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Grant's Tale

 Rated: X  ages 14  incest-brothers (**)


I've been wanting to tell someone for years! Bro finally said it was fine, so long as we didn't use real names or give anything away that might identify us.



I was born with a twin brother, and a brother almost four years older than us. We were really very normal. Our house had three bedrooms, so my twin and I shared a room until our older brother moved out when we were sixteen and he was about twenty. Growing up with a twin was normal to us, so were a lot of things I later found out were really strange to other boys our age. For one thing, my twin and I told almost everything to each other. We didn't have a single secret from each other. If one of us did something when the other wasn't around, we always told the other.

We didn't look like twins, in that we passed for brothers, but we looked quite different. We had the same sandy-blond hair and gray eyes, were about the same height and weight, but we looked different in many ways. For one thing, I had a longer face with a longer nose, he had a round face with a button nose. I also had to wear glasses because I was very near-sighted. Those differences continued under our clothes. We knew ever since we were kids that I had a much longer dick. It was at least twice as long as his, even before we found out about boners. Our personalities had similarities and differences as well. He was more outgoing and outrageous - I was more laid back and quiet.

We took baths together until we were about ten. We shared clothes to the point that even our underwear was both of ours. That didn't change until we were about twelve or so. We slept in the same room, in separate beds, but we were used to seeing each other naked as we got into bed. Our family wasn't well off, so we didn't have pajamas. We didn't sleep in our underwear because we'd slept naked since we were kids. Like all our friends, if we slept over, we slept in our pants.

We had the same friends for the most part. I mean, we grew up together, playing with the same kids, doing the same things. We were more alike than different - until puberty, anyway. And that came very late to the both of us. When we were freshmen in high school we still looked like we were twelve. Neither of us had even one pube. Then it was quite a while before we really got anything other than those random ones that were spaced out far apart above our dicks. Our balls dropped early though. I can remember back in seventh grade, taking showers for the first times. Our balls weren't like most boys sacks. Ours hung down some, and you could tell we had balls in there. Most boys had these round, tight pouches, and you couldn't tell if they had balls or not.

I'm guessing our balls were dropped so early because we were actually beating off by seventh grade. We'd caught our older brother doing it back when we were about ten or eleven. He was about fourteen or so, and, well, you know. We went back to our room and gave it a try. We were both hooked, and started doing it when we went to bed at night. Even seeing each other's morning boners weren't all that big a deal. Not even jacking them off in the mornings on weekends, in our beds, pretty much in view of each other.

Over the summer between freshman and sophomore years our dicks started growing, our balls got bigger, and we started getting hair around our dicks. Right around the base of it. And we both started getting drops of stuff out of it when we did it long enough. That new awesome feeling when we squirted was fantastic! We were beating off in our beds just a couple of feet away from each other, sighing and groaning and giggling.. and cumming.

We were having dreams about sex too. About girls, of course. I said mine were too, but, honestly, mine were more about dicks. Boys.

I was more than worried. My twin kept asking me why I was acting so weird. I wasn't hanging out with him and our friends as much. How could I? I was dreaming about sucking dicks and fucking boys. Not to mention that whenever I was around other boys, my thoughts were about what was under their clothes.

It was almost time to go back to school. I had spent so much time alone, that one night my twin just had enough. We were in our room, late at night, and everyone was probably asleep. Our parents sure were by then. Our older brother had probably beat one out and gone to sleep hours ago.

We were playing the old video game that was hooked up to our little t.v. in our room. It was hot, we didn't have air conditioning, so we were only in our underwear, the fan aimed at us. He asked me about going to do something with the guys tomorrow. I said I didn't want to.

He said, "So what's the fucking deal with you lately?"

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"You're acting like you're a loner or something. Stop it."

"I can't help it!"

"Why not!"

We didn't keep secrets from each other, but this was sort of different. I couldn't just say that I was having dreams about sucking dicks and fucking boys and it was too weird to be around the guys now.

He pushed me onto my back and sat on my chest, holding my arms down. I just wasn't up for wrestling, so I didn't fight back hard at all. It was like I was just weak and tired.

"So tell me what the fuck is wrong with you!" he said.

"You really wanna know?" I asked, really angry.

"If I didn't I would ask, stupid!"

I was just mad enough, or tired of hiding it enough, that I was able to just say it.

"I think I'm a fucking fag, okay?"

"What?" he asked, looking at me like he didn't know me.

"I said, I think I'm a fag."

"What? Why?"

It was hard to tell him any more, but he was my twin bro. We shared everything.

"I like guys, okay?"

"Yeah, right, like you even know!"

"You like girls, right?" I reasoned.

"Yeah, duh!"

"How do you know you like girls?"

He thought for a minute, then said, "Because I do!"

"Well, I know I like guys. Because I do."

He thought for a minute again, sitting on me, holding down my arms.

Then he leaned down and kissed me. Kind of quick. Just touching lips for a second.

I was kind of shocked!

We'd kind of kissed before. I mean, just brothers trying kissing. You know? Just to see what it was like. Sort of practice?

"Turned on?" he asked, kind of laughing a little.


"See, you're not a homo!" he argued, smiling at me.

"That don't prove anything," I argued back.

He let go of my hands then, and sat up a bit. He looked down at me, obviously thinking, his arms crossed over his chest.

I was fucking scared! I mean, I'd told him! What was he going to do? Tell our folks? Our friends? Did I fuck up by telling him?

"You saying, if a girl told us she wanted to fuck both of us, you wouldn't?"

"Maybe," I told him.

Maybe I would have. I wasn't sure. I mean, I was fourteen, and puberty was finally kicking in, and I likely would have fucked anyone and anything if given the chance.

He finally said, "Okay. Christine Smith. She's naked on your bed. She says,  'Come fuck me.'  What'd'ya do?"

I thought, then said, "I'd probably fuck her."

"See?" he said, as if he'd won the argument. "You're not a fag!"

I didn't have to think very hard, before I said, "If a guy was on my bed, too, at the same time, and said the same thing, I'd rather fuck him."

It took him a couple seconds, then he said, "Are you fucking serious?"

I nodded.

"You'd rather suck a hairy dick than eat a pussy?"

"A pussy is hairy too!" I pointed out. Then added, "And it's pretty gross, too!"


"Pussy is gross. It smells bad. It has blood come out of it. And girls get yeast infections. Gross."

"A guy's dick has piss come out of it!"

"Girls pee from the front of their pussy!"

"Girls have tits!'

"Guys have balls!"

"Balls are gross!"

"Balls are awesome!"

He couldn't think of anything else.

"So you like guys' balls?" he asked.


He grinned, sat up, yanked down his underwear, leaned forward, and said, "Then suck my balls!"



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