A High School Freshman Spotted

 Rated: X Contains: Teens, oral 


Ray's first day of Freshman year. So far it had gone okay, not at all as he had predicted.

Swirlies, wedgies, beatings, wearing his lunch, the list seemed endless as Ray ran through it in his head, fearing every one would be perpetrated upon him his very first day. Probably by first period, he had feared.

But none of it had happened. And P.E. hadn't been anything as bad as he had feared, though it had been very interesting!

As Ray walked into the enormous gym, he searched for someone he knew, anyone. Not seeing anyone he really called a friend, he wondered why life conspired against him so. There were more than a hundred kids in there, and not a single one Ray knew, at least, not more than their names.

The kids were sorted by year and sex into four groups; Freshman girls, Freshman boys, Sophomore girls and Sophomore boys. The older kids already had uniforms and headed to the locker rooms, while the younger ones were getting speeches about hygiene and health in PE; the dreaded shower topic. They were also informed they would be required to wear either briefs or an athletic cup, that boxers were not allowed under the gym shorts for safety reasons. Today it would not matter, but tomorrow, it would. Failure to follow this would mean a zero for each day it was done. Failure of P.E. meant failure of the school year.

His teacher then lined up all the boys under his care and told them to pick a pair of shorts and a t-shirt out of the boxes labeled XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. Ray wasn't sure what size he needed, like many boys, and was visually sized up and handed a pair from the box marked L and told he could change them for another size later in the period if they didn't fit well.

The teacher then took them on a tour of the locker room, telling them that tomorrow they would be changing into their uniforms, doing calisthenics, showering and changing back into their street clothes. The entire locker room was green; light, puke green. Floors, walls, lockers, all of it. All but the dreaded showers, they shone white - like a jail shower, Ray thought.

By now the older kids were out in the gym doing calisthenics. The teacher told Ray and the other freshmen to pick a small, square, numbered locker and put the other lock on it that they were told at orientation to bring with them. The lockers were a column of vertically-stacked small, square, numbered lockers with a single, tall, normal locker next, followed by another vertical column of the small, private lockers and so on. This repeated the entire length of the rows on both sides of the aisle, separated by a long, narrow bench. The teacher explained that the small locker they just claimed would be where they kept their uniforms while in other classes and at home, and the tall locker to the right was for street clothes and books while in gym class. Every class would be using the tall, public lockers, so they were told not to leave anything in there, always locking their stuff in the small locker before leaving class for the day.

Ray picked number 1102 because it was near the doors, away from the showers, and seemed less intimidating. He put the new shorts and shirt inside and his lock on the small, square door, and was going to lock it when the teacher said it was time to try out the uniforms they had picked.

Ray was mortified. Just as he thought there wouldn't be anything like this, the teacher springs it.

The teacher walked up and down the locker room, watching the boys change into the shorts and shirts.

Like many of the boys, Ray slowly took of his shirt and hung it in the tall locker. He was interested in looking around him, but not this day, not this soon. Imagine getting caught checking the other kids out the first day! Ray thought. The teacher would probably figure him for gay and have him transferred to some special class with all the fag boys.

But, then, that might be fun! Ray thought momentarily.

He took off his shoes, putting them in the bottom of the tall locker. His shirt finally followed. Ray put the uniform shirt on, then slipped his jeans off, quickly slipping into the shorts before looking around. They were large, but the mediums might be too tight, especially if he grew more, or a certain part grew more prominent. The large would be fine.

Other boys were changing, most done, but the sight gave Ray an immediate chubby. The material of the shorts were thin and Ray felt as if his briefs weren't even there. It was almost impossible to hide his problem. He sat and locked his fingers of both hands over his groin and waited to see what was next. The teacher nodded as he examined Ray, told him to go out and get another shirt and shorts the same size, and use the marker at the table to put his name on them all.

Ray returned to the boxes of uniforms in the gym, told the teacher he needed another large shirt and shorts. He was told to use the marker at the table to write his name on all of them using the example, and throw all the wrapping in the can at the end. Once that was done, he was told he could change back into his street clothes.

This was so new, so interesting, so embarrassing, and so sexy! The smell was nasty as far as Ray was concerned. Maybe, after the year started, the smell of hundreds of sweaty kids would change it, but for now the cleaning chemicals were a sickening sweetness that lingered in Ray's nose and on his tongue.

