

"Ow! Not so hard!" he told me, then squeezed one of my nuts pretty hard.

I was way more careful after that. I sort of wanted to jack his dick off some more, but his nuts were so fascinating. I played with them while he jacked me off and played with my nuts.

It was so dream-like. I'd never felt so neat. I'd had no idea how good I could feel. All the tingles and sensations were so amazing that I just soaked them in and soaked in them.

After a bit, I let go of his awesome balls and went back to jacking him off. It was so cool. The feeling of moving my hand up and down his big dick was something so natural and enjoyable. And I loved how it felt as he did it to me.

Then he stopped, and I felt something else. It was so soft and warm, and then I realized it was wet, too. And as it moved up and down on my dick, it was absolutely wonderful. A new tingling started up way deep inside my dick. It was like warm waves. Oh, fuck, did that feel good. And it got even better the longer it went on. My body was going crazy! I sort of sat up a bit from the tense pleasure of it. It made my muscles want to move, but as if they didn't know what way or how. My legs wanted to run. I wanted to scream out loud. This was fucking terrific on a scale like nothing before.

I suddenly realized what it was. I was so shocked that I almost pushed him off of me at first. Then I calmed down and held onto his dick and started shaking. I mean, shit! My uncle was sucking my dick! And it felt so fucking great that my body was out of my control.

I couldn't take a deep breath, but I badly needed to. I could only shake and gasp and hold onto his big dick with one hand and his shoulder with the other hand.


"Roy! I'm gonna pee!" I gasped, so grossed out that I was going to in his mouth. He didn't stop. The super-great feelings only got better and stronger. "Serious! I'm gonna pee! Stop!" I hissed, afraid my grands would hear

I tried to warn him one more time, but all I got out was a sort of grunted, "Agh!" and then I was shaking all over, and I couldn't stop my hips from thrusting like I was having sex with a girl, and my legs were kicking, and I was curled up against his back. I made that "Agh!" sound again as my dick seemed to grow bigger than his in slow, pulsing waves of intense pleasure that ripped through my entire body. I couldn't breathe, or talk, or move, except to hold onto his shoulder and back and hope I lived.

My hips shoved, I grunted, I held on, as every nerve in my body lit up. I was kicking the blankets wildly, I was aware of that, but not much else other than how fucking amazingly awesome my dick and balls and down there felt.

At last it slowed and got weaker, and I was able to beg him to stop. He didn't for what felt like minutes, but was probably just a couple of seconds. My dick felt like it was swollen up to the size of my leg, and it almost hurt at every touch of his mouth. Then I had the ability to control my body a bit, and I grabbed his head and yanked it up and away from my exploding dick.

I covered my junk with both hands and rolled over on my side away from him and started breathing fast and hard. And shivering all over.

I felt his hand on my side, slowly moving up and down from shoulder to hip. Sometimes it moved over my butt cheeks. It felt insanely soothing and nice. I giggled a lot. Damn, did I feel amazing all over!

I started crying. Not big sobs, but little sniffles. Tears ran down over my nose and across my cheek.

Then he scooted up behind me and put his arms around me. That was nothing new. Hugs from Uncle Roy were an almost daily thing. But naked, with his boner up against my butt cheeks, and after what had just happened...

"You okay?" he asked really softly. "Dude, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to freak you out. Are you okay?"

I nodded. I couldn't talk yet. I was so stunned.

He hugged me so tight. I was fully aware of his boner against my butt, and I felt it get soft and small. That seemed kind of sad, but it was the only sad thing I felt.

"Sorry," he said again right in my ear. I could feel his breath. "Sorry."

"It's okay," I choked.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay."

"Then why are you crying? I didn't mean to make you cry, dude. I thought you might like it, is all. I'm sorry."

I could hear how sad he felt. I was sort of confused. I didn't want him to be sad. Especially about what we'd just did. I rolled over to face him, and he didn't let go of the hug one little bit. It was too dark to see him, but it was like I could. I could see his face, and he looked scared and sad.

He kissed me on the forehead, like when he was trying to make me feel better about something, and said, "Sorry, dude. I thought you would like it. I'm sorry."

