A Play On Perspectives

An experiment in perspectives and points of view.

Rated: XXX Contains: Teens, oral, mast, mild rape


| A Play In Perspectives | | Billy's POV | Dick's POV | Harry's POV | John's POV |

| A Play In Perspectives In One Act |



John's POV

The Viewpoint:

First person narrative, past tense.

Dick had been my best friend since middle school, but I never understood why he preferred Dick to Rick. Or at least Rich. Or even Richard, his full first name. But no, not him, he had to be a Dick.

I came out two years ago, and even before then I knew. Joining the Drama Club only made the point redundant. Dick joined too, and we liked acting and putting on shows for people. Yeah, we were the two gay guys in school everyone talked about.

I was also on the baseball team, some guys didn't like that, but I was told by coach that I was the best pitcher he had ever had, and I wasn't no slouch in the outfield, either. Three games we won because I made a great catch or threw out a batter. I got popular, and even some girls still wanted to date me, even though I and Dick were a known gay couple. I took them up on their wants, a few of them, and Dick said he didn't care, just so long as I came back to him after my little 'experiments', as he called them.

I met Dick when Billy Maxwell began picking on him one day during Freshman year. I probably wouldn't have helped the new kid, but Billy called him a fag and that had pissed me off, even then. I didn't like anyone calling someone a fag at all. So anyway, I jumped in and helped him against Billy. Dick and I became friends, and, well, more.

A while after I had helped Dick, Billy had tried to bully me when I was alone. Now, I ain't no coward, but I don't like to fight. I get mad, real mad, you know, and don't think. We moved here after I got into a fight and almost killed the kid. We moved because of it. It wasn't the only time. But this time Billy had pushed me down and was looking like he was going to sit down on be, but I kicked him hard in his balls and he fell over. I got lucky, and Billy hadn't bothered me since.

That night me and Dick drove out to the forest preserve to see the pot dealer, buy a baggie, and take a walk in the woods to smoke a joint and relax. Yeah, we knew the forest preserves were a big-time gay hang out, but that was after night and we had an hour or so. Besides, Dick and I had been here at night more than once, for more than one reason, but not for that kind of stuff.

We were sitting on a dead tree, and after smoking the joint, Dick went and took a piss behind a tree. Billy Maxwell and two of his bully buddies came down the path and they saw me sitting alone in the woods.

Billy had hooked up with Tony over the summer and the Harry kid at the start of the school year. And I knew what they like to do in the woods. Or, what Billy and Tony like to make Harry do to them in the woods

Billy and his two buddies thought they had me alone in the woods. This was going to get ugly. They had no idea Dick was here. I would let Anger out if it came to protecting my Dick.

The three assholes came closer, smiling like the bullies they were. Except Harry, he seemed to look confused, or undecided. Something.

Billy said, "Well, if it ain't Speedy-foot McGayboy! Looks to me like you only got two feet, and there's three of us this time, so what you gonna do, fag? Huh?"

He stepped up in front of me and his buddies went to both sides, cracking their knuckles. Tony was smiling, Harry tried to smile, and Billy looked like a kid on Christmas morning!

Dick leaned out from behind the tree where he was pissing and we saw each other. He winked and started sneaking up behind Billy, that cool evil smile of his lighting up his face. No wonder I like him.

Dick started running and jumped up at Billy's back. I leaned forward with my elbow and it hit Billy's forehead and I heard Billy's breath explode out as he flew by. I hopped right and kicked Tony in his chest with a small jumping kick with my right foot.

He stumbled backward and fell on his butt hard. I heard a yell and another one right after, neither was Dick so I didn't care. It was Harry and it sounded like it had hurt; good. Go Dick!

I turned that way and saw Billy on his knees, holding the sides of his back with both hands. He looked like he was hurting, too. Good!

I didn't think about it. Anger did it. I hopped and brought my right foot down as my left connected with Billy's groin. The look of pain on his face went blank and he bent forward, grabbed his groin, and went down on his forehead. I was sure he was out of the fight for now. I wanted to do more. More.

Tony looked scared, standing there like an idiot and holding his chest like he was having a heart attack. I didn't kick him that hard. Did I? Dick was standing right behind him and I started walking toward him. He turned and started to run, but Dick tripped him and he almost fell on his face, but kept running like a little girl. We let him go. He's such a pussy. But then, most bullies are, underneath, aren't they?

I gotta tell you, I was fucking pissed. I remember looking over at Billy and wanting to kill him. I went over and started to kick him in the side to knock him over; he was still on his knees and forehead, groaning. Instead, and at the last step, I cooled down a bit and just pushed him over onto his side with my foot.

I sat down on him, pinning his arms to his chest. He was too stupid to move them, he just kept hiding his package. Not that I was interested in that right now, sex was far from my thoughts. But since he brought it up, I scooted up his chest until the stretched crotch of my jeans jammed his jaw up and his mouth closed.

I wanted to pound his face again and again, mashing that nose to pulp for good. I remembered to keep my head, I didn't want to have to move again! I would loose my Dick. But I was angry, Angry kind of angry. It opened an eye in the darkness where I try to keep it.

"If you ever bother me again, you'll beg to suck my cock after I knock every one of your teeth down your throat! DO YOU HEAR ME!" I said to him and put my face right in his.

This kid was getting sucked off by Harry all the time out here, and dared to call me and other kids gay? Kids who weren't even kind of gay.

