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 Tony's Tale

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I started mowing lawns to earn money when I was ten. One of the lawns I mowed on weekends belonged to a guy who drove this really nice car. I'd talked to him about it a lot of times before I started mowing lawns. He was glad to have me do it for the five bucks every weekend. His house was pretty nice, and had a small yard like most of the houses in my neighborhood did. He had a single row of bushes, and I got another five bucks to trim them too.

So I was mowing his and other lawns for two years. I got tanned and healthy doing yard work of all types all summer long when I was ten, eleven, and twelve. I also did snow removal and salted in the winter.

At twelve I hit puberty. I was beginning to experience sexuality and lust, and had begun masturbating. Most of my friends were behind me in those ways. I just barely had a few pubes and my dick and balls were only beginning to grow. I was taller than most of my friends already, using deodorant, and fighting my first acne.

I was a stunner in looks. I have to admit it. I was very fit, slightly muscular, tanned, and very healthy. Girls were paying me quite a bit of attention. The thing was, I was more scared of girls than interested in them. I was more interested in boys, and I knew it. That was scary too.

So there I was, twelve, nearly thirteen, developing, and already noticing boys instead of girls. I was mowing and trimming bushes and small trees, hauling trash and junk out to the curbs on clean-up weekends, blowing snow and spreading salt in winter, and doing just about anything else folks wanted done for money.  I never wore a shirt in summertime. Well, sometimes I did, but not when it was hot. I always wore worn or faded cut-off jeans shorts. I liked to wear tight ones to show off everything I had. I liked showing off. I cut them off very short so that my legs got tanned all the way up. I wore them low low too. I didn't want a big pale area. Even my socks were down low so that I didn't have pale ankles. I was vain, I know.

Jack usually did something out in the yard as I mowed and trimmed his hedges. He kept a very close eye on me. Even when he went inside, I saw him watching me from a window. Sometimes he sat on his back porch and watched me mow his entre back yard. I hadn't noticed before, but now I did. I think I noticed it now because I sort of noticed him now.

Jack was in his twenties. I never knew his actual age. He looked old enough to be out of college, that was my only real guide. He was very nice looking. I hadn't noticed that before, but now I sure did. He was very fit, slightly buff, and very handsome. He had very nice hair, nice eyes, and a great body. Usually when he was doing something outside as I worked he would not have a shirt on and wore cut-off jeans shorts or jogging shorts. I noticed his nice legs, his nice chest, and his... well, his really nice butt. And, of course, I noticed his very nice bulge.

Jack was more than a mere customer. Besides his awesome car, he was just a very nice guy. We often talked about his car or other stuff after I was done mowing his yard or clearing the snow. He always had something cold to drink, or hot in winter, and a snack. Sometimes I spent a couple hours at his place after working, just talking and watching television or playing his rather old but still pretty fun video game system. He was easy to talk to, fun to be with, and he seemed and felt more like an older friend than just a guy I did work for.

Now that I was getting a sex drive, I was put aback enough by the sight of his body that I almost stopped going to work for him. I often got boners when he came out and did something in the yard as I mowed or trimmed. Or when he sat on his back porch in his shorts and no shirt, watching me. I had assumed he kept a close eye on me in case I got hurt or did something that might get me injured. I never thought he was watching me because he enjoyed it.

Well, one day late in the summer when I was almost thirteen, it was broiling hot, and I was mowing his yard. I had finished the front and moved to the back. I'd done the hedges first so that any debris was mowed down. I was just making the first pass around the side of his house. God it was muggy! I was sweating a river! I felt a drop fall on my face. I thought it was sweat, so I swiped it away. Then I felt another. I looked up and saw heavy clouds and rain. It had moved in while I was out front, and I hadn't seen it. Now it was starting to actually rain.  It looked like it was going to rain for a long time. Damn. I wouldn't get to finish, at least not for a while.

"Better come up here until it stops," Jack called from the patio.

I pushed my mower up under the awning over his back patio and sat down on a patio chair. He passed me a big glass of something cold.

I didn't notice right away, but after a couple long drinks, I did. He was wearing these ultra-short shorts, all floppy, and I could just see the hints of his stuff up the leg. That first sight sort of gave me a jolt. Yes, it was interesting, and yes, it was scary. It was the first time I'd ever seen up a guy's shorts except a very few glimpses up my friends' shorts on rare occasions. This was different, because it was a grown man. What little hints I saw was far more that what I'd glimpsed of my friends' stuff.

