Jeff's Tale

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I'd always thought I was so totally different as a teen. But reading the many stories here, I see that I wasn't all that different.


I grew up pretty poor, living in a trailer court in a middle-sized city in a western state. The thing about living in a trailer court is that the kids living in the houses in the neighborhood around it don't want much to do with the 'trailer trash' kids. So your friends are the other kids in the trailer park, for the most part.

I was raised pretty strictly, so I ended up pretty straight-laced and avoided the kidsthat were into drugs and were running around like animals. So my friends were the other kids that didn't do drugs or act like thugs. There were six other guys my age in the court, and Dan, Jess, and Mike were my friends that were also 'clean' kids and were in the same grade in school and we liked almost all the same things.

When we were really small, we'd taken baths together plenty. We'd seen each other in our underwear a lot during sleepovers. We weren't very shy as kids. We'd done the usual showing off and pretending to jerk it stuff, and we sort of knew what each other hand down there. We'd done show-and-touch, where we'd show each other our boners, and sort of jerk each other's dicks a little. Just kid stuff. We even stuck those Sharpie markers up each other's butts a couple times. And more than once we'd make a bet on something, where the looser had to suck the winner's dick. Not for long, and we didn't know how to for real, just kid stuff. And never as a group, always one-on-one.

By sixth grade, the four of us were pretty close. We weren't doing the show-and-touch thing as much. We were twelve, so none of us had much down there, and we knew Mike had the longest anyway. And I had the biggest nuts. There wasn't much of a reason to do that stuff anymore.

During seventh grade, I saw Dan and Mike naked again, in the showers in gym. I was curious and interested by now. Dan was like me, smooth and hairless and small down there. Mike, though, had some hairs and his dick was pretty big. He was way into girls, and started claiming he could squirt and such. Man, I wanted to see him cum so badly - and that was kind of scary. I started jerking off regularly as my dick and balls grew.

During the summer after seventh grade, I started really developing and getting really interested in sex stuff. And jerking off a lot. Jess too, but not Dan yet. So the three of us were into talking sex and girls and such. A lot. I wanted to do the old show-and-touch game again, but I was worried about what they would think of that now. We weren't little kids anymore, and I was having feelings about guys, so it was too weird to even think about bringing up now.

During eighth grade, I got to see Dan's stuff in the showers in gym as he got hairs down there and his stuff grew bigger and longer and more interesting. Mike's was still the biggest, and I still got to see it sometimes on weekend sleepovers dangling in his underwear. Geeze. Jess was pretty shy by now, and we hardly talked sex stuff anymore.

By now I was aware I was way into Jess, a lot. He was so hot. He had a narrow, lean, almost flat butt, but otherwise he had it all going on. Face, hair, bod, bulge, smile, smell, and the way he laughed and even acted. I was so into him. Jess was my crush, for sure.

He grew up with three brothers, one older, and twin younger brothers. And a sister. In a three-bedroom trailer, that mean all four brothers slept in the same room. The twins even in the same bed. Then his older brother took to sleeping on the couch. So Jess was used to sleeping through his two younger brothers' rambunctious activities. He could sleep through a tornado. We rarely stayed over at his house, ya know? When he stayed over with one or more of us, we could get away with doing all kinds of things to him while he was asleep. We used a marker to give him a moustache, beard, and thick eyebrows one time - and other such mean-but-funny things. He was so hard to wake up. We could even carry him outside and he wouldn't wake up. Many times he woke up in the morning to a surprise.

So, it was late in the summer, just before we started high school. Jess was staying over at my place. Mike was on vacation with his folks, and Dan was pissed at us for a prank we'd pulled on him. So it was just me and Jess. The hot Jess. The sleepzombie Jess.

We'd stayed the previous night at Mike's before he left for vacation with his folks, so I hadn't whacked one out for almost two days. I was super-horny. I tried to get Jess to talk sexy stuff, but he was way too shy about that stuff now. Nothing like MIke or Dan. I was almost as shy about that stuff now, now that I knew I was probably gay. I tended to stay out of the sex conversations so that I didn't give myself away, but I took part too, also so that I didn't give myself away. It was tough.

