True First Time Tales

Spencer's Tale

I started Young

by Spencer

 Rated: X  ages: twelve/fifteen/adult - contains: light submission and domination (*)


Another reader came forward with his story, fully written, and asked to have it published here. I gave it a read, a light editing, and here it is.


All the following is true as best as I can remember. It was over 50 years ago, so some of the details may be less than perfect. If you make it to the end I would love to hear from you. And not just the good comments, anything you fell like sharing is welcome. - Spencer



When I was nine, I fooled around with with my best friend. We didn’t do much, but I sure did love to be naked. Even back then, about fifty years ago, I knew I liked smooth boy butt. I moved away before we could get into too much trouble, and I hit a dry spell until I was twelve.

Then my life changed when I was discovered by some older boys while playing outside naked. I lived on the edge of a suburb, surrounded by ranches and places you could go that were sort of forest like, at least what passed for forest in that part of California. You could follow trails from the road and find areas off the trails in the tall bushes where all kinds of kids went for fun.

I didn’t have very many friends back then, I was twelve, about 5’4”, and almost 180 pounds. I was a normal looking kid but for one thing - I had boytits. And a big round belly. And as if that wasn’t enough, my cock was maybe 4” when hard, but barely an inch when soft. I was a grower, not a shower, and not much of a shower at that. On top of all that, very little body hair yet. I had some pubes, otherwise I was smooth as could be, so I really did have tits. I have to shave them now, but they have stayed high and firm, good genes I guess. And even back then my nipples were a big part of my solo sex life. If I was horny they were erect, and stuck out a good 1/4”. When I masturbated, I always played with them for a while before my hand dropped to my cock. I think all the time I spent pinching and pulling and putting clothes pins on them served to make my tits huge by the time was eighteen, about a small c-cup. It wasn’t fat, it was breast material, I think I gave myself Gynecomastia. At the time I had no idea that I would grow to love them! For the first 30 years of my life I hated having tits.

In the summer I would find a place in the bushes, they were all easy to find once you discovered your first one - the weeds were all mashed flat, plenty of empty beer bottles and cigarette butts, and if you really got lucky, some magazines. Mostly Playboy, but some XXX stuff, and even a fetish mag if I really got lucky.

I really liked the Bondage magazines, and anything with a young theme! If only the internet was around back then …… Nothing gay, but at twelve I wasn’t sure what I was, so I was happy to get naked, walk around, but never so far that I couldn’t get back into the bushes if I heard somebody coming along the trail. I made up rules, like I could not go back until I found a certain kind of rock or leaf, or a brand of beer can, each time the rule getting more obscure so I would have an excuse to stay out longer and get farther away.

I was able to tell myself "It was the rule," so I could not chicken out. Once I completed the quest, I went back to my hiding place and jacked off. Pretty lame, I know, but what’s a kid gonna do? One day, after a few weeks of this I walked into my hiding place, and I guess I had gotten careless by now, I didn’t notice an older boy in there until it was too late.

As I turned to run out, he said, “So I guess you don’t want your clothes back?”

 I stopped dead in my tracks in the little tunnel from the trail into the bushes. We didn't have a clear view of each other.

“Well?”  he asked.


“So what ya gonna do to get 'em back?”

“Please, just give them back. Or I'll tell,” I said rather weakly.

“You’ll tell? Who will you tell that you were running around naked in the woods and lost all your clothes, kid?”

“The police.”

“Now that isn’t going to happen and you know it, so shut up and get back in here!”

Knowing I was screwed, I walked back in, trying to cover myself as best I could.

"That’s a good little boy, you wouldn't got far. Okay guys, get in here.”

Two other boys walked into the small clearing. All three of them looked older then me, which was good, since that meant they didn’t go to my junior high. They looked like high school kids to me.

The one who caught me was tall, maybe six feet, and really buff. He was wearing jeans and a tee shirt and had long hair. It was the seventies, so a lot of us did. Mine was long and I was cursed with my mother’s curly hair. I guessed he was seventeen or eighteen - and it turned out I was right about that - he was going to be a senior next fall. The two who came in from where they had been waiting to jump me were younger and not as cool looking as the older one. I remember thinking months later that I must have really been zoned out not to have seen them or noticed anything was going on.