He looked a little scared, and in pain, and didn't answer me. As he just glared back at me, I got madder. Fine. wanna go that road, let's go that road, I thought. I said to him, "In case you think I'm kidding, you better think a-fucking-gain!" I unzipped my jeans, reached into my pants through the fly of my boxers and pulled my dick out. It was starting to get hard now that I had a plan forming in my head, and it was involved. I wanted to humiliated the prick; not mine, but Billy.

"I swear, on everything, if you even look at me funny, you will find me sitting right here again, only this is going to be nice and hard and I'm going to break out everyone of your teeth with my fists, one by one. And when I'm done, I'm going to make you suck my cock and swallow my cum! Do you believe me mother-fucker!?"

I was slapping his face and his mouth with my dick as I talked before I finished.

The bastard tried to ignore me and my dick and what I was saying. Fine. I scooted down and held onto his neck with my left hand. I pushed down enough to sort of cut off his air, and kept my hand there.

He turned red and started struggling. I could see his eyes go wide and his face go red. I felt his diaphragm trying to pull air into his lungs in a vain struggle. I had his windpipe between the root of my thumb and fingers, the web between pulled tightly across it as my palm pushed it down, reducing his ability to breathe.

His breath was wheezing in and out loudly. He tried to nod, finally.

Good, I thought, but wasn't able to let go. Instead, I felt myself lean down more on his windpipe, probably closing it almost all the way. I felt the power, the ability to decide whether this bastard ever got another chance to humiliate another kid. I could stay here, just a few seconds more, and it would be all over. No more kids would live in fear of Billy Maxwell.


Some voice from somewhere. I didn't care. But the voice was important. It brought feelings of love, joy, companionship, trust and more. I almost cried when I remembered there were other emotions beside hate and anger.


This time my own thought. No, I won't kill someone. No, not even Billy Maxwell.

But he would pay. I squeezed with my thumb and fingers on the sides of his neck, along the blood supply in and out of his brain. I squeezed as hard as I could.

That voice came again, the words indistinct, just sounds. But the voice, that sweet, honeyed voice.

I continued cutting off the blood circulation to his head as Billy thrashed under me, weakly, then finally went limp. I released him immediately and watched his nostrils open and close, heard his rattling breath.

I stood up and kicked his gruenies. Not real hard, but hard enough, and with the top of my foot, not the toes. I also hadn't thought about it before Anger did it. He grunted unconsciously. I put my dick away and zipped up.

I head someone blowing chunks and looked to see it was Dick!

"What the fuck's wrong with you?" I asked, wondering who had hit him so hard he got sick. I was looking around, expecting Tony to have snuck back, and I didn't want to give him the chance to jump me. Not now!

After Dick was done puking, he yelled, "Why the fuck did you kill him?"

Kill him? Who? OH! Dick thought Billy was dead! How can he be so silly? Did he really think I would have? I almost did, I remembered, growing angry that I had let my anger get the better of me. How ironic is that? I just got madder. "What? He ain't dead, stupid! He's unconscious is all. Gawd!"

Dick stammered, "A-a-a-are, are y-y-you sure?"

"Yes, look!" I said, leaning down and pushing his jaw closed. I waited a bit and pinched his nose shut, keeping my hand away from his jaw so that Dick could see him open his mouth to breath on his own. "See, just out," I reassured my buddy. Then real Anger made me say, "And when he wakes up, gonna hurt!" as I kicked Billy in his right side ribs.

"Don't!" Harry, the other bully, yelled at me, making Anger stir again.

"And what are you whining about? He would probably put me in the hospital with your help. How about it?" I yelled at him as he sat there holding his foot and I walked toward him. "So why shouldn't I return the fucking favor?" as I knelt down in front of him. He looked scared, and his eyes looked like he had been crying. "And, why shouldn't I put you in the bed next to him?" I asked, getting really close to him now. I could see he had been crying, some tears still were rolling down his cheeks. Both his eyes were winking real fast and his lips were shaking like a little boy's when he cries.

"Is he really only unconscious? N-n-not, dead?" the bastard asked me.

"Yes, he's really only unconscious, n-n-not dead!" I said back at him, making fun of the way he said it.

He looked down and started crying again.

"So, not such a tough guy now, huh puss-boy? Why you hang out with such a dick? HUH?" I wanted to know. I was really trying to not get mad, but I grabbed him by his hair and make him look me in the eye. "I asked why!"

"B-b-because! I don't know!" he whined.

"Did he ever beat you up?" I wanted to know. If he had, that would explain maybe why he would suck Billy and Tony's dicks for them, and still pick on gay guys.

"Huh?" the idiot asked me. Boy, he must be really stupid. I always thought so, since he ran around with Billy anyway. I asked him, "What are you, stupid? I'm asking easy questions here! I, asked, you, did, he, ever, beat, you, up?"

"No. He saw me beatin' up a kid and said I had some good stuff and would I like to run with him and Tony. So I did. That's all," he said, sniffling.

"Oh, so you're a fucking bully all on your own, huh?" I teased him like a little grade school kid.


No reason repeating myself, so I told Harry, "Well, I want you to tell Tony the same thing I told Billy. Did you hear it okay? Say it. Say it all, right now!" I shook him by the hair I was still holding, my Anger boiling just under the surface. I could feel it there, wanting me to let it loose. This bastard better get it right.

"You said, if Billy ever even looked at you, you w-w-would bash in all his teeth and make him s-s-s-suck yur dick."