Wow, could I hear how scared and sad he was. I still couldn't see his face, but it was like I could, clear as day. I didn't want him to be sorry or sad. Not at all. No way. I'd just experienced the most incredible thing of my life, and he was sad about it. Insane.

But I didn't know what to say. I hugged him back, as hard as I could, and the crying stopped pretty fast. I wasn't sad anyway, why was I crying?

"I don't know why I cried," I said into his chest. "It didn't hurt or anything. Honest."

"Are you scared? Or something?"

Maybe. I didn't know. I shrugged against him.

"I just thought you'd like it. I'm sorry, dude."

"I did like it," I said, then laughed. "That was awesome!"

"It was?"

"Yeah! That was the best thing ever!" And then the obvious thing to say came to me. "Thanks!"

"Thanks?" he asked.

"Yeah. Thanks. That rocked."

He sort of laughed, and we hugged up really tight. It was awesome. I felt really great. All happy and stuff. It was maybe the best moment yet.

"So you're okay?" he asked.

"Yeah. Honest. Don't be saying sorry for that. It was so cool. Really weird, but, yeah, cool."

I laughed, all nervous and sort of worried. I mean, did this mean I was gay? Or what? Was he? What the hell just happened?

It was the weirdest thing that had ever happened. Maybe almost as weird was that I fell asleep. Maybe two minutes went by, and I was out like a light. I didn't even wake up when he got out of bed or anything.

I woke up and the sun was up, and he was gone. I saw the time and wondered how I had slept so late. My underwear was still around my knees, so I pulled them up and then thought how he'd been so grossed out that he'd left without waking me up. I wondered if he would even talk to me when he came home. I thought it might be best if I left and walked home, and avoided him and my grandparents.

I thought as I lay there. It had been so much fun, and felt so good, but now I was afraid to face my grandparents. Would they know? Did they hear us? What if they told my folks? Would any of them still love me? What had happened? Was I gay? Was Roy?

I hardly believed it was real. The feelings were clear and vivid. I could remember how awesome everything had felt. I got hard thinking about what we'd done. I was ashamed, too. I didn't know if I wanted to ever do that again or not. I had really liked it, but it was so gay. What was going to happen now? The boner went away as fast as it had come.

I cried a bit, then thought how good it was and got a boner again. I got scared, and wondered if Roy would want to do it again or not, and the boner went away. I didn't want to ever think about it again, then I thought about it and my dick got hard and I wanted to do it again. I played with my boner a bit, liking it, and wanting to do it with Roy again. Then I thought how weird it was, and got scared, and the boner went away again.

I was so confused! And scared. And worried. And interested in doing it again but scared of doing it again. Back and forth.

I was under the blankets and too scared to come out when I heard the bedroom door open really softly.

This is it, I thought. My grandparents are gonna tell me I'm a sicko and I can't come back here ever again. I can't see Roy ever again. I'm in so much trouble!

 I heard the door close really softly. After a couple of seconds,  I felt the bed move, and the blankets shift above me. I squeezed my eyes as tightly closed as I could. I was ready to cry. I was shaking. This sucked!

Then I felt arms go around me from behind, and I felt him snuggle up against me.

I was so shocked than I spun around in his arms and faced him. He smiled at me, and said, "Morning sleepy-head."

He didn't let go of the hug, and I didn't know if I should hug him back or not. I was too stunned to do or say anything.

"You okay?" he asked. I could see he was getting worried. "You still okay... about it? Or what?"

Then I was so relieved! He was hugging me, like he didn't hate me or anything. He hadn't left to go downtown with his friends. He was too late to go with them. He'd stayed.

"Why didn't you go with your friends?" I asked.

He hugged me tighter, and said, "I was worried. I didn't want to leave and leave you alone after... you know. You were kind of weirded out last night. I wanted to make sure you're okay."

Cool! I thought. He don't hate me now. He still likes me like always. So cool!

"Yeah, I'm okay," I said into his chest. I wrapped my arms around his body and hugged him so tight.

"I didn't mean to freak you out," he said softly.

"You didn't."

"Yeah, right," he laughed.

I laughed too, then said, "Okay, it freaked me out some."

I had a million questions, but one came out first.

"Why'd you do it?"

"I thought you'd like it," he said, and rubbed my back with his hands.

I laughed, then said, "I did!"

