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Star Struck

 Rated: X  Teens (**)


This is the true story of my first gay sexual encounter, with a teen idol, as I worked on a movie set.



My mom was home when I got home from after school. Weird.

"Honey!" she said as soon as I got inside, all excited. "You got an interview for the movie!"

My stomach flipped over and I rushed up and gave her a huge hug. When we had gone to the open call for casting last week I had hoped I might make the cut, but I really didn't think I would.

I had done a few plays in school, but I wasn't very good. I had a hard time learning my lines, and I forgot them almost as often as not. I got nervous on stage, but I liked acting.

So I had gone to the open call and done the lines and redid them the way they suggested, and then we had left, the people doing the interview saying they would call us if they were interested.

And they had called!

"We go tomorrow at one, and you meet with the casting guys, and do another test. It's only for a background character, you only have three lines, but it pays five-thousand dollars and you'll only have to go to the filming set for two months over the summer!"


"It might get you even more work!"

We were so happy!

So, the next day, we go to the same office building and wait our turn. There are other boys there my age, and I don't know any of them, but we all look alike. We all are about thirteen, with blond hair and blue eyes, and we could all wear the same clothes. We all know we are all there for the same part.

My turn comes, and I do the lines, and redo them with their suggestions, and they say they will let us know and I can go.

When we get home, mom's phone rings, and she says I got the part.

We went out for dinner to celebrate, and I tell my friends that night.

On Monday, we go back to the office building and meet with different people. They set me up with an acting coach, and tell us when and where I need to go for the filming over the summer - three months away.

So I spend almost every Saturday with a nice guy who teaches me how to deliver the lines, and how to hold my body and hands for each scene, and all that.

Then Mom and I go to the city where the studio has a hotel room waiting for each of us. The director calls and makes an appointment for a meeting, and we go the next day. He's done a few movies but isn't a big famous guy. He's nice, and I meet the stars of the movie. I mean, I know these guys from all kinds of movies, and I'm all star-struck and shit. I meet some of the other co-stars and background actors through the day. It was exciting and I was so worn out when I got back to the hotel with my mom that night.

We had two days free before I was due on set for my first scenes, so Mom and I see the city and sights between having lunch and dinner with the movie's star kids and other actors so that we all can be at ease and know each other a bit.

There are three kids about my age who are real movie stars, and are the main stars of the movie, and five other kids who are co-stars, and about ten of us who are background or secondary characters. 

We go to nice restaurants and talk and have some fun getting to know each other. It's just us kids, with the studio's adult chaperone, a guy who has a big belly and almost no hair. He's nice. Our parents aren't allowed, because it's supposed to be just us actors getting to know each other so we can act like friends for filming.

Then on Monday I go to the set with my mom. Wow. A real movie set with real actors and stuff. We're there all day, mostly waiting around in the trailer for the secondary actors and their parents, watching television and talking and playing games. The trailer has two bathrooms and a kitchen, and the two bedrooms are set up different. One is for the adults to play cards, with a big table and a television. The other one is for us kids with two big couches and two televisions with different video game systems with a lot of games. The front room is couches and tables.

We get our clothes we wear each day for the scenes we're in. There's a lot of changing clothes in the bathroom and in the stalls near the stages. We change into our own clothes at the end of our day. Sometimes our day ends at noon, but rarely, and usually only for one or two of us. Sometimes we're all done at the same time, usually around six or seven at night.

So I hang out with the other kids playing secondary characters in the room with the video games. Some get called to do scenes, alone or in groups. Sometimes I go with a group and we do a short scene standing in the background as the main characters do their thing.

About six, one of the stage handlers comes in and calls my name. I change into the clothes my character is wearing for the scenes we're doing today. Mom and I go out to the stage and I do the scene I'm in with one of the main actors. No lines for me in this one, I just react to the line he delivers to me. Then we do another scene with some others. And then another. Multiple takes on each scene. It's fun, but it's a lot of standing around and waiting, too. And having to change in the stalls by the stages. By ten, the scenes are done, and shooting is done for the day.