The other two boys were fifteen or so, both about 5"7', one really skinny and the other kind of chubby.

“Well, what the fuck!” the skinny one said, “You weren’t kidding about him.”

“I thought for sure you were shitting us,” the other added.

“What’s your name?” the first guy asked me.


Oh shit, why didn’t I think to lie?

“Is he really as tiny as you said?”

“Turn around and drop your hands, Spencer.”

In the seventh grade we didn’t take a shower after PE, so nobody had seen me nude since I was like eight or nine, and I knew my body was not something to be proud of, so I wanted to keep it hidden.

“No, I don’t want you see my dick.”

“Well, I’ve got a tee shirt, shorts and underwear here, which one should we hide? I think that since you're the first little boy I have ever seen try and cover his boobs and his dick at the same time, you don’t want to walk home topless? Take this to the special spot Davey.” And he tossed my shirt to the skinny boy.

“No wait, I’ll do it.”

I dropped both my hands and turned to face the two younger boys.

“Fuck, you weren’t exaggerating Robby. What do you think, Tim?'” Davey said.

“His dick is smaller than my eight-year-old brother, and his boobs are as big as my older sister, and she’s nineteen!”

“I sure wish we had a camera, nobody will ever believe this.”

“Yeah, but there's no place we could get the pictures developed without getting in trouble.”

“Yeah, that sucks. Nobody is going to believe us.”

“Come on, guys, you’ve seen, now can I get my clothes back? Please?”

“Sure you can, but first you need to earn them back.”

“How?” I asked, but I was pretty sure I knew.

“Three of us and three pieces of clothes, just like we planned it.”

“Me first, you promised Robby, and I gotta get home soon” Tim, the chubby one, said.

“Okay, tell him what you want.”

“You need to get on your knees, Spencer. And suck me like I know you want to.”

“I do not! That’s gross! And I’m not a fag!”

“Ojay, Tim, that’s a bummer for you, you may as well take his shirt and go home.”

“Wait” I said quickly.

I dropped to my knees.

Now I was faced with a problem - since I wanted to suck a dick for real for at least two years now, mine was chubbing up, and no way did I want them see that, so I kind of put it between my legs as I got down.

Tim was wearing short shorts and he just pulled his cock out through the leg hole and stood there. I had never seen a real dick before and I just stared at it. Itt was huge and cut. Over five inches, and fat. Okay, so it was huge to me back then.

“Touch it,” Davey said.

“Go on,” Robby said.

I reached out and put my hand on it.

“See, that was easy, now put it in your mouth,” Said Davey.

So I did. And without waiting to be told, I started licking and sucking. I loved it, but no way was I going let them know that. After less then a minute, I think, Tim pulled his dick out of my mouth and said “Jerk it! Fast!”

Before I knew what was happening, my face was splattered with hot teen boy cum, and it was dripping down on my chest. I didn’t make cum yet, so boy was I surprised!

I stood up and said “Gross!"

“Don’t worry, you'll get used to it,” Davey said.

Tim put his dick back in his shorts and told them both he had to get home, and he thanked Robby for a great time. He tossed my shirt to Davey and said “Have fun!” as he walked away.

Davey, who even at fifteen, you could tell was not going be a nice guy when he grew up, looked at me and said, “You were right about him, we got us a cocksucking faggot, Robby. It’s cool that you spotted him last week.”

“Yep,” was all Davey said.

My mind was trying to process that information when Davey said “Okay little boy, you are going to have to work for my cum. Just like a good sissy fag.”

As he was saying that he was striping off his shirt and shorts and was nude before I knew what was happening. Robby just watched, and didn’t seem surprised at all.

“I’m no queer, so you are going to be a girl right now, and don’t fight me.”

That hit a fantasy that was buried very deep, and now I wanted to see where this lead.