He stopped, not remembering it all. How can someone be so stupid! "What else? All of it or I will pound it into you!" I warned him.

"What else?" the boy asked in a tiny voice.

Oh, for crying out loud! "I said I would break out all his teeth, ONE BY ONE, then make him suck my dick, AND SWALLOW MY CUM. Got that?"


"Do you believe it?" I asked, wanting him to, and shook him again by his hair.

"Yes!" the boy said loudly.

"Did Billy believe it?"


"Are you going to tell Tony everything, just like that?"


"Will Tony believe it?"

"I don't know!"

Oh, he better! "Make him believe it," I told him. And I knew how to make this kid remember. I stood up in front of him and whipped my dick out. I stuck it up under his nose and against his lips. "Look at it," I told him. He didn't, so I yelled, "I SAID LOOK AT IT!" Now he did. "Get a good look." He glanced and looked right away. That pissed me off more!

I kicked his hurt foot and yelled at him, "Don't look away! I said look at it!" He yelled in pain and started crying harder, but he looked back at my dick and I rubbed it around his nose.

"Now look at it! Look close, 'cause if you or Tony or Billy ever even look at me, or Dick here, in any way we don't like, you are going to be seeing this coming at you hard and ready, and if you don't suck it nice and good, and swallow every drop I shoot, I will knock out YOUR teeth and teach you how to give head right. Do you understand?"

This was starting to turn me on. I wanted to do more than just scare him, now. I wanted him to suck me off, like he did for Tony and Billy. My dick started to get hard, not just full.

"Y-y-y-yes. Can I stop looking now?"

Oh, yeah, he could stop looking now. "Sure, close your eyes, I got a surprise for you," I said as nice as I could past Anger.

"What?" he said, really surprised.

"If you shut your eyes, and do it right, I might not kick the shit out of you some more," I said to him.

"What?" he said again, still shocked, I guess.

"I said, if you suck it good, you won't loose any teeth! If I feel one tooth, you loose two. Now, open up and suck my dick, or my knee is going to take out some of your teeth right now," I said, real calm.

"But, but, but, I, don't want to suck your dick. I ain't a fag or nothing!" he lied to me.

I had watched him suck Billy and Tony a bunch of times. He swallowed, if he liked it or not I didn't know, but he sucked and he swallowed.

Not that Dick didn't. He did. And he knew how to suck a dick good, too.

I said, "I didn't ask if you were a fag, I told you to suck my dick. Do you see Billy over there?"

" 'course, so?"

"You want to be found the same way?" I threatened him.

His eyes got wider as he looked over at Billy then back at me. "What? Fuck, no! But, I ain't never done it."

He could lie like nothing! Here he was sucking two guys off, and then picking on kids at school, calling them fags and worse. Anger got out of its cage and stalked around a bit, growling, threatening to get free altogether. "You fucking lie! I saw you and Billy and Tony in the woods more than once. Way more than once. You always get on your knees and suck the both of them, every time I see you guys. Every time!" I was having trouble getting Anger back under control, it was half way out the door and I screamed, "You're just their sucking boy, ain't you?"

He started crying harder, really sobs now. He forgot his foot and covered his face with both hands. He still didn't answer me.

"Ain't you?!?" I yelled, needing to hear him say it.

"So! So fuckin' what? It ain't none of your business if I do!"

"I'm making it my business, because you made it my business when you followed Billy over here to try to kick my ass. I would never have said anything about it. Dick and I fuck each other almost every day. But gays like you make me sick! You hide it and pretend you like girls and give your own kind as much grief as these fucking ass-hole breeder bullies! I was keepin' that secret in case Billy tried anything again, so I guess I get to use it now, don't I? Don't I?"

"Yes. You get to use it."

Good, he understood.

"So, get up on your knees, like you always do for Billy, and do what you always do for Billy and Tony, to me and Dick. Come on, do it and I might even be nice to you after. Keep Billy off you if he tries anything, if you want."

"How you gonna keep Billy off me?"

What? I had just kicked Billy's ass. He was unconscious on the ground. What more did he need to see? For some reasin, Anger subsided. Not much, but enough I could control my voice again.

A full plan was forming in the back of my head. Not only could I get a blow-job out of this, I could probably get Billy to quit bullying. Permanently.

"Okay, Harry, it's like this. I know what you do for Billy and Tony. I've seen it lots of times. If I start swearing to what I saw to everybody I know, you know what's going to happen, don't you? I'm the gay guy on the baseball team who happens to be the best player we got! I tell them what I saw, and everybody is going to know you sucked his dick, and Tony's. And why! You want that?"


He was obviously scared now, shaking and pale. I loved it.

"Did Billy tell you he would tell if you stopped?"

"Somethin' like that," He said, sniffling. He had stopped crying again.

He seemed awful in touch with his feelings. He sucked dick. He sat like a gay guy, right there and then, off to the side, not upright like a straight guy at all. I wondered, "You gay?"

"What?" he said, looking like I had just told his parents we were fucking each other on their bed all year long.

Yeah, I knew then, he was gay. Sucking Billy and Tony was his way of getting some action. He pretended he didn't like it to cover, to keep the closet door closed. I knew it that very second. "Tell me the truth. I know some gay guys, honest," I joked.

"Really?" Harry said, acting surprised, almost smiling. "How do I know you're not lyin' 'bout all this and won't just be another Billy?" he asked me.