"So, you're okay about it? You won't tell?"

"No way!" I said quickly.

After we were quiet for a few seconds, I got another question out.

"Can we do it again?"

"You want to?"

I nodded against him, still surprised I'd asked.

"If you want to," he said. "If you really want to."

"I'm pretty sure. It was... I mean... it was a lot of fun!"

I laughed from being so nervous, and from being so relieved that he was there instead of going with his friends, and that he still liked me.

"Feels great, huh?" he asked, laughing too.

"Yeah! But..."


"Does it mean I'm... that you... you know..."

"What?" he asked, then sighed, then finished my question. "Does it mean you're gay? Or I am? Is that what you mean?"

I nodded against his chest, afraid of the answer.

"I  thought about it after you fell asleep. I think I'm gay. I don't think you are. It's just messing around, is all."

I nodded against his chest yet again. I was relieved as hell.

"You're eleven. You don't like girls yet. But you probably will in a couple of years. Messing around won't make you a fag. If you're gonna like girls, you're gonna like girls."

I felt a lot better, but there was still some worries. I asked if his parents would know. He said they didn't, and they had been totally normal at breakfast. They had even said he was being a good uncle by not going with his friends and staying with me today instead. We talked about a few things, but I don't remember most of it. What I remember next is when we started talking about it.

"So, you liked it?" he asked.

"Yeah. It felt really good. No wonder guys beat off."

We laughed, then I asked him, "Did I do it okay to you?"

"Yeah. It was fine."

I could tell something wasn't totally honest in that answer. We knew each other too well to get away with lying to each other.

"No it wasn't," I said, knowing it. "Did I do it wrong?"

"No, you did it fine. It's just..."


"You didn't do it long enough. I didn't get to, you know, finish."

He hadn't felt that awesome ending? Not fair!

"Want me to finish it?" I asked, and moved my hand from around his side to down his front.

It wasn't hard, but it was still so big compared to mine. I moved my other hand down there too, and played with his balls. By then, his dick was getting bigger very fast.

"No," he said, moving my hands away. "Folks are awake. Maybe tonight. Okay?"

"You sure?" I asked, more than willing to take the risk they might open the door and catch us. I was so suddenly horny and willing. I could feel my own dick getting hard.

"I'm sure. Later." He got my hands away from his stuff. It was totally hard by then. "If nobody stays over tonight, we can do it then."

"What if someone stays over?"

He shrugged, smiled, and hugged me up tight again.

"Folks are waiting for you to get up. They might come see why you aren't."

Catching us hugging was no big deal. Our family were big huggers, and me and Roy hugged a lot. Hugging was no big deal. If they opened the door and saw us hugging they probably wouldn't even think about it. But I was in my underwear, and after last night, it all seemed different. So I hugged him tight and then let go. I sat up, threw back the blankets, and looked down at my boner in my underwear. He flicked it with a finger and we laughed.

"Hard as steel," he said as he gave it a gentle pinch.

Man, that fired up all those sexy tingles! I covered it up with both hands and laughed.

"Better get dressed. And try not to walk around all day with a boner sticking out of the front of your pants," he teased, groping for it.

"Stop it!" I hissed, scooting to the edge of the bed.

Man, my dick was tingling like mad. It wanted to play so bad that I almost jumped on top of him and started doing it to him. But I wasn't stupid, so I got my jeans on, then my shirt, and went to use the bathroom.

It was a weird day, trying not to think about doing it with Roy while my grandparents were there. Then shopping with my mom and grandma. I thought about them finding out a few times. It was scary more than once. Then we were back at my grandparents house having a late lunch from KFC. It was weird to sit with my mom and grandparents and Uncle Roy, eating chicken, now that I had been jacked off, sucked off, and I had jacked off my uncle. I tried not to laugh when I thought about it this one time - Roy had a drumstick in his mouth, taking a bite, and I saw my dick at his lips instead. I'm sure Roy knew what I was snickering about. Mom and his parents didn't have a clue. I think that, more than anything else, proved to me that none of them know or suspected. And that made me feel so relieved that I couldn't stop grinning the rest of lunch.

A little after we had finished our late lunch, a couple of his friends called. They wondered if he was feeling better. He'd told them he didn't feel like biking downtown, and now he didn't feel like having anyone over.