I remember how fascinated I was. I tried not to look too often, or get caught, but I sure looked again and again as we watched it start to rain and as we talked about his car. He was happy to show me the new carburetor he'd gotten for it, so we got up and went into the garage. I remember looking at his butt as we walked through his house. It was so nice. And after those glimpses up his short's leg, I was so turned on, and about all I could think of was what he looked like naked.

So he showed me the new carb, and asked if I wanted to help him get the old one off and put this new one on. Well, I loved cars, his especially, so, yeah! We got to work right away. It was hugely fun. I loved working on that massive car and immense engine! It was so much fun!

One thing that made it even more fun was being so close to him. We worked over the side of the car right next to each other. Our hands and arms and sides touched more often than not. There were a few times that he stood directly behind me, his front up against my back, as he helped me do something under the hood. His arms around me as he held my hands, or a tool, or a part. More than a couple times it got me hard and excited. It was hugely embarrassing, but leaning against the side of the car there was no way he could know I was boned solid, so it was a sort of secret turn-on, which was even more exciting.

Well, we got the new carb on, and got the engine started. The sound of that engine throbbing was almost sexual! It took us a while to tune in the new carb. When we were done, we were both pretty sweaty and very greasy. Our hands were nearly black and we smelled strongly of gas and oil and old grease. Awesome.

"Well, Tony, I'd say we did a hell of a job, huh?" he asked as we wiped our hands on some old rags and admired the newly installed carb.

"Sure did," I agreed, all grins.

I felt so awesome. My family car was new enough that working on it was not possible. There wasn't anything my dad and I could do to that car anyway, even if my dad was the type to do work on a car, which he sure as hell wasn't.

"Let's go get cleaned up," he said, closing that incredibly long hood.

We went inside to the laundry room and washed our hands with the heavy-duty, gritty soap. It got them pretty clean, but nothing near actually clean. My chest and arms were greasy and gritty too, right down to the waistband of my shorts. So was he. We even had grease and dirt on our legs and faces.

It was still raining, harder in fact, and it looked like it was going to for a while yet, if not all day.

"I guess you're done with the yard today," he said as we looked out the back patio doors.

"Yeah, I guess so," I said.

I still had a couple yards to do, but obviously I wasn't going to get to.

"I'm gonna miss out on another twenty bucks, besides the ten you would have owed me," I said sadly.

"Don't worry about it. You can get to it tomorrow," he said, and then pulled out his wallet.

He paid me the entire amount for his yard.

"If you want, we can play some video games a while. Or watch some tee-vee," he said, handing me the money.


"But, we have to get cleaned up. I don't want my sofa smelling like gas and oil and getting stained."

"Good point," I said, putting the money into my wallet.

"I've got an old robe you can wear," he said, turning away and toward the hall. "You can shower first, or after I do."

Shower? At someone else's house? I had at some of my friends' houses of course, but not somewhere else. I was sort of instantly nervous as I followed him down the hall and into his bedroom. I'd never been his bedroom before. It was very neat, like the rest of his house. He pulled a robe out of the side of his closet and held it up next to me.

"It's big enough, I'd say," and handed it to me.

I followed him into the kitchen again, and then back into the laundry room where we'd washed up. He opened up his shorts and took them down. Just like that. As if we were at school and this was the gym locker room. At least I'd heard about that stuff. I was starting junior high next month and knew I was going to be doing that then. He tossed them into the washer and poured in some soap. He turned to me. I stood there, stock still. He was completely naked. I sort of gawked for a couple of seconds. I mean, right there in front of me was a naked guy. I'd never seen a naked guy before, let alone a naked grown adult. It was... well... fucking fascinating. And sexy. And, yeah...

He had a really nice body. Smooth and sleek and trim. I saw that trail of fuzzy hairs on his lower tummy that I'd seen so many times before, but now I saw where it led. He had a furry patch of pubes, and a long, thick looking dick dangling down in front of his big balls that hung way down, all between his meaty thighs. Yeah, I boned right up.

"Well?" he asked.

I remember mumbling something like, "Uh..."