I could see he was on the edge, undecided yet, but almost there. I told him, "Because I'm gay. I don't need a sucking boy either. Dick does fine on my dick and the girls don't seem to mind that he does. In fact, every chick who has sucked this dick has asked if she did better than Dick. I always tell them no one sucks my dick as well as Dick. Pisses some off, but it's true. Ain't it?" I asked, glancing over at Dick.

When I saw Dick's face, I almost laughed. I had never seen him with such a look on his face, ever. Not on anyone's for that matter. "I don't even know what to say... " he said, not finishing.

I looked at Billy and said, "I hate Billy, and I hated you because you ran with him. He's an idiot, a jerk-wad and deserved it. You, I don't know about. Did you really beat a kid up to get in with him?"

I now doubted it. He probably got caught sucking some other boy's dick and Billy and Tony decided they wanted that attention.

"No. No, I fought Billy off me one day. He was pickin' on me and I was keepin' him off me okay. But he was winnin' so I made a deal. I don't know why I said it, but I said if he would stop beatin' me up, I would suck his dick. He said 'kay, so I did, and made me do Tony too. He made me do them and I could be in their gang and not be beat up anymore."

So, that was it. Made sense, I thought. And I could use it now to get what I wanted. Suddenly, as I thought that, I felt awful. I was going to do the same thing Billy Maxwell had done. How could I?!? No fucking way! I won't be just like him again!. Or Billy.

"Look, you don't have to suck me. I was mad. Okay? Just forget it. Can you walk? How far do you live?"

"I don't know, I think it's broken," Harry said, holding his foot and ankle.

"Yeah, I think it broke when I kicked it," Dick said sadly.

"Yeah, think so," Harry replied. "Hurts bad. I rode here with Billy."

"Were you going to suck them off again?" I asked.

Harry paused before answering, "Yeah, but ya knew that, didn't'cha?"

Yes, I did, the second I saw them approaching, I knew why they were there. "Yea. I wanted to see if you'd say the truth," I said to him. "Okay, give him a ride home?" I asked of Dick.

"What about the ankle? What will his folks say?" Dick asked.

"Tell 'em it was climbin' a tree again. I told them that when Billy beat me that day."

"What about Billy? And Tony?" Dick asked.

"We tell the truth. Billy wanted to beat me and you up," I said to Dick. "They lost. We won. End of story. You broke his ankle when you kicked it, I beat the fuck out of Billy, and Tony, the girl, ran away." It would work. It would be over. Anger was gone, used up, tucked away until I once again had to restrain it. Only one loose end. "You promise, I mean really promise, not to talk to the police?" I asked Harry.

"Yea. I don't want to have to tell them and my parents why I hooked up with Billy!"

Excellent, I thought. "True. And Tony only saw the fight and ran off. Billy can say whatever he wants, it's three against one if we all tell the truth."

So we agreed. We would put an end to Billy's owning Harry, and his bullying others as well. We planned our stories together, made the agreement, and became friends, the three of us.

"Shake," I said. We all shook hands and smiled. Harry got on his knees and waited to seal the deal.

I pulled my cock out through my zipper and boxers, like over Billy, and he put his hand right on it. He started stroking it and looking it over.

"It'll be nice wantin' to do this for a change!" he said, smiling up at me as I looked down to him.

I looked over at Dick who was still standing about a foot away, his zipper still up and looking like he was unsure. "Come on up here, Dick," I said and waved him over. "A deal is a deal. He sucks us, he won't be likely to say anything to cause us trouble, and we won't have to worry he will open his mouth."

It was a good deal, what was the problem?

"I know, just seems, strange," he said as he came up slow.

"Its okay. This is okay with me. I want to do this. You guys got me outta suckin' theirs. I like to suck, I want to suck dick. But not be forced to, to straight guys who were just using me! Now get that thing out and let's get this done!" Harry pleaded with Dick.

He started licking my head all over it then put it in his mouth and sucked like a Hoover! I told Dick to get over here and that Harry had talent!

"And this is a talented cock! Eight inches?" he asked me. I wish! I told him it was seven and a half.

"Way bigger 'n either of theirs," he said around my dick.

He knew what he was doing. No wonder Billy and Tony liked this kid on their dicks. His tongue was busy going all over and around my head, as much as he could get to with my foreskin back as far as it would go; right to the edges at the end of the head. "Damn! Knows how to go to town!" I got out before he found the hot spot under the head where the edges met underneath.

Dick finally pulled his own cock from his pants and used it to slap Harry's cheek over and over. Pretty soon, Harry pulled off me and started stroking and sucking on Dick's dick.

Harry kept jacking me while sucking Dick. He even knew how to stroke one! His finger and thumb kept rubbing the edges of my head as his lower fingers and palm kept the skin moving up and down the shaft

He kept going back and forth on us. We never knew when he would change the dick in his mouth. It was awesome, not knowing when he would be back on my cock with his mouth next.

Dick and I put our arms around each other and grabbed asses. I love his ass. It is one of those bubble-butts, you know? All round, firm and sticking out behind him. We watched each other and ourselves getting a great blow-job, sometimes kissing each other, sometimes nibbling earlobes. We both loved doing and having that done! And this was the first time we had ever had it with someone else. Our first threesome!

My head has always been sensitive. Jacking is a pain, 'cause I can't get the skin back that far. I have to jack it up high or stay down low. I bet if I could get that skin back and keep it there it would be the best!

