Series - Jay's Tale 1

Jay's Tale

Jay is a geek. Not a totally lost cause, but surely out of the mainstream. He has few friends, and no close ones. He'd stopped denying being gay at the start of the school year, and now, as a sixteen year-old tenth-grader, he is mostly alone at school, and always alone at home.

He knows he is different. Not only gay, but there is a desire within him for control. His parents allow him anything, not restricting him in almost any way. If he does wrong, he is gently informed of it and periodically reminded about it. He's come home to an empty house since sixth grade. He doesn't want to cause trouble or act out, and enjoys being mild-mannered and polite. He has always been free to go where he wants when he wants, and his new car is another source of unfettered freedom. He yearns for limits, for rules, for restraints, for consequences.

He wants to be told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

It was just another normal afternoon at home, doing homework before final exams began tomorrow. Alone.

Until the doorbell rang...

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