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Anthony's Tale

 Rated: X  ages 12 19 (*)

A Nifty reader wrote me and mentioned that his first time story was on Nifty. I read it and asked him if I could polish it up and put it on my site. He agreed, so here it is.

"First Let me state that I was VERY WILLING to do this and it was in NO WAY done against my will."

It was 1986, I was twelve, and I knew that I was gay. I'd played around with a couple friends by then. Mostly just touching boners, tickling balls, and dares to put it in our mouths. No sucking though. Just kids' stuff. But enough to know by the time I was twelve and getting pubes that I liked boys far more than girls. That was what I liked the most about being in the boy scouts - being around the other boys and the older guys.

I was masturbating regularly, but I still hadn't had an orgasm. Not even a dry one. As I played with myself it felt great, but then it would feel like I was going to pee out of control all over myself, so I always stopped. I didn't know any better. Sex education back then wasn't very comprehensive, so to speak, and I didn't have any friends my age close enough to talk with about sex or jacking off to know about orgasms. 

I was still in the Boy Scouts. I'd always liked it, but now I liked being in the Scouts mostly because I could see the other boys swimming or changing. And just being around the other boys and the older guys. Not only for those reasons, there were other good things about being in the Scouts too.

I was never popular as a kid, and I always got along better with adults and younger kids than I did with my peers, so when it came time to go to Scout summer camp I was very scared that I would get stuck in a tent with someone that didn't like me. To keep that from happening, I soon picked out an adult leader and got him to let me stay in his tent. At the time it was normal and no big deal to do it.

I decided I would ask Tim. I have no idea why I picked him. I guess it was my gaydar? He was nineteen and a Scout Leader. He wasn't a stand-out looker, mostly pretty average. He had brown hair and eyes, average height for his nineteen years, strong and sturdy but not fat. He was nice enough to me often enough that I asked him if I could stay with him in his tent.

I didn't have any plans, so to speak, I just knew he was nice to me. I kind of hoped we would end up doing something, but I had no idea really what 'something' might be. I only knew that I liked guys in a sexual way, and he was nice, and nice looking.

It started out the first night. We had gone to our tent for the night and had decided to play cards for a bit. We played cards and had some general talk, and I remember we asked about girl friends.

I wanted to see him naked, of course, so I got an idea. I asked him if he had ever played strip poker. He said not in a few years. I said I that had never had the chance.

"Well we'll have to play sometime this week."

I thought, oh kewl! But that wasn't soon enough for me.

I said, "Why not tonight?"

He said, "Well, I'm starting to get a little tired. But we can start and see what happens."

"Kewl," I said.

So we played for a bit, each of us losing shoes, socks, and shirt.

I was excited about seeing him almost naked and getting to see more. It gave me a major boner.

But then he said, "We should get to bed, we got to get up early."

I was like, NO! I wanted to see him take off his pants and his underwear. I really wanted to see him naked. I hoped he had a boner too. I really wanted to see that!

I got an idea how to end the game quickly and maybe get to see him naked.

I said, "Okay, how about we just cut the deck to see who loses and has to take of his clothes?"

He said, "Okay."


But I lost. I had to get undressed. I was scared and worried. I had a really hard boner. He was going to see it. I knew it was probably smaller than his, and I had a lot less hair than he probably did, so he might laugh. What if he thought it was a bad thing I had a boner? What if he told someone I got naked and had a boner?

But I was turned on, and he was okay with the idea of cutting the deck to see who got naked, so, he knew that one of us was going to get naked.

So I got up and pushed my Scout pants and underwear down and stepped out of them, and showed him my very hard boner and my few pubes. I was really embarrassed and horny at the same time.

He watched, smiled, then said, "You have a nice one."

I was so relieved when he didn't laugh, or go tell someone, or something like that! And happy that he said it was nice.


I started to put on something to sleep in.

He said, "You sleep in stuff at night? I just sleep in the nude."

He took off his Scout pants and his underwear just like it was regular and normal to let another guy see him naked. I watched, my boner seeming to get even harder somehow when I saw he had one too. It was the first big, hairy, hard dick I'd ever seen. It was about five inches or so, with lots of pubic hair above it, and big balls below it. This was so kewl!

Once he was naked he stood there for a second, like he was letting me have a good look, then he got into his cot. I got into mine, naked too, and we started to talk about sex and stuff. I was interested to learn anything about sex. I  was twelve, had pubes, had done some sexy things with some friends, and was beating off a lot (but stopping when it felt like I had to pee bad), but I knew almost nothing about the real deal. It was all interesting and sexy, and it turned me on a lot. My boner was going crazy. I touched it a lot under the blanket, hoping he couldn't tell.

After a couple minutes, he said, "If you don't have a woman around, you could make do with what's here."

That sounded interesting, so I asked, "What do you mean?"

He said, "We can use our hands on each other for one thing. You want to try it?"

Boy, did I! I was wanting to do something, anything, more than I had with my friends when I was younger. I'd been fantasizing about doing 'it' whatever it was, with another boy for months. Boy I wanted to!

He said, "Let's cut the cards again to see who goes first."

I cut first. I got a Queen. I did not tell him that. He drew.

He said, "I have a three," and showed me the card.

I said, "I have a two," but of course I didn't show him the card.

He turned off the lantern and asked me come over to his cot.

