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Charlie's First Time

 Rated: X  teens (*)


Might be hard to believe but this is really what happened.



It was very close to the end of eighth grade. Puberty hit me at twelve, and by now I was horny all the time, got boners constantly, and was beating off at least once a day. My dick was five inches long now, and my balls were growing and hung down some. I loved the changes in my body, and loved playing with myself. I also loved seeing the guys naked in the showers in gym class, and I was dying to get some cock. I didn't have any big emotional crash when I realized I was gay. By my thirteenth birthday I knew I didn't want pussy, I wanted dick, and I was okay with that. More or less. It would have been easier and probably nice to be straight, but the desire for cock was strong.

I'd had a couple of crushes already. The first was in sixth grade when I was eleven. Yes, eleven. I was swimming with friends at the community pool, and this guy I didn't know was getting out of the pool as I was walking by, and his wet body was so awesome that I couldn't stop looking. He was maybe thirteen and just developing. The curve of his ass, the shape of his legs, the way he bulged out the front of his tight Speedos... it all made me feel so strange. I watched him all day as my friends and I swam. When he left, I said I had to use the bathroom, and followed him into the men's changing room door. I pretended I was going to a locker, and watched him go to his. I peeked around the corner as he dropped his swim suit. His pale butt was so nice. He didn't turn around, so I never saw what he had in front, but watching his ass as he bent over to get dressed made my dick so hard. It was my first lust boner. I beat off later that day for the first time. Then I got a crush on a guy in my class. Robert was so cute so suddenly. I so badly wanted to see what was in his pants. God, he was hot!

In seventh grade, I got to see Robert naked in gym class. Wonderful! I thought about his body as I beat off for weeks and months. By the end of seventh grade I accepted that I liked boys. It wasn't easy and it wasn't simple, but I accepted it and enjoyed my fantasies.

Through all of eighth grade I tried to figure out if anyone else was gay like me. None of my friends were, for sure. A couple were really fag haters, and I stopped hanging out with them so much. There didn't seem to be many gay guys, if any. I knew they were probably hiding, like I was.

I'd made a few new friends in junior high, and one was Jessie. He was so hot it almost hurt to look at him. Tall and lean, wavy sandy-blond hair, green eyes that were shaped so exotically, slightly tan complexion. He dressed really nicely, and seemed so awesome. He was in my Social Studies class in fourth period. He was really nice, and funny, and pretty smart. And up close, he was simply stunning. His lips were pretty much perfect, nicely red, and his perfect teeth were so white. He had this habit of poking his tongue out between his lips when he was concentrating on his work. So cute!

After a few weeks, we started going to each other's houses after school a couple times a week. I sometimes hoped he was gay too, but he sure didn't pick up on any of the questions I asked, and he didn't seem interested in talking about the topic. He seemed to avoid it, like the gay hater friends I'd had until last year. But at least he wasn't saying bad things about guys who were rumored to be gay. Hell, I was sometimes called a fag. So was some guys I was sure weren't even a little gay. Junior high kids can be so mean.

When I went over to his place after school, sometimes I was sure I could smell cum when I walked into his room. Hell, I knew guys our age beat off a lot. It was so hot to know he'd just done it in there. Most times I only smelled air freshener. He had his study hall in last period, so he sometimes left school early in good weather and when he rode his bike. I had Social Studies last period, and didn't like it much, so one day I decided to skip it and go over to Jessie's place early. He'd asked me to come over anyway, and I'd ridden my bike so I could. So, I skipped out early at the last minute, and tried to catch him before he rode off, but I missed him.

As I rode over to his place, I stopped to get a soda on the way. Burger King was only two blocks out of the way, but it was super busy and took a few minutes more waiting in line. When I got there, the front door wasn't locked, so I walked in and went up to his room. It wasn't usually locked when he knew I was coming over after school. I remember kind of hoping he was beating off, not expecting me for almost an hour yet, so I sort of sneaked up the stairs. His bedroom door was slightly open, and I sort of peeked in before I pushed it open.

That was when I heard it: A small, high, sort of whining groan. Like someone having sex. Then I heard something even more interesting: The unmistakable sound of someone sucking something.

He had someone in there with him, and someone was sucking something, and someone was liking something that felt really good!

That soft, muffled, high-pitched whining moan again. And more sounds of something being sucked.

Heavy breathing for a few seconds, then that sucking sound again, and then that high whining moan again. More sucking sounds. Another moan. Then more heavy breathing, sort of ragged and shaky.

He was having sex with someone! A girl, probably.

I listened, my dick fully hard, my breathing getting fast, my chest tingling.