The view, though, that impressed Ray; it was as interesting as he thought it would be. What else could it be with all those other boys showing themselves for him to see. There were boys in underwear of all types and kinds, clearly not caring their packages were in plain view for all to see. There were boys who changed so fast they were a blur of arms and legs. Some boys sat on the bench, others running between the rows of lockers in their gym shorts. Ray noticed he liked the look of legs disappearing into the dark mystery of the yellow gym shorts. The legs of the shorts were wide, allowing them to give glimpses of what most of the boys were wearing under them when they sat just right.

He knew that his own shorts allowed that very thing to happen. His thin legs didn't fill the shorts' legs. They might more over the coming year, but right now it was possible for others to get a glimpse, too.

He changed as quickly as he could, without looking like he was hurrying. And he kept his eyes open, trying not to be noticed doing so.

One boy up the bench from Ray was obviously unconcerned that he was sporting a semi; a big one, Ray could tell. He looked about fifteen and his white briefs were tented out a good three or four inches as the semi-hard dick pushed against it, pointing downward, the head lower than the balls. He stood talking to another boy who was shorter and already dressed. As he spoke, the boy in the tented white briefs held his street pants in one hand and absently waved them around with his animated gestures. One boy in the group around him pointed and laughed at the obvious bulge. The boy with the wood laughed and whipped the top of his shorts down, giving the group a quick flash, waggling it with his hips before letting go of the waistband and letting it snap back to cover himself.

Ray's eyes widened, catching an eyeful of the dark triangle of brown hair and a hint of ball sack behind the hanging meat in that brief second. Now the boy's dick was pointed upward, held there by the briefs, swollen and nearly hard, showing even more now than before, nearly reaching the waistband. That dick looked to be at least six inches already, Ray surmised.

He was tall, slim, athletic, almost strong looking, but not quite. His arms and legs were strong and looked like he worked out. His chest and stomach didn't have any definition, still a kid's smooth, round torso. Great butt, too! Ray noted. Awesome package, he thought as the boy finally finished getting dressed. Ray noticed that the guy pulled his pants up so that his package was hanging out the open fly, letting it be there, accentuated, while he put his black t-shirt on. Only then did he tuck his package inside the zipper and close the door on the view.

Ray was surprised that he didn't have an erection before he finished changing, as he picked his pack out of the tall locker. He figured he was too nervous, and he hadn't let his mind play with any thoughts, he had just noticed what was going on around him. But now, it stirred. He thought about the next classes and anything else as he put his stuff into his small gym locker and locked it. The teacher came around, checking the boys who had to get other sizes, yelling that when they were dismissed, they could go out by the gym doors and wait for the bell. When it rang they would be free to go.

Ray stood against the smooth, porcelain brick wall near the gym doors, thinking.

How could all these kids be in here, and not one of them more than a name to me? Did some evil bitch in the office decide to make sure I was all alone in the most embarrassing class of them all?

When the bell rang, Ray followed the rest of the boys out. The worst part of the day was over, the rest was cake. As the last two classes passed, American History and English, Ray's mind would wonder if any of the other guys were gay.

Shortly after the last bell, Ray was standing in the proper place for his bus, alone, waiting for it. The first round of buses left in fifteen minutes, the second at fifteen to four. Ray's bus was one of the ones in the second round, so he was standing away from the loading area, near the pine trees and the rows of benches. Other kids waiting for the buses were hanging around as well; none seemed interested in talking to Ray.

He found himself taking glances at the kids around him, the girls and the boys. His eyes usually roamed more over the boys than the girls. One boy he recognized as the boldly changing boy in the locker room was suddenly walking toward him. Ray panicked.

Great! I looked too long and now I'm going to get my ass kicked, and on the first day! What a fag! he thought, cringing.

Ray watched as the boy approached, trying to read the look on the boy's face. He didn't look mad, at all. He was smiling. He nodded with an upward motion as Ray looked at his face. Ray put his fingers in the top of his pockets, shrugged the pack on his shoulders and waited for the boy to say something.

When the boy was just a couple feet away, still smiling, he put out his hand to shake and said, "Mark Treadle. Soph. You?"