"Come on. We're both guys. I used to change in the same locker room you're going to soon. Might as well get used to it before you have to do it for real, in front of dozens of guys you don't know."

He had a point. I wasn't super shy or anything, but this was still kind of... weird? But, well, I wasn't super shy, so I put down the robe, unfastened my jeans shorts, and pushed them down. I saw my boner in my briefs, and felt it deflating, thank God. I handed him my shorts. He waited. I swallowed, then pushed my briefs down my legs and stepped out of them too. As I handed them to him, I saw him looking right down at my junk.

He grinned, and said, "Nice bod, Tony."

He tossed my shorts and underwear into the washer, dropped the lid, and turned it on. By then I had the robe on.

I remember how hot my face felt and how embarrassed I felt as I said, "Yeah, uh, thanks. You too."

I couldn't meet his face as he put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me toward the hallway. As he walked slightly behind me, I felt so self-conscious. My erection wasn't entirely soft, and I thought about why it wasn't. I was careful to keep my hands over it in case it decided to return to full mast.

We walked down the hall and into the bathroom. He was still totally naked. I took glimpses but was careful not to get caught as he opened the curtains and turned on the water. I looked right at his bare ass, and the slightly open crack, and almost saw the dark circle in there. Almost. My erection mostly returned and I kept my hands crossed over it. He turned around. His dong was hanging there all fat and juicy, right in front of his big nuts. It was an amazing sight. I looked up, but too late. I was sure he'd seen where I'd looked. But he was still smiling and didn't look mad at all.

"Can I ask you a favor?" he asked as he reached into a cabinet and brought out a couple washrags.

"Uh, I guess. What?"

"Well, I'd like to save some money on water. Would you be okay with showering together?"

He handed me a washrag. As I took it from him, I could see his dong hanging there in front of his nuts. It looked so big and meaty and... woof.

I looked up. Again. He had to have noticed where my eyes had strayed. He sure didn't look mad or anything. He was just smiling nicely and waiting.

"We're both pretty greasy, and it's going to take a while getting this off. I thought if we showered at the same time, we'd save a lot of water, and we could even help each other get to the tough to reach places."

Now, I was twelve, almost thirteen, and I wasn't stupid. Naive, maybe, but not stupid.

And when I noticed movement, and saw his dick getting longer and thicker, and starting to rise up and away from his hanging balls, I just knew.

But then, as if he wanted me to know for sure what he was hinting, he said, "Besides. I'm very, VERY curious."

"Uh, about what?" I asked, feeling myself shaking a bit.

"What you look like naked."

I felt my guts shift.

"Didn't you just see that in the laundry room?" I asked, feeling myself shaking a bit more.

"Yeah, but that was so fast. I hardly got to see anything," he said softly. "I'd really like to get a better look. If you don't mind."

I had no idea what I was supposed to say. I was sort of interested in the offer. I was more than a little interested. And I was more than a little turned on.

"Plus," he went on, "I think it would be good for you to get used to being naked in the shower with someone else. In a month you'll be undressing and showering with a ton of guys you don't know at all. And maybe a couple of your friends. Ya know?"

I remember nodding, and getting another glimpse of his rising cock. It was almost sticking out at me now, getting longer and fatter and bigger and more interesting. I wanted to see it fully erect. Oh, yeah. But...

"If you'd rather not, I understand. I'm just offering you a chance, is all. You can say no, no biggie. I'll go hang out in the front room until you're done showering, then take my turn." After a slight pause, he added, "If you want. Or, if you want, we can shower at the same time."

I was torn. I was sure interested, but it was such a new thing. I wanted to just say sure, let's go for it. But it seemed so... I didn't know what.

Then he reached out and tugged on the robe's belt. I just stood there, holding the washrag, and let him pull the belt loose and then open the robe. I was shaking like mad now. He pushed the robe open, over my shoulders, and it fell onto my arms.

I looked down to see my dork standing slightly at attention. Not hard, but not soft either. I looked up a bit and saw his. It was nearly pointing upright now, so big and full and beefy. I remember swallowing hard and trying not to let my knees fold up under me.

I shook the robe off my arm and over the hand holding the washrag. It fell to the floor. I was stark naked in front of him. Well, so was he.

I remember thinking to myself, What's the big deal? We're both guys. I'm gonna be naked in front of tons of guys in gym next year. In a month. Fuck. Just go with it. Be an adult you pussy.

