Best Bud In Texas

 Rated: X  ages 14 (***)

Another consequence of doing so many True First Time Tales.
It's hard to get those out of my head. They tend to create mixed-genetic clones. This is one.
I chose the ages based on the average age of the True First Time Tales, and the state of Texas because it was where the most True First Time Tales occurred.
The basic story is one a guy was telling me about his first time, but he backed out after a few editing rounds and we never finished it. He worried his family would find out about it.



Jess and I were fourteen. He lived on a lake just outside town. I lived about a mile closer to town. Not many other people lived out there, so once we started riding the bus to school and knew we lived close to each other we became friends. We started doing overnights that first year of school, and we kept doing them about as often as our parents would drive us back and forth. When we got old enough, we would ride our bikes back and forth all the time, sometimes staying over all weekend during school and for days during summer. Usually we stayed at his house, because he had that tent and that big back yard and the lake. I had a bigger back yard but nothing around but farm fields, and no tent.

About my thirteenth birthday I began puberty and began to know I was gay. Jess was suddenly hot and cute, like a lot of guys suddenly were. Over the summer after seventh grade it really got it bad. I knew to hide it, so I did. It was the late seventies and being gay wasn't accepted yet. It was hardly even on the radar really. Not in our backwater Texas town.

We were pretty average guys, maybe a little better looking than about half. Jess was lean and tall, always was, with a sort of long, oval shaped face, a long nose, dark-brown eyes, and short black hair. His smile was big and sweet, with narrow, red lips. He could eat all he wanted and stay lean and trim. But all the bike riding and weight lifting the two of us did kept him slim and slightly muscular. He never got tan. He was always a bit tan, because his grandma was American Indian, but nothing you'd call tan. Just not all Caucasian. His hair was raven-black, and he had the thinnest eyebrows! They almost looked like make-up instead of actual brows. He was so hairless. He had such smooth arms and legs, even after getting his pubes. He still didn't have any sign of hair on his upper lip.

I was shorter and stockier. If I didn't keep a watch on what I ate, or I laid around too much, I'd get a soft stomach. I hated that, so I did everything I could not to get soft there. Or around my sides. I wasn't fat, but I could get chunky easily. I had bright-blond hair, blue eyes, and a round, soft-featured face with a wide nose and jawline and big, peach-colored lips. I had that Nordic-Scandinavian gene thing going on. I had fuzzy arms and legs, even as a kid, but not as much on my upper lip. All pale so they were hard to see. Kind of fuzzy, heavy, blond eyebrows. I didn't tan either. I'd turn a sort of reddish-pink for a day or two if I got a lot of sun, then it would just fade away. If I gained weight, it showed up on my face first. I fought off the extra weight riding bikes and wresting with Jess, and using his dad's weight set. We both liked using them. And by watching what I ate. My folks were health-nuts to an extent, so we didn't have Ho-Hos or Twinkies or cookies or that crap in the house, so it wasn't hard to keep from gaining weight. We didn't drink pop, either - water or no-added-sugar fruit juice. Lots of milk.

He'd hit puberty way before I did, when we were twelve. I saw my first boner belonging to someone else in his tent. I saw his first pubes in that tent. When he started jerking it off, he told me about it in that tent. I jerked off for the first time in that tent, in the dark, Jess telling me what to do, my little three-inch twelve-year-old penis feeling like it was on fire. I had my first dry orgasm in that tent. Later. It took some practice. And I think it took having Jess right there, too. I was already aware that I was more interested in dick than pussy, but at twelve was sure I would get more interested in girls once I got pubes and could cum and was a real teenager.

We sometimes did it at the same time in that tent, in the dark, but not always. Less than half the time? Never during the day. Never touching or getting close to each other. Though after I hit puberty I sure wanted to! I wanted to see him naked, see his erection, see his orgasm. Hell, I wanted to make him have orgasms. I wanted to jack it for him, suck it for him, let him fuck me. I never really thought about fucking him.

After I turned thirteen, I was hot for just about any guy.

I knew he liked girls.

Freshman year we joined the wrestling team. He was tall and lean, I was short and stocky, but we were within ten pounds of each other, so we wrestled in the same class. We often practiced together. Hotness! I loved wrestling. I might have been gay, but that wasn't why. Just a sort of side benefit. If the team knew I liked guys, I'd get beat so bad my momma would feel it. Then I'd be off the team, and out of luck as far as ever having a friend again, and probably couldn't keep going to the same school. If I survived the beating.

And Jess, being my best friend, and everyone knowing it, would probably get the same treatment. That was the biggest reason to keep it hidden forever right there. Jess was just the best bud a guy could ever have, and getting him so much as treated bad for being my best bud was like a constant curse over my head. So was knowing I'd lose that friendship. Oh, I had other friends, but none anything like Jess.

During that summer between ninth and tenth grades, when were both well past our fourteenth birthdays, we spent a lot of time in his tent in his big back yard overlooking that little lake. Like every summer before. But it was very different that year. I was in puberty too, and jerking off in that tent now was a whole new thing to me. I was aware that I should be more into girls than guys, but I was also aware than I was even more into guys than ever, and girls even less. The guys in the showers and on the mats were more interesting than ever. I jacked off only thinking about cocks and balls and cum. Girls turned me off. Completely. If I didn't want a hard-on, I'd imagine naked girls.

One day I was supposed to go over to Jess' for a couple days, but I got into trouble with the folks. No biggie. It'd happened before, it'd happen again. I wasn't perfect. I hated mowing that huge yard of ours. I used to like it at first, driving that rider-mower. But it got old and boring and tedious. So I didn't get it done for days, and the grass got tall, and Dad got tired of waiting for me to do it, so on Saturday he spent the entire day having to mow once just to take off the tops, and then again to cut it down decently short. Boy was he pissed!

I was grounded.

So I called Jess and told him I wasn't coming and I was grounded for a week. Bummer.

Monday, Dad's Jeep wouldn't start. He was going to be late to work. I was good with engines and got it to start. His fuel pressure was low at the carb because he needed to change his fuel filter. Dummy. So I blew the filter out and put it back in, and it started. He got to work just in time. Barely.

When he got home, he was pretty nice. Mom too.

After dinner, Dad talked to me in my room. He wanted to know why I didn't do the lawn like I used to. I told him it was boring and dull, and I kind of hated it now. He said we all had to do things we didn't like doing, that was just the way life was. He didn't like going to work five days a week, Mom didn't either, but they liked feeding me and keeping a roof over my head and getting me clothes and school supplies and the things I needed or really wanted and deserved, all that. He said I had the time to do it all week. He gave me a portable radio with little earphones. They were kind of new at the time, and kind of expensive. He said it would maybe make mowing less boring. It was cool of him. It was kind of mushy, but kind of cool, too. So I promised to do the yard every week. He said I could go over to Jess' tomorrow if I cleaned my room really well and sorted out the mess in the garage.

So I spent that night making my room cleaner than a hundred-dollar a night hotel, and tidying up the garage. I did a really good job. I was happy about being ungrounded and kind of wanted to prove they were right to give me the chance to make up for blowing off the lawn. That garage was neater than when we first moved in before I called it a night. I was too tired to whack one out. I just took a long, hot shower and hit the rack.

The next morning, pretty early, I packed up the usual stuff, like extra socks and underwear, and some t-shirts and some shorts, put on the usual tightie-whities, my swim trunks over them, socks and shoes, ate breakfast with the folks, got on my bike, and headed over to Jess'. Dad drove by me on his way to work.

When I got there, no one answered the door. HIs folks were at work by then. I figured he was super-soundly passed out, or out with one of our other friends, or was out in the tent. Probably slept out there, since it was nice last night. It was getting hot already today, though, so he might be in the lake. So I went around the house. I didn't see him in the lake, and the boat was at the dock. The tent faced the lake so I couldn't tell if the flap was open or not until I got closer. I figured he was sleeping in late. Since I wasn't coming over as far as he knew, I figured I'd sneak up and scare him awake. Just as I came around the corner of the tent, I saw his legs through the open flap. His bare legs. He was probably in his trunks. It was already hot and he'd probably gone swimming after he got up and then passed out again.