The next day is the same, but the second time I'm called to the stage is the scene where I have two lines. I screw up a little, like the other secondary actors do too, but I get it done. I go back to the trailer, and then back at seven for another few scenes where I have no lines.

I learn that my next scene with lines is schedule for Friday, but I have non-speaking scenes all week. It's a tough week. Long hours at the studio, usually from six in the morning to after ten at night.

I get to be friends with several of the other actors. We're pretty much separate from the main actors. They all have their own trailers on the other side of the sound stage, along with the adult actors. Most of us secondary actors show up every day with our parents or other adults, but two don't. The famous actors have assistants who are always with them and drive them around.

After I do my last speaking scene, I get more relaxed. I don't have to worry about screwing up now, and just stand around and follow stage directions. We run when we are supposed to, scream when we're supposed to, all that. It's way more fun now.

Making a movie is hard work, but a lot of fun too. And working with teen idols is awesome. I get to see them all day. Hot guys I'd beat-off to many times, and there I was making a movie with some of them. Wow. I was having a wild time in my bed at night, jerking off with images of those hot guys in my head.

After a month or so, one of the guys is making out with one of the girls in the game room of the trailer. With some parents a room away and the door open. Her mom and his mom are feet away, and they've got their hands in each other's pants and shirts. Not long after that, they often leave together for long periods, and come back all sweaty and smiling. Yeah, we all knew what was going on. Except the adults. They seemed oblivious. I went on a walk one day, and found them between two trailers, their pants down, doing it up against one of the trailers. Actually doing it. She had a nice butt, but seeing his dick going in and out of her was so hot I got a major boner and ran to find a private place to whack one out. I spied on them quite a few times after that.

After almost two months, the filming is running down, and all us kids know each other pretty well. We have a lot of fun on the lot. My mom doesn't always come to the studio with me now. The studio bus picks up a lot of folks from the hotel we're in, so I just ride it now. It makes several runs a day, and takes us to the hotel when we're done for the day.

One day, when the filming is down to the last couple of weeks or so, one of the star kids, I'll call him E, asked me if I wanted to come to his sixteenth birthday party over the weekend. I'm really kind of shocked and honored. I say sure. He says he'll send a car to pick me up in the morning. Cool. I tell him my fourteenth birthday is next month. He says that's cool, and he'll get me a present. I tell him not to, that I probably cant afford to get him one. He laughs, and says that's fine, but he can afford a present for me, so that's what he'll do.

I ask my mom if we can get E a present when she says I can go to his party. She makes a good point, that we couldn't afford anything he didn't have and would want, so we get him a nice card.

The next day, I ask who is going to E's party over the weekend. No one is. They're all surprised I got invited, and some say I'm lying. By the end of the day, it's all around that I'm the only background actor who's invited to E's party. I get the cold shoulder from some of the guys, but what would I expect? I knew I should have kept my mouth shut.

The next day I apologize to E for telling about being invited to his party. He asks why, and I tell him.

"Get used to it. Jealousy is like air around here."

I asked him why he invited me anyway.

He puts his arm around my shoulder and says ," "Because I like you, dummy."

By the end of the day, some guys say I'm fucking E, and that's why I got invited. Someone saw him with his arm around my shoulders yesterday, and now I'm a fag and sleeping with a guy. Figures. I put it down to jealousy and stay friends with the guys willing to stay friends.

On Saturday, the car picks me up for E's party, and I go, and I have a great time. E has tons of friends, mostly Hollywood types, and I meet more teen idols and adult stars. It's so cool!

His house has a big pool, and I didn't know we would be swimming, so E says he can loan me a pair of trunks. We go up to his bedroom. Huge house! His room is bigger than most of my house. He gets a pair of trunks out of a dresser and hands them to me. They look kind of big and I say so.