"I think I'm catching something," he told them. "I'll just see you guys tomorrow for D and D, if I'm feeling better, okay?"

When he hung up, he looked at me, and said, "Now we'll be alone tonight."

I felt my face get red. It was so awesome. He was putting his friends off so that we could do it tonight.

We played video games, watched a movie with my grands, and had left-over KFC for dinner. Then Roy and me played more video games, worked on some D and D stuff, then watched a movie together. Sometimes we grabbed each other's laps. You know. Nothing more than a fast grope. Sometimes I felt his hard-on. Sometimes I was hard when he groped me. I always got hard after he groped me if I wasn't already. Man, that was tingly-licious.

Finally, his folks went to bed. He closed his door and said, "Get ready for bed. They won't be surprised if they come in and we're in our underwear."

So we took off everything but our tighty-whities. We were both very hard, and we snickered and groped each other as we played video games for over an hour. He got a wet spot in his underwear, and he explained pre-cum to me. Then he explained cumming, and other sex stuff my health class hadn't taught me. It was hugely exciting to talk sex stuff with him while we played with each other in our underwear.

He said, "They're probably asleep by now," and reached down and slid my underwear off.

I slid his off. With the lights on, I could see everything. He had hairs around the base of his dick in a small circle. I knew grown-ups had way more hair down there than he did. It was the same color as the hair on his head. There were some on his sack, but not very much. His dick looked so big compared to mine. Mine was about the size of a roll of dimes, just a little bigger. His was bigger than a hot dog, about like an Italian sausage. The shaft was the same color as the rest of him, but the head had a kind of red tint to it. Man, his balls were so big. I grabbed one and it was easily as big as an olive. Mine were so small compared to his. Mine were so small they were hard to get hold of through my sack. My sack didn't even hang down yet. His let his balls hang down and made it easy to roll them around and check them out.

We sat there at the end of his bed and played with each other. It was so cool! He showed me how to jack him off better. He couldn't do it that way to me because my dick was too small. He used the tips of two of his fingers and his thumb. It sure felt fucking great.

Then he showed me how to use spit as lube and to rub it without moving the loose skin. He made a circle with his finger and thumb and moved them up and down over my little dick. Man, that felt so good I almost couldn't stand it! He said that was his favorite way to do it. It was mine now.

After a little bit, he said, "Gotta stop or I'll finish."


Then he explained how when you're a teen, and you can squirt, that when you squirt, you sort of don't want to do it anymore. He said he didn't want to do that yet, so he got on his knees in front of me and sucked my dick.

Shit! This time he rubbed his hands up and down my thighs, and sucked on my nuts, and rubbed my chest. It was even better than last night! Pretty soon I was laying back, shivering, as he sucked my nuts and dick at the same time. It was so good that I got that out-of-body, dreaming feeling again.

I was getting that gonna-pee feeling when he stopped.

"Oh, man, I was going to!" I said.

"Yeah. Good thing I stopped then," he said. "I wanna see if you like this."

He lifted my legs up, and then stuck his face between my legs, back behind my balls. I was thinking, 'what the fuck?' Then I felt his tongue tickling my hole. It was so shocking that I started to get away, but he held me there by my legs and kept doing it. It went from a weird, gross feeling, to a strange, tickly feeling, to an awesome, tingly feeling. I could feel his tongue licking me down there, and all around my hole, and it got better and better. I felt him squishing his tongue into my hole, and I almost told him to stop, but it really felt pretty awesome. The longer he did it, the more awesome it got. After a little bit longer, I was sort of squirming and giggling at how good it felt.

"Like it?" he asked, then went right back to doing it before I could answer, "Yeah!"

"Now," he said, looking up at me, "I want to show you something I saw in a porno once. I tried it myself, and it feels really amazing. Okay?"

"Okay. Sure."

"It's sorta weird. I'm gonna sick my finger up your butt. Don't worry, it won't hurt. Then I'm gonna rub something that feels really awesome."


"Your prostate."

I hadn't meant 'what?' as in what was he going to rub, I meant 'what?' as in 'what the fuck?'