It was feeling pretty good, what Harry was doing, sucking, stroking and pulling the foreskin back as far as it went and licking the exposed top of the head. My foreskin don't go past the head, mostly, too tight when it's hard. So anyway, he pulls it back down to the tip and sticks his tongue through it and licks around my head. Gawd, I just fucking love that! Dick does it good, and some of the chicks, but nowhere as good as the guys. The feeling is terrific!

More, he was still getting some suction feeling through! Only Dick had ever managed that before! And right now Dick was squeezing my ass nice!

And now something new! Harry got his tongue up over the head's ridges and onto the skin behind it! Fucking shit! It felt like he stuck it up under my bush! When he licked around it I knew I was done!

"Jesus Freaking Christ! He's got the touch!" I screamed as I started cumming.

Dick said something, I think, but I was too busy. I remember grunting as each shot blew out my dick. Dick's hand was squeezing my left cheek hard, in time with my squeezes. Harry just kept it up and I unloaded! I tensed up a lot, I remember, it almost hurt! I had to pull myself away from that talented tongue!

Harry let go of my sensitive, sticky cock with his mouth and smiled up at me. He was fucking good! But I'd still rather have Dick doing it. It was better with him. He could probably give the worst head in history, but I wouldn't know it. Right now I was looking into Dick's eyes, and I only wished he knew how special he was to me.

He leaned over and went back to Dick again, but he never stopped squeezing my cock in a timing that felt awesome.

I watched Harry doing his best with Dick, now. I kept massaging Dick's ass, he never stopped working mine.

Dick didn't have a real foreskin, just some small, loose wrinkles when soft that mostly disappeared when he got hard. Harry pulled the skin far back, tightening the skin and pulling the head backwards a bit. He closed his lips and slid up and down from the edges of the head to the end of the circumcision markings, keeping the head inside his mouth and changing rhythm.

"Oh, cripes! He does know what he's doing, doesn't he?" Dick said really happily.

Harry pulled off and said, "Get those happy globes out!"

Dick said okay and Harry licked the sack, sucked one then both, and stroked Dick's dick. After a few seconds he went back to sucking his dick and was doing a pretty good job. You could tell he was working on doing a good job and enjoying it.

"Holy fucking shit! Feels like fucking heaven!" Dick moaned from next to me. I think I felt him treble under my arm. I started grabbing his ass hard, like he did to me as I came.

Pretty soon, Dick said, "Harry, almost there!" and then told him he was cumming. I knew that already when his hand flew from my ass to Harry's shoulder in time with his other and he stood up on his toes and pushed down on Harry's shoulders with them.

He did his "Oh! Oh! OH!!" orgasm sound, the one he does when he cums harder than normal. Judging by his ass, it was a hard cum, too. I felt the covered cheek go super tense six times as his dick pumped. If he were doing that as usual, each time his hips rammed forward and rammed his cock deeper into Harry's mouth, he was shooting off hard.

"OH, holy shit!" and "Damn it! Sorry, John, but he blows you away!" he said after pulling out of Harry's mouth.

I had to laugh! Not just at the pun, which I don't think he intended or caught on to, but at the simple truth of the statement. I mean, come on. If I sucked like that I would know it. "I don't doubt it! No one has ever gone under my skin before! I didn't even know you could!" I said, letting Dick know.

To Harry, he said, "Where did you learn that? These guys?" I guess he meant Billy and the absent Tony.

"Naw, neither of them had enough to talk about! Billy ain't got five inches, I swear! And he cums faster than a virgin!"

Oh, really? Billy has a stubbie? Ha! Karma does exist! And he blows fast when a guy blows him? Sarah Hendress said Billy took forever to get off and never got really hard. How interesting, I thought, seeing a pattern.

"Maybe Billy likes it more than he wants to admit?" I proposed as I put my junk back. I went over to Billy, getting pissed again. He was probably gay himself. and in denial. Anger woke up and stretched.

I started slapping his face.

Dick said, "John, don't hurt him anymore." I head him, but Anger growled and I started to like slapping Billy. I started slapping harder with each one.

"What the fuck! Stop it you asshole!" he said, trying to sit up. "Oh! Fuck! What the... ." he said, then started moaning in pain. He shook his head and curled over his groin on his left side and groaned loudly.

I noticed the bushes rattle a few feet away. It stopped after a few seconds. That was when I knew we had an audience. They had probably heard the shouting earlier. I wonder if they watched Harry work on us? So what? They were about to see more, I decided.

"Get up!" I said, feeling Anger stalking now, awake, hungry. I didn't know if I wanted to pull the leash back or not. "Come on! Get the fuck up asshole!" and started kicking his shoes.

"Stop it! Gawd, damn, fuck! I didn't know other fags could fight!" the asshole said, curled up and dirty.

You don't know shit, I thought. "You don't know a lot about me. But I know a lot about you!" I said to him.

And I noticed his slip. "Other fags." Yeah, 'other fags'. That makes sense suddenly.

"Like what?" he said, putting on a front, trying to act brave as he cowered in the dirt, where he belonged.

Like what, huh? I thought when a branch snapped from the other direction, toward the river. More viewers, I knew.

Okay, time to get this show on the road.

"Like, you like blow-jobs in the woods, from guys? Like that for instance?" I said, more asking then telling.

Billy looked over at Harry, "That fag lies. He's a liar!"