Holy fuck, he was being nice? The smile isn't a trick to get me off guard? Ray thought.

He looked over the boys shoulder and saw the other guys the boy had been talking to ignoring the two of them. It didn't look like a set up for a sucker punch.

Ray offered his own hand, saying, "Ray. Hi. Uh, Freshman," he added.

"Yea, figured so. Uh, can I tell you something? I don't mean anything, okay? Just some advice?"

What was this guy up to? Advice? The ass-kicking kind?

Ray tensed in fear, just in case the ass-kicking did come.

"Sure, I guess," Ray stated, nearly stuttering it out.

"Well, for one thing, wear a baseball cap. You can look down, so that the cap cuts off your view of who you're looking at, so they can't see your eyes, you know? Don't wear it in the shower, though! And don't turn your face toward who you're looking at, look out the corner of your eyes, and keep your head down. If you can't see their eyes, they can't see yours, you know? And, uh, thanks for noticing me," Mark finished.

Ray was in shock. He wanted to deny any knowledge of what Mark was talking about. But he knew, exactly.

I must be redder than a Ferrari, Ray thought, wondering what to say.

"You don't have to say anything, but don't bother denying it. I noticed you looking in gym. And after school, most guys stare at the chicks, but you aren't. And, I, well, I don't care. I like guys. My friends over there don't, but they know I do."

Holy fucking shit! No fucking way! This is not real. Some trick, some trap, something! What if everyone else around here knew this guy was gay and saw me standing around with him!

"Afraid to be out? Have you told anyone yet?"

Shit! Should I admit it? Should I call him a fag and tell him to go away? What do I do?

"Don't rush. Looks like we'll be seeing a lot of each other about every day, so don't sweat it," he laughed. "Come on over out here anytime," he said, implying the bus stop and not the locker room. "Say hi, you know. These guys are okay. Okay?" Mark offered his hand again, almost secretly, as if giving Ray the choice to acknowledge it or not.

Ray reached out and shook the hand, trying to smile.

"See you, Ray," Mark said, turning to head back to the small group he was hanging out with.

Oh, gawd. See you, indeed! He seemed happy, and nice. And definitely cute! His friends know? And they're still his friends? Really? How?

Their bus came before Ray's, and Mark smiled at Ray as he climbed on board his bus.

Maybe high school wouldn't be all that bad, after all, Ray thought.


The next day in P.E., Ray was getting into his gym clothes, trying to not look around and trying to keep from getting hard. Mark was there, in the same row, on the same bench, about five lockers up. He took his time getting dressed again, letting anyone who wanted to look see what he had. He smiled each time Ray glanced his way. Ray was careful not to look if he saw skin, but Mark changed so slowly.

After picking an activity for each quarter, then a class spent doing pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks and other exercises, the dreaded time came. The coaches blew whistles and yelled, "Shower up!"

On the way to the locker room, Ray noticed he wasn't the only one walking very slowly.

When it was time, Ray did it as nonchalantly as he could manage, trying to act as if he had done this all his life. It was the first time he had ever been naked in front of other people!

After he had removed first his shoes and socks, then shirt, and finally the shorts, he looked around, standing in his underwear, facing his locker, almost inside it. There was Mark, just dropping his shorts, as if waiting for Ray to look first. When he caught Ray looking, he glanced around quickly and made motions with his eyes downward.

What was he trying to say? Ray wondered until it hit him. What Mark had said yesterday, at the bus stop; keep your eyes down.

Ray did it. He kept his face and eyes downward as he removed his briefs. He pulled them down his legs as he stood near the bench, pulling one then the other foot through them and tossing them into his locker. He closed the locker, and still keeping his eyes down, he walked toward the showers, only looking up enough to see where he was going.

Once past the shiny, porcelain-block walls that divided the showers from the locker area, Ray looked for an empty shower head. He got under it, facing the wall, as quickly as he could. As he got his hair wet and rinsed himself off under the water, he remembered the shampoo. He didn't go back for it.