I almost stopped him, but I was interested in anything he said felt awesome. So I got up on my elbows and watched as he got his finger wet, then wiggled it into me. That first feeling of his finger pushing into my hole was awesome enough. It was so weird, and so strange, and just... neat-o! I liked how it felt. A lot. The more of his finger that went in, the more I liked it. Then he hit that spot. I mean, it was like electricity shooting through my hole and up through my balls and then through my dick, and then right back to that secret, hidden place up inside me. This was fucking magic!

My back arched and I dropped off my elbows. I heard myself go, "Oooo!"

"Like it?"


Every time he pushed there, my dick swelled up and throbbed and tingled. The tingles from inside my hole exploded all through me. It was so incredible that I stretched out with my arms over my head and just went, "Oooo!"

I lifted my ass off the bed and pushed my hips up, and grabbed the blankets with both fists, and it was like nothing else.


He laughed, "Yeah, you like that, huh?"

He rubbed and squeezed and massage that place, and I went fucking ballistic! My body exploded with sensations that seemed completely impossible. My dick felt like it was going split up the middle from being overinflated. My balls tingled so much it was like they were plugged into a light socket. That tingling sparkling sensation between my legs was overwhelming.

And then it was all rising up and I felt my dick dancing and jerking and swelling, and that place inside was pounding and pulsing, and my hole was tightening down on his finger, and it was fucking amazing!

I whipped up and curled over my groin. It was like I was being sucked on by the world's strongest pump. Every muscle was tense and vibrating, and my entire being was focused in the tiny place behind my balls.

I banged my head against his as I almost fell off the end of the bed, and I grabbed out and held onto him as my body shuddered and my dick convulsed. I let go of whatever part of him I'd latched onto and instead grabbed my balls and dick with one hand and his hand with the finger up my ass with the other, and held on, afraid to move his hand or mine.

Pulsations of pure awesomeness washed all through me, until I couldn't stand it any longer, and I yanked his hand way, pulling his finger out of me, and I slid off the bed and onto the floor.

I was panting and shaking. I even had sweat on my face.

"Holy fucking shit!" I cursed, then laughed.

"Wild, huh?" he laughed.

"That was so fucking awesome!" I said.

I literally jumped up and wrapped both arms around him and hugged him tighter than ever before. I was still shaking a little. He hugged me back, and laughed a little. His hands went up and down my back, and then over my butt, and then he ran a finger over my hole. I jumped in his arms and laughed, and said, "No more!"

My dick jumped and tingled. I knew I'd just cum, but I sure didn't want to stop.

"Do it again later, okay?" I asked.

I backed up a bit, so that I could see his face, as he said, "Sure, if you want."

"Yeah! But not right now. It's too ticklish down there."

"Okay. What do you want to do now? You done?"

"Uh-uh!" I said. "I wanna do that to you!"


I stood up, which put my dick in his face. He leaned forward and put his mouth over it before I could back up. It was so ticklish! It made me laugh so loud that I was sure his folks heard.

I leaned down and hissed, "Stop! It tickles too much!"

I squirmed and fought to get free. He let me go and stood up. I was so turned on, that I went to my knees and put my mouth over his dick without thinking about it for a second. It was so salty and... musky, I guess. I didn't know what to call it then. I grabbed his balls and started sucking his dick. I couldn't get more than about half of it in my mouth. I sucked as hard as I could. I wanted to make him feel as good as he'd just made me feel. I wiggled my finger up behind his big ball sack, and found his hole. I didn't think anything about it, except that I had to make him feel as good as he'd made me feel. I pushed my finger inside him.  It was so smooth and slick inside his ass. I didn't know what I expected, but not that.

"It's behind the balls. It feels like a nut. Don't push it hard. Just rub it like you would one of your balls."

I followed his instructions, and soon found a round thing about like one of his balls. I rubbed it, and he said that was it. Soon he was softly moaning and telling me I was doing a great job. Then he started telling me what to do with my mouth. I licked his head, stuck my tongue in the hole, ran it around the edges, everything he told me too. The head was so smooth on my tongue. Amazing. How can skin feel so smooth and velvety? It was neat.

Way too soon, he told me, "Okay, stop, or I'll bust a nut in your mouth."

I didn't like that idea, so I stopped, and then pulled my finger out of his butt.

He didn't seem to have liked it as much as I had.