I had to see, so I leaned a bit and put my face up to the opening, and saw two bare legs, feet on the floor, knees bent as if sitting. They weren't a girl's legs, too hairy below the knees. Too muscular. They sure could be Jessie's legs, or maybe some guy built like him. Probably his legs. They moved in and out a bit, the toes curling at times. Those sounds kept up. I leaned in further. I saw further up the legs, to where a head was face-down between them, upside-down, as if in a sixty-nine. It looked like Jessie's hair! His head was going up and down over the lap that belonged to those legs!

But that would mean Jessie was sucking a guy's dick!

I had to see more!

I put my face right between the edge of the door and the frame, and saw Jessie. Naked. Sitting on the edge of his bed. Bent over double. His face in his own lap.

Those hot sounds kept going. Sucking, high moaning, then heavy breathing. He lifted his head enough, finally, that I saw he  was sucking his own dick!

It was the hottest, most intensely sexy, incredible thing I'd ever seen, or heard of, or thought of. Period. He was giving himself head! Fucking amazing!

My heart was hammering in my chest so hard I could feel it in my guts and my back. My shoulders were tense and tight. My balls felt like they were tingling, and my dick was throbbing so hard. This was the most incredible moment of my life!

The soda slid out of my hand. It hit the floor and doorjamb, managed to rock a bit, but stood straight up without falling over. But it made more than enough noise for Jessie to hear. I looked up as his head popped up and he saw me before I moved. Busted! Busted staring at him while he sucked his own dick!

He looked so shocked and embarrassed! He reached for his pants on his bed next to him and pretty much dove into them both legs at the same time. I saw his totally naked body for a couple of seconds, and I was impressed. He wasn't tall or big, just about average for barely fourteen. But his dick looked so big! His pubes were nicely shaped and filling in, and his balls were nicely sized and swung and hung as he shoved his legs into his jeans. And his face was so red!

"What the hell?" he said, pulling on his jeans. "You been watching me?"

I have no idea what possessed me. None what so ever.

I said, "Yeah. That was hot."

He paused, just fastening his jeans button, and stared at me in shock.

He asked, "What?"

I still wasn't thinking, and said, "I said that was fucking hot!"

"It was?"

"Dude! You can suck your own dick! That's fucking cool!"

"It is?"

"Hell yeah! I wish I could! How do you?"

He blinked a lot, and sort of blushed even darker. His chest was nice, with pinkish nipples and no hair. His sides were almost perfectly straight, curving in a bit just above his waist. Damn he was hot.

I guess my libido took over, because I don't remember thinking anything, just talking.

"That has to feel fucking awesome," I went on brainlessly. "Does it?"

"Yeah, or I wouldn't do it," he said with a nervous laugh.

So cute!

"How much of it can you get in?" I asked.

"Just the head, is all," he answered.

"God, that has to feel so good!"

"It does!" he laughed.

"Can you show me how?" I asked.

He took what seemed an hour to say anything.

"You really want me to show you how?" he asked.

"Yes! Please! I'd do anything to be able to do that!"

I would, too. The very idea was so amazing and obviously wonderful! Suck my own dick? I'd never leave my room again! My arms would waste away as my back grew like the Hulk. I'd live in my bed with my face buried in my own groin.

"I'll show you, if you promise to never tell anyone," he said really slowly and seriously.

"I wouldn't tell anyone! I mean, what would they think? No way!"

He smiled a bit, probably relieved that I wasn't going to run out and tell everyone what I'd seen.

"You promise?"

"I promise!" I said loudly, meaning it like never before.

"Okay, I guess. Come on in."

I pushed open the door, and it was like opening the door to heaven. I actually felt light and free and happy as I stepped into his room. Really nervous, too. I started to close the door.

"Um, you might wanna pick up your pop," he laughed.

"Huh? Oh! Yeah!"

I'd forgotten about it. I picked it up and closed the door. I stood there, not knowing what to do next.

He sat down, and looked at me, smiling and obviously embarrassed. I felt embarrassed too. I mean, I'd caught my friend, one of the hottest guys I knew, sucking himself. And he'd caught me watching. And I'd dared to ask him to show me how to do it. And he'd said okay!

I sat down on the bed, about as far from him as I could. We laughed a little, red-faced. Man, his body was nice! We were quiet for a long time.

"So, um, show me how?" I asked.

I usually was pretty kind of shy, but this was so fucking fantastic I lost that shyness. I wanted to learn how to do that! And I wanted to see him doing it! Bad!!! I was so hard it pretty much was trying to rip its way through my underwear and jeans.

He laughed, then said, "Okay."