I was just about to step in and scare him awake, when I got close enough to see further up his legs.

He didn't have anything on. He was totally naked. At least below the waist, anyway.

And he was whacking it.

We had showed each other our stuff a few times, not very often, and not recently. Not that summer, not that I remember anyway. It was back when we were still in ninth grade, I'm sure. So I was kind of surprised at his size. He was fourteen, like me, but he had like seven inches. And he was going to town on it. I could hear that wet, smacking sound as he slid his fist up and down it.

I almost turned around, but, well, I was gay, and sort of knew it, and it was more than a little interesting. Ya know? So I stood there, as quiet as I could, and watched my best bud beat his meat.

All five inches of my dick went instantly hard, I can tell you. It felt like it was going to rip its way through my tightie-whities and my trunks any second. But I didn't dare move, afraid I'd make a sound and he'd know I was standing there watching him bop it.

Man, he was hung. His balls were even big. They were between his tightly closed lean thighs, and his fist slammed them every downbeat. I could see them get slapped and move every time. It was really hot!

He stopped, and I leaned forward just a bit to see his pubes. Nice. Not like a full-grown guy's, like I'd seen in that magazine Mike's big brother had given him and he'd shown us months ago, but way more than I had. My pubes were blond, and there weren't very many, so they looked like there were even less than there really was. But his pubes were fuller, and more obvious, being black. And all curly. Mine were all straight and shorter.

That dick of his! It was seven inches, I swear to you! Lean and slightly curved upward all along it. Cone-shaped head with small coronal edges. Big slit in the end, more on top than on the tip. It was kind of red right then. He had some veins that showed through his tan skin.

I was still only five inches, about average judging by the guys in the showers. At least I had pubes, about half didn't, so I'm not counting them in the average size comparison. And mine was pretty straight. Longer cone-shaped head compared to Jess'. Wider, too, with more pronounced coronal edges. And a tiny little hole in the very tip. More smooth than Jess' too. Either my skin was thicker, less transparent, or my veins just didn't show like his.

And he had some serious balls. They were bigger than grapes, and they hung in a lose sack that let them move around. Just a few hairs on the sack here and there. My sack was still pretty up high and tight, and my nuts weren't much bigger than the tips of my thumbs. 

Then his hand came back to his big dick, and it was wetter this time. I knew he'd spit in it. He'd taught me that back when I was twelve and still smooth and only three-inches. But all five inches of it was hard and throbbing now! That sound was louder. Nice and loud and clear. It was so hot to hear his hand and dick making those sounds!

Then he moaned! Oh, shit! My dick jerked a couple times and I knew I'd just made a wet spot in my tighty-whities. Man, my dick was dancing! I could feel it throbbing against my thin swim trunks and tighty-whities.

"Oh, yeah, do it baby."

Shit! He was talking to himself! How hot!

"Yeah, ride me like show pony, Kate!"

He liked this girl named Kate at the time. Brunette with big brown eyes. Bit tits. Big butt. Nice face and lips. Couldn't blame him. At least he had good taste in chicks.

His other hand joined the first and he held them still while he raised and lowered his hips, sliding that long dick through both of them, end to end, the head just barely poking up above the top hand. So fucking hot!

"Gonna make me cum, baby!"

Oh, fuck yeah! I had to see that! I leaned forward just a bit more, so I could see his stomach, and see his jizz when it shot out and landed there. This was gonna be great!

He fucked his two hands faster and harder, his legs and abs visibly working to thrust his hips upward.

"Yeah, cummin' Kate! Make me shoot it! Yeah!"

His voice was getting higher and tighter. And his balls were tucked up tighter.  I knew he was just about to blow off. I leaned a bit more, to make sure I had a good view.

I must have lifted a foot and put it back down, because I stepped on a stick. It cracked really loudly.

In less than a second he had covered his goods with both hands and sat up. He saw me before I could react. We locked eyes.

I knew this was gonna suck!

"You watchin' me do it?" he asked, his face deeply red.

He didn't look mad, not really, just sort of peeved off. More embarrassed than pissed.

"Uh, I, uh..."

He looked down, toward my front, and his eyes got huge!

"Whoa! What the hell? You been watchin' that long?"


I looked down. I had a massive wet spot! Those trunks turned from mid red to dark red when they got wet. And there was a big wet spot right where the head of my dick was pushing them out into a tent. There was no way to hide it now, but I still slammed both hands over it. I could feel my face going deeper red than that wet spot. And I could feel that wet spot, too. It felt huge. My boner was going down fast, at least.

"Uhhh, I was, uh..."

"You was watchin' me do it!" he said, still not that angry, more like surprised.

I expected him to be really pissed, ya know?

I had to think of something. Maybe if I said something nice? Maybe keep him from getting mad at me.

"I, uh, it's just I didn't know your dick got that massive!"

He sort of looked confused for a second, then sort of smiled a little. It was working!

"That, and, uh, you got a mean set 'a balls now, too!"

He laughed a little. At least he wasn't getting madder. Keep it up!

"I didn't know you had so many pubes now, either."

He lifted his hands, and I could see his stuff again. His big dick was going down just a little, but it was still so big. It lay over his pubes, then rolled to the side, toward me. I could see that reddish slit, and some pre-jizz drip out of it. So hot!

"I think they just look like a lot because they're black. "

"Whatever. They look like a lot."

He looked up at me. He wasn't mad. He was more like, sort of, I don't know. Just he wasn't mad, and that was cool. I had to keep it that way.

"Sorry I interrupted."

"That's okay. Glad you made it. Not grounded now?"

"Nah. Got let off for good behavior."

"Your parents are softies."

He rolled over, away from me, and I saw his naked ass. I'm not gonna lie and say it was all juicy and plump and such. It wasn't. He was on the lean side, but he did do a lot of biking, wrestling,  and weights, so it wasn't skinny or anything. And it was Jess' ass, and I thought it was really great. Smooth, curvy, and the crack was nice and defined. And the way I could almost see his hole, but not quite, was such a turn-on.

He grabbed his trunks, rolled into a sitting position, and pulled them up his long, lean legs, saying, "I'm gonna have blue-balls all day, though."

Ooo! Idea! No! That's so faggy! He'd tell me to go home and stay away. Idiot. But I'm gonna remember that for later, when it's dark, and we're doing it in the tent almost side-by-side. If we do it tonight. After this, he might not want to.

I realized I hadn't whacked one out last night. Or this morning. Or yesterday morning. Boy was I overdue!

Think of something funny! Keep him from getting pissed!

"Too bad Karen ain't here to take care of 'em for ya."

He laughed in his short, breathy way, then said, "She wouldn't even. She thinks I'm a total dweeb."

"Her loss. She don't what she's missin' out on."

Oh! That too much to say after seein' what I'd seen!

He laughed a little harder, then said, "Come on in. I got cold juice. I got a couple from the fridge before, uh..." he finished with an embarrassed laugh.

I bent down and stepped into the tent as he scooted back to make room and reached for the juice bottles.

"Before you came out to whack one out pretendin' Karen was ridin' ya like a show pony?" I said, sitting down with the backpack in front of my lap, between my crossed legs.

He laughed really nicely as he handed me a juice and said, "Yeah. Should'a kept my mouth shut, huh?"

He opened the bottle and took a long swig.

"Not like you knew I was standin' right outside," I said, then opened the bottle and took a swig.

Then I thought, Oh, shit!

"Yeah," he said suspiciously, "Just how long was you standin' out there watchin'?"

He didn't look pissed, which was good, but he sure looked... kind of cheesed? A bit? Maybe?

"Uh, look, Jess, I was just about to scare ya awake, is all, but when I got close, I saw you were, uh, lettin' Karen ride the wild stallion." We laughed. "And I was 'bout to turn around and go up t' the house for a while. Honest."

