Dale's Tale

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When my best friend threatened to tell my friends that I was gay, I shot him. Right in the face. And then I stood over him and emptied the rest of the clip into his face, spreading his brains all over the place.

We'd gotten drunk together last night, with some other friends, and we'd been the last awake. Or, rather, the only ones not passed out.

We were sitting in his room, alone, after the other guys had passed out in the den while we'd been watching television. We'd moved in there to play his PlayStation and were sitting on the end of his bed right next to each other.

I really wanted to tell him. I'd known since seventh grade, when I started crushing on guys. Him, in particular. And I really liked him. He was my best bud, and so cute, and so nice. We were always saying that we would be best friends for life. And it seemed like I was lying to him every day. I had to tell him. I'd had to for months now. And tonight I was all drunk and goofy, and felt so bad about hiding it from him. So I worked up the guts, easy to do with all that beer in them, and told him.

When he was killed by a sniper, I put down my controller and let myself get slaughtered.

"Dumb ass," he said, picking up his fifth beer.



"I'm a fag."


"I am."

I felt like I was going throw up. He looked at me, grinning that cool grin, and rolled his beautiful blue eyes at me.

"I am," I repeated, my guts churning.

"So suck me off, then."

He laughed and then took a big swig of the beer. I watched his throat work as he swallowed, wishing my dick was in his mouth and he was swallowing my wad. I got so hard!

I put my beer down next to me, then turned and reached out to his jeans and started unfastening them. I didn't know how I had the guts. I'd always wanted to do it to him. Since seventh grade. He's just so cute! I looked up really quickly, and saw him staring, wide-eyed. I looked back at what I was doing. I unzipped them, and then pulled them down just far enough to get to his briefs. He was wearing those cool red jockey shorts with the white piping. And his package was all bulgy.

I reached out and cupped his stuff. It was warm and soft and wiggly and jiggly. Oh, man! I started getting so hard! I almost stopped and made a big joke out of it. But I'd started.

I lifted the waistband and pulled it away. I saw his pubes. Dark sandy-blond, and nicely thick. I pulled the shorts down further and his dick became visible. I leaned down, getting a really good look before it was too close to see, then used my tongue to sort of lift it a bit and then sucked it in through my lips. It was soft, cool, and felt so smooth. And awesome!

"Jesus... Dale..."

I got it in straight and then started sucking. It started getting bigger. And warmer. Then he leaned back to make room. So I went down it further. It got longer and thicker, and hotter. And I sucked harder. Soon it was hard, and I went down as far as I could. It touched the back of my mouth, where my throat began, and I sort of gagged. But I was nearly there, I nearly had all of it in.

"Ohhh... shit... dude..."

His voice was shaky and low, and I could tell that he liked it. He even leaned back further. I put one hand on his far thigh and leaned down and forced it all in. I was half gagging, but it was all in! A dream come true! My dick was tingling and throbbing like never before! And the most incredible thrills were raging all through me! I was sucking a dick! Trav's dick! And he was letting me!

"Awww... shit... dude..."

He said it all breathless and soft, and then I felt his hand on the back of my head. He didn't push down like I expected, just gently laid his hand there and sort of tangled his fingers in my hair. He pulled his hips back and then pushed forward. And in seconds, he was fucking my mouth.

I was just in heaven! I loved it! I loved how his head was just so perfectly smooth and spongy! And it felt so awesome on my tongue! The soft edges were so much fun to lick and play with! And the hole! It was a long slit set in a deep cleft, and pre-cum pretty much just flowed out of it constantly. I loved the taste!

I sucked and licked. I let him shove it in and pull it out. He started breathing hard. So was I!

"Dale! Fuckin'... gonna!"

He sounded weird, his voice shaky and soft, but full of intensity.

His dick warped, bent in my mouth, and then he grunted and held his breath. And then I tasted and felt his cum flowing into my mouth in heavy, thick, hot waves. I counted as they came and I swallowed, and got to seven, then he jerked my head up and gasped out loud, panting. I let go of his waistband and it snapped back. I looked at his awesome package and felt as if I'd just lost my favorite game or something.

Then I looked up and watched his face as his post-orgasm bliss turned to shock.

"Dude!" he suddenly said, then looked at me.

"Uh... sorry. I mean... I just... you dared me!"

"I didn't! I just... I said..."

"You said prove it," I argued weakly.