He pushed his jeans off, and I saw his naked body up close. Nice pubes! He had a little more than I did, but mine were darker, so maybe we had about the same amount but mine just looked thicker. His dick was so nice! Straight, smooth, the head red, with a deep cleft where the slit was at the tip, with soft, rounded edges. It was wider than the shaft, and looked so plump and juicy. The shaft was pale and even, so straight. It stuck up almost pointed at the ceiling, waving up and down just a bit every second or so. He had nice balls, too. Bigger than mine, and they hung down a bit more than mine usually did. Just a few hairs on the sack.

"How far can you bend over?" he asked.

I put down my soda and bent in half. My face was at least a foot from my lap.

"You can bend over more with your clothes off," he said, getting even redder in his face.

His cheeks were so red. Just his cheeks. Well, his ears too. But the blush in his face was centered on his cheeks. And his lips were even redder than usual. And wet from sucking his dick. Wow!

Then I realized he was asking me to take my clothes off! My guts swirled. I got very nervous.

"Hey, you want to do this or not?"

I nodded, and took off my shirt. My nipples were hard and sensitive! That was pretty new. I stood up, kicked off my shoes, and started undoing my pants. I was worried about him seeing me boned up and knowing I was so turned on already, but I knew he was too, so...

I dropped my pants, put them on the end of the bed, then stepped out of my underwear. Man, my dick bounced up and down like I was jogging or something! I laughed out of nervousness.

"Sit down, and grab the back of your legs, like this."

He showed me how to pull myself down, closer to my lap. He could get so far down! I barely got within six inches of my mouth touching my dick. So close.

"Here, let's see something," he said, and moved behind me on the bed.

He pushed down on my shoulders. I got an inch or so closer. He pushed harder.

"Ow!" I groaned. "Too far."

"Try this. Sort of twist your back."

He turned my shoulders, twisting my spine, and that didn't help at all. It just hurt. I said so.

"Okay, try it this way."

He rolled onto his back and lifted his legs up over his head, and got the end of his dick right up to his mouth. But I hardly noticed, because I had a view of his hole that I'd never seen on anyone before. There it was, a perfect little pink and brown pucker between his cheeks. And I could see that secret place behind his balls, too. Smooth and pink and inviting. So hot!

"You're supposed to be looking here, not there," he said, sort of laughing.

I looked at his face again, and his dick as his lips met it, and then as the entire head disappeared between his red lips. Oh my god, so fucking hot! My dick jerked and leaked a big drop of pre-cum.

I watched him as his hips rose and fell a bit, moving his dick in and out of his mouth. I heard those sucking sounds again.

Fuck! The sight of his red lips wrapped around his red head was so fucking amazing! My dick was doing leaps and leaking. God I was so turned on! His face, so cute, with his own dick in between those awesome lips...

"Try it," he said.

I got onto my back, lifted my legs up, brought them over my shoulders, and dropped my knees to the bed. Almost. The tip of my dick was just a few inches from my mouth! So close!

He moved, got onto his knees, and pushed down on the back of my thighs. My dick was so close now! Just maybe two inches away from my lips. I pushed my lips out, then my tongue, but I couldn't reach it. I couldn't breathe, either.

I shoved my hips and legs out and sucked in air.

"Yeah, hard to breath down there like that," he said, sitting next to me now.

I looked at his dick, just a couple of feet from my face, and almost drooled. It was so close. I could smell it.

It bobbed up and down just a bit every second or so. The head was so beautiful. Those big, rounded edges looked so soft and smooth. The deep cleft in the tip went from the top side to the underside, the slit deep in it slightly open, deeply red, and obviously wet. His sack was almost smooth, but there were deep wrinkles and crevices all over it. Just a few hairs here and there. They were so nice and big and looked so satisfyingly heavy and pendulous.

I heard him laugh once, and looked up at his face. He was smiling nicely at me, very red-faced. Kind of shy looking.

He looked down my body to my groin. He smiled and laughed a little. Then he looked back at my face.

"You have a super hot bod," he said, his face getting even redder.

"Yeah, right," I laughed. "You're the one with the super hot bod!"

We stared at each other for a long, long, long time. Silent and grinning.

I was hoping I was reading him right. He'd looked me over and smiled. He was still hard, like me. It bobbed up and down, like mine was. He looked up and down my body, the same way I looked up and down his. We grinned at each other.

"So, since you can't do it yourself, you wanna see what it feels like?" he asked, then laughed nervously.

Was he asking me if I wanted a blow-job?


Hell yes I did! I nodded.

I watched as he leaned over my lap, and grabbed my throbbing dick. I was amazed! He grinned up at me, then leaned down, and I watched the head of my dick go in between those red, soft, moist lips.

Oh, god, it was like pure heaven! His lips felt so soft and good! He slid down more, and I felt his lips sliding down over the edges of my head, which tingled so incredibly! Then they slid down the shaft, and I felt his tongue going all over my head. Oh, wow! But then, the suction started, and that felt so good! I'd never felt anything like it! Nothing even close!