"Did I do it okay?"


"You didn't, you know, seem to like it so much."

"It was great. I've felt it before. That was your first time."

"Oh. Okay."

That made sense. But I wanted him to enjoy it as much as I had.

"Can I do something you've never done before?"

He thought for a moment, then looked at the door and back at me.

"There's only one thing I've never done."


"You won't want to do that."


He got red-faced, then said, "I've never fucked a hole, or anything."


I wasn't sure about letting him fuck me in the ass at all. I mean, that seemed so... way gay.

"Don't worry, you don't have to," he said. "I sure won't make you. What we're doing is good enough."

No, it wasn't. He'd made me feel so fucking awesome, and I had to give him something back like it. But...

What the fuck? I'd never had a finger up there before, and that had felt great. Not just what he'd done up there, but the neat feeling of something going inside it. Maybe it wouldn't hurt.

"Can we try it?" I asked.

"You seriously want to?" he asked, looking really surprised.

"Yeah. But, if it hurts, stop. Okay?"

"Fuck yeah, dude. I don't want to hurt you."

"Okay. Cool. Let's try. But... "  I was eleven, I knew girls liked guys to use lube to fuck them in the butt. I knew it made it easier. "You got anything we can use for lube?"

He thought for a second, then said, "There's Vaseline in the bathroom cabinet."

"Okay. Go get it."

He jumped into his jeans, and was gone longer than I thought he should have been.

"I stopped to make sure the folks' door was closed and the lights and tee-vee was off. They're snoring, so they're sound asleep." He shut his bedroom door, and was out of his jeans in two seconds. I watched as he put some of the stuff on his dick, then he handed me the jar and said, "Put some on your hole."

 I handed it back, not sure exactly what to do with it, and said, "You do it."

"Okay. Get on your hands and knees on the bed."

I did. It was so weird, being on my hands and knees, and him smearing cold, gooey Vaseline on my hole. I wasn't totally sure about this, but it was pretty exciting all the same. I was hard as steel and totally turned on. He got behind me, and between my legs, and it was awkward and clumsy for a while. He managed to get in the right position, finally, I guess, and I felt his dick up against my hole. Man, that was exciting! Then he pushed. It was pleasant and painful.

"Does it hurt?"

"No," I lied.

It didn't hurt much, it was more exciting than painful.

His dick pushed harder, and harder, and it was more pain than pleasure. But something in me wanted it.

"Hurt yet?" he asked.

"No," I grunted.

Then I thought about letting it in, so I relaxed my hole, and then his dick sort of started sliding in.

It was... just... I was born to take a dick. It was like I had been waiting all my eleven years for that. It hurt, pinched, was uncomfortable, but I wanted it. Now, I wanted it. I even shoved back to get it in sooner. It hurt, but it felt so... just right. By the time my butt was pushing up against his front, my insides were arching in tight pleasure, and that tingling began behind my balls. My hole complained, but my soul begged for more.

"Is it okay?" he asked.

"Yes! It's okay. Do it."

He did it. Wow, did he do it! He slowly moved it almost all the way out, then paused, then slowly moved it all the way in, until I felt his pubes tickling my cheeks.

"Okay?" he asked.

"Yeah!" Then I wondered... "Like it?"


"What's it feel like?"

"It's so tight. So warm. Really nice inside."

He moved in and out, slowly at first, then gradually faster and faster.

"Like it?" I asked.

"Fuck yeah!" he groaned. "Love it. Feels fucking awesome!"

His voice sounded so pleased! That made me like it even more.

"Does it hurt?" he asked.

"No. Sort of. Not much. It's okay. Keep doing it."


He went faster. Harder. His skin slapped against my ass. He slowed down to keep quiet. He'd go faster, until he made slapping sounds, then he'd go slow.

He held onto my hips. I buried my face in the bed.

It was good. Really good. It hurt, but not much at all by now. It felt so full and tight and powerful.

"Oh, fuck, it's so good," he moaned softly. "I think I'm gonna soon."

I suddenly loved the idea of him doing it inside me. It seemed gross, too, but more than that, it seemed... awesome.

"You can do it inside," I told him.

He didn't say anything. I got worried that was too much and he was grossed out.

A few thrusts later, he moaned, "I'm going to!"