When Mike or Dan stayed over, they liked to sleep on the floor on a foam bed pad I kept in my closet. But Jess was cool with sleeping in my bed with me. We had since we were really little. I could climb over him and go to the john in the middle of the night and never wake him up. I could watch TV or listen to music or play video games and not bother him one bit.

That night, I was so super-horny, that I planned on playing video games until Jess fell asleep so I could whack one out laying next to him. I played for over an hour after he fell asleep, then I laid down next to him, pushed my underwear down, and started whacking off laying right next to him. It was the first time I'd ever dared to do that. I'd thought about it a million times, but this time I was so horny I went for it.

It was so hot and sexy to beat one off with Jess right there next to me! I wasn't worried he'd wake up at all. He might, to use the can, but ti would be a long while before he did. And he'd do that slow wake-up he does and I'd have plenty of time to cover up and such. So I stroked off as I looked at his cute sleeping face. I imagined kissing him, and us doing it to each other as we kissed.

I thought about reaching over and groping him. I didn't. I kept jerking it and looking at him, and thinking about kissing and jerking each other off. I was having a great wank, and was really into it. I was gonna blow a huge one. It was going to be awesome!

I stopped, though. I didn't want to blow off yet. Not until I at least got a brief feel of Jess' stuff. At least a good look. So I held my throbbing dick and worked up the guts to do it. It took a while, but I did it.

I slowly reached over under the light blanket until I felt his hip. Then I slid my hand up, and over some more, following the waistband of his tighty-whities, until I felt his soft, warm bulge.

Oh, man!

I mean, it was my first feel of someone else's bulge. We'd touched and jerked each other a little bit as kids, but this was way different! I hadn't seen Jess' stuff for at least two years, probably closer to three, and I'd begun falling for him in that time. And now I had my hand on his warm, soft, jiggly unit.

I could feel the soft tube of his dick, and the twin globes of his balls. It all felt so good! I was using my right hand, so my left was stroking my aching dick, which I didn't do. I was a righty. It was kind of super-hot to use my left on myself for the first time too.

I felt his balls, and felt mine at the same time. So cool! Mine were bigger, but not by much. His were nice sized and felt great in his underwear.

I went back to stroking my dick with my left hand, and feeling his with my right. I thought maybe it felt bigger now than just a few moments before. Then I felt it moving in my hand! It was getting hard!

I was sure he had to be awake! But I knew he wasn't. I was looking at his face, and he was still asleep. He was breathing slow and even, doing his almost-snore thing he does. He was asleep, for sure. But he was getting hard.

It was amazing to feel his dick growing in his underwear. It was pulsing up, getting thicker and longer with every pulse of his heartbeat.

I'd wondered a lot the past year or so, since I'd gotten sexually aware, if Jess would stay asleep if I groped him. He slept through his twin brothers jumping and yelling, so I was pretty sure he would. And now I was finding out for sure that he would.

Man, I was not going to last long! So I let go of my dick, of his dick, and then rolled on my side, and pulled the light blanket down over his body, until it was well below his package.

There it was, his boner in his white briefs, poking upward and to the side. I could see the edges of his head bulging out the thin material. I could see his bush through the material too. And his balls filled out the lower part so nicely. I took a good long look, then let my eyes range over his body, from his gorgeous face and hair, over his nice chest with those smallish, tan nipples, over his smooth belly, then back to his nice, bulgy package.

Then I put my hand back on that bulge. His dick was fully hard. It wasn't huge or anything, we were fourteen, but it seemed massive. It was about the same size as mine, really. So, about four-and-a-half inches, maybe a bit more. It was thinner than mine, but not by much, just a tad. But his head was bulgier and fatter than mine. Longer, too.

I had to see it. So I slowly slid the front of his briefs down, down, until they were low enough that his balls were free. Didn't even break his regular breathing.