“Don’t say a word, just do what I say. Now stand still and don’t move at all.”

He walked behind me and put his hands on my shoulders, then ran them down my back. When he got to my butt, he squeezed both cheeks a few times, then slapped my butt hard. I jumped, but didn’t say anything. I was both scared of him and excited at the same time. He continued his tour of me, and his hands touched me all over. When he got to the front, he looked down, and by that time my dick was pointing straight out.

“Put that thing away, I told you I aint queer.”

I wasn't sure what to do about it.

I heard Robby say, “Tuck it between your legs, little girl.”

I did, and Davey gave me a nasty smile, then cupped both my tits the same way he had my butt cheeks. Then he started to squeeze them, and not gently either. This boy was going to grow up to be a fine sadist. I was really starting to get into it when he took both my hard, pointed nipples between his fingers and pinched, then just about twisted them right off. I yelped.

He stepped back, and said, “You know what happens to girls who don’t know their place.”

There were a couple of small boulders in the clearing that you could sit on. In fact, Robby was already sitting on one. Davey took me by the hand and lead me to another of them. He sat down and said “Okay bitch, you need to be punished.” He pulled me face down across his lap. As he did, I noticed his cock was rock hard and tight against his flat, tight, and completely smooth belly. In fact, he had very little hair anywhere, even his head was shaved. He was my total opposite, not an ounce of fat on him. And a real cock - his must have been twice as big as Tim's. He was also uncut. I had never seen that before, and had no idea what was wrong with it.

Before I was ready, he laid three hard slaps on my ass. My dick, which was between his legs, felt like it was going to explode.

“Stand up and face me.”

 I did, and managed to tuck my little boy dick back between my legs. He spread his legs and pulled me close to him.

“Lets see if those big ol' boobs are as fine as my girlfriend’s.”

This time he was more gentle as he fondled and tweaked my sore nipples. And then he leaned in and took my left tit in his mouth and sucked my nipple.

“Well that one sure belongs to real girl,” he said when he stopped, then switched to the right one.

I was playing with my nipples all the time. Sometimes, when I was home alone, I’d go out to the garage and get pliers, vise grips, or other things I could find to work them. But NOTHING was ever like that real mouth sucking and nipping them. I was in heaven. While he was sucking on my big fat boy pecs, he took my hand and put it on his cock, and started to jack off with my hand. I was in overload, but I did notice that a normal looking dickhead would slide out from inside all that skin he had.

Very quickly he was sucking so hard I thought I was going to pass out, when suddenly he stopped and pushed me to my knees. Again I was covered in teen cum, this time most of it hit my chest.

“Rub it in slut, don’t you know it makes your tits grow bigger?”

After years of personal experience since then, I think he was right about that.

He reached down pinched my nips before he moved to get dressed. “We gotta do this again real soon, Robby. So what are you gonna do with him?”

“Well, for now, let's take him to the tree by the big clearing.”

“Cool, like we planned?”

“Just like we planned.”

“Come on, Spencer, your fun isn’t over yet.”

He picked up a backpack and started to walk away.

“But I need my clothes," I complained.

“Don't worry, a sissy fagboy like you should always be naked,” Davey said as he pushed me towatd the tunnel.

I had no choice but to follow Robby, and Davey stayed close behind me. When we got to an open clearing, Robby started to walk right cross in the open. As I stopped in the bushes, Davey came up behind me and put his arm around my shoulder. He dropped it to my ass and said, “You can follow him, or I can leave you here.” With that, he turned into me and grabbed my cock and balls in one hand. The other never left my butt.

Now two things I need to mention here, and I am being as honest as I can. From the front I was a sad sight; long curly hair, big boobs, a round belly, and almost no dick at all. It was a hot mess. But from behind, it was another story, I was a tasty sight, long curly hair, almost to my shoulders, and an ass that any twelve-year-old, boy or girl, would kill to have. And it stayed that way for many years I’m happy to say.