"Damn, Tony," he said really softly. "You are sure in great shape."

I remember laughing a bit out of nervousness. I also remember saying, "So are you," before I even thought about it.

He was, too. Fit, trim, lean, slightly muscular, sexy, hard and erect... oh, God.

He stepped into the bathtub backwards without turning around, then reached out and grabbed my arm and guided me in with him. He leaned in closer, and then slid the curtain across behind me. His body was so close that I could see the small hairs around his nipples and across his skin.

We stepped under the water. I remember shaking so hard that even my breaths were shaky. He brushed his fingers through my hair, getting it wet. I looked down, and just stared at his erection as he worked the shampoo in. It wiggled and his big balls swayed as he washed my hair. There's something so nice about having someone wash your hair!

I couldn't believe how hard I was getting! Every time his hard dick got close to mine I wished so hard that they'd touch.

When he'd rinsed my hair clean, he said, "Don't worry about that," and gently slapped my boner.

I jerked in utter shock!

"That might have happened the first time you got into the showers in school, but now it probably won't since you've sort of done it already, at least this once."

He had a good point, I was sure. He poured some body wash into his hand and then began rubbing it onto my shoulders. It felt great! I had no idea having someone wash my body would feel so nice.

"Did it happen to you the first time?" I asked, mostly to fill the void of silence and embarrassment.

"Sure did. I was so embarrassed!" he laughed. "That's one reason I thought this might be a good thing for you to do."

"Uh, yeah. Thanks," I said, actually feeling glad such a thing might well be avoided now. I'd wondered if that might happen and had been worried about it quite a bit lately. I mean, how humiliating would that be?

He was now washing my chest and sides. God damn it felt nice! I was mostly over the initial embarrassment and really enjoying the feeling of someone's strong, wet hands washing my skin.

"Not that you have anything to be embarrassed about," he laughed. "That's a really nice one you got there."

I saw him looking down at it as he said it. It was the first time someone had seen it, let alone seen it almost hard, and having it complimented was really very cool.

I guess that sort of made it easier. It was probably why I said what I did next.

"You've got a really nice one yourself," I said, looking down at it.

"Yeah?" he asked, thrusting his hips a bit to make it slap up against his lower belly, and making his balls sway far out in front of him.

I laughed and nodded, and then looked back up at his face.

He was looking at my face too.

He put his hand along the side of my face, softly, and stroked my cheek. God damn that felt great! It made me shiver all over, even under the warm water.

"You're such a hot dude," he said softly, smiling at me the entire time.

I laughed a bit, getting embarrassed again.

Like I said, I wasn't stupid. I was beginning to realize what was going on here. I was hoping it was going to actually happen. I was hoping I was right and that it would happen. I wondered what I could say to make it happen. Or at least to let him know it was okay with me if it did happen. I settled on, "So are you," really meaning it.


I nodded and said, "Yeah."

I was about as shaky as a person could be and still be standing upright. I had a quick thought that if I shook any harder he could see it.

His hand slid down my cheek and neck, and then over my chest. When it passed over my nipple I almost sucked my tongue down my throat! Then his hand slid down further, just the tips of his fingers touching my skin, down over my stomach. I wondered if he was actually going to...

Yes, he was!

His fingers slid over the skin around my navel, and lower, and then I almost fell off my feet!

"That is one nice dick," he said softly as his fingers wrapped tightly around it.

I heard myself gasp.

His hand was big enough that it completely enclosed my entire dick. It wasn't all that big anyway. Maybe four inches? Not much more if it was longer than that.

He looked up, which made me look up. Our eyes met.

"You okay?" he asked, smiling still.

I swallowed hard, and forced myself to nod at him. I think I almost nodded my head of my neck.

"Do you mind if I get a closer look at this monster?" he asked, and squeezed my dick a bit.

I squeaked. Really squeaked. My voice cracked and went high. I coughed to clear my throat and tried again. "Uh, no."

He smiled really widely, and then slowly went down onto his knees. I watched him every second as he held my dick and went lower and lower, not believing this was happening at all.