He held my hips tighter, and shoved harder, and harder, then stopped. I felt his dick moving in my hole, and I heard him grunting softly. His dick swelled and pulsed in me, and that felt really neat. So did the kind of... wet feeling?

Then he gasped, kind of shivered, and pulled his dick out of me. I missed it right away.

"Oh, man, that was cool," he sighed, sitting back on his legs.

I turned around and saw how happy he looked. I was happy that I could make him that happy. But I was still horny, so I got busy beating my meat hard and fast.

He watched me for a little bit, then stretched out on the bed between my legs, put my dick in his mouth, his finger up my ass, and gave me a body-shivering good time. His soft, warm tongue went everywhere on my sensitive little dick. He sucked my balls, one at a time and together, as well as at the same time as my dick. He worked a second finger inside of me, and that was fucking good. Then he had just worked three fingers inside me, and was rubbing that sweet spot, and sucking my dick and balls, when I groaned, "Going to!"

It was better than the previous night. It was more intense, and those three fingers were almost painful as they worked inside me at the same time as my dick danced in his mouth and on his tongue, and as my hole clenched down on them. I gagged on my own breath, it was so intense and overwhelming. I held onto his head and pumped my hips until the waves of pleasure subsided and I was able to think again. Then I shoved his head away, and was reaching for his fingers to remove them, when he pulled them out.

I fell onto my back and sighed. Man, did I shake all over! It was insane!

"Man, you really like the butt stuff, huh?" he asked, laying down beside me.

It was so embarrassing, but, yeah, I really did. I nodded, grinning at him.

He rubbed my chest. I rolled over and hugged him. He rubbed my back, I rubbed his.

We fell asleep like that. I woke up at three a.m., and had to go to the bathroom bad. I woke him up getting out of his arms.

"Need to crap," I said, and pulled on my jeans.

Boy, did I crap. It actually felt good, too. Releasing. I washed off the Vaseline, and toyed with my slightly sore dick a bit, then went back to his room. He was on his back, boned up, and playing with it.

"My turn," he said, and sat up.

As he pulled on his jeans, I could almost see his butt hole. It was interesting, and I got harder, and told him, "Hurry back. I wanna do it again. This time I want to do it to you."

He smiled, and said, "Okay."

He wasn't gone very long, and when he came back, I was naked on the bed, playing with my boner with one hand, and my inside nut with the other. It had been easy to find it myself. And it felt great to rub it, but not as good as when he did it.

"You do really like the butt stuff, huh?" he asked, dropping his jeans.

"Fuck yeah I do," I laughed. "But this time I want to fuck you."

"Let's do it."

I put Vaseline on my dick, and he got on his hands and knees and let me put it on his hole. It was cool to see it. It was all puckered and brown, and it was so soft and velvety. I slid my greasy finger in and out of it a lot. Then I put two fingers in it. After a while, it put three in. I rubbed that nut inside, too. He really liked it. Then I got up behind him and aimed my dick at his hole. I spread his cheeks wide, and tried. But I was too short. I could get my tip up against his hole, but I couldn't get it inside. So I pretended to fuck him for a bit, but it wasn't all that great. It probably wasn't doing anything for him at all.

I gave up, sort of disgusted.

"It's okay. You'll grow longer, and then you'll be able to. If we're still doing it."

"We better be," I said, meaning it.

I loved this now. I wanted to do it every day for the rest of our lives.

So he cleaned my dick with an old sock, turned off the lights, and then sucked me for a while, fingers working my insides. Then he taught me about sixty-nines, and we did that, fingers up asses, cocks in mouths. That was great! Being sucked while sucking a dick was awesome. When he'd do something that made me flinch, I'd do it to him right back.

His big dick felt so good in my mouth. And his mouth sure felt good sucking my dick and balls. I loved it when he sucked them all at the same time. I couldn't do that to him, so I worked extra hard to make it good for him anyway. He liked it when I sucked one of his nuts. They were too big to do both at the same time. His favorite thing was being sucked while I rubbed his third nut in his ass. I enjoyed doing that to him. I enjoyed doing anything that he enjoyed having done to him.

When he said he was getting close, I stopped sucking his dick and sucked his nut, one after the other, and worked his third nut. I didn't want his cum in my mouth, that seemed totally gross.