Man, he had the nicest bush! So neat and clean and tidy. Like mine.  You know, fourteen-year-old boy bush. Mostly short and not very high or wide yet. Mike was hairy as fuck compared to us, but he was still not very hairy. I looked back and forth, from Jess' dick to mine. His was straighter than mine, thinner, but maybe a bit longer. Mine bent to my left a bit in the middle, but Jess' was almost perfectly straight. His head was fatter and plumper and longer than mine. I knew from seeing Mike's and Dan's, and the guys in the showers, that I had a kind of short, blunt head. Only a couple of guys in the showers at school had a head shorter shorter than mine. But I think Jess had the longest, plumpest head I'd ever seen. It was almost like a mushroom top. It was so neat. It had this long slit in a cleft on the end, instead of a small hole on the tip like mine and Mike's and Dan's. It was so neat. It was slightly open, too. And he had enough foreskin that it was still bunched up a little behind that fat, plump head.

I reached down and wrapped my fingers around that smooth, even, lean shaft, and slowly stroked, his soft, generous skin moving freely along the shaft. Oh, man! I had never felt so turned on before! I was just holding onto my throbbing dick, hoping I didn't shoot off too soon. I wanted this to last as long as I could make it. I might not get a night alone with Jess again for a while.

So I had to try something more.

I let go of that nice dick, flipped end for end, and got my face closer to it. I could smell it. He smelled good anyway, but the smell down there was something new, and something totally awesome. Spicy, sort of, and kind of musky, and earthy, and something I can't even name. Just really great.

I grabbed his warm, hard dick, held it up off his pubes, and slid my tongue over the every tip. Mmmm! So smooth! The hole was so soft, and I could sort of wiggle the very tip of my tongue into it just a tiny bit. I lowered my head some more, and my lips met that warm, velvety head, and slowly slid over it. It was so awesome! It was just the most soft and smooth and wonderful feeling!

I got my lips all the way over his long, fat head, and over those prominent ridges, and tightened them up... and sucked.

Oh, man! The best thrills and chills exploded in my guts and chest!

I was sucking a dick!

And it was awesome!

I slid down further, further, until my lips and chin were in his pubes, and I sucked. I could feel his dick swell up against my tongue as I sucked it. I moved up and down, and explored every inch of his wonderful dick with my tongue.

I worried he could wake up. I mean, he was having his dick sucked. If anything could wake a guy up, I figured, it was being sucked off.

But I was having the time of my life. I almost didn't care if he did wake up. I was almost sure that the worst thing he'd do was push me off and say that's nasty, then go back to sleep. I even dared to hope he'd say it felt great and to keep doing it, and start doing it to me. I sure wasn't going to stop. Not now.

A hard, hot cock sliding between my lips and over my tongue was pure awesomeness!

That plump, juicy, fat head felt so good popping in and out of my mouth!

Taking the whole thing in my mouth was so fulfilling! It felt like what my mouth was really for!

Then I tasted his pre-jizz! It was slick and slimy and tasted salty and sweet. That made me think about his balls, so I grabbed them with my left hand and hefted and rolled them around. Oh, yeah, I liked that too!

Pretty soon I slid my finger behind his sack and explored down there. I found his soft, warm pucker, and wiggled a finger in there. So warm and silky!

Not long after that, I felt something move beneath my thumb on his taint, and then tasted more pre-jizz. Mmmm!

I was laying in an almost sixty-nine beside him now, exploring his ass with one finger, his taint with that thumb, and my mouth full of his thick-headed cock. My right arm was over his abdomen and that hand was holding the base of that awesome dick or playing with his balls.

I was lost in the ecstasy of what I was doing, it was so awesome! It felt like I was going to cum soon, and I wasn't even touching myself. Yet I could feel this awesome tugging and pulling sensation deep in my dick, and in my balls, and this wonderful feeling along with it. It felt better than beating off! Way better! It was so good. It felt so warm and wet and...

I froze.

I felt a finger sliding behind my balls, between my cheeks, find my hole, and begin wiggling into it.

I wasn't dreaming, I was awake.

And so was Jess, I realized.

And he was not only not stopping me, he was doing it back!

I lifted my head and looked down, and saw Jess' face buried in my crotch, most of my dick sliding in and out between his lips, and I could feel his tongue sliding along over the top of my dick and licking around my head...

And I came.

I mean, it was like an unexpected explosion.