He squeezed my balls hard and pushed me out into the open field. At that point I decided I need my clothes more then I need to stay hidden, so I ran to catch up with Robby. I'm pretty sure Davey enjoyed the sight of my bouncing buns more then he was ever going to admit to anyone.

We made it across the field, but I never saw anybody walk as slowly as Robby did. I’m sure he was hoping that somebody would see us. There was a trail on the other side and we walked about twenty feet into it and then turned off into a small clearing with a big tree on one side. Robby headed straight to the tree. Robby told Davey to go check the whole area and make sure nobody was around. As soon as he was gone, Robby came over to me and said softly, “You need to trust me now. I will keep you safe, but you have to trust me no matter what.”

To this day I have no idea why, but I did.

“Go stand with your back to the tree, and keep your mouth shut.”

“It’s all clear.”

“Ok, let's do it then.”

“Put your hand down by your side.”

“Move your arms in closer.”

“That’s hot, he’s got cleavage!”

“This is going to be awesome!”

“Fuck yeah!"

Robby got some rope out of his backpack, and now I got scared for the first time and started to move.

“Hold him Davey.”

“Don’t we need to take his shoes off? He should be totally bare assed naked.”


Davey pushed me back against the tree and held me there. Robby handed one end of the rope to Davey, and walked around the tree twice, with the rope just bellow my pecs and my arms pulled in tight.

“Feet now?”

“Yep. Take off his shoes first.”

Robby tied one end of a much shorter rope to my ankle and walked around behind the tree. He pulled my leg back, and did the same to my other foot. The upper rope was placed to push up and make my tits looked huge, and the lower rope pulled my feet apart, almost spread eagle, and barely touching the ground.

“Shit, I need to piss, Davey. You keep him company.”

Robby picked up his backpack and headed into the woods.

“He takes a long time to piss and you look hotter than my girlfriend.”

He leaned in and kissed me right on the mouth. He was fifteen, so not a great kisser, but he kept it up, all the while fondling my tits. Then he gave each one a quick kiss and stood back.

Just then Robby came back into the clearing, and Davey snarled at me as he said, “You ever tell anybody and I’ll fuck you bad, you faggot.”

“Now what?”

“I’m still thinking over all the options, but you can go home.” It was more of an order than an observation.

“You sure you don’t want me to stick around in case he tries to get away?”

“On your way out take his shirt and shoes to the special hiding place, that’ll keep him around.”

“Sure Robby, I guess I’ll see ya soon.”

“Yeah, let's do something this weekend.”

“All of us, I hope,” and he gave me a smile as he walked away.

It dawned on me that I was covered in dried teen cum from my face to my big round belly, and there was nothing I could do. At this point I figured the day had to almost be over and he would let me go soon.

Instead he opened the backpack and took out a stack of pictures and a Polaroid camera. Now I was really shocked. One by one he held up the pictures and showed them to me. They were of me walking around outside, naked, and at the end of each day disappearing into my hiding place.

“You’ve been spying on me? I never saw you anywhere.”

“I am very good at hiding, and you are very good at showing off, and you make a lot noise walking around.”

But that was just the start. Somehow he had managed to take a picture of me on my knees with Tim’s cock in my mouth. Only you couldn’t tell it was Tim, the photo was from below his neck, but there was no doubt that it was me, naked, giving head to a teen boy. I was so fucked.

Then he showed me five pictures of me and Davey, including me across his lap, no question I was getting spanked, and Davey’s face was clearly visible. And one of Davey nursing my tit, both of us very much naked. And then two more he must have taken when he said he was going to pee - one of Davey kissing me, but neither of our faces clearly visible; one of him kissing my tit, me for sure, but of course you couldn't see his face.

“Oh, fuck," was all I could say.

Once he showed them to the kids around town my life was over. But he wasn’t finished. He took the camera, and took four more pictures as he walked around me. And then it got really strange. Like all the other stuff was normal! Robby took off his shirt, and set the camera on a rock near by. He set the timer, ran back to me, bent down, and took my cock into his mouth for a second! Then he ran back to the camera and set the timer again, ran back and stood by my side, cupped my tit, and just smiled right at the camera.