I was very nervous and very scared. I was worried too. What if I didn't do it right? What if he didn't like the way I did it? Would he make me stop? Would he tell?

But I was way more turned on, and curious, and I wanted to do this, whatever it was. This was too good to pass up on, so I got out of my cot and sat down on his, next to him.

He reached over and grabbed my dick, then started stroking it. Not the way I had been doing it to myself, but it sure felt good.

He said I should do it to him too. Kewl! I reached over and found his big dick and started doing to it what his hand was doing to mine. This was great! It felt way better than doing it by myself!

He had the most wonderful dick! It was about five inches or so. I couldn't tell for sure in the dark and by touch, I just knew it was way bigger than mine. I loved how it felt in my hand just as much as I liked how his hand felt on mine.

He showed me different ways to do it. Tight and hard, loose and soft, fast and slow, just around the head, all kinds of new stuff. So awesome! I was loving this!.

After showing me those other ways to jack it, he asked, "Can we try something else?"

"Yeah, what?"

He said, "There's ways to do it for real, like with a girl, but without a girl."

That sounded great! I didn't like girls, and if there was a way to 'do it' without them, I was all for it. I wanted to do things with the other boys, I just didn't know exactly what. Now I was going to find out! Kewl!

He asked, "You wanna do it?"

I said, "Yeah!"

He had me lie on my stomach. He got on top of me and put his dick between my ass checks and sort of fucked me. He didn't actually enter me, just moved his hard dick in and out of my cheeks.

It tickled a little, but it felt good a lot! I liked it!

His dick kept missing my crack and slipping across my butt cheek. He'd laugh and put it back in there and do it some more before it slipped out and across my cheeks again.

After a minute or two, he said, "Here it comes!" and grunted a few times.

I felt his semen splash across my butt, but I thought it was pee. But it did feel kind of different than I thought pee would feel. It wasn't runny like pee, or water, it was thicker and kind of stayed where he squirted it. Still, I really liked how it felt. To this day it is still the thing I like the most, to have someone cum all over the out side of my ass.

He wiped it off with a towel or something. I wished he hadn't - I liked how it felt being there.

"Time for you to do the same thing," he said.

I got really nervous. What if I didn't do it right? Would he laugh at me? Hate me? Make fun of me?

But I wanted to do it, no doubts. So we switched places.

I tried to do the same thing he did, but being my first time it did not go that well. It was awkward and I felt like I was messing up. I couldn't do it like he did. I could get my smaller boner between his cheeks okay, but I couldn't keep it there. It would come out all the time. And I didn't have any rhythm. It was just awkward. I didn't even think it felt as good as his hand had earlier. I was getting frustrated, and angry at myself.

He said, " Okay, we can take care of this another way."

He had my lie on my back and then I felt his mouth on my dick. I'd done some things with friends before, like I said. I'd had my dick in a friend's mouth before, so I knew that feeling. But then I felt something more. I'd never been sucked before, and now I knew what I was missing.

It rocked! Let me tell you, it felt so good! I didn't even know something could feel like that!

Really soon I thought for sure I was gonna pee in his mouth. Like I said, I'd never had an orgasm. When I got close, I always thought it meant I was going to pee out of control. That feeling was building up.

I tried to hold it. I didn't want to stop him, it felt so good.

Suddenly, lots of emotions were flying around my head in a very short few seconds.

It felt so good! Better than I thought anything could. I didn't want him to stop! But I was scared! I was scared I’d pee in his mouth, scared he be mad when I did, scared that he'd be mad if I asked him to stop, scared if I peed he figure out I had a thing for pee - I had got some of my pee in my mouth a couple of times by then, and I knew guys thought pee was gross and stuff, but I didn't think so and I didn't want him to know that.

But what he was doing felt way too good to make him stop.

I couldn't stop him.

I let go.

I had months of aborted orgasms stored up that I had no clue of their existing, and let them go, thinking I was peeing in his mouth.

Glorious release!

Way better than any piss ever! It was just the best and most powerful feeling I'd ever felt. My brain shut off. I couldn't think. Not about anything. I just felt something so awesome that I couldn't believe it was real. I know my entire body went tense and I stopped breathing, but otherwise I just know it felt so good I lost my mind. And that he was swallowing my pee. I could hear him swallowing it.

Then it was ending, my brain reconnected, and I knew I was still alive.

"That was a lot!" he said.

"You swallowed my pee," I said, kind of surprised.

"I don’t know if that’s what It was, or if it was what it's supposed to be, but it was good. I think it's what it's supposed to be. But it was good."

I went back to my cot, got under the blanket, and we talked about what we did, and about other sex stuff.

I played with myself under the blanket, and got a boner again, but I ended up falling asleep.

We had a few sessions that week. I even got to suck my first dick.

For NO related reason I left the troop a year later.

Then in 1992, six years later, I had a high school class trip that was to a hospital. I saw him there!

I went right up to him and said hi. He said that now that I was eighteen I should join the Scouts as a leader. I said that would be cool, and said let's get together and talk about it. He gave me his address and I went over a few days later.  But that is the next story.

I will say that we were friends with benefits until about three years ago. He was still straight at this point but liked to have fun. He is now living with a guy and is gay. He credits me with helping him find his true self as a gay guy and figuring out he is on the autism spectrum.


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