I felt like I had betrayed him or something. But I was so happy that I'd finally gotten to do it, too.

"I didn't think you would!"


He pulled his pants back up and fastened them. We were really quiet for a while. I finished my beer in one long series of swallows. I wanted to leave. But I was afraid that if I did, he would hate me. So I had to stay and try to get him to understand that I was the same guy, that I wasn't a total fag, that things were cool. But I didn't know what to say! I was so scared!

"You're really a fag?"

I looked back at him and nodded. I was suddenly near tears. I had to fight not to cry. I could tell that he knew that by his expression, and by what he said next.

"Dude. Man, Dale, it's okay. I mean... I won't care. I won't. I just..."

I could tell that he didn't know what to say either. But I could also tell that he didn't want it to wreck our friendship. He wanted to stay friends. But I had to hear it. I had to know it for sure.

"Can we stay friends?" I managed to ask, but I couldn't look at him.

I hard him sigh really loudly, that one he used when I said or did something stupid. It gave me hope. I looked up. He was looking right at me. He was kind of smiling.

"We'll always be friends, man. Best friends for life."

I started bawling like a baby. And to my utter shock, he put his arm around me and his other across my chest and pulled me against him.

After a long time, he said, "That had to be hard to say."

"It was," I choked out.

"It's cool, Dale. Honest. It's cool. Just forget it. It didn't happen. I'll never tell anyone if you don't."

I nodded against his chest. It wasn't what I hoped he'd say, but it was far better than what I had been afraid he would. So I accepted it. And after a while, I sat up and wiped my eyes and tried to smile.

"I'm fucking bushed. Gotta hit the sack," he said. "You okay?"

I nodded and gave him my best smile. He gave me one back and patted my back. He finished fastening his pants and pulled himself up the bed.

"Is it okay if I sleep on the floor in here?" I asked.

I almost always did before.

"Sure, dude. Just... please, don't be molesting me in my sleep."

He laughed, making it a joke, but I knew he was serious, too.

"Nah. You're safe, dude."

I pulled the usual blanket off the chest along the wall and spread it out. He threw one of his pillows at me, like usual.

"Thanks," I said, as usual, then lay down.


"What?" I asked.

"Kill the light, idiot."

As usual.

I got up and turned it off then laid down. And amazingly, I even fell asleep. But not after thinking for ages. I was so happy about having done it, and even happier about still being friends.

The next morning he was up and out in the living room when I woke up. I felt queasy and sick. And not just from being drunk last night. I was afraid the guys would act different now, after he had told them. I had to find that out, and see if I had any friends left. I forced myself to go downstairs and try to act normal.

Everything seemed normal. We spent the morning messing around and hiding the signs that we'd partied, and we all left before his parents came back.

I went home and had the best orgasm of my life as I played over in my head what I'd done to him. Then I got online and we met up in the usual game. The other usual guys, including some of our friends from last night, joined, and we went off and attacked an enemy group together. We won, then took on another. We lost that time.

When we were playing a third group, and he and I were hiding behind a burned out tank, a private message window popped open. It was him.

TravDMav: hey

Me: hey

TravDMav: can i ask something

Me: sure what

TravDMav: can i stay your place tnit

Me: sure. what u wanna do? the guys wanna?

TravDMav: just us

TravDMav: wanna mess around

TravDMav: u?

Me: not lol

TravDMav: serious. wanna do it again?

Me: ???

TravDMav: fuck yes

TravDMav: wanna nother bj that was awesome

TravDMav: maybe i can u 2

I was stunned. And getting hard. I couldn't believe it. I sat there, not sure what I should say.

TravDMav: okay with u?

I wanted to say yes, come over as soon as you can! I'll suck you until you beg me to stop! But I didn't want to seem so faggy. I didn't know what to say.

TravDMav: say yes or I'll tell every1 about it and your gay

I pointed my weapon at his face, then fired. Then I stood over his body and emptied the clip into his face. The game was great at bloody carnage like that.

TravDMav: fag!!! lol

TravDMav: u know im kidding right?

TravDMav: wont ever tell neone

TravDMav: even if we never do it again

TravDMav: k?

I wasn't mad, and I'd only killed him for being an ass and saying that, even though I knew he was joking.

My hands were shaking as I typed one key and hit 'enter'.

Me: k

TravDMav: bffl?

Me: bffl


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