I screwed that up. I never used 'honest' unless I was shovelin' bull-shit. He knew it, too.

But he still didn't look pissed at me at all. About then I started thinking how he almost never got pissed at me. I was being kind of paranoid about that. Even if he did get mad at me, he'd be over it before I rode home, and he'd probably be calling before I got in the door to tell me to come back. We were too good of friends to be mad at each other. Had been since first grade. He was more than just a great friend, or a best friend, he was like a brother. Sort of. My older brother was a major dick - too bad for him he didn't have one! But, then, it looked like I wasn't going to either.

"Then why'd you have a wet spot? Gonna lie and say you started pissin' yerself?"

I started shaking when I thought of telling him. Shaking like I was as cold as a pig's nuts in Alaska. Texas phrases are so colorful, huh? But seriously, I was shaking at the thought of actually telling him I was watching him because I wanted to.

"You got really turned on, didn't ya?" he asked, still smiling.

I knew he wasn't mad, so I said, "Man, just say it wasn't horrible to see. Okay?"

He laughed, then said, "You're just jealous, 'cause I'm hung like a prime steer!"

I laughed, then said, "You got that right, man. You got the meat!"

"I know! Think it'll be get t' eight inches? When it's done growin'?"

"Prob'bly! Maybe nine. I mean, not even fifteen yet. Got three or four more years to grow. I'd be lucky ta get ta six."

He raised his eyebrows, what eyebrows he had, and said, "You know, I was thinkin', you seen mine, I haven't seen yours in forever. Last time I saw yours, you barely had pubes. You get more yet?"

I felt my face go so red! At least he really wasn't mad at me for watching him do it. So cool!.

"Yeah. Not that much though. And since they're blond they don't show up real well at all."

"So, uh," he had that look he sometimes got, when he was going to admit to something, or try dodging something. "You mind showin' me?"

"You serious?"

I was more than a little shocked. He never asked to do that stuff. It was always me that brought it up. When I got the guts. Which was rare.

"Well, you saw mine. Totally boned, too. And, uh," his blush got way darker! "You know... doin' it."

His cute, kind-of-shy grin filled his face. He had a big smile when he used it. Or let it. Or it got away from him. Dang, it made him so cute!

"Yeah, I didn't mean to," I said, hoping he believed it. At least I didn't put the 'honest' on the end of it this time.

"You so lie. You stood there watchin' me long enough to soak a wet spot right through your trunks!"

"They're thin!"

"And through your underwear!"

He had me there.

"I'm just curious, man," he said, giving me his best 'honest' grin.

Now I knew he was lying.

"You really wanna see?"

Man, my hands were shaking again! All of me was!

"Yeah. Last time was a while ago."

Ooo! Idea! And even if it was a bit faggy, he might go for it. I had to try!

"I'll show, if you show too."

"I did show! For long enough for you to get all wet!"

He had me there, too. So I put the juice down, moved the backpack, got up on my knees, and shoved my trunks and underwear down to the ground. I let it all hang out!

It was soft, of course, but not totally. It wasn't all the way soft. Still, it wasn't much compared to his. Maybe four and-a-half inches hanging down like that.

He actually leaned toward me and squinted, to get a better look. He needed glasses but refused to wear them.

Then he really blew my mind and reached out and ran his fingertip through them! I didn't have all that many, and he must have touched every last one. My pubes were maybe an inch wide from the base of my dick up toward my stomach, and all around the base in a circle. Mostly about an inch or so long. Not even very curly yet.

It started growing. Not slow, either. It was pumping up with every beat of my heart. It was almost humiliating.

"Sorry, I didn't get to, uh, you know, do it, since Sunday night."

He took his finger and hand back, and said, "About like I had at first. They get curlier."

"I know. All yours are now."

Ooops! I had such a big mouth!

I yanked my underwear and trunks up, then adjusted it so it wasn't poking out a tent again. Damned wet spot, though. My boner was not dropping this time. Not yet anyway.

He grinned, then asked, "You were gonna watch the whole way, weren't ya? Until I shot."

Fuck. I could lie, but he'd probably be able to tell. Think!

"I was just curious how much you, you know, shoot."

"How much do you?"

I had just sat down again, so I got up on my knees again, made like I was going to yank my trunks down again, and asked, "Wanna see how much?"

He didn't call my bluff. Though I wasn't totally sure I was bluffing, ya know? It was soft again, not totally, but I knew it'd come back to full stiffy mode really quick.

"No. Just sayin'."

"Sayin' what?" I asked, sitting down again, then dragging my backpack in front of my crotch again, just in case it went hard again.

He said, "I don't know," with a shrug, then took another drink. "I do know I'm gonna have blue-balls, though. It's not goin' down and I don't think it's gonna for a while. Your fault, ya know."

He was grinning, not even a little pissed that he caught me watching him whack it. I was super-horny after almost two days not doing it.

It was insane. I said it anyway.

"I can jerk you off. Get rid the blue balls. Make it up to ya for interruptin'."

I got the shakes again. Bad this time. I knew he could figure me out. I didn't think he'd hate me, exactly, but I was sure it would damage our friendship at the least.

He blinked kind of hard and slow, without loosing his grin, but there wasn't a real grin behind it now.

"Did you just offer to jack me off?" so serious, surprised, and confused.

"Yeah, I did."

Jesus Christ! What am I saying? I'm throwing away almost ten years of being best buds!

"You wouldn't tell anybody, would ya?"

Holy shit! Was he really thinking about it?

"Hell no! Would you?"

"Yeah, right! I can't wait to tell all the guys you gave me a hand-job! Like how I told them all how we jacked off together in the tent!"

He thought of it as jacking off together? Really?

"So, you want me to?"

He looked at me long enough I was almost sure he was going to get up and run into the house and lock the doors.

Then he put down the juice, pushed his trunks down, and laid back with his hands behind his head. He turned his head to look at me and just waited, without saying a single word. Grinning that special lopsided grin of his - the one he only wore on very special occasions.

That grin said a thousand words!

He was fucking serious! He was daring me to!

I looked down his nice body to where his big, long dick was sticking up just about an inch above his body, the head coming up even with his navel. It was slowly and gently throbbing with his heart beat.

Like magic, my boner returned, harder than ever! I swear! It felt like an iron bar! And it was hard in one beat of my heart, straining against my underwear.

I wasn't going to chicken out on this opportunity!

I moved the backpack out of my way, scooted up next to him, and reached out for it.

As I grasped his warm, hard, long dick, he said, "Just one thing."

I paused and looked up at him, his dick in my hand, feeling more like a baseball bat handle than a cock. At least compared the the only one I'd ever held before.

Such a nice smile, and so cute. God, he was something.


"I'm NOT gay. Okay? I like girls. So someday I'm gonna get a girlfriend, and you're gonna have'ta find some other guy ta mess around with. Yeah?"

"I guess so," I agreed, kind of confused.

Then I felt like the Earth had just jerked up a mile high and was spinning around a thousand times faster than normal!

"You're my best bud. I've known ya all my life. I'd do anything for my best friend. For you, man. But I won't be gay. I'll mess around, sure, so yeah, enjoy it, man, cause it ain't gonna happen, like, again, or often, or whatever."

Did he just tell me that he knows I'm gay? With his dick in my hand? About to jerk him off?

What the fuck?

I thought I was gonna pass out!

"And no kissing. Save it for your boyfriend."

He was smiling, but he was completely serious!

"You... you think... you think I'm..."

"Yeah. Ain't ya?"

Now he looked confused.

"I thought ya are. I'm sorry if you're not. I didn't mean to call you a fag if you ain't."


He knows? How?

"Why?" I squeaked, like a church mouse spotting a cat. I coughed and cleared my throat. "I mean, what makes you think I'm... you know... uh..."

"You got my pecker in your hand, for one thing."

I corrected that immediately, snatching it back.

"You was watchin' me do it, for another."