I know I groaned out loud, something, probably, "Oh, God!" or something, and watched his throat work as he swallowed my cum. I saw his gullet rise and drop, over and over, as I shot what felt like the biggest wad any guy had ever shot. My back bent backward and my legs went straight, banging my toes into the headboard. I probably grunted, "Oh, God!" a few more times as Jess kept swallowing my cum and I kept squirting it.

It was the best orgasm I'd ever had! By far! Not even close!

I was shocked that I forgot I had his balls in one hand and a finger up his ass, until I was done firing off and my dick went super-sensitive. I wiggled my hips backward, pulling my dick out of his mouth, and started breathing again.

He looked down at me, all smiles, and with those red, wet lips, said, "How was it?"

"Oh, man!" I sighed, still shocked as all hell.

He said, still smiling, "Knew blow-jobs ruled, but not how much!" then laughed a bit.

Which reminded me. And since he had not only not stopped me, but did it to me at the same time, I went back to sucking his dick.

Oh, man! I wanted to believe it, but it was so... so hard to believe! But I still had his balls in one hand, a finger up his butt, and his dick in my mouth! And I'd just gotten sucked off! By him!

So I sucked, licked, and worked his dick as best as I could. For the few seconds before he groaned, "My turn, dude!"

I felt his cock jerk in my mouth, tasted his pre-jizz, then felt his wad shoot into the back of my throat! It was a total surprise how hard it felt! Like being shot by BBs or something! I was so surprised I almost didn't swallow! But I did. I kept sucking and swallowing. It tasted like salty, bitter cottage cheese, I think. Something close, anyway. But not chunky at all, Well, sort of. Lumpy. Soft lumps in thick, gooey custard. I loved it!

I kept sucking until he laughed and pulled his hips back and his dick out of my mouth. I pulled my finger out of his ass and sat up.

"When did you wake up?" I asked, feeling really embarrassed and scared and worried.

He just shrugged and smiled. At least he wasn't mad at me!

"How long were you... you know..." I asked, feeling ashamed and embarrassed, but not so scared now. Still kinda worried, though.

"Doing it to you?" he asked with a laugh.

God, damn, was he fucking hot! Especially with those red lips all wet with my spunk!

"Yeah," I gasped.

"Right before you came," he said, meeting my eyes, smiling. "I barely got started. You came right away, man."

He sounded a little disappointed. Wow!

Something to say came into my mind, but I wasn't sure I had the guts to say it. But I managed to.

"So, maybe I can try to last longer, next time," I said, feeling my face go hotly red, and laughing nervously.

When he said, "That'd be cool," and did that cute kinda-laugh of his, I almost kissed him! I'm not kidding! I was so relieved!

Then a million questions filled my head. His too, because we ended up laying face to face, really close, telling each other our secrets.

By the time we were all hugged up tight, kissing softly but passionately, I knew he was gay too, and that he had lasted so long while I sucked him because he could suck himself, and had been for a long time. Lucky bastard. Well, just the end of it. I got to see him do that next. So hot! We ended up sixty-nining again. I came almost right away again, but he lasted quite a while. He could outlast me every time when it came to oral, but not by very much. He could suck the end of his head, but not the whole head. So my sucking his entire dick was a huge improvement over what he could do for himself.

We did it every chance we got, all through high school. We hid it well, and no one ever found out. We both dated a couple girls, to hide it, you know? We even messed around with the girls sometimes, to put on a good front. But we were really into each other.

Honestly, I was way more into him than he was into me. I had it bad for him. I knew it. He liked me well enough, but he never had the same feelings for me that I did him. To him, I was a best friend with benefits. To me, he was a sex Adonis and a best friend. I didn't understand all of that until after we'd broken up before going to college and I'd learned a bit more.

But it was a great four years of secret fun and sex. He was awesome. I would have liked to have stayed together, but he wanted to find someone he could feel for like I felt for him. We didn't know that back then, we were still stupid teenagers. But neither of us regret anything about it at all. We stay in touch and even meet up sometimes to catch up. No sex. Well, not every time. LOL

He was my first crush, and my first lover, and he'll always hold that special place in my life and in my heart.





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