He said there was only one shot left, and he wanted it to be a good one. He took off his jeans, and wasn't wearing any underwear! His cock was hard, which surprised the hell out of me, but then again so was mine. He must have had a 7 incher, but I didn’t have much to go by, it was only the third dick I had ever seen. He had a nice little bush above his perfect cock, and tiny trail of hair leading up to his belly button. Ok, not true, 3 years back I'd seen my best friend’s, but we were only nine, so I didn’t count that one. I sure wish now I had a better memory of those days. He ran to the camera and set the timer, and then ran back toward me.

He took hold of my tiny boy dick and turned so the he was facing the camera and smiled again. Then he let go of my dick, ran and got the camera and the pictures, put them back into his backpack, and then put his jeans back on.

“I’ll be back soon, don’t go any where."

He walked away.

Over the years I have wondered about those pictures and if they still exist. I would pay a lot of money just to see them again.

A chubby twelve-year-old tied naked to a tree, what the hell was I going to do now? And my tiny little boy dick was still hard, but you had to be pretty close to see that. I must have stayed that way for hours. It was warm, and the sun was shining on me, so I was starting to sweat a lot. Which was actually kind of good as it was helping to clean away the dried cum on my face and boy-tits.

After about 10 minutes - okay, so maybe it wasn’t hours, but it sure seemed like it was - Robby came back. But he came from behind me so I couldn'tt see him. He made just enough noise to be sure I heard him.

“Is that you Robby?”

No answer

“Who is back there?”

No answer

“Please tell me who you are?”

No answer

I felt a tug on the rope around my chest, testing it to see if was it tight, I figured. And then a pair of hands reached around from behind and touched my arms, then trailed down my sides to my hips. For whatever reason, that got me excited and scared at the same time.

“Please stop.”



“Please what?”

“Please stop.”

“Stop what?”

“You're scaring me.”

Robby walked around in front of me and said “You really are a little sissy faggot. Why didn’t you ask for help, or ask to be untied?”

“I don’t know. I guess maybe I like it a little.”

“Oh, I thought maybe you liked it."

Then I realized that the hands were still on my sides from behindme.

“Robby, who's back there?”

“I’m not sure, I just met him, he was watching us from back in the bushes. He said he wanted to play too. He’s pretty cute, and I didn’t think you would mind.”

“What is going to do to me?”

"I’m not sure, but he said that you would like it.”

“Um, ok.”

 His hands came off me, and he walked around to face me.

“You are one sexy little fuck, boy.” 

He was shirtless and had dark hair covering his large, defined pecs and belly. I guessed he was mid 30’s and a real muscle daddy. The hair was trimmed, and even I could tell he worked out. And he taller then Robby by at least four inches, which was like a foot taller than me. I had seen guys who looked like him in a muscle magazine I found one day.

I just stared at his chest, as he said, “You must like what you see, your boy clit is rod hard.”

 “I don’t know sir.”

“Oh I do, let me show you some more,” and with that he striped off his Levi’s.

Damn, I thought, my third cock of the day!  When Robby took off his pants before, I thought he was near perfect. Robby, had that trail of hair on his belly, and a nice bush above his penis. It was brown like the hair on his head, and he even had hair on his balls. And the best cock I had ever seen - of the three I had ever seen. Looking back, I’d guess over 7” and as big around as the handle of my dad’s big hammer.

 But this new man, he was really big, and his pubic hair was cut close so you see it really good. He took it in his hand and shook it at me. I’m think it must have been over 8” and fat, It looked as big around as my wrist!  He was tan all over, no tan line at all, and he had a nice face, a little stubble, and eyes that looked right into me.

“All right, cut him loose and let me see the rest of him. Be a good little sissy fag and don’t try to run.”

“No, Sir.”

“I like this one, he seems to know his place already.”

“Yea,” Robby agreed.

When Robby untied the ropes, I stumbled from being tied up and fell into muscle man’s arms, my face between his perfect pecs.