I swallowed so I wouldn't throw up.

"And you sure ain't into chicks, 'cause you don't check 'em out or scope 'em or anything."

The swallowing wasn't helping. I was going to barf right there in the tent.

"You gonna get rid of my blue balls, that you caused, or just sit there gawpin' like a fish outta water?"

I sucked in a breath, then remembered I had lungs, and got caught up on supplying oxygen to my blood. The dizziness got better, but I still felt like I might hurl. I swallowed again, felt my chest constricted by the rapid pounding of my heart, and forced myself to say, "You really think I'm.... a homo?"

"You really ain't?" He sat up one elbow and looked right at me. "I'm really sorry, man. I just thought... sorry."

He pulled his trunks up.

No! But...




"Sorry. Don't be mad at me, okay? I'm really sorry."


"No, what? You're not mad?"

I actually was able to think clearly enough to see that he wasn't relieved or anything, just actually sorry he had insulted me or something.

"You really think I'm... a fag?"

Whew! Got that out finally.

"Not if you say you're not. You just ain't got the itch yet, I guess."

"Oh, I got the itch alright!"

Oh, shit! Shut up!

"You're good at pretendin' ya don't, then," he said, now sitting up with his legs pulled in and his chin on his knees.


"No what? You're actin' like a drunk preacher on Sunday. What's the deal?"

I had to tell him. If this chance got away I knew I'd have to pretend for the rest of my life. Or at least all through high school. I didn't want to. Not with him. To hell with everybody else. I wanted him to know. Just him.

"I'm a queer."

It just popped out like that. Short and level and even, like I'd said, 'I'm a male.' As if I were telling him something everybody knew, and everybody was, and as if it was one-hundred percent normal and expected.

It was like the fear and worry and horror of it was a delusion I had finally gotten over.

Like I'd dropped a lie. Finally.

He just looked at me like everything I just said was going through his mind too, and said, "Yeah?"

"Yeah. I'm a homo."

He kind of tilted his head to the side, just a bit, so cutely, then said, "I figured as much."


He shrugged, thought for a couple moments, then said, "Started when you didn't even notice Suze Miller was checkin' you out. You were busy checkin' out Bart Walker."

"What? I never checked out Bart Walker!"

"Sure you did. That time we were at Scott's birthday party. He had those short shorts on. The ones that let you see his balls and his dick-head like he was wearing see-through Saran Wrap underwear and nothing else."

Oh, God! That party. Those shorts. Yeah. I remembered. I could see his nuts on his left side of the seam of those tight shorts, and his dick hanging down on his right side. I was hypnotized.

I didn't think he'd noticed. If he had... then...

"You think anyone else noticed?"

"Nah. We'd a heard about it if they did by now."

He had a point there!

"You should be careful where you look. You do a lock-on gaze like that in the showers, you're gonna come out all ten shades of black and blue. I worry about you sometimes."

"That I'm... that way?"

Why was it hard to say it now? After saying it twice, at least?

"That you'll get figured out and beat up."

"You really know?"

He laughed, then shook his head, then finally said, "Not know. Suspected. A lot. I mean, lookin' at Bart like that, never lookin' at the chicks like that, never wantin' to talk about girls. Not even noticin' when one is givin' you the look over. Yeah. I kinda figured it out."

"You still..."

After a few seconds, since I couldn't even say it, he said, "Yeah, I still like you, ya fuck-wad. I'll always like you. Fag or not."

I can't even describe the joy! The sheer relief!

I took this kind of heavy breath, shaky and wobbly, and deep, and just... weird. Then my eyes filled up and I felt the tears running down my cheeks, and then I was just sobbing breaths.

He said, "Dude! Stop it! It's not that big a deal!"

"Yes it is!" I kind of yelled around the sobs.

"Geeze. Stop or I'll start up."

I couldn't stop it. Not if my life depended on it.

He moaned, "Geeze!"

Then I felt him put his arm over my shoulder. Instead of wondering what he was doing, I just fell over against him and sobbed even harder.

It was just such a relief to know he knew, and that he didn't hold it against me, and he still wanted to be my friend, and he was worried about me getting beaten up.

And he was such a great friend that he scooted over and put his arm around my shoulders and let me cry like a little baby.

It was just all too much.

I probably cried for ten minutes. My guts hurt from sobbing so hard. My eyes from crying so hard. My heart from being so full.

As I straightened out, forgive the pun, I realized he had both arms around me, resting his chin on the top of my head.

It was likely the most safe and protected I had felt in all my life. Except maybe as a baby in my mom's arms.

"You better now?" he asked softly.


"What's it about?"

I laughed. I couldn't tell myself, how was I going to tell him?

I sighed and shivered in that way you do when you're over and past heavy tears. Like after Gramp's funeral.

"I'm just glad."

"You always cry like that when you're glad? Weirdo."

I laughed again.

I loved him.

Not in that way. Not like a boyfriend or a lover, not that I knew those feeling yet.

"You're like... the best friend in Texas."



"Guess that makes me the best friend in the world, 'cause we know all  the best of everythin' is in Texas."

"Guess it does."

I really had to tell him how I felt. HAD TO!

"Don't take it the wrong way, okay?"


I sat up. He took his arms back. I wiped my eyes a final time, then looked right at his deep brown ones, and said, "I love you."

He looked like I had slapped him. Not in a bad way. Just shocked him with a high tension wire.

"Like a best friend, kind of way," I clarified - I hoped.

He grinned his cute embarrassed grin, then said, "Oh. I kinda thought I was irresistible. Too hot to not be in love with. Gal or guy."

Then he put on that shit-eatin' grin of his.

"You're too much," I sighed and laughed simultaneously.

"You should know. You know me better than anyone else." He grinned evilly, then added, "And you seen how too much I got."

I punched his bare thigh, right above his knee, in the right spot and hard enough to make it hurt just enough.

I was gay, but I was no wimp. Maybe for a few minutes there, but that was over now. For now.

"Ow!" he laughed, as he grabbed his knee and drew it up. "You punch hard for a sissy!"

Oh, he wanted to go there. Okay.

I flew across the foot between us and nearly had him in a headlock, but he spun and reversed and yanked my left leg up almost over and behind my head. I barely got spun horizontally and got my leg free. I got his right leg with both arms and pulled it up, nearly getting him curled back over his shoulders. But he rotated and got his left leg between us and used that to keep me from getting in closer. He pushed me further away, breaking my two-arm grip on his leg and getting it free, then got both legs around my mid-section, between my hips and ribs. Now I was pretty well fucked. He squeezed. It got hard to breathe. I couldn't get a grip on any part of him except his legs. No way I was going to break that grip he had with his legs with my arms. Punching was unfair. All I could try was getting both arms between his legs and trying to break their grip. No way, but it was all I could do. I clapped my palms together and shoved them between his knees, then my arms up to my elbows.

"Yeah, right!" he laughed, then tightened his legs more, making it harder to breathe, but not nearly as tightly as he was capable of doing.


I strained, trying to spread my elbows apart, to get his legs to widen, but arms versus legs is a losing game.

There was only a punch left. Unfair, but as a last resort it was forgivable between buds wrestling for fun.

Then I noticed another option. A really unfair one. The no-go zone.

I could see his package. It was in easy reach.

Then I noticed he was hard. That big thing of his was difficult not to notice.

I thought it was surely just one of those wrestling boners. But he knew I was... one of those, now. Would he still be able to even get one, knowing that?

Or was it...

I slid my arms out from between his legs, looking at his knees. No reason to give away my next move.

"Give it up, Timbo," he teased.

"Nope. Got one last desperation move," I said, still looking down at his knees so he couldn't see my eyes.

"All you got is a punch, other than a girly scratch, and you don't play that unfair. Not unless I've really got you in the squeeze. Even then you only punch. You might be a homo, but you ain't no scratchin' bitch. And you know I can squeeze harder than this, so you won't punch." He tightened his legs' grip around my sides, and added, "Yet."