"Oh, he's probably a fag, and if you ever call him that again, you are going to experience deja vu. Do you understand me?" I warned the mother-fucker.

"You protecting the queer boy?" it asked me.

I don't know why Anger didn't pounce on that juicy morsel and feed itself. But it didn't.

"That was your freebie," I said and then grabbed his hair, like I did to Harry earlier. I suddenly felt bad about that, now. I made a note to try to apologize for that later, to Harry, never to Billy. Later, for now, I needed to focus on Billy. I pulled him up further by his hair as the plan I had in mind suddenly altered itself, as I saw a new wrinkle to toss in.

I then told Billy, "Call him any kind of name again, or any of us, and you will be sucking my dick, and loving it. And if you don't, I hope your dad has good family dental insurance, 'cause you are going to need a full set of false teeth. But your protein count will be plenty high, get my drift?"

I threw him back down and let go of his hair. Anger was ready now, and made me aware it was prowling closer. I started warning Billy again. "What I did today was nothing. I'm fucking serious! I'm sick and tired of your bullshit." As images of that bullshit played in my head, that seemed to feed Anger nicely. I started yelling at Billy, "SICK AND FUCKING TIRED OF IT! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

By the time I was finished, I was on the ground too, face to face with him.

"OKAY!" he said and started crying. "OKAY! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!"

His words stuck Anger a mighty blow, so to speak. I suddenly saw me there, crying, my face stuck in the dirt by another bully. I saw me, there, now, crying. Anger, injured, slunk away for now.

What was I doing? Acting like him! I won't! No! I won't be like him!

For a moment I'm back there, that day. It was sunny though, not like now. It was colder too. There was a pile of bloody clothes at my feet that moved. There were people standing around me, staring at me, staring at the pile of moving, bloody clothes. Then the clothes weren't just clothes anymore; he was there, wearing them, bleeding onto, into, them. Suddenly I was back even earlier, and I was the one on the ground and he was standing over me, laughing while I was crying in the dirt. Hurting. Not just in body, but in spirit, in soul, deep inside. Then I was again at that day, standing over the bloody pile of clothes he was wearing. Why was he wearing bloody clothes? Did he have an accident? Good, he deserved it for bullying me. My fists were bloody and sore and there was blood on my shirt and pants and brand new white Adidas. I was sore again, body, spirit, soul, but differently. Then the men in blue and the lights and the gray rooms came next.

I shook of the memories. They come back like that sometimes. I looked around and saw my reason for staying out of trouble looking at me like I was about to attack him next. And the other bully, the new one, Harry, the one that had just joined Billy and Tony and had just sucked me and Dick off. That's right! He had just sucked us off! He had been Billy's slave. Doing him in the woods so Billy wouldn't make his life miserable. More miserable. Fucker!

The real things around me got clear and I remembered the last few minutes. That happens when the old memories come back. They seem to replace the one's that belong in my head, making them struggle back where they belong when the old ones leave.

I'm not like him. I won't be like him. No! Not like him. He's pathetic. Sick.

I looked back down at him and thought how he will get his, but not that way. His way.

I said, "Your pussy friend, Tony, ran away like a little girl. So you be sure to tell him what I told you. Do you remember what I said before you blacked out?"

Billy looked like when the teacher asked him a question about any topic in any class. Blank, they call it.

"Let me remind you!" I said and put my foot on his chest and rolled him onto his back. Billy covered his privates again with both hands, just as he had done before, so I sat on his arms, just like before. What a fucking idiot.

I slid forward, shutting his mouth again with the crotch of my jeans. I felt my dick stir, filling just a little bit. My foreskin was sticking to the drying spit on it, and it tickled, and felt good, and it wanted to go again.

Billy looked like he was starting to remember now. I asked Dick to help Harry over here. When they got close I had Harry get opposite me, right over Billy's head, his crotch holding down his forehead.

"I want you to tell him what I said," I said to Harry. He looked a bit scared, but went ahead as I unzipped and pulled my still damp dick out again. It was getting harder.

Some noises in the woods told me we had plenty of witnesses now. Probably close to a dozen.

"He said, that if you ever looked at him or any of us funny or any way, ever again, that you would find yourself right here again, under him, with his cock in your face, and that you would either be sucking him off, or he would be bashing your teeth out. It would be up to you."

The whole time, I was slapping Billy's lips and cheeks with my hardening dick. It left small drops of my cum and Harry's spit on his face.

I started sliding it around his lips and told him, and our audience, "Now, I know all about why you let Harry here hang with you. Don't be mad at him, you guys suck at hiding in the woods. You should get further away from the lights, not almost under them. You can't see who's lurking out in the dark if you are under the lights. Stupid! That was your biggest mistake. Another was cheering and shouting, thinking there wasn't anyone else out here. You have any idea how many gay guys come out here to hook up?"

I waited for him to answer. Deny or defy?

"No, but I guess you do, don't you fag?"

Fag? Perfect, he couldn't have spoken it at a better time in his whole life. Fag, eh? I said to him, "So are the guys watching us right now. Aren't you?" I shouted the last part.

When the voices answered yes from the woods around us, all around us, I felt Billy tense up, saw Dick and Harry jump and start looking around. It was so funny I almost laughed.

"Right now, I'm guessing about a dozen gay guys are watching us. I heard the first ones when I was talking to Harry here earlier, while you were out like a light. When I was waking you up, I saw some motion in the bushes over there, and I knew there were a bunch of guys who found or heard us. Probably heard me shouting, now that I think about it. But what does it matter how they found us? They, and I, have seen you getting sucked off by Harry, here, ain't you guys?"