I watched as he closely examined me down there. He held it at the base with a finger and thumb, and moved it around a bit to see it from all angles. Then he reached up with his other hand and traced along the edges of the head. My body trembled and grew electric all over! His soft fingertip traced the edges around and around, and then over the head to the tip, and then underneath it. I felt it flex and swell and twitch at nearly every touch.

Then his finger followed the tube along the underside to my sack, and then he cupped and gently fondled my balls.

"Nice," he sighed, hefting them a bit and then feeling them each in turn.

He looked up at my face, smiling nicely, and then asked, "You mind if I give you a blow-job?"

I felt my eyes bulge as my vision got blurry. It was unbelievable. I felt my mouth hang open. I sure wanted him to! But I wasn't sure how to respond. Should I say yes, or just shrug, or tell him it was up to him? What do I say?

I didn't have to say anything. He opened his mouth and slowly leaned forward, and I saw the end of my dick slip between his lips. I felt my eyes grow wider than my entire face!

And then I felt his warm, wet, soft mouth!

I laughed, "Oh God!" and shivered from toes to head as the most incredible sensation ever filled every nook and cranny of my entire body. It was like nothing I could have possibly imagined!

I saw my entire dick vanish into his mouth, and then there was yet another incredible sensation that took over. I went up on my toes and had to hold onto the side of the shower wall to keep from falling over!

"Oh, God, Jack!" came out of my mouth in a loud gasp.

I slammed a hand on top of his head and bent over him. I was shaking so strongly it was like being inside a tumble dryer. I had to lock my knees or fall down. One hand on the wall, the other on top of his head, those were the only reasons I didn't fall into the tub.

How can anything feel like that? I thought in disbelief.

The feeling of his tongue swirling beneath and around and over my dick was making me shiver and shake and gasp, but the feeling of that suction was just fucking insane!

That awesome tingling exploded in my guts, tore through my balls, and before I could even think of warning him, I was ejaculating golf balls through my urethra. And my dick felt like it was stretched out tight some ten times as big as ever. It was almost painful! I remember grabbing a fistful of his hair and scraping my nails against the wall of the stall trying to grab it, and my ankles popping, my back arching, my ass clenching... oh, holy fuck!

I held on as best as I could, eyes crammed shut, breath stalled, my heart pounding, my dick pulsing and puffing and slamming around in his warm, wet, soft mouth. It seemed to go on forever, yet it seemed to be over so quickly too.

Suddenly I was gasping and pushing his head away and trying to breathe at last.

I got his mouth off my overly sensitive dick and ended up sliding down the wall and onto my haunches, then my ass. I was so weak! And trembling all over.  I was cupping my dick and balls with both hands and didn't remember even letting go of his hair or the wall.

Then he was helping me stand up again, even though my legs just didn't want to. Then I was inside his arms and against his wet, warm, solid body. I remember reaching my arms around him and holding on tight as I gasped and panted and shook all over.

His hands rubbed my back, softly and yet firmly as he whispered in my ear, "Was that okay?"

I nodded against him, wanting to tell him it was fucking amazing, that I felt so great that I wanted to die now so I could always feel this way. I wanted to reach up on my tip-toes and kiss him until the water ran dry and the world ended.

I started feeling my body again. I felt his hard body against mine. I felt his hard dick against my belly. I was suddenly so hungry for it that it would have taken a million horses to drag me away from what I wanted to do.

I slid down his body, kissing as I went, sort of, and got to my knees. I opened my eyes, saw his furry, wet pubes, his hard dick, his dangling balls, opened my mouth, and slapped my lips closed over that big, thick, meaty cock, and sucked. I didn't know what I was doing, I just wanted that hot hard thing inside my mouth. I held the base of it with one hand, held his huge balls with the other, and slid up and down it like I knew you were supposed to, and sucked and sucked and sucked.

I felt his hands on the sides of my head, and his cock in my mouth, and his balls in my hand. That was all that existed. Period. I was unaware of the running water, the tub around us, anything else at all.

I tried to take it all in, but all I could manage was just over half of it. I think. I tried again and again, and quickly learned just how much I could handle. God, it felt so good! And the taste! So musky and heavy and manly. I could feel it when the pre-cum came, and the taste of it was so good.

Maybe the best of all was when he said, "Oh, man, Tony, that feels so fucking good!"

I was so proud!

Sometimes he'd say, "Yeah, just like that," and sometimes he'd tell me what to do.