"No, I won't. But I got a new weapon."

It was not easy to talk. He had me good.

"What the hills you talkin' 'bout?"

I slid my hands, both of them, one each, up his legs, from his knees to his thighs. Slowly, to give him time to catch on now that the play was under way.

"Uh, Tim?"


"You doin' what I think you're doin'?"

"Only if you don't let go," I wheezed, finally looking up to see his face.

His eyes were so big, and he was still wearing a grin.

I slid my hands up farther. MId-thigh. He was still grinning, maybe even a bit wider. He wasn't relaxing his grip around my mid-section with his legs. He tightened it. Just a bit.

"I might pass out, but not before my hands are way up your shorts," I pointed out in a near whisper with all the air I could get, giving him back his evil grin from earlier.

He laughed, which weakened his legs, but he tensed them up again as soon as he could. But I got air before then. I was good for another minute at least.

I slid my hands a bit further up, just an inch from getting my fingertips into the short legs of his trunks.

I could see he was still hard. Fully. He was still smiling. Widely. He snickered. His legs weakened.

I slid both hands up farther, feeling the warmth inside his trunks. That smooth skin that was a rarity to see.

He snickered more. His legs weakened. I got some more air.

"That's not fair," he told me, grinning wider.

"You can let go any time," I reminded him. "Stop me before it's too late."

"That's not fair," he said again, grinning even wider.

"Better than a punch," I pointed out. "Or a scratch."

He laughed instead of snickering, then said, "I got somethin' you can scratch."

"Oh? Do tell."

"My blue balls ain't goin' 'way by themselves."


"And you owe me. For causin' 'em."

"Yes, I do."

"So, you wanna take care of 'em? Or what?"

Oh, I wanna take care of 'em, alright!

"If you let me."



He snapped his legs open. I sucked air.

I wanted to suck something else, but that was going too far and I knew it. I knew Jess, and him letting me whack him off wasn't all that unbelievable. Not really. Especially after I knew he knew about me and still wanted to be best buds anyway. But letting me give him head was so out of the question. He'd freak if I even mentioned it. Oh well. At least I could pull him off!

I must have been grinning like the Cheshire Cat as I slid up between his legs.

"Wait!" he said suddenly.

Oh, no! He changed his mind! No!

He lifted his legs up, grabbed his trunks, then slid them off.

And being right between his legs, I got the view of a lifetime!

Oh, God! There it was! The secretest of secret places! Slightly brown all around, slightly darker brown wrinkled ring around a mostly pink, also wrinkled hole!

Sweet Jesus Almighty! I almost came! Seriously! My dick swelled up and throbbed and I felt a drop of pre-jizz ooze out of it. Gosh, that felt amazing!

Then I looked up and he was sort of giving me a funny look.

I asked, "What?"

"You want my brown cherry, don't'cha?"

I felt my face go so red! But he knew, so what the hills?

"I sorta do. But... I sorta want you to do me, really."

He got another weird expression, then asked me, "You want me t' fuck ya?"

I nodded, afraid I was saying too much.

"Huh. I don't know. Like.... maybe. Maybe some day. Doubt it though. That okay?"

"Yeah it's okay! Not like you haf'ta or anything. It's just somethin' I sorta thought about a few times, is all."

"You thought 'bout me fuckin' ya?"

I felt my face get hotter. In for a penny, in for a buck.

"A lot." I looked down, saw that huge cock, and said, "But I didn't know you got that big."

He laughed, which made his balls jiggle and his cock bounce. So hot! Gawd damn!

"Yeah, I'd prob'ly rip ya open. So forget that."

I was more than willing to find out! But that was only a faint, almost non-possibility. What was actually possible was jerking that big log off. So I got started.

I reached down and wrapped my hand around it.

It was so thick! Made mine feel like a hot dog. Which it wasn't that far from being anyway. At least comparatively. I could feel his pulse through it! Throb! Throb! Throb! Wow! Then a goober of pre-jizz oozed out of that big slit. I was so fascinated that I just watched it grow, then start sliding up onto the top of his head.

"You gonna? Or what?" he asked softly.

Oh, I'm gonna! I'm just daydreaming about licking that off!

But no mouth action. Just a hand. Why not two? I grabbed his big nuts. They were so big and heavy. And they rolled around so smoothly. His sack was loser than mine by a long shot, and those big boys had plenty of room to roll around in. They felt so awesome!

I stroked his big meat. More pre-jizz rolled out. Lots more. Like enough to be one of my first juicy orgasms. I could smell it, too! Musky and mouth-watering. Yum!

Oh, to be able to lean down and put that beefy tube in my mouth! I couldn't stop from licking my lips. I was drooling anyway and had to.


"Yeah?" I replied, looking away from that beautiful site and at his so very nice face.

HIs so very red face. Hell, I was probably red-faced too!

"You ever think about, uh, you know, suckin' me off?"

"A lot!"

Whoa, there big boy. Calm down. You're gonna spook him off.

"You wanna?"

My entire insides rolled over! Seriously! Just rolled the fuck over!

He was biting his lower lip. He was super-nervous. Maybe a little scared. Which meant he was actually asking me if I would.

I looked down at his lengthy sausage in my hand, then dove for it.

Oh, yes I did!

That salty taste! Musky. Earthy. So pleasant!

I licked that soft, spongy head, tasting that robust flavor even more strongly.

So good!

I sucked.

I sucked a dick!

A big, thick, long, solid cock!

Well, just the head... but whooo damn!

That flavor got even stronger the instant I started sucking, and he shifted on the floor of the tent and sighed, "Ohhh, man! That feels fuckin' awesome!"

I slid down, getting more of his hot cock into my mouth. The feeling of that thick thing sliding through my lips was pure bliss. And the taste! And the smell!

I'm so fuckin' gay!

I kept going down, farther and farther, until the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat and I had to stop or choke and gag on it. But I kept it there, after hearing a few times that deep-throating was the best thing ever to a guy.

It was the best thing ever to me! I was doing it! I was sucking cock!

"Awww! Tim! That's the best thing ever!"

So true!

There was a hair in my mouth, and I knew it was a pube, but I didn't give a freak. It was one of his, so just fine with me.

"Saints and sinners! I'm gonna go!"

I felt his balls tug up, his cock swell up, and then I felt something slam into the back of my throat so hard it almost felt like a rubber band or something.

But I knew the taste, even though his tasted less bitter.




Jess' wad!

Then it started coming out so fast it was almost pouring out past my lips despite my best efforts to keep my lips tightly closed around his big cock as it thrashed around like a live snake.

"Tim! Tim! TIm!"

Yeah! Call my name, bitch!

Whoa, were'd that come from?

Fuck thinking about that! Swallow that jizz!

I tried. I fucking tried! But there was so much of it and it was coming out so fast and he wouldn't hold still and his cock was thrashing around so much and...

Damn this is awesome!

"Tim! Holy hills! Tim!"

Call my name!

He was barely grunting it, really. He could have been saying a lot of things, but I liked the thought of him yelling my name and he blew his wad in my mouth.

And what a wad!

I should have counted! I suddenly thought. Too late now!

He began shoving my head away with both hands. Hard. He seriously wanted me off his cock, but I seriously wanted to stay. And I had the high ground, and could drop my weight against his hands, and I did.

"Tim! Please! It feels too good! Please! Stop!"

There wasn't any more cum flowing out of his dick, but it was swelling and pulsing in time to the beat, and I wanted every last drop, and even then I wanted to keep sucking it until the sun burned out and the universe shriveled.

"Tim! Please!" Then he laughed, "Oh-ho-oh-ho-oh!

Then he got some leverage and shoved me off his cock.

Mmmm! His hot cum tasted so good! Not even close to as bitter as mine. Almost sweet! I could still taste it. And smell it.

I licked my lips over and over, wanting every last tiny speck of it.

"Freakin' hills!" he moaned, lying on his side, holding onto his cock and balls, laughing a little, and, I saw, shivering a lot. "Never felt anythin' like that before!"