Several of them said they did. Dick, Harry and Billy looked worried, maybe scared.

"See? Lots of people have seen you at it. I don't know how many. But I know they now know you are prejudiced against gays, and they probably would love for me to leave you out here, alone, for them."

Some rude laughter from the darkness around us. Some of the guys watching were playing along, or were being serious. I wondered how many were doing which.

Billy was shaking really good, I could feel it between my thighs. I rubbed his lips harder with my dick, almost hard enough to force them apart, but not quite.

"We are going to give them a show," I said and then nice and loudly, said, "Come on out if you like. Watch the bully gay-basher suck a dick!"

Dick sounded worried when he asked, "John, is this a good idea?"

"If they want to see this, they can come on closer and watch. 'Cause I want witnesses, witnesses that saw Billy Maxwell make Harry here suck his dick tons of times here in these woods. Witnesses who saw Billy suck a cock. So Billy had better keep his mouth shut about that and this, and he better open his mouth right now."

"I saw them. The first time I saw them, Billy there, the one under you, punched that kid, Harry? Made him do it to him." said one guy from near the path.

"I saw Billy slap the other kid when he didn't swallow it all and got some on his jeans. Slapped him and made him lick it off," another, heavier man said as he came out from the woods.

"I saw the one kid sucking the boy under you, and some other boy. They always do it near the light by the river gauge," another man said.

"See? All these witnesses? They saw you. They know you forced Harry to suck you. You understand what kind of position you are in here?" I said to Billy, pushing even harder with my dick.

He looked fucking scared out of his skin! I sat up so he could see me stroking my cock and said, "Now, you either suck this dick, or Harry's. But you are sucking one of them, right now, all the way, or I and Harry and Dick will walk out of here and you can suck every one of these guys, probably for the rest of the night while we tell everyone we know how we saw you with guys in the woods. Understand me?"

Some of the girlie-boys in the woods went wooo and some other guys laughed.

"You got to be kidding?" Billy said, looking really pale.

This was getting fun. But Billy didn't need to know that. I slapped his lips hard with my cock with every word as I said, "No. Not, one, fucking, bit," I sat back a bit and decided to help Harry. It would help make up for being so rough with him earlier. I said to Billy and the watchers, "In fact, I changed my mind. You forced Harry to suck your cock how many times?"

"I don't know, I didn't count!" he probably lied.

"I bet you did. Don't matter. You got any idea how many times, Harry?"

"Almost every day for almost all school year," Harry said kinda sadly.

"So, something over a hundred times! Wow. Did you have to swallow every time?"


"Man, you are some sex pervert, Billy. Isn't he?" I asked everybody.

"Pervert." "Sex maniac!" "Rapist" "Fag" "Homo" "Queer"

They repeated the words and added more, saying them over and over. Billy got even more scared. This was working great!

"Like it? Being called those names?" I asked him, almost enjoying this too much.

Stop it!" he cried, tears coming out of his eyes.

Good, cry little baby, cry! "So, since you made Harry do you so many times, I say you suck Harry, right now. And that you suck Harry all the fucking way. You suck and you make him cum and you swallow every fucking drop!" I yelled.

"You can't make me!" he shouted. Something about how he said it told me more than what the words meant. He wanted it. He had to force himself to say the words. I wondered if Harry said it when Billy first made him do it to him.

"Did Harry yell that to you?" I had to ask it. He didn't answer, just looked at me. "Did he?" I asked Harry.

"Yeah, I did, I 'member yellin' it at him. I didn't want to do it that way. I wanted to do it together, not like his fucking slave!"

I could tell Harry meant that! It was clear on his face.

"So, karma arrives for Billy. Now, what's it gonna be? Suck Harry, good and finished, or the three of us go tell what we saw and these guys decide your punishment." After making the offer, I waited for his answer.

He looked at my dick, just inches from his nose. He went cross-eyed. I wiggled it and he looked up at Harry's still covered crotch above his forehead

He sniffled back the tears and said, "Okay, I'll suck Harry." He didn't look angry. Or scared. He looked like my little brother did when trying to act innocent when being questioned about something. I knew.

"You will suck Harry, and you will swallow Harry's cum. And you will suck until he pulls out. You stop, and you will regret it, you understand?"

I watched him nod and he seemed to want to say something but changed his mind.

I suddenly realized I had never informed Harry or Dick of my intentions. I didn't know how Harry would feel about this at all. "Harry, you good for this?" I finally asked him and put one hand on his shoulder as we faced each other over the scared bully.

He looked me in the eyes, smiled, and said, "Yes. You fucking bet!" He unzipped and pulled out a huge cock. Man, it was big! I bet it was over eight inches!

Billy's eyes got big and his lips moved but I couldn't tell what he was saying. He still didn't look scared. More, guilty?

Harry leaned forward and pushed the large head against Billy's lips. Billy didn't open, so I bounced my ass on his chest. He went whoosh! and Harry slipped his long, narrow dick in and leaned far over, forcing his cock deep into Billy's mouth.

Cheering erupted from the men in the shadows.

Billy obviously had never sucked a cock before, but he didn't fight it at all now. He had opened his jaw further than I thought he would, so I had to scoot back a bit more! He was into this!