He washed as fast as he could, keeping his eyes down and facing the wall. He knew he had the entire year to look around, and watching the others, finding out how much he could look around and not. Once he felt he had washed enough, only barely running his hands around his groin area to prevent embarrassment at doing so in public, and the possibility of waking a woody, he hurried over to the towel table, picking one of the white, rough things up and regretting it instantly. It smelled of chemicals, almost greasy, definitely tacky. He dried himself quickly and tossed the thing into the canvas bin this side of the brick wall. He felt dirtier after the towel then he had before the shower! And now he smelled like the towel. As he walked out into the locker room, he found out just how slippery the floor was when both it and your bare feet were wet.

His right foot went out in front of him as he picked up his left. He landed on his right butt cheek, yelping, almost spread eagle. He sat there in pain, humiliated, not knowing whether it was better to crawl to his locker or just die.

Suddenly a hand came from nowhere. Ray looked up, past the nice sized dick and wet, hairy patch nearly in his face, into Mark's face. Ray took the hand, but still had some trouble getting to his feet.

"Your ass okay?" Mark asked over the subsiding laughter of nearly one hundred boys who were overjoyed it wasn't themselves.

"Hurts, but it's okay, I guess," Ray said, afraid to rub it, walking with an odd double limp for a few steps.

One of the teachers asked Ray if he was okay.

"Yea, sure, they said it would be slick, I guess I forgot," Ray answered.

"Need to go to the nurse?" the teacher asked.

"No, really, just hurts a little. I'll be fine."

"Good man, walk it off," the teacher said, patting him on the back.

Ray flinched, more from modesty than pain, smiled at the man, and then duck-walked the rest of the way to his locker, Mark alongside.

"I was afraid someone would do it first day," Mark said. "Took two days last year," he said laughing.

"You?" Ray asked.

"Naw, but I did slip and slide some before he did the full feat."

"Thanks for the hand up."

"No problem. Your ass really okay?" Mark said, leaning back and glancing behind Ray subtly. "Hmm, sure looks it."

"Yes. Thanks again," Ray said, embarrassed beyond belief.

He had messed around sexually with other boys, but Mark was the first to be so open about it, and in a public place, school at that. All of the guys Ray had done things with had been friends or relatives and it had been in private. Now, Mark was being gay and making comments and conversation Ray found intensely embarrassing because it wasn't play; it was real. Mark was a real gay guy, not a friend he was messing around with. It terrified Ray.

"Just be careful, okay? I don't know why they put smooth, slick floors in showers and the lockers." Mark said, popping his fist into Ray's near shoulder.

Mark stopped at his locker and Ray made the last few steps to his own. He glanced over at Mark while opening his locker. Mark smiled and nodded at Ray, no modesty at all, proudly letting his wang hang for Ray to see, and obviously seeing Ray's. He nodded to what the kid changing next to him said and the two started chatting. Ray got dressed and was lining up to leave before Mark had his pants on.


After school, Ray was deciding if he should take the risk. He was interested, in boys and in finding out more, and having someone to play around with that way, but the older boy seemed so imposing.

It was nice, having an admitted gay guy taking interest in him, but it was terrifying too!

What if someone caught on? Could I deal with it? What if I couldn't? He wished he could avoid Mark today. Maybe longer. But why? He was nice, it wasn't really a risk, was it?

As he approached the bus stop, Ray waved at Mark who came to meet him, leaving his four buddies to do so.

"Thanks again, for helping me up," Ray said as they neared each other.

"Still sore?"

"Naw, fine now," Ray answered. He decided to go for it. No risk, no gain. "I wanted to ask you, if, well, are you out to anyone?"

"Just my parents, some family, and a few special friends is all. You are gay, too, then?"

"Yea. I think. I don't really know."

"Understand that! I wondered at twelve. By fourteen I just knew. No doubts. Had the same friends, most who don't know now, never told them."

"How did you meet, the, gay ones?" Ray asked, not believing he was talking about this to some kid he had known for less than two days.

"About the same way I met you. I got spotted, then learned how to do the spotting."

"I wouldn't know what to say. Or anything. But I just wanted, to, I don't know, thank you for the hand-job. I mean hand up! In the showers, you know...." Ray sputtered, insanely embarrassed.

Mark's laughter caused Ray to stop talking. As Mark covered his mouth with one hand and ducked his head, Ray joined in.

"That was funny!" Mark said when he could. "Guess I know where your mind is!"

"I didn't mean it! It just, came out that way. Sorry, really..."