He was sucking my head! Just like he had himself. I knew what he felt. It was amazing! So good! Wonderful! It tingled way down through my entire dick and right into my balls! So cool!

His hand cupped my balls and rolled them around. That felt good, but nothing could compare to that suction! And his tongue and lips!

He went down further, and soon had my entire dick in his mouth! All of it! And it felt even better than when he'd just sucked on the head. It was incredible! How could something feel so good? That undulating tugging was so deep inside me now. Way down into my balls and seemed to reach all the way back to my ass. It was just too fucking good! 

My legs shot out straight, my head went back, and I groaned out loud, "Gonna cum!"

I expected him to stop sucking me, but he didn't. He seemed to suck it harder! He even went down further, until his nose was in my pubes. Wow! That awesome tugging in the root of my dick got stronger and more intense, and I started shooting the biggest wad of my life! Huge waves of pulsing pressure washed through my dick and balls from behind my sack. It felt like I was pumping concrete through my dick. I could feel his lips and tongue working all over the skin of my dick as the suction pulled my cum out of me like never before.

Oh, god, it was so good!

I think I pumped a dozen times, and then had to shove his head away and stop the incredibly intense sensations before I lost my mind!

He grinned at me, his lips red, and wet with my cum.

"Like it" he asked.

"Hell yes! That was fucking awesome!" I laughed.

I shivered all over a couple of times. Damn, I felt so good, so relaxed, so happy.

"You can only suck the head?" I asked.


That wasn't fair. He'd sucked my entire dick. And the more he'd sucked, the better it felt. He had to know how good it felt to have more than just the head sucked.

I pushed him onto his back and literally dove onto his dick. I wrapped my lips around his head, just behind the edges, and licked the head, and sucked. I heard him sigh. Awesome. Those rounded edges on the head were so soft and velvety it was amazing. Just perfect. Then I slowly slid down, sucking harder as I went.

He shivered and groaned that cute, high, whiny moan. Man, I loved that I was causing that!

His dick flexed in my mouth, and then I tasted his pre-cum. Salty, musky, slimy but pleasant. I sucked about as hard as I could. He made that whiny moan, then groaned, "Oh, yeah, that's fucking awesome!"

He shivered all over. I loved that I was making him shiver! I cupped his balls. Oh, man, they felt good in my hand. They rolled around so smoothly. The skin was so soft and flexible.

The best, though, was the way his head felt so silky and satiny. So smooth and velvety. Soft and pliable. Just fucking perfect.

But the taste of his pre-cum was awesome too. Man, he kept leaking that stuff. So much of it. It came out every few seconds. I loved it! His dick flexed when it leaked, and that was awesome too.

I loved everything about sucking his dick!

He lasted so long! I guess he was used to having his dick sucked. I had lasted maybe two minutes, but he lasted at least ten, if not more. I enjoyed every second of it. Sucking dick was so fulfilling! Giving him that pleasure was a source of immense pleasure!

Finally, he said, "I'm getting close!" and started shoving his hips, shoving his dick deeper into my mouth.

I loved having his pubes in my face. The smell was so nice, and the feeling of his dick in my mouth was the best thing besides having my dick in his mouth.

"Here it comes!" he hissed.

His dick flexed in my mouth, and then started squirting cum really fast and hard. It slammed into the back of my throat over and over. It was so earthy and musky and bitter, and gooey.  I tried to swallow it, but a lot of it got past my lips as his dick flexed and bent. I sucked and swallowed until he pushed me away.

The sight of his red, shiny cock was beautiful. Those rounded edges were purple now, as was the slit in the tip. The rest of it was deep red. Just so pretty!

"Better?" I asked.

"Way better!" he laughed.

Damn it, he was so hot right then that my heart ached.

I wanted to kiss him so badly. He had to be gay! He had to be! I leaned toward him, to see what he'd do, and he leaned toward me. His lips were soft and warm and moist, and the kiss was perfect. We ended up laying in each other's arms, kissing and snuggling.

He was gay, alright. Over the next almost two hours, we taught and learned a lot about each other. We found out that he loved being fucked in the ass. His ass was hungry for my dick. I fed it all it wanted, all my sore, tired dick could give it. I came six times, he came seven times. Mouths, hands, his ass, we did it all. He didn't want to fuck me, and I wasn't all that interested in being fucked, but he did fuck me a few times over the next years, but it wasn't what either of us wanted. We did give each other what we both wanted for years. We stayed together until we were in our twenties. We just grew apart. He became more liberal, I became more conservative. He grew more wild and partied harder and got into drugs. He started screwing anything with a dick.  I grew more stable and responsible, and rarely even drank beer except when I was out with friends. It was great while it lasted.





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