“Whoa boy, I know you want me, but not so fast. Stand up, and turn around, show me what you got.” 

So of course, I turned around slowly.

Robby stepped back to get a better view.

“Holy fuck, that is one sweet little sissy boy ass, round firm and smooth, just the way I like them. You like my pecs don’t you boy, a whole lot better than those girly tits of yours. I’ll make a deal, if you can get me hard, you can touch them.”

“Go, you know what to do, just like you did to Tim, okay?” Robby said.

I got on my knees in front of him and took his cock in my hands and stroked it with both hands. I could feel it starting to get big firm in my hands. I looked up, my eyes moving from his, to his pecs, and back to to his eyes. He put a hand on the top of my head and said “It’s gonna take more than that if you want these."

 I didn’t think I could get that in my mouth, but I sure could lick it. Like magic, it was growing. But not by much, I didn’t know about growers and showers back then, but he was a shower.

“If you want these kid, you are going to have to suck it.” 

It turns out I could get it in my mouth, but only the head. He let out a moan and I went to work. After about five minutes he told me he was going to blow, and I needed to keep sucking until he said ‘stop’. I didn’t think this was part of the deal, but I wasn’t going to stop and argue about it.

And then he came, and I started to choke, and pulled back. He didn’t seem to mind, he took over jerking and splattered me with my first man cum. When he was done, he lifted me up like I was nothing and held me to his chest, his big hands covering my little boy butt cheeks, and very gently squeezing and caressing them. His cum on my face and tits got all over his pecs and stomach.

“Well that’s disgusting, lick that all off me, slut boy,” and he let me loose.

I went to work like I was starving. It was my first real taste of cum, and I remember that taste like it was this morning. Salty, a little bitter, and a smell like bleach, that was, all together, not bad at all. I started on his tummy, and worked my way to his pecs, getting every drop as I went. Once I got to his nipples, I just licked over them and he said that I needed to do a much better job. He put my mouth on his nipple and said, "Suck them dry boy."

 I remembered how just an hour or so before Davey was sucking on mine, and I was making the hot stud  feel as good as I had.

My jaw was sore from the blowjob, but I still sucked like a madman. Too soon he told me "Good job, boy," and pushed my head away. As he was getting dressed he said to Robby, “The next time I find you two out here, you better have him tied facing the tree.”

“Okay, that would be cool!”

I just wondered why he said that.

When he was dressed, he looked at me and asked me if we were cool? 

“Way cool,” I told him, and smiled.

After he was gone, Robby told me that I was to do everything he said without complaining. “We are going to walk back to your hiding place and then have a talk, okay?”

“Sure, like I have a choice.”

“After I let you loose you can do anything you want.”

“What about the photos?”

“That’s up to you.”


Bobby untied me, then walked to the little tunnel that lead back to the trail.

“Wait up, I need my clothes first,” I pointed out.

“They're back where ya like to hide.”

It was then that I noticed his backpack was missing, so I was going to have to get back to where we started, nude and shoeless. I followed him down the tails back to the large clearing. Robby stopped short and told me we had a change of plans.

“There are some people in the clearing, so here is what you are going to do. Wait here until I have crossed the field and you see me wave to you from the opening across the way. When I wave you can walk over to me, no running, but you can stay close to the bushes so nobody will see you unless they are looking right at you. When you get half way to me, you need to step out into the field and wave to me. When I wave back you can go back to the bushes and walk the rest of the way. Got it?”

I knew it was pointless to argue, so I just looked down and tried not to cry. The clearing was about half the size of a football field, only more round. Fortunately the people were at the far end of the clearing and seemed to be busy talking so I hoped maybe I could get across without being seen.

Once Robby got to the other side he disappeared up the trail. He was back down a few seconds later and waved at me to start walking. I checked the people to make sure nobody was looking in my direction, then started to walk, staying as close to the bushes as possible. There were about eight guys in the clearing, adults, all wearing shorts, and a few with their shirts off. As soon as I got to a point I guessed was about halfway, I stopped and looked toward Robby. A couple of the men were facing my direction, but they were pretty far away, and I had to step away from the bushes anyway.