Ray was cut off again by Mark, this time on purpose, with the words, "Hey, don't sweat it. I was just wondering how you got that set of balls, man! They're like huge!"

Ray blushed furiously and ducked his head this time.

"Sorry if that was too much. I should remember not to be pushy."

"No, it was okay. I do have a set, don't I?"

"Sure do. Mine ain't that big and I'm like a year older than you!"

"How old are you?"

"Sixteen next month," he replied. They were silent for a few seconds before Mark spoke up again. "Ray, I don't want to be pushy, or ask anything you don't want to answer, but have you ever done anything with guys yet?"

Ray thought about how to answer, if at all. He looked over, and up, at Mark's slightly oval, big eyed, gentle, face. He wanted to answer.

"Yes. Some stuff."

"So you know you're gay?"


"Any girls?"

"Yeah. One. It was okay."

"I know. I've had to date a couple, and do it and stuff. It's okay. For now. Once I get out of high school, I ain't never touching another chick."

Ray laughed a bit and thought, this guy is okay. It was definitely worth it to risk it. This time.

His eyes were drawn back to the bulge in the front of the boy's tight pants. Mark was standing with one foot forward, his weight shifted to the other, a couple school books and a binder under one arm. Ray wished he could just reach out and put his hand on that bulge, grope around it, find the balls and the dick and feel it harden as he felt around.

He realized he was beginning to sport wood, and it was noticeable. He shifted a bit, hoping to make it less so.

"This might be fast, but you wanna go somewhere for a quickie?"

"Yeah! What?"

I did not just say that! Ray thought, mortified. I didn't. I couldn't have. I said something else, I just thought I heard myself say that. It didn't happen!

"Come on. I can get us a ride at four-thirty, is that okay?"

Ray's guts dropped into his ass. He felt a bit dizzy and woozy.

"Are you sure?"

"About the ride? Or having a quickie?" Mark smiled.

"Both, I guess," Ray answered, now looking at his shoes, completely and totally mortified, and turned on.

"Yeah, on both. Wil is at choir and it's over at four-thirty. We can stop by and make sure we have a ride if you want?"

"Who's Wil?"

"He's, a really good friend."

"Is he... ?" Ray asked, hoping he didn't have to say the word.

"Yeah. He's my boyfriend, sorta. So, don't mention it when I talk to him. Just hang out in back, okay? He won't mind, but he won't wanna know, ya know? As long as it's just playing around."

Ray nodded, not having any words to say.

"And, if he gets to know you, don't be surprised if he, umm, seems interested? I mean, he might, sort of, you know, go for it."

He ended with a grin and a shrug. Ray was sure he understood, but was still stunned at the very idea of someone being interested in him.

But then, he thought, this Mark guy is. And he wants to... a quickie? A quick what, exactly? Does it matter? Find out!

Mark led Ray to the four kids still at the bus stop, where he told them he would see them tomorrow, and was going to take this kid to check out Wil's ride home later.

Ray followed Mark back into the school. They found the choir meeting in the music wing, room F, and leaving Ray at the door, Mark quietly slipped over to a blond boy sitting in the second row and whispered something. The boy nodded and shortly Mark came back smiling.

He held out a set of keys and waved Ray to follow him.

"We can fool around while we wait," he said, leading Ray into the student parking lot. Once there he found a big, old, green, Plymouth four-door and unlocked the driver's door. Ray waited and got in once the other door was unlocked for him. It was fiercely hot inside the car after the summer sun had been shining down on it all day.

There were few cars around, but Mark started the car and moved it further from the building, finding an area where no one would likely walk past the vehicle. The air conditioning worked and started blowing cold air as they parked.

Mark parked but let the engine run and winked at Ray. "So, what you want to do?"

"I don't know, what do you want to do?" Ray asked.

He was already sweating from a mixture of the hot car and his nervousness. He wasn't even close to being hard, but he was feeling horny, interested, and attracted to the cute older boy.

"I want to crawl in back and sixty-nine," Mark said, indicating the back seat with a nod of his head. "No anal, Wil and I promised each other that, okay?"

"Sure. I'm not sure I would want to, anyway, you know, that stuff." Ray looked behind them and saw the wide, deep bench seat back there. "Plenty of room," he said, smiling, shocked at himself.