I felt Anger stir. After all, it was the fact that Harry liked to suck cock but called kids fags had pissed me off earlier. And earlier the fact that Billy liked having a boy suck him off enraged me too. And now Anger was present again.

"Suck my cock!" Harry said three times, louder each time. "Oh my gawd, yes, fuck yes!" he moaned as he fucked Billy's mouth hard and fast. Harry leaned his head on my chest and his arms over my shoulders for leverage and support. Well, his arms probably, but I think he just wanted to put his head on my chest. His elbows bent at my shoulders and his hand met behind my neck.

So, Billy might well be gay, or even bi. I wondered. How could I find out? He sure looked to be enjoying sucking Harry's cock. At the very least he wasn't even trying to resist. My cock throbbed and it made me think about Billy's. Short, eh? Hey, wait, is he hard? That would tell a lot! If he was soft, or only semi, there was no way he was enjoying this or was gay. But a stiffie, now that would... Oh, shit, there it is! And fucking steel hard!

"Billy's got a woody!" I yelled.

Cheers and jeers erupted in the darkness.

"Really?" Dick asked, moving to inspect for himself. As he knelt and groped Billy's crotch, he verified it to all. "He has a nice hard one, too!"

I heard a zipper and knew Dick had unzipped Billy's jeans behind me and was reaching inside. I strained to see behind me. I couldn't see his dick because of Dick's head, but I could feel it. If it was five inches, it was barely. The head was wider than the shaft, which was thin seeming.

Dick said, "Nice!" and went down on it. Billy started worming around, so I knew Dick was sucking his cock.

After a few more seconds, Billy started flailing around. I was wondering if he was trying to get Dick off his dick, that maybe that was too far. Then I realized he was blowing his wad! He came like right off!

After a bit, "That didn't last long," Dick said, sitting up and licking his lips. He ran a finger across his lips and gestured as if flicking away a stray drop. "Thin and watery, not a lot either, but tasty!"

Groans, laughter and moans came from the darkness. Some of the guys just got off, others were probably getting off. My dick twitched. This was hot, being watched like this. Suddenly I heard the sound of someone whacking a wet cock for all it's worth from my right. I looked over and saw that Dick was jacking off just at my shoulder. That's not right, I thought, and licked it as he jacked. Soon he got the idea and turned so I could get it in my mouth. I kept stroking my own slow, so I could last. I wanted to cum on Billy's face after Harry was done.

Suddenly Harry yelled, "OH MY GAWD!" and started grunting like he was shooting off! After a few pumps he went rigid and sat back, letting Billy's head move. "Fuck'n'a!" he sighed. He looked happy, smiling widely, relaxing. I was glad he enjoyed it so much. I felt warm inside.

I watched Harry's big dick pull out of Billy's mouth, watching to see if Billy tried to spit out Harry's wad. He didn't. He either swallowed it all, or Harry faked his cum.

Then I felt Dick's dick do that bulging pulse and then I felt his cum on my tongue. I swallowed and he shot another. Then another. Then he yelled, "Fuck!" and staggered back out of my sight. I guess he liked cumming twice in a few minutes, too, as if I didn't already know.

Then I heard the cheers from those surrounding us. Some of the guys with free hands were clapping.

"Did he do good?" I asked Harry, knowing the answer.

"Yes. He did good," Harry said, tugging his huge dick a few times. That thing was long! And all purple and pointy! I was hoping I could get a taste of it some time soon.

When I looked down at Billy, he was smiling and licking his lips. "So, you liked that?" I asked.

"So?" he said, loosing some of his smile.

That was the whole point! "Exactly!" I declared to him. "So? So what?"

Then I decided to see how much he liked it. I wiggled my hips and cock and asked him, "Wanna suck another?"

"Sure!" he said, nodding and smiling.

The fucking fag!

More cheers from our audience.

I stopped jacking and let him suck my dick. He raised his head and took it right in. I leaned forward and started humping his face. I knew it was going to be great getting head twice in a few minutes. Dick had sucked me twice really close together before, and it always blew my mind. I told them all as much and started fucking Billy's face harder.

He could suck! He didn't use his tongue right, or often, or do anything much other than suck like a fucking sucking machine. His hands found by butt cheeks and he started playing with them.

"That's how you do it, play with my ass! Yes, squeeze them!" I said, hoping to encourage him, pushing my dick deep in Billy's hot, wet mouth.

I went down on my hands, then put my head on my hands as I got closer and closer. I couldn't hold back the moans, this was just too fucking hot. I could hear the sloppy sounds of the sloppy blow-job and I felt my stuff getting ready to go. More guys were cumming in the woods around us.

I said, "Here she blows!" and locked as I blew a great fucking wad! I pumped four strong times, followed by two small ones. He swallowed it all. Then I had to get out! I rolled off Billy and lay down in the grass.

I could hear slight groans as some of the longer lasting guys were finishing themselves. Or being finished by others. It gave me goose bumps.

"So, I guess we can forget about worrying after tonight, huh?" I said, knowing Billy would not be causing much trouble from now on.

"I guess so," I heard Billy say, still sniffling. "I'm sorry, Harry. I didn't know any way else to get you to do it. I just wanted you to. The next time we were alone, I was going to do it to you too, honest. I, just, didn't..." He started sobbing too much to keep talking.

I heard a couple guys sniff back tears and others leaving, walking back to the trail.

"I guess since the audience has left the theatre, we can strike the set and go home, huh?" Dick said flatly.

All four of us laughed.

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