I went about five feet out and stopped. I looked at him, hoping he would wave me over. Instead, he made a motion to move out more, and so I did, maybe ten feet out in the open now. I also noticed that he had that damn camera in his hands and he was taking a picture. He twirled his finger and I took that to mean I needed to turn around. Of course I did, twice for some reason. I looked at him, he had to let me get out of sight, now. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that the men had noticed me and were pointing at me.

I think Robby saw that too, and waved for me to come to him. I got as far into the bushes as I could and walked very fast to where he was waiting for me.

“That was so hot! Did you see the old guys checking you out, Spence? I think next time you you might need to go over and talk to them about your missing clothes.”

I heard the ‘next time’, but I didn’t want to think about it, so I didn’t say anything.

As we were walking back up the trail I asked him about the camera.

“I lied about the film. I never run out of film! I even took one for you to keep.”

He handed me a picture that clearly showed me naked in a field. Fortunately, you really couldn't be sure it was me, but I knew. Somehow he had managed to get some of the men when they were pointing at me in the same photo, so there was no question about what I was doing out there.

We walked for a few minutes, until we came to a bend in the trail, where he told me to stop and stand right in the middle of trail. There were a lot of bushes there and the trail wasn’t very wide.

“Stay put, don’t move no matter what, I’ll be right back.”

He jogged away up the trail and out of sight. I stood there and wondered what was next. It was going to be dark soon, so I figured I was safe, as most people would be going home. Soon enough I heard voices coming toward me, males for sure, and a little older. I had no way of knowing if Robby was watching but I didn’t dare move. Two men, with their shirts off and tucked into the waistband of their shorts, came around the bend and walked toward me like nothing unusual was happening. They were like maybe fifty years old, anyway they looked older then my dad.

“God damn, would you look at that.”

“I am, chubby little fucker isn’t he?”

“Hey kid, what the hell are you doing like that?”

“I was told to stand here and not move, Sir.”

“How old are you, boy?”

“Fifteen,” I lied.

“Yeah right, and I’m thirty.”

“Shut up, let’s get out of here, he’s probably a trap for the cops.”

“Good idea.”

As they passed by, one reached out and pinched my nipple. “Oops, sorry kid.”

I saw Robby watching from the bushes, and he waved me to him.

“Good job, you did okay, kid.”

I noticed he had his backpack now, so it must have been hidden some place close.

“What did they mean about the cops, Robby. Why would they try and trap somebody?”

”You really don’t know, do you? You really are twelve. After dark, this is a place for fags to look for sex.”

“I never see anybody around here.”

“You're always here in the daytime, everybody stays away when it’s still light out. But at night, a lot of shit happens here. I come at night and spy on everybody. Last week was the first time I came during the day, that’s when I saw you”

“I wondered where the stuff comes from that I find.”

“Well, don’t ever come here at night, you could get in a lot of trouble. It’s all high school kids and grown ups.

By this time, we were almost to my hiding place. This was all so strange - I was still naked, and he was still fully in charge, but it was more like we were friends. It was close to dark now, and I told him I had to get home or my mom would kill me for being out late.

He started to give me my clothes, and said, “So here’s the deal. If you aren’t back here tomorrow, all nude and waiting for me, I’ll make sure everybody sees those pictures. And I know where you live, so don’t be surprised if your parents see them first.”

I was pretty sure I’d be back, so I wasn't worried about the threat.

That was the start of a summer-long relationship, where I did everything Robby asked me, and he made sure to keep me busy. Even fifty years later, when I think about that day, I get so happy that someone who knew what control was all about found a little submissive boy playing outside.

Most of what I am today was formed by that experience, and I could not be more happy. It’s all true as best as I can remember. Once digital cameras were a thing I bought one, so I have the pictures to remind me of what happens later in my life. As I am sure you figured out, my submissive side is strong, and I love any kind of humiliation, so write, and please don’t hold back, I can’t be offended.

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