"Try them on."

I look for the bathroom, and ask if that door is it.

"Oh, just try them on. We're both guys. You take showers in gym, right?'


So, I turn so he can't see my goods and change. He changes too. He's looking at me when I have the trunks on and turn around.

"See? Kind of big, but you can wear 'em."

"Yeah," I agree.

They are baggy, but I can keep them on if I don't dive in head first.

He's wearing Speedo type trunks, and I can tell he's got a lot down there - compared to me anyway. He was hot. Nice body. I'd always wanted to see him naked. I'd seen him in three movies, and never without a shirt, except this one picture of him without a shirt. In swimming trunks, standing in front of me, I almost got boned up.

So we go swimming. Like fifty kids in a huge pool having fun. Awesome lunch, then presents, then music and games, then swimming until dark and dinner.

Swimming with a bunch of hot guys was hard. In that way. I was turned-on pretty often.

Some of E's friends are really cool and treat me great, some are stuck up and act like I have a disease. Most of the famous kid actors act like I'm normal, but a couple never even talk to me. Some stars are assholes.

After dark, we're swimming again, and most of the guests have left. There's only two famous kids still there, both of them are pretty nice to me. There's about twenty of us left, mostly sixteen or younger, all in the pool.

The adults are inside, talking and having drinks, and us kids are having a great time. M, one of E's close friends and an actor in a couple movies, but not all famous and shit, kind of wrestles with me in the water. And he grabs my junk. I kind of push back and look at him for a second, and he grins, and moves toward me again. I back up. He grabs my stuff again and goes under the water, holding onto it.

I kind of try swimming back and away, but now he's got his hand in my loose trunks and has a hold of my dick. His other hand goes up the leg of my trunks and grabs both my nuts.

I'm about to scream and yell when he lets go and surfaces. He's smiling at me.

"What the hell, dude?" I ask.

"Don't like it?" he asked, getting closer.

"Uh, no."

"Oh. Well, let me tell you something."

He gets up close, keeping his hands on the top of the water. We're standing in the corner of the pool now, the water just above our waists.


"You better get used to it. You're not gonna get another job in the movies unless you let some adults do stuff to you."


"Jack you off, suck you off, maybe do some butt stuff."


"You don't know, huh?"

"Know what?"

"Dude, you got to do sex stuff if you want to be in the movies."


"Yeah. Everyone here has done it. Most of us with each other and a director or producer at the same time. If you don't, you don't get work."

"No way."

"Ask E."

He swims away and joins some guys diving for a ball that sinks. I'm sort of in shock. I get out of the pool and sit on a chair alone, kind of scared, and wishing I could go home.

E comes over and sits next to me.

"I hear M told you the facts of life in the movies."


"You gotta put out to get jobs."

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah. It's like this unwritten rule. You can do background stuff, and maybe small parts, but if you want to get the big roles and make the big money, you gotta put out."

"Dude, that's sick."

"Sick or not, you want to be a big actor, you gotta. We got a saying. 'You gotta get head to get ahead'" He laughed.

"You have?"

"Yeah. I got a couple small parts before I got a chance to do a big part, and when I was filming, I got picked out and had to. I guess I didn't have to, but I'm sure if I didn't let him do what he did, I wouldn't have got another part, ever."

"What'd he do to you?"

"Just gave me a couple hand-jobs and a few blow-jobs."

I didn't have a clue what to say now.

"No big deal," he said. "Not until I did my second big movie. That time I had to give up my brown cherry."

"You got butt-fucked?"

"Yeah. Wasn't so bad. And after I did it a few times with him, he hired me to do the big movie which got me famous. The only down side was we did it all the time I was making that movie. Man, I was shitting my pants after being fucked that much."

He was laughing. I didn't see how he could laugh about it.

"Didn't it hurt?"

"Sort of. But you gotta do what you gotta do."

He shrugged.

"Did you have to do that stuff to make this movie?"