They climbed over the back of the front seat and somehow arranged themselves in a minimum of time and fuss.

No words, no directions, no questions. Two zippers unzipped, two buttons unbuttoned, the sound of clothes rumpling and skin on vinyl were the only sounds. Until the sound of two boys sucking each other's cocks began to fill the car.

Ray had a little trouble getting Mark's tight, white, briefs down over his big, hard, dick. The head kept catching the waistband and Ray had to use both hands up front to pull them out and down past it. The view was worth the work. Mark's dick was all the size Ray remembered it from PE, even bigger now that it was fully hard in anticipation; around six inches, round, prominent head and slender shaft. Almost all pale, only slightly darker right behind the head for an inch or two. It stuck out of a nice patch of dark brown hair that ended in sharp edged clarity with no other hair around it. The head was wide and pale, almost pink, smooth, and cone-shaped.

Ray could smell Mark's aroma and it made him tingle all over. He grabbed the new cock with his right hand and squeezed and shook it a bit, then ran the skin up and down the shaft experimentally. Breathing deeply first, Ray put his mouth completely over the slightly wide, pinkish head and started sucking right away. He waited to use his tongue until he felt similar things from Mark.

That didn't take long: Mark started with some licking and what felt like nibbling before he was obviously tonguing the hole. Ray felt his lips and warm mouth slide down over his head and he shivered. When Mark started sucking on Ray's smaller dick, Ray stopped sucking long enough to let out a long, deep moan.

Ray felt that tugging sensation and knew Mark was sucking his cock. Mark buried his nose in Ray's few, short, red pubic hairs with one hand flat, thumb and finger around the base of it, the other hand playing with Ray's balls. He started jacking on occasion, and Ray loved it. He could feel Mark's tongue doing magic on his cock.

"Ray, man, you got some balls!" Mark said admiringly as he rolled them in his hands.

Ray felt his balls being licked then rolled around in Mark's mouth. It felt good, all warm and wet. When Mark went back to sucking his dick, Ray stretched from toe to scalp with pleasure and moaned louder around Mark's cock.

Before he expected it, Ray felt the now familiar tingling and pressure. The spot between his butt hole and his balls was tensing up and aching.

Too soon! Ray complained internally. He couldn't stop it. He tried, but he couldn't. He pulled his mouth off of Mark's cock and moaned, "Oh, gawd, it's happening already!" before his back arched and his entire body seemed to center around his groin.

No one had ever sucked him that far before, and now, Mark was sucking while he came! And it was fantastic! The pressure from behind his balls expanded as the feeling of having a string of beads pulled through and out the hole at the tip was matched by the raging ache below his balls with each contraction.

As his emission left his cock, he arched his back so far that he nearly fell off the back seat.

"Awwwwwwwwww!" came from Ray's mouth as he pushed his cock into Mark's mouth with all his strength.

I hope he wants to swallow it, because I couldn't let him stop now if the car caught fire! Ray thought as the second wave roared over his body.

"Gaaaaaaaaaa!" Ray groaned, twitching forward and then arching backward again, all possibility of reasonable thought washed away.

"Uhhhhhhhhnnnnnnn!" as the third explosion caused another forward and backward twitch of Ray's entire body, removing the ability to think at all.

"Oh gawd! Oh gawd! Oh gawd!" Ray repeated as Mark continued to suck his sensitive cock and the waves of intensely powerful pleasure drowned Ray. He switched to "Oh, please! Please!" which was all he could get out past the convulsions still wracking his body. He wanted to beg Mark to stop, but could only get, "Please" out again before another convulsion ran through him. "Please, oh! Oh! Stop!" he finally got out past the quakes of pleasure. "Stop! Please! Oh, gawd! OH!!" he groaned as Mark kept sucking and licked his head

Suddenly Mark left it alone and Ray shivered and collapsed.

"Oh fuck! Fuck!" were the only words Ray's mind could recall.

"You okay? Are you sure you've done stuff before? You a virgin?" Mark asked in surprised tones.

"Oh, crap, fuck" Ray said as he shivered violently. "No, not a virgin, but, that was fuckin' awesome! I've never been sucked while I came before!" Ray informed Mark breathlessly, still pulling Mark's cock absently with his hand.