I learned to use my tongue on it, over it, around it. I learned to rub the soft head against the roof of my mouth. So smooth and soft, so hard and hot! All at the same time! It was fucking amazing!

When he said, "Tony, I'm getting close. If you don't want it in your mouth, you better stop and just use your hand now," I doubled down and went for it. He moaned, "Oh, yeah, Tony, you fucking stud!"

I felt like a million bucks!

"Just have the tip in your mouth, stud, so there's room for all the cum I'm gonna shoot in there!"

He held my head still and slowly slid his huge cock in and out of my mouth, grunting low. I loved that sound!

He kept only the head and just a bit of the long, thick shaft in my mouth, sliding it in and out, over and over, slow and steady, grunting and gasping and telling me I was doing fucking amazing.

"Get ready! It's coming!"

I felt his big dick swell up and then slam against the roof of my mouth, and then I tasted it, and then I felt it exploding into my mouth. I tried to swallow as fast as it came, but I wasn't able to. I felt a lot of it getting past my lips and running down my chin. It was so thick and heavy, like syrup or Elmer's Glue. It tasted bitter and almost gross, but I actually loved it. It was awesome!

I couldn't keep most of it from escaping, but I did my best to swallow what I could as I sucked and licked. Until he stopped squirting. He kept sliding his cock in and out for a while, then pulled it away. I missed it immediately. I wanted it back.

He pulled me to my feet and grinned at me, then pulled me into a really tight hug that went on for so long. I felt so free. It was the most satisfied and happy I'd ever felt as I stood inside his strong arms, against his strong body.

"That was the best I ever had," he said softly in my ear.

I doubted that was true right then and there, but it still felt good to hear it.

At some point he started washing me again. It felt even better this time. I stood still as his hands roamed over every inch of my body, soaping and rinsing. He washed me everywhere. I mean, everywhere. His strong fingers and hands felt and touched every last inch of my body. Then he licked me everywhere! Oh, fucking wow! I learned how sensitive certain places were, like behind my balls and between my legs, and around my bunghole. THe feeling of his tongue around my hole was velvety bliss! When he slowly and firmly worked a finger inside there, I almost came! I'd never suspected how sexual a guy's hole was. Wow! Then I did the same to him. I explored every inch of his body, just like he had to mine, fingers and hands and eyes, and then tongue. It was beautiful. He was so sleek and smooth and strong and wonderful.

When I tried to give him head again, he stopped me, dragged me to my feet, and we kissed for the first time. I really liked that a lot!

Then he asked, "Would you like to go to the bed?"

I said, "Yes!"

"Would you like to fuck me?"


"And would you like it if I fucked you?"


Oh, and yes, we did!

I spent the entire day at his house, fucking and sucking and hugging and kissing, naked on his bed. It was simply glorious. I didn't leave until it was dark. I left the mower and my stuff there, and went back for it the next day. I did manage to finish mowing his yard, and the other yards. And then I was back at his house again until dark.

He wouldn't let me come over on weekdays, which angered me a great deal at first. But every weekend, I was over at his house, bright and early Saturday morning, mowing and trimming at record speed. Then I was in his bed until noon, then off to do the other yards, then back to his place until I had to be home for dinner. I was at his house early Sunday morning too, then in his bed until at least noon. I'd do the other yards, then go back until I had to get home for dinner.

Then school started. I spent hours in his bed every Saturday and Sunday. My friends and parents thought I was working myself silly. I was, working myself silly. Just not the way they thought.

We slowed down after a few months, once it became such a regular thing. I spent more time with my friends. I did more work on yards. I was at his house on Saturdays and Sundays, even in the winter, for years.

When I was sixteen, almost seventeen, I started messing around with Mitch who lived almost next door. He was almost four years younger than me, and I'd suspected he was into guys a while before I tried to get him to mess around. Boy, was he willing!

I would still be in Jack's bed if I hadn't gone off to college. By that time, I had introduced Jack and Mitch to each other. We had quite a few three-ways before I went off to college. We even had a few when I came home for holidays and breaks.

It's been almost exactly six years now since that first hot, sultry, rainy day. I have a steady guy of my own now. Mitch just started at university himself, but not before he introduced Jack to his thirteen-year-old friend Shawn.




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Just the way my first time was! Cool!


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Terrific first time story

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