"Guess I did it right, huh?"

"Freakin' guess so!" he laughed. "That was the best thing I ever fuckin' felt!"

Good! You'll let me do it again? Please?

I was so close to asking that! Just a pubic hair away.

Like the one of his I'd swallowed with his wad.

Who cares?

That was the best thing I've ever done! I wanna do it again! Right now!

But no way. I knew what it was like to get off good, and he was gonna need a while before he was even a little interested in getting off again.

But I needed off soon. My dick was feeling like it was being tenderized.

So do I whack it? Right in front of him? Would he care? Would I care if he cared? I need to get off! Now!

I yanked my trunks and underwear down almost violently. Damn! It was purple! The whole head was a kind of velvety purple!

Did I break it!

"Don't," he said, rolling onto his back.

"What? Why not! I gotta this thing off or I'm gonna die! Look! It's turnin' purple!"

I got up on my knees to show him. He looked.

He opened his hands to show me his.

It was purple too! Not as dark, but sure wasn't the usual color!

"I think that just means it's really hot 'n bothered."

"It sure is! I ain't got it off since Sunday night! That's almost two days! I gotta!"

"Don't, and I'll take care of it after I recuperate."

"What the fuck did you just say?"

"I said I'd take care of it after I get my wind back. Man, blow-jobs rule! I wanna show you what that feels like!"

Whoa! Did he just say he was gonna blow me?

He sat up and shook his head, then said, "That was like, the best oh I've ever fuckin' had!"

"Did you say you was gonna, you know-"

"Show you how good that feels. Yeah. I'm gonna."

He nodded and widened his eyes. He meant it!

I still asked, "Really?"

"Just the once. I ain't gay. I swear. But I gotta show ya what that's like!"

Oh! My! God!

My dick jumped up and down like a little kid begging to be picked. Me! Me! Me! Now! Now! Now!

Thinking about his mouth sucking on my dick...

It almost went off. It jerked and swelled up, but all that came out was a huge blob of pre-jizz. But it sure felt like it was just about to blast one out!

But it calmed down.

"Just let me recuperate. Maybe take a swim. Get a sandwich. Okay?"

I nodded. I'd wait all day if I had to. I hoped I didn't have to!

Is it gonna go down? Or stay hard? What do I do with it?

"I almost can't believe you swallowed it," he said, grinning at me.

"Neither can I! It was so much!"

"Prob'ly the most I ever shot off!"

He grabbed his trunks and pulled them on, lifting his legs in the air, and intentionally giving me another awesome view of his brown cherry!

God I loved him. Best bud in all of Texas!

I yanked my trunks and underwear up, then followed him as he ran toward the lake and jumped in.

We swam for a while, then had sandwiches and juice. It wasn't even noon yet. It'd been more than an hour since I'd swallowed his thick, hot cum, and I'd been hard almost every second. It would get soft, like when we were swimming, then I'd see his butt in those wet trunks, or the curve of his bulge, and remember sucking his cock, and tasting his cum, and it'd blow right back up to full mast in a split-moment. Damn! Even during lunch. I saw his lips against the opening of that juice bottle, and I thought how they were gonna be on my dick, and it shot up fully hard in an instant.

As we finished cleaning up, he gave me that look. The 'let's go do something we'll get in trouble for' look.

I broke into a huge grin. We ran out to the tent. I was pushing up a tent in my trunks before we got there. We stripped down. Damn, he was hot! Smooth and lean, nice brown nipples on his slightly brown skin, smooth, straight sides, just a hint of the muscles from lifting weights and wrestling... Damn! And that big cock! I said it was thick, but it really wasn't. Just compared to my short little skinny one. It was thinner than most, but not by much. But it sure was every bit of seven inches! I had to know.

"You ever measure it?"

"Seven," he said, grinning.

"Knew it!"


"Like I'd bother measurin' this thing," I said, giving it a waggle.

It was still purple-headed, and the skin behind the head was darker red than usual and all puffy. His was back to its normal dark tan.

"We'll measure it later, before my folks get home."

"Whatever. If you want to."

"Okay, I got an idea."

"What?" I asked.

"Wanna sixty-nine?"

"Hills yeah!"

"Okay, but you gotta be on the bottom. So I don't get a face o' jizz. 'Kay?"


"And you gotta warn me when you're 'bout to jizz off. I don't wanna mouthful of it."



"I swear. I'll say so long enough before so you won't. I swear!"

"Okay. Lay down."

Boy, did I! He straddled over me, giving me another view of that secretest of secret places. Oh, man! How I wanted to go there! Not my with my dick, but my fingers. And my mouth. I didn't know a thing about rimming, I just knew I wanted my mouth on that hole and to lick it and stick my tongue it there and just eat it out. I kind of thought that was a sick thought, but that urge was huge!

He got his big dick over my face, and he grabbed my dick. I felt his warm, soft mouth, and a funny kind of electric-like tingle,  then...

"I'm goin'!"

He stopped, moved his head, and jacked me. And I blew a wad! Oh, holy hills did I blow a wad! I didn't even feel what a blow-job felt like! But I sure had an orgasm like none other before it! And only very few since!

I couldn't see my dick with his body in the way, but I did see some of my jizz flying all over the place toward the tent flap. Some of it even made it through and outside! Fuck! It felt like I was pumping wet cement! I was kicking and groaning and just totally out of control!

I was really surprised he kept jacking me until I asked him to stop. And even more surprised when he didn't. But then I knew he was getting me back for earlier. I twisted and groaned and begged, but he just kept stroking my cum all over my raging dick, making me beg even harder. No way was I pushing him off me. I did though! I got him to roll off sideways and then protected my aching dick with both hands.

"I only sucked it for like two seconds," he said.

"I couldn't help it! I told you I hadn't taken care of it since Sunday night!"

"Yeah, I forgot. Sorry."

"Nothin' you could do about it. I was overdue and it was gonna no matter what you did."

"I'll do it again later, okay?"


"Hills yeah! You feel anything?"

"Sorta. I mean, there was this kind of electric tingle, then, well, it went off," I explained lamely.

"Yeah, you gotta see what it feels like!"

"Lemme show you again!" I said, rolling over to suck that cock again.

He covered it and said, "Nope. Later."

"You gotta be kiddin'!"

"Nope. Later. I can wait. And I wanna sixty-nine, both of us at the same time."


So we screwed around for while. Pun intended. Then after almost an hour, I was ready and roarin' to go. I said so. He gave me a grin and a nod, and we stripped. We were in his room this time, playing a game. We went to his bed, naked, and hard as hell, the both of us, and got into the same position.

"Warn me again," he said, grabbing my aching dick.

"I will! I promise! Tell me before you do. I don't want you to get off too soon and not wanna finish me off. No offense."

"No biggie!"

"Yes it is!" I laughed, wrapping my fingers around that long meaty staff.

We both laughed, then I felt his warm, wet mouth again. And that tingle. It started in the tip, then moved down into the shaft, and then down deeper. Oh yeah! That felt great! It was a sort of gentle electric tingle, and it was all the way down into my balls now! So good!

I got busy giving him the same feeling.

Oh, yes! Doing it and having it done at the same time was like overload! My legs wouldn't hold still no matter what!

Then he started humping my mouth, which was awesome, because his balls got to swinging and slapping my forehead, the bridge of my nose, and my closed eyelids! So cool!

We both moaned and groaned and made wet sucking sounds.

Gosh dang it! I loved sucking cock! Just as much as I loved being sucked. I couldn't decide which I liked more!

Why decide! Like them both!

I loved how his hard dick felt thrusting through my lips, over my tongue. I had to keep a hand against his hip or he'd push too far and get that thing in my throat and gag me. I used the other hand to explore and play with his balls in turns. Man, touching his ass cheeks, his thighs, holding his balls as he humped my mouth! WOW!

But the feeling of his mouth moving up and down my shaft, over my sensitive head, and that suction! WOW!