"Nothing like having your wad swallowed. I don't even remember my first time anymore. But I remember it was like nothing else, ever," Mark said. "Like it?"

"That was the best!" Ray said in awe. It had been too good. The best blow-job so far. And the unexpected manner it which it was received added to the pressure of Ray's release. "That was the best thing I've ever felt!"

"Thanks. You one of those guys who cums and stops?" Mark asked, playing with Ray's balls and the sparse hair around the base of his softening dick.

"Not once," Ray said, turning his mouth back to Mark's now dripping cock. He wasn't done yet. Ray could cum and still give. He wasn't done until he wanted to be done, and as long as another dick was in front of him, hard, ready, willing, he wasn't done.

As Ray had had his orgasm, his hand had been unconsciously squeezing and tugging Mark's cock. Some pre-cum was hanging out the tip now and Ray licked it up slowly before going further. He slid the cock through his tightened lips, like Dallas had shown him, sucking from the start. He let it slide deeper, slowly, sucking a bit harder the further it went in. As Ray's lips went over the edges of the head, he licked the tip and let his tongue slide down the underside, curving it to match the contour of the fleshy tube.

"Whoa! Wow! That is fucking nice!" Mark was crooning.

It was large, and Ray liked that a lot. He loved the way all that meat felt in his mouth, sliding past his lips, over his tongue and on the roof of his mouth. As its head neared his throat, Ray tried to just let it go down, but his gag reflex simply was too strong. He kept it as deep as he could for some seconds, sucking and letting his tongue wriggle under the hard cock.

Mark moaned, saying, "Holy fuck, that's nice! Keep it going!"

Ray did, slightly rocking up and down in small increments, no more than an inch. Mark shuddered and groaned, "Cumming. Cumming soon!"

Ray felt the cock shudder and inflate a bit more. The first shot exploded onto the back of Ray's throat as Mark gasped, "Ohhh!" followed by a sharp intake of breath and a tensing in his entire body as it lay between Ray and the back of the bench seat. His hips made short squeaking noises on the green vinyl as he pushed in time with his orgasms.

Second shot, "Oooo!" and another sharp intake of breath.

Ray felt it filling his mouth. He had to swallow before the third choked him! He barely made it, pushing the thick fluid down just before round three rolled across his tongue.

"Uuuhhhhn!" and a third hissing inhalation as Mark's hips swung toward Ray sharply, causing a louder squeak from the vinyl seats.

"Awwwww!" as the fourth major convulsion rocked Mark's body and a small amount of cum rolled onto Ray's tongue.

Ray thought that it tasted awesome. Strong, manly, potent, thick. The fourth gushed into Ray's mouth and he swallowed the two shots together.

"Damn!" and the fifth and sixth ejaculations, mostly dry caused Mark to buck sharply. "Oh, shit! Stop!" Mark hissed.

Ray let his cock fall out of his mouth but kept playing with his balls. He kissed and sucked them one at a time as Mark shuddered a little.

"Fuck! That was nice! You definitely got some experience!"

"I can say the same to you! That was... "

Ray finished with only a profound sigh.

"Glad we did this?" Mark asked.

"Hell yes! It was awesome!" Ray said, still playing with the large cock in his hands, marveling at the size, the mass, the smell, the taste, all of it.

Why can't people just stay in bed with anyone they want all day, like this? Ray asked of the world.

Then Ray asked of Mark, "So I did it okay?"

"Okay? You did great!" Mark said and then put his mouth over Ray's softening cock, giving it a strong bout of suction.

Ray jerked and gasped, then pulled Mark's head away and his mouth off of his sensitive dick.

"You too, Mark! Like I said. I think that was the shortest I lasted. Guys said it was better when you got sucked all the way, and I thought I had been, but it never felt like that!"

"I didn't last long either. That was good stuff."

Ray noticed he was covered in sweat. His hair was soaked with it, his shirt wet under the arms, across the chest, and on his left side on which he had been laying. His bare skin was sticking to the hot vinyl.

"How long we got?" he asked as he wiped the sweat from his forehead and face, neck and hair with his shirt tail.

"I don't have a watch. We better get back up front. Or, I will. When Wil gets here I'll introduce you, okay?" Mark said, putting his wet, soft, tired meat back in his shorts and closing up his jeans.