"Only had to do some blow-jobs and let a couple of guys blow me a few times."

I was so shocked.

"Who knows," he said with another shrug. "Maybe you won't have to do anything to get bigger parts. But you're really hot, so I'm pretty sure you're gonna have to."

Sex with a grown man? I wasn't sure I could even do that. But I was thinking how I would with E. Or the guys in the pool right then. I was thirteen, and puberty was no stranger to me. I had a few pubes, and was jerking off a lot, and liking guys more and more. E was hot, so were some of the guys at the party. I'd do stuff with them, but I didn't think I could with an adult guy. Especially not the mostly ugly, hairy, fat guys who seemed to be in charge of the movie industry in general.

"What if I don't want to?"

"Well, if a producer or director wants you to, and you don't, you probably won't get any good parts. Just the way it is. But if you don't want to, then don't expect to make it in Hollywood very soon."

I kind of looked at his body, and thought I would do it with him for no reason than to do it. But a grown guy?

"Forget it for now, man. Let's just go back to the pool and have a good time. Okay?"


We did, and the rest of the night was pretty fun. I got drove back to the hotel about ten.

So, another week of filming goes by. Mostly waiting in the trailer, sneaking out to spy on the two love-birds and then whacking one out right after, and doing the scenes where me and the other kids were in the background.

On Friday, E walks up to me on the set toward the end of the day.


"Hey," I said back.

"Can you come to my trailer? I wanna talk about something."

"Uh, sure, I guess."

So we walk all the way around the sound stage, and out to his trailer, talking about the movie and stuff. When we get to his trailer, he closes and locks the door after hanging the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the outside.

"So, remember what we were talking about beside the pool?"


We sit down on the big, soft couch. His trailer is nicer than my house.

"You know. You gotta get head to get ahead?"

I nodded, instantly embarrassed.

"Well, one of the execs noticed you. Some other guys, too. But, this guy, he asked me to see if you'd be interested in doing another movie."



"You mean, he wants to know if I'd be willing to let him do stuff to me."

"Yeah. He wants me to find out if you'd be willing or not."

"Oh. So, how're you supposed to find that out?"

"He asked if I had done it with you yet."

I was surprised again. I looked up at him and asked, "He thinks we'd do it? Together?"

"Yeah. He asked if I'd slept with you yet."

"What'd you tell him?"

"I told him I'd only seen your bare ass once, and only when you were changing into swimming trunks. I told him I thought you were hot, but I hadn't tried to."

"You think I'm hot?" I asked before even thinking.

"Sure. You have great hair, great eyes, and a great bod. The girls are gonna go for you, big time. A lot of guys, too."

I remember thinking, 'I wish you would.'

"You could be a big movie star, if you can do the lines and emotions that go with them. You did okay in this one."

"You think I did okay?"

"Sure. Better than most. You know you're lines pretty well, and you do a good job getting emotions across on your face, and your body language fits the scenes. You could be a good actor, I think."

I was so embarrassed. One of the big teen actors thought I was doing a good job at acting. Wow!

He put his hand on my shoulder, and said, "Just remember. You're almost going to have to put out, sooner or later. And Mr. Eight is interested already."

Mr. Eight was old, kind of hairy, except for his almost bald head, and kind of fat. Pretty gross, really. I didn't think I could let him in my pants. I was sure I couldn't do anything to his gross, old dick.

"The good thing, is he won't make you do the rough stuff. No anal. He just likes sucking boys' dicks. A lot. He loves it. And he's really, really good at it. One of the best. And he does this thing with his finger up your butt that makes it even better. At least he won't make you bend over his desk and let him fuck you in the ass."

I almost said, 'I'd rather do it with you.'

"So, think you can handle that?"

"I don't know," I said, almost shaking.

"You ever done it with anyone? Guy or girl?"


"You ever wanted to?"

What a stupid question, I thought. I nodded.