"Keep sucking," he told me.

"I don't want your stuff in my mouth," I said.

"I'll tell you right before I squirt."


"When I say so, stop and just jack on it. Okay?"


So I sucked his big cock some more. I had tasted his pre-cum quite a few times. It wasn't very bad at all. Really salty and kind of like mushrooms or something. I was past thinking that was gross. It was just a little, anyway. But the idea of him squirting his semen in my mouth was just gross.

I felt his big dick twitch in my mouth, and I expected him to cum. I was sure it was too late to get away, and I figured I'd try it this once.

"Okay, I'm going to!" he grunted.

Oh, good! I don't have to!

So I moved away, and jacked his dick off. I watched my first orgasm in person.

I felt his dick twitch in my hand, and a big white goober oozed out of the hole in the tip, and I thought, 'That's it? He said it squirted out.'

It was slippery and slimy, like he'd said. Then he grunted, and said, "Here goes!"

Then his dick bent again, and it did shoot this time. A white goober shot out of it and landed near his navel. It was a sort of string of white, all wavy and crooked.

It was so cool the way it shot out like that. How did a dick make something shoot out of it?

Then his dick moved again and another one shot out and landed below the first one. It was a stringy white streak too.

So cool! It fired out like a squirt gun!

Then his dick twitched again, and this time a white goober landed near his pubes. It was about the size of a dime, almost round, and had white and clear swirls in it.

Then I felt his dick twitch again, and I saw another white goober fly out and land near the last one. This one was smaller and more clear than white.

His dick moved again, and a little drop barely shot out and landed much closer to his pubes. Then another jerk and another little drop fell out next to the last one. His dick jerked several more times, and little drops came out and either landed with the other ones close to his pubes or got all smeared up in my fingers and over his dick.

He jerked all over when I jacked his dick now, and sucked air in through his teeth.

"Super sensitive!" he hissed. "Stop!"

I let go, and strings of his cum stretched from his dick to my fingers. They broke and fell after a couple inches. I smeared the stuff around my fingers. It was so slippery and sticky and gooey. How could it be both slippery and sticky? And on top of that, so gooey? And warm, too. It was both neat-o and gross.

I looked at his dick. It was purple on the end. The whole head was different shades of purple. The hole in the end had a red ring around it. It was pretty. And it was all shiny with his semen smeared all over it.

"That was cool," I said in awe. "How does it shoot it out so far?"

"That thing you rub inside your butt? The prostate. It's a pump, like your heart. When you cum, it pumps your cum pretty hard."

"Fuck yeah it does!" I laughed.

"It can shoot it even further than that," he said, smearing the strings of cum around his navel.

"Really?" I asked, not sure if I should believe him or not.

It didn't seem possible that it had shot as far as it had. Further really seemed impossible.

"I'll show you sometime," he said.

"You can really shoot it further than that?"

"Sure. Sometimes. Maybe next time. If you really wanna keep doing it."

"Yeah I do!"



It was a couple times later before he could shoot further, but he did. I learned how to help him make it shoot further. Usually he had to skip a day or two, but we could make him shoot further too by making it last a lot longer. We got pretty good at making him shoot really far by making him get close and stopping. He read about it online somewhere. We had a lot of fun doing that. I would stop tons of times until he'd almost get mad and then let him blast off. Man, watching him spray his stuff in his face and hair and his face all like he was being tortured was just a riot. And his dick-head would get so purple! It would almost hurt sometimes when I'd touch it and he'd have to like cool down for a few minutes but that only made it last longer. Great times.

Yes, I loved it when he did that to me too. My little dick got tortured! Kind of made it jaded as I got older but those times were so worth it.

About two years after that, just after I turned thirteen, I told him that I was sure I liked guys too, and not girls at all. By the time I was the same age he was when we first did it, fourteen, I was sure. He was nearly eighteen. And we were still doing it about as often as we could get away with it.

He graduated high school, went to vocational school, and became a welder.

We were still doing it even when he had a boyfriend.

I graduated and went to tech school for computers. We were still doing it sometimes, every month or two, even when we both had boyfriends.

We're both in our thirties now, and we still do it sometimes.

I love my Uncle Roy.


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