"Sure. He nice?" Ray asked, following suit.

"Yeah. We're sorta boyfriends, just not all official or anything, so don't tell him or let on, okay?" Mark stated as he wiped his face and neck with his shirt.

"Really? So you cheated on him with me?" Ray asked.

"Sort of. We both know we do other guys, hand-jobs and some sucking, but no butt-sex. He don't mind if I suck a guy off or get sucked off, but he don't wanna know. And I don't wanna know if he does, either. So don't say anything, okay?"

"Sure. We better air the car out, though," Mark said.

He drove the car back where it had been, now with all the windows down, and after spritzing some cologne on the two of them and on the back seat.

"He going to wonder about the cologne?" Ray asked.

"Why? Oh, he might figure out why I sprayed it? Yeah. Hang on."

Mark messed with something in his lap for a few more seconds then the smell of the cologne got even stronger. Mark dumped something out the window and looked back around at Ray.

"There, I had a bottle in my pocket and it cracked during the day. I even got a wet spot on the pocket, see?"

Ray leaned forward in the cavernous rear seat and looked over the back of the front seat. There was a wet spot about the size of a silver dollar on his right pocket area.

"I poured the rest out the window and put the bottle in the ashtray," Mark finished explaining, obviously proud of his solution.

"Should work," Ray said, smiling, starting to lean back into the back seat. "Can I ask something?"

"Sure, what?"

"Well, the way you change in gym, you know, slow, and let everyone see, aren't you afraid you'll get found out as gay?"

"Nah. No one thinks like that. If you just act normal about it, like you ain't shy, no one even considers it. And, last year? Well, this asshole called me gay after catching me eyin' him, ya know? So I said he was a fag for looking at me and I wasn't even lookin' at him. He said I was a fag and I said fags don't kick guys asses and I jumped him. Beat him good. Coach broke us up, but not before I had him in a headlock and made him say he was sorry and it was a mistake. Never had any problems after."

"Wow. So you just attacked him?" Ray asked, a bit awed.

"Sure. Better than letting him get the upper hand. Wil knows Ju-Jitsu, taught me some, and I used it. Plus, I dated a couple girls and everyone forgot about it."

"Cool, really!" Ray said. "I hope I can be like you."

"Nah, just be yourself. Here comes Wil. He just walked out," Mark said, looking out the back of the car over Ray's shoulder.

When Wil came to the car and got in, the first thing Mark said was, "Wil, this is Ray. He's a Freshman. He thinks he's gay."

"Hi, Ray. So you think so, huh?"

"Yeah," Ray answered, blushing furiously

"So, Mark here find out for sure yet? Sure smells like it."

Ray was surprised to his core.

"You break a bottle of cologne in your pocket while you guys were in the back seat or something?" Wil asked.

"Matter of fact," Mark said with a grin.

"Dumb-ass," Wil mumbled.

"I noticed him checking me out, so talked to him. I thought we could watch over him, sort of mentor him, you know? I told him we are, and that he shouldn't feel alone or like a freak or anything."

"Like we did, when we were Freshmen?" Wil asked, laughing. "Man, we were so lost! We both thought we were the only gay guy in class! If someone hadn't noticed us and taken us in, we'd still both be whacking off alone!" All three boys laughed, then Wil asked, ""How old are you, Ray?"


"Ever done it with a guy?" Wil asked as he started the car. "Beside Mark? Today?"

"A, a couple times..."

Wil and Mark told Ray how they had met an older guy last year who had approached them at different times, and how they both were having sex with him when he introduced the two of them. Then other topics, and by the time they slowed to a stop in front of Ray's house, they seemed like two normal guys, talking about how a new carburetor, a Holly six-fifty, would really put some balls in the car.

Ray said bye to his new friends, who said they would see him tomorrow. The Satellite burned rubber for about twenty feet before Wil got off the gas, leaving a billowing cloud of smoke behind.

Two days as a freshman and he already had two new friends. And they were gay friends to boot! And he'd gotten a blow-job in the back of a cool car, from a nice, sexy, cute, older guy! And no ass kickings, though one painful ass anyway, but that was his own fault.

Maybe high school wouldn't be so bad, after all, Ray thought.

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