I was getting close. Not yet, but close. He stopped.

"Wanna try somethin' else?"

"LIke what?"

He swung his leg up and over me and switched ends so he was above me but face-to-face.

That evil grin! He was thinking something!

Then he got his shy grin, which was so cute, as he asked "You wanna see if I can get it in?"

"Fucking serious?"

"Yeah. I wanna see."

He almost added please to the end of that, I could tell. And since he was being so daring and telling me what he wanted to try, I felt like it too, but I wasn't nearly as daring and had trouble asking him what I wanted to do. What if he thought it was too gross?

"Okay. But, uh..."

"What? You wanna try it to me too?"

"Sorta? But... I was... ummmm..."

"What? Spit it out, Timbo."

"I wanna play with it. You know, your butt."

That was really hard to admit to wanting to do!

He looked confused. I knew I had to be more exact.

"I want you on your back... with your legs up... your knees on your chest..."

He grinned and snickered, then said, "You wanna eat me out."

I nodded, feeling as embarrassed as I ever had in my life!

He got a thoughtful look, and said, "Well, I wanna eat out a pussy, and thought about eatin' a chick's ass. I mean, I heard a lot of chicks like that, so... okay. Let's do your thing first."


I was so relived? And now even more turned on! I couldn't believe he was going to let me do this! I wasn't even sure I could, or why I wanted to, but... wow!

He rolled off of me onto his back, lifted his legs, tucked his knees against his chest, and looked at me, grinning that big grin, waiting. I didn't keep him waiting. I rolled over, put my face behind him, and saw the most delicious sight ever!

Why do I want to do this? I wondered. It seems so gross! Nasty. Dirty.


I mean, that American Indian blood gave him that slightly dark skin tone, so that his skin looked like light chocolate milk, sort of. He had this darker area all around that hole, like hot cocoa, sort of. And that darker, wrinkled ring, like milk chocolate, and then that tiny little pink ring in the center, all wrinkled and...

I dove in. Tongue first. Right into that warm, soft, yielding hole. It tasted vaguely of shit, but way stronger of clean lake water. And that musky scent around his balls, which I thought was just awesome. So was the view! His nice big balls were right there in my face, and I could nuzzle them with my nose. So cool!

But his hole was the main attraction! I could feel the wrinkles around it, in it. It was all so soft and velvety and just... oh man!

He snickered.

I stopped to look up, embarrassed as hell, and asked, "What's it feel like?"

As he answered, I wondered at the view. His big balls right there, seeing his big dick from that angle, the very underside of the tip, that thick tube, his flat stomach, chest, and his reddened face as he looked down at me filled with a huge gin of amazement.

"It tickles a lot, and feels really kinda... wriggly. Your tongue is so soft!"

"Like it?"

"Yes! Keep doin' it!" Then as I dove in again, "If you wannnnnnaaaaaaahho-ho-ho-ho man!"

I felt it tighten and loosen, twitch and flex. So cool! It was so soft and yet firm. I loved this!

I grabbed both of his butt cheeks and massaged them good as I ate his ass right to the core! I wiggled my tongue up in there good! It was inside!

He squirmed and giggled and sighed and moaned and told me, "That feels so good!" several times.

I backed up and ran a finger around it. Just to actually feel it, you know?

"Just the one" he said firmly.

I wasn't even thinking of putting my finger inside, I just wanted to feel it. But now that he mentioned it, and even gave me permission...

That tight ring of muscle gave it up like magic. It clung to my finger, indenting as I slowly and carefully slid it inside. I'd done that to myself enough to know, more or less, how to do it. I got the whole finger in there! Then I pulled it most of the way out, then back in. Out, in. Out, in.

"That's not like I thought it was like," he said.

"Yeah?" I asked, looking up at his face. "Like it?"

"Sorta. Not as good as being ate out, but it's not bad at all."

"Can I do two fingers?"

"Uhhh, if you promise to take them out if I say so."


I spit on his hole, then wiggled my second finger in with the first. HIs hole accepted it alongside the other, elongating, becoming oval. Like it was meant to take fingers. I slid them in and out. When they dried a bit, I spit on them some more.

"You wanna try three?" he asked.

"You wanna?"

"Just for a sec."


More spit, then three fingers in. It was harder and I had to glo slower, but it went in, stretching his hole oblong. I stroked them in and out, slow and careful. After a couple of minutes, at least, I asked, "Does it hurt any?"

"Not really. Only at first. It just feels... kind cool now."

"Like it?"

"Sorta. Ummm..."


"I can't believe I'm gonna say this!"


"Uhhh, you wanna fuck me? In the ass?"

He wasn't looking at me. He had his arm over his eyes. I could see his mouth, though, and he was grinning and grimacing at the same time.

"Nah. You just think that's what I wanna do. It's not."

He moved his arm and looked at me, then said, "No. I kinda wanna see what it's like."


"Yeah. Come on. Give it a try. Just for a sec or two. Just so I can see what it's like. Okay?"

"Well, okay."

I was willing to try if he wanted to, but I doubted I would like it. I was sure it would never get me off. I wanted fucked, not to fuck. But the best Bud in Texas deserves getting what he wants.

I knew I needed to get his hole nice and wet, and the outside already was, so I got some spit inside by clamping my lips over his warm, soft hole and pushing it in there under pressure.


"What?" I asked after taking my mouth off his hole.

"I kinda like that!"

"What? This?"

I clamped my lips over his hole again and squirted spit up into it again.

"Yeah. That!"

So I did that a couple more times.

"Okay, Timbo, see if it goes in."

I spit in my hand and rubbed it  all over my dick, hoping I didn't blow off my wad. I could have so easily!

Then I got between his legs, got the tip of my five inches where it needed to be, which wasn't nearly as easy as I'd assumed, then began slipping it into him.

I felt it resist, then suddenly open up.

"Okay?" I asked, stopping right there, with just half the head inside.

He was grimacing, but he nodded, then said, "It kinda hurts, but not bad. Just go real slow."


I did. So slow. I really didn't want to hurt him any at all. He was the best bud in Texas. I'd probably whither and die on the vine without him as my best bud. So I was super careful.

His hole was so tight! Firm but soft. The head of my dick slipped though it with no problem, and then it was inside him! Just the head.

So warm and tight! Yes!

I pushed a bit more. The shaft was wider and harder, so I went really slowly. Right up to where my hips were pushing against the back of his ass.

"In!" I grunted.

"The whole thing?" he asked.


"Okay. Not so bad. Go ahead."

I put my hands on the sleeping bag on either side of him, then pulled my hips up.

Oh, nice! HIs hole clung to my cock like a tight glove! It felt so good I knew I could do this all the way after all.

I got to pumping. Slow so I didn't hurt his hole. I'd done it to myself with enough objects to know how sensitive it can be.

It felt way better than I thought it would, and I liked it way more than I thought I would.

Especially seeing his face. He bit down on his lower lip a little, grinned around it, kept looking at me.

It was so... intense and intimate. And just really good!

"Okay?" I asked.

"Yeah. It sorta feels pretty good. I see why some chicks are into it." He laughed, which made his hole go all kinds of crazy on my dick! Then said, "Some guys, too."

I laughed a little, then said, "It feels better than I thought it would."

"What's it feel like?"

"Not like a hand, that's for sure! It's tight, and warm, and all silky inside. Prob'ly a lot like a virgin pussy."

He laughed, then said, "Not virgin anymore!"

I'd taken my best bud's virginity! How fucking cool!

I grunted "Oh, shit!" and pulled out quickly.


"About t'cum!"

"Is it still gonna?"

"No, but close!"

"Cool, I don't think I want your splooge up my ass. As much as you shoot I'd have diarrhea for days!"

I laughed and saw my dick dancing around. So cool how that worked.

"You know, when you was laughin' when it was in there, I could feel your, hole sorta clampin' down on it."


"Yeah. It was kinda neat. Felt really good."



My dick was calming down now and wasn't about to blast off.