"Girl? Or guy?"

I almost said a girl, then I thought I might try saying a guy, but I didn't say anything right away.

"It's okay if you like guys. I like both."

"What? You do?"

"Yeah. Some girls are hot, some guys are hot. My first guy was another actor on my first movie. He told me about the facts of life in Hollywood, and sure enough, a little later, an exec came and took me a few places, a few parties, and then got me drunk and stoned, and, well, let's just say, I learned a bunch of sex things from him."

"Was your first time with that guy on the movie?"

"Nah. My first time was with a girl I was working with on a movie that never got finished. We did it about a dozen times a week for a couple months. I heard she got pregnant from it, but I saw her later, and she said she never got pregnant or anything. We even did it a couple times that week. That time it was after I'd done it with the other actor and the exec. And a couple other execs and a couple other actors, and a couple girls."

"Wow. How many people have you done it with?"

"I don't know. Maybe a hundred."


"Yeah. Working in Hollywood is a trip. I get more sex than I know what to do with. Hell, I could be doing it with K right now. She's all into me and shit."

"All the girls are."

"Yeah. But K came up to me and offered. So I did. She had a nice tight pussy. And she tries giving good head, but guys almost always give better blow-jobs. I bet T gives good head."

"T? He... I mean..."

"Yeah. T does it with anyone. He's a whore," he laughed.

T was one of the secondary actors in the movie. He was fourteen, kind of fat, and pretty dorky. The idea he was fucking someone, anyone, was surprising.

"I haven't done it with him. I probably won't. I'm not into chubbs. But I know two execs who've taken him on overnights, and I know he's done it with both of them."


"You'd be surprised who's done it with execs and such. I think S got laid last weekend. He went on an overnight with Mr. Five, and came back looking different. He's kind of quiet now. He was all rowdy before last weekend."

I'd noticed S was kind of quiet this week. I didn't know he had gone on an overnight with Mr. Five.

I wondered if S was bothered by what he'd done. Or if he'd refused, and that was why he was sort of quiet now. I asked E.

"Oh, man, no doubts he did it. Mr. Five smiled at him and he smiled back. I think he liked it okay. He didn't stay away when Mr. Five put his arm around his shoulder today, and they smiled at each other."

Wow. S was doing sex with Mr. Five. Weird. And E was asking me if I'd do sex with Mr. Eight because Mr. Eight wanted to have sex with me. And E was into boys and girls. My head was spinning.

E got a joint out of a box under the couch. He lit it and handed it to me. I stared at it, unsure if I should.

"Never got high?" he asked.

I shook my head.

"Might was well get used to it now. Once you start doing Hollywood parties, pot is the least of what you'll run into."

Point taken. I took the joint and sucked on it. I coughed both of my lungs out. Half-an-hour later, we had finished the joint, and I felt as if I was halfway out of my body.

And I noticed that E was sitting so close to me, that his right arm was against my left arm, and his leg against mine. And I could feel his body heat. And smell his cologne. And he was leaning in close, smiling at me, and it seemed like he was about to try to kiss me.

I was instantly paranoid.

"Are you coming on to me?" I asked.

"Are you interested?" he asked, leaning closer.

My guts twisted. I felt tingly. My heart exploded into a racing rhythm. I nodded, my body suddenly shivering all over.

His lips were so soft and warm. It was my first kiss. And it was a teen-idol movie star. Okay, not a big movie star, but his picture was in the teen mags, and girls all over the country swooned over him. And there I was, kissing him in his trailer on the studio lot during the filming of a movie with him.

I felt his hand on my chest, so I put mine on his. The kisses got deeper and hotter. His hand moved down to my stomach. Mine moved down to his. Then his hand went under my shirt. I put mine under his. His skin was warm and smooth, and I could feel his rapid breathing. That made me notice that my own breathing was also rapid.

"Let's go to my bedroom," he whispered. "If you want to."

"Yeah," I whispered back.



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