"Sooo, can I try?"

He looked like he did when he was like ten, asking his Dad if he could drive the rider-mower. Fucking really cute!

"Thought you was afraid a' splittin' me wide open?"

"Ah, it's not that thick. But I might poke your guts up good."

We laughed and saw our dicks bouncing around. His wasn't all that thick, but thicker than mine. But a lot longer. Almost twice as long. I'd never had anything that long inside me. But I wanted it.


"But I'm not eatin' your ass out."

"Just spit on it."


I got on my back, held my legs up, and giggled as he spit onto my hole. It tickled! He put his hand to his mouth to spit into it.

I said, "Hang on," rolled up to my knees, bent way down, and sucked that big thing again. Just in case he blew off inside me and was done and I didn't get to again. Who knew if he'd ever want to do this stuff ever again.

I wanted that thing in me, but boy I loved sucking on it! I kept going and going.

"Sheeze! TIm, that is just the cat's fuckin' meow! Oh!"

I found out how good it felt to use my tongue on it. Seems it felt good to him, too! I explored every curve and crevice with my tongue, even his slit.

"I'm gonna get finished if you keep goin'. Not that I mind, but I kinda wanna try the other. Just for a bit, anyway.."

I slowly slid up, then off that log. Man I loved sucking that thing so much! It was completely fulfilling! But I wanted fucked.

I rolled back onto my back, yanked my legs up, and watched him through them. He scooted into place, all red-faced and looking like a little boy about to open a present. So adorable!

He had as much trouble getting into the right position as I did. I'd thought it would be kind of instinctual, but it sure wasn't. It was awkward and weird. But he got it there. I could feel it pressing against it.

"Right there!"


He leaned forward, put his hands on either side of my body, added pressure, and damned if it didn't slide right in! I guess all those pop and beer bottles paid off!

"Holy hills!" he groaned about halfway in.


"It's like warm silk!"


That was the perfect way to put it!

"Oh, man!" he groaned, going deeper. "Hurt?"

"No." Hmmm... "Yeah, a little, but nothing bad or anything."

"Let me know if it does, okay?" he said, looking up at me for the first time since getting into position.

"I will."

He pushed more, and entered more. It felt way better than a bottle! Then he was all the way in! All eight inches! I could feel it way up there, pushing against my insides. I liked it! A lot!

"All the way in," he told me. "Ready?"

"Ready. Go for it."

He pulled back, all the way, until I felt his head at my hole, then slowly back in.


"No. Go!"

Fuckin' fuck me already!

Slow, but even, at first. His face all happy and red. Then more intent, and faster, and harder.

And it felt better and better! So good I was leaking pre-jizz all over myself. I wondered if it was going to make me cum, it felt so good and intense and awesome.

He started breathing faster and harder as he pumped faster and harder. His expression was more intense, too. A grimace instead of a grin. Though sometimes he slammed in real hard and looked worried.

"It's cool. Keep going."

"Cool," and he would.

Faster and harder, breathing and pumps. His face getting redder and his expression more intense.

More of his weight on the back of my thighs, pressing my knees harder against my chest. Harder to breathe! So worth it!

And I was getting there. For sure! I wanted it to happen with his cock in me. I reached down and grabbed my dick and stroked it.

He laughed.

"What's so funny?"

"I got an idea."


"Let go of your pecker."

I did.

He bent down, curled up, rested his weight on the back of my thighs with his forearms, and started sucking the head! He could just barely do it, but danged if he couldn't!

Being fucked and sucked at the same time was going to do it! Soon! Real soon!

"I'm gonna!" I barely grunted.

He kept nailing me, and sucking me.

It was so awesome! That pounding pressure up my ass, and that slow electrocution inside my dick and down in my balls, the pressure against my chest making it hard to breathe...

"I'm gettin' super close! Like, real soon!" I wheezed.

He kept fucking me and sucking me!


My balls were tugging, that pressure was there, I felt my pre-jizz let go.

"I'm fuckin' cummin'! RIGHT NOW!"

My head felt like it was in a vice! It felt like the pressure of my legs against my chest was pushing my skull outward.

He seemed to suck me even harder, and fucked me deeper but softer.


It was like being torn apart, but soulfully, not physically. Physically it was like sucked empty and being forcefully filled up at the same time!


My ass clenched down around his hard cock, over and over, and at the same time I was pumping hot, thick pudding through my dick and into his warm, wet, soft, sucking mouth!

"NNNNN! NNNNNN! NNNNNN!" over and over and over!

Everything was black and red, and ringing bells, and the intense electrocution combined with the intense orgasm, and his long, hard cock deep inside me, and my hole clenching down painfully around it, and I couldn't breath, and...

He's grunting around my dick! He's shooting up my ass! I can feel it! SHIT!

"AWWWWWWW!" with all the breath I had left!

I tried to suck in air desperately, then tried to again, but my diaphragm was locked down. My legs locked. My back. Everything. It was just wracking pulse after racking pulse after racking pulse...

Cumming so hard and so much it felt like hot pudding! His cock swelling and shooting more cum up my ass! My hole clenching but unable to, hurting but feeling so good it was insane.

I tried to exhale air desperately, then tried to groan, but my diaphragm was locked down. My legs locked. My back. Everything. It was just wracking pulse after racking pulse after racking pulse...

Cumming so hard and so much it felt like hot pudding! His cock swelling and shooting more cum up my ass! My hole clenching but unable to, hurting but feeling so good it was insane.

Red... black... red... black...agonizing pleasure and pain and... red... black...

It went on for what seemed like a full minute, but then as it ended it was way too short to be over!




No more!


Jess released my sore cock and expelled a long breath then sucked in a fresh one, then let it out explosively as, "FUCK!"   breath    "Oh man!"   breath    "FUCK!"   breath    "That was"   breath    "fuckin' brain-"   breath   "blowing!"

"You swallowed!"

"It was so much!"   breath    "I almost couldn't!"   breath    "How was it?"

"The fuckin' best!"   breath    "Man!"   breath    "Thank you!"

"Thank you!"   breath    "I never knew"   breath    "anything could feel"   breath    "like that!"

He started to pull out.

"NO! Don't!"   breath    "Leave it in?"   breath    "Please?"

He laughed, and left it in.

I could feel it softening, fast.

We were both panting, and our movements soon caused it to plop out. That felt so awesome too! We laughed.

He rolled onto his side next to me, grinning and still breathing hard. I lowered my legs, groaning at the agony of overstretched muscles. I was done panting but still breathing hard too.

"Man," Breath. "If you'd told me It'd feel like that." Breath. "I'd say you're crazy!"

"It was so hard to breath!" I huffed. "You were pushing down on my legs so hard!"

"I had to, or I couldn't suck you off."

"I can't believe you swallowed!"

"I wasn't going to."  breath   "Didn't plan to. Just,"  breath  "at the last couple minutes,"  breath  "wanted to show you what it's like!"

"Fuckin' awesome! That's what it's like!"


We had hours before his folks got home, and we tried, but we couldn't. We'd get a little hard, and it was fun to try, and it felt great to try, but we were so done.

We waited until well past dark, when his folks' bedroom light was out, and then a while longer, before we turned off the lantern and did it again. We sixty-nined all the way, using hands too. It was great. It wasn't nearly as brain-blowing, but it was fucking great anyway.

We did it other ways over the next few days... and weeks. Until we figured out it was the lack of oxygen. We decided to try it with him fucking me and sucking me again, me on my back, and we figured it out.

We should have ended up with brain damage all the times we did it that way after figuring it out!

We still did it even after he got a girlfriend senior year. She'd do it, just not very often. She wouldn't even talk about anal, not that he tried more than once to see what she'd say about it. She was mostly a good girl. Hot, too. Hot as hills. I was gay, not blind.

I was a bit jealous, too. Until that night he said I was the best.

He was the best, too.

The best bud in all of Texas. Which, as everybody knows, has all the best of everything, which means he was the best